The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 18, 1960 · Page 9
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 9

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Monday, July 18, 1960
Page 9
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ftcltn Democrat-Times July 16, '60 9 T^ ·«· ' ·« -w ·»· · Monday July 16, '60 9 Need Vacation Money? Sell "Don't Wants" Through "For Sale" Ads! CROSSWORD... PAI« POINTtK Purs, Fx mill or wMJ t»rm out 0* eortneilSlp. P h . , ' E D · Sdivlce, dio OHKiAMJA Smd , w«:c)nr J Itn. ramoue Rim of tl Mdioco ED HORIZONTAI, 8T. oMtemte 1. project Ins 39. air liner's home field 41. French .sculptor S.not at horn* 4. dye indigo 48. dwarfing CO. dlmenilon* 61. South tone of thf ''ZJtUo Women" 8. clcatrbc 12. a constellation IS. mountain tofllo M. sound quality American monkey 6J. lubricate IB. city In New 63. simian* Mexico metrically 7-18 YEUTIOAI, 10. Babylonian l.vornisli ehy-god ingredient It. thing-. In 2. man's name 18. country 8. to stato : path in detail 20.proe«d« 4. f LLnda. 91- AnnqpnHq mental freshman 6. receda K. American 6. crossing; the MactanaJra IT. burden '38. JapaneM i Porgy |38. title of · Ethiopian I sovereign j ti. no blcmea i Si. aquatic 1 mammal 37. doilcatft fabric S8. to loud SO.Miu Oabor SI. formtr French coin S3. location* 84. Babylonian I god |3E. Dutch painter .26. girl's nanio 65. Caln'i land AUanUo Ocoaa 7. angle of a fault vein, .(minLng) 8. obese 9. dismay iS. Charlei SiCkarlea . Hughes 28. Hindu cnjeen. var. 29.- · Anus Answer to Saturday', puzzle. ;%£ : to end 1 58. bottom* of Bhoej 40. an outlaw (Jap. Hint) 42. those prof easing an Ism. 41. B Ung of Judaii 4B. pinch 47. th ey«: In symbolism 48. former name of Ie3 i. 49. guilder (O 1MO, King Fealurea Srod., Inc.J (abbr.) Classified Advertising Lost and Found lOSt, Boyt, I960 Clou Hing on Wo,h Ington Avenue. Call Mil. I. A. Brciwe:!, VI 3-2874 Cleveland. Mill. Reward. 5. Special No tier j SHEET MUSIC, popular HI Tl. MU5ICAI Uiirrumenn trora lluiet to vlbel Termi. aha Intlrumenli repaired. B'oteN HI fl. Inc Sii Mc!n Ph. ED MO?. _ loV Mala Help Wanted (ALES, Jnilde. 30 to 55. SaknY ooen. Call ED 4-3*U Pepcer trr^icyrr^nt Sef- WANriD Alcn tar night jtn office woilc Job fo Ion 2 mc^lh» or r-ore Aorlv l E. f.. Loloe, Sr. Oe'Io Cin Co. Mfi=olf 3 MEN WANTED For local positions to sell and service our appliances. Call Employment Manager, ED 2-0928. ATTENTION BOYS Age 12 To 15 Would you like the chance to earn your own spending money? Summer Vacation will be here in a few weeks. We have several good Newspaper Routes open in your neighborhood. H interested call Mr. Young ED 5-1155, Circulation department. The Delta Democrat-Times. 12. Mala or Female Help Wanted SALES TRAINEES MALE AND FEMALE H YO" «" li»« »" S 55 '» S»3 the fin Ihiee weeli we wcul4 lite la lalk lo vex Mutt hove ear ond rent nppwrance. Set MS. OENE AUSTIN 206 Arcade Sulldino between 9 I 11 Zlt. Articles For Salo FO! SALE, Alllla-e Motor ED 2-6500. Scootei HOUSE Ml ol FOinlturi, like ne». wi Krctilice. ED 2-1220. FOB SAIE, T. V. Coble Corm. ond S V II '- Wiurd Oulboard Motor. Good con d.lion. Ph. EO 2.B704 alter 5iM p.m. FO! SAIE. Uied tut bodiei. Good I. hunting of fllhir.a cabrnt and other we Delia Coocnei, Worth BroooSwy e*1eni ed Fhcnr, ED 4.9753. FCR S A L E , Bedrcom Suite, $75. D.nin. Soorn Sullfi, i50. BTCrwn Lhilnq Coo Chair. SI 5. Three odd tablet. lloo IO.TI W'ricr t. Pw. f.^ri. fAoicagnl. 