The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 23, 1963 · Page 16
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 16

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Friday, August 23, 1963
Page 16
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Automobiles 11 Automobile! 1557 FORD Fmriiuif. hnrdlop Small down payment. Can fhaneo balance. ELS- WOO. 11 Automobiles 13J3 FORD. 3 door. Mainline. 6. slick, rndlo ft.nd hca'.cr. A-l mechanically, 5155. See anytime, 1511 Baldwin. NOW! II '62 FORD Falcon 2-Dr, 1 owner, low mileage, 5 I 40 C ' ' ' ° . . loaded. 3 to pick from, each and every one an exceptionally low mileage car . . . . . lots of extras '62 VOLKSWAGEN 2-Dr. Sun roo[, extremely low $ I COC . ' J ' -* 395 '62 COMET Station Wagon. Fully equipped. SO I QC like new . . . . A. I 7»J '62 PONTIAC Bonncville 4-Dr, HT. Factory air and power. 1 owner . . I '59 MERCURY 4-Dr. Hardtop, PS, PB, extra S I OQC nice I i.7O Now Is The Time to .Buy One ot These Safe-Buy Used Cars! '60 MERCURY Monterey 4-Dr Factory air, PS, PB, 5 I QOC perfect throughout , ' ° ' ^ '60 DODGE 4-Dr, sedan. Fully equipped, 1 owner, 5 I I OC low mileage . . . I I 7-J '59 FORD 2-Dr. RfiH, SQOC Fordomatic, nice . . O 7 O '59 BUICK Le Sabre 4-Dr. sedan. Facioiy air. S fully powered . . . '61 FORD 4-Dr. V-S. Fordo- matic, R H, $ 1 AQE. 10.000 actual miles , I ' '3 11 I Automobiles 11 I Automobiles ... 11 Heal Estate FOR sale. 1961 Volkswagen, 2 door sc- cnn. cxccltant condition. Sl.ISO. Carl New. ELWiaa or EU..M55. . RAMEY AUTO SALES Ralph Harmon "TRADE IN THE SHADE" . P-ill Carter Rusty Ramcy Doc Ramey '55 BUICK 4-Dr. PS, good liros, a bargain al . . Dynaflow. "H95 STOP IN TODAY SEE THE NEW 19631/2 MERCURYS! jjj '62 PLYMOTH Fury Convert!- fc ble. Golden Commando engine [; PS, nke $2345 '" 11CW . . . ; . . ·*- J ' --' !* '62 CORVAIR Monza Coupe. » R H, perfect S I OOC j* throughout . . . . ' ' 'S 'C2 FORD Hardtop Coupe. ''! Extra clean, 5^ f only 5 '62 VOLKSWAGEN 2-Dr. Like n e w UirouRliout, S I R O R '60 FORD Convertible. All power, leather top, $ I peiicct conditio.'i '62 CHEVROLET impala 4- Dr. HT, PS, PB, must see '60 CHEVROLET i-Tin-iln; 4-door sedan; automatic transmission: cower steering brakes, factory nlr; \vhliewalls: low miles, city d r i v e n ! like new inside and QUL One owner. EL5-I423. 1319 Cherry, 1058 PLYMOUTH Savny, V-8, n J M m a t l c , nice. S'lSO. '1±!8 · OzJr.un after 5. 1D80 SfVCA, one ccod c o n d i t i o n . Inquire l«.l Toll. THE LAV/TON CONSTITUTION, Friday, August 23, 1963 -\J 12 Heal Estate 12 Real Estate 12 CORNER LOT 3 BEDROOM home, 1 b'.ock from EraO school, fenced yard, total equity only S300. Assume CI loan, payments S7D. Western Hills Rc»!ly, -1301 Cache Head SL5-B10. cvcnl.nss EU-253'1. 2 BEDROOM :rame. near school, church, and Cnle 4. 2211 Pollard. 3 EEDROO.v: brtcK. 22C7 Norlli 3ih. 1% baths, bulk-in vanlllcs. fccaurifuJ Ash cabinet, ccntrnl heal. 2 car curare, 311,. 350 plus loi Phor.e Crosby and Com- 3 BEDROOM home near FL Sill. *t^H %T^ffm^ """"" H^'T cd carnsc. low equity, payments only ! 171 °. i-UCLID. 5 room.