The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 18, 1960 · Page 7
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 7

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Monday, July 18, 1960
Page 7
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olftt Democrat-Times Montlay, July 1§, '6Q 7 Greenville, Leland fatten Win In Delta Tourney- -Cards, ChiSox Move Up *nfefson.Harrl» In MM'I Finil DivV HIMI Wini Brothers Win Juniors Titles 9ELTA Girls' 'Singlc5r:*J.8ty sy" Powe|) pf Junior Bgys Hollindili Billy towns laurel 7-5 n State lour ney .6iugles-T)»riif of "I Me»'s pouWes-flarry ind Clyde njng The ; "m .An- by of Greenville and Robert Dean of Leland. ·toys' Singlps^JJsrry Crosby of precjjyijle. rtjen's Si of Grej flvlffe A) f FprfS B«* Vf, Gordon AndersjOfl of By CHA8J.P5 5, Seyen of the ejght pions (] thp Del]? Toyrnarrient in fines' .Sunday and day night- Tins Presby broj)|«rs pf Greenville, Ps rr X, wefP fhe big winners. Tiiorne, the older ffho enters Vandcrhill University this fall, won the junior singles, iefeafjrig Robert pea)) qf ' ' In (he fjnajs, $-4, H.- Tlien Sunday night Thorn* firps by. paired, wifji Robert Pw g, Bryan pf Belzonj in t)* finals tor the junior doubles charnpjons, 1-0 and 1 6-1. In bays' double? Bprry CrPShy Jie youngest of the brothers, (j)4 fpr (he («ur."im§nt, iponsored by the ftslfa D«ni9£r8(-- Tjmes ami the vjli be awarded, th* pjsyffj )yin : fiX »nd one fharnpjonship, t.b? Ihs Sunday night bff? 1 !? 1 f55 sf finish rf "? to ife Ferri»ToHold Baseball Clink Af Famed Re jorf Pas|ay, Director of t CA eamp »t Ctsjalian Ip PPf, tPdfly annotince} . D^ye "Bop" Ferrj^?, forrmr Bos r tSO Red Son pitcher Pn d 3?f it l u .?t a sns-dsy B»5 eb »)i for campen at 'pjstjljan durjng Pgri9S), begins July in age /rprn njng adyincg registration* for this final period, and it is antlci pated that a large number of Ut . . . 6*1 Win Tfe PuflM «a|flejj t^jr ¥ic|ory n 8 hit; and Joe Overton of reenvillc, who worked the eighth nlntfl innvp". wa? credited j!!i the victory- Mfter Qye^rt ^ J^ard to Iws hit? in Ihs ng) two rpunds. Laurg) outhit Hflilapdele, getting 0 pf their 12 Wow| off L^mpnt iphpts, who wtrit 7 inning*, tofto, sfHSpnfl LfUffl firjt t)»S.E- r/»n, bipged two Jiprpf nm» |n trips, ffective hitter. H? dr° v P "0 thf mn with » sins'* '" 'I'- 6 h sn4 his hww «pp?!! in th? ninth, tl? UilJe RH(|) Leagu^, Pony Lcigu? other young p)(tye/5 will reg!*!* s((#f twir wmuipr season ji p0m T)ie «Spg« pf Boo Fprriss jn Pasebslf" is fa :iyd ? Mcfiee f i t o , paj r ecj (or 6-1 snr) p-2 victories over Ykksburg's Dot) HS]| and Robert Angela for the championship. Barry Crosby won jn )»ys' lingles Sunday afternoon, defeat- ng his fellow Greenvillian, Claud ituarl, in the finals, 6-0 and 6-2. Seventeen year .ojd Mary fl. "Sissy" Powell of Vjcksburg, copied the girl?' singles champion- ihip defeating Kathleen Popg of Leland, (J-J and 6-1. Then the Posg sixers of J-efand, Calhleen and Gloria, won the [iris 1 double; championship, de- cating Sjssy Ppwell firf Janjc /ess«| of Vicksburg 7-5, 8-2 In rhe , Inalj. · Gordon Anderson of Greenyilje md William Harris of preenvjlle t|)a year'' |nd iosfon club Boo 1 ' IE a seriouK-mlndAd Chris ian Layman, active in all phases of church Ijft tr\4 of t|ie Nations) Fellow ship pf Christian A|h)e(ei, J-p nuny year*, during hi* i «cepaj| r^ays, hs eerygd M i c|tp Secretary °f 'he A. W ' ' " yeir acqjpt tb* mppointment AI c Director of Delta " f) Cleveland. Paslay reports that an ouiaftf* ii|h «choo| »n Ur Force Base captured the loubles championship by defeat- ng Gilbert Woods of