The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 19, 1960 · Page 2
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 2

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 19, 1960
Page 2
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uciin MRniorrni- nmcs 2 Tuesday, July 19, '60 Bible Ban Case Draws Crowd Of Bibie Readers MIAMI, Fla. (AP)-A church youth group has launched n round-the-clock prayer marathon during a (rial testing tha constitutionality of Flor!4a'« law which requires reading of the Bible In puhlic schools, flirty members of the Shenandoah Presbyterian Church are taking one-hour shifts rending the Bible wliile the trial, expected to be carried to the U.S. Supreme Lourt, progresses. Circuit Judgo J. Fritz Gordon is presiding over trial of two companion suits, one brought by a wJf-styled agnostic and the other *J a group ot Jewish leaders and a Unitarian. Overflow Crowd An overflow crowd Monday, including whilc-shirted, Bible-carrying boys from a Baptist church, forced transfer of the trial to a larger courtroom. Hartow Chamberlin, n radio advertising salesman who describes iimself as an agnostic, is backed in his suit by the Florida Civil Liberties. Union, Webster's Dictionary defines agnostic as "one who subscribe-} to the doctrine that the existence and nature of God are un- inown and unknowable." Three Jewish parents and a Jnilarian woman filed a companion suit seeking to prohibit religious activities in sclwols, including Bib!e rending, baccalaureate programs, use of religious symbols, and observance of Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah and other religious holidays. GASSING ABOUT TAXES LACONIA, N. H. (UPI) - The Gasoline Retail Dealers Associa- ion has distributed lapel buttons o remind motorists how much tax they are paying for gasoline. The three-inch yellow button reads "You've just paid 11 cents on each gallon." The buttons are available to ever service station operator In the state. \ a*-Hoo«\ \ S H R V I O E \ _j£~T~^t~ ! ^ t^*~^^ i '" 1 · -- ^i N A T I O N A L Funeral Home Phone ED 4-1519 Hwy. 82 E, Demos Map Strategy Republican Plat Begins Deliben By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ment, 1 don't see r . Republicans swung into their drafting of a I960 platform today while Democrat* shaped strategy or the campaign ahead, GOP National Chairman Thrus- Ion B. Morion set out guidelines for the 109-men«t°r Republican Platform Committee gatltering in Chicago for its opening session. Morion called for a pledge to aid in building a better America --but not the "lifelong Garden ol Zden" he said the Democrats iiad romiscd at their just-concluded,os Angeles convention. New York'g Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller was on hand to give lis views, too. His fellow politicians were eyeing him for more han just what he might a»y about the platform. Rocky Airs Views Arriving in Chicago Monday, Rockefeller came out for a civil rights plank he said should go even further than the Democrats' iroposal. He favored a ban on "Bcial discrimination in any business operaling under federal license and support for sit-in demonstrations against segregation in Southern eating places. But Rockefeller kept wrapp« in mystery his plans for the nominating, which gets under way next week. He gave little encouragement to supporters pushing him as long-shot contender against Vice President Richart M. Nixon for the party's presidential nomination. In Hyannis Port, Mass., Democratic presidential nominee John F. Kennedy was reported resting up and quietly moving to smooth over party trouble spots before the campaign gets Into swing. Chief In Each State Kennedy arranged to have a single campaign chief in each stale as a means o' boosting c[ fectiveness and curbing intrapar ty strife. For Virginia, one state where the Democrats, do not see eye to eye, he picked William F Battle, son of a former governor But a problem for Kenned; shaped up in Mississippi, where Gov. Ross Barneit recommended that his state bolt the Democratic party and back a third party can didate for the White House, Barnett termed the new Dem ocratic platform "so horrible, so repulsive, so obnoxious, and so contrary to our form of govern of the South can a nolt would have n GOP ticket, either One harmonious mong the discorc subject of keeping nformcd on nalion oreign policy to tl vilh full informal! President Eisenh notified Kennedy a mate, Sen. Lyndon Texas, that the ad willing to supply th Kennedy E To Debate On Tplflvic VII 1 G I Q V J O By G. MILTO HYANNIS PORT Sen. John F. Kenj ocralic