The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on November 20, 1957 · Page 3
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 3

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 20, 1957
Page 3
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Valley Stamp, Coin Club Schedules Show Where is Liechtenstein? What date of issue, and historical in-1 the world and will span time from happened to Montenegro? j formation will be shown beneath'antiquity to the present day. An interesting and painless way tne stamps and the owners of the) · to brush up on your hjstpry and collections will be present to ex- »e6grap]iy is available to every- P" 1 * 11 tneir significance, said Mrs. .friE INTER IAKE November 20, 1957 3- one in the Flathead. Students, philatelists And those interested in the sometimes little-known facts of historyi will have an opportunity to learn some out of tha" way in- Dernice K^hoe, chairman of the exhibit This is the first exhibit ©f the club, which intends to make it an annual affair. Scheduled in con- 1 Mrs. SaSsbery Dies at Age 86 formation and observe the results Junction with National Stamp! Hannah O. SaJsbery, 86, died at of years of collecting Saturday. " The'Flathead Valley Stamp and Coin Club has scheduled an, e^ T hibit Saturday at the IOOF Temple Week, Nov. 18-34, the exhibit will feature items ranging from a letter 'mailed in 1844, three years before the United States started from 1 p.m. to'1.0 Admission is 25 cents, }0 cents to students, and proceeds w|ll be u " turne^ over to tl]e Kaijspell Coreir rnunity Chest. More than 50 picture frames of mounted . stamps will be, shown, along with many coin collections. Information concerning the Value, issuing starnps, to Ted JJohman's The items on display will cover colas and stamps from all over Funeral Services LEE ROY R1TZMAN Funeral services for Lee Royj Grant Ritzman have been set for tomorrow at 2 p.m. at Waggener ...^"TP Campbell Chapel, with the Rev. e s u l Beck to Testify During Son'? Trial SEATTLE CUP) r- Dave Beck Sr.. outgoing president of tlie ipearnsters Union, will be called to tlie witness stand to testify ip counts o her home at 343 pomers Ave., Whitefish, Tuesday. Mrs. Salsbery had been a resident of WhikefiBh since 1916, coming from Hedesr ville. " ' She was a longtime rrieniber of the Whitefish Rebejsah Lodge. Surviving her are one sister, Isar belle Ciaer, of Santa Arjna, Calif.; and twp grandchildren, Mrs. HaW old Mellon of Portland, Ore., and Vernon Salsbery of Seattle, Wash. Funeral services for Mrs. Salsbery will be announced by Catron Funeral Home. Hospital Notes BIRTHS Ross will Head Future Farmers Hear Farmer-Timber Relation School Bond Pane!! Bill Junior High panel of- school Robert Glllespie of the Flathead National Forost staff told mern- acle, Dennis Rydqulst, Ralph Stokes, Mike Horn, Carl Schack- board members Monday evening at the meeting of SHEPARD, Mr. and Mrs. Jessie, Russell P-TA to discuss the school girl, Kila, yesterday. bond issue. CHRISTENSON, Mr. and Mrs. Neil, boy, Martin City yesterday. ADMITTED POPA, John, Columbia Falls. PIERCE, Richard, Columbia Falls. FEIRSTEIN, Mrs. Lewis, Columbia "Falls. ARNOLD, Marie, Kalispell. WILSQ^f, Doris, Kaljspell HAYNES, bejbert, Kalispell. VAILLENCOURT, Albany, The meeting will get under way at 8 p.m. with a tajk by Ross explaining the issue. This will be followed by the panel discussion, which wilt he thrown open to qus- from the floor. ·11 f em / al | b °rs pf the Flathead Chapter of now, Ken Games?, Dennis Kautt."' lv.!!!fu_J