Indianoia md Thorne Crosby of Greenville M. In men's singles Hums pf 3AFp «nd Anderson are to meet n the deciding clash for the :hampinoship Monday or on a ater date. Spores Hole In 1 Here On 140 Yd, Drive J. P. Hampton, Lake Village, Ark., and Greenville cotton man, scored a hole in one at Greenville Golf and Country Club Saturday. It was Hampton's third hol« in one pa the local coarse. He if * member oi GGCC. Hutrptoa was playing In a threesome with his son in law, Ben Cashian, sod the Bev. Backus of Arkansas, when he scored his third Eagle. the hole in me was an No. IS, a 140 yard drive. 5tww. gr»)w )e of tarred for foyr pjirj, "f?09!(ip R f«r8 ·iMi the Rff) Spx, aix) fop mini pfjcrusr and pppch f^rrn b»feb»|l teatpn*, college meri'prf furnishjng ship for tjie sJKty-eijtht bpyi * ending the First Period. Amon hem are two Nationally certifiec Vater Safety Instructors, Cam Craft and Survival leader, ind arge numU'r pf highly and qualified counselor;. Ypung campers who wai)t to take advantage of this post-teasop camping experience, with the "ex a Boa ra addfid attracfion" of Ferris* Baseball Clinjc,' communicate widi Mr. Paslay i the Camp, or write to the St*| PMCA, Box |«J, J»c)c«on. ceuse of the limited finje that can be given to the Cimp by ^fr : riss, it is regrettable that non campers cannot be invited to pa tkipale in the program. Name Winners In Scotch Foursome A Mixed Scotch Foursorpe wa held at Greenville Golf tmd Coui try Club Sunday with 32 entries Mrs. Ernest Roberts and (Red) Conway woo the !ow n with a score of 52. Mrs. Freddie Nelken and He BUI o»m pf Vtw 6i(y, left flder for HeJlandaje, Wafted. * run home fun in )hp ninth ?"? Ducks /?«.(«! t§Uffj 7^5 pturday night for their firs,t win i the Misfifjjppi Semi-Pro Basf- iij TtHirnimsn! a( west Pp'p'r H°l!in*|J« me«ts Gulfport Tuej- ?y flight it I; J5 in their second ime of th; fournament. B^meft Ark., or Lefty Mlip TlwiPii w'H pitch tor Lee homered for L»urel. Allen, bird baseman, got 3 hits in 4 rips, ften porter ef W\*nfa\t ' a* in four trip?: F- ?· ^rejzj baj) « (rfple |f)d b,afted n'» ryn. MO!| bji.sba! 1 double (o ajd hjf own FfUM, 000 m (JJ-7 HM Vedbirds Tame Cabs In Pair, 8-2 And 8-1 Allanla To Host All-Slar Bailie; (rax Lead 6 Games By Ifllj ASSflpfATpD SH 1 ^ 9f their seventh . ern Assn. All-Star game, Atlanta baseball fans viewed ample evi- Smith, he big to P»int iHl on (9 Columbus Falls To W, Point, 15-7 ay of difference. At (hi* time last year, the crumbling Crackers hwl finished eighth in the first half of ar, At- ipMfHpoiWed «plif season and were well en the wsy to « WE5T !»!« - Batesvilk de- 'od defending ' drpppeS second- p]»C« finish in (he J-P9 Af'g^es agreed MJ (he CfacHers far. ISM nfi (h? club, with * fine group pf fu- 1 (ure Dpfjecri. After » ifwky ifprt, Atlanta foun4 a yicjpfy gropy«, tpr'wM in*" first pipes 0*4 shortly opened a fiyp-garps lead. Thf Crackers had to have an assist from the fjashyille Vpl* to get the clincher. Mo- M, pulfpyft upwt P9'tP" Of son H jn (ir* r-fw piny night. Urry f$n t hit b»|! (pr Qolfppjt, fo jtiy, eiicfwr Art farter drilled a three-run double to left after Johnny Cantrell apd Russell Puryip singled and Jumps Hester on wi|h a fielder*! choice to the bites. iti) fbe !?»s«s loaded again fpr Wfit Point liter | 9 the same ew walk fprcj! fit th« The P»fk«r« «dd«) tftrpe rnpre (n (he ftb on · singjj by Gait Cfaof- ·op »p4 b.»c(f-to%d* dojjp 1 ?' by Pltfyjs JITK} J|Rie« N«*tf- Art (fester walked »nd tcprcd on a c»rne on in r»lief L *ny ., ,, . of Ccfurnbiif yi|JE pvept i doubjeheader froi)) Rock -? arui leaving (he Crgckerf