The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 25, 1963 · Page 4
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 4

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 25, 1963
Page 4
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THE L.AWTON C O N S T I T U T I O N - M O R N I N G PRESS, Sunday, Aug. 25, 1963 ing To Exceed $2 Million This Year By RAY ATTEBERRY Slntt Writer EVEN TUOUGU the cash suv- pltis for Ihe cuh-cht fiscal year is 56-1.000 below the 1962-63 surplus, the city is expected to appropriate more than S2 million in the general fund and three cash accounts in the fiscal year which began July 1, it was announced Saturday. City Clerk R. M. Dodson said the cash surplus for the new fiscal yc.'ir which began July 1 is J21S.- 37S.C3, compared with a surplus of yj!.-159.S4 at the start of the las; fiscal year. Ilo explained that the decrease resulted from elimination of a major revenue source, parking meters, mid-way through the past lis- oni year. The action reduced the surplus and caused a corresponding decrease in the lotnl city budget wluch can be approved by the oxi-ise board for the new fiscal year. Uotison said the city will r?- quosl ihe' excise board to approve a new fiscal budget of Sl,67S,136.:-o. compared with ihe hst genera] fund budget of S1.77J.59S. Tin; C1TV clerk 'added, however, the city will .advertise a general [und es'timate of needs louilinp: SI .940.136.15, which will include ihc e.\-fise board figure plus revenue 1 expected to bo re- nlized from the new garbage service for. Dodson said the now revenue source which went into effect in May was collected during only on? month of the last fiscal year. For lhal reason, ihe excise board can not approve a budget figure which includes the revenue expected to be realized from this source in the current liscal year. H was estimated the new revenue source would yield $291,216 over a 12-month period, but 10 per cent must be discounted for a safety factor in collections. This reduces the amount officially anticipated to 5252,095, Dodson said llie anticipated increase is based on actual garbage fee collections in July, when this I L'CS. It was pointed out that j figure does not include the gav- j bage fees collected from business ; places because service charges ' were previously being assessed | against them, and the revenue ; from businesses did not represent ! a new source. . THE CITY clerk said the resi- | dcr.lial garbage Ice collections will i be tabulated Irom raontli to month, ; and Hint these i.'ollections can be ·' appropriated when necessary dur- ! ing the fiscal year. Dodson said the general lund j budget is exclusive of ihree cash ; s which received n total ot! ion from aji auditing firm con- ceming the parkins meter revenue, and it was decided a percentage of collections from this source" last year could not be counled In ilic .new budget because i the so'irce was not recurving'. AT THE beginning ot the past fiscal year, it was estimated the city would receive. $86,328.80 in parking meter revenue and S23,- 770.65 in parking penalties. These figures were based on 90 per cent an exti-i S'-l - ° f actual collections from t h e s e ' "^ ! sources during Ihe previous fjscaj ' year or 1961-62. By eliminating the parking meters after six months of the fiscal year, the city reduced revenue collections from this source. Parking meter collections lo'.aled S37.594.