The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 18, 1960 · Page 8
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 8

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Monday, July 18, 1960
Page 8
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Dclln Dcmocra(-' r ' i MC5 8 Monday. July it) 'Pop' Concert With Beer Yet SAN FRANCISCO (UP1) - 1 San Francisco is celebrating the l«h anniversary of a successful musical experiment--the mixture of symphony music and beer garden refreshments. The occasion is the city Art Commission's "Mid - Summer Pops Festival" which features the combination of Boston's maestro Arthur Fiedler and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. This year's series of 10 concerts starts July 9 and ends Aug. 9. Crowds that have jammed Civic Auditorium for the past 10 years love the festival. Perhaps it's because while hearing the concertSj the music lovers may sip coffee or beer and munch pretzels. Since the series began Fiedler has played to capacity audiences consistently. One reason for the success of the venture is the price. Tickets sell from 30 cents in lha balcony to $2.30. for Mats at tables on lh« main floor. A table ticket also is good for the first beer or cup of coffee-with the pretzels thrown in free." Old Vei Will Get His Bed Finally BALTIMORE Md. (AP) -Vet- earns groups have tried from time to time to do something special for Charlie Creek of Annapolis, one of Maryland's senior war veterans. The shy old Indian fighter is 106. Finally, persistent members of American Legion Post 141 pinned him down to something he wanted, "I'd like a new bed," S'id Charlie, "and -- can it be » bed that has a crank?" "You mean a hospital bed?" he was asked. "I don't know hospital beds," Charlie replied. "I've never been in one." Charlie's present bed is supported by four wooden boxes. At the American Legion Convention here next Friday, Charlie will get his new bed--crank and all. TOGO A-STUOYIN'AN' 1 CANPt ' TMfttCWVi WW) UMATTS W80N3 WfH\0l Oft-Y Wt ' ·m*eiw ewT UOOK Riant, affia road isBiiN'Aft v* sortA J w« cv COR AsSStSAu/N'fiWf ao poep- - -Dr, Crane Says. Psychoneurotics Should Jump Into Life And Swim Around · DO.VT PUSH THE PANIC BUTTON! Whtn you want good workers just place an ad in the Delta Democrat-Times "Help Wanted" columns of Classified. Call now. By - GEORGE W. CRANE, Ph.D., M. D. CASE F. - 412: Harris V., aged 34, is a neurotic art student. "Dr. Crane, I was discharged r rom the Army as a psychoneurotic," he began mournfully. "Since then, I have spent over (1,000 going to doctors. But they [ell me they've done all they can "But sill 1 I «it around and try !o analyze myself. I guess I ihing too much. But 1 keep hoping I'll find some doctor who will cure me. "Then I can get a job and live iike normnl people. So can you Coddled Monds No, I can't cure him any more than his other doctors could. For we doctors don't cure you, anyway. You must cure yourselfl And Yugoslav Official Admits Farm Co-ops Didn't Score A Success By STOYAN BRALOVIC SARAJEVO. Yugoslavia (UP!) --The premier of a Yugoslav stale says that farm cooperatives formed under pressure in his state have turned out badly and been largely abandoned. The statement came f r o m Djuro Pucar, premier of Bosnia and Hercgovina whose rugged mountains have bred a tradition of small farms and independence. At