The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on July 17, 1939 · Page 4
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 4

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, July 17, 1939
Page 4
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t s wt t I \ THE DAILY MESSENGER, CANANDAIGUA, N. BE, MONDAY, JULY 17,1039. every Afternoon except , llewenger Bldg., by Canan- 4MfM* MeMencer, Inc., Leon J. MoKrthy, prwldent, treuurer and ·fttar; O. L. Crofoofc, vtee pfesl- tet And office manager; Howard 0. ItaCDuff, advertising manager; Hubert P. Nelke, circulation mana- (Entered at the Post Office, Can- ·ndftlfua, N. Y., as second class matter.) Phone Business Office 897 Newt Room 898 SUBSCRIPTION RATES By The Carrier In City Delivered at your door, 18 cents "per week; single copy, 3 cents. ( By Mail (OtttsWe 'of Canandaigua) 1 mo. 3 mo. 6 mo. year In Ontario and Yates Counties ,. 60$ $1.50 $2.00 $4.00 Outside Ontario' and Yates Counties .. 70(* $1.85 $3.00 $6.00 Please watch the date of expiration printed on the label and avoid fttWnlptlon of delivery by sending in «dv»nce renewal. -Nftttohal · Advertising Representatives: Prudden, King Prudden, Inc., New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Denver and Rochester. Member of Associated Press The'Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited in this paprand also the local news published herein. All rights are reserved. -· NIBLE THOUGHT FOR TODAY: DO NOT VIOLATE ETERNAL LAWS -- Cast away from you, all "VflgnBimisgressions, whereby ye have" transgressed and make you a ^Iftw^llMtit -and a new spirit; for why will you die? -- Ezekiel 18.31. Don't Look Now, But*»! ., to-a hew-public con- proeram by the United o^..,, Jiece is "how to effect, a consolidation of government bureaus which has affected 108.000 persons on government payrolls, tt^Brsi major change that has taken place in government bureaus in the history of the nation. Reorganization of government departments was recognized as es- --T ojtnTheodore Roosevelt, un- ose administration so many jtwras-. came into being _-._. the" expansion of national [fate 5rV-w6YM power basis. Every president since Theodore Roosevelt has pleaded for re-organization powers, and while the movement nowlJelng shaken down will save $20 fjt^jjpns annually, it will also elimliSIPiincation of effort, which ria« *eeri one source of criticism of departmental work in Washington. 'jBt8 . The new Federar Works agency will coordinate the" public works program, and its cttairman, M Carmody, plans : to synchronize public wrfh private work, through a program of long-rjntt planning, so nothing the government undertakes will interfere with private tjjjjjstryk program. The 50 bureaus nW nemly C*M|ped art tinder these cUBsifiwrtions, works,' loans, and security and Under the latter come such bureaus as education, public health, youth administration, CCC and. so on. Any one of the three groupings represents many diverse inges in Washington, and shifts jurisdiction from one depart- rt?»to- another, and. as design- t »,* eTBrfiation of some bureaus which haOeen 'functioning for too long. A number of- independent bodies have been consolidated and the Department of Justice, as it should. will take over federal prisons, as . Industries are concerned. fc jke"3fepartment of foreign amnestic commerce will go to ' ".·:-'*·· · . ' ' " "'y?''"'." ·v'.-i.'-*-n'i«*8 -/·':'··.'{ ^^;:»M . ;'-^; ; .; ; ^ : ^$^§ RADIO PROGRAMS (Time Is Eastern Standard) NEW YORK (If}--For the next eight Monday nlghUt, starting at 9 tonight, the CBS chain ib producing a series of programs to depict what's back of the microphone. Styled, "So Tl^is Is Radio," the piograms will be in chajge of Norr.