681 Keed R:/. ED X-33-14. PEOPLE DO READ WANT ADS! YOU ARE. M. P*J, Fodtry UresUcki CR SAIE. Bxrgll Pucxx'tl. i · ".M «xli. Ph. ED 2-7373. Ol SAIC, St.tEW Toll Bull Pup.. Rl b : ll ' til. TO GQOO feme. Pinion, Col.'end . » i-rtta. 3! S. BROAOWAV, Furn Apt. 3 Roorr.i 1 10 wilk. fh. EO 2-2967. « $A[E, SeolccUl S!onei. J3 Hern. lft and (wall. KKfonobty prkedL Ph. 2-6353. vrn. efficiency opr., ulillliti paW. 211 rlorvtv, Pr»r» [0 2-6393. fCf SA16, Rid* Dog Pu^prei. Balh iJ aicnt: .lac Si. toltfylew Aaei. lekmd. ft^'it. H Ih* Deto DwHcMKTknel Warn I Ade-Phone ED 3-1155. NICE FURNISHED AFT. 33« So. BroodwoY- Ph. EO 2-7762. 32. Utosebald Goods FUHNISKED APf. r. ED 4-34X6. YOUR FURNITURE APPLIANCES RAILROAD SALVfl/fGE FURNTTURE CO. 739 Wash. Ph. ED miu APT. 3 =- Roxn Furn Act. Privole bath and Pardi Window fan. T.V. Cob'e, wajier con neti'on. Ulllitiei paid. 352 S. Hindi t"D 5-1570. S ROOMS FUHNITUJRE ALL NEW $a\9.95 19 PIECES r--eofe bed I--matcSinq chat* 3--Irtp tcblel I_«rf1o. VsWe 1-- lajnpi I--double dmer 1--boctcate bed nnee ecrlng eaaltteu I--lei ipiingl f Be. chrcyae dlneetv eat Bryan Wilson U. Mattriala L U M B E R M Cypress UK up tiardwood Chatham. Miss. Ph. ED Timbers, Boat Lumbccv Flooring, etc. Special Orders Cut/1 E. G. NELSON/ [ Chalhcm, Mill. Ph. Q)ir}'fi . up J5. Service Directory LAWH MOWIN'G SE9VECE, Belial Boy, rtv tO 2.IM5. SEPIK IANK Fat eerjlk took deonln? cab) rlodoei ne ED 2-177? or SD 4-4oB4j PEOPLE DO REA15 WANT ADS! YOU ARE. Y E S / | We Install j A U T O (Carved Windshields [ifa Stock) BURK HALL - B A.YLOE Paint * Glass /Co. Hwy. 82 East (NexlJ to AIM'S) Phone ED Furnished Apartments 5 N. POfLAR, 1 Room Wllolil Apl. liliei poid. $7 *eek. EO 2-2027. ond i Sedroom ttjfn Aooil-nenli. Woler m. Ph. EO 2-7659 of EO 4-9651. M N. POfUAS, fum AJH. 3 Koorr* |1K IB.H weet. ph. ED 2-2767. tX, A;EXANDE, 3 Room Furn AIM. Water 03. paid. JIO week. ED 2-2967. Jit Starilng _ 02e O'Hea 10 Kooch 33] Urolighlm , 74* Pollrxk 'II Meogetli ^_ Ctttotd Rcntala MAYNAKD WILZIN Dlol EO 4-4SS4 144 H. hoodwor JJ1 S» JM.OO J2S.OO I1I.OO JIO.OO , iio.oo in. so JJ2.50 room bath fvrn. cpl.. .V. conn. Pkwe ED 2-7«S. Coiporl i tof 2-OSJO. UtNISHED APT. 3 Boom. «. Bolh. PS. P 2-3220. 70. OMFORTABIE Furn Apt. 3 Doomi I Balk Hl pold. 165 monlh. ED 2-2163. oup!« Only. 624 Alexander 8. Balh. T.V. Cable FOR SALE. 3 B/R Home, Den. Pay eovltv oMume 4y, % loon or lefinaixe. 1333 John. Ph. ED 4-«M. ' J. L. McCLENDON 137 S. Hwn -- Prune ED 2-«l?) FUJMISHED 3 oedrooot all clecfik home. C«.1lio1 air ondlHonlng ond h*ot, 4'/i% G.P. Loon. ManlKly poYjrienti $63 wllh $350 down 221 Groom* St. Phone ED 2-2770. 4] S. SXerlrf 07 S. »75.00 I Airet 12 B/R oil 4 wal.l $100.00 I2 . Calirom!a 2 I/If $5f " 2? M. S'-.elb, ._ J55.00 1 - *45.00 _ i75.00 _ SS5.00 15.A Ctnlrol 2 B/R Cul(e« Apl. 1 B/R 90S rAorn (Garage Aot.l Unfurnished Apartments InFum. 2 B/R , carpcrt. Cer.lially . , . . :a;ed. 50 no. 202 Omoco, ED 2-8071 I Rcc-n D pd. Phong ^i.'rn. dot $30 rno., all ED 7-6056. UNFURNISHED APABTUENT, 3 Room! L So;S. Carport Storage. $40 per nomh Pd. EO 2-6642 o. ED 2-7268. 337 KENTUCKY, 2 8/8 Uorjm Apt. Ullliti foom, caroge, crlk fan, large Living ?ocm and Laige K!ld-.e/i. $55 Pel rronlh Ph. ED 4-9321 or ED 5.1472. FO» RENT. TWO UWUSNIStlED API'S. 3 loom. Balh 130 ond $40 DAT month 614 Main SI. CaU ED £-11U B.30 Q.ra MAYNAHD WILZIN Oral ED 4-4554 25 H Hindi 717 Saiuce 24 W. Yerger 222 E. Stail(i4 l4 V/Dlker 351 Moore Abraham 2607 N. Bioct!«iy . 144 H. Broadway - »40.00 . ««.00 135 .CC $45.00 »50«J 155.00 . J45.00 J. L. McCLENDON 137 S. Harvey _ Fhone ED 2-B193 UNFURNISHED 156 N. Ptolcr I B/R J2iJ 420 t. Wclh'rMKn, 1 B/R 545.1 14 Orlcndg 1 Sit J45.I 22 S. Ediion 1 B/C. JJS. 1 436 S. Main 1 B/R $38.' 