- 05 and parking penalties dropped to S12.8-14-.33. Since penalties may still be col- lecied for parking violations, this is a recurring revenue source and (he city may. budget up lo 90 per cent of the collections from this source in the previous fiscal year. In preparing the general fund budget, ihe city is permitted to include all of Ihe unencumbered sur- j are expected lo receive approxi- 1 maiely the same amount of rcv- ; cnue in the new fiscal year. ; City officials reported the delay i in preparing the new fiscal budget i resulted from complications in de; termining how lo budget the garbage service fees. , Officials also wailed for an opin- Patrol To Keep Eye On County During Holiday Comanche county moiorisis «i!l jrel special attention during the Lal»r Day holiday period. LI. G. H. Brown, district four patrol su- porvisor, said Saturday. "Ex:ra ollic-ors v.~\\ be, on duty Jn a l l of Ihe eight counties of ihe diMrici." I.I. Bro\\m -«aid. "but special a i l e n l i o n will go to Coman- chr coun'.y because of the already high f n t a l i i y toll this year." Law year 19 accidrnls with Id injuries occurred in the disiricl over the lone holiday, but lorru- nntely no one was killed in the nr^a. The seiTiic wasn't so for Uie state Tiowvrr. as 11 persons lost Ihoir live. 1 ; in niKomohilc accidents during I ho three d^ys. "\\ iiorv to have thp samp record, this year as we did last." hr said,- "all of onr nxxspoi-s will make an honest effort to avert any n u i n deaths." The licusenant couldn't say jusl Jiow many more troopers would be assigned in the arra but ho knew ^nr of the OHP planes would be usrd. Plans arc for four troopers to rip used in Ihe county alone during r-ach shift, instead of Ihe rrguiar Iwo. He said part of the limo he nnd suroivisors H. TX Morgan and T, G. Byrns \\'ould be cruisans county highways and rrads. He said il was his and ihe rn- tirr departmem's hope rhat through concentraTcd e. r fort and rooix-ralion from the motoring public, rhat Ihe '3 holiday toll would tir reduced. "Maybe with the additional men tine vicious cycle of circumManccs t h a t cause the record high number o. r auto fatalities over the state will be 1 broken." he said. Brown Mid special attention would he given lo such offenses as speeding, drunk driving, driving ·while drinkuig. improper passing. . ·following too close and drivinR left of cenler. Education Held Out To Recruits For Air Force es assessed for general fund purposes, and 90 per cent of [he actual collections from miscellaneous revenue sources which are recurring in the new liscal year. THK CASH surplus from the I past fiscal year has been certified j by Ihe auditing tirm ol Prigmoi-e aiid Baiter at J218.376.55. Ad valorem lax collections, based on a levy of 1.2 mills allocated by the excise board, and assessed againsi [he nei assessed valuation ol S33.7S-1S61 for properly within Ihe cily, would bring S3G.S55.7S at a collection ra'.e ol 90 p"i' cent. Tlie oUicial estimate of miscellaneous revenue is SI,-122,159,76, based on 90 per cent of actual collections from recurring revenue sources. Adding (he cash sin-plus, ad valorem and miscellaneous totaled Sl-,608.111-24. with $39.849.1"' in outstanding warrants and J95,- C27 encumbered by purchases made for which warrants had not been issued by June 30. These expenditure figures lolaled M,743.58".41, leaving the cash surplus of 5218.176.65. Miscellaneous revenue for t h e year included $1,189,129.21 from the principal source, water services. An accompanying chart shows all of the miscellaneous revenue sources, Ihe income anticipated al the beginning of the fiscal year, the actual collections in 1962-63, and the estimates from these sources for the current fiscal year. In addition lo the general fund. for the sinking lund lo meet interest and principaJ payments on | outstanding bonds, and maintains i three cash operating funds. THE LATTER Ihree funds, which receive appropriations during ihe year as collections are made, include Ihe street and alley cash fund, the airport fund and Ihe hunting and fishing f u n d . 