fjye garnei jn frpnt wjlh only foijr playing d»tfi Jeft the July 3! pte f»f fe- tprrnining ths host city fpr the Ji((y J6 game. All of the game* yesterday were decided by on* r""- Birmingham f i f e d into (econd place by «had- ^lattanqoga \-9, and Shreve- piNAHSTfr-Thsrne Cmspy (left) of vjllB Seated Robert Dean pf L«)and f.Q|r the jilnlor championship of (he Ddta Tennis Tournament Sunday. Thorne and Robert won the junior doyljles championship also. (Staff PhDlo) I fo fourth place i, end fjashville moved into the No. I spot with Shreyeport dropping to seventh. lew Yprk Cleveland . Chicago ... Only gsrnej teparated Bir- mingharij |nd Sh.reveport, the Nq. 2 »nd No. 7 (.earns! Nuhville got i(« tffeep oyer Little Rock tyhen TrPVeJ'r catd)- cr Don Williami walked t? the mound in the bojtom of the (Oth fp confer with pitcher Frank fovjtch without calling time. bases were M) of Vols «t ttiis critital functure, and Rod )£anehl raced toward the unguarded pl«(e with the decjsiye run Detroit 5th (u) htld the Packer's scoreless until the eighth when Gholson drilled a two-run single to center to score Tommy Keys and Shejfield. Bob WaSe in Jhe Vols won the opener when Blmjfc |loo,ef Jamey Hoyell Mtifed a tixth- min Pijre Wff» n"?ners-up with W. Mjfi Louise Morrow »r.d Lee Miers were low gross winners with 85. Another Mixed Scotch Foursome will be held at GGCC oa August 31. Southern Resumes Service NOW DIRECT SERVICE to MEMPHIS · NEW ORLEANS BATON ROUGE For ReMrvotioiu Coll Southern Airway* Bill Dnuska honored in the ninth. Birmingham rookie Van Koch pitched his first shutout and first complete game in organized ball in tlje Baron victory over Chatta- nogoa. The ex-Auburn star re- strjded the Lookouts to six hits fqr hij third victory against two defeats. Birmingham scored the game's only run wi|h Ihe »id of two errors in the fourth inning. Jim McManus drove in four runs for Shreveport and Dave stopped Memphis cold in 3 1-3 innings of reliej pitching. The Sports inflicted the loss op Memphis rdief ace Jerry Ijock, tagging the young right- hander for three runs in the fourth inning. It was only his third loss in 11 decisions. Shreveport start er Dan Pfisjer was credited with the victory, his fourth comparer with two losses. Washington .... 39 41 .488 Boston. ,,....,. 33 4B .4D7 14 Kansas City ,. M 51 5« IT, Sunday Results Washington S-5, Cleveland 2-J Detroit 12-3, New York 2-2 Chicago 2-14, Baltimore 1-2 BostonA 4, Kansas City 2 Monday Games New York at Cleveland (N) Boston at Chicago (N) Baltimore at Kansas City (N) Only games scheduled By THE ASS)PIATED PBPSS Azner?c4n League W. L. Pcct. G.B. 46 33 45 15 46 37 47 40 .582 .663 .554 .540 40 f) .600 Naiional League Pittsburgh Vf. L. Pct.G.B, Milwaukee St. Louis .. Los ngeles Chicago , 5 33 .607 -47 34 .580 2 45 39 .536 6 43 39 .514 7 San Francisco . 41 40 .506 8 1 / .... 3S 44 .463 12 Philadelphia ..34 50 .405 17 30 50 .375 19 Sunday Results Cincinnati 6-0, Pittsburgh 55 Milwaukee 7, Philadelphia 3 St. Louis 6-8, Chicago 0-1 San Francisco 5, Los Angeles Monday Games No games scheduled SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION W. L. Pel. G.B Olympic Fans To Take Culture In Single Easy Dose By EUGENE LEVIN ROME AP)-01ymp!c fans a oing to get a chance to la! lelr culture In one easy dose. Sports enthusiasts coming £me for the Summer Olyrnpi may not have tjme to see t ity's vast museums and mon ntSj but they need not go hoi eeling they sacrificed culture I port. A couple of blocks from t right new Olympic Sports Pasa hey will find an exhibition Iports in Art ar.d History. Collection Of