202 McAllltler 2 B/R $50. 310 AI»ciK?er I E/R . 242 S. Wain 2 B/R . _ 112 Catherlre 2 B J R 19 H. Theobald 3 Room 133 Orlando I B/R _ 052 /.Icrgaret 2 B/R '31 S Hind. 3 B/R 1317 Danlell 2 B/R . 126 Calhrlne 2 /R 1434A Omal 3 B/R _ 1833 O'd leland Kd. 4 o / R . 353-A Orlando . . S.55.0C $55. . $45.0C S30.OC J49.5C S50.0C S-iO.K $55.00 SO.OO . S75.00 1 BEDROOU «. IV, BATH, WAU TO WAU CARPET IJvIrg-dlnlng room, e'ectrk heel. .'tixilol. 1 air r.ondll!on.'ng urUty. plenlv 1 flettrlc tvtl«ll. good clo.el ipgce. 5'«I35 P lot. near Em Boyd School tllK gU) end cuiuree 5 1/4X loan al S90.5B pel month. Call today. KottmcMi R*01t«it. 0 2-055B. nlghti ED 4-31M Rcauk SICKt STACt FOt LtASb II' X 31* » IS X 44* In dowmowa thopplng C«n1w. GiU detail). Ftoltmon £D 4-JI40 Heues Foe S«le 1152 LEWIS ST. B/l reildence. $300 «aih and ntw FHA, Looa Acprox. $49,!! pel month. REYNOLDS AGENCY ·jrcra Cnl b!ate T. I. Reynold!, Jr. OHIO ED 2-1447 ta. EO 1-U2I FOR (All IT OWNER- lovely Horn* ol jorel St. CaU EO 4-4i25. FOR SALE, frottlcally rjw 9 B/l! Home. (203 down, $55.00 p« monlh. Ph. ED 2-3568 altei 7 p.m. WOULD YOU LIKE TO LIVE m an extn arae 1 B/t horn* and l»f the anochea ifflclency apt. maVe matt of venv pay. r^nt. Coiner Id, big ehode tieei. ST600 dawn Irxludei doling eo»t». 633 Havana Call \n today, tollman Realtori, ED 2.M58 n'cM ED 4-3140. SALE. 3 B/R Bvft Bitdc Ko-ne, 2 i, ovtomolk Di.Kwa.Kei- Good lo- n. Near E.-^ Boyd School. **iy imal lly and move In. Ph. EO 2-6704 aF:e.- 5,30 p.m. FOR SALE BY OWNER. 3 B/R Hcrr.e. ll bolrt, cenlrol heal, large lloroge Room. Poy tmoll eauihy 1 Poyrr.enli $70.16. ED 2-1163. 4 1 /, I G. I ?32 E. Lynn FO? SALE -- 3 bedroom, tllchen-dinlng rr-a. IhrlM room. ba!h wllh thovre ooa nelghoorhood, Si Augjtllne g.-an I frvll end 2 pecon tree., other Irri and bush«». A very good buy a+ J10.900 2 Bradford Drive. Call ED 4-4759 lo partlevfori. 4 BEDCOOU 2V, SA.TH HOMt, teoarole a*inlng room, 7 car oarage, X pordiei dot* to all ichooli ond 20 ie»nd to Carrie Stem Sdiool. IIO 1 X IBS' k*. 4 bearlna pecan tre«J and erltMr fruH treei ,700. Pfeoie eaH fpr appointment man Inrrronce Co. Ptione ED J-O55* nlahil FD 4-31 tO FOR SALE BY OWNER 3 Bedroom, 1% bath, panelled ti)re^ blrxV hardwood "can, gal forced^)' fv.-ncce. Carport, ufilify room ond patie Sir.all dovt-n pavme.".!. r-onlhly paymeili aoDror. (91. 1615 Saum Lynn Oiclj. Ptione ED 2-1459. MAKE OFFER Far tl-* eavi'ty on !h:» 3 b with living room, dining ore living fhen, borh, lloicce. Fayrr.ef hci large kit wllh orly t65 pac COSpOrt I l/H. t rocfu. heat, 52. Rocrms For R«nt Br-diocmi. edl. balh. Cfoi ·iv.'egei. Ph. ED 2-754S. mon'l foon. 1440 Hwy. I, South. SHERSVCOD OR. home vrllh 2 8/Rt, den, I 1 /, barht epaiate 0/R. lame k:i;hen. i.-rrlll carpeling. Tn t/R t SIR, centra 2 CDen fireplace*, de-jo'e gaiagi FHA lemi u cnu.-ne focn 128* WAXHAW 1 lit, lit, D/R, tllchen, IK balhl mlral heo! I. air rendition, osipan i tcioge, fenced back yard. V, b'ocfc I. eFemenlarv Khool. FHA loon. MIERS » IHCAM'SON 8EAITY CO. MIERS PRATT Myfval Im. It Ctf- Marlgcca tear. 517 Kwv. No. 1 South Dial ED 2-154 ! BtdrooiTi, piivatt bcrK ible, Clcti in. Phon* EO BEDROOM In piivol* kern*. MM. , 514 Johfucr*. Ph. ED 2-6132. BEDROOM FOR GENTLEMAN, dot* to ' r»i cenlir. Ph. ED 4-34*6. GOODYEAR SERVICE STORK -Specialty in used repossessed Merchandis*?. » Air comtitloiers · Refrigerators · Automatic Washing Machines · Lawn Mowers · Used Tires See: Ed Frazier Phone ED 2-1561 21. Articles Winted WAN! TO D'JT GiiJi 26" B'tYcle. Uled. FD 4-9711. 