1174.619,31, of which all bill S8,-| 399.19 was spenl or obligated. i The airport received 577.807.98. and lefi Nl,530.87 as an unencumbered balance. Hunting and fishing fund appropriations lotaled 516,750.19, of i 01) Schedules 15 Seminars For Law Enforcement Officers MORMAN (APJ -- Fifteen seminars are scheduled during the next nine months of the Southwest Center [or Law Enforcement Education at tlie 'University of Oklahoma, director James L. Robinson said Saturday. The seminars include police administration, auto theft investigation, traffic safely, arson investigation, police science, juvenile ; problems, polygraph examination | and narcotics investigation. Latin Rebels Kidnap 'Hero 1 CARACAS, (UPD--Pro - Castro | Juan Manuel Fangio by Fidel rebels toting submachine guns Castro's rebels in Cuba in 195S, ! kidnaped Latin American spoils also lor publicity purposes. · idol Alfredo Di Slefano Saturday. T h e rebels said Di Slefano was climaxing live days or terrorist i safe and would not be harmed. acLivilies here. I Tl:e "Liberation Forces" advo- Apparently all the National '· cate armed overthrow o( the jov- Armed Liberation Forces (FAL.X) i ernment ol moderate President wanted was more publicity such I Romulo Beiancourt and selling as they obtained earlier by I up of a Castro-type revolutionary regime. Simon Girly was a renegade Indian scout who aided the British by stirring up. the tribes against the colonisis in the Revolutionary War. GURKHAS TO THE KKSCl'R snatching one-half million dollars worth of paintings /rom a Caracas museum and by hijaekin? a [ ireichler in the Caribbean. j KUCHJNG Sarawak CAP) - A Di Slefano, 37-year-old Argen-! company o£ 50 skilled Gurkha line soccer star, is known to j j uns \, fighters flew in Saturday every schoolboy in LaLin Ameri- t 0 L his British colony from Sinqa- ca. where soccer "fuibo!" is the leading sport, and is practically a Spanish national hero. The kidnaping recalled the sei- zuer of Argentine racing driver pore lo help reinforce troops Dying to hah terrorist atlacks on border villages by infiltrators f r o m neighboring Indonesian Borneo. Source Water Bills --51,034,528.65 Police Fines ._ R2 1 00-j.l2 'Parking Motel's 86,328.80 Parking Penalties 23,770.65 City Licenses 31,757.40 fnsp. Fees .. 11,171.75 Franchise Taxes 109.G35.7D Water Taps S.690.70 Men and women inlprc-sled in earning a degree in nut-sing and accepting a commission as an officer in ihe U. S. Air Force are being soughi, it was reported S a l - j soum , j n ,, ( . urronl fiSL , aI j-^ urday by T-Sgi. Hoshall E. Tnom-| | h c rjna] as. Air Force m-mitcr, ; , han I h c sl Sgt. Thomas said training is of-! fered under Ihe Air Force's new; Education and Commissioning Pro-: gram Vo aiiTnen on active duty. ' Applicants must be Uniiod Stales j dti/.ens ai leasl IS veal's olrl b u t ; i revenue figures gives ihe budget j figure ol SI ,678,136.15. If thorn were no new revenue H i e ; the cily receives ad valorem taxes I which all but S55S.1G was spent. Income lg. Esl. . Collections IB-IM Esl. 51,189,129.21 SI,070.216.29 9-1,257.5=; S-1,831,80 37.59-1.0S --0-12,84133 ' 11.559.90 -M .239.00 -39,815,1(1 ·12,0-1-1.0(1 10,839.60 12R,S2R.G5 U3.9-15.SO 4.208.00 .1.787.20 7.177.00 6.459.30 .194.00 .1H4.60 S97.0R S07.3S 13,322.50 12.170.25 705.32 635.69 1,801.2") 1,621.10 1,632.00 1,-IGS.SO 220.SO 19S.7J 12.050.50 10.S-15.45 52.278.77 47.050.90 3.946.54 3.551.88 Gent-nil Fund Account*. 