Future Farmers at their meeting man, James Dull Carter Fritz, "*" last night what farmers can do to j Dick Mitsch, Larry Brosten, Dawson Glacier, Lawrence Lauekner, Steve Charjand, Bill Kleinhaus, David Rice, Richard Blumer, Jerra Bruyer and John Anderson. Eleven members did not re- future. Twepty-six Future Farmers were i raised to the Chapter Farmer der Anyone Interested jn the issue gree. They were Doug Johnson-, is invited to the meeting which'Jacjt-Dukleth, Dennis Urban, Rus- js scheduled for th,e Russell school) sell Button, Duane Marshall, Bob obtain t more benefits from their fot'eEte'd land- He pointed out that farmers own 34 per cent of the forest area and have a great responsi- _,_ _ bility in providing timber for the ceive the pins they were gym. of Future Farmer approved for Ken at the December meeting. The program will be the annual talent and hobby program. Purchase jackets was Garness, Dawsdn ' Glacier, Mike Horn, Lawrence Laiickner, Dennis Rydquist, Carl Schacknow, Larry Brosten, Jerry Bruyer, Bob Casne, Bob Marshall, Carter Fritz, Russell Sutton, Doug Johns, Dennis short extra-time hours for carry- Urban and Dennis Kauffman. ing out FFA activities outsfde of school time. As soon as these hours are made up they will receive their pins. The Flathead Ch.apter invited L. D. Peak, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Kalispell, ofr flciating. Burial will be 'in Conrad Memorial Cemetery, where military gravesjde jrites will be held. ' ' Mr- Eitznian, 53, a mechanic for United Airlines, died Saturday at San Lavista, Calif. MORGAN WILLIAMS Funeral services for Morgan Defense Atty. Charles S. Burin his opening statement he would attempt to prove Dave Beck' Jr., as an organizer, acted under orders from his father he sold twp Teamster-owned Cadjllaes for a total of $4,650. Hunter Returns Lee Halverson o£ Evergreen, .who was reported missing in the 'Ashley Lake'divide area last night, returned to his pickup truck' at 10:55 p.m. Halverson was hunting in the area and found his way back to the truck before a full- scale search had begun. DISCHARGED MAHUGH, Lester, Kallspell. KUBACK, Albert, Kalispell. KNUTSON, Mrs. Clarence and baby, KalispelJ. KAO, Mrs. Glen and baby, Kali- speli. GRA H AM, Mrs. Francis arid baby, Kalispell. ". MEULI, 'Mrs. Jack and baby, Proctor. Weather Facts FLATHEAD -- Decreasing cloudl- Williams have been set for Fri- liess' this afternoon. Clear and cold |n Play Cast r James M. Huggins, son of M. L. Huggins of 527 Fifth Ave. West, will appear in the fall quarter jplay, "My Sister Eileen," at Montana State College. He is a jun- Chouteau County Destroys Slots HELENA (UP)--Atty. Gen. Forrest H. Anderson says eight slot machines seized in a Highwood Hotel were destroyed Monday night by Chouteau County Atty. Dola N. Wilson. Several punchboards, ^Iso taken tonight. Mostly clear tomorrow: High today, 36. Low tonight, 10. High tomorrow, 35-40. High yesterday; 35. Low 'ast'night, 14. Trace of precipitation durin, ing'tjie last 24 hours. 'Subset, 4:53 . Sunrise. 7:B3 a.m. Noon temp- 10 day at 2 p.m. at Waggener Campbell Chapel, with the Rey. Frank S. Hil'lis officiating.'Burial will be in Lone Pine CeiTietery at Holt, north of Bigfprk. Mr. Williams, 89, who made his home in the Echo Lake and Ores- WEST OF y nmpp d -""ftly cloudy ton areas a number of years, died to occasionally cloudy with a few snow showers mostly in mountain sections this afternoon: partly cloudy tonight; mostly Jair tomorrow; copier; ' ____ ___ _ ..... prature, 27. Relative humidity at aim., 80 per cent Monday in Eugene, Ore. Whitefish Forms Vacation Central WHITEFISH (ILNS) -- At a r«-i ?