25. Boats, Maters SuopUej 13' Beat, 1953 25 H.P. Johrjon Motoi i Trailer. S550. Pk to J-C378. fO« SAIE. 14 h. Pc'or-CroH ond Trailer. SI/5.CW. Fh. FD , . FisVr.a Bool i Tmiler. 10 H.P. 195? Johnion Motor. J375.00. Call ll. Mom-.on ' FO* SAIE. 14 It. . . m veilli 3 5 H.P. eleclilc nailer Merar, and be Hen at 1165 Groo-re. 25% Discount -- Brand new, completely equipped 8'xl3' Pontoon Boat (unassembled), T2 HP Scott Motor (crated). $750. Write Smith, 737 Evergreen Street, Jackson, Mississippi. 27. Farm Equipment FO* SAC.F. Feiauicn Tr SJ53.00- Ph. EO X.36S9. clcr wirh Di»c. F0=! SALE. 60 11. P. AC on Bulnne Power Ur-.'t. $500. 8 X 10 Fairbanli Marte Irrigation PITO. uted ono we*fc. 300 Fl. nrjHl. A. I. lAfum/mmi Dice, prrce w.'Dewolat. EO 2-1657. 70. [louses For Sale nn»i*j«3B^*a*3f* [ s*c*»)*»* 70. Houses For Sale r:*»a*3«*wa^« GREENVILLE'S MOST EXCLUSIVE HOUSING DEVELOPMENT Colonial Heights * * * * 884 JEFFERSON DRIVE Three bedroom, borh fc cr-e-KoH. WI briiV venee.- Korr.e. lo-oe famllv room. WrcUn with built-in even A, range, orxj Iniide ullliry room. Seaclove kl 140' X 85'. 1344 MARTHA DRIVE Lxo* IMng Poom-Dinlng Baore. corcb^airon, eleclrk olf Mcrl, buUt- l« oven 1 Fonoe In Mtdwn. bal*i v^tn adi3:ning d-elTng area lor tK» wife, utlllr/ room, thre« bedroome. ond walk-in. lcieH. Large Ice KT I 135'. Colonial Heights It One Block From Em Boyd Elementary School 1 Cknrchos. And Only } Minute* From Thomas Shopping Center. IMt BCtmST ffKStft Tfcpe* bWroorM, e*tra lorgn dafpft, barh. KvJna rocci, ul liv roc*. «lf»a low* Skt^n 1 foe-fry room Jo' x If cjeilji-ed to irwel tout forniiy'* neeoV YKNN Rt*r m STEEL CO. t«"e ED 14411 Mle ED S-11M SPECIAL Auto Paint Jo} 3, Dupont Enamel. GuararJ teed. $39.50 TOM'S BOD! 'f SHOP Wcllt-.nlI St. Ph. ED 4-404B Wi hovi on lunJ i oholileflng fabrki a como'ti* iilffctlon tor you. IK* loirgiil t alter DO Li' and oxound Gi*irv liJ*. Al wa molntorn' th* Fargnl uorxjl- «rY t^oft w« or» ed ulop»d to Turn wt nD IVM* ** worV, Fn -· Eitlmaiti. GREENVLLII E AWNING UPHOLSTH .RING CO. Phone r 2-7083 H«*y. B2 I TO DIAL SJ ?RINGTIME Dial ED 2-05 13 KRENISER'S 34. Houses For Rent COUNTY HOMES S35-S7J, town living. yfcncwe Plan-o1len. Phone _3_ [eland. AVAIIABLE AUG lit. 3 Bedroon Un- Ivmi^ed H-.uli. XI? «. [ureka. Fh. EO 2-2634. 34~M. SHECBr, 5 Bedroom Furn Hoi n. ED 2-7177. FO5 SEPjr, LNRJJfJ Hcvlet, J45 and ^55. ftppl) 711 f. Seed Soad. Ph. ED 2-57*6. NICE 2 til Unfuin Hone al 316 WaL d Si. LCTTJB allie Ion. and wel} In. :tJ. J6S n-.orlh. Ph. EO 3-773^ S-roora fvmllhed hovM far rent. 227 H. Biood«oy CaU ED 4-3S58. NEWLY DECORATED 3 6/R Unfum Home. Larce corner let, ihocfy lawn. 73B S. The:bo?d. phone 1061 Lelgnd. SV-AIL Unrum Houie on Cedcr. alio Fvrn lr- on Pr-.-cy. Ph. £D 4-9903^ EALKHAMP ST. 3 B/«, 1 iridc fror-J, famllv Boom. Rear :loied vriiri me bal JB3.00 per i; 3 B/K Unfum Home. Nice location, near irvopping center. }93. Ph. ED 2-0016. 2 B/H IMfurn Kovfe, nice location, n ag cer.le.-. SiO. Ph. CD 2-0016. LOVEIV 3 Bedroom Horr.ei, all ccinve . 1315 E. John I. 104 Poulin » Moyie. Ph. ED 2-CEOO Ol £·) MOVING Call H D 2-2685 DON IJWBANK Moving, Storage Ms- 2-8171. MiWIY DECORATED Unfum Houie, 4 900--I A Baih. HarJ^ood floort, AMIc Fan. laroe vcird. S60. 1407 Hv»y. 1 5cu:h. School tut Rt. Ion/ londi, EP 2-tO?6. NE\VLY DECORATED 3 B/R Home on Joh Slreer. 220 wlrlno. cllle Ion, Ve.ielio B!:rvdi. Mcme V Marie. Ph. ED 2-0300 :l EO 2-8171. FOR EEN1, 3 B/R Unfgm Houie. 