-an Corwin, who attracted atten- t,on through his dramatized poetry broadcasts of "Words Without Mus- if." In addition to their experiments.! nature, the programs £re tu dramatize, with emphsis on entertainment, "behind-the-scenes radio and its listeners." Efforts will be made likewise, to answer the questions of the invisible auuience. To start things off, the guests wi'l bo Commentator H. V. Kaltcnborn, singing Ruth Carhart, and Nila Mack, director of the children's program, "Let's Pretend." The short wave recep'ion foiccaft: "Probably fair at fie start of the week, improving to good by the tnd of the week." CAREFUL DRIVERS Washington Daybook By Preston Graver. BETTER ENGLISH By D. C. WILLIAMS By LOUIS JOHNSON .these skeptics that aviation is im- Assittant Secretary of War ' proving far too rapidly for anyone (Pinch-hitting far Preston Grover, ,to predict any limitations upon its on vacation.) , potential powers? WASHINGTON -- Practically I Consider merely the revolution every day since Munich, in Wash- [in speed. Not so long ago, we were ington and in every part of the'hoping to approach 250 miles an country that I have visited. I have j hour. Today we have plarres that been asked these questions by ] can fly at 400 miles an hour and newspapermen- | th e day is approaching when we "What is the state of our air de- jmay have speeds of 500 to 600. fenses?" -with Ger- msny?" Since newspaper reporters reflect most accurately the state of the public mind, I presume all of America seeks the answers to these two questions. I am happy to stats that our defenses on land, on sea and in the air have been strengthened and improved. In the air, especially, we have made significant progress. We'll Defend The .West , . ', In planning our air program we are not trying to match the forces of Germany or of any other nation. We are planning a system that adequately will defend America and its geographical frontiers. We have taken fully into consideration our oceans, our manpower, our industrial resources and other assets of national defense. We are trying to develop a pro" «. the year ending July 1, we re- ! tective armor that will fit the ceived from the industry approx- American body and nothing more, imately 700 airplanes which, type What other nations feel they need for type can be matched against I for their military programs may the best' produced anywhere in the ] not suit us at all. What we have in during the same period we i mind to protect us may not fit new contracts fo- more them. We are committed to the de- JCO planes which are in ad- fense of the western hemisphere of many of the worlds pres- |and that objective we intend to models. ' accomplish with planes of design. f uliy appropri-1 speed and endurance that will ates the money necessary to give!most effectively serve our pur- us an air armada of 5.500 to 6.000 poses. will be on the road to- ' When it conies to national ue- national' fense the American people, re- 'gardless of political parties, stand 1. What is \vrons with this sentence? "He raised five children." 2. What is the correct pronunciation of "apparatus?" 3. Which one of these words is misspelled? Savannah, bananna. l.csanna. 4. What does the word "affectation" mean? 5. What js a word beginning with nid that means "untiring?" ANSWERS 1. Say, "He reared five children." "He raised five hogs." 2. Pronounce ap-a-ra-tus. first a as in at, third a s, m ray. accent third syllaole. 3. Banana. 4. An attempt to assume v hat is not natural or real. "The affectation of sanctity is a blotch on the- faca of piety."--Lavater. 