The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 25, 1963 · Page 2
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 2

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 25, 1963
Page 2
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2. THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION-MORNING PRESS, Sunday, Aug. 25, 1963 Season Hearing For Area Fairs; Dates Are Fixed By GAITIIKR Stiifl Writer Clay, Foreign Aid Economist, Raps Huge House Cut It won't be long until tall i s ] here -- the time of year when j leaves begin 10 fall and fail'? start j pipping out all over. i Comanche county's annual free-! [air wi'l bo hold Sept. 12-14 at tlie I fairgrounds, located on south Sheridan Road. : The fair will be complete w i t h : the usual exhibits and competition, : including judging of dairy animals.' rabbits and poultty, beef animals, j swine, crops and horticulture, i sheep and foods. Judging will bo held in both junior and open divisions. j -p p -- ^. . i _. TO be eligible tor the jumo, di-j | ranster I o oemmole rests \ision. exhibitors must be mpm- WASHINGTON (API - Gen. Lucius D, Clay, a prominent advocate of less spending lor foreign aid. said Saturday the hefty cut voled by the House could badly damage Free World security. " Clay joined forces with President 'Kennedy and Secretary of [ Slain Rusk in deploring Friday's j surprise House action triggered | by Republicans. Kennedy has de- J scribed as "short-sighled, i r - j responsible and dangerously partisan" Ihe House decision to hold overseas aid this year to no more i Salvation Army Couple Given X^X * ^,-0^ '· ' * rrphp IVM-S of a Comanchc county 4-H or FFA club, and must have own- pd Ihoir steers for a period of 4 months anrA theiv pigs Find lambs for at least 90 days. Beef Heifers and dairy animals must no recorded by a recognized breed association in I ho name of t h e oxhibi- !or prior to the opening dale of t h r fair. 1'jxhibils Limited The fair catalogue states that there will be a limit of hvo steers. ' three lamb.': and thrre barrows for oacli individual exhibitor in the fat classes. All exhibits, which will he weighed at the Show, must lie in place not Iritot 1 t h a n 12 noon on Ihe opening da'e of the show. School gi-mips shall consist of three steers, five barrows and three lambs and each 4-H club ol FFA chapter shall bo permitted to show one group only. Thp sheep and .wine departments, Ihe fat classes are limit"d lo 4-H and FFA members, but t h e breeding classes are open to nil adults. 4-H and FFA individuals. Brwds to compel e in the sheep Lieutetianl 5- Mrs. Don Walts of The Salvation Army are bcini; transi'eiTPd from Lau'ton to Seminole. Okla., it was announced Saturday by Major Harold Davis, local commanding officer. They have been assistinTM Major Davis Ihroujrh the summer. Lt. Walls will become commanding officvr of Salvation Army work in Seminole. Lt. and Mrs. \Vai;s came to Lawton last May from The Salvation Army Orfieors' IVamiii; School in Atlanta. Besides his i-egular Salvation Army duties, he has been serv- ins locally as the program dime- tor of t h e Salvation Army's new Red Shield Boys' club at the Citadel on 'F.' Avenue. Major Davis said the Army had hoped to have the sen-ices o' Li. and Mrs. \Vatis [or a longer period but thai personnel changes i-equired t h a i they be siven this promotion. Lt. Walts staled his regret. 1 ; at leaving Lawton and the many friends with whom he has be- o who headed a Presidential advisory commillH which reported last March l.haf i! had | found deficiencies in the adminis- ; tration of the aid program. T h a i ] ID-man group recommended culs in ihe scope of the program, say- come acquainted. m% that "we are indeed alt?mpL- LI:. and Mrs, Walls are being i ing loo much for loo many replaced by a single officer. · After llie committee made its j Lieutenant Cnlhmne ."dill of ' report, Kennedy reduced from | Mip.'ikoncc, who will assist Major | M.g billion 10 JJ.5 billion his re- and Mrs. Davis in religious, j quest for money to nut the pro- i y o u i h and welfare activities, j gram in the fiscal year which j I'inrold Gordon, of Jacksonville, ' sianed July 1. : Fla., a layman in Ihe Salvation ; The House Foreign Affairs Com Army and a trained youth worker and conch, will assume Ll. Walls' duties as program direc- milleo subsequently cut the fiRtire | lo W.I billion, and the House vol ed 222 to 188 Friday lo trim out lor of iho Salvation Army's Red ] another 5585 million, bringing Ihe Shield Boys' club. Ll. Hill and Gordon will arrive Ihe first of np.vl week. A farewell service for Lt. and Mrs. W.