The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on November 20, 1957 · Page 2
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 2

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 20, 1957
Page 2
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CS On his way home from the naval Conference in Melbourne, Peter Holmes stopped in the shop of o chemist he knew. "I vont to talk to you about this radiation disease," Peter said. When P e t e r started home to h i s w i f e a n d child, he carried two small boxes. "I'm sailing in the SCORPION, the American submarine. We're going a long way. We might not come bock. Just what .does happen?" The chemist answered", "Nausea. Then romiting and diarrhea. Finally death from exhaustion." O z m O X North Idaho Chamber Cites Delays on Libby Dam Project LIBBY (ILNS) -- Delays in construction of Libby Dam and problems in mining, lumbering and agriculture were discussed Friday at the North Idaho Chamber of Commerce convention at Bonners Ferry. Sen. Henry Dworshak (R-Idaho) ·was among those on the program, as well as Cliff Hopkins of Lewiston, secretary of Potlatch Forests, Inc., and Kinsey M. Robinson of Spokane, president of Washington Water Power Co. Junior Play EUREKA (ILNS) -- Date for the annual junior play at Lincoln County High School will be Friday. Minnesota has had 29 governors since it became a state in 1858. A banquet audience was told the International Joint Commission should hasten the United States' application to build Libby Dam on the Kootenai River. Former Idaho Gov. Len Jordan, who left the commission this year, said Canadian studies presently are delaying the dam. Since the dam was proposed in 1938/he said, $15,000,000 of damages have been caused by floods. | He said flood heights against Idaho dikes in 1948 and 1956 would have been 1.5 to 2 feet lower and losses relatively small, had it not been for Canadian diking. Other speakers concentrated on natural and industrial resources of the Idaho Panhandle. Members of the Libby Chamber of Commerce who attended the Idaho meeting were Harry Chapman, Harold Miller and Carl Temple. Article Describes Canal Flats Plan LIBBY (ILNS) -- An historical article on Canal Flats by Olga W. Johnson, was printed in last Sunday's Spokesman-Review Inland Empire. The article told the story of the ! building of the 'canal at Canal "Flats by an English investor in the 1880s. This is the site of the present proposed diversion of the upper waters of the Kootenai into Columbia Lakes, the headwaters of the Columbia.' Such a project, if carried out by the Canadians, would seriously cut the water supply available for use at the proposed Libby Dam. Markets KALISPELL GRAINS (Yesterday 1 * Market) Spring wheat 10-10.4 protein 1.84: 1111.4 protein, 1.86; 12-12.4 protein, 1.88; 13-13.4 protein, 1.90; 14-14.4 protein, 1.92. Hard winter ,,wheat 10-10.4 protein, 1.76; 11-11.4 protein, 1.73; 12-12.4 protein, 1.78; 13-13.4 protein, 1.80; 14-14.4 protein, 1.82. Hed winter wheat 1.71; barley No. 1 and 2 45 Ibs. or over 1.50 per 100. No. 1 and 2 oats, 38 Ibs. or over, 1.55. MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN (Ye«ieriay's Markol) MINNEAPOLIS (UP)--Estimated 11 a.m. (CST) cash grain prices: No. 1 northern spring wheat 234% unch. No. 1 hard winter wheat 241% unch. No. 2 yellow corn IOTA unch. No. 3 heavy white oats 67'/t unch. No. 2 rye 133Vi unch. No. 1 yellow soybeans 219VI unch. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK (Yesterday'* Maikoi) CHICAGO (UP)--Livestock: Hogs: 11,000. Active uneven, steady to 15 higher on barrows and gilts; instances 25 higher; No. 1-3 190-230 Ib. butchers 17.10-18.00. Cattle 6,000. Calves 300. Prime steers about steady; steers choice and below 1150 Ibs. and down, steady to 25 higher. High choice and prime steers 25.50-27.50. Sheep: 2,500. Slaughter lambs steady to strong; slaughter ewes steady to strong; good to choice wooled lambs 21.00-22.25. CHICAGO PRODUCE (Yesterday's Marke!) CHICAGO (UP) -- Produce: Live poultry steady to firm. 167,000 Ibs. USDA price changes or additions: Caponettes under 4 Ibs., 21-22; over 41,4 Ibs., 26-28; geese 25-27. Cheese: Steady. Single daisies and longhorns 39-39Vb; processed loaf 3637; Swiss Grade A 42-44; Swiss Grade B 40-42; Swiss Grade C 35-33. I Butter: Steady and unchanged. 451,000 Ibs 03 score 59; f)2 score 59; 90 score 58M; 89 score 57; carlots: 90 score 58*i: 89 score 57Vb. Eggs: Mixed. 10,500 cases. White large extras 52; mixed large extras 50; mediums 40; standards 43; current receipts 36; dirties 35 checks 34V4. Pettitoes: Total 481, arrival 72, track 307. Supply moderate demand slow, market about steady. Track sales (100s) U.S. 1A: Idaho Russets U.S. extra 1. car 4.00: 30 per cent 10 ounce and larger 3.85-3,90: 2530 per cent 10 ounce and larger 3.753.85; Idaho utility 2.85-3.00: burlap 50s hundredweight 10 ounce and larger car 3.75; Minnesota North Dakota Red River Valley Pontiac 3.25-3.50; car frozen bottom 2.65. Street sales (100s) U.S. 1A: Idaho Russets 4.00-4.25; Idaho utility 3.253.50; bakers U.S. 1 4.50-475; burlap 50s few 2.25 Minnesota North Dakota .Jted River Valley Ponliacs 3.50-4.00; mostly around 3.75; Some fair appearance 3.25; Wisconsin Russet Burbanks 3.00- 3.oO; some fair appearances 3.25; Wisconsin Russet Burbanks 3.00-3.50: Michigan round whites 3.00; Colorado Red McClures 4.00-4.50. PORTLAND LIVESTOCK (YoEterday'« Market) PORTLAND. Ore. (UP)--Livestock: Cattle 300; part load mostly choice several lots mixed oice 23; load mostly good fed! Hogs 100. Moderately active, steady 21; standard heifers 17-19; util-'to 25 cents higher. U.S. No. 1-3 butch- Continuing Bitney's BIG CLEAR With our New Building nearing completion, we find ourselves short on space. New 1958 Merchandise arriving daily and we've no room to put them in - so - we are clearing 1957 Models. Each fully guaranteed. SAVE UP TO 50% Admira! 21 iff Pay Only $20 Down - $10 Per Month Full Console Tone Optic Filter Lens Jj) Admiral Super Power Chassis Limited Quantity Regular $279.95 No Payments 'til January Admiral 21" Blond Hi Fidelity Console · Twin Speakers ·Swivel Base · Finest Wood Cabinet Regular $339.95 -- 2 Only "TRADE-IN SPECIAL" 24" Television Set With High Power Chassis. 2 Onlyl Regular Ci $309.95 Witri your old 21" TV,in. working condition. 150 FREE TV LAMP WITH EACH SET -- 2 ONLY--Admiral Combination /21" TV, HM=i Phono · 21" Fringe Area TV · 4 Speed Automatic Phono · 3 Speaker, 20 watt HNFi -Syitem Regular $549.95 ~i i r i i v i i w 349 ·nd your old TV er Radio* Phono BITNEY'S FREE RABBIT EARS ANTENNA With Each Set 2 STORES fast Idaho Street Ph. SK 6-7300 Open Evening* 7 to 9 p.m. 11 Meridian Road Ph. SK 6-3327 fed steers 23.50; good-cho heifers 2: ity-commercial cows 13.5CM6V cannVrs- cutters 10.50-12.50; utility bulls 1650. 