-, and buck porch. -- month. Wes'.ern Hills RcaJly. 4.101 Cnchc Rond. EL5-8181, C7cn!nss KL3-S057. Automotive Service JF.I^RY'S Gnrncc opun '!:I5 p.m. dnlly and ^^'cekends. Acio repnlr, ^veldin^. wheel bnlnnclnR. 151)2'.; jferrls, ELS- LIVE IN A NEW IIA: FRANK SNEED HOUSE Coupe. BUSTER WYATT "SAFE-BUY USED CARS" y 2nd A EL 5-0224 R g i!i:ii:iiMai:iiiii::TM'«K!!ii:;iiii: l Bi l :i!!!':!!iH!ffii!!!i]ii'ici(?:iiHii»siip''l 155- CHEVROLET slttUonw.ison V-S 2S3. 11!W ExcoMcni mndlilor.. ELWS35. ' 1216 CT^E^'TlOLE^' Impale ccnverJblc, Bell. iB I A-l USED CAR SPECIALS! H ALL OF THESE CARS ARE EQUIPPED WITH BRAND fl NEW BATTERIES . . NEW DISTRIBUTOR POINTS . . r; NEW SPARK PLUGS . . NEW CONDENSER . . ALL NEW BRAKE LININGS CYLINDERS. NEW BRAKE WHEEL AND 5 NEW GOODYEAR TIRES | 5 I795 I '62 FORD Fail-lane 2-Dr. V-S, Foi'domatic ·B2 FALCON Deluxe 2-Dr. Standard Transmission '59 FORD Fairlane 500 4-Dr. V-S, Fordomatic '5S FORD 2-Dr. Ranch Wagon. V-S, Fordomatic '5S FORD Custom 300 2-Dr. "6". J'ordomatic . S I495 , S I095 S 695 S 695 only '62 OLDS Holiday Fully equipped, per- : feet condition '63 BUICK 4-Dr. Hardtop. All power, air conditioned '59 BUICK 4-Dr. Power, conditioned, really S clean '59 CHEVROLET 3d Air 4-Dr, V-8. standard transmission, excep- S I I ~~jC air tionally nice appreciate . . . '62 THUNDERBIRD Convertible. 5,000 actual miles, just like new ^ A Q R throughout .. . . % J u / J '60 CHEVROLET 4-Dr, P.H, oir conditioned, V-S engine, powerglide ? I AQS transmission . . , w 'GO CADILLAC Coupe de Ville. All power, air, extra clean . inside and S^9QC; ·-: I ' ; out '57 FORD 4-Dr. Power, extra nice . . . '56 FORD 4-Dr. V-8. standard transmission, practically new tires. clean , . . . '60 FORD Station Wagon. All power, air S | CO C IIIIKISII III! Illl 1111 PAT LEW'S Motor Service 6010 Cache Road EL 5-SSS6 Mcsrerbilt Motors 12,000 Miles Or 120-Day Warranty! Overhauls, Most Cars 6-Cy!, -- 5 S5 to $115 S-Cyl. -- S115 lo S165 General Repair and Brake Service Trailers 11B 2 J^ED^ .OO^T mrjbllc h n m r mtl rcsl- dnr.llal lot. 213 C. C^chp. Oklntiomfl or cull EU-O55. TIlj\NSfEllllED. must sol] custom IvjIU ID' by 45' .Mlc1\vn.v Tr.TlIrr H n m r . E n r l y A m e r l c n n colored n p p l l a n e e s . ,1 n n 1 1 euully. '110 l-"crrls_nf:cr 7 p.m. conditioned -IS' "lcctwonc! moblk- home, un- monLli on Imliince $2.2flO, iiia ^ii L ^i 1S59 EL Cn.mlno Sec 1101 Blreh. pickup, sood shape. J CASH S Installmenl Loans On · Automobile · Furniture · Real Estate FEDERAL FINANCE LOANS 1314 Gore Blvd. EL 5-5830 ims rONHTAC Stnr Chli-f, tnclnry nlr concllllonlniT. r*m'cr sLcrrlnc nnrl braki-s, Kixd ccudl'.lon. clenn. SS75, 111(1 Elm. SPECIAL VALUES! 62 RENAULT Goi'dir.i, S I 1 owner, 4-speed . . .' 195 MILTON STINER Gives You the Besl Deal on a new · F-S5 · OLDS! · LARK or a safety tested used car . . . at WADE OLDS 2nd A EL 3-3221 Res. EL 3-5S92 ·Gl AUSTIN-HEALY Sprite Roadster . . 39 MGA Roadster . . . . $ I095 S 995 , J:(00 down. 2 bctlrDOm. 1357 SB1. 311 Dnuclas. _ lVILiCHT." 4U 1 hy Soulh llh. Cyril, ' I2.3!'li; 2H J.T l',V S' wld.'. ::O3 S;nr model. 432- JSS5. Elgin. _£o_hn_.McCMjnc. 