one time, Pucar said, 90 per cent of peasant farmers in the state belonged to co-operatives. "In this period," he said, "our agriculture began to deteriorate considerably because a large percentage of these co-operatives were formed under pressure. "We had to drop this method-to dissolve many of them and leave only those formed voluntarily." Most European Communist countries--notably East Germany -- are continuing with plans to completely communize agriculture. The premier also touched church-slate relations, post-war reconstruction, the problem o the state's Moslem minority and the development of natural resources. He said that relations between Poland Agrees To Pay Off Claims WASHINGTON (AP) - Communist Poland agreed Sat. to pay the United States 40 million dollars over a 20-year-period for settlement ol claims by U. S citizens arising out of nationalization of properly in Poland after World War II. The claims settlement has been under negotiation in Washington and Warsaw since March 1959 The agreement was described a removing an important problem in U.S.-Polish relations. the Communist government anc religious groups are "satisfactory, al though perhaps not too good with the Roman Catholic Church." He said there are scattered church officials who "produce some difficulties." "It is natural and essentia that nobody in this country can M allowed to live here and at the same time conduct policies against the interests of the country and its social system, he added. "When a priest takes to the pulpit and says that Communists are atheists, not worhy to live, and so forth, we cannot applaud and tell him "Bravo." He added that Moslems, Greek Orthodox and Roma n Ca t holic s are allowed to have schools to train new priests and work with out being disturbed by the state Bosnia and Heregovina in eludes about 1,200,000 Serbs, G5Q, 000 Croats, 850,000 Moslems and some 500,000 members of the oth er groups. Pucar noted that the Moslem have remained a group to them selves, although, he said, they dc NOTICE TO 11 DO I IS d bdii and foe propoiali fm fur- and telling !o th« Board ol Trut- re«-.viil» Municipal 5»oajoie School for Ihe Gretnvill* Public School , bi i*cirv*d , 1,00 p.m. ICSI], . . , ,l:nda'A Auevit I, 1960, ol lha O!fi:« if lh» Sup*rm1«.Td«nl cf School*, Grei.-v ril?« HiflK St.hcaf, Grt«nvil!e, Miimitp- i, for cfolirocm and other )upp!,*», malvuoli. end tq-jlp.-^fnt Retarding to ilfjcolicni end 1 rvforrr o M on on fi1« IS* O(fk« ol tH* Scpeiiniervifnr of School* at follows t?oi and thh d red. WITNESS MY Ju\-f. 1 760, IDA XANDEPS. ADMINISIKATJIIX 7/11-1825 not have a nationality of thei own. He said many of them, includ ng high - ranking Communists ;ay, "Why should we call ou ;elves Serbs or Croats when wi are neither? We are Moslem and intend to remain as such "We have occasional struggles and clashes with Moslem priests, especially on the question of Mos- cm schools in Bosnia, ho added. Pucar noted that Bosnia and Heregovina, besides being al sparsely developed area, was bad ly devastated in World War II. As a result it had priority for reconstruction, and the central government has contributed $3,313,000,000. Since the war much emphasis has been put on building industry in the state and exploiting its mineral resources, Pucar said. be sooner Americans learn tha imple fact, the less mental ai ments we'll have. We