Art Objects It's a collection of some of I inest art objects dealing w ports in Italian museums: pai ngs, sculptures, vases, mosai costumes, etchings, and books, The exhibition--in a great h juilt by Benito Mussolini for vorld's fair that never was heic was formally opened last week 'resident Giofanni Gronchi. vill remain open for four montl A track and field section h 'amous sEatucs of discus throwe inning, bases-loaded homer ti pave the 11-6 come-from-behire 3»tesville win over Isola. fsola; umped to a two-run lead in thtj Jiird when James DePoyster dou-! jled to score Paul Bellevance who T^d ltd off with a single and Sory Walker singled to right to score DePoyster. Atlantc. Birmingham Little Rock Mobile Memphis Nashville Shreveport Three more runs in the 7th pro- duC t l * f ! Ve "IL n rfiLrftr ^ Shreveport 6, Memphis i the bases loaded, DePoyster scor- ~ » _ , - ,' . ,, ^ Chattanooga 41 56 .423 Sunday's Results Birmingham 1, Chattanooga 6 Mobile 5, Atlanta 4 Nashville 3«, Little Rock 2-5 (sec ond, 10 innings) 66 50 48 48 45 48 43 42 .571 46 .521 45 .516 48 .500 45 .495 50 .490 51 .4S5 ed on an error. Paul Hoke came in on a fielder's choice and James tallied on another error. Batesvillc got Hs first run in the 5th when Jake Gibbt tripled to score Charles Nix. The victors went on to three more runs in the 7lh on Gibb's second triple (hat scored two and a wiH pilch.: IsoU only pkked up one run after the fifth when relief hurier Robert Sidell lost control momentarily and walked four men. Laurel meets Bollon Monday night t 6:15 and Isolt goes · gainst Columbus at 8:30 in the loser's bracket. First-round winners fday Tuesday night. Hotlan- dulc meets Gulfport at 6:15 end Batcsvillc plays West Point at 8;3CX Monday's Games Mobile at Atlanta QuUanooga at Birmingham Memphis at Shreveport (Only games scheduled. Take? Plweff Leonard Wins Over Art Wall y Tim PRES!} if the st. LOUJS. Cardinals k«p i winning, Sojly Hemus wjll fy: lipe fpr § Jwnus iisjead of the im's rush. Hcinig was ^ Rctj Bird on a hj)t at a few weeks bacjf whep the rds ha^ lead jp tfieir yvings. Ifis A ^yas jn ^3n|§r as the §t- L?4is yOf)|h movement" nounrjeref]. By winning 13 pf (hcjr la§t 17 ames, the ggrdinalg stfdije.nly aye become a facfgr (5 [he T onal Leasue pennant race. *] ctories over Chicago Sunday, BflsJ §-), left Ihpm in ace, only six games pff the ice, Ray Jackson, an ''old folks" on e staff at 29, pitch^ (he shut- ut, a fourihilter, arul ]9-year:pld ay Sadecki, a $50,000 bonus boy, oi} (he second. wj(h. ft sj)f-hitter, Stan Passes If (9 prove (he as.n't tSls?" over iusial came up with two singles i the §ecopd gaing that gave him career total of J.253 hits, fifth i the alj-tjnie standings. He iassed H?H (rf Fpnier Nsp Lajoie. iwq of tf)CJF last 10. Mays' hit gaya Sap prapcisgg g fr4 victory. the gajne, ((15 slumpijig Giants announced that first baee- pan Willie McCoyey had rjopp shirked (9 the Tacprna^ farm of the Pacjfjc Coast togue. first game victory Ms H!" o! B)8 yeari T)ie ehgi?fl Bi* HJsworth in ? flfll 1 V(}i?fl tte Scored fjve runs. Ropkjj / H !i§n J»Vi§r d in twq wj[|} a single and ]{en Boyer tripled with the bases I ed. Bill White hit home run No. 10 ppniBltted !h? inh nj t|ie Cubs, who scgred a tgtal u ' in t.h?!F §eries . at St. Loais. Musial's liits wer| hp had 3,251, Pil|sbur|h's b?atj was put (n arpes wtj'en second-place Mifw CB thHmpef} PhJNelpMa 7-3 'hile the Pirates were dividing wo with Cincinnati. The Reds ook the first garno 6-6, but car-old Tom Cheney, recently ecql|ed from the Columbus fsrrn jlpnked the with four hi's the second game, H, Willie May?' eighth-inning triple topped the march of the Los An geles Dodgers, who have lost Pity and single ]o drive in two thq defeat Mathewp Gels 19fh. Homer Eddie MajjiewB hit h|s J9th Mich. (AP --T Stap -gongrd has been p]ayjng sq y that ho almost canceled^ j)js rntry is the W^fpfn 9B?