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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 1

Greenville, Mississippi
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Tuesday, July 19, 1960
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Send A Dollar To Save Christmas Parade: Box 1018 RED STREAM FINAL 71st Year Associated Press (AP) Unlte'd Press Infernalional [(JPl] WASHINGTON (AP)-The United Stales, accusing the Soviet Union of illegal and reckless action has furmr.lly demanded release of the two American airmen w h o fell into Soviet hamls niter their KIJ-17 plane went down July 1, The U. S. demand came Monday in a severely worded protest note handed to the Soviet Foreign Ministry in Moscow. The Reds claim they shot down: the plane after it violated Soviet j territory- U. S. officials say the; craft was over international wa-i lers. | ' State Department press officer! Lincoln White, in making the U.S. note public, said the United Nations charter provides for a joint investigation i n t o the facts in such cases. Moscow Ignored Offer The note pointed rxi f tha* the United States had offered to join with the Soviet Union in an vestigation but t h a t Moscow has ignored the offer. Instead, the Soviet Union is taking the case to the U. N. Security Council. The United Stales welcomes the chance at [tie Security Council meeting, the note sakl, "to make clear to world opinion the illegality and recklessness of Soviet behavior with regard to the downing of the RB17 aircraft with the known loss of life of at least one member of its crew and the arbitrary detention of two U. S. Air Force officers." The note accompanied a Soviel promise to r e t u r n the body of the pilot, Capl. William A. Palm, ai-.d demanded that a U. S. Embassy representative in Moscow IK.' allowed to see w i t h o u t delay the two survivors, Lts. John R. Mc- Konc and F. B. Olmstead. Three other crewmen are still t: accounted for. Creenville, Mississippi JTugsday. July 19, 1950 Price 15c ussians TO SAVE THE PAKADE-Civic leaders from 2-1 Greenville organizations met Monday in Hotel Greenville for n coffee meeting to hear plans made by the C h r i s t m a s Parade Committee (o raise $30M in n one-day drive July 29. The plan was presented by the committee c h a i r m a n , Bill Snell, stand- Greenviiie Man Critically ¥m\ In ,OUEI Accident ing. The club leader* will repun me p.^.osal to their me,,.- berships and report by Friday if they wish to participate and how ninny volunteer workers will be available for (he door-to-door campaign. ouch Cuba Courl Nixes (Staff Photo) A 20 year old Greenville ni:t:i was critically wounded yesterday afternoon when he was accidentally shot by a friend. The injured man, Robert Richard Pugh, 435 S. Main, underwent surgery lasl niuht nt Kings Daughters' Hospital and was reported in serious condition this' Q!r.-o.'mobilc morning. ton County The accident occurred around 3:30 p.m. when Pugh. Robert Altshuler. 1211 Worlham Drive, and Hatlly Hawkins, had driven into Pugh's driveway nfter tar- pet shooting on a nearby lake. According lo Hawkin's stale-, _ ment to police, Alishuler was sit! °' 1 ' 1 t i n g on ti:c back seat with a .'12 fide. and Hawkins got on: Greenville teenagers are beat-! Among those who will take ing a path to the civic clubs ar.d;blood donor pledge cards from from house lo house this week in an effort in put Over the Red Cross bEixxl program when the llcusc IQ Martha Hornor, Charlotte Joyce, Blanche Hazel Smith Wins Newspaper Prize For Courage CARRONDALE. 