2 bolhi, b'ge ttieened Polio, all condliior shcde tree*, near tcnool arxl park. Av able Auqulf 15lh. Ph. ED 2-6f7» tD 2-2182. FCil BENT, UNFURNISHED 2 B/« IXrpl 1004 [yer Orde - 165 J B/R encloied Do-cK--642 McAlllrei S75--Calf lodav for appolr.-nent, Kctuna/i Xealtori, EO 2-O5iB. 2 8/11 33S 1. Starling . fcld:.-g Ac ,i ] B/R. 2 Both . '21 O-b-vlo 3 B / ? »79 lesion _ S60.00 . H 50.00 - 565.00 _ S65.00 2 Bin 333 S. s:-elbv . S42 00 243 E- Colloo Or. Fum. i?0 00 J. Colo.-odo 3 B/R Rhodes T. Wasson Agency 236 WniK'ng!on Pkone ED 2-153! 715 Main Si. Phone ED 2-S149 Insurance r aiiii:iu. KtlUKIUV JROCK-BOTTOSI i RATES Call John Worthy Ml Ph ·«-f or.e EO 7-10J6 50. Furl ished Apartments COM3ITH NED Pirvole bolh i «OO"i Ftm Aov Pilvole bolh, e.~.!ro^.:e. Garoge I.V Catle. 647 ft no'd. Pli. ED 4.9°44. 72J VAUIAKI f"sT~2 Bed-wen Firmll'-ej Aporl^e.-it. Ph Fol Rent decorated. Pli MAYNARD WILZIN Dial EO 4-4554 638 Orlando 2530 Alrda'e 1260 V.araaret 714 F^i'c-i 1173 A-no'd 2600 Airerfo'e I4B4 Ca-.c.l 144 M- Broad«-9y Ji! .00 JSSOO 550.00 J35 Quality Homes is our business. See these befor you buy, LOCATIONS: Gardens Addition Houses For Sal* FOR SALE BY OWNER 1132 S. COLORADO ST. B/R Home, l'/i balhs, Dining loom, large Kitchen, central heat, Vasher Dryer connection, 22( outlet for Air Conditioner, disappearing stairway to attic. Ph. ED 2-1458. '»he HOME See Shapley... For Your 2ustom-Buih Home and et the best In workman- nip and materials. * Lots Available In Most Any Location In Greenville Find The Shapley Sign And Inspect For Quality!! FIIA, GI t Conventional Financing * PLAN SERVICE * FREE ESTIMATES S H A P L E Y Lumber Company Beauchamp, South Colorado Featuring 3 laige B/R's, pancllc kitchen with D/A, spacioua clos-i ets, wide carport, 1 or 114 ceramic tils bathj. | P. C. PALMERTREE Builder Ph. ED 4-JDM £D 2-1451 Greenville's Besi Quality Home Buys 918 W. Lynn Circle Brick Xt Clapboard siding, 3 bed rooms, tile bath, paneled kitche with maple cabinets, Chrysler Keating system, Hardwood floors $450 Down -- F.H.A. ?400 Closing Cost V.A. 1521 Marilyn Ave. This is a quality home at an economical price. 3 bedrooms, car port large storage, sliding doors on closets, aluminum win dows, large tree on lot. Attic fan Formica wunler lop, dressinj table in bath. $400 Do\vn -- F.H.A. ?400 Closing Cost--V.A. 213 Fava Drive Family room and fenced-in pati included with this 3 bedroom home. Located in Highlanc Heigh la, the exclusive all brie addition near MaUic Akins Ele menfary School. !'/£ tile baths, largt closets in entrance hall fo storape, $750 Down -- F.H.A. $400 Closing Cost--V.A. $15,600. Uetr.bei MLS cell ETJ 2-21 bothi. lal fenc*. Small *qyltv _ PAULINE Sf. 3 B;? brick horc*. J300 h. airuR** F.h[.A. Joorv. _ 141J MAEILYN D». 3 avnpUnFv r«-denrarr Small P.H.A ? bfldc -vnr-i On// $9,000 pgym«f\. 545 SO. UAEN, 5 B/R, 3 bath), air MMV lilcnlng and ceniral JisaT Owner will 1 .ronc* fg; tmalT d^rva pOYnxnt. Frfud 3 tilf. 12 ASHBUEN DB 3 B/2, 2 both, fn, brick conirnjcllon A1J ilec. andliTontd, bull I-In nov« and o ·tarry otrvw attroctlv* features. AU iced SAM COUSLEY Ph ED 2-S728 FOR SALE ort Sfftk, oil condition/no, 3 8^3 rorf 0/4, leriouo flooi In din w!iS ccnlcird ft(*Dfoc» and ever rooking Country Club, 2 1i'» baihi. docb!« COOQI. 3 B/R Kononv h-ovi» In Parklawn with 01 kill* ct $200.00 down. Naw og n. *.