3~~liEDRbC).M moiille" .Tomr, "irnod" ccndl- Lion, ].|(H Jefferson. EL.1-2IJ55. · Sneed Acres Hidden V.iUey Charm · Glamorous Interior Design · Integral Ornament · Waxed Finishes · Contrasting Ceilinf; Levels · Custom Indirect Lighting · Textured Back-grounds · Luxurious Baths · Use FI-LA or Conventional Financing See new houses now on Mockingbird Road. Or let Frank Snced custom build a house designed especially lor you. SNEED ACRES Drive By and Browse Rogers Lane west of 277 Call EL3-S22G. EL3-5M4 3 BEDROOM brick, m hnlh. carncc. Jrncc, slovc. drnpcs, payments ??0 month, role 1 p,irUn.l payment. 4403 W l l - NEAP. E l s t n h o w c r . 3 bedroom brick, cnrpetcrt. corner lot, payments WW. lo-.v equliy. ELS-res-l. V. n t l n r h o d Cflrnr,e. fenced ynrd. x ; n v e wnd r c f r l p c r a l o r . 1310 Colum- | bin. New loan, equity 5350. Bllbrey's I Accncy. EL3-H50, EL3'-3TOO. ' . COIrp | cl( , ]y rcr ,n lshl:d 53. No clown payment or loan to GI'3 Payments 367.50. BoUtln ARcncs. ELS- 0281. Ql'ICK snlc. 3 bedroom Vh bain, 'A brlc'rf, other extras, low cq-jlty. 2313 Woodrldse Drive. LARGE 3 bedroom, entrance, den. 2 brilhs, 2 car earagc. 4515 Cherokee, call 1719 Liberty. 2 bcdrocm froine. carpci- cd. SK50 down, 569 monthly pay. BCHJ- Lliu! re need buck yard, nrivnic walcr well. Evcnlmrs EL3-S25-J. EL5-3G5S. No. 5-1 Pioneer Office EL1-JU20. :42S OZMUX. e q u i t y nnd or new loitn. ZL3-S377. p n y m c n l BY OWNER $-100 down, original loan. 4321 5 aria Fc. EL3-G9S2. N E K P E t ) L' 3 uJ a m nomca. jack Willis Realty Call EL3-C1SO. UrjfiT .1. 3 BEDROOM, cflTporL, cquJiy a n d 55S_pH.vrn(;nL._EL3-S377. 3 BEDROOM fr'iTiifii" wl:h "rier. or ~4 br-rt~ rooms, n n r n p n . only 513.CCO, wort: out down payment or. new icar.. Jnck Willis KenlLy. EL3-61SD. !3V owner, fcousc all new Inside. Sec in appreciate. 1301 Blsnop Road. ELI- CS-13. /SBLLIVAH / ^Realty-- 11T.3 RICHAilUSON. .' Oj 1 5ir on prlv.-vle \'t\. excellent cunillLlon, hiclud'.-s spnrr n lire*. n u l n n n U e \vuslier nnd colored up- I . . pliiincc.', B,:?fl. EL7-l.'g7. M s'ysinn. ?' l)y 10', 2 hcdroom. ' no', U'.IUT nf«i'.cr nnd nlr condl'.loniir, : ! 1MO KORD plelrap. S150. Phons EL3-3?13 i for Don Rlrhrrwn. 'GO OPEL Station Wapm. S7OC 1 ou'iier / 7J SEE THESE AND M A N Y OTHERS AT- BROWN IMPORTS Highway 277 North At Gale 2 EL 5-9194 iil'ET S A C R I F I C E "lor quk-k" snlr J!«: Forri Fnll'lnnt: 5(fO. ^ rfonr. rndln n n d hpniL-r. n u l n m h l l c '.ninMrtls^inn. Cli-nn. nice nnr. ?VR n l 1'nlvcrjnl C l ' l . Sr C, HOWARD SMITH FORD ONE STOP OUTDOOR TRADING PLAZA 4th and B EL3-1932 3rd and B EL3-5050 __Sheridaji Road at Ferris EL 5-6S71 F I N A L C L E A R A N C E ON ALL 1963 DODGE CARS AND TRUCKS! "Get Our Deal Before You Say Yes!" A Few Demonstrators Left--4 W i t h Factory Air i;iii!i^ : H Ford. Tour door, newly painted. 