1n5J-o:t Account »l Appropriations Sjiciit A: Committed Managerial J .12.7G5.dO S 32.51-1.09 City Clerk 24.091.75 23..17.167 Cily Treasurer __. J.-100.00 -I.350.G2 City Alloniey 7.SOO.OO 7.282.26 Inspections .' 5.G7").00 5.620.22 Police 301,779.81 302.471.52 Fire . 227.420.00 226.239.27 Public Works 12,000.00 11.721.10 Street Dept 47.250.00 47.145.1S l-fealth Dept 26,SnO.Q(| 26.60fl.SO Garbage DepL 220,790.00 224.20S.72 Park Dept 58,725.25 5R.G30.2G Water Dept. 154.450.00 152,7G'I.U Gen. Government 162,190.99 153.332.39 Library _ :i8.000.00 Cemetery f 23.000.00 Animal Shelter 12,375.00 Rents -- Leases Sewer Taps Library Fines Cemetery Fees Reci-calion Comm. --. Animai Shelter McMahon Aud Investment Int. Boat-Ski License. 1 ; ABC Taxes Miscellaneous Totals 4,954.32 ·111.30 S25.00 11.973.62 572.44 1.631.25 1,505.00 198.72 6.763.35 41.553.1-1 1.288.70 '4.59S budget of past fiscal year. | In Ihe fiscal year ending J u n e ! 30, Lhe c i l v n r w n l or encumbered' a toial of'si.743.5S7.41 ot the a p - l propriaiions. All departments! stayed wiihin their nei appi-opria-! young enough to complete require i lions for the year, but expendi- j monls of Ihe course before their lures almost equalled appropria-1 lions in each department. | .\.V ACCOM PAN VITv'G tabulation shows each general Jund depart- Garage ... ]W,37j,00 Recrwiion Comm _. 23.000.00 Mc.Mahon Aud, _. G.'IOO.BO Filler Plant S7.929.M \Vaier Office 2-! Disposal Plant -11.700.00 Traflic Comm 4D.300.00 Ijke Improvcmcnls _ 31.2D0.02 City Planning 39,1'SO.iS Civil Defense 2.7.iO.OO Totals .51,77-1.3!W.I)0 37,966.87 22.572.7-1 Jl.fM8.7S 97.37-1.9S 21.931.62 : 5.778.01 -87,653.57 23.72S.3-I ·'ItUVJ.RO ·13.072.52 S0.5G2.7-1 3R.SG5.7G . 2.G99.52 LOUSY TV THIS SUMMER WASN'T IT? We hear \t will be better soon, though. The new fall programs will be making their debuts starting any day now, and some of them look pretty good. If your TV set isn't working just righr, better give us a call at Southwestern ond we'll tune it up for you. You can always count on prompt, courteous service at reosonoble prices when you call Southwestern. (We have two-way radios in our trucks to speed things along.) Paris and workmanship ore guaranteed, of course. 4th and E DownfowfTLawfon Dial EL 3-4300 SOlh birthday, "The Air Foi-ce is receiving applications to [ill most of. the. major fields offered through 1hr cdu'cn- lion propam. bin the allotments for Registered Nursing · have "one bogging." Thomas slated. lie said Ihc program allows en- _ _ listed personnel to apply (or fvill- :; cause 'actual collections exceeded lime college wilh all books .ind i fa e aniounL-; which could be legal tuition paid by ihe Air Force phis promotion lo siaft sergeam for pay purposes while a'jcnding college. Afior the siudcnt receives Ihe degree in nursing, he is promoted to ihe rank of second lieutenant and assigned lo duty in his major Geld of college, with nei 'appi-oprifilions eon-; pared, with amounte actually yixnt i or' commitlnd duiins the fiscal j year of 1962-G3. Tlie cash surplus from the past fiscal year was made possible bo- SUBSCRIPTION RATES Second class poM*iE'r Tw^d AL LjUTOn. OHIi. (PftvRblo In Arivwirr) CARRIER SERVICE IS I.AWTON ARKA (Por MwilH) Mornlr.c Pross ,t Sundav . ----- Jl .^ Cm.yiilutlon ft Sunrt»- .......... S1.S5 .. . . CoiiMiiuimn Press i- Sundny .... ss.w I S93.13 in sewer tax penalties, Sl.!.- Mnndny Ccns-ll;ullon pr-r wpy .03c JSg.y graillcd bv the slate Oil H iDr-lK'crrd lo FTcs* Subscrlhrr-s) . .... ^ , 0 X i n - n \. i. , SMurdny rrrsj (onb 1 ) ror copy . .tfx '·· iraffic slud\', $1,010,72 ill back ta.