-ilts will bo concluded at down to S3S billion. Clay said in a statement issued j through the (oreign aid agency: "The drastic cut . . . made in ! | Ihp H o u s e of Representatives' Ben Bella Moves · Si| ent March will he Dorsei. Hamp- T C n r n r ' n D i i l n Southdown, and | Q 0601^6 111116 shire. Shropshire, R class for all other breeds. The livestock and dairy depart _ menls are open to all Comartc-hr K( ^n Premier Ahm«i Ben Bella . county brooders of registered ^ n[ a ncw dr!n C0 nstilution to livestock where ownership has , h p n a l i o n a i assembly Saturday. olhins happened. been for a; loasl 30 date? pnor O|XM1 j nR ,, spvie of moves aimed Nobody had lold Hpnle; "- : -- "" " "" "··· at sp,~uring his strongman rule ' Inner had taken t h e works out of Ihrough a onp-parly syslpm. Thp deputies began discussion ol the draft IPX! in t h e Zirout Youssef palace here at 4 p.m. oo snONTi in rnc puiimv ui\ i- · . · althouch each exhibitor is ^ ^IVMC is Pooled to last a Hi lo one trio. IM-O pulieis and ' eu IU; ' S There was little chance that the ',he c-oris'.iunion. reliable sources s.'iirl it would be submitted to the · country- 's 7.000.000 voters Sept. S. : with presidential elections taking place one week later. | 71 was almost 100 per cent cor: tain thai Sen Bella would be elected president. to the opening day of Iho fair. All animals must bo at least lour months old. Any Variety Kl'DTihlf Any standard bi-i'od or varinty may'bo sho«n in the poultry divi sior, limited one cockrel. Kxhibiis Tvill include hori \c\\l- assembly would do more than turc, Rjr.'ictiluirp crops, b u n d 1 o quibble al minor details of 'he (alfalfa"! sudan. etc.'. 4-H crafis. drrHfi bofot'o approving it and ·home handicrafts, farm h a n d i- prtvine ihe way for a n a t i o n a l craft, farm and home cloclric referendum and prosidontial O!PC- exhibi!. \dldlife conscn'ation. in- lions. sod. girls 4-H dpmonstration o\- Saturday night, as the assem- h i b i i . -1-H clothinc. homo improve- hly considered the draft text of men'., canning exhibit, special 4-H oarnpd product exhibits, special 4-H home improvemem projects exhibit, and 4-H record books exhibit. Exhibits will bo judged. In the Home Demonstration club division. !ood. clothing and home managornenl exhibits will be judg- fd. Also, an open class will be judgod in canned f r u i t , vegetables, household arlicli 1 *. etc, A leafure of the fair this year will be a county horsp show, whore stallions, fillips, maries and celdings will be judged. In charge will be 5:i'ra Holden, associate cotimy agent, and lx-e Woods. O|«'n. To All H(iri-\ The show "is open to all horses in this area, and animals may be entered in one class lo show a: hal- icr and one class under saddle. Judging will begin at 10 a.m. Sept. 14. Trophies and ribbons will bf offered in each class. Another highlight will come al 2 p.m. Friday when coumy -1-H and FFA boys try their skill al driving a tractor. Sponsored by the northwest Kiwanis club, the youths will atlempi 10 drive a tractor and implement through gates rha: are only 12 inches wider than the implement. Trophies will be furnished lor lop three places by the Kiwanis dub. Entries will he taken by ihe club's agriculture commirtee between 12:i"Q and l:::o p.m. al the lair- grounds on the date of the contest.. Entrant.'; must be benveen the ages of 1.1 and 21. Niuf-Mt-mlHT Kinird The fair is governed by a nine- member board of directors, including Clarence Wilson, president; C. E. Price, treasurer: Lewis A. Hay- · dock, secretary: and members Louis Ocrke, Marvin Bickef, Clyde Brock, Lyman John, Miss Esther Green and Lee Woods. FAIR SCHEDULE THURSDAY. Sopi. 12 -- 4-H girls and farm women's judging, 3 p.m.; dairy judging 2:30 p.m.: rabbits and poultry judging. 3 p.m.; beef judging. 7 p.m. FRIDAY--Swine judging. S a.m.; | crops and 'horticulture judcing. 2 p.m.: sheep judging, 1 p.m. SATURDAY -- Horse show. 10 R.TTI. the Citadel wmighl and Lt. i C(H|]( J bn(llv carnage Ihp U.S. po- W a i t s will prenrh the farewell j silion a n d ' F r e e World security if · I so !?" 