The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 25, 1963 · Page 3
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 3

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 25, 1963
Page 3
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SCHOOLS Continued From Pace One this point the line will run East to · Quinelte Road. At this poim the line will run North with Quinetle . Road becoming the boundary line. This will put all of the officers' Capehart Area (UDO-1300-1400) and the new housing area North oi die Eolf coui-se in the west area. All Junior Hipli students living in the west area will attend Tomlinson Junior High. All Junior High students living in the cast area will attend Central Junior high. Sophomores (1963-64) living in the west area will attend Eisenhower senior high. Sophomores livinc; in the east area will auend Lnwion High. Juniors nnd seniors from both areas will continue to attend LHS. In 196-1-G5 - Seniors from both areas will attend LHS with juniors nnd sophomores Irom the west area atiending Eisenhower Hitjh. In 1965-66 - all hiRh school stu- MINERS Continued From Page One had become necessary to bring in a 30-inch drill to enlarge ihe hole down lo (he 38-foot depth, This was necessary, he said, because ihe olher hole was found to be dents (10th-llth-12th) living in the ! so out ot line that stool casings ·west area will atiend Eisenhower: could not be driven into it, High; All high school students liv- i i n g n the Lt area will attend Funeral Rites John S. Andrews Funeral arrangements are pending at Ritter-Dalton Funeral Home for John Stanton Andrews, 74, 1509 N. 16th, who died Saturday in the j tribulion "systems^ Veteran's Hospital, Sulphur, Okla, ~ · · - - WATER Continued From'Page Onev. cost .oi water to the homeowner. This is the ad valorem tax assessment against his .home to meet bonded debt installments'for capital improvements such as water reservoirs 'and filtration and dis- ; on a $590,000 waler bond Jssue oi 1950'which is To be relired'by 1970, and on a.- $1,728,000 wafer bond issue of 1952 which will be paid off by 1968. Other water bond series are Irom the $6,182,840 issue approved in .1955 lo build Lake " ' " facilities and Survivors include his widow, Et- fie Lou, of the home; two sons, Lea of Ada and Lawrence of, 1515 Lawlon and a' daughter Mrs. Hiram Berry, 1509 -Baldwin. He is also survived by a brother, Cs- car Andrews of Bakerslield, Calif. Juniors and Seniors from both! In case ot a cave-in, said areas will continue to attend, i Charmbury, "We'd lose every- 2. The city boundary lines-17ih \ thin ~ we had " and 3Slh Slreois -- will not be | As the work on cnlai'fjin- the moved as they now relate to Jim- j hole went on from above, Throne ' and Fellin could be heard throughout much of the day pounding Even the ad valorem tax assessment for all waler improvemenis is relatively small for the average sold in five series. Water produclion costs cannot be accurately grouped with water investment cosls because one represents the actual cost of a product homeowner. Assessments vary I which is consumed during the year high school 3. The line dividing students al- Bottom Is Closi'd tending LHS (loin - llth-ll'ih l a n d sawing in their 14-foot-by- srades) and Eisenhower senior 19-foot cubicle below, high school vvill be moved from its present location at 3Srh Street to a new line as follows: SOPHOMORES living in the I bouom of the 12-inch shaft was area south ot Gore Blvd. and west j closed wiih their help. The cn- of Sheridan Road will attend Eisen-, lai-ging operation releases tons ot from house to house, depending on the fair market value of each residence and other factors which determine its eissessed valuation for tax purposes. During Ihe current fiscal year, the city will pay a total oi S528.41B in interest and principal on outstanding water bonds, with S313.000 to be applied on the principal Hnd 5215,418 for interest on waler bonds dating back as far as 1950. SIS Pir $1,000 VnluHllon Since the net assessed valuation ot properly within the city is 533,- ··147,1-1-1, it will require a levy of 16 mills, or S16 per 51,000 net assessed valuation, lo meet this year's payments on ou Is tan ding water bonds. From this can be computed Uie cost lo each individual homeowner, j A residence with a fair cash value of S10.000 should have a gross valuation of. "2,000 for lax purposes, since Ihe gross valuation is approximately 20 per cent of the market value. In many cases