- Sovtt on acr« ol Und -- t Ircru fm BoyJ, $6500. _ 3 8/B homt m 449 JQ Arm Qrclt 3 B/R houii (oca ltd 1612 Cotney Drh-i VETERANS! USE YOUR G.I. RIGHT NOW. JULY 26 WILL BE TOO LATE. Houses t'or 19. OR SAIE OR [NI, lit. 3 B/R F OT .e 2 Jock* Iro-n Em Botd ScKocl. Pat port quhy t, rnurr^ K'l, ken. Coll (0 2-0335. o7R'l. l/R, Kitchen. Oert. loundry oom, carport, ulillry Room, f«cel'*nl elghborhood. Walking dulcnce E-n Boyd hool. 1303 All So'nl CiKle. ED 2.2Z59. Or SAIE. 3 B/B Kom». 2 bdM, IOIQ* crttfltd back Co-corl Pilc*d lo all. 658 E McCcrkU Oiclo t*SO dwr Call ED 2-6194 f*4 eaaotrtn*nt I E.cfiaomi. IV, balh Bjitk hvre, ean old. fay owr.e; ikOOO aAd O»U moothh/ pole*. 1556 Canal Ave. Phflne 0 5-1352. IKE NtW 3 BEDROOM HOUSt IN 'IEASANT ACRES teaonable enuln nrd nalee el US 50 4V, X loon 64' r 106 orrwi lot. close lo (Jrj pork Coll Sat 6th St. Ph. KD 4-3183 ABIDE HOMES SOtlTH'S BEST BUYS Wide Selcciion In All Price Ranges. Just $350. Down Jii* mony homii w* an ilg 01 Be I fail Slrtil In the Pczan Pait , w« Kav« h*'0 ititl avcilabl*. Tki biaMtly MiirtiiDDl'j gr«otfil 3 Ibwy -- wllh prkei Ffiik^livj lot cj 410,000. S*t iS*n two he whlt« cclo; tt l Kl'-W} It n:l] ov ibli. $10,OOO. to $10240 Big Shade Tree L.W*' a gianl i3f ending peccn .. lfi Ihii 3 BS. I 1 /, bath bcaur/. Sri; it and O!CT hym w i ndow» n-.ean : life will) no vokeeo. Giant kllchtn- ily roo-n pcrelij wilh "lock maple" , with cabini't, oltnly of th«n, ts rr.o tc h . Ca lo/ic biHH -In cv en c nd lorvjt hat "burn*! wllh a brain". S'Wirtg glau door (torn fcmily I«T» to ·nclond pairs. oaV po^q-'Ot fl«;i» or» dilfnen*, otiful, end orccticol. C«nfial gal hrat- - llou»j For Sale CHOICI OtOUr Ot HOIK W IKe emel Growing Greenville bvtlneil dtlirlcl. fiont en Wairi1.glon Ave rvarlenollf ng Icnanli put'lc parking olmotf adjacent 11.250 to fl (loo* ipace' Fot more klcirr^t!on write Bel 115 KotirrKiri Iniuiaixe Co. ci dial ED 1-OJ59 31. Colored Property For Salt BeoVoom Home, iepora!e Orning Koo-n. 3:ge Carpo-t A |Q|. Small dc«n pov- .tr^l t aiiume fHA loan. Ph. EO J-6176 f lee ol 2242 Hav-ioll. . aoooVilmeni Koiwa (-OHB nrohu tO 4-31 0 EO FOR SALE BY OWNER Nice 3 Bedroom Home. Reason- ably priced. Location ideal for children. 13H St. Joseph Circle Ph. ED 2-7377. OA- Biulnesi Prop. For Silt FOR SALE Several very desirable Houses and Duplex Apt'j. Practically new. All rented. Good income property for investment. Ph. ED 2-0517. 72. Lois For Sale FOR SALE, Wxl$5' lot on Fa'rvlew. Fn. COMMEBCIAL LOIS CLOSE IN en HlQii* way 82 Can, rear 5of*vrov ·"·-mi can fc« a i ranged Coll ui today. Koiman fleaMon, tO 2-OS5I, rl-jh-i 10 -3HO. 77. ASSUME G.I. LOAN -LOW EQUITY *!*! o-.IV ««.33, lrtlvdj lacti art- p.vrarve, Corr«; lot. 3 B3 niyf (arpoil. Cho'n Mr* frnrt in*Juded o-xJ al.«afv oald for. Th:» b: a buv ol 1638 Hcioilal Sr;t«t won't bit l«ig of th» nrk*, call fsday for nnpoVfrrcnf [o ite Paul Abidf at ED S-1163, ntchii EC 1173, "The Price Is Right" On one of the best commercial lots on fVUe Highway 1 North. Ideal for Service Station, Garage, or anything commercial. ERNEST WALDAUER AGENCY 111 £. Poplar SI. .,, _ phone ED 7*1555 Nlghti Coll ED 2.6544 71. Colored Property For Salt One Of The Most. Desireoble homes In Brown's Addition on 3rd St. Every modern convenience will be found in the like new home. 100 ft. frontage tot, fenced back yard, large garage. Must be seen to be appreciated. For Jur- ther details call or see MAYNARD WILZIN Membei cJ Mulllol* U11 Ing S«rvk» Peal Enalo fteniali in loan ,,, . ,, , ED 4-4554 1 JJ N Br=dwa Wgtiwav 82 E Acreage For Sale r O? SAIE. 4 Aeiet ef land. 3750 per Vcre. Hwv. 1 Se-jih, 3 nlei Iran dry .Im'H, ED 5-3I94. «8 SALE. 20 Acm. fir.e (or lAJrvliitn. lowted en Eat! Keed Road. Ph. 4i5, Le. 80. C«rs Fur Sale 195' CHEVROLET, olo'er r^del ear or rath for ecnil^. Noiei JS7. See a'i'-i 5=20 p.m. ol 615 E. Slcri nq. ____. GOOD CAR DEALS 1955 Studebaker, 4 door, 6 Cyl. Radio and heater, overdrive. Clean. Also, 1855 Buick Special, 4 door, radio heater, auto, transmission. For details, call ED 2-1061 5 to 9 p.m. 33. Mobile Homes 1956. American Hovie T -oiler. 