5325. lU Lake. TWO 2 whorl rrMlrn. rmi heu't Eart I on Ic.'l *ldf Surplui Qly i Look at One of These tl i Suick-Cadillac Trade-ins! E ! ·62 BUICK LE SABRE 4-DR. Power, air condi- $0 I OC^ tioned, 1 owner . . · J ' ' ^ '60 BUICK IN\'ICTA 4-DR. Power, air cond., S I QOC perfect throughout . I O 7 O '60 PLYMOUTH FURY 4-DR. HT Power, air, a real S clean car for . . . '59 BUICK INVICTA 4-DR. HT Power, air cond., S excellent condition . '58 BUICK CENTURY 4-DR. Power, air conditioned, clean inside and out '56 OLDS 4-DOOR HT All power, a real $4.0 C bargain at T7~ ·56 FORD FAIRLANE 4-DR V-S engine, automatic 5 transmission, only . . '56 PONTIAC HARDTOP COUPE Good condrion, a real S value lor just . . . '55 CHEVROLET BEL AIR 4-DR. V-S engine, powerglide transmission, only . . '54 FORD STATION WAGON Lots of good transpor- S I O C tation lor only . . . ' ' ^ '53 MERCEDES-BENZ Extra sharp inside and out, now only . ·53 OLDS Si? 4-DOOR See this one, it's bar- SOOC gain priced at jus: . *-'·-' 1961 DODGE Pioneer V-S 4-Dr. Solid while, PS, heater, air, S | lip top special . . , 1960 FORD Fairlane 500 V-S 4-Dr. R i- H. PB, automatic, a $QQC, select buy 7(J ' J ]BG2 DODGE Lancer GT Sport 2-Dr. HT. 2 - lono blue, bucket seals, R U H . S I aulomatic . . . . 19S9 RAMBLER Deluxe "G" 4-Dr. Stick shin, a n?nl economy special TRAILER MART NO. 2 SALE wp firi* c f t t l n c ; (J by JO' mnhllc Jltrj down. 24U Cachn P.nnri. ELT-^ES. SO 1 -TV 'ililnK .T.LJ1: pn (or '(5^ models, for H3 l i t U c nj id 1 2 brdrwim mohllr home l l v l n c rnnrr, colored n p p I l l i n c M . J n r n i s miulc on ortRlnn! cnntrnct. Pick up [I PHV;TII,T:|H mnvp |n. Jn*r P o r r T r a i l e r Mnr;, U:l: C»c!ic P.ond. W I L L i i i i r n n n ? i j v r r J J . H ) n u l ' . y I n lirriviiru! 50' by 10', 2 bnJrr^rn mobile I'.nmr. iJvcrl |n only -1 mnn'.hs yours Tnr o n l v p!rk!.iK uji 3 p n y m r n l s . ln- n u i r r Lo: :^. rinrji Trailer CPU.-.. W I L L for Tru r c n i l l y In nlc» ^"h!lr hn.TM ou^i' or ^n(.·n^: i'jl. Jnt- Porter'5 r M n n . Ul.T Cnehc Honii. SU-172S. rick Up I'nymrnis 1V1U incriflcr, STSWJ e q u i t y In rice SIT tiy 10' 2 hnroom mobll h n m c w|Lh ft'u'.omnUc vvmhcr. colorrd nppl!n.ncei. all CM equipped. Ji:l pick u p p a y m r n - i Ir.qiiirt T r n l l p r Man No. 2.. 2J11 Cncht Unnd. __ l.lff pH\'nn __ fTur .'urnl!u.-p rr.hke Ihc ilijwn i ! nn l.'l'.'S* 1 I t r i i u t l l u ] 'J n n ! 3 | ! m"W!c linmcs. T r n l l - r M»r! i . 2. 2-U1 Cnrln- Rnli'l. EL7-32S. 1 t i' ; ·· 1959 PLYMOUTH :.' i . Fury 2-Dr. HT. Power, R .t £ Z. H, automatic, a real S I I QC ' J i sharp car . . . . ' ' OJ HT. SPECIALS TODAY! '56 FORD^-Dr. I IT. Nice 5*195 'GO STUDEI3AKER Lark '',-Dr. . . . S6-S3 ·5$ PLYMOUTH Sla. \\';IROII . . . 5TS5 '59 DODGE '.5-Ton Pickup S7D5 Sec One 01 These Salesmen; Raymond McSwane--Bill Landers--Jim Kitchens--Dong Wickcns LOW COST GMAC F I N A N C I N G NORTON-KITCHENS Buick Cadillac 521 E Avenue Dial EL5-1213 _ i;ii.*jiii'JiK:inm^ 195C MERCURY : door stnndard. VCTJ- i i»5T OLDS nice. 350 down. 522 per n-.onLh, EU- Small do%m 33DD. doo.