5, Indefatigable. Listening tonight: WEAF-NBC--NEW YORK 6:15--Luther-Layman S'.ngers 7:00--Al Pearce Gang 7:30--Margaret Speaks, bonjs 8.00--Doctor I Q. Qui/- 9:00--Cohtented Conceit ' WABC-CBS--NEW YORK 0:30--Blondie (west repeat 9:30) 7:00--Leith Stevens Music 7.30--Howard and Shellfn U:00--New series, George McCall or. Hollywood 8:30--New time for Guv Lombards WJZ-NBC--NEW VOkK 6:00--Orphans of Divorce 7:00--Order of Adventures 7:30--Magic Key Hour F:30--Radio Forum, Sen. Win. H King on "Neutrally Ly Law and in Practice" 9:00--True and False What to expect Tuesdav: WEAF-NBC--NEW YORK 12.45--Women's Clubs Pregiam 2.45--Guiding Light, serial 5-00--Ink Spots Quartet CBS-Chain 2:30--Story of the Song 4:00--Musical Album 4:45--March of Games WJZ-NBC--NEW YORK 11.30--Farm and Home IIovu 1:30--Little Variety Shew 3.00--Club Matinee Some Tuesday short waves' GSP GSD GSB London 6:25 "Airs Dream;" 2RO Rome 7:30 Tuesday Symphonies; PCJ Eindhoven 6 Happy Program; TGWA Gtiatt- rnale City Marimba Ensemble. SELDOM SKID National Safety Council Personal Health Service By WILLIAM BRADY, M. D. Signed letters pertaining to personal health and hygiene, not to disease diagnosis or treatment, will be answered by Dr. Brady if a stamped, self-addressed envelope is enclosed. Letters should be brief and written in ink. Owing to the large number of letters received, only a few can be answered here. No reply can be made to queries not conforming to instructions. Address Dr. William Brady, in care of this newspaper. Name your city on your return envelope. Don't say "City." A GUIDE TO RIGHT EATING The major league record of runs scored by a baseball team in a single game was- made on June 29. 1897 i.: a game between Chicago and Lcmsville of the Nations' League, v.hen the former team scored thirty- ent trained combat crs«'s to man BmenencBl mechanics to firmly united. Responsible leaders in Congress. Republicans a n d Democrats, work as one. The President's program for air defense has merited the confidence its enjoys. An America united for national defense is our strongest bulwark for peace. "Here's The Way We---" By BARONESS PIANTONI cess of consolidation and ing unnecessary agencies in some of the other government bureaus. AIRES NEXT TO NEW ... YORK Newspapers of North America are at present -commenting on the fact that Buenos Aires, camtal of f r for its southern brother. 0. This is not surpris- to travelers in tttt Lower Am- Baenos A i r T h e in . in population in eight years has been about 400.000. while it is anced air force in sufficient quantity and quality to defend the west- !ern hemisphere against aggression today. j 1 emphasize the word "today" 'because no one can foretell what may be the developments of tomorrow Adequacy is a relative term. What may he enough to pro- is realized, at some future date may prove wholly insufficient We. in America, do not have the privilege of the last word on ;he subject of our military needs. We must paw with world conditions armament developments. menacing weapon ol today 1 is the long rannf bombardment airplane. At Munich, the of the republic with its 1300.000 square miles of territory. It is an old city, its birth going back to Pedro de Mcndoza's settlement in 1536 The Indians defeated the early settlement plans and there was a refounding in 1580 by Juan W Oaray. It was one of the Jead- itif centers in the earlv cojonial period and .still maintains its pres- Ufr by a wide margin With tJir settlement of the pampas, the great Argentinian prairies, in the city grow apace. The pampas 4 o- d«y are one of the great nfrannts of the world, where wheat, oats. corn, flax and alfalfa are grown on * fraud scale Where the land is M* dry for farming, it is- devoid to cattle raising. Aires province is ihe and most jwpqjous in the e. and. of coarse, the city is l|* M*. 8ita*ted on the ngr.tter.k ·: U* PtaU river, it is r« port, m- nmity and the metro* point It is our dut 10 use or the thicat ol i ' men! as a iactor m the hie of ] I America. ' I Some may led that a I attack against 1 h i s Irom the air. and particular!;, against continental United Stalt" i.s too fantasiic to br worth} of ·-'- turns consideration Mav I warn of the Plata region 11 is one ol the most modern cities in the world, with many snlendid buildings, and as clean and pleasan*. with spacious parks. It is a hignlv cosmopolitan city, with the Latin element predominate!;, but there are many