it is under 20 per cent. If homestead exemption of $1,000 is claimed, the residence will be on ihe assessment roll for a net RAILS Continued From Page One Irom its plan to place their new work rules into effect at 12:01 a.m. (local time) Thursday. The unions have ordered a walkout on any road the moment the job- slashing changes are made. The 17-m.ember committee approved a bill Friday to set up a seven-man arbitration board to decide the longstanding dispute. The board would deal at first wiih only two issued--the em- THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION-MORNING PRESS, Sundoy, Aug. 25, 1963 3 and the other represents an investment in facilities expected to be Ployrcenl: of firemen on ·freight used up lo 60 years. ana yard - dlesel Mglnes and the Actual waler production cosls for the year can be tabulated by combining ihe expenses of the-water department, filler pianl and water collections office. During the makeup of train crews. An arbitration decision would be required williin 90 days after enactment of the legislation, II Ihe two sides failed to settle oilier issues by negotiation within 30 Timbers and other materials I assessed valuation of the remain! were lowered to them before the hower High, Juniors and Senior : debris down the hole. living in this area will continue. A 26 -inch bit was stopped at to attend LHS. ! )ho 3s_ toot ]cve] _ In 19W-65 seniors in this area ! will aitend LHS with Juniors nnd ing '1,000. The Answer SJ.JO The owner of such a piece oi property would pay $16 this year on the outstanding water bond . debt. Add this to his S13 annual j share of Ihe water production i costs, and the total is onlv S9 The escape capsule, which has; j or t)lo year, or S2.40 a month to .been here tor days, is made ot ] produc(? t ), e iratel , and finance'aji Sophomores attending Eisenhower ; s , Ml alld is pointed 'at 'both ends. High. In 1905-66, all High School ; lo ( , m dowT , the possibility of be- ll±howcr ii ennowcr M m i n S in "* Sh " 11 ' " is present wafer improvements, A majority of Lawlon residences would fit into Ihe above category. Sophomores in the area iwth. wh en its use was firsl sug-! SI,000 or less, pay noihing loward or bore blvcl. and west of Jlst i gps;cd _ rescue officials doubled a ! retirement of the waler bond debt Street will attend Eisenhower high w^m mnn mM m insido . O r any other Improvements based school. Juniors and seniors living B[|t Thpn a riv . c j oot ^ ht min( , ri , on ac f va i orem lax revenue. Many m i im: rea comimie to av who weighs 2S5 pounds, showed i homes, of coui-se. mil pay contend LHS. | he col] ]j_ ^either Throne. 28. n o r j siderably more than Ihe average. In 19M-65 seniors in this area Boiler 5S. is that big. Throne be-i A residence wiih a fair cash val- will attend LHS wiih juniors and ! j nc . 0 I average build and Fellin ue of $15,000 will bo on the tax sophomores attending Eisenhower ; snor t anc ) ^,-y ! rolls for n gross valuation of S3.000. Hinh. In 1P65-56 all High School:' Tn addilion ' to tJle timbers · which is reduced lo a nel of 52,000 students hving in this area will ; Th and Fe ,, in used Jo closc | after homestead exemption. The aliend Eisenhower high school. ; thp 12 _ in( , h open . ;ng a f ^ Knl pluR 116-mill levy for water bond and 4. Any student living within the a]so ~. a _ s wn) d oml ' from rhe sur-! mt(? rest costs for such a residence city limits and in the Lawton fnce anrf spa]^ n -j ( |, concrete be- School District must attend schools fcre cri]ar ^ ntT began. according to established bounds-1 -- ries. 5. An,v student li\in~ on the post : existing boundaries wilhin the rity must attend schools according t o ' l' m its, established boundaries regardless! 9. Student living outside the would be S32 this year. BicL'or llnnics Figured By adding ihe owner's $13 share oi producing and delivering waler it can be seen thai such n homeowner would have a lolal cost o $45 this year, or S3.75 a mom I- . of whether transportation is Jur- j La^ton School District who fur- · for waler production and capital nishPd by the student or by ' nish ttieir o^^-n lrans]»nalion n-ill j improvements, the school". I be pel-mined 10 af.ond the school. The,same CTlculaiioas show the The following hear these snidems j of their choice. 10. Students living in the Brock' 6. Any student who moves Irom i land Area must attend school as one district to another within the j follows during the school year city limits or on the post during the school year will bo permitted to complete ihe semester at either school. At the beginning o[ the next semesier he mus; attend school in the district where he resides. 