-, 88. Power «od «lr. pai-menL J34 per month. ais«i!!i:;c:i:Kii!ii;.iDi::iii:];i:;Bi!iiii^iinii:iiii!nii!!ic:;niii!iiiii!: USED CAR TRADE-IN FAIR Buy Now and Save! ! '63 CHEVROLET Bel Air 4- Dr. Powerglide, ^7A9^ '62 RAMBLER American 4- Dr. Ezi-Stick transmission. R H, air, 5 I 46C real economy . . . ' ' ' u '62 FALCON 4-Dr. Low mileage, extra $ I /.OC nice l u 7 o '61 CHEVROLET Monza 900 Club Coupe. R H, S I COC bucket seats , , . . I J / J '51 MERCURY Meteor 800 4- Dr. Mercomatic, R H, factory $ I 70 C air I / 7vJ '60 FORD Galaxie Convertible. Foi'domatic, $ I CQC! R H ' 3 '3 '59 MERCEDES - EENZ 180 4-Dr. A 5 | | 9 5 '61 VOLKSWAGEN 2-Dr, Extra nice . '59 PLYMOUTH Deluxe Suburban Station Wagon, Automatic transmission, R H . . '58 CHEVROLET Bel Air 4-Dr. Hardtop. PowerRlide. power. R H . . . . '58 HILLMAN Husky Station Wapon. Real economy '57 RAMBLER Super Extra clean . . . . f, bargain '* 25 GOOD 2ND CARS '57 Models Down-Fords. Chcvrolets, Buicks, Etc. Priced from '50 to $ 295 SEE THE MAN IN THE YELLOW VEST! SEE: Jimmie Wade Milton Stincr Speck Lawrence Lloyd Massad Cletus Hill .Everett R. Hale LOW COST GMAC FINANCING 2nd and A OLDSMOBILE Dial EL3-3221 iM.iriire»!;i:iiii»iiii«:i!i« Bel Air V-S i - Dr. Powcrfflide, R A H. a nice one owner car , "Where Good Cars Good Deals Go Tocellier" KNOX-JENSEN MOTOR CO. Now Cars Service 2nd E Ave SAVE ON NEW '63 RAMBLERS! RAMBLER CLASSIC 4-DOOR siooo Full Factory Equipment RAMBLER AMERICAN SEDAN . S199 Down -- 36 Payments at $58 RAMBLER CLASSIC 4-DR WAGON Full Factory Equipment $199 Down -- 36 Payments at 567 BANK FINANCING . Hai -Sa e Lan;c two bod room 10' v-'ide Completely Furnished ^3,295 M.H.M.A. Code Approved \Vc recently purchased ilie entire slock of fnclory coaches wilh sliuhl hnil dam;i(;c at a Irr- rilic sn^nngs. We have a complete selection -- 2 bed. 3 lied, I 1 -: bull). Front kilchens nnd Front Dining Room models. All oilier coaches in stock will he sold at wholesale price. 22 mobile homes lo choose [rom. GREAT LAKES, AMERICANA, REMBRANDT and VICTOR. Van's Mobile Homes LINDSAY PL G-2803 DUNCAN AL 5-793T ,10 E TO! ITEIl'S TKAILEII ,^AI17 CT-h In m l n u t n for vn'jr mnbllo honm. Ulh nnd Cache Hone!. EU-I725. 1508 Gore Dial EL3-6855 LUXURY HOMES 521 Mockingbird Rood and 2902 Arlington. Shown by appointment only. EQUITY 2509 IT. 2-BR home, 10-year lonn and payments "" $47 per monlh. NEW LOANS 3 G2I5 S. 45ih. New GI loan, 3- .'.' BR., 1 liath. Many, many ex- !j Lras. Must see to appreciate. -^ 214 N. 31st. New GI loan. 2- ':{ BR frame, 1 bath. Excellent '{ location. J L J PLANNING A '.j NEW HOME? .; I^ot us help puide and as.cist . · you ihrojgh our "Designing -I Sori'ice." /. CALL TODAY! J EveninRS: ii.j George Chainplin EL 3-7902 H TSSEBnE.'^ CL3-164« OPEN HOUSE 42U BEDFORD BMuUIul 3-BR brick, bath =4, family room, carpeted LR. lart;e covered patio, very desirable wood burning fireplace. Furnished with Early American furniture by Pioneer Furniture, 1514 Lee Blvd. Ras Sullivan . . . . EL 3-16-1S After 5 p.m EL 3-1012 S ROOM house, a loir. Cache. Oklnho- .T.n rxi.-n,, double qar.i^c. r f n - .'or.nblo rinvn p n y n c n L bcUnnco 5 per cenl loan. EU-?-'5U. STT North TrFix" olonfy rl nhad'* trrc5. 2 bedroom nnd den. monthly pAymcnta. S75. ceod coLiliy. EvcntnRj, £L3-K5^ ^o 50 Pioneer EL7-102D on in. P2y- SAFETY of storm cellar goes with this larpc 3 3R brk, Dbl. gar. fenced. Excellent carpeting DR-LR, gas oven--family kit. IVi bath. S101 Pymts 3S25 Dearborn. POP would enjoy walk-in shower. MOM the size and plan of 4511 Atom. 3 BR brk l?i bath, fenced. Splendid cond. Only S100 Mo. LET your CENTS make SS5$. S650 for 52700 equity. 