German, Slavic, British and American business houses. Capital and immigration have been ' attracted from all quarters of the | globe, so that today there are col- I onies which speak almost every j European tongue. Buenos Aires, in fact, is one of the world's greatest ciUeswith an assured future. -Montreal 1047 PATTERN XO. W47. Vv" -- -j-a«h our clothes" Bnn g colorful Mtxir-o into vow home · x r - j lhf^« attractiif towels. Ftol low a Mexican SfnoritA tnrough her ortupations of washings, iron ing. du-ting. shopping and even c^urtine Your towels will tell t be story in thf vivid colors of a picture .(jiie country. There is a t owe! for each da» of the week. The pattern envelope contain $7 net-iron transfer designs, about ·4 bj 7 inches each, complete, easy -to-«nderstand, illustrated directions, unh color suggestion- and illustration of «titches; also what material and how much you wi 11 need. To obtain this pattern, send for No 1047 and c-nc^..^ 10 cents in .stamps or coin (coin preferred) to cover service and postage. Address The Daily Messenger, Nee dJeworic Department, Phoenix St, Canandaigua. N. IT. ~ TODAY WHAM--ROCHES IER (Daylight Saving Time) 4:00_ciub Matinee. NBC 4:45--"Midstream," NBC 5:00--Glenn Miller Orch.. NBC 5 30--Let's Waltz 5:45--Buck Rogers 6.00--News (i: 15--Your Family Mine 6:30--Wm. Rogers--Sports 6:45--Lowell Thomas, NBC 7:00--"Orphans of Divorce," NBC 7.30--Musical Sensations. NBC 3:00--"Order of Adventwers " NBC C-30--RCA Magic Key. NBC 9.30--"Pot of Gold," NBC 10-00--True or False. NBC 10:30--Magnolia Blossoms. NBC 11:00--News Reporter 11:11--Barry Winton Oich.. NBC ! 1:30--Rudy Vallee Orch., NBC 12.00--Anson Weeks Orch., NBC 12:30--Bob Carter Orch.. NBC 1.00--Sign-Off TUESDAY WHAM--ROCHESTER 30--Morning After 00--News Reporter 15--To be announced 30--Tonic Tunes 45--Kindly Thoughts 00--Pete and Joe 15--Vocal Vogues. NBC ;30--Swing Serenade. I^BC :45--Tower Clock Progiam :00--Vass Family :15--Women Only :30--Young Dr. Malone .45--1 Love A Mystery :00-Central City. NBC : 15--Josh Higgins. NBC :30--Tom Grierson--Organ :45--Houseboat Hannaii :00--Mary Marhn. NBC : 15--Vic and Sade. NBC .30--Pepper Young's Family. NBC .45--To be announced. NBC :00--Hit of the Day 05--Ncw.s Reporter 15--To be announced :30--Farm and Home Hour, NEC :30--A3 Sigl .45-NBC Dance Band 00--Betty and Bob. NlJC :15--Arnold Grimm's Daughter. NBC :30--Valiant Lady. NBC 45--Hvmns of Ail Chujchf-. NEC .00--U. S. Army Band. NBC 30--Rhythm SoriS- NEC :00--Club Matinee. NB"3 :45--"Midstream," NBC -.00--Rhythm «fe Romaix*-. NBC :30--Lets Waltz .45--Social Cnroniclc : 00--Ncw.s 15--Your Fpimly fe M,nr :30--Sports : 45--Lowell Thomas. NBC :00--Easy Aces, NBC .15-Mr. Kccii. NBC :30--Tommorrow's Hea«21irK /c :45-Ray Kinney Orch. NEC 00--"The Insidf Storj," NEC 30--Information Pkai". 00--Melody and Madm-M 30-Tni? Storv Time. NBC Oft--"Mr Di-tnct AttoiTOj.' NEC ?/* -Charles Barncit OrcL . XI5~ "I'm going on a diet" is a flimsy excuse for shameful self-indulgence or. if the wishy-washy one really means it the idea betrays childish ignorance of nutrition. People who look and feel trim and fit do not go on diets; they adopt a reasonable, nutritionally adequate regimen and stay on it. as you and I brush our teeth or roll our morning somersaults respectively. Not that sensible folk never escape the monotony of right eating. E\en you and 1 make little to-do, I hope, if we have to worry along for a while without our respective foibles The Corrective Protective Diet as printed in this column a few months ago. is not only corrective and protective in the sense that it restores some of the vitamins and minerals lacking in the everyday diet of most people and adjusts the overbalance of refined carbohydrate material in the everyday diet It is at the same time a basic, fundamental or model health diet for mature adults--not lor children or adolescents. If you pattern your diet upon ihe