The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on May 30, 1965 · Page 52
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 52

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 30, 1965
Page 52
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24 Sunday, May 30, '65 Dcha Democrat-Times Ann Landers.. Answers Your Problems. DEAR ANN LANDERS: I'm got big as a house. We both a little bored with all that stuff work in the same place and I end nonsense in your column about the glories of parenthood. You probably will not print .-. this letter because il slaughters the sacred cow, but I'd like you t:i know there is at least one cou- "· pie in the world who did not want children and have never regretted it. We are in our sixties and have enjoyed 40 grand years logelh- er. The notion (hat children arc .; a comfort lo parents in their «sunset years is a lot of horse feathers. We have many friends who are in financial strait-jack-! eis because of their children. My sister and her husband - were never able lo go to Europe or buy a new car because their children have been on their back all their lives. My brother's wife passed away last October and their four children have been fight- ing ever since about who should was ashamed for anyone to know we were related. Toward Ihe end ] said, "Doris, it's plain to sec you have no self-respect. You should have stayed out of sight after the seventh month for MY sake." Her reply was, "Mind your own business." We've been on bad terms ever since. Was I wrong or right? -SECOND THOUGHTS Dear Second Thoughts: Any .ramnrried, pregnant girl who works until the b i t t e r end must need the money desperalely. Your cousin was trying to told her head up and you knocked it down. Please be kind to ler from now on. She needs it. DEAR ANN LANDERS: My r ather-in-law came lo live wilh us si.x years ago when his wife died. Seven months ago my hus- sand was kiljed in an industrial Greenville Civic Calendar 1'rovictcd by the Greenville Chamber of Commerce Tor Ihp week of July 30, lo June 5 TUESDAY Neon -- Civitan Club, rcfjuhir meeting, Townhfluse Noon -- Kiwanis Club, regular meeting, Hotel Greenville 1:30 p.m. -- Tuesday Suxly Club, regular meeting, Mrs. J. F. Rums, 1732 Marigold 7:30 p.m. -- Delia Duplicate Bridge Club, regular game, Arcade Building 7:30 p. m. -- Evening l.tons Club, regular meeting, Dolish Slioppe 8 p.m. -- Delphi Toast mistress Club, regular meeting and election of officers, Americun Red Cross liuildim; 8 p.m. -- Twin City Tlicalrc Guild, Awards Banquet, Down- towner 8 p.m. -- V.F.W. Post Nn. iWi. repular meeting, Post Home WEDNESDAY Noon -- Lions Club, regular meeting, Hotel Greenville Noon -- Southern Garden Club, first meeting ot '65-66 term, Peacb Cove, Lake Village, Arkansas, home of William S. Rode 8 p.m. -- Moose Lotlgs 1333. officers meeting, Moose Home THURSDAY 11 a.m. -- Evergreen Garden Ciuh, luncheon meeting, Country Club, Mrs. Clarke Johnso:i. t--t-i ·.r-iiMer FRIDAY 8 p.m. -- Moose Lodge Square Dance, Mooso Lodge. : take the old man in. The truth is,| acc jd ent leaving me wilh our i i . . i . ° - nobody wants him. : Whenever we spend an eve- , . ring with this pack of ingrales we go home and congratulate each other on our good judgment. Now you can throw this ! in the waste-basket. -- JUST US AND GLAD OF IT. Dear Just: Apparently the decision to remain childless was right -- for you. But, not everyone's kids are like your nieces and nephews. Some children arc considerate, self-supporting, self-sufficient and self-respecting -- be- cause their parents raised them j that way. ' DEAR ANN LANDERS: My cousin and I are the same age (25). Doris became involved with a married man and she soon was pregnant. She stayed on her job until two weeks before the baby was born and she 10-year-old sen. My fa(her-in- nw is a fine man ami a firm :lisciplinarian, which I feel is good, but we ore having a difference in opinion. Grandpa's idea of dinner is to sit in silence anrl eat. When the boy begins to tell about what happened at school or IYM- he did in the baseball game, Grandpa says, "Be quiet. Meal time is for eating, not talking." The child resents this IIIK! so do T. T don't want to argue with Grandpa in the boy's presence. Please tell me what to do. -- Q.T. Dear Q.T.: Tell Grandpa nil the experts agrco that dinner time should be "family lime" -and lliis mentis conversation and fharing the day's events. If Grandpa prefers to dine in silence tell him you and the boy will eat before he comes home. Then do it. Conservative Is Confused HOLLANDALE - Rolling Fork businessman Jack Grundfest told the Rofary Club here this week that he is a "confused Mississippi conservative." "I am opposed lo federal spending," he said. "But I'm one of the first to take advantage of it." (irundfcst said the one of the most attractive homes in his neighborhood was purchased News Of The Services Army Capl. James W. Pease, Assigned lo the son of Mrs. J. W. Pease, 4-17 S. Eureka of Greenville, was assigned lo Headquarters, 4(h Transportation Command at Fort Euslis, Va., May 17. Captain Pease entered Ihe Army in 1357 and was lasl stationed in Germany. The 30-yenr-old c a j H u i n is a 1953 graduate of E. E. Bass High School and u 1957 graduate of Mississippi Stale University in State College. His wife, Maaja, i with him al I'v: fort. BILOX1. Miss.