41 · X 8' wide. 2 5/R'l plut 6' X l'.Rccrr-., V.'alh. -rva ED 2-i779 aher 4:30 p.m. weeV d3V*. o^-/ thriB $j ^ 1960 -- 50 X 10 SPARCRAFT. A top value Mobile Home manufactured by Spartan Aircraft Co. This unit has Early American furniture, Washer, central air- conditioning and many o t h e r extras. Financed up to 7 years. RICK'S TRAILER SALES, INC. Uoblle Home* HtoJouarteri ot the Delia , coodilionlrvg rrixh iHe ihsde i I or ui thow you and Ml Iruulalion rr. G R E E N V I L L E . L U M B E R C O . . "MISSISSIPPI'S MOST COMPLETE BUILDING SERVICE" Phone ED 2-2637 ED Z-2687, ED 2-S34S Nil* k«eo!rvg ihli ho-na cw beTng eo-no'e'ed al 124-1 Slreif, · hccpy family fo:illcm. $13,900. Veterans Just Pay Closing, About $(M. ALL SOLD OUT So rfof'i why liter tomolele ce^lrol a i r- roodi li on'- n ond brfcV veneer el rttj.'cu IOL-I'V lo ei. We lull have 3 VA bait leFl, i I icrre good oavke and locV of rfi -I ol Ineie trerRe-uioui valull now. ^Vfi ALWAYS PUBLISH OUR PRICKS ABIDE CUMBER COMPANY Ilwy. 82 E. Phone ED 5-116? Pher*e FD 2-177J Houses For Sue 7(1. Houses For Sale A MATTER OF CHOICE IF IF IF You want to live In a value controlled area, near churches and schools . . . . You want two, three or four bed- · rooms for your . gr.p^ing,, family . . . . ·-· -' '···'' .'"! «!·.-·. You want an attractive home, inside out ... . A home that surrounds you with comfort Something of beauty convenience that all your friends will admire . . . . This is what you want . . . . Let us make a suggestion . . . . CALL ED 2-7217 RODE REALTY COMPANY Curs For Sale SO. Cart For Sal* 80. Cart For Sale Cars For Sale S W A P O N A N Y N E W O R U S E D G A R A T M E A D O R S C H E V R O L E T GT _ FHA ef loan Dyei O. jtrurnmlon ^ 1f4? B/l br:ck venee. al 1605 Cooler tor be curchcied fol only $300 ccih. tirxvry houie [n Bowmanor on comer l:t,! Fearuilng oVJ bilck. heat rxrmp, 2 bo'Kt. xirate 0/B, den and doubTe garage. B/JI, IV, both, large dervlcllehen «wn* blnatiort. elJOO down Glume FKA loan. ^___^______^___^____ B/R. 2 I.I. bothi. 911 W Lynn. Call or See John Gannon RHODES T. WASSON AGENCY V A C A T I O N S P E C I A L S New I960 Chevrolets New 1960 Oldsmobiles New 1960 Corvairs New 1960 Chevrolet Trucks Big Selection Of AH Models U S E D C A R S P E C I A L S '59 Olds -- $2495 "" 4-door. One owner, low mileage, new white wall tires, Radio healer, Hydramntic, power steering. This one is clean as a pin- Come in and drive it. Owner's name on t. '55 Pontiac $895 Cafalina Starchief 2-door Hardtop. Radio, heater, Hydra- malic, white wall tires. One owner, traded in on a 'SO Olds. Read good shnpe. All Used Cars Reconditioned 123 VI. SJ5CO »75CO|334 Wain. B. ED J-I53J. nlte ED -317»[| J«100i» Membe- ol Central tlitlna Se.-v J. L. McCLENDON 137 S. Horver -- dione 10 J-S1»J UNFINISHED 615 Sunllo»ei 2 B/i! _ ....... ---- 560 00 2O r V u b e ' r v 2 B/R _____ S65 00 145 le.»il 3 BJ8 _____ 175.00 620 N. Bioad^ay 2 tit ----- S« 00 525 W. re:cv I B/J ------- 42000 W » ' lelond. Fi/m. ODII. Newly|l'3S Qi' led. Pi, . 60 a 164. ?« '/-.' 822 S. S:o=J»3y 2 B/R -814 H*y. ! N 2 B/R ___ SI 7 W. A'eic-xfei 2 «/B ,, 1703 Spr,;e 2 B/R 212 Orange 2 B/R S60 M - - - Pctlon 2 S/?. 