Corrective Protective Diet you will nave what may fairly be called a regeneration or rejuvenation diet, and without much special knowledge of caloric values of food materials yet: can readily make it a maintenance diet a reduction diet, or a fattening diet. A maintenance diet is one that provides sufficient calories in the form of fat. protein and cii bo- hydrate in fai? proportions to yield the energy .equired to perform the muscular work or play the individual does daily, besides the minimum energy required to carry on the \ital functions 'this averages 1800 calories daily), and the material necessary for growth and repair of wear and tear, plus a certain minimum necessary to maintain normal body temperature Such a diet represents 2,500 to 3.000 calories, to keep an adult of average height and size at normal weight. If the mainteance diet is supplemented with the mam vitamins (B-complex and D) it will not only maintain normal weight but also excellent health. Please bear in mind, this is a maintenance diet ONLY for a SEDENTARY adult. It is not adequate for a parson under twenty-five years of age. nor is it sufficient for a mature adult who vorks or plays hard. Breakfast Calories Orange 70 Cereal HO Roll H5 Coffee Cream 2 tablespoonfuls 120 Suenr. 2 1-2 tcaspoonfuls 75 Butter. 1-2 ounce 115 "Total 600 Lunch Two Eggs 150 Two slices bread 140 1-2 ounce butter 115 2 teaspoonfuls sugar . . . . 66 Rice pudding 160 Small banana 100 Real Cowboy Songs A Treat To Sing! Totel Dinner Soup 700 200 200 Potato ........................ 8° Bread ...................... 120 Squash ....". .................. 90 Peas ....................... 150 Baked apple ............... 7 5 Cream ........................ O HOME. HOJMt ON THE RANG! Here Are Sure-Firc Favorites Meat Total Happy times on the range Ihc cowboys strike up with a sonp And fun for you whrn you round up the crowd for cowtoiv ballads Let tlic favonl*' "Home OJi ihr Range" start you oil: "Home, home on ihe ranpo. Where ttic deer and 1hr antTJGjy play; Whcn« n?\PT as heard a diwurag- ing word And the ,4:ics arr not, cloud" all day." 1 What to wne m x t ? Thu. row- boy love onp. 'In Ihr Gold Field 1 ; ·of Montana " Sonsboo}; m hand, von easily follow 1hr tune. "In the Gold Firid.% oi Montana. Ihc Western .Otits .so tohie, jsparthmf: foi a Inra-siire And I foimd ;ifrept DTCTJOUS you " Or zip into 1hai h]]anou la- ·vonV. The Sluttr-nii" Cn-abo*"' H* 1 -1i3llT fi f3 -ahilf i-opin" find bo.*-, 1^vfl a lavgh. T( li"n I J j j ' ~\'^i Coj \ r i J QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Dandruff A long while ago I saw in your column a formula for a dandruff rcmedv. 'J. S » Answer -- Best dandruff remedy I know is tins- Precipitated sulfur. 1 dram: Sr.- Ik-vlic nrid. 20 grains: Ointment of Rn^c WatT 1 ounce. Properly maoc this .nnti.irn 1 i* ro smooth that no particle can be if It brtwron thumb and finger. 'Part Iwir lirrc and there and rub a V.TC bit of ointment snta the .,. no! on the hain with lineer ;. Cover about onr-fourth of the dnily m IJiis -xav. Shampoo and rest one day a wec\- Continue till von ha.c us"d 51 *fvcral weeks Thai should control the trouWc for -rvmr months. For lurllirr in.-.lnic- 1nm on rare of thr hair and control of (landni?T jscnd '·tampixl en- vclopc brarms your aridro;', Nn r.. 1 Wrak Miny tiof1or heart conditimi I had -heart, they .said One prescribed quinine, ^hirh swmrd to make i1 if anything Pollowang a ^lwn ol vour column I Jjegan »i1atnin fi-complos. 1.2W a dav a1 first, and i1 hc3pt3 immrrlia1fli. Thru it **mc3 la COT- rri" 1 a ralon ropdition. 1on. an3 no--. 