3 BR brk. carpet, patio, fence, disposal, many extras. -1523 Atom. NEATEST 3 BR brk. landscaped yard. SS9 w/HE-4308 Hoover. Denver G. Rich Co. EL 5-2611 EL 5-5037 3Sl!fi FEfiRIS. a i t r n c L l v c . .^p.^cinu. 1 :, hr:rk 3 lied.-onm. l 1 ^ h n l h , n[L;ichod sarasi-'. locallon, low cnully. fl J BEDFiOOM mcx. """ Ifos HOOVER: : hcdroom nnd den. pe:ed ihrouchoLL fenced bnck yftrd. Ex- ccp^lo^.·vl]y clcnn. Equity J795, EIJ-3555. EU-!CiJ. No. 10th Pioneer O:[lci-. ELT-1020 a REMEMBER. : NO BARGAINS! '·i Whatever in brand now '_; homos, but 'lrt% or more be"' low replacement on 3 luxury ',: hornes offered below expcc- 71 $ tations. Let us show U and JJ L prove it. J ff 1,325-sq. ft., 7-rms.. on a 5.1 ; V^'c loan and S75 MP. Buy '] -; S1.500 eq. for S2.S50 or new S ""· loan onlv nothinK down and .j :·: S90 MP. jj P| Near Gate 4. 2-BR, S4-J MP. ^ k Buy S-1.500 eq. for S3.730 or t j ·" now loan, no DP to Vets and "'-'. ^ S57 MP. '·"' ., S230 income, 4 Aprs., well *·! ·" furn., close in, S-yr. pay-off, r .| I.-' near Post Office, terms. 1 ·.\ HAMRA REALTY ;i -- EL 5-1500 . . . E l . 5-3033 :'-i 3 Leamon Jones . . EL 5-5677 ij 'H Loans-Mortgages Bought! "J I KEEGAN REALTY 1 .TEBK RY owner, 2 horiep. lew edu'.'.y. low paymenL* desirable loca:lon. EU-2034 cr 5:20 P.ITL 13th Ferris EL 3-3600 EDP.OOM And den. I'-a baif-^s. ca vt. rcnccc. W23 cCjUlly. monLhly pavrr Jim. J blocks Cute i Evenlnjs ELZ. N'o. ?1 Pioneer ELT 27ni E. 100' FP.ONTACF.. Tir;c 2 ronm house. Phcre Vacant. GI. no down, no clos-| ing, 513,600. Large 3-BR .frame, * ··-' · * completely redecorated inside '. · · out. Qose to schools i shop- · · I ping, hardwood floors, fenced | ' J yard. 1425 Longi'iew. 321 Oak - Nothing do\vn, $175 |. jggj Qagj,,, Pja2d La^on, Okla. closing, $11,550. ·1501 G -- Nothing do\TM. Sl"5 closing. S11.250. IZ'i'l No. 32nd. --Nothing down, S175 closing, $11,900. You don't have to be a veteran to purchase above properties. EI5-W75 175 ^-nrr. 4 rcnuiJ unIK m*"iiy (urn- M onri will Mndle, monlhly In- FOU 'J'.r hnu5e buy of ihr y t n r set t h e 2 bedrrin.T: KAmple hom^ ncM lo Bromty. Bcro-ii f r o m Ln\vion HJijh School, HOU.KC L? f u l l y wlrfd nnd plumb- ·(!; nnd CJtn *r moved nnyivhTe. Former cfflcf C ( u n r l r r . Only J3.79S. Pfllnt- ^.rj H p^c ^nrnplri. Low t*rmn. Phone 1X»V ELY 3 «nd den, brick, wnotl t - u r n l n c / I r c p l n c f . «ti-icf:pd': f r n r r . t i r r i r r v u n ^ rnrp^IfMl. pxc'Dt'onnMy clr^n. V7..VVI. M i p h i j r n d * , J n c k Wllli* R r n l l y . EL 3-1001 107 South llih flVi Bl(x:k South ol Sears) OPEN HOUSE SUNDAYS lM^ OKLAHOMA, 3 bedroom frame. c[ir- port, JS95 efiinty, monthly pnyrnenl.