17.50. I Calves 75: market steady: choice I vealers 25-27; good 22-24.50: good- j choice slaughter calves 19-22 50 Hogs 300; market steady; sorted 1 and 2 butchers 19-19.50; mixed grade lots 18.50-19; sows 300-500 Ib. 15-Tf Sheep 500; quality none too attractive, no test choice slaughter lambs; good lambs 85-105 Ib. 18.50-19.50; good- choice feeders 16.50-18.50; cull-good ewes 3.50-7.50. CHICAGO GRAIN (Yesterday's Maikel) CHICAGO (UP) -- Grain futures finished irregular after a quiet session on the Board of Trade today. Forecast for clearing and colder weather over parts of the grain belt moved grains lower earlier in th'e session. But selling was absorbed on resting orders and declines did not carry far. Short covering also helped to curb the earlier declines. Soybeans dropped off the most on commission house selling. Trading in November bean deliveries expired at the close today. An estimated 60 to 65,000,000 bushels o soybeans have yet to be harvested, traders reported. The wet weather has hampered harvesting of corn and beans. The delay was reflected in limited producer offerings and light receipts at terminal markets. In foreign trade, Norway bought 360,000 bushels of U.S. grain sorghums. At outside markets, grains were mostly higher with the exception, of Minneapolis oats. SPOKANE LIVESTOCK (Yesterday's Market) SPOKANE (UP)--Livestock: Cattle 250. Early action limited to stackers and feeders at about steady prices. Monday market steady to 50 cents higher. Choice 1025rl095 pound fed steers 23, low to average choice under 100 pounds 20-21.25. Good to low choice lots fed heifers 20.25-21, cutter to low utility 13.50-15. Canner and cutter cows 9-32.50, utility 12.5014.50, commercial 14.50-15. Utility bulls 15.25-16. Good 550-G50 pound yearling replacement steers 19-21, choice 22-23, good to low choice 715-1000 pounds 18.50-20. Good yearling heifers 16.50- Calves 50. Scattered early sales stockers about steady. Monday market steady to 50 cents higher, choice 300 pound slaughter calves 23, vealers 24. Good and low choice under 300 pounds 20-22, 400-500 pounds 18-50-20. Good and choice stock steer calves 22-23.50. Heilers 18-20. Around the World Answer to Pre-»Ais ACROSS I Paulo,' Brazil 4 ( Peru 8 German river ! 2 Noah's boat 13 Norse god I J ---- avis 15 Mountain pass 1C Ancient Danish language (2 words) 18 Thronged 20 Clamping devices 21 Pronoun 22 Hawaiian wreaths 24 Type of bomb 26 Communists 27 Elders (ab.) 30 Photographic device 32 Kind of beard M Wiped out 35 Property 3G Male child 37 Bites 3D Bound 40 Greek porch 41 Distant 42 "Gay " 45 Slid 49 Flooded 51 Sloths 52 Fastens 53 Italian coin 54 Observe 55 Otherwise 5G Shade trees 57 Go astray DOWN 1 Membranous pouches 2 in a line 3 Western state resident 4 Weaving devices A C 5 Unemployed 0 CciHor 7 In addilior 8 Avifauna 0 Platform 10 Gaelic 31 College cheers 17 Dispatch boats J 9 Icy coalings 23 Rims 24 High cards 25 Tropical ptanl 26 Wireless 27 Flight of steps 28 Network . 