presidential he word today he 3»te the Republic nominee on televi P i e r r e Saling }ress secretary, to! major networks ar ime to the noml Kennedy "presume se joint appearanc 3y himself and t nominee." Salinger said Ker lime oilt from Wednesday for a c egy meeting with r staff. Salinger also an W. Dulles Cenlr Agency Director, annis Port Saturda nedy a briefing on uatlon in general a icy matters con America and Afric Kennedy Monday dent Elsenhower's portunily to rccei dentia! reports on problems. Brnlhnr ft Droiner u Greenvillia Funeral service Kirkland, brother villians, will be co day at 11 a.m. at eral Home in Jac be in Cedarlawn Mr. Kirkland, o died suddenly Sun attack while alien can ' League base C O R R E C T I O N Iri Our Aaverfisemenl In Monday's Delta Democrat-Times, The Following Item Was Incorrect And Should Have Read As Follows! ROUND STEAK U.S.D.A. Choice It'« Delicious Lb, 69 em Plus Methyl Parathion Fotow boil r»eomin»ni!i«(Ki». Ww«y« riid DM libel M Ut« coatilnw. SHELL CHEM?SflL tSHEl , COMPANY, CHICMiCAI.!t . .. H» South Clutbome Av«nu«, N«w O;:c-r. 13. Louliln Bar- tho formally (AP)- Kennedy's and that the Republican his vacation announced Allen Intelligence concerning Latin owcr's offer of an op- ntclligcnce information during he campaign. The Democratic leaden nccept- ·d the offer, agreeing to Eisen- lower's terms that they be briefed icrsonally and not through their eprescntativcs. Ex-Con Captured After Jail Break JACKSON. Miss. (AP)-An ex- convict and former mental pa- ient accused of writing threaten- ng letters to several Hinds Coun- y officials was captured last night on a freight train cnroute o New Orleans. The hunted man was J. C. Julice, wanted for breaking jail at Decatur. Sheriff Bob Gilfoy said Bulicc also signed a letter hreatening the lives of the sher- ff, a county judge, a welfare officer and a local parole officer. City and county authorities searched several hours for the man, and lost trace of him after ic reached the Pearl River. But a watchful railroad dctec- ive spotted Bulice and an unitlen Efied white woman bottling a rcight train headed toward Lousiana. He called Highway Patrol authorities, who slopped the train near ilozelhurst, about 30 miles south of here. Bulice and the white woman vere found hiding in a bov-car. for Virgil Buria tcry. of Akron, Ohio Ending Japan's Ikeda Aligns With Western Powers . ..'.in.. ['· .i-f"': ; '-"bt: '.':,.!, A MEAL IN ITSELF -- G. Q. Hatcher, an enthusiastic gardener, is seen with what he claims is Iho largest turnip ever raised in Greenville. The turnip weights 42 ounces and was grown in the garden plot at the Hatcher home, 717 Clay. Black And Tans Going To Chicago JACKSON, Miss. AP) - Mississippi's Blnck and Tan Republicans will leave Friday for the Republican national convention, which they will view this year as Officers took both i n t o custody. | spcc(lllors r 0 l| ow j ng a !wi i ch O f party recognition (o the all-white !Mississippi Republican party. S. \V. Miller, state Black and' Tan GOP chairman, said his fac- Along The Riverfront RIVER BULLETIN Stations Flood Present 21-hour Singes in ft. singe stage change Slate's Colfon Prospects Bright JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - Mis sissippi's cotton prospects are bright, the state employment security commission said today after a survey of crop conditions. The commission, in its weekly Mississippi Cotton Bulletin, called July the most critical period in terms of yield and quality and By JAMES GARY TOKYO (API--Japan's new premier, Hayalo Ikcda, aligned his government firmly with the Western democracies today. He rejected a foreign policy of neutrality and pledged to work for greater prosperity at home. In his first news conference since succeeding Premier Nobusuke Kishi, Ikeda also: 1. Criticized Kishi's tactics in winning parliamentary ratification of the controversial U. S.- Japanese security treaty. 2. Proposed Inlerparly meetings to improve relations between his Greenwood Thief Sold Loot Here Greenville gave Greenwood some inter-city police cooperation last week in clearing up n series of burglaries in and near Greenwood. A 20 year Brooks, was arrested by Green- old Negro, Jeff wood police last week and, according to Police Chief Curtis burglarizing Lary, confessed burglarizing t h r e e Greenwood jewelry stores and one in Grenada over the past 11 months. Over S5000 in jewelry was stolen in the four burglaries, police said. Brooks disposed of much of his stolen property at various Greenville stores. Greenville police located the buyers of the stolen jewelry and persuaded them to return it. Most of the purchasers were also able to identify Brooks, Greenville Chief of Police W. C. Burnley own Liberal-Democratic party and ho Socialist opposition. 