111. (AP)-Ha- zc! Brannon Smith, editor of The Lexington, Miss., Advertiser, has won the Elijah Parish Lovejoy Award for courage in Journalism. Mrs. Smith was cited in par- PHILADELPHIA (AP) - The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to- d a y s t r u c k down Delaware's !grade-a-year school desegregation j p l a n ami ordered f u l l integration of the state's public schools to begin in the fall of 1961. The court also directed that 20 Newton, Richnrd Schwartz, Pau-l'' cll ' ar ' ' or n e r six-year battle Washing"! la Smilh ' Mar ' Frances Sherma S a i n s t certain pressure groups "Operation aunched nt cnmcs to next week. Corpuscle" a meeting in the 1 Evelyn Van Valkenburg. Harold (AP)--Belgian soldiers began pull- omhes Back To Bases The Belgian soldiers, called UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. (AP) -- The Soviet Union today gave the United Stales a blunt warning: "Don.'t touch Cuba." Soviet Delegate Arkady A.' So- bolev said his country was ".not threatening the United States with its rockets, but he added: "Don't threaten Cuba with your might, because oiher countries hav« might." Sobolev also declared in a U.N. Leopoldville today.jto protect white residents fromlSecurity Council debat-_Ohat :the leaving U. N. forces to keep the hands of mutinous Congolese sol-jSoviet Union will defeat alleged peace within the calming capital. diers, are pulling back to their U. N. Undersecretary Ralph J.Congo bases. It is not expecled Negro students who had attacked: Bunche told newsmen the w i t h - f t h a t they will return to lieleium ,!._ I , 1_ .. . l ^ ^ ^ . . l n l · I I . . 1 . . J , . J ° the gradual desegregation p!an;drawal is schaduled to be corn- should be admitted to Delaware public schools this fall. plelcd by 7 p. m. Saturday. Premier Patrice Lumumba had threatened to ask for Soviet aid In sadomg, he court upheld am rf the Belgian , werc ^ QUt or appeal by LOUB L. Redding, Wil- the Congo b v midnight tonight, minglon. Del., attorney for Hie but the commander of U. N mill an, Martha Stgna, Howard Hinds, Mary Del Cortner, Patti Allen, Sallic Anne Neblett, Jay Mosow, home 1 of ShieKk Spjars, with Mar-jCrosby, NorvRl Verger, Mike \Vil- j r i a r c t Spfars as chairman a n d - H a m s . Dill Kimbrcll, P a f f y Peril, Miles McCntlclon, Mini Pay Prir.ce Porier a n d children who contended segrega lion of the races is illegal and that the plan for toEal integration by 1972 did not comply with a U.S. Supreme Court ruling. . . The Delaware Board of Educa- soeking to destroy her newspaper!lion's grade-a-year plan went into by personal intimidation and economic boycott tactics. The woman editor has been the target of a her news ai group (hat opposes id editorial policies Smylhe,'Miles McCaddon, Kenny Alexan- S!J Pf orl ' n S the integration move- Stanley j d c r , Maclclyn Thornton. Tellc; C!lt ' ln p hld «' among (he repri- Mclcalfe. Roy Selvidge,'sid Sel-- sals a S a i n s t her have been the attempted formation of a rival newspaper and the dismissal of her husband as sujerintend5nt of vice-chairmen in charge the various aspects of the pro- vidge, Man 1 Margaret Middle-ton, Mrs. Sara Carter, execu- !-anier Sykcs. M n i d a Burrow and Eight Killed En Explosion A! rce " , ; · " " ' " " ' ··"»"··- E"' ""'liive s , 0 ., c i ary 0 ; t i lc co -. mlv Rc ., Kitty Solomon. *" l»«*and as superintendent of ! of t h e . front of t h e car. ar.d as; coordhntod" I )i ·' a community hospital. "" ( A l t s h u l e r was getting out of t h e ^.^''"' coor1 ' n:itol ' ^ Members of the group will al- The Lovejoy a w a r d was given back seat thc gun went u i f . " j so make radio annnuncements.Uo Mrs. Smith at Sunday's open- Pugh was hit in the chesc by Will Speak To Clubs Iput posters up in shopping cen-iing session of (he International MERRILL. Wis. ( A P ) - A viok-ut explosion turned the J. C. Penney Co. department stnre into a pile of willed, charred debris Monthly. Flight persons were kilted and 1.1 injured. "We don't know \vhnt caused it." said Mayor Ralph Voigt. "it's a ferrihie lliing for us." flit. 1 id"hlified dc-rul were Iiljur Scgcr, 55, a customer in the srore and i o r r n c r clt-rk for this village of 10,030 in n o r t h e r n Wisconsin: Mrs. Louis Hamilton, Mrs. Gcraldine \Vis=ei!, and Mrs. Lawrence fiorchardt, all employes: Mrs. George Erickson and her mother, Mrs. Amanda Evas, shop pers; Mrs, Carl Vordc and In son, 12. Start Investigation L S. Stats and John McUatc. aE the State Industrial Cominis-: sion, began an investigation into; the cause of the blast. The one-story modern building the bullet ar.d was t a k e n immediately to the hospiiaL WEATHER AND RIVER [Foi Gr«i*=l ? end Vi t :.