The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 18, 1960 · Page 5
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 5

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Monday, July 18, 1960
Page 5
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Undir o^rwliv vwud In rn. at TM. '·«, b ih« itvil d*«4 Miwtwf by Nrman h.*MH fcitefwif*. to W oTMcMniUR 1 , T/y»'*.!* TH*- riUDIMNAl IHtUtaNCE «' « .H-i' « tk In- A*r«i[itn »V*ln| d«lgr«I q|| -I orxf rwv.i'tJ rM| la't, f will 1?(S d0y p| Au«uil, 19*0 v Wddir f« caiS ol tht fcouih fionf gpi cl IK» C*uii Haw* tn QrttAvllU. WfiiV *gton Cowniv. Mni|irp0i. iK- IqiiqWiii ffetei-lbtd. wl iiM* H Waihlngron C*un- 1tt MWM'pal. te-vUi . i rlorn Addllion la 1h» U, Wgihfogiqn. lry of urtiprvtui, YYflin.'ng1^ Cqw^. ^fli, * : tikp1, at Rir plat of f«wd fn Pi'ol Back fi al Paqi 3 J ih* land rvcordt of told county and »ta1«, tj PqV IM ihb| ii(urfd ty wlrf Iruil t'V.H- Th 1 * IM wlV b« w*l!TlvbSiMo all IveVj raxei end aiiitur.tnli, WITNESS *y fyxJ ihl, 12il, fc Y of Ji/ry, I960. /I/ Vr 1 , p, MtAHlHD* Of Lfrviqi a-jlhorlry vetrtd In n-i, ai Trvi- lee, by 1h» trv« rfje^ fi*fvlfff by W, V. Robinion qrd wlf*, Mildred M Roblion (aria known ai Wrllip.-n V. RiblK*. g-vJ W^9. ^Irdted Maiau^ Rcb'icn] to W P. McARfHUR. TrM'" to* THE PRUDENT* ( A L INSURANCE COWPAN/ OF AMERICA dpi«d March 12. |953. and rrrorJi-d in Boot; 061, POQI 471 of trt ,tc^ni\ of Waih'nglon County, M-'iiliilppI, dtlo-.-lf havfrj been node in lha payr-ient of a poiKon of (V.e [ndebtednen lecvred ty laid luii detd and Tho Poxifn^ial 1n- iurcr£» Gynpany of Arr-eil^a having de- clarrd all ol il due ord itQixilfd rhli icsle, I will on lh.» 13lh day of Au^tiU, I960 witKin lh« lign) hcun. ill! ol pwblt ovkry to |U h'grttif hlddaf for (aih ct ih« South t IOT t d:?or of lh« Coi'ri Hcuia In Gr?env-lli, V/aihJ ngloo Coual-.*. Mliiln'ppl, iKe followIrKi dei- cribid ttal malt In WoihValoo CounTy. loi Eight (3| of Block Two (.] of tTi* MfCorfcle AdJ : lion to tr-» Ciiy of G'tenvllle, laKJ o'whC an-j Ualf q ( lion on fils tn Alap Bsafc ^ at pag» 15 Trt lht Olfir* of lH Chorxery Clork cl taid f^u.-ry. 1K!t con viva-vet It tnodfl l-b|rc| la o f ' «'d VcCaikle Atfdiilon ' In^ M^-p EcuDl; 5 a! Paye 15 1i ths oTfici of Co-.nty, Miiiiti'ppl. la ray '^e dtbi lecu'etJ ty ta'd liui 1 d*cJ o-d lh« ecu i of e»*ciji:rtg thH trvil lhi» Tnnd will h« |=!d t^ltct lo all 196: V/ITNESS my hand fhf| )3lh rJcty o * y i / W. D. MrARTHUR AN ORDINANCE AMEMOIMB THE ZONlN' OROIHAfJCE Or THE CITY OF G R E E N V I L L E SO AS TO HE7CNE WHEREAS, on Jure 7, I960, the Cn/ Co,-n:il t( lha Cry of Greenville, V l » i - | jinpi ctder^J tVi Clerk, to pibliih no',i:» once af rhe Ciry c|'Gret-ivil'a,'--' J -- - of inienhon := n*(^n be ng M;.--ulo Ear-X 34, Pcge l?a O f ol LtTd C-ty Co_rr'-l: o.-wd WHEREAS, wid r.oike oF InlervCcn to D«mc:;ar-Tirre(, a ri.vipa»cr of tht Cny cF Gife^iHe, an Jun* 10, I960] a.-d Wilt BE AS g) lha h-isi.rj wlver»ci cb- fellies* to ici'd 1 ai-ertd-r.e-nr W * - B ro bi Ka*d iT ot;ord«n:e wlih ic'd notlit, f h e - e v-i-i- " ' nicleil cr ch!«r cnc ond \V ' " ^ r A S . ihe ccfcn'i:n of lo'd ctrirxi- tic:/ T H E B E F O B E . BE IT QBp^lHED by !