0 "' ... ,. i killed lo stand. ! Tlie public is coi\1ially mvii- | ,, Ttl(? roreign aid bill s u b m i t t e d pri to ailend." Major Davis (Q lho " MQUPC repivsenled a c o n - ; I _ s n i d - j struclive approach lo oar foreign \ | aid prturrum, WHS deWi-vlpR of . broad bipailisnn support, ^d ; wenl as far as prncticiil or de-:| sirable at Ihis time. · "SPVOI-P cuts in this progfani are not in the best interests of the I United Sln'.ps." i Rusk has said (he liousc f p d u c ; | 1 l i i n "slices into the verv miLscle strains of a Sousa march. ; o( our foreign policy."'Kennody , i appealed lo the Senate lo region? thut a ihe House cuts, so t h a t thn f i n n l would be a compmmist: CALNE. England (UPH--Con- ductor Mack Henley sat down al I t h e piano during a concert \V\T ALGIERS. Alspvia _ lUPn--Al-' Fr iday night and struck up the his rx'tiucst. DISPERSAL .1. R, PERKY COMMERCIAL ANGUS HERD lU-|uunion nf «nf ot Oklnhnmii' 3'op Herds. PERKINS Y SALE BARN" Perkins Oklahoma LABOR DAY, SEPT. 2ND AT 1:00 P.M. 275 HEAD TO SELL · SI)--r. A -i-yenr old cow; due lo culvi; In November. · 2(1--ii X J G-ycar old cows (all under 7-yf:ir.) lo C-itlve in NoVfniler. · ID--A^vd cows to calve ll\i fall. · 41--Br«l heifers (o calve in D«:emb«T ut 24-monlhs of HC - . All are exunilned. Miff in CAlf t»y iin ()kluhomH Suite uiii\'rr- siry velerinuriHii. · )(HI--Open lii-ifcrs. · (i--Proven, registered herd hulls. KerMiic Brt-ediii;,- Modified and Certifi«I Builds Free Herd: Thtvw .-JirtJ«; cun Lie .-WN a( the sjile Imrd Kj'ler Atili". 2f* piano to have them repnired. YOUR CHOICE! JUST PAY NO MONEY DOWN t. One ol the bijjtst watch values tvtr! The new 17-Jewel Saron Automatic... it never needs winding. Features hand, some chrome case...shock and water-resistant', b. She'll look her very b-Jt with this dainty 17-Jtwel Baroness. Features beautiful white or yellow lone case enhanced by two brilliant diamonds. Comes with lovely expansion band, ·M'^irn efJfC dT'rf tfry'dtf nrr ittlnrL J//«*:r n non rnlnffivd to tltow Acln\i · Z ALE'S' O P T I C A L S E R V I C E O F H C f . S A I ZALE S 319AVEMT PhDM a 1-3456 QUALITY OPTICAL SERVICE OPEN ALL DAY SATURDAY 313 » Diid EC 3-:W56 Op«-n S to 3:30 · Itoud S|. Dial BL .1-fltl:0 Op;n JO (o 9 THE ZALE DIAMOND ... OUTSTANDING VALUE! EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY! ·% A^i'", t^C^s^-r-X Eight diamonds total % carat "New Romance" bridal /set, 14K. NO MONET DOWN BUDGET TERMS lUuslrutiont enlarged to ihtHo det · 319 D DIul EL 3-S456 Opon 9 to »:30 · Cache Road.Srf. Dial EL J-8630 1 ' Open 9 '·' Where did we mean the people who sold or installed your air Conditioner! In time of trouble, that's what you may wonder if you choose an in - experienced dealer or contractor to install your central air conditioning system. Many people are selling air conditioners that know nothing about t h e m and are not capable of servicing them. Other out-of-town firms come in and install units a n d then are gone forever. Many new houses are being built with off - brand air conditioing systems that are installed by firms that do not have experienced personnel or facilities to service them in time of trouble . . . then the question will be asked: Where did everybody go? A "so-so" installation can be made by almost anyone. You may even save a few dollars. But what about service and performance. And who is going to assure you of complete satisfaction? These are questions to ask y o u r builder or contractor. The answer comes easily when you rely on a responsible dealer . . . people in the air conditioning business. has been selling Carrier air conditioning in L a w t o n for over 14 years. We are air conditioning experts and we sell only the finest. More Carrier air conditioners have been sold and installed by us than any other brand or firm in Lawfon . . . AND WE H A V E BACKED EVERY SALE WITH THE WORLD'S FINEST SERVICE! Carrier GUARANTEES YOUR INVESTMENT FOUR W A Y S . . . . . . guorantced product, guaronfeed capacity, guaranteed yeor-around service, guaranteed installation and service. Yet Carrier costs no more in the long run than other makes. Actually a bit Lett than some . . . ... so if you bought Carrier air conditioning from Home Decor, you KNOW who installed it and w h o will service i t . . . WE'RE RIGHT HERE! ready, willing and able to face up to any air conditioning problem you might have! WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL! HOME DECOR AND AIR CONDITIONING SELLS O N L Y CERTIFIED COOLING CAPACITIES IN BOTH CENTRAL OR WHOLE HOUSE SYSTEMS ... OR ROOM AIR CONDITIONERS... About central or whole house air conditioning: We would coll to your attention that you con get stucK wirh uncertified cooling, capacities sold in this city by people who are not in the air conditioning business. To protect the integrity of capacity'and performance ratings of central air conditioners for the buying public, practically every manufacturer of air conditioning has its equipment certified by A.R.I. (Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute)! For your own protection when purchasing central air conditioning . . . get certified cooling capacities! This is becked and'supported by the National Better Business Bureau.

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