1963*1: Elementary--Western Hills Junior High u-S-9)--Eisenhower Sophomores (10)--Eisenhower These students (7-S-9-10) will fur- J- A "v . nuc5 _ eJnl ',^."G. ou » idc the nis:h tncir WT | transportation. Juniors and Seniors living in this arc.i city limits and furnishing his own transportation be permitted owner of a S20.000 house would pay SJS a year in ad valorem taxes for waler and Ihe 533 for water production, for a total of SUl or barely more than $5 a month Investment financing cosls not only vary widely because of the difference in net assessed valuation of property, but the costs also change from year to year as olr bond issues are retired and new ones are added. Each rime a new house or r.ev to attend the school oi his choice wil1 continue to attend the school . . . . . . unless the area where he resides thcv attended last year. Transpor- Business is added lo (he lax rolls i i _ ^ - . s . , i . i _ _ _ Tnf* J.1V JfLTfl if\1* n\T?tinrr lirtn/Hrw- has been designated otherwise by action of the Board of Education. S. When a district is annexed tation will be tumished Juniors and Seniors attending Lawton Sen- by "the city, stud'enls living in 'lhc ior H ^ h School. district will be permitted to com plete The school year in the school they are attending at that time. The following: year these students will attend schools according to A N T S ? OiD FOG SERVICE EL5-2078 for bonded debts is cased slijrhlly for all othci property- la.vpa.vers. Payments now nn? beinc m.ndo SEE HOUSES BY FRANK SNEEO Szte 58-PIECE ALL-WHITE CHM 'Baronet' pattern sophisticated qLie shape COMPLETE SET ONLY "Swirl" pattern in contemporary design CHOICE OF PATTERNS! Beautifully translucent all-white china ...fully vitrified .with the true ring of tine china. Choose 'from an exciting selection of patterns... graceful shapes, ·xquisite designs. · 310 D DM BL S.SM6 ,Open»:to 5:SO "Zest" pattern in graceful modern Coupe .shape PAY NO MONEY DOWN AS LITTLE AS $1 WEEKLY IZ ALE'S .. j F":\A/r: i .F.I v-? ; · Cache Road Sq. Dlnl BL 8-6630 Open 10 to i · _ . :,' past fiscal year, the ci!y spent | days, those issues also would go 5152,852.39 in the waler department, SS~.6G3.57 to operate ihe filler plant where waler is treated for bodi Lawlon and Fort Sill, and 523,728.34. to run the waler collection office. Total expenditure was $264,156.02, Oilier Expenditures Other major hems of expenditures by the city government last year Included $302,4-71.52 for the police department, J22G.239.27 for the fire department, $22-1,208.72 for garbage department, $153,352,39 for general government operations and J97.574.93 for (he cily gaj-age. Of the monthly service charge paid by each householder last year, approximately SI went for lo Ihe arbitration board for settlement within GO additional days. It w a s the second proviso wliicli drew objections from seven of the committee's 12 Democratic members. They said they agreed that the disputes involving firemen and train crews should go to arbitration but that the other issues had nol yet been subject lo colleclive bargaining. They said' in Saturday's report that these issues, involving the pay system and fringe benefits, should be referred to bargaining without a dedline. An amendment lo this proposal would bill more palatable to the unions. carry make out the waier seivice. The' police depart- j which denounced the measure ment, the fire department 1 and lhc ; Friday, department each received a similar share of revenue from this source. Total cost of city services exceeds by a sub.Manlial sum the amount of revenue collected from Ihr monllily ser/ice charg?. L;ist of. the supplemental report were Democratic Sens. E.L. BarUetl, Alaska; C a n n o n , Nev.; Calif.; Philip A. Howard W. Clair Engle, Hart, Mich.; year, more"than S-IOCVOOO, or 25 per 1 oURh, Tc-x. Vance Hartke, Ind,; Gale W. MeGee. Wyo., and Ralph Yarhar- cent ot tolal city . wns produced from otliei- sources such as franchise taxes and license Tees. Without joining in the st;ite- rnenl, commillee Chairman ren G. Magnufon. D-Wash., War- sairl police fines, liquor taxes and oth- he had expressed similar views er charges. duvhiE the committee discussion. COMMANDOS Continued From Page One Medicine Bluff to the far edge oi the creek, : Prowess Dvnws Cliccrs Alter he slowly pushed his