*»};"«'? - , i A* ' '* r ' T r " "it r-t A ^ ' t 'nobO 25735! ior majoring in film and TV and in the Oct. 15 raid, were destroyed was graduated from Flathead by order pf the Eighth District County High School in 1855. ·· Court. _ i ttiis afternoon 20-35; lows' to- falght 10-20 e^WUt '0 to -S J n ' vaUe'ys soutK bortloft. r EAST'OF'DIVIDE -- Considerable clailairtess, northerly winds' arid cool- · (er"'iivit[i-'a"few' snow showers this" aft-- Jjrcoori' Cfio'stly ^.' mountaifi sectloris; partly clouds' tonight 'Snd tomorrow, [cooler tonight; little change in't2rap- ·»_ erature ' torriorrow; highs -this afttr^ · · I hhhrf" fls.SRr irtius tonight 10-25; ^'»^« 'JBrSB. FIVE-DAY FOHECAST 1 -WEST 'OF DIVIDE".,,- Temperatures cent nieeting of Vacation Central, newly formed' i prganlzatipri' ' of motel and resort owiiera, plan^ were drawn up iti coardinate winr ter promotion' plansi'wiU}"the 10th but Some?"' *ajmlng r bver « te ,x^ llu , " « light'ami* at'bggltmtng of period'and ".agaiB-flrst of next \veek;-norrhal max- Imums rald-30'*, mlniraua In' 20'S." ' "'EA'ST '.OF'tJlVIDE -- Temperatures . rif the Riff oz tjie Big , ^ ffprrA Kurtr. .announcr ed that claily' bus iervjcie fro^'ea'ch m»l, *n to 'rn11oe t roues nortli of tovvri, 'will b^ provjrled. ' ' ' ·2-13"aegreeS below' nor- sotide warming- 'dyer' '.weekend: tnow early part ot period and fl j. st ot-jiextV^.eh; normli ' . touws ' 3iT«; ·rninimiJm's 12^23.' MONTANA ' A package vac.Jftton ^'eeK ' s y i i ' e available to visitors through the'srtHorf Chamber of Gornm^rCiB, Kurtz ?aS(3. " This will include meals, ski instruetipB and us.e of the'lift. , Arnold W. Ja'cppson' v?^s " chairrnah to lodging,; Broad,uii ' Blitte U.--~, Gut B^nk Echenck, niaiiager of Big Mountain,, said reservations for the Christr map skiing pJ-ogVam are \ve)l ahead of any previous'y'e^r in the hl^tptry LiWgstori cj the resort. «».·-.-.. ~,^. ; as _ 33 _ 38 ._ 28 29 Dillon '-.: :. i^_TM_ 39 DrUrn'ottd' __^___'.._U_____: 35 ,:x 35 Max Min pep Whitefish Sets House 24 20 25 :l 20 14 25 18 22 18 35 15 10 23 24 'T .04 T .04 .:o T £7 T T .03 .03 T- .03 16 T NATIONAl TABLE RManfliy; ·-- - ______ 34 Dferiver ,, . - '. '-' _ ;.^ __ .:: . . .; 43 Los Angeles ,,: __ ___ ^___ 69 -- -, -- -~,,}- _ _ _ _ _ ..... ___ 30 New Orleans ---------- '.-- 61 .!,_,, ____ ,, _ 65 Phoenix _____ : _ .j _____ 66 WHITEFISH (iLKS) -- AM open house program for parents of! Whitefish High School students is scheduled for tjiis evening. Featuring a ts;jc by Sii'pt Winston Wetzal on parental r'.espoiisl- bilitie?, the program a.?o iriGlu.4§S a musical program by tjis highj school chonis and concert baad, ' under the direction of Leonard Hetrick. A flute ti-io, Alibe Rieman, Karen Tweidt and Barbara Jo r^aber, will cor(tribute to the ' program, \vith a ciuet by Mildred \ Newbury and Pon Pfrimtrier ^Isp scheduled. Parent-teacher confeve)i0Bs are also planned, following the tnusir cai program. Refreshments Vi'iU be Served in the lunch robrn bV the senior,, horrid econornit.i 'cl^sfi, uiider jVliss June Holzwarth. Opeii house during National Ed- ucatibu Week marked the grade , and junior high school activities ·last Weet?. Next, weeif, C.onr 'ferehces are also scheduled 'for t'nfese school*, beginning Mopday evening../ From 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Monday and all day during Tuesday an4 "VYednesd.ay, parints of the younger ch,i.dren will 'confer ··vith tfifeir teacher*. Hits Guard Post Mrs. Stanley. Young, Lakesjde, drove ;a par too Off onto the shoMJ^- er ~on Highway 93, a quarter-mile soutj} of 'Spnjers yesterday at. 8:30 a.m. Shj? vaj unable'to stsar the car' baci^!citit|t| Oj^ ^o»d : tod htt'a guard post, papiag* 16 the vitbir cle was estimated at aboujt $200. No injuries were'reporte4: Delicious In Daiquiris 29 24 84 25 41 33 75 T .11 »..»S.