545.00 J64.00 S6000 J50.00 HFAViy DKJiiATEO 3 Room Fut Woler poki. ' fh. ED 2-1340. 1 I/B fvinl' ]60 n-,3. Co MA'i Did ID 4- wd ooanrr-enl 346 OtJcndo fO 2-J933. NARD WILZIN M 144 N. boodwn 12] H. Hr S2« McAIIII 321 Alexor 33] Belle / "2-R Walk JJI-A H I 52. Al.xn- 319 Ire AIR CO ED AP CONNEC SERVIC1 PAID, C. BY 7-11 FOR REI ER ANl »55 00 . 559.00 $45.00 ·ood-voy TM_ idwoy . . S4SOO sso.oo PURnSH- \RTMENTS. C A B L E nONS, PEST CONTROL t A L L U T I L I T I E S SLL ED 4-1736 OR COME MrNUTE MARKET. tT ICE CREAM FRF.EZ f FLOOR POLISHERS. 130 N. 1H!0 3 Fj-n. Acl. All 73CV, fj:n Ur,! 712 C»l T W O B I G V A L U E S FOR SALE 1350 Sq. Ft. Enclosed Area 3 B/R, L/R, Separate D/R, 1 ,! ?. rei i. neve _ 170 oo s c .p ara (e Utility, Fenced Backj «;·'* _ ~ " issoo'Yard, Excellent Location. | 1284 JOHN Only $13,500 BRAND NEW! 3 B/R BRICK 837 Ashburn L/R, D/R, Family Room with Fireplace, Built-in Appliances, Corapartmcnted Baths, Aluminum Windows. $18,000 Conventional Slightly higher F.H.A. LOW COST GMAC FINANC1 621 Aihbj-r-. 3 B / R li.i!u'.i] liCS.CO S65 00' ... .. SS 00 254 =· -Ige A v e . 1 B y R MAY'S RENTALS PRICES REDUCED La.-ge Roc~i 4 Eolh U'i!.' ei Inc. (65.00 WASH. A V E . UCiioirl 1 B/R Ap-. A:l UMil.Ft JnC. $50 00 1811 «*./ 2 B.t. Modem Houte Unfo-niir.ed itO.OO fu-nlihed J75.00 733 /Ay laige MoHe.-n 2 B R. DvDle htd _!S5.«1 furred (90.01 ' _ iOrjrTr7-g'e Modern 2 B 8. glrl f^'n. *ot. 170 CO eM ;AIBV:*\V. F.-ra ln-ae lAe 6 Poorn D-c'et (75 CO '56 Chevy $1095 "210" 4-door V-8. Straight shift, radio and healer, white wall tires. One owner, traded in on a new Chevrolet. '59 Chevy $2295 Bel Air 4-door V-8, Powergtide, power steering brakes, factory air conditioning. One owner, low mites, as clean as we have had. '56 Ford $995 Country Sedan station wagon. 4-door, 3 passenger. 6 cylinder standard shift for economy. This is a real solid wagon. '56 Chevy $995 "210" 4-door 6 cylinder. Standard transmission, radio, heater, one owner, iraded in on a '60 Chevy. This car will make someone a cood economical car. '58 Chevy $1395 2-door 6-cylinder Del Rey. Heater- standard transmission for economy. We nave reconditioned this car thoroughly '57 Chevy $1295 "210" 4-door V-S. Radio, heater, white wall tires. This car has many trouble free miles left. It carries our OK guarantee. '57 Olds $1495 "S-BS" Holiday Coupe. Radio, heater Hydramatic, white wall tires, power steering and brakes. As clean as they come. One owner, traded in on t '$0 Olds. '58 Olds $$$$$$ "93" 4-door Holiday Sedan. Power steering, brakes windows, factory air conditioning, like new white wall tires. You have to drive this car to appreciate it. '58 Chevy $1495 Biscayna 4-door V-S. Radio, heater, tu- lone paint. One owner, traded in on a '60 Chevy. We will trade right with you on this one. '56 Ford --- $895 1!4 ton V-S stake body truck. This is a good sslid truck and priced below tho market. Engine and body in excellent shape. '54 Chevy $595 ',$ ton Pickup. Heater. Solid truck for the money. Jtfud grip tires en the rear and good tires on the front. Lois o: service left. '53 Chevy $545 '/, Ion Pickup Truck. Heater and 4 good tires. This is the cleanest pickup for the model in Greenville. Come in and :e for yourselt but hurry 'cause you may !e loo late H. N. ALS^ANDER SONS New Used Car Lot Highway 82 East New Cars.Paris Service -- 320 Main Street Ol M'l* t'Odr. 10 2-6376. ED 2-511°. i 'SilKC 1803" ED J-7M6

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