doctors can help you by cf ecting your thinking along Ih ight channels. But you mus hen make the plunge. Wouldn't it be silly for Harr o want his" doctors to tench hir o swim, but always refuse t get into the water? Nobody can teach you to swim Neither could I do Harris 1 swim ming for him, nor can anyboc else, doctor or layman. For "swimming" is always nrfividual task which the swim mer himself must perform. The same thing is true in mei tal medicine. But millions i Americans still seem to think tl doctor can do their menl 'swimming", as it were. So stop coddling yourself lil hat. Instead, get into motion. For norm a\ motions will soon lead to normal emotions Get Info Motion "But I'm afraid to go to work," Jam's protested, trembling, "I iust can't do it." Why can't he do it? He's ab- e-bodied. But he simply has stagefright. That's no fatal malady. Everybody hes stagefright whenever he tackles something out of the ordinary. So whip up your courage. Normal people go to work in the morning. So If you feel abnormal, why not become normal again by doing whnt normal people do. That means, go to work, regardless of your quaverinp emotions. For if you go through normal motions, you'll soon begin to have normal emotions and normal thoughts. You folk s who feel you are abnormal simply need to act like normal people for a few weeks and then you'll begin to feel like normal folks. There is no royal road to swimming or mental health. You have to earn both of these by doing the hard work yourself. Nervous Breakdowni Nervous breakdowns usually develop because of a see-saw type of conflict between two deep Fviiillu:*: Cksiiwii, Olflct, «h. CFctroom, ofli'c*. and mitttN larwtxrt lupoliei. Library bcoti, mol*finll, vrd re- (aled »wnp''(i. Building and maln'enarvtfl *.·?· pl-» and equipment. AiMefic and Ptiyi'ral Education luppllei and tqulorrier.r. Science Svpoli** end j-nall tQulfl- Visual SK»p Education tqu»pn-*nT. 9. Prin! rd Ma1 rrioi I, pri nl'no; tup- pfiei, t'c. Oeiaifi, tpKif Nations, and oinai In' on' \n l*-e Offset of lh« Suc«rin'ende^l cl hocli, 419 Fail foUniJww. Grten. Tho no lit lo iii«l o.iy or oil b;di end jropcsali ii iiictved by lV» Boatf ol Fdu- ccf:on and trForrr.alii:«i rr-ov b* waived. PurcSaiM wllj be nxide frc-n (,-· Icwest belt b^di to met! ih* n*fdi of the ;=!i (or the 1960-61 ichool year. Board of Fducpr'on Sioarata StHco! Dulrttl B. Hoi B-thafon, SuptrinlindenT NO1ICE TO CREDITORS tUerj of Adnlrliirar : o--i UDC-T the ol l*« J. Coll.'ni. dr:ected, f-a n Qrcnled 1o lh* oncferi'^red by D cl rfia Charrery Court cl pe'io ilali lo . having f ofB wi'KIn ii m thor thall bo F th:» 6:h dc- NOTICE OF T R U S T E E S iALE Under auihorirv veiFrd in ne, ai Trut- tci, by the trvrti deed executed by Edwin I. RodocF» and wif*. LucillB I. RMcen to W, O. McARTHU?, TrvMep lot THE PBUDENTiAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA, deled November 24, 195B. arvd teccudfd In Book 6fl3, Pago 203 oi i v o :icoidi ol Woth'jiglsn Ccvnlr. ' rppi, d«Fou!t hcving bee.T r^c payment cl a pctlkwi of th« iftyrtd by iokl Iruif c r eed and I he Prvdemkjl Intvrcrxc Corrocny cf A~!