--Airman First Defense squadron 3S7lh Combat of Strategic with nn l-'HA loan at his suggestion. "We have a lovc-ly school and I'm proud of it, but Federal ihc federal government He added that in spite of the fact that he Is "a Mississippi conservative", he has gotten money for land - levelling, drives to work on a highway built with federal funds, lights his office with power from REA and is presently working to get federal funds for a Rolling Fork library and airport facility. * * * "I'M NOT opposed to any of these things. I think we need every doggone one of mem. And build it." I'm taking all the benefits of programs but still I'm to government spend- Grundtcit said he Is concem- l about the power that has rifled to Washington and Ihe ·»wer that has gone lo Jackscn. And don't you Ihink there's not a lot of power in Jackson, lw- ·ause there is. There's too Tiuch.'* he said. Grundfest also pointed out hat doctors, lawyers and dcn- ists all went lo sdxjol in build- ngs built in part with federal umls and that merchants in nany areas wail for "check day" when social security helpeiliopjresed ing." Air Command, Airman Baxter was .selected for his maintan- cncc of Ihe highest standards of military lcaring, appearance, jo!) knosvledRe and ability to accepl responsibility wilhout question. Marine Private John L. Herzner, son of Mrs. Virginia L. Arnold of 233 S. Theobald, completed four weeks of individual combat training May 10 wilh the 1st I n f a n l r y Training Uegi- Class Robert E. DuBois, husband the former Miss Mary Moyc of Greenville, has been graduated from tile U.S. Air Force Noncommissioned Officer Leadership School at Kecsler AFB, Miss. Airman DuBois, who was [rained in management and leadership, is a denial specialist wilh an Air Training Command (ATC) unit at the Air Force hospital al Kcesier. Ainnan First Class Willie Baxter, son of Mrs. Minnie Baxter of 815 Watson St.. Greenville. 1ms been selected Dow AFB (Maine) Airman the Month. menl, Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune, N.C. PUMA OUT LOOSE MF.NDON, Mass. (UPI)-An armed posse searched this central Massachusetts community today for a 75-pound puma, or m o u n t a i n lion, that chewed its way fo freedom from I h e Soulhwick Animal Farm. Newspapers nnd radio and lelevision stations warned par cnts to keep their children indoors. The puma, which is as large as a great dane dog, was of brought hero recently from 700 in Detroit. "This Is Just The Home We've Been Looking For--And We Will See It During The SPRING HOME SHOW STARTING TODAY AND ENDING SUNDAY JUNE 6th 1777 EAST SUDAN IN TERRACE GARDENS EAST This Lovely Large 3 Bedroom Home Features: · TWO CERAMIC TILK BATHS IN DECORATOR COLORS a BUILT-IN VANITIES IN BATHROOMS · CENTRAL HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING BY FEDDERS · CARPETING IV LIVING ROOM, SEPARATE DINING ROOM AND MASTER BEDROOM $ 24,300°° CROSSWORD By Eugene Sbeffer 46 19 50 27 HORIZONTAL 35. punctual 50. prophets l.clry wind 4. fissure 0. overwhelm 12.epoch 33. Creek poet 14. malo adllll 15. gnaxving" animal 17. pronoun IS. junglo beast 19.excavate 37. vends 38. vehicle 39. customary 41. remiss 42. magicians 46. daughter of Zeus 47. Allan Foe- 48. tit for 49. married a front VERTICAL 1. weaken '2. personality 3. positive 4. cxplosivo Bounds 5. an easy gait 6. Ar-abian chieftain The Lighter Side By Dick WASHINGTON (UPI)-I suggested lhat we all rise and give a standing ovation lo the State Department's Bureau of Administration. At a time when Ihe federal paperwork jungle Some ol the incoming messages were of tna "eyes only" ·ariety-lhat is, they contained classified Information addressed the secretary ol stata and checks are received by bene- iciarics. The Rolling Fork business- nan predicted change in Mis- lissippi. "The only thing that's constant is change," he said. 'The school officials have told us we're going lo bee things lappen in Rolling Fork that ve don't like. But I don't be- ieve that shootings ami hum- ngs are (he answer." t i t "NO ONE'S a hero in my book 'or shooting a -Negro in the back .11 the middle of the night," he said. "We're going to have to Keep this situation in the hands of sensible people, not linlliods. 