The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 4, 1947 · Page 22
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 22

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 4, 1947
Page 22
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THE BROWNSVILLE TTEKALn y, .Time 4, They'll Do It Every Time *« "· CMH« By Jimmy Hatlo HV IS IT? ONI A HIGHWAY AS STRAI6MT AS A BOWLIN6 ALLEV THE ROUTE MARKERS ARE LIKE THIS T^'I ROUTE 57 XM ·~PVJS^~ X-- \4\4 rori: KM?, vrt rrATtmr.s a J, Inc., W O R L D R I G H T S R K R I J H V K D . BUT IN A BK3 UR6 FULL OF HAYWIRE INTERSECTIONS IT$ · LIKETHlSOyDUCAN FIND IT--) 0 FREP LASSWELL, YOU KWQW WHAT TO PO, PORKV/ PRIVE OUT THE COUNTQV SMP HIM--UNPCR A BLANKET/ LOOK, BOSS.'., r UP T' PELIVER TH' STUFF TO A TOW- HEAP IN A BROWN SUIT WHO SMOULP MEET ME IKITH' FWRK--RKSHT? ..SOT ? IT/ X\N' HE TRUSS f' PULL A SWIFT/ 4M' I HIM AN' HE'S MY CAR AN' WHAT I PO WITH HIM? EXCUSE M6 OFFICER/ I FOUNP THIS PIPE IN THE ·/IRE SURE /T W/55 "SILVER" KO/NE5, PORKV? MAVBE HE PIP TAKE THE VICTIM TO A PQCTOR(. BUT I'LL 5ENP OUT A PICK-UP ORPER ON HIS THESOWL'S, STILL {JOT! 7#er? yr^ 5i? /77£/7X different soaps that it's a- problem to choose, Prisci'lia. I'd like to recommend this brand to you, Mrs. fiJutchell, Imagine! One package Is ' enough to fill your dining room and living room full of suds/ T fl i. -- \n Heavens/ My husband would never forgive mel OUR BOARDING HOUSE- -With Major HoopIe;OUT OUR WAY By William* ;g I'VE 6QT AM IDEA FO^fe) -THAT MOTOR.r££D f COMESTO£AW/XOhiOP,£U YOURS MA30R--YOU ^ft IT f D\O ~~^'t2z%z^2f2 · w * * i "T ·5--^'.' f -j*~ f -^'r*^s£ A DINAE To// SOME · rr IP you BMKVT A. v I "6EORGE- CLAIM IT AS PROPERTY FROM I'LL HAVE TO SLEEP OM TH' SOFA WHILE HE'S SICK--I NEVER GET AKlY SLEEP CRUMBS OUT OF A FEATHER BEP --THEY KEEP WORKING POWM. BORhi THIRTY VEARS TOO SOOM LET'S TALK ABOUT YOU AND ME NOW, vic. we've TALKED ENOUGH ABOUT PRIZEFIGHTERS. I TOLD VOU ONCE V;^ BEFORE, IF I DON'T CARE, J* '{f LOOK, CONNIE, WOULDN T 1 A SUCKCR TO TRVTO TWO TIME A PRI2EFIGHTER ? I'M LEAVING. OH.' 50 I'VE GOT ANOTHER AMERICAN IN MV HMf2, EH? WELL,YOU'VE ABOUT DRAWN YOUR LAST BREATH: 6UR I'LL TELL YOU WHERE MV PAU WENT WITH YCUR C3EM5...AN' FAT LOT OF SOOD IT'LL. DO YLJH; HE WENT TO AMERICA, THAT * WHY NOT A CONTEST/ PIT THI5 TO THE DE/STH IN / MURDEROUS THE ARENA? WITH I BARBARIAN SUCH A. NAN, IT V AGAINST MV SHOULD AFFORD U5 RARE SPORT.' *TH£ CRE.W OF THE ILL- FAT5LD PHILADELPHIA.. C A R N ? I V A L -- ·Bv Dick Tnrno 1947 BY NCA S t R V / C f . WC. T. M. flEfl. U. «. PAT- OFF. U.S. Envoy HORIZONTAL VERTICAL 1,5 Pictured U.S 1 Polcstinp river ambnssndor to 2 King of "When I suggested we try to steal their maid, 1 meant for mo, not youi" : ^.