-.!tvl Th* M i J i ' n c p ' H i v t r cl li r C i t f v i l l c - l a V a V . l l o g i f r i d g e . ?E 03 tf r) 7 a.m. l a J a y , a 71 hour f a i t 7 . 1 3 f r . SW M I S S I S S I P P I -- P c r l l r tls'jlf n ·*ctm w|h wit"*!* i « o K i i " c J n f r e ' n a s nrd tvtxlry ih-i '.Vrdnciday. H g\ tf=K St la 93: low I-n^-" 7iWJ S c w i h e r l r w i n d , 5-10 m r h. Ojii»=*- F h . f i d o y : P a u l * i ' c v H / ; la.-r 70-71; ' Speaking (o the civic clubs for ^ five minutes each during the- week a r c McCaddon and Miss| Smylhi? al th-? Kiwanis Clu'j 0:1' Tiirah'y: Howard Hinds an 0. Miss Siihr.s at th= Civitan Tues-j Jay; H i r d s and Miss Smythc to^ Elast Kixvanis club Wednesday: McC.-uTdon a.icl Miss Spiars nt i of Weekly Newspapers | Editors here. lave ;hj Lions Chib Wednesdjy; pol an;I Miss Porter nt the More t h a n 2.0CU signatures! He also said at (be last report sve beon obtained on petitions! meeting, on Thursday, there To- jr x -J presented by members of ilary forces said that "does not worry us at all." The U. N. Security Council in New York is taking another look al the Congo situation Wednesday. Savings, Loan Delegates Face 'New Frontier' ^ nn ' s M- Oakes, president of tlle Fcderal Homc Loan Bank of Supreme Courl. Today's decision!^'!! 0 R«*. ^told « Mississippi by a 2-1 vote. Last year, 20 Negro pupils werc effect last September -vith the. approval of U.S. District Judge! Paul Leahy. i Chief Judge John Biggs Jr.,j writing the majority opinion for] the three-judge court, said Leahy's decision did not conform to U.S. efforts to overthrow the Cuban regime of Fidel Castro by an Circuit r the Savings and Loan convention delegates yesterday in a luncheon address at the Holiday Inn they admitted to first grade in are approaching "a new frontier Delaware's school system. This^n their business, fall, under the plan struck down' today Negroes w o u l d have reached the second grade. By - J n M iss i ssip pi alone ,, le asse i s the Federal Savings and nsurance Corporation have 13,2 Negroes would have been creasMl ;,, ,,, e s , , sealed in all 12 grade" ' - Vickshurg Man is Named Presidenf At Gonvonfion years 255 million, 11 3-30 o"-r'i. jchinpc C l u b Wednesday ar.d Ro- Washington County Citizens for i tary on Thursday. 5TIioiiphic Habccb of Vicksburo . .. .. °. from 41 million to Oakes said. The Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation was organized nationwide in 1932 to insure the accounts of associations. The system is controlled by a three member centra! board appointed Maj. Cen. t-ana :on petitions. With those added '·«« elected president of the Miss-]^, | nc p rcs ;(i cn j a p ( j u ' Prohibition Committee, which is Sunday the total passed the 2,calling for enforcement of IheloOO mark, dry laws, according lo an i m - j f \ complete count from pariicipat-i o n t ] ing churches toil ay. ti Savings and Loan Leaguel^* a n j. this morning during a general co-jntry. boards throughout the quick check showed the S ec.j l)us '"f se f sion of lhe I-TMgue's| Mcmbcrs 0 , thc Makes first Mere A n i . i l t.if ! One pastor, the [ A t k i n s o n of the Ti IChurch, said he understocd ?ome workers were "meeting ai-d resistance" and commented t h a t , "maybe there arc too ir.anv we's lojhere." But Chairman M. C. Bar- Baptist names on the petition in the church foyer; the l.eland annual mid-year com-entior at Holiday fnn. Olher oflicers elected were J. i i i A l r H a l Ar ' d " s TM ° f Ic of West P o i n t is n-.i s l r a n n o r and river and l i a r - ' l o n sa j c | ], e v -., s "thrilled by l h H I n e »»umy about participating in *ns l, : , r w o i k . He was Eccuiive O f l i 1 p . 