'My religion leaches 'thou shall not kill' and if we let I h n t kind of midnight sniper take over his situation, we're going to ? sunk." Grundfest su£ces(ed to Rota- ans that homestead exemptions be disconlinueil lo place ihc tax burden en the shoulders of new voters who might otherwise miss the significance of passing a bond isssue. "\Ve should remove homestead exemptions and make lltose people xvho want to vo!e pay Iheir full slr.irc of the taxes." he said has been growing by leaps and bounds, or at least by reams and hales, this bureau has turned in a commendable job of defoliation. During the past year, It managed to reduce by two the number of copies it makes of a certain type of message. Even Rep. John J. Rooney D-N.Y., chairman of the House appropriations subcommittee hat handles the bureau's budget, was impressed by the accomplishment. And Rooney is about as Im Tcssionable as a rooming house mattress. In order lo appreciate the bureau's (read-reversing performance to the fullest, we musl go back to Ihe subcommittee's 1064 hearings. * * * AT that time the bureau was seeking funds lo hire n dupli eating machine operator to augment the 40 operators it already employed. In justifying Ihe request, the bureau told the subcommittee that on a single d;iy it made S3,WG copies of messages com- into the State Department. Rooney was impressed by that figure, too. As he said later, "we almost 'ell out of our chairs." rked for his eyes only. « messages. much im- It turned out that the bureau had been making 10 copies of the "eyes only" Rooney wasn't so pressed by that as fm w a j puzzled. He had some trouble under- ilanding why (here had to ba 10 copies of a message that only the secretary was supposed to see. Let us now move forward to Ihe 1965 hearings. Rooney, having regained a firm position in the center of his chair, again look up the matter with John W. Coffey, and official of the bureau. "How many copies ot 'eyes only' messages do you rnaka for the secretary today?" ha inquired. Coffey replied that "we have altered the designation." They are no longer referred to as "eyes only" messages. they are called tion" messages. And since there "no Now distribu- is no distribution, the bureau only makes eight copies. "That is quite an accomplishment." Rooney commented. 1 couldn't agree more. After all you can't have n clearing in the jungle unless somebody breaks a few twigs. Answer to yesterday's puzzle. A«tmt»tlnn»fi«InUim! limkntM. © IKS, Kins yjaturia Bros, Im.) STORE ALL YOUR WINTER ITEMS FOR ONLY - - - ' 2.50 FREE - FREE - FREE MOTH PROOF * DEODORIZING GUARD AGAINST MILDEW FULLY INSURED BOX STORAGE NEVER AH IXIIA CHASGE FOI ONE HOUR SERVICE Phone ED 5-1325 Hwy. 1 S«»1K Neil To Th. Now Simflcw.i Grot.ry urin I'M ABIDE HOMES MODEL OPENTO-D AY 2*6 p. m. ^KL · QUARRY TILE IN ENTRANCE HALL ft · KITCHEN FAMILY - ROOM IN HAND RUBBED BIRCH jfr · BUILT-IN RANGE, OVEN AND DISPOSAL ^ BUILT BY--- ^ '*****'**'««MlIIIHIil«SW% T U B E R T I N I 1 CONSTRUCTION CO. 1317 Railroad Avenue ^ fm ^^^·:-'^' :K ---- ' :: ^'^^^^ ^^ I-M 2 'til 6 p.m. ^ \ WEEKDAYS j f\ .» ti-i ~ *\ |4 3 'til 6 p.m. Jj ---«2g|J|t^j;;|^^-/M " ' Phone ED 5-1482 ·"*J»2yj»S; KiOTfBSW'jr^wwwr'^asi^i^.OTjei^^^w-^RSHH^v------ ?.^^*^»j»iJ«-.- l c*iS^wsfia«5Raa»«e "K V25~CO T T A G E D R I V E Located at the corner of Cottage Drive and St. Joseph Street in the Garden Addition. From Highway 82 drive south on Colorado to St. Joseph Street. Turn left and proceed to Model Home. THINGS TO LOOK FOR: First, note the exterior of our model home. It is aulhenic French Provencial styling, even to the corbejing of the brick next to the gutters. This design, while different, has dignity which will last. Next in the entry hall, we have Installed a new type floor which looks like the finest typo Italian marble. It's easier to maintain, though, because of Its high resistance to scratches. In the family room, please notice the ceiling light fixture. By installing better light fixtures we believe we add a great deal of charm to our homes. In the kitchen, our Preway built-ins are the only appliances in the world to carry a three year guarantee. That proves something! Another new and better product is found on our bedroom closet doors. The "Eden Roc" pattern on these doors is really exquisite. We are sure you will find your tour through our home most interesting, and comfortable, too, since it la cooled by a Heil-Quakor unit. We'll look for you this afternoon! OPEN WEEK DAYS 3 TO 6 P.M. ABIDE HOMES

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