*·· C-r^ Ccun; I cf lha Cily of Gitrn- villi rr-.r : Th- Zc-i^g Crd:r.c:r.fa of the C : :y C? C'nfrded in lha folla^in^ jtipecli. to j 'll-e E c i f J2.J6 I«e1 of iV.e Nanh Half cf Lol I. E'ctk: 7, of ll-e 7ih " y i / ' c E O f G E F." ARCHER, Mayo: ATTEST: /»/ C L. lAJ-KASTER, City ClarV CtRIIFICATE Delta Monday, July 10 ( W 0 OPEN EVERY DAY DURING SALE FROM 8:00 A.M. UNTIL 9:00 P.M. a* Lagrone's m ** S A L E Q F S A L E S ! A p p l i a n c e s DISTRIBUTOR · . i of G-E appliance! and televisions must tP *°-d inimediafefyl . . , Severe distributor worehouilng problem) enable us to make this spectacular purchaie^buf we bgught ourielve* out of room. Our itore and warehouse are jammed. Even our parking lot and front sidewalk is spilling over with hundreds of price-slashed bargains. Help! Emergencyl Never before In our history h|ve we had luch a tremendous savings event. ^Na?DOWM PAYMENT ' * · · · - WITH- TRAoe^- 'til October ir = nvV| of iciid C'!v Ccuiitil. \V:lh!tSS Wr" 5'CrfJAIU!!t AND C f f CI/^L 5 E A L CF THE CITY CF G--... V i \ L E . thi ihc 6:S tf,i/ ol -'.-'y r I9M) C-iy ' fSEAU Opcrjles On 110V or ?2(J V Current DIAL DEFROST REFRIGERATOR · Full Kldlh trnisr · Full xidlh chllltr tiij · 2 AdjutUkli |tr · Bij 9 Cu. ft, -~T^~fe£~r==^±, :: r- : '·'·· ' - ' ' - - q i no womY foiicrj ] RED HOT SPECIALS! SAVffsl.GS.pP.TO 50%! . . ^. .H.\-- ··^.-'f-fkf · · ' · ' . . . . $189.00 Kcnmore Wringer Washer Only 2 Yrs. Old In Good Shape Now Only 00 One Full Ylor V'|iipnJy qn Picture Tilt onj ALL small pai!:oni!J 0-! TV (H, SPICIAt! Woiher W A - 3 5 7 T Economy Automatic Washer « E: C firr.ily i-ze capacity Pfi^S^TT' i '·? · Fully aufamiric cparition · Simp't cperjlicn csnlrolt .95 Genera! Electric T,V, ^,' , 1 t inish, 21 In, Screen ? £* Q 88 · AH porcttaln ryit proof I top ' · All pcrcclain bjiikct · Ccunier height top · flat Top servei as \wOfit I · Big farr.ily JIIP capacltv · Drip dry ccn|iol 1 ?^u; I n ? Used, ami Only ,..,,. $220.00 General Electric Hange Has Seen A Few Yeqrs, Uut Is $ ffQ 00 i Looking I ( 'or Lots More Now Just J O i 6-E Sim DESIGNER TV · Fa!! piw · Sit'n firjil tilunt cialnl · Up trint iiiiid pnjiitlii just 39 fluids NOTICE OF SAIE Y VIRTUE C. c AUTKQCITY c«nl F 1:1.11 tir-isitcl h/ /.\ C 1^^^^^^^^^^^ , 9. 1-rdO. ni *o f'cnt H-sr cf ihe H:JI« ^ Greenville. Alinisrcpl, b t^ ha-j-i o"-t"'brH fcy lav/ for i jo 1 *!, tell -3 I'-e ^ g'-'V b Hdf I t)-* 'oils « ing cfeir'ibed D-CBS.-IV in Wr.^:n^-cn Cci-i-y. M u »:p of 3'ctk 7 cl t- ArfJ.-ic-. 13 i In Ci :H Ccun:y i r~co cr plot of »=id Add-H YOU GET ORJE WITH A -3 GENERAL ELECTRIC;-;" ! AIR CONDITIONER : , . . ; . . rNf D, POSTED niuf Si D»''o Der-ocroi- = j at , * D. THATCHES . . . . - , - - - - V - . - .. . -Ju A full'range ol capacities', styles and prices to - ' i 7\ choose fro ml -, : · · ' · . · . - . . - · . - - ·. · · '-. V/aih'.-^ron . . oddnti lillten Oui'i C'ovfh, Sedan, , end 3 I o-itcr.i F-av'ng or / inirifir in ihe n'o;« of David E "Tf Installation flexibility,.'.a,rnodelXoty most win : * .] ^ ,Jows, rr.QSt wiring conditions! . , Every morfel 100% capacity tested;.-.your'' assurance of maxirnum performanije! . J , ths 12lh dcv of S « D i r m . . 900 o'lc:V A.M., wSirh It ihfl Sfo'err- ber Bui* Day, 1' e n o^d tf-e-a ro p'ecd, crswtr, 01 d«TWi to 'S« f -it end I ncl oc;e--^.r of Peat O. To/ls-, ir-« *v'al« cl In Cqvi" Ho. ?? . , yc-J ts-t ncr-ed Q van ur-dpr r-v hwid end teal If-* 7 d=v cl July. A. D. B2OOKS, . PRICED AS LOW AS SHOP EARLY AND SAVE AftTENNA OR GABLE CAN BE FINANCED WITH T.V.'s 733 Nelson St. Hwy. 82 East

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