0 ,.- css v , e llclvc niat | e SQ r ar ;. the progra 19-' V..:}. Gen. Thomas A. who t)ccanic Lower Miss: Valley Division Knsir.ror -president of the Mississipp cr Commission on June Ti making !:is first personal itupfc: ci-r f i r :he Memphis District tioa (our of thc Greenville area 3; . 3-, v.hero he wns er.-jacc. '"toy- jf!o. d co:;ro! r.i,;l navigation w o r k j Muj- Gen. Lane si:cr.c?!((l M a i . I n n the Mis-iss-pj-.i R i v e r . In,,,..,,,. J G c n . W i l l i a m A. C a r t e r , who is 1*0 he served with the Little Rock' na |., rL ,5 was located on the same site!"TM' K o v c l TMr of the Pan:,mr. Ca- DM rid in -har|-,o of construction c h, : r r ! :c , m i t of abo ,. t 15 where an A£P supermarket was; n a l Zonc - |TM l! "-' Iil111 Shaals Dam on W h i t e destroyed by an explosion July 12. j M .,j Gc:1 ] mv .. s |.,. , t | m i a r t - r - ' R ' V C r ' 1051. The blast was t h e n blamed a r c in vicksb.irp. He a r r i v e I on an accumulation of pas in :in,) l c r c by ' l a n d i n g at l i i c ' U i s l r J c i Nica.-.raia adjoining buildmg. Officials of the! Grralv| -| !c . ' m u n ;ci|-al airport a t ' Merrill City Gas U t i l i t y soi:! lhe: Penney explosion "could not possibly" have lcen caused by a g; [oak. They said none of the pi|K-. are connected to tl'.e buil ing. Persona! income Reaches Record WASHINGTON (APJ-Persoral income o f Americans climticd to a Rev. Jinuny mplc Baptist .Baptist Church go: 105. the Le-j .. , , _ . P P br.d Second B.plist. about 100 prCS " i(?nt and Gaston and the Swiltwater Baptist, about GO more, in the foyers Robertson of Gulfport, secretary-treasurer. tie Rock [Bank Board in charge of a five 'stale district which includes Mississippi, are participating in the annual mid-year convention of ! Mississippi Savings and Loan Congo bases were guaranteed to them by treaty with the Congo government. Lumumba insists, however, the treaty became a dead letter when Belgian soldiers were flown into the Congo after the outbreak of the Congo army mutiny earlier this month. Leopoldville is one of 20 urban centers taken over by Belgian forces after the Congo won independence June 30. Even the Leopoldville Airport, an escape hatch for many of the 25,000 whites who have fled the Congo, will be taken over by the U. N. from its Belgian guards. Had Long Meeting A communique on these arrangements was issued by Bunche after he had a long meeting with Maj. Gen. Carl von Horn, commander of U. N. forces in the Congo, and the Belgian ambassador and Belgian army chief ol staff. Bunche's announcement, broad cast to the Congolese people promised the U. N. forces wil protect all the people, "European as well as African." The withdrawal of Belgian sol diers from Congolese territory was called for in the U. N.. resolution providing /or military intervention. The Soviet Union, charging that the Congo is the target of imperialist aggression, has threatened counter measures if the Belgian units were not withdrawn. Von Horn rushed to get his troops into interior trouble spots. economic war. A resolution accepting the First| league being held here. The con- Feileral Savings an] Loan ofj vention opened Sunday evening Prepared To Help --He said the Socialist countries are prepared to give Cuba'ecqrifi^ mic help to make sure the Csslfb government can withstand arjy J.S. restrictions. . ..'... 