The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on November 19, 1957 · Page 12
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 12

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 19, 1957
Page 12
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-12 THE INTERJ^AKE, Tuesday, November 19, 1957 | Education Board Okays Bond Sale Cinema Performer .Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 Cinema performer, Barbara 5 appears in motion pictures 8 She is n supporting 12 lroqi:oian I n d i a n 13 Torrid 14 Aneipijl Irish capital 15 Stup Hi E t e r n i t y 17 Clintity ' 18 Before 19 Assessment a m o u n t 21 Falsehood! 22 H i n d u queen 2-1 C u r v e d . ·moldings 26 Minislevs to 2 a Wharves. 29 Beverage 30 Indonesian of Mindanao 31 Unit of reluctance 32 Through 33 Blaze 35 Sphere of action 38 Juicy berry ,19 Dropsy 41 Rodent 4^ Challenged 4C Roman bronze 47 Grafted (her.) 49 Roman god of u n d e r w o r l d 50 Scottish alder trees 51 Genus of maples 52 Deed 53 Native o: Media .iJ Sea bird 55 .Scottish fheopfoki SB War god of Greece K S DOWN 1 Vicjim of Ienrosy 2 Biblical m o u n t a i n :! Kind of Creed 4 D r i v i n g command 5 A f r i c a n tree C Owl's cry 7 Volcano in Sicily 8 Depot (ab.) 9 Greater in stature 10 Armed forces 11 Demolishes J9 Ransomed 20 Lingered 23 Ensnare 2(i Having gears 27 Bargain event 28 Father 33 European nation 34 Opposed to f o r m e r 'M Closer ;j7 Full apology 38 Large ·!0 Onagers ·Ki Hebrew month 44 Staple food of the Orient 45 Royal Italian family name 4B Sea eagle 50 iiucharistic wine vessei J IT If 3 33 31 31 53 % Make Place Cards FERNDALE (IUS T S)--Meeting at the Roy Higgins home Wednesday, Den. 3 of Cub Scouts worked on place cards for the Thanksgiving pack meeting in the Bigfork Hall. Bill Bolstad, scout, also ' helped with a table centerpiece for the no- host banquet. · , ' . Cuts Hand EUREKA (ILNS)--Johnny Doble cut his hand badly while cutting Christmas trees on the ranch on the West Kootenai. He cut through the tend and veins on his thumb and it took a doctor an hour anc a half to treat the wound. He was hospitalized for a day. HELENA (UP) -- The State Board of Education opened its monthly meeting yesterday and approved the sale of $485,000 worth of honds to the Housing and Home Finance Agency for the men's dormitory at Northern Montana College of Education in Havre. The Board of Examiners also gave ils approval to the sale. Also approved by the board at its morning session, was the sale of $330,000 worth of bonds to the same agency for a new dormitory at Eastern · Montana College of Education. The Board of Education sold $450,000 worth of bonds for the Food Service Center addition at Montana State University in Missoula to Murphey Favre, Inc., of Spokane and E. J. Prescott Co., Minneapolis. The board also heard routine reports from the custodial institutions and the university units. Business in Brief examples of the potent teenage | duction halted a 3'/£-year upward purchasing power: 1) More than' mvement. . two-thirds of America's teenagers I iown their own cameras and took I 600 million snapshots with them in 1956; 2) Teenagers account for about 70 per cent of the music i n d u s t r y ' s single-record sales. spending some $150 million a year for disks; 3) One-half of all small- i radio sales are made to teenagers; 14) The 2.5 billion gallons of gas Bond Grow in Montana KAUSPEU GRAINS (Yesterday'! Market) over the cotton territory. The strength in beans was also attributed to buying caused by higher prices in vege- Spring wheat. 