way down the rope, an estimated crowd of more than 500 Artillery School students and special guests witnes- I sing the; exercise applauded and | cheered. , The only oilier "casualty" occurred when a young commando lost his green beret in the creek while death sliding down the rope. The demonstration climaxed four weeks oC training at Fort Sill lor the commandos, who are scheduled to leave the post for England SepL 9. A Sill unit and the commandos swapped places as part. o£ Exercise Round Bow. Rocket-fired grappling hooks carrying climbing ropes shot their way across the creek to Ihe lop of the 200-Ioot bluff. The climbing experts then proceeded to scale the bluff by hand and pilon. G n u s Are Ifoisted More commandos stormed the base of the cliff as the exercise took Ihe form of a modern bailie maneuver. The Brilish soldiers crossed the creek on ropes strelch- ed tight above the water. Disma/iiled 105mm howitzers, ammo and equipment, covered by firepower, were expertly hoisted lo the top of the bluff. Following completion oi their at- (ack, Ihe commandos returned to j their unit by "running down" t h e , ciifl on ropes, or by sliding back down a taut wire stretched to the opposite sile of Medicine Creek. Mnrch Up Cliff The Britishers back-packed the howitzers across the creek by way of a three-strand rope bridge. As n grand finale, the commandos triumphantly marched! single Die up the side oi the cliff to background music of "The Bridge Over River Kawal." It was here that an Indian (refeired to as j Geronimo by the narrator') appear-' ed and promptly was chased away [ bv the commandosS Two Killed In Car Wrecks At Perry By TILE ASSOCIATED PRESS Two traffic accidents near Perry early Saturday claimed two lives and boosted Oklahoma's 1963 traffic loll to -134 compared with 431 at this time last year. The victims: Eldon Floyd Condor, 27, Durant. Jimmie Lee Morris, 22, Dumas, Ark. Condor was changing a flat tire on his car when he stepped back into the pal'h of a semi-trailer truck about two miles north of Perry on Interstate 35. Morris died in a head-on collision at Ihe west edge o( Perry on U. S. 64. He was in an auto driver, by his brother, Dan Charles Morris, 19, of Dumas. Jet Engine Bursts During Transport One of several jet engines being transported to Tucson, Arts., from TuJsa, Okla., exploded on a truck Saturday afternoon, causing an estimated" 5175,000 damage. The driver of the truck. J. E. Thomas oi Tulsa, Okla., said he wns about a mile south of Lawton when the blast rocked the truck, causing him to injure his head on the cab's lop. The explosion, reason for which was unclear, buckled the sieel container that incased the engine, and 23 hall inch bolts on the case were blown away. FRIED CHICKEN 2 l b » $1.25 Sidney's Dairy Creams tirf ft Ben EL S-S025 Ulb A B EL 3-6160 European TV Set For Negro March WASHINGTON (AP) -- Th« European Broadcasting Union ij planning live television coverage of the Aug. 28 march on Washington "for jobs and freedom," it was announced Saiurday. Plans call lor the program lo be sent by the Telsiar communications satellite lo Eurovision, Ihe European TV network. The American Telephone £ Telegraph Co. has been asked to permit use ot. Telstar lor the broadcast. The march will be covered by the largest network pool in television hislory and will be fed live to the three Uniied States networks, NEC, American Broadcasl- Co., and Ihe Columbia Broadcasting System, and the Canadian Broadcasting System. German, French and Japanese television stations have sent f i l m crews here lo cover the event. $22950 ^ -- VERSATILE - SStenorette* D I C T A T I N G S Y S T f W S Dictate in the offico , or ori-the- S D Electronic corredion; reusable tape! pm ^taith rilliff 3icitAin$ or troKKribins equipment S f l l . t S, Srtvltt IK ».W. fOUHTH ST. Pt«5*CEZ-H» OPUAHOM* Orf,.MtUL 73102. You Can Count on I s . . . Q u a l i t y Costs No More at Soars ROEBUCK AND CO STOP.. FOR ALL YOUR FLOORCOVERING NEEDS... AT SEARS! CARPETING, SMOOTH SURFACE, FLOOR TILES...ALL AT LOW PRICES NOW! 1SZTA m rKSX, ii ·**"« · fl^U S?H :'^g ·C-"^* ^ CONTINUOUS \ T V I f l \ T FILAMENT 11 I LUll CARPETING 3 DAYS ONLY Buy At Regular $6.98 Sq. Yd. Get Pad and Installation ~MfSs more per sq. yd. m®l 8s' Sliop at Sears aiid. SaVe Guaranteed er Yoor Money Baefc ^ 1 nthandGow , STORE; HOURS.- Lawton, Okla. Tues., Wed., Fri. Moo., Tbun. Sal. EL 3-4351 I I:3« HI · 9:30 tilt 8:SO'til 9

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