'V Sobolev strongly oppoitdyii move to transfer the comjjli!rit§ lie Castro government againj)"ffii * United States lo.the Organluilo* of American States. He said thlil organization was completely Sarfi- Inaled by the United Statei arjd would handle the case .as ,th« United Stales wanted it to.. :"..' "The United States," he s*i^'is trying to organize an eoonortlii blockade to strangulate Cuba ·too' prevent the government from exercising its sovereign rights over its natural resources." Attacks U. S. Policy . . . . Sobolev attacked -. U.S. generally; hut charged'speciftcilly that thc United States had a long record of interfering in thi- internal affairs of Latin Americin countries. - - Castro in a television appeifc- ance in Havana Monday night AA- sailed the move to refer-the di»v pule to the OAS; saying the United States had less influence; ia the United Nations. than in th« OAS. But Cuban Foreign MinisUr Raul Roa, representing th'e'Castro regime in Uie Security Council debate, privately accepted, the resolution! ' Will Go To 0AS UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. , . . An Ethiopian battalion moved into --The U. N. 'Security Council tb- Sranleyville, in the northeast Con-! day voted to send the Cuba-United go. A thousand miles to the soulh-lstates controversy to uUrOrRait- ,, oversy to I*,*.. west, Moroccans moved on thejizalion of American State-. rebel-blockaded port of Matadi..-Trie-vote was 9- f O with'the Soviet' Von Horn was negotiating for en- Union and Communist Poland ah- Rev. Barton said he planned .oi.s^rkvTllc^'^T^h^ ,n" «*»«· T "f * TM»- *'* coinact nil Baptist churches in T p n n , , o «- ae ^c^,i · iKates "'ere welcomed yesterday- by C. E. Landrum. try into Matadi. 'staining. ram today and later in League wa passed, ' | Following a report from Wash-! m o r n m s :ind lie expc'cted letter resulls as " ie w ci.k. several nbscr.t miiiislers re'iirn.i Sunday had been set for a rar campaign to get sig-| but apparently only three' p a r t i c i - j t n \ estimation continued today palc-d. One church pulled out of! in the mysterious death of Leroyj i h p prn^mm. Rev. E J. fillnrd. McGelice' 26-ycar-uld Negro trnc-' Olliei tour-; of duly included UK- ^ lnr of thc ^cnt.icostal Church j lor d r i v e r on the Mel Rich place! said his congregation \vr,s "not, near Glen A l l a n . \vho was tcuncr Ooniinue Probe Of j/Systeriaus Death ington hy T. Oort King, Washington Counsel for thc U. S. Savings; £ Loan League, and panel discus-; sion concerning savings anil loan manager uf the Greenville Cham bcr of Commerce. Oakes predicted total assets of the federal corporation in thc illation and current problems,: ,United States will increase from the convention adjourned. Leland Firm Wins j i b e present 65 billion to 100 bili- ! ion by IOCS. ,for "more f a i t h , less fear; more j fellowship, less isolation: 1 Col. Wnlsli Along He will be nccfr:v::inic-d by Col. .lamc.s IL. Wnlsn in charge r.f lhe Vick^':urg Rn.cif.cer District: I T r n c s t P. Ul.ii|l:tnsl::p. r\eru';v, -.assir.laiil, Mis;is-i;-pi River Con- fmis.^ion: (Icorge A. Mcrris, chief 'of thc crgineeriir; scclinn, V i c k ^ - turg District: and V.'illhm R ·I i^.s!r;ci. .Nicnrapian Canal Sur- "' . .'" --h-b-"-' »- »*,· -» -;-' "'i-». »«u «« .cunn Arnold Appliance Companv of vry. P.,,:an-,a Canal Zc.r.e, Okina- TM^TM(m s . j.lead Sunday morning on 'he| Lc| ., n(| M]h ^ llc , i , h e ,^. ^ t nn wa. l - t . l.'elvoir. Va , and lhe Ka ."° , rc P°, rt ( " 5 ^^Me from| n,.-,,- Lake Jackson. s{ , vcral rf| ,, n(v , )1|;Mi lia ,, c . tio-ol War Collr^c. i:p-a rom- S1X cn ' Ircl; " for ran o"s| H-.enfi C. A. Holtingswortli cs at , hc Tllc '( | av morni ' me ,,. plet-nn of ,hr- c o -;rfc 3 1 the Na-:TM 5 ' I n nr10 ( " scs lhc P^lor^ an autopsy report Monday i n g o f ,,, c ^^j of Supervisors t i o n a l V.'nr Collie ho w a , ns-. w ' ls mit nt , tm "- ^ church-: aflc moon sinwed McGchce h a d , TI!( , r c |, m i conccrn ,,' :il S10 . 