- j having d^ared 1 all cf It due cr-d of "" Ai?oyii , 1960, wifhlT the Itgal Scurv, i«FI ol pub^c eul:ry ta rh* h^J^eii bid-: cfer hi caiS at the Seuih frcni doo- of Court HavtB in Greenville, Waihing.... County, M=iliit*PDi. ih« followirva dntiibed 1 /ral ei'ot* In th ' oor.iy, M:isiu;ppi, tot Twer-.ry-fivf. |?5 of BlocV [1 cf th« McCotkle Addirrc-i l City ol Gi«rrvil!e. Wc Cocnty, ^in^sipo 1 , acc^rdirg plaf cl re;ord in Flat Bock Pcga 15 oi J^e )ond tecordi cf counlf a-j I'a re. 3 nay I'-s d*bl te deed and lK» covi trutr. Th:t laH vrlll alt I960 lajitt and WITNESS rr.v hcnd July, I960. Ill W D. M IRUSTEE 7)11-1875--8/1 T I P S O N T.V. P-R-O-G-R-A-M emotions. These may be desire vs. conscience. EVINRUDE MOTORS - LAWN MOWERS M A R I N E E Q U I P M E N T I N C . 123 So. Walm* "Service" PINE BLUFF KATV-OIANNEL 7-CABLE MONDAY 6.00 »J»*« 6:15 Verwbfa A:30 Ovevenr.o 7.30 Bcurbcn S 8 33 Paradin 9-30 An-.3leur I 10:00 New* lt15 "Ocng» - " 10=10 Movl. lli5 Ntw» 17.00 R«iti»i Gwn 12:30 Lova Thol E, 1,00 Abool Fecei 11 SO Crosirondi FARNSWORTP/S The Bride's Store JACKSON WJTV-CHANNEL 12-CABLE 6 6-15 D. Ea'jvond 6 3 0 Kare Smith 7:00 Tea^ 7:30 Foih*f Kn BeU S.OO Dan, Thc- 8:33 Arn So^e V.OO H»nnetry 10-00 T»!l TrvtS 10,50 W»a^ H«« 10,35 r^*4 0,35 Video Villnga 12:» V/orfJ Ti - HXCO t^cy 10:30 Dec. Erkfa .HiW ltw- ol V fet Fo 7:30 Country Sho 6.00 CB$ Kwrt Ui« O v i - K BrlS Cct. Kor^aarool2.00 Wea, N«w 9:00 Drc. Bride 1 2iOi Neb'ert Ni 9,30 Spclli:§ 15.10 Guajt In KADIO 1 PHONOGUPH REEVES TV SERVICE Fast Service Phone 2-7785 JACKSON - WLBT CHANNEL S - CABLE 10.00 Pr«« It Big* 10:30 Concvntrcllon 11,00 Iivih Oi . . Asst. Secretary of State Foy D. He added that under the new live year plan the govenment hopes Kohter and Dr. Stanislaw RSCE-' kowski, financial counselor of the Polish Embassy, signed the agreement. to turn more toward raising liv ing standards, especially in the more backwads areas of Bosnia Make your vacation a real holiday. If you want to combine your bills, repair the car, or just need cash for the trip, we can povide the money you need. L O A N S - 5 5 0 UP TO $1,000 UP TO H MOIVniS TO REPAY GREENVILLE LOAN CO. «!0 WuUngtoo FLOYD E. WOOD, MGR. ED 4-Wa This Is Our 18th Year In Business In Greenville So gel the facts. If you consul your doctor, write out your com plete case to save him time. Then face the issue. Do whatj you know is the proper thing, ev-] en if it seems like you will die in the process. You will not die. Mental palitnls necl to extrovert their attention upon other scople and quit moaning about themselves. So join the 'Compliment Club 1 , which requires you pay three honest compliments rer day for 30-days. For that experiment trains you to think positively and look for virtues instead of faults and vices. Meanwhile, it take your attention olf yourself. So you will soon become brave and popular and gay. Send for my bulletin 'How lo Prevent Nervous Breakdowns", enclosing a stamped return envelope, plus 20 cents (non-profit). (Always write to Dr. Crane in care of this newspaper, enclosing a long 4 cent stamped addressed envelope and 20 cents to cover typing and printing costs when you send for one of his booklets. | (Copyright by The Hopkins Syndicate, Inc.) SURE way to check for t h test available job lor you is read- Ing Delta Democrat-Times "help wanted" edj daily. MOHOAY 1030 Four Juir S;30 Coat. Golfonf Mtn 6:00 t!t~i H'OO Ja;k Pool 6 : 1 5 Hunr. BririliylJiOO SK" OH 6:30 ci-rvr-n« TUilDAT Coni*aiwrx*! /-·'O Welli FCTJO 6,M Con1inw*al Hi30 Could S* You 800 F*lff Gur.n Clau 12:00 Dtvcllanal 8 30 Fcuf Jyit We.i 700 Totkrr 17:10 r,'ewj 