1 tnfcf W) units a day and ffl liiM 'inr 'O T i Jl-Nobfl] Orrh :£C ·30--Richard Hamber Oreh. NEC .00--Jan Savitt Orch . NBC ·30--Johnny Meaner Ord , NIK." :00-Sign-Off PROFITABLE PLOWING SCOTTSVILLE. Ky. W -- Farmer Kantey Horn noticed his ptow turned tip a piece of metal. He examined more closely and found it was an ISIS fifty-cent coin. NO-IT a dull 3pcnnfnt -a hen voii -jn? -urh rrand torbnv Owr ,w?booV. has Id .oono; mij-,ic and piano acrom- o^d onfs you lovr arid voul] want to Irarn Enjoy Thp BordfT Affair." ' Hid- m "Down That OW Texa-s Trail " Sen.1 lOc in coin for vowr copy of POPULAR COWBOY SONGS to The Daily Mesenser, Canandaigua. N. Y. Be surf to writo plainly your name, address and the name of booklet. of B v of iii this ,roup oi vitamins, rp-ypoij-italc for many j on Vrins cii" ii« -omo adv \rin~ 'A. M P » -- Send a ^tampfd en- ·,p]opf bpsnn? your address and a;k for jnonograpli on VaTicow Vein? and Varicose Ulcer. Do not clipping. (Protected by John P. Dilte Co.) LOOKING BACKWARD Interettlitf Item Taken The Flfei of The Dally Met- Mocer Ten Te»r» Af» Wednesday, July 17. 1929 Following a meating of the board ol directors of the Wood Library Association held at tuc library looms In the Historical building, it was announced that part of the collection of volumes bequeathed the hbraiy by Ernest L. Coolly, ol Chicago, a native ol Canandaigua, who died in 1928, has been placed on trc library shelves and it now open to the public Fire oi undetermined origin destroyed the vestry, in which vesc- i·Tilts were stored and gutted St Dominic's Catholic Church «u Sliortsville this afternoon. Damage is expected to run into thousands of dollars, although no estimate could bf obtained immediately. Again the Exchange Club hrs taken the initiative in the move- iptnt, started by the club some tirnc ago, to create an arport -or Canandaigua. At the weekly luncheon at V/enna Kenna yesterday the club voted to invite John Somers former Canandaiguan, who has become uii aviation expert connected wj, the United States to come here inspect the sites and give advice in the establishment of au adequate landing field, admittedly a necessity today. Dr. E. S. Brown, local veterinarian, was named chaiiinan of the airport committee. DAILY MESSENGER PATTERNS DESIGNED FOR LARGE SIZES PATTERN 8534 -- Especially designed for large women who want something gracious and sophisticated, yet with youthful chic, this dress (8534) has lovely lines, and just the right touch of formality for afternoon. The skirt is paneled, with long, slim, unbroken lines. The bodice fits teautifully. being gathered onto the shoulder yoke, to ensure a nice bustline, and trimmed with narrow revers that are just dressy enough, without looking fussy. Wear this to luncheons, bridge parties and club meetings, in small- figured silk print, flat crepe rayon jersey. You'll like everytl _ about it. from the wide-shouldered sleeves (which always help you to look slimmer) to the gradually flar* ing skirt. It's a very easy dress to make. Pattern No. 8534 is designed for sizes 36, 3«. 40. 42. 44. 46, 48, 50 and 52. Size 38 requires, with short, sleeves. 4 1-2 yards of 39-inch material; with long sleeves. 4 7-» yards. For a Pai tern of this attractive model send 15c in coin, your Name. Address. Sty3c. Number and Size to The Daliy Messenger. Canandaigua. j Sew your own vacaUon wardrobe, j and have morr money to spend on j your tnp! Plan it with the help of !| our new pattern book! More than s 100 iww fashions for late spring, and summer -- everything you and ihc rhaldivn need lor ho! weather! All .smart ant' charming--all easy! 1o make! Each pattern includes a j Atrp-b.v-.strp sew chart to guide be-' ginncrs. Srnd for Pattern Book NOW! One Pattern and Book 25c. Bnok alone I5c. READand! Bf W L. GORDON The first ngatft made and s ' ss b'-lifvcd to have brer? in 1833 an Egyptian soldier eiupti**! 1'sf eiinpowder from papn tub* containers and inserted tol^cco 1 ij ftkc a substitute lo 1 * his pipe, bfote- (r or lost during TI batilc 'oc and Turkey. Tobacco 1933 as tfce one hundredth- ri.nivr-isary of ihe cigare*. Just before the Civil War nhirr.i- sometimes sld for as high a-'j pound.

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