33 ..| ^;, ., n.:_-. n.:.i _c IT., les r-p»rtcl Ihcv had dolavcd:dier! of a frnctur;vl skull 11^ n l . l r r ... . L _ _ . _:^ , - . . . . , ' less criticism; more con- Convict Finds 'Mew Road' In Prison; Will Enter Seminary PHILADELPHIA (AP) - When Bill Sparks. 35, went to prison last October for fraudulent conversion, his self-image was shattered. He was shocked. He felt dead. He was almost agnostic. But Monday when the Purple ho wa. ns-.""1 '"" "' "« n - 'c'S; 11 TM«rcii-;aiicrnoon sinwea McOehcc h a d , 7]* f e l a n d concern bid SIOOT..!',":" Chief of II,-!? . r T; l r t C ( l ,' hc y , h a i i l-l»yed:d,erl of a frnclured skull. He al-lss u r l ,hrre air conditioners for " ' (he- Chief'"*": "f-' 1 "11 ';TM llr '^ " n l i l la .so su.'fere.l a crufbcd chesi a n d | t h c Glen Allan Heallh Center;! - · · n t h ? week or nest Siir.Iay.:niu!lipk bruises an .Ij S 2S5 on a Iwo It,:, air conditioner; Fire Ooor lo Hoar |v.-oiir.ds. llollingsworlli rcsidi-rl of the Mi-=ii: . TnitJ.iling the door (o r T o o r j e r thc man harl been beaten'fiterator fc Ccnimi^sim ar.d !iis| :vnvemf::l. the: Parkview n a p i i s t : t o dc-alii cisevvhcre and left dying ! CenliT pariv were ^iies^.s nf the K-iard|C!iMrch, with two volunteer v . o r k - ; 0 r dead v.h.'rc he was found." bo-' ccntralion, less speculation: more| !lcart A r m V veteran came out on conviction, less opinion." was Ju t-!P arolc nc was walking "a new lined bv O.kes. [road." In his own words, he had The bank president remarked follruj a ncw lifc in P" s TM- V.'nr Collie lo t!:; O f i i r f . Vn^'^rs. as ;!.-^i^;.m[ or ['oiicy p!r-.nn : ii'/. The nc'.^ n r c s i t f L v l i ii::ii H i v e ' "success is not but a journey." a dcstina- GKNCII BURNS . . ,n. early today burned speculal-|for l.eland: anil SJW.O.i on a re- bench al Massey fire Company, the Avon Health.3-12 Highway 1 Soulh. i Engine Company N'o. ,,»..'IL,^ v /.n.^,,^..i.., ^. y^i. *« .. . . . . - , , , . . . - " "^ ·"·' .""I"-. ·*--! i n t inlaid .iccvtutt] me inrcc ii run iu J:.JD a.m. ann use a record r a t e of S-!0.i,7:-a.OiO.K 1 il a 1 s '" \, c ."' '" 1|K ' "P''" 110 ' 15 '" M-nssippi l.cvee Coniiniwinn-'crs. S o( I I names ar.djcau.=? there was little biood a l i l v d s ib-ckel of water lo extinguish the year hist n-.nnlh. Tlie increasc-,' v " : o n ' X :ckfl)ur S tnRm:er Dis- ers .-,1 'vr.rh ni nr.m a: lhe Ccun-^he Temple Baptist Church, w i t h ; l h e bccnc and l i t t l e evidence of! The supervisors look under ad! f!ames. ' was a b i l l i o n dollars over M a y . . ' n c ' ! lr ^' fl"'- li^r-'d r "',nril is n r e - j l l wor!;ers. p.n F5. R e v . l^rtoi-,;internal bleeding. visemcnl two bids for the access' Firemen said nn electric tire airport the r;ro::p fi The Commerce Dcparlment re; Vicksb:iri', will IK- bv \Viil.; porlcd Monchiy thai toial wa.i^c iarn II. Dccse, in charge of (h? and salary payments rose hy^irer.millc area of Il:e Vicl^-i DlxuLl 3Ci) i n i i l i o u dollars in J u n e j h u r g Districl. T h e ^ r c j u p v.ill i n - i r'o?pi!e a declir.rj in factory pay-jspccl ths Hr,;-,irrrrK' c ^ - n ^ r c t c ri.--; rolls due lo a sloudnwn in t h c j v c t m c n t ma! c n s l i n p plar.t steel ard automoiivc ir.dusirics. [other projrcls in tl;o aria. Bill Sparks was paroled from an ll'/i 'o 23-mo nth sentence to lenroll at the Princeton Theological a 'Seminary in Princeton, N.J. Dean Elmer G. Homrighausen of the seminary wrote thc court: 2 made ["This is cnr first experience with The Board accepted the Ihrce a rim at 3:35 a.m. and use a - a man with such a background. We arc most eager to do everything we possibly can to help Mr. Sparks to rehabilitate himself in road lo A t k i n s Saw plant on s;r.iDvinr; machine. l e f t on a society after this trying experi- JT.oobal'l Exlc^lccl ficca'jse ol a !cnch, caught fire and damagcdience. We are also