^ ^ n he showed jin, he sjid thaf '(J ilng, thjpa " f^pnard my \s ffin- and (yon oyer go|f'^ honest piayp.r §nd 9ne pf the game's rnos,f suo- 6?SSfyl bUteehip perf.orrn.ers,. ·The hjlrjjpg, papadian, fi, who had fp wjijt "uptil he wa? ^D fe- lomer apd Le^v Burdette won (lis ,, \y a n Oth for Milwaukee as Del Cran- four^hit night SalMr^Vi r §n his stpng fp seven with thf^e sing'??, · Cheney sayerj (he rjay for (he ijrptes'wiih. j)! S fQu.r- h i!tfr '9 Ira' Ca| McLish sft^r RPH " was chased by an umpire le threw a pitch. Newk became pvoK'ed In a dispiite'abogt ^ long, oose left sleeve on his sweatshirt, to which the Pirates objected., Dick Groat had seven hits in the doubleheader, four in tha first gamp defeat when Vepi La^Y lost to Bob Purkey. The Giants' victory was only their second in their last 10. 1 _ IP . .. tour, defeated 4rt Wall Jf: Ofl the. fjrst ejjtra ho]e of a su.dden (i?3th playoff Sunday. L^jnpr4 wpn it with a sjx -fspt pirc)j§ put* B(ter Wall had jijst missed an eight-footer. They tied at 10-under-par 278 after 72 holes. It tppfe'a sensfttiona] §tre(c fl run by Leonard anr] g stunpjng s| dropped )h.e ptoce. jnto fourth Sievers' Hits Decides Both Games By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS When the Chicago White Sojc yere in spring training the ex- »rls wrote that F-py jieyers' hit- ing and the pitching of men like Bob Shaw and I£ar|y Wynn was ;oing to help the.m'win, another American League pcnnanl. Wynn didn't win a game u n t i l Tay 15. Sievers was batting ,182 on May 30 and Shaw had beeij ust so-so. The experts were look- ng inexpert. But the White Sox are rolling now, sitting in third place only a half-game behind the runner-up Cleveland Indians and only two games off the New York Yankee pace. Sieveri Extcnda Streak To Sievers extended his consecutive game batting streak to 20 Sunday with a game-winning single in the 2-1 first game victory over Baltimore and a two-run homer and single in the 14-2 second game romp. Shaw won the opener with a six-hitter and Wynn won his fifth behind an 18-hit attack in the second. White the White Sox were quickening their steps, the Yanks and Indians ixrth continued their slumps. Detroit knocked off the Yanks twice, 12-2 and 3-2. New Yrirk has lost eight of its last 11 games. Washington beat Cleveland 3-2 and 5-3 after dropping 10 in a row to the Indians. Boston ran its winning streak to seven with a 4-2 victory a Kansas City, where Pitcher Tom . ,, ,- Brewer won his sixth and also hil rom the Roman museums. Fres-i,. ,. , , .. ,,,,.. . |rus first home run of the year. Sievers 1 winning single in the rst game at Chicago after catch r Clint Courtney had lost his foui n the sun. Two walks by loser teve Barber and a sacrifice EC he stage for Sievers "second cocs from the Etruscan i north of Rome are there too. Ancient Greek and Roman vases show runners at the original ircek Olympic Games. Ancient Games One section shows ancient ball Barnes -- from girls in tight brassieres playing catch in a Roman gymnasium to girls playing tennis n full JOth century dress. Several sections give a glimpse of such sports as swimming canoeing, wrestling and boxing all still part Games. of the Olympi' Even sports that never have seen an Olympiad, like comba between gladiators and jousts be tween medieval knights, hav found a pjace in the exhibition. Models of all the Olympic sport facilities and of great ancien stadiums like Rome's Colosseum and Circus Maximum are on view Q. Where can I save J5 to J0% on Paint? A. The Goyer Paint Department. 