10-10-Lprotein 1.84; 11-] *ffi u^^cSTa* °14 p^feS" ' Montana Savings Bonds sales for October show a strong recovery over previous months. (hat teenagers pour into jalopies County Chairman H. C. Keith (and Dad's car on Saturday n-ights), reported here today that October is 5 per cent of the nation's annual consumption. BREWERS MEET savings bonds., sales topped September figures by $390,242 or about 25 per cent. He said Fed- Mack S.i ela ' Reserve Bank reports siiow a Johnson, Western Montana Dis- : tributing Co., will attend the an- Legsslative Group To Name Director HELENA (UP) -- Members of Montana's Legislative Council, an Interim study committee, expect to appoint' an executive director before adjournment of the monthly meeting today. Chairman David James (D-Lib- crty) said the Council spent yesterday morning screening some 12 applications for the $7,500 a year ROY WATER total of $1,960,171 worth of E and H Savings Bonds were sold in the nual meeting of Great Falls Brew- state during October, eries, Inc., In Great Falls, Nov. 23 County sales are keeping pace and 24. Sales promotions, mer-,with the state, he said, and " 11.4 protein, 1.86; 13-12.4 protein, 1.88; lIi-13.4 protein, 1.90; 14-14.4 protein, 1.92. Hard winter wheat 30-10.4 protein, 1.76; 11-11.4 protein. 1.7G; 12-12.4 protein. 1.73: 13-13.4 protein, 1.80; 14-14.4 I protein, 1.82. ; Red winter wheat 1.71; barley No. 1 ' and 2 45 Ibs. or over 1.50 per 100. No. 1 and 2 oats, 38 Ibs. or over, 1.55. CHICAGO PRODUCE (Yeslorday's Markel) CHICAGO (UPJ-^Produce: Live poultry: Steady to lirm on rnoonettes, steady an balance. 144,000 Ibs. USDA price changes or additions: Caponettes, under 4Vi Ibs., . 20V-J-22; over 4','j Ibs., 25^-27; young hen lur- kqys 30-30Vj; swan geese 16; toms 2223; geese 27. Cheese: Steady. Single daisies and longhorns SO-oS'/i: processed loaf 3037; Swiss ^Jrade _A 42-44j Swiss Grade 35-38. Foreign trade was slow. Denmark bought a quantity oi soybeans over markets, grains were the weekend. At outside mixed. chandising and advertising 1 are "on the business agenda, with Walter Bruce, American Can Co. official, Roy as principal speaker. EDSEL SALESMAN Waters, a resident of the Flathead Valley since 1930, has joined Jacobson Motors, Kalispell's Edsel dealer, as a salesman. \ Waters formerly worked for Johns Buick as a salesman, had his own used car lot and for the in Great Falls last week. New score 5814; 89 score 131 was invested in savings bonds 5 7 - Carlots: 90 score 58?i; 89^ score throughout tlie county for the month. Hall Motors. Flushes Cougar EUREKA (ILNS)--While hunting up Burma Road, Rusty Bergette heard a coyote bark and went to investigate. He saw the coyote salesman f or | lines of merchandise and new r u n ar ound a clump of bushes a n d j ATTENDS MEETING -- Jim Packham, manager of Kalispell C. R. Anthony Co. store, attended a three-day sales and merchandise meeting of the retail company Steady to finn. 7,900 cases. large extras 52; mixed large Eggs: W h i t e extras 51; mediums 40; standards 43; current receipts 361i; dirties 3o; checks 34Vi. Potatoes: Total Friday 739, Saturday 355, Sunday J). Arrivals 235, track 352. Supply moderate, demand moderate, market steady. Track sales (100s U.S. 1A: Idaho Russets. U.S. extra 1 3.90-3.95; U.S. 1A 25-30 per cent 10 ounce and larger 3.80-885; 20-25 per cent 10 ounce and larger 2 cars, 3.G5: bakers 10 ounce car 4.25; Idaho utility 3.00-3.13; bales mesh 10s 4.35-4.50; Minnesota North 3d River Valley Pontiacs medium sized 3.50; Colo- styles ill clothing were displayed got behind a log, ready to shootirado Bed Mcciures 4 oo. Waters te married and has three to more than 100 C. R. Anthony | when a big cougar jumped out of IllPnTPT. 1 ? MnH t n p fnmilv has H v o r l l c f n r n manycrni-c; ir, 1V.