2 9 SOw 31 Leased 33 Perfume 38 Lozenge 40 Feeling 41 Pales 42 Smoking device 43 Indigo 44 Operates 45 Duratiqn of office 47 Sacred '(prefix) 48 Belgian river 50 Drink mad* with malt ers 200-220 pounds 18.25. Few No. 2 and 3 257-271 pounds 16.75-17.23. Sheep SO. Nominal. Monday market about steady on slaughter lambs. High good and choice to 110 pound wooled 18-18.50. Good and choice feeders mostly 17.25, steady' to 25 cents higher. CHICAGO GRAIN (Y«il«rday'» Market) CHICAGO {UP)--Cash grain sales: Wheat: No. 2 red 219V* N. Corn: No. 2 yellow 123'; No. 3 yellow 119-122; No. 4 yellow 113W-116; No. 5 yellow 109tt. Oats: No. 2 heavy white 76 N. Rye: No. 2 plump 133 N. Barley: Malting 118-125 N; f«ed 90106 N. - · Soybeans: No. 3 yellow origin 227?1228; No. 3 yellow Iowa origin 230. Both track Chicago. Visit School EUREKA (ILNS) -- A Mnt PTA meeting and open house was observed at the Eureka grade schools last Thursday evening, with a large crowd. Parents visited the teachers. Lunch was served during the social hour by the mothers, of second and third grade pupils, after which there was a short P-TA business meeting. Mrs. Al Hanson's fourth grade received the attendance banner. Next meeting will be Dec. 12. Patrick Henry declined an appointment as secretary of state. Get Your PIZZA at Smitty's ... GENUINE "DON PASQUALE" Phone SK 6-6578 S M I T T Y ' S DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT -- featuring Triple XXX Hoot B«.r -Highway 2 IVi Mile* East irora Downtown HslU OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK The GteatesJ Guy In the World is the Guy Who Take* His Family Out to Dine One. a Weak. NOW SHOWING A T . . . . . . . BITNEY'S 1958 Admiral Television TV Servicing ' Open Evenings Easy Terms Phone SK 6.7300 'Til 9:00 p.m. On East Idaho St. "Your Pioneer Television Dealer for the Flathead" programming schedules subject to change by stations. KXLY-TV, CHANNEL 4 WEDNESDAY ,* 5:00--The Early Show 6:30--Song Shop 7:00--The News 7:15--Doug Edwards News (L) 7:30--1 Love Lucy (L) 8:00--The Big Record (L) 9:00--Millionaire (L) 9:30--I've Got A Secret ' 10:00--U.S Steel Hour (L) 11:00--Crusader 11:30--News 11:35--Scoop THURSDAY 10:00--Good Morning 10:30--Search For Tomorrow L) 10:45T-Gulding Light (L)? I3:QO^-Hotel Cosmopolitan 11:15--Love-of Life 31:30^As The World Turns (L) 32:00--Beat the Clock (L) 12:30--Houseparty' (L) 1:00--Big Payoff (L) 1:30--The Verdict Is Yours (L) 2:00--Brighter Day (L) 2:15--Secret Storm (L) 2^0-^Edge of Night (L) 3:00--Garry JVIoore 3:15--Garry Moore (L) 3:30rr-Godfrey Time 3:45r-Godfrey Tirne (L) 4:00--Furi At Home 4:30--Strike It Rich (L,) KHQ-TV--ChanneI 6 WEDNESDAY 9:10--Color Test Pattern 9:13--Test Pattern 9:25--NA"RTB 9:26--Bible Reading 9:29--Program Previews 9:30--O-Tunes 10:00--Tic Tac Dough* -.:0:30--It Could Be You* 11:00--Arlene Francis Show* 11:30--Fun To Reduce 11M5--Baby Time 12:00--Price Is Right* · 32:30--Bride- and Groom* 1:00--Matinee Theatre (C)* 2:00--Queen For A Day* HomaWces* 3:00--Blondie* 3:30--Truth Or Consequences* 4:00--Matinee on Six "Looking Forward" 6:00--Six O'clock Movje "High Barbaree" 7:30--Weatherwlse Front page 7:45--NBC News* 3:00--Sabre of London* 8:30--Wagon Train* 9:30--Father Knows Best* 10:00--Harbor Command 10:30--Highway Patrol 11:00--This Is Your Life* 11:30--Late Movi« "Stanley fc IJvingstone" KREM-TV-Channel 2 ·Indicate* WEDNESDAY 3:30--Liber ace 5:00--American Bandstand* 5:30--Popeye 6:00-Wjld B i U H J c k o h 6:30--Mickey Mouse Club* 7:00--Kit Carson 7:30--Newsroom ABC C«lsl» Shew Sketch _ _ _ News ~Sport» Spotjight 8:00--Wednesday 9:00--Cisney land lOiOOr-r-Tofnbsforte Territory 40:30--Ozzie It Harriet* 11:00--Walter WWchel! File' 11^0-rChannel 2 Theatre KMSO-TV, MISSOULA WEDNESDAY 5:00--Wrestling 6:00--Building America 6:3WThis Week In Sperts : . 