«fl':at.*r ( · · · · · · J ^ - -··/;n-··'*··, i. -V errough-::. insuitnncE AT THESE PRICES, YOU CANT AFFORD NOT TO HAVE In Kalispell $3.46 per $1000 for 3 years In Whitefish . . . . . . . . . $3\46 per $1000 for 3 years In Columbia Fails . . . .$4.10 per $1000 for 3 years In Somors $5.40 per $1000 for 3 years In Bigfork .$8.64 per $1000 for 3 years (Outside the Above City Limits - $8.64 per $1000 for 3 years) (10% discount on homes under construction) WHY NOT GALL US OR DR^P US A LINE BEFORE YOU BUY OR RENEW? Wi REPRESENT SOME OF THE STRONGEST COMPANIES IN THE WORID i "tOCAl ADJUSTMINTS*' ·^^'';^'' WILT WOODS AGENCY TOM;MO*ROW I C'asne, Glen Oepch, Bradley Mir-1 the Bigfork Chapter to be its guest The Flathead Chapter accepted an invitation from the Bigfork Chapter to conduct the Green- hand initiation for the new chapter. Gary Graham presided at the meeting. Blanket beauty for wide-awake dreamers,** i Ss i $3 Holds for Christmas JUST IMAGINE ···· a printed blanket ose Garland" Chatham PURREY Have fresh flowers the year round, in onr newest Chatham blanket! With cozy comfort in every airy ounce, a joy to wash, guaranteed mothproof, finished with a long- lasting binding. Rayon-nylon blend with hand-screened print on tinted grounds: pink on pink, yellow on yellow, or pink on blue. 72' x90" fit$ twin and full-size beds How nice of Chatliftin id MB^ flower* u an^ in that Ijest-bdpved of aH blantets, Pnrrey, This famous blend of rayon and Orion is warm and cozy, luxurious as many blankets that cost far more. TFashes beautifully, mothproof, noa-allprgeulc. Long-lasting nyloa binding. print; Knk onfpitc, Piafc on vfMte, Yellow on yeflow, Bine on bine. 72' xW fit* twin, and futt'sixe beds Number 1 of ow OIL ' . ·· in Montana 1 benefitsYQU In 1956 the Oil Induitry spent about $J8Q,000,000 searching for and producing oil. in Montana. This represents over $875 per Montaqa family, DON Q RUM ^to quality Tlie oil business in Montana is growing. Today 30 of die state's 56 counties have producing wells. (Shaded area indicates producing counties) Money from these operations add greatly to the state's prosperity. The search fqr oil goes on. As new oil , fields are found Montana will tecorne even f more important as an oil producing state. 4 Tfre number of employees In the JNIontana Oil Industry has increased 65% in the list tea years! A total of 7,000 workers receive $35,000.000 in salaries and wages. Besides the direct employees of' panies there are approximately 3 5 000 other Montanaos making'a living in service star tiqns. Lndepeodeat businessmen operate these stations. Montana is rich in minerals. Today second in importance in the value of minerals produced. The U. S.-Bureau of Mines valued oil production at $49 million in 1956 and about $67 million in 1957. Carter is making its cdatrftmtiea to the prosperity of our state through constant expansion. Today. the' company employs 690 men and women. In 1957 Carter will spend more money, than ever in developing new producing areas, and boosting its marketing and manufacturing facilities. j The Carter Oil Company · Billings, Montana!

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