900 [,-ncrerr Yn. 9,00 Horjw Boom 17,75 1«!evin 10 CO AlaiVo-.s 9:30 Treai. Ht-m 1.00 Quten f» 9,30 Ffay Yowr Day DISTINCTIVE GIFTS Highway 82 E. Phone ED 2-1477 Free Parking !n Rear MONROE KNOE--CHANNEL 8-CABLE 4 6:30 Xo'e 7=00 Ann 7; 30 Forh» 10:00 Hrwt 10.15 TCD Hat 10:dS TCD He- t7.00 3'cn Oft TUESDAY 7,30 10 00 Lucy 10-33 For H.VIZOI 11.00 IQVI of LlfB 11,30 Scotch fcx 7,41 Pailo, 1 ! Study lorTclftr* 7:50 Mattu 11.0 Gviding llli 7,1 J Htwi lliOO tfc» N.W. 8,00 CRS Ntwi 1?il5 Ootn Hovn a i S C p l rorvjotoo 12,30 Al Th« ^ 00 e*d Powe V/oftd Tgrtw Al\vays A Favorite . . . WALKER FARMS GOLDEN GUERNSEY MILK Rich In Vitamins And Flavor EL DORADO KTVE-CHANNEL ID-CABLE 1 HO N DAI 1000V/*( 6.05 lidni*y O^i 10.5 Jack Pool 6-30 PQV Ec^ert TUESDAV 7.00 Coli^o.-n-ont 7.00 TodoY 7:30 Welh Fo.-go 9.00 Do t« Ml G-.-.n 9^30 Play Yowf of Hurvh y 10.00 fl\t* EIoM 900 Indecent Yr*. 13O CorviniroUort MrOO Tru-h or Con l l , 3 0 C c u l? : 00 Newi Chutth f-rtyjrcm 12:30 Pxev« 1,00 Oue«n for DOY 1,30 [crttla Ica 3.03 Young Dr. A I ITP/^ f*l A CO EXPERTLY INSTALLED AU I U V j L A b j PROMPT SERVICE WE HAVE CURVED WINDSHIELDS IN STOCK1 Burk Haii-Tayfoe Paint Glass Co, 1512 Hwy. 81 E, -- Across From P. 0. BEETLE BAILEY ' BEETLB ISNT RISHT NOW. CAN1 A OfCAV... OCTT THAT.. YBAHTM. eo.r IT... MBSGA3B- FKOM YOUK GtRL FKIEfxlP ILLBET HE WON! HEf?ESTHE WAV THEY USED TO CO IT IN THE MOVIES I MUST REMEMBER TO KISSBLONCHE BEFORE I LOOK INTHECOOK POT--SHE'S GETTING A LITTLE TOUCHY THAT'S H0TUHUSUAL.. IV/TH THI TYPS OF VIKtf TWS SttOT KILL FIX )Pl) UP M A WKRY... i;« eomc, OH wcAr/oarcR A COUPtE OF KEEK, FREP... IF t(X 5KO1LP KEEP AHYFHWO, CAIL iKifKKHP, DK. PORTER, IN OICAL cnyf KK5HT THERE ON THE eioeiYALK . ; TO STAY IN £P Acoune OF PAYS I STEVE CANYON CTEVE HCEWSSTb TOE UXM. Cf FlcecpfiMATClKl.E AJK- UKE5... HOUV HAU-! DO X^] fVU. HAVS by ol t t e r be io'd ivblec! Ic HEX STEN-E,' C'ftCH! Tliii SKIPPER'S FUT TOWXJStl A CALL TO THE WCRLP COWL! HE AUV 5 115 OUT OF HEKE HOW CAH X WAJT IT1N HEKf UP FORAY SHTIN HEKE COOPEP ?iOO Day li 2t30 Ga'i S1 3=00 Brcl 'H 3i30 Who Y ^-00 4:30 Pooer me CLUB COKP/AL is QUICKLY EMPTieP.. A GARAGE A Fety COOKS A\ SKtAT GUARRAN I TL.'R.SSP OUT TO BE HC1V \\VJL I EVE F.MP FCZVUKt. KCW? KEEP THE SUN :R, MYRA STEP LIVELY. PLE^frYOFSfATS, UP FRONT.' 1:00 Full Citcl* 1.30 KOJH Parlv 3:00 Lc.-.ely Y C J 1,30 Vercfcf h 3-00 B-,ghi=i Oav 3,15 S«t.*l S'OfW 3i30 Edoa N^ht A 00 fts. Poo«y I'M IMAGE MclMACiE,TATTOO 1 SPECIALIST. I'M NOT A BLACKSMITH! I QUIT BUT, MclMAGE,VOU CAN T LEAVE WiTH HER TATTOO TWO-THIRDS DONE AND F3ESOILLSJiE V.COLDSHE COULDNTANSW6RI KEEP HER HER PHONE? 1 RADIO BLARINO? 1,30 lOftrra Yo--7-00 Ol. Molorv* 2-33 Ftom lht» Pool) 3-00 Con-fdy 3 30 Adv. 4,00 Bcix 5-00 lillls 5:15 t;?wj 5-70 5n=ri For Any Occasion IF WE AREN'T THE PRIZE P01TS! ·aant COT TO WKE sow EXCUSE, CHZlS. TELLTKW WE'RE 50.S SOT A csiacAP CF PROV,SI:KS KB CA WAKTA G'.VE ME fl KAV3 1M STOY.'iNS tM A3CAKP?... KOWfAHECK KDV.-E (SE 1,00 Fu!l Citi'o 1,30 Hovw fattv 1,45 Cleatino Hi 2,00 Hir-lei ?,30 Vtrdid li i'iTll T'Z fACXLES ON THE'.RBOV? 3:00 '.gM« Day 3,15 Scitil ilorm 3:33 Edg* ol Night DAISY MAE HAIN'T GOTMUCMCFA FACE --BUT, AH IS USEPTOIT.'/-OH, LEAVE ME HERE, ISVO'G-GOIM ? 2,30 3:00 Ccrr-cdy 3 : 30 Yoncv Dcrtinget x ; 00 P.M 5:00 Pce«v« S.tS I,V~. ant Woiht/ Phone ED 2-2629

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