815 Alexander. Q. Do they have finest quality paints? A. Pee Gee is rated No. 1 by two testing labs. Q. How does Pee Gee stand up in this cliinatc? A. Pee Gee has been made in the South to withstand South conditions since 1867. Q. Doct Goypr have anyone to help with paint problems? A. Yes, "Dan the Paint Man" has over 25 years experience. G O Y E R CO.-(Paint Dept.) Pfcone ED Z-8IU 815 AJntuntkr Free Parking chance" hit. Sievers slammed his 4th homer with a man on in the $1,000.00 Found On Main Street One thousand dollars was founc on Main St. the past two weeks ay a number of citizens from Greenville and surrounding towns The money was found by pur chasing their needs at the nev Delta Wholesale Co., 815 Mai Street. You save 25% to 50% on every thing. If you purchased a diamonc elsewhere for {100.00 retail, yo threw away J50.00. If you bough a piece of luggage for $30.00 r tail, you threw away JI0.5G. If you bought a $6.00 retail wallet, you threw away S2.70. If you bought a gallon of Latex Paint for J5.7S retail you threw away $1.90. If you bought a Bathroom Sc*le for $655 retail you threw away $2 OS. If you bought a 45 piece set of Melmac Dinnenvarc for $2-195 retail, you threw away $8.32. If you bought a rnll of 75 ft. Freezer Wrap for $!.« retail, you threw away 50c. i Start buying v.-holcsale! Every- lone is invited to buy wholesale at the DELTA WHOLESALE CO ! - Adv. - rst [rining of the second gs ene Creese added a three-run wnier jn the sixth. Lary, a nr^winner tine pna 15, beat the Yanks j n rst gams, si the tigers ra alph Terry araf tw° successor or 11 jiits., including homers b tocky Colavito and Cash The second game at Detroit wa elayed for 10 minutes when fans irew programs, beer cans anc pieces of bleacher seats to the eld in protest of a ruling tha ill Skowron'a two-run homer was fair ball, Skowron's homer tie ^ payoff. qrrfier M* sle r qhampion, |jad beep, pver par in-fti; last 10 ?(M total after $4 h o ' . _ ,,.,.,. put ty B f?f"^* re ^f!n.? 6 in the second round--gave hjm olie lead, Leoqard was With five others, si* shot? lack. Rebels Win From Cardinals 8 To 5 Buddy Etheridge and. Pppald Skinner blasted home runs anq M.0f|roe Cray hur|e} a? the Rebels. edged tije Ciirdiiials 8-5. Sunday in' an American Legion Little Joys Baseball League game at Kfaude Bryan Park. The Hobs got 6 hits am) the Card.? 4. Dale Williams Hasted a h°m9 rup fqr the Cardinals. 3im m y P e !' green, was (he losing preacher, he score IP the eighth, but Defroit WW it With S run f)ff rpjief man Bobby Shantz in the last of the eighth- P?'? .P u r n ?id? v! ? i '^ 8 winner. C h i l e d Fruit Plate $1.25 BI6GER FOR TODAY GREATER N Now you can arrange for a loan up to with up to 36 months to repay HFC'a new service will provida you with up to $2600. Tlija new Borvice is jual another example pi hpw HFO people understand the needs of modern families^ You'll receive considerate, understanding service at HFC, both when you arrange your loan and whenever yon need additional money or time to repay. No wonder mors people borrow through HFC each year than from any other organization pf ita kind. It's America's oldest and largest service specializing in instalment cash loans. For fast, courteous service on a loan--large or Email--- i phone or visit HFC today. 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