3. Advocated resloralkm of normal relations with Red China and more cultural and economic exchange with the Red mainland. "I will not adopt a neutralist solicy," he declared. "I will stick o the alliance of the Western free nations." Alms At Kishi His criticism of the treaty rail- icatici apparently was aimed at Cishi's summoning of police into Parliament to quell riding by 'he Socialists. "The use of violence against violence must be avoided," he said but did not indicate what he would have done, Ikeda's biggest immediate prob- em is the labor dispute at the rtiike coal mines in southern (yushu, where rival unions have been involved in frequent bloody clashes. The Soliyo labor federa- ion and the cxlremil Zcnga wren student federation, which layed leading roles in barring President Eisenhower from Ja, are seeking to exploit the situation. Louisiana Parish Must Open Books NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Louisiana 1ms lost another round in its fight with the federal government over (lie voter registration records. Federal Judge J. Skelly Wright yesterday ordered the East Fe- lidaira Parish vote registrar to make his records avoilabla for inspection by U.S. officials. Wright directed the order to Henry Earl Palmer, the regiftrar of East Feliciana, and it was signed on the request of U.S. Atty. Gen. William P. Rogers, under the I860 civil rights act. Judge Wright's order directed Palmer to make his records available at Clinton, La.--the parish sent of Easl Feliciana--on Aug. 8. ~FALSTfEETH That Loosen Need Not Embarrass M* oy wearers or f»lw teeth n*»e aufle rod real ernlmmvsmeiH bccnust ihelY nT»Ye dropped","nllpWHJ or woh. Died at Just the wrong time. . Do not live la f t u r o l thU happening to you. Ju»l .prlnltlo l little FA8TEETH. tho nlkatlue (nou-acld) powder, im your plates. Hold false teeth more nrml y, w tli«y fuel more oomlort- · ble. Does not sour. ChecM"Pl«» odor brfnlh". Qet FASTEETB »» drug counters everywhere. DR. PARKS The Parks Chiropractic Clinic Specializing In NERVOUS DISORDERS and HEADACHES 127 South Harvey Street Phono ED 2-1809 Home ED 2-M2J To Know The Truth Brings A Better Understanding About Health tion wouEd chart a course laterlsaid the Delta sltows good to ex- St. MISSISSIPPI Louis 30 slO.9 1.3 Fall Memphis Helena Arkansas City G'ville Bdg. Vicksburg Pittsburgh Cincinnati Cairo 1.2 Fall 2.13 Fall' 2.1 1-all 34 12.7 (URlse ·H 10.2 0.2 Fall 42 H.£ 43 28. OS 43 20.5 onto 25splG.7 52spl2.C -SO 20.C 1.9 Fall ARKANSAS Little Rock 23 4.1 for tiwir faction to follow in the presidential race. Miller charged his faction was "not beaten by the forces opposing us in Mississippi. It was the hypocrncy of the national office, (hose who steered. . . . B]ac!{ nr|(1 Ta t evcry 0.2 Rise 0.3 Rise 0.0 S-Stage yesterday morning: PPool stage. R-Stage day before yesterday. Motor vessel Carol Brent, of the Brent Towing Company, is scheduled to reach the home port of Greenville at 4 a.m. Wednesday. At S a.m. today the towboat was discharging cargo nt Vicksburg. today ol Br«. n.l.Jt-J UK ia't-Jiu DM _ . . 633 on Ihi lav upDi: Jill Wciisti, wetlbox-J ·441 orf Inlercocilal Canal. 6e ipbccnd nl irile 50 en I 1 -! A'l Jrvd., ir.* Oh; doy or Dixr-euii, Po., vAsre c a r g o It bi'ng dinha.'ged. The Waller Wih o^ion r orrf ol fliiU 172 and no'iJ'faojr^f on uppe; Miivirppi ilvir and 'n J.p at Chaile. S.ivit., .= boari potii lh« Valley P. Colhou' nhbo-nd law- imj _________ . c i , Bs'wiie 0.. AncVe Gjlf Inkj.-dffr, fo'.'oc co f. Soul hSo-. r.J boali h» Joty Chcr, 1. W. S^eer, Wet-|m Ha/ry Dyer and Ji-n-ny Colle. A A «rt today fo Port C-ty game in Cleveland, Ohio. He was 51, An employe of Firestone Tire and Rubber Company, he had lived In Akron 17 years. He was manager of the Akron Deaf Club Before going to Ohio he was con- reeled with the Coca Cola Bott ling Company and lived in Jackson. He had visited in Greenville on several occasions and was known here. He leaves a sister, Mrs. Doyle Burnham, 661 Chatham Dr., anc a brother, W. B. Kirkland, 1431 E. Rebecca Dr., both of Green villo. Short services were held at Akron. U, S. Cool To Ban Talks WASHINGTON (AP) - U. S. officials today viewed with reluctance proposals by the Soviet Union and Britain for a recess in the prolonged Geneva talks on an atomic test ban. The Soviet and the British representatives were reported seeking a recess starting Aug. 15. How long the