^ JS1, I Evenlnc.' £U-«5-I. : No. 5S, Pioneer otflce. MOVE hor^re school. Four bedroom .innelfd living room and dlnlrtp ro)m, '2 f u l l bn!h^. p n r l o And :wo car gA- rate. EL.1-OS1?. EL3-3CT. _ M o l i i l i i o m p 5SU Down Hcjn nice monll nornr ITiln In n reni bn train [nr jomcniid wrio In nhori of c n n h . Tirtnl price. SltfQ ITAllcr M.irL 1JLM n n U CncliP rtond. ELJ-1725 S99 DOWN p 2 iH'rirrwim m')hl!i Iirtmc, Thli wrrk y jpy down, No clrnmlcta. Joe- Porlom TPBlkT M n n . Hill Dichc RouJ, EL3- JT'S Bill Rams Ray Grittln Spenoe Hankins CHARLEY WADE EDDIE CORDESinc Real Estate 12 F U I t M S H E D 3 bedroom brick inme. wl:h I 1 --! r m l hi*, sinrm ccllnr. fcnc«l y«rd n]l nround. Lciivins flcwn. EL3-WK5 mo mine. 1 '. Of lot 10. 'J-Hh nnd I. M O K F O R D JIllJs. m u f c L wll I m m c t i l n l p l y . 3 l)Qdrnom«, brptiWAJii Arc«, dlnlni: »nd u i l l l i y rlXlm.^. (\\iru Inrpc. .'ully chrpctcd. frrcpfl. Ij?nvinc Scpipmbcr, TCA] bnn;nln. PICK up pnymc:ii«( on 3 bedroom brick. EL,T-l!jl n n u r 5:nn. BED11OOM homt, jicll for equity. 505 BEAurrruL AUSTIN ADDITION \VESTERN MILLS ADDITION PARK LANE ADDITION 2 PM to 5:20 PM SUNDAYS t'.', BR Brick, LOW Equiiy. 3S20 · SCHOOL TIME. Sec this 3 BR Brick near school. LOW Equity, $88.00 MP, · WE NEED YOUR LISTINGS. WE NEED HOUSES FOR SALE. · SEE OUR OPEN HOUSE IN AUSTIN ADDITION SUNDAY, North on -Mth. Left to 46th, Righl on 46th to AUSTIN ADDITION Evening Calls Bill Blackerhy . . . EL 7-0-165 Lou lampieri . . . . EL 5-2391 Jackie lampieri . . . EL 5-2391 Joy Stephens . . . . EL 5-6992 3 OtDHOO.MS. d l n l n j TMim, dismvasHer. redwood fpncc. 31K KJnyon. "ew lonn. JSOQ douT.. Dllbrcy'i Apcnci 1 . ELJ-STM. EL.1-I700. · ISHMAEL- STOCK ARD 4007 Cache Rood EL 5-9C01 EL 5-6-M9 · 5316 OAK. 3-BR. furniture goes with, freezer and all. Good buy, Payments 573.50. · «02 FLOYD, Sharp 3-BR. Low equity, immediate possession. · 3:508 EUCLID. 2-BR. Cm finance low equity. Payments 564. · 2621 A. 4-BR, corner lot. New loan or cquiry, New Models Sho^vIl By Appointment. We Will Build To Suit Your Needs! EVENINGS: Mollie Burton . . EL 5-7325 Jim Stockard ... EL 7-0291 Bill Ishmael . . . EL 5-2S93 Total Do^-n Payment Including Loan Closing ^ 5321 Oak, 3-BR. \/ -1501 G, 3-BR. --Cal] Today-- · No. 7 N. 40;h. 2-BR. STO mo. · 1609-11 E. Income property. Gross S290 month · 1313 Kingsbary. 3-BR, S73 MP. · 706 So. -16th. 3-BR, S74 Mo, baths. · 2705 H. 2-BR. S5S Mo. · 4309 PJdgccrest. 3-BR. V.'- B. · 531-1 Oak. 3-BR. S77 Mo. · -1537 G. 3-BR. S75 Mo. · 2-129 No. 28rh. 3-BR. SS3 Mo. · :S04 Floyd, 2-BR, 560.00 Mo. · P.idgecrest. 3-BR. brick. VA halhs. S-IOO do\vn. · Western Hills. 3-BR. $75 Mo. --EVENINGS-M. Z. Can EL 3-6128 Ray Shackelford . . . EL 3-S538 Tom_ A. Ashmore . . . EL3-SS02 CHOICE Elgin Lols"EL3-S»77. O W N E R . J bcrirnoms, r,-ncod ynrd. stove, drupes. Mor.isc houo Included. 5900 oqully. ajis:jn'.? pnymcnl!t nf .^TS monih. NVftr stchool, biis, etorcs flnd O n l o 3. EL.'t-TGI.i. ;; SCHOOLS -: NEAR .,..,. SPLIT LEVEL ^-BR, 2Vi i ; | r _: bcrhs, 1 9x26 recreation 50: Mission Bouievnrd. 3 bedroom. nL- . room attached acraqe. uchcd carnjE. nnrdwood floor j, [cnccd. ;i . ' ,, , - , , , : m " ^ J ; ^ 4 . « trres. Equity or ne FHA ln«n. Monthly pnymenti 176. Eve- nln;j. EIJ-33J or ELj-3635, No. 59. Pioneer: of.'lce. £1,7-1020 CROSBY AND COMPANY 3 becroom crick. 1^ DuLng. van!lie,* In I both oaLha. Ash cabinet. c*ncra] hcnu I JO.GOU. PayTTicnLi, 177 Of.T monLh. FHj\ In *«r\'lc^. Including Ho' lo- m.