7:00-- Newspeat 7:15-- -Doug ' Edwards 7 OT-- Casey Jones 8:0(K-Buttreyj' Fashions" R:15-r-Organ EJjeereg** 8:30--Lawrence Welk 9:30--I'v* Gof A Secret 10:00-*-U:S. Steel Hour* · THURSDAY 2:15-r,T_e?t Pattern 2:30--Housepirty 2:45-Secfet Storrh 3:00--Garry JfoAre 3a(K-Mld-bay Matlae* KGEZ-TV-Channel 9 3:00--Test Pattern 4*0--Travel * Variety '· S :00--Afternoon Matinee 6:00--Montana News Weather 6:30--Cartoonland · 7:15--Doug Edwards fc News CW3 7:30--Cisco KiA 8*0-- Patti Page Show (?ig Record) CBS 8:00--Vtqtory At Sea 9^0--I've Got A Secret 10:00--Flathead Football Review ·10:30--Pendulum 11:30--News Hl-Lltes The Daily Inter Lake Presents RADIO for TODAY Wsdneiday Afternoon 3:00 Special Wire 5:05EZ Listening 5:15 EZ Listening 5.'30 Special Wire 5:35 EZ Listening .5:45 Sports Digest 6:00 Special Wire 6:05EZ Listening 6:15 Mercantile News 6:30 Special Wire 6:35 EZ Listening 6:45 State Sports 6:55 EZ Listening 7:00 Special Wire 7:i»5-EZ Listening 7:15 County Agent 7:30 Special Wire 7:3a Gangbusters 8:00 Montana News 8:05 EZ Listening 8:30 Special Wire 8 ^5 Magazine Review 8:45 Evergreen Time 9:00 Special Wire 9:05EZ Listening 9:30 Special Wire 3:35 EZ Listening 9:45 Square Dance Time 10:00 Special Wire KGEZ - MBS, 600 kc 10:05EZ Listening 10:30EZ Listening 11:00 Special Wire 11:05EZ Likening 11:55 Special Wire 12;BO Sign Off Thursday Morning 5:30 Break the Day EZ 6:00 Special Wire 6:05 EZ Listening 6:25 Farm Shorts 6:30 Special Wire 6:35 EZ Listening 7:00 Special Wire 7:05 EZ Listening 7:30 Special Wire 7:35 Montana News 7:40EZ Listening 8:00 Frank Hemingway 8:15 Art Baker 8:30 Special Wire 8:35 Montana News 8:40 EZ Listening 9:00 Special Wire 9:05EZ Listening ' 9:30 Special Wire- 9:35 Queen For a Day 10:00 Special iWre 10:05 Women's News 10:10 EZ Listening 10:15 Dr. Paul 10:30 Special Wire 10:33EZ Listening 10:45 Friendly Phil- osophtr 11:00 Special Wir» 11:05 Whitefish Tim« 11:30 Special Wire 11:35 Whitefish Tim* 11:45EZ Listening Thursday Noon 12:00 Special Wire 12:05 EZ Listening 12:15 Texaco News 1230 Special Wirn 12:35 Weather News 12:40EZ Listening 12:45 Community News .1:00 Conrad Bank Gam*: of the Day 1:30 Baseball. - · . 2:00 Baseball 2:30 Baseball . 3:00 Baseball · . 3:30 Special WJr« 4:00 Montana .New* .. 4:05 Penny Arcade ' . 4:15 Frank Hemihgw«y 4:30 Special Wire 4:35 EZ Listening 5:00 Special Wir- Michigan borders on four of the five Great Lakes. STARTS TOMORROW At The STRAND School Auction EUREKA (ILNS) -- There a "Crazy Auction" at the GJen [Lake School recently to raise money to get Christmas presents for all the children 'of the district and a Christmas tree for the school. The Citizenship Club and the Parents Club put on the auction. Hay Frost was auctioner. Europe and Asia often are spoken of as a single continent, Eurasia, because no ocean divides them. GET MORE OUT OF LIFE- GO OUT TO A MOVIE! LIBERTY Wed. thru Sat. MATINEE SATURDAY 2:00 EVENING SHOWS 6:45 9:13 GARY COOPER AUDREY HEPBURN MAURICE CHEVALIER agree "Some people / fall in love at first sigt .. nobody in Paris can that long!" ·**- "In Paris we have « sayingv'Cherchez la femme'--butwe : never say,it...we'd rather do it!" Plus "Purloined Pup"

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