recess might be was not disclosed, The three-power conference has been under way since November 1958, with time out for various re cesses, and has made some progress toward an agreement. Tt the only negotiation still in progress between the Soviet Union and the United States in the aftermath of the summit conference in May. Pilots Call Off Additional Pickets ATLANTA (AP) -- Tho Air Line Pilots Assn. last night called off plans to dispatch additional teams of pickets to cities in the Southeast pending the arrival of national president Clarence N. Sayen Wednesday. "We hope Sayen will be able to work out an agreement with Southern Airways which will prevent the possibility of an eight- «] through his windshield and land state work stoppage," Capt. Rob- ed in the front seat next to him. ert T. Brown, public relations of- He said a horse wns going in the ficer for the Atlanta council of opposite direction and somehow requirement of the party; there was nothing against us but attitudes." Ho said he felt the national party had switched recognition because it felt the white group could do more toward vote-gathering in tho state. He said the Black and Tans had been recognized for 93 years and had triumphed in every convention contest. Camp Says Barnett Doesn't Sell Jobs JACKSON. Miss. (AP) - The Mississippi's the bulletin said, of the hill section cellent cotton prospects and the ill! area mostly good prospects. However, some areas liave poor prospects because of drought, but these show a "relatively low acreage." More moisture is needed in most of the state for maximum late development, but fields are clean and insect damage is low, the survey showed. Fewer than 9,500 day-haul workers were used last week at the peak and the average was only 7,400. AVAILABLE FOR NEXT 2 WEEKS NOW Ctterta, tjateftateh w For Your FREEZER By The B U S H EL NOW'S THK TIME TO CAN OK FREEZE DELTA P R O D U C E CO. Phone ED 4-3016 Farmers Exchange Building Hwy. 1 North at Theobald [director of Und Fish rowing Company laid tht eo-ROfY I moiw 'Cilll woi rr.ak ; r Heir, Caiio, Ml. Dllla Towing on ih» Ohio rivo. Tc-*ing Co-T-paiy'l iro'cr ve«el .e wo* cmlv.r; oil a-cund a cbow :1, b-n Provide fK«. low O'« M i l l . anglht' b TM'!h. lol 65 milt, d"i:hargg if* on the Ofcio rive:. FJo mf lii'ed on l^» '«C5/f. After ai G.'..nv,l' a lh« Cit n. ihe Game Commision,' John Cnmp, has denied commission! jobs nre going "to the highest, bidder." Camp said, "No jobs are being sold in the Barneit administra-j tion." He refuted charges by La-! mar Switzer of Gulfport, dis-j charged Gulf Coast game warden! supervisor. Swilzer was the 10th of 14 supervisors fired since Gov. Ross Barnett took office in January. 3 Teenagers Die In Auto Crash KOSCIUSKO, Miss. (AP) -Three teen-agers died last night when their car plunged off a road and crashed into a tree. The dead were identified as Joe McMillan, IS, McAdams. the driver; Robbie Ray, 19, Acker, man; and Jettie Kay Fulcc, 19, Kosciusko. The accident occurred on highway 35 about 6 miles south of ·Kosciusko. itality on the Hi USE OUR , Veit T .rve 0. ler-cn 0. o^ 6 o."-. rt'o * upbs.n-J Thfl M. n-vi t today thfl ec*rD ·, rad acd at SAVE-BY-MAIL SERVICE 1OTS OF t.UCK KEtNE, N. II. (UPI) - Horse shoes may bo a lucky omen for some people-- but not Norman G. Gauvin of Marlboro, N. H He was driving in South Keene when suddenly a horse shoe crash- the ALPA said. lossed the shoe. GENERAL ELECTRIC DUAL PURPOSE Porfabfe Air Cooler $1.00 DOWN ··IW1 »!! Z-4J WASHINGTON AVE. Current Dividend Rrile Get security far easier. Just write your name and address on a piece of par.«r and enclose it in an envelope with your chock or money order. Send it to: When you travel by car, your trip can be made more enjoyable by taking advantage of Phillips 66 Hospitality along the way. Travelers like Phillips 66 clean rest rooms. They like Phillips 66 friendly, conscientious service. And people who are particular about the performance ef-thcir cars will like new Flile-Fuel, the gasoline that gives "the sweetest rhythm on the road." Your Phillips 66 Dealer believes that in service, as well as in products, it's performance that counts. Drive in at his station soon. [flliHTV SflVlHBS New Tron-Arlic* Motor Oil helps cars run belter longer preserves smooth performance under the most severe automobile tests... reduces wear M much as 35%. "A IradcmarV Phillips 66 New Outboard Motor Oil. Unequalled for protection against fouled spark plugs and sticky valves. Gives Improved performance and extends motor life. ^^

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