\c», and Infurancff. Call EL5--12-ID. ovpnlncs EL3-H1C7 £3,600 TOTAL price, 2 twdroom. com- ^ Rl^OROOM hnck, lyi hnlhs, ciir ek-c:rlc kltch'-n. double KHT-HKC Bnri / ^rd. ELJ-J79C, 5413 £lser.nowcr pleleiy fi (I. Realty. 1 burnished. EL3-E1SO. JoL JacK WllUs of pnyu!B ren:7 Only J50 dovwi will pu: you InLo fhla nice used mobll home. Total price 591)5 Joe Porter's Trailer M»n. Hih «r-d Cacne Road- EL3- 1723. 303 Dearborn A v e n u e This liousr- Is 25 yenrs old !ut t'. «'ns h u l l l Lo IlL-tl -00 yt'iirs. Soild mKfionry: two story; \^ h n s e m e n l ; 7 nxim5: fireplace; many Lrci-s. Apprnlsed value 51F,- 5(1(1. W i l l Fell for Jl-l.Son. Termj available nr will consider lea-Slnp, BoLkln ARcncy, 3 BEDROOM. 3'.-i bnlh5. electric k i t - chen, c e n t r a l heiiL, /itl.nched parncc. \'er- lew do\\T. paymenL 2^5 Maple. EliTln. Oklahoma. ^Ji-IKl^ KY owner. Slephens Arldlllon, sparloiis. brick. 3 liedroomn, dlnlnE room, t n m l l y room, SI,000 equity. Occupy belnrc Sep- l e m l i c r . ELT1-7S11. ]'in WILLIAMS, - bedroom, fenced yard, -.riiller hookup nn rtiir. eqully and 15 yinirs l e f t on nlc] loan or new loun hnd Srifi p n y m e n U EU-SD77. OW.viifK.S o(|ulty sale. 5 Room hou.^e. c l i n c h e d cnrnp'. Tn service pny:nen[.i, (Til. clvlltan. not. See i n v t l m c , 'J blocks n n r l h (if Cliche Road. '15H' Baldwin. · DON'T MOVE! . IMPROVE!. Get more living from your present home for less! ' · REMODEL · ADD-A- ROOM ·REPAIR No money down, 5 yrs lo pay Free! Planning; Eslimates! Everyth'T; to do the job Call EL 3-3010 CURRELL · LUMBER CO. 307 B Ave. EL5-4204 - 3 BEDROOM, lo\v e n u l l y , .payments 57F innhLhly, ncur school, central heotlnif. cx'' 1218 South 28Lh. n/icr 5:30 ·tutd Sunday: Immediate possession. " S700 'TOTAL DOWN 3 bedroom home o; .yojr own, monLhly 57^. . ' Phone. Pioneer' Office. EL7-1020 Model Homes Completely Furnished by Popular Furniture Company 2200 Block on North E W OPEN SUNDAYS Shown By Appointment Anytime -- F e a t u r i n g -Beautiful Ash Cabinets -- Beamed Ceilings Built-in Vanities -- 1 /z Baths -- All Brick Veneer -- Central Heat --- O p t i o n a l F e a t u r e s -Air Conditioning -- Built-in Range Vent-a-Hood -- Potio and Sliding Glass Doors -- Fireplace -Priced fro m$78.00 per FHA and G'Moaris " · No Down Payment to Vets · . . ' :· · 3% Down Payment FHA;- · Ic Down Payment on New "Work" Equity Crosby Co. EL5-4240 24th .and - B e l l ' ' EL3-8107- Low equity, immedicte possession. 4430 BALTIMORE. 3- BR b r i c k , centrcl heat, fenced" yard, carpet. Available on new VA or FHA lean. :: CORNER ^ brick, I S garage. Low equity '"- Near schools. L O T . 3-BR ;; baths, 2 car |! NOW HERE IT IS! NEW 3-BEDROOM BRICK Fenced yard, built-in range, oven AND refrigerator. C e n t r a l heat and air · conditioning. Payments only S85. Call us for details. I WE NEED LISTINGS ON 2 3 BEDROOM HOMES ; i · !| WESTERN HILLS n REALTY I 430V Cache Road I EL 5-8181 - Arthur Maxbeny .'EL 3-S057 Ira Finlcy . . . . EL 3-2534 Bill Joiner ...... EL 7-OS94 -y

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