+ Colombia 10 Rascal 1.1 Scents 13 High peak 14 Roman proconsul 16 Path 18 I?npolito 20 Pedal digits 21 Burden 22 wnrcvhouse 24 Scrap 25 Singing voice 20 More aged 27 Italian river 20 Exists 20 Wifio men 32 Flat-bodied ray 30 Concur 37 Sea duck 38 Afternoon parties 39 Tardy 43 Close 44 Finish 45 Capital of country where he is stationed 47 Worm ! 48 Bridge holding 50 Region (poet,) 52 Grades 53 Poultry DC GUILLCCHO SEVIUA 5ACASA *~j I P. '»' .A f T ·V) WHY IS IT MY FAULT YOU DIDMT oer Y^UR, CAR FROM THE GARAGE \ JUST BECAUSE I. USE THE" PHONE- A LITTLE- BIT- ·v| ,"~~~* ' X. YOU DONT USE IT, I VDu HOMSSTEAD IT.' Tl-IE TELtPHOWE COMPAMV SHOr.LD GIVE YOU A 99-YffAR LEASE / HOW CAM YOU 6E SO ) MOW CAM I GET To X T X WANT TO '" ML ^.M ·° . ·//:.·/ / / / / f' V '"| ffifiW* ·jUtl^ m!o. u ?. rAT. err. Bash an 3 Embrace I ^ Tidy I 5 Riclgo I fl Rainbow » 7 Card gome 2J R n l n w e a r mistakes, 8 Type measure 23 Gnawed 39 Fasten 9 Gaped 24 Balance 40 Eras 10 Course 2D Cloy 41 Toward 12 Dressing 30 He is n diplo- 42 Engrave 13 Waste m a t i c 45 Prohibition j allowance 31 Classifier 4fl Beverage 15 Behold! 33 Takes n w o y 4f) North 17 Belgian river 34 Torment . A m e r i c a (nb.) 19 Epic poems 35 Makes 51 Preposition ;§§ 2S JlT i8 »nr 3V TO SEE LlTtLE BEAVER ' QUARTERING THUNDER IK) AND HENR. A If.,, I FBLT I WNS LOSING WE CAN \COMMERCIAL ONr? JOHN'S LOUF. HE WOULD' CAft\ ONE O 1 VOUR $' DISAPPEAR. FOR. WEEKS, SOAP £ AND IN THRBWENINS \ LETTERS, TAUNT ME ABOUT *. MS MOLPV, CORRODED *- CO^APLESlON', SETA | TO THE AlFSr) POR.T 2 AND THEM it "ijF VES, ANP BY WAS THfM*MOLJ ^ SUNPOWM M SWITCHED TO " SKIN HAD THKT KCllWGLE'S SOAR JSLOSSS. WBLlr WRS. KALLIKAfc? ^TENOEP LOOK. r 1 ? THIVT JOHW txH *v HERE'^T AND NOW, FOLKS, JUSfl \B cewvefABER'. NO NOWI^ MO SCRUBBING 1» fAOlSTEW VOUR WOC.K. CIOTHB5." OUST) sf^vPBSBfe ON ^ SR^^M oe rwo o 60) ;tr ® f t A U N E V G O O C i l J : A N D .SNUJ I ' V SiMITU bGNT VG A ' PRCSENT, BUT HE Sez YE DASS6(\)T OPGN IT TILL WG-UNS GIT UP BUST (V^V BRITCHeS GO FETCH TH' PARSOti, TIME'S AVOASTlN'i! sA\VVEK --By Boy Crane INCREDIBLE, M'SIEUR. YOU SAY THAT IN NEW YORK YOU BOM?DED A PLANE FOR THE YUKON AND LANDE D IN AFRICA INSTEAD? TMAT'5 WHY WE HAVE NO PASSPORT^ SIR. BUT HOW COULD THE PILOT HAYEMAPE SUCH A MISTAKE^ tHIY?WHO ARE TM»V? IT WA5 NO MISTAKE, Wfc'WEREKIPNAPEP. TMEV WANTED THE SERVICES OF THE FAMOUS PLASTIC SURGEON WHO \VASABOARD PR. WING. WELl, MERE'S WHERE THE REALLY INCREDIBLE PART COMES I N.THEY ' WERE NA1\6 WHO WERE 6OIN6 TO FORCE DR,WlHa TO DO A FACE- LIFTING JOB. WING SAyWjTHE FWiEKT -- HE 5WORRIT WA5 NONE OTHCR THAN DES.XIRBV WILL HAVE TO PINJO HOMEY THE HAKDNVAV/ TALKING.' CTUST THlWk"/ IT'LL \ WE AIN'T ^ WHAT D'VA BUY TEK) ICE SIMGIN'/ J THINK WE Af?E, CCEAM CONES/ / SEE?/^^\T H Q UEAUEOTW? WHEPES COUSIN HONEY? _ _ . , _ 1*^ YOU'PE AGkTlNG ME," HONEY'S BESTEST FRIEND, TO BETRAY HEP CONFIDENCE? FOE WMEW! SO TWE I^IRST PAY OP WATCWING CLARABELLE'5 PET SHOP1 I DON'T KNOW 1 . /VAN 3 = TM TOO SO-T-^EARTE: RUN A PET S^OP. '

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