impressed w i t h [the lonch. aral ·State- to thc po- five pcop!n wo have in cust his potentialities." JACKSON'. Mis«. (API Hoss Barnt-;! has t a k e n t h i in u r g i n g a s'jn!h'-rn IxiH !iie Derr.ncrniic P.irly. rinrr.elt r.:iv.'witli the Republican romin'.'s.' 1 ! A r i / n n a . G ililivater has nnt in-li- lead snnir Mississippi Den-.ncrals will rateil any enihusiiiasm for this f r o m bs folliiv.ini; t h e Kepublicnn N.v,-le.i. | t i o n a l f'tinvfnlion rlnsely in Ixipcs Ar.oti-.i r a l l c r n a t i v c Iwir.g rlis- i:f fii-il'nr; a platform and can:li- c-jssrd if the fr.dnrFf-nv.nt ol '-'olmcr ar.d John Moll W i l l i a m s . | a potential third-party candidatc^president will enable them to sup Loyalists Waiting I this vt-ar. Any move fnr independent elcc- Meet After fiOP Conclave tors or a third pnrty would likely: Barnetl has indicated the |»rl the party's ticket. Th'irmonJ Dissents i n s t a l l a t i o n . W I L L SOLICIT PARTY FUNDS .T.vvsnvi f U l !)-Hyrd I', nb.ukhn of Ponsc.tor, n l! . .'.v.'pvi liernoci.llic M x c c u t i \ e Comniil'cc 1 , Sir..-, i I r~'' · -,1 I5rn!.'C:nt : .c I ' a i l y to lhe fii::jn:e c-;i--.i-r. . ·' ' ' ·: "? n ' -· n:'Tnn (!-:ll.l,s fur llvj u.K .-., 'n- : . .1 is a u !-jM-i on Ciov. Hubs H.iriKSL's s'.aff. I lhe nv : .-,r ;: ,... (ic piij-ron-.i r n r r i W o . ;o rcp'.iUivr. r.-j b. ^IDN-..'^^-, a n r l so cfjnJrar)' In our ;forr,l of rovci i : ; n t n l . I tln.i't sf; 1 phtform lha: will s fr.r ma;or U, M i s s i s s i p p i and (he Sfuth. Los An°e!cs hotel roo:n, lhe Dcm- ! sippi as saying Thurmond, ocrais have moved lo ralisfy ihe;heacied (he 1913 ' South by n o m i n a t i n g Sen. I.yndon'prcsidential ticket, in«on of Texas as Sen Ken- a will : nj;ness lo head a third par- :,.:,.i^ O f : ' " ' ' " t "i r-r.r,icil :. ^ lo h»ip cri[i,;--nij;r.. 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(ll-SC), Stves liishl; riv ; l ri-^'-ls. nV.l'niicli n'rers h-ivc^aicl w h i n c,i-,tac;cd by tclephoneJaOO and he hopes to aaomplirt £'" n o aSonjj^Oi' b^-ii. U j r t y Cu'.dua;^r (ji.elccur p l a n a r o Rc;is. W i l l i a m j p r c j i d j h l i a l r.o:nincc in 1313 anJ l ii»Kc.tlCil his nomination for vice,at Its office here. Ithal somehnu/. :h ?, ncdy's rimnir.g mate. M a n y Southerners, ly tickel. however, : "Apparently lhe newspaper mis- Judge Leo Weinrott commented: "I think that maybe this i§. one of those storybook., tales vhere someone has really sur-'mounted a real heavy burden and shows the intestinal fortitude to come through." In an interview today, Sparks 'reely admitted he had made a mistake. He also explained why e turned to religion. "I felt the need for something etter than the bad times be- ore." he said. "In search of this, religion seemed to be the answer, [ "But it was gradual. The counseling I received from the Rev,. Richard S. Armstrong, pastor of he Oak Lane Presbyterian Church, was the thing that made it unfold. Felt Unimportant "When I first entered prison T was bitter, depressed. 1 felt small and unimportant. Mostly be* cause there was nothing else to do I began to read and think. In business you don't have much lime to do thii." Sparks will serve as assistant to thc Rev. IT. Armstrong at tha Oak Lane Church on weekends as part ol his -eminary field work. The church has offered to provida some backing for him, too. Sparks, who gran:!uatcd from Temple University in 1950, is married, and has two children, ft'jl- Mam, 5, and Sarah, r. His wife teaches school in the Princeton area. lie explained t h a t while in tha real estate business in IdSi r\o misappropriated about JM.OOO worth of funds based on the intention to repay (hem. He utd he did it because he was ambitious ar.d aggressive. Later, 'M said, he realized ho had used poor judgment. Sparkj said he hat re-

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