« »i,*l,., n ,.t ' . . . . . . . daughters and the family has lived store managers in the midwest iin Evergreen for the last three; and northwest states, years. position. "We hope to complete our screening and employ an executive officer before we leave this OFFICE MOVED AUTO PRODUCTION IIP -Office Marked by increases by all five quarters of Selby O. Norheim, dis- General Motors divisions, will to- trict representative of Equitable tal an estimated 143,798 cars this Life Assurance Society, have been changed from Somers to K-alispell. Norheim will share space in the the bushes after the coyote, landing so close to Bergette that dirt was knocked in his face. After eyeing one another, both decided they had business elsewhere. week, 5.25 per cent above the preceding period and 6 per cent more than the year-earlier week, G.M.'s meeting," James told United Press i architectural offices of Robert E. Chevrolet division will build after a closed session of the coun-j cil. Meanwhile, J a m e s said the council would hear an "incidental progress report" from its subcommittee on state prison study. an Births POLSON ( I L N S ) -- L a k e County County births: At the Hotel Dieu Hospital, Poison, a daughter to Fehlberg in Room 19, Glacier estimated 40,000 cars, up from Building. TEENAGE MARKET -- American teenagers represent a growing consumer market that too many I'etailers and manufacturers still tend to ignore. Today the teenager's income often runs to $101 Hospital Buying CLEVELAND (UP)---The Cleveland Hospital Council's purchasing service buys everything from a 35,546 last week, and the most'side of beef to 3,000 hypodermic' do since late December last year. ' syringes for member hospitals Ford division production, how- ; see id ng to cut rising costs through ever, will ease to an estimated volume purchases. The joint pur- 34,86C autos from the 35,978 assembled last week. CUT INTEREST RATE The or $15 a week opposed to $1 and'federal reserve moved to trim the $2 fifteen years ago. And the number of teenagers as a proportion of the population is also gro\v- Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Snyder of jng -- which means that the Ronan, a son to Mr. and Mrs. I market jumps ahead year by year. George Mullen of Niarada, a daughter to Mr. and Stinger of Poison. Mrs. Vic READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS cost of borrowing money by businessmen. It .approved a cut to 3 per cent from 3 3 /2 per cent in the discount rate of four Federal Reserve districts -- New York, At- In 1956, secondary-school enroll- lanta, St Louis and Richmond. ments rose a full 10 per cent, boosting -the junior and senior high school population throughout the country to 13 million. A few The eight other districts are expected to take similar action soon. The chasing program started in 1918, the first such plan in the nation. The staff, now numbers 11 and an- Street sales (100s) U.S. 1A: Idaho Russets 4.00-4.50; some U.S. extra 1 4.50; Idaho utility 3.35; bakers 4.504.75; five IOs in master containers 2.40-2.50; paper 50s 2.25; Washington Russets few 4.00; bakers 4.25: Oregon Russets 4.50; Minnesota North Dakota Red River Valley Pontiacs 3.50-4.00; some U.S. commercial 3.25-3.35; Wisconsin Russet Burbanks 3.00-3.25: Michigan round whites few 3.10; paper (50s 1.60; Colorado Hcd McClures 4.00 4.75. MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN (Yenierday'* MarkeJ) MINNEAPOLIS (UP)--Estimated 11 a.m. (CST) cash grain prices: No. 1 northern spring wheat 234 3\vn 1. No, 1 hard whiter wheat 241 down 1. No 2 yellow corn 10Ti up 1. No! 3 heavy white oats 66*s unch. No. 2 rye 133M up 1. No. 1 yellow soybeans 217^i up 1. CHICAGO GRAIN {Yesterday'* Market) CHICAGO .(UP) -- Grains closed SPOKANB LIVESTOCK (Yesterday* Marke!) SPOKANE (UP) -- Livestock: Cattle 750. Opened slow as buyers resisting higher asking prices. Scattered sales slaughter steers and heifers fully steady and cows steady to 50 cents higher. Low good 1060 pound slaughter steers 20. low utility 15. High utility and standard under 850 pound heifers 16-17.50, good fed heifers held above 20. Utility cows 12.50-14.50, commercial 14.50-15. Calves 200. Scattered early sales heifer calves steady at 18-20. good and choice. Few mixed mostly heifers 20.50-21. Good and choice steer calves 21-22.50. Other classes not established, I individual around 300 pound choice held above 23. Hogs 550. Opened slow as effort being made to buy on basis of grade. Small lot U.S. 2 butchers averaging 208 pounds sold at 18, or 25 cents higher. Mixed lots U.S; No. 2 held about 18.aO. Sheep 100. Supply of mixed truck- ins held for showing later in day. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK (Yesterday's Market) CHICAGO (UP)--Livestock: Hogs: 11,000. Fairly active early: later trade active: butchers steady to 15 lower. No 1-3 190-230 Ib. butchers 17.00-17.55. Cattle: 24,000. Calves 200. Steers slow steady to 50 lower; choice and prime steers 24.75-27J50. Sheep: 4,000. Largest run for any day since Feb. in. Bulk o£ receipts on No. 1 pelt to full wooled slaughter lambs; slaughter ewes very scarce; market not established. mini ovrmnrHhivp-; tnfal «;4 ^0(1 (inn CHICAGO .(UP) -- Grams closed nual expenauuies total $»,ouu,uuu. mos y y hlgher in a moderately active CHICAGO GRAIN (Yesterday 1 ! Mailcol) · CHICAGO (UP)--Cash grain sales: Wheat: No. 2 hard 218. Corn: No. 1 yellow 122Vi; No. 2 yellow 122Vi; No. 3 yellow WK-lZQVi; No. 4 yellow 110-116H; No. 5 yellow 105VJ- 119Vi; sample grade yellow 100-110. Oats: No. 2 heavy white 76 N. Rye: No. 2 plump 133 N. Barley: Malting 118-126 N; feed 90106 N. Soybeans: No. 3 yellow Illinois origin 224V4; No. 3 yellow Northwest origin 226%. Both track Chicago. Pilgrim Beer session on the Board of Trade today, party Wheat and oats moved in an ir- c regular lone through most of. the ses- COOper.- sion. Demand attracted in corn was attributed to the rain and snow over the cornbelt. Corn receipts were light for a three-day accumulation and this may have had some slight effect on the increase, it was reported. Harvesting of corn, is expected to be further delayed by more wet . ther in that : area. Bad weather per cent rate had been in .trict court assessed him $9,500 foria^o hamper movement of grains froni| ' ) the farms to the terminal markets. ' The Puritans attached considerable Importance to beer as an item in their provision stores. John Alden was signed on by the Pilgrim to act as the colony's effect since August and the re-1 "contributory negligence." Tit for Tat SALT LAKE CITY (UP)--After granting Francis E. Pickering the 510,000 he sought in a damage suit against Denver R i o G r a n d e _ , , _ , , _ Western Railroad, a federal dis- tb ,f erfu [^LtS B^weVher m^ Soybeans were up on heavy_rains_ BUYING CHRISTMAS TREES Phone UL 7-2111 OLE LEE, JR. Somers MAIN STREET FURNITURE RYER ASKS "WHY WAIT? tr NOW! NO PAYMENT UNTIL MARCH 195 "THANKS A MILLION" SALE PRICED PLUGS IN JUST LIKE A TOASTER. NO SPECIAL WIRING NECESSARY. WE BOUGHT DRYERS BY THE CARLOAD. WE HAVE TO SELL 'EM BY THE CARLOAD. A GENERAL ELECTRIC DRYER FOR EVERY PURSE, ASK FOR DEMONSTRATION ADDED FEATURES NO MARCH PAYMENT UNTIL 1958 Controls located on th* beautiful bock-splosher wher« they are easy to UM. ?orce!atn WoHc Sorfa« eaty *o d*art ami counter-height-ideal (or folding clothe*. / Brief Operating tnitructlont on the Joor wrtere they can't be lost of mljptoc*t Porcelain Ctottie* Ba*ket smooth ei akm wirh *o perforation* o wear out clothe*, Magnetic Oo»f latcn o«ur»t po«Jt5ve doting every time. Hew linl Trap eoiily a«ce«iWe-ho» ·*»« Capacity. ftill-Wtdth Dear opens to the i«»e o*d wrt of ihe way. foot FedaJ leavet both hand* free far dothe*. Pill*--foment General Electric Dependability backed by a written warranty. BIG CITY PRICES MAIN Phone SK6-3686 . 1 DRYER THE GENERAL ELECTRIC .DRYER IS RATED NO. 1 IN AMERICA IN CONSUMER REPORT, JULY, 1957. DRYERS WERE NEVER PRICED so LOW WE DON'T MEET PRICES .-.WE:' MAKE PRICES. We Give"WlSE // Stamps SHOP AROUND* . . BUT BEFORE YOU BUY SEE Kalispell 29 Main Street

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