\- (OtlK : crcH ic Cone. Subscriber*) '· es. Si cents as a balance in Hie \y anticipated before the fiscal! year began. ; For instance, iv miscellaneous ! | revenue estimate of SI ,-150,736.71 [ was anticipated, but collections AC- | tuall- lolaled S1.617.771.5(;. Ad val- i I oroni taxes for general furnJ pur- j poses were estimated a! 535.401.-15, j while collections acwaly totaled , 537.277.36. .1 In addition, there were several i sources of income which were not i included in the original, budget b c - j cause they could not bo J ed, They were S3,3SS,67 from t h e | | resale property (und distribution. .. C.-- - Rcphcn.. Jiuerson ana J.cH- -. of Mayors To Host State Industry Chief Monday Lloyd Allen, new director of the i Oklahoma Department ot Com-: merce nnd Industry, and t h r e e . others from the department w'iP. he special fjucsts of the Southwest ; Mayors association in a Monday night meeting at Grandficld. Mayor Wayne Giliey. Lawlon. ' who organized the association and ! serves as its president, sajd the j dinner meeting will open at 7:30 ; p.m. with representatives invited ! from 30 area cities. The monthly meeting will feature n major talk by the new commerce nnd industry director, who will he accompanied by Hosc-y Hearn, Al ( Tlnrnc and Tom Daniel ol the department. It will be the first official visii . In this area for the new director, i Mnvor Giliey stated. The mayor said Allen and other ·members will have n chance to j meet representatives from many i Southwest Oklahoma towns ' and ; cities, and "cct some of their ' Ideas as to industrial development ! and crowth 'in this area of the i Mayor Giliey said delegations ! from cily government nnd Cham- r hnrs of Commerce arc expected ; Irom Clinton. Chickfisha. Lawton. | Grandficld, Duncan, .Hollis. Allus, i Frederick, Sayrc, Anadarko. Cc-!. ment. Tipton, Waurikn, India- i homa, Cache, Elgin, Fletcher, | ChattanooRR. Faxon, Geronirr.o, | Cyril, Rush Springs. Marlow, Co- mnnche, Temple, Walters, Snyder and .Randlett. do. emit: sor. Counllcs I S 3 1 Yr. Mo. Mo. Mn. Cons!. ,t SuniHy SS.JS 5.3(1 3AT 1.M rrrss k Sindiiv 5.:--" :J5 Cons; Prpss 4 Sun. 36..1: tl.2C 5.SI 3,06 Balance In OklJ^nrrm A Ijiwlon P.O. V.oxi-« Cons:. * Sunday SH.^-' S.:6 .MO ].7S rtrs* ,t- Sunday 1.1.SS S.1B .".30 I.TS Const. rrcMs .fc Sun Z.44 15.3D 3.6T Oiaslilp Oklahoma Const Rundnj- S:S.3t 10.20 «.3I :.,13 Prc-.v ft Sunday 1S.36 lO.iO 6.33 2.35 Cnnsl. Prcs is Sun. 30.60 'JO.W n.Z! SJO .Sunday ConsUru'Jon-Prcsn (only) 3 yr. 7.35 (T-cs-s than 3 ycar'i mbacrlpUon, 20c per cnpy plus I(L\-J Prices Include : P" Cent Swiiei Salei Tux $6,305.50 -in :hc cash surplus I from the previous fiscal year. j THK TOTAL of balance and receipts was Sl,951,7fr).06. Warrants paid before June 30 ROACHES? · Licensed ·Bonded · ln.sured tff\f TERMITE AXP IVt 1 PESX CONTROL ELS-3M5 EL7-MJC TERMITES--ROAOHBS LAIRD'S EL5-2734 : you have that lunch time let-down, the reasons could be social or physical. Should it occur too often, your doctor is-trained to detect the cause of that constant tiredness. VVs are trained to provide prompt and precise pre- scriptions to his order . . ' FOR FAST FREE DELIVERY DIAL EL7-im OR £17-1112 -- W« Invite Your Patronage -EARL DRUG 4th and C -Avenue Ckoowhom 200 Mots fhese Sale Prices AcriSatin, Latex HOUSE PAINT £49 Gal. Decorators HOUSE PAINT Gal. Latex MASONRY PAINT 25 Gal. SEIDLITZ Exterior HOUSE PAINT PRIMER 98 Gal. White Armor ONE COAT WHITE y 75 Gal. GALVA WHITE I SOQt. · Porch Floor ENAMEL PAINT-GLASS-FLOOR COVERING 1010 'D' AVENUE LAWTON, OKLAHOMA PHONE EL 5-1346 SELECT ANY SEIDLITZ COLOR FOR THE PRICE OF WHITE

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