The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on May 30, 1965 · Page 48
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 48

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 30, 1965
Page 48
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;. 20 Sunday, May 30, 'fi5 DcKa Pgmocrni-Times - The Atomic Warriors (1) --,Complex SAC Meshmism Has Straightforward Objective Delta Demo- 1 the commander-in-cliicf just 14 their flights towards large! nrc- (Editor's Mole: crat-Times Staff Reporter l'os-jhours awl 3S minutes a f l e r the!as. Then, if no authenticated tor Davis happened to sec a!request was made," an Air voice instructions lo strike tar- movie called "Fail-Safe," which'Force officer reported proudly, 'gels is received in the bomber. The Stralegic Air Command the plane turns back. The Fail- become nn institution. Like, Safe idea is that if no signal is institution, it is subject to received the bomber keeps E°- arc not siriclly - i n g . played in Greenville. The movie concerns an American bomber crew which mistakenly bombs Moscow. Curious to see w h a t Air Force reaction to this movie would be, Davis wrote to the Bailey lo contend willi: the SAC, ·Strategic Air Command (SAC) people ] r , v{ , their troubles, loo.! .ii Omaha. N'eb., asking for a n j The first big i r r i t a n t for SA-. "" opinion on the film. Back came was publication of an astonishingly had novel t h a t snfd an has any a t t a c k s winch military. The A r m y has Beetle an invitation lo visit SAC facilities in Nebraska fo see how iliey work. The following series of six articles is Ihe result.) By FOSTER DAVIS OFFUTT AIR FORCE BASE, Neb. -- The Strategic Air Com-' mand of the United Stales Air astonishing number of copies. THE NAME of the book is FAIL-SAFE was also made rd-ralc movie, "hying in Greenville in Deceit The producers of the me :jk no more care wilh Ihe ftc .i than did Burdick and Wheeler. Tlie facilities of SAC are pretty much open for inspection by "Fail-Safe." by Eugene Rnrclick t h e public, given certain reserva- and Harvey Wheeler. Tlie lxok lions based on security co;iskl- Harvey Wheeler. The lxok deals with whnt happens when ..... A m e r i c a n Iwmber crew is Force is a vast and complicated' i stakcl ,i y ]c(1 ,,, h c l j c v e i( has mechanism with a straighlfor- k^,, or( , crc(| ,,, ml ., ck M(l!j( . ow ward objective. Its mission is, in Ihe words of i one SAC officer, lo have an "im- prociucc a ccxlc ,i rcc;1 |, signl( | A now . famnlls "| i( ,i e b i., ck ibox in , hc p|MC js suppo , cd lo the plane renrhes a T e r r a i n mediate response to all the rle-j mands of national policy." Thel^,,, (t fo r ai ,. s:lfe p o i n l ) . Be- cold war mission ot the bomber-j yom ] ,j,i s p oinl missile organization is "to pro- n o l h i n g c a n rc ' ca |, vide a nuclear umbrella underneath which the Cold War can be conducted." The demands of national policy may be varied, even capricious. During the disastrous Alaska earthquakes last year, for example, several B-58 bombers were dispatched from the continental United Stales to photograph the damage. ·* * * : "THOSE pictures were devel- soped and on the desk of " " " ' Complete Burial INSURANCE 24 Hour Ambulance Service Two Way Radio Air Conditioned Oxygen Equipped N A T I O N A L FUNERAL HOME Phone ED 4-4519 Hwy. 82 E. Ilie authors i talc goes. t h e plane. built their entire tions based erations. * » t BUT the questions the American public might ask of SAC are two: How well prepared to do ils job is lhc part of the U. S. Armed Forces which is expected to deliver 91) per cenl of Ihe nuclear weapons in Ihe "next war 11 ? What are the chances of an accidental war being triggered by seme slip on our side? These are questions lhal can f i n a l l y only be answered by war Mayor Wagner May Not Run New Term' Along The Waterfront Scheduled to pass Wai-field point, 5 miles south of Greenville, sometime today, Greenville Towing Company's motor vessel, Walter Williamson, radioed at. 6 a m Saturday at mile 933 and southbound on t h e ' r Mississippi. The Ben McCool radioed at mile 305 downbound on the Ohio River and the Ohio re- NEW YORK (UPI) - Demo-! crattc Mayor Uobert F. Wagner] has dropped a political bomb-i portent mile202"and'"northbound on the lower Missis- shell by declaring he may not " run as expected for an unprecedented fourth term. It had been taken for granted that the mayor would seek a new four-year lease on city hall and voters were relishing e^.; Xv.^.- ! ing mayoralty decades. contest in two I Bui Wagner, 55, told news-men Friday night that family |and health considerations were icausing him to recvaluate his !political plans. He said he ex- |pected to reach a f i r m decision in about two weeks. Pittsburgh Cincinnati Cairo SI. Louis Caruthersville Memphis Helena G'ville Edge. . Flood 21-Hou Stage Today Chang ond SHOULD Wagner decide not to 16.7 2G.5 22.3 16.0 14.7 1C.1 18.2 25.40 -0.1 -0.2 0.8 --I.I -0.2 -0.4 --0.5 -0.45 J al . . . Port Otl m'a 359 and southbound o" 1^* cr f.\iilm ; ppi River. CJwtk Hoboit, i 4J3 ord Lpboimd and Mill Noocv, · 443 and dcwrbcund, bolh on W.I- i River . . . Delta Towing Compflnv'* i Own radicerf al mile 163 on Ih. lo.v« Mnilipol, J. E. Vitkm ol m;!. .3 a-d lourhSound on Ihn low»[ MH- rowbo Tin Mllilu'ppl *iv« a vllt-Lat(« Villa?* Erldg. el 7:30 a.m. Salu/daf, o el 0.45 It. lh ( G/MPI- 25.40 f»l Main Command Post novel around Ihe idea thai if nothing camp from the l i t t l e black box the bomber would attempt to penetrate Russia. The Air Force was stung by this book, and puzzled that neilh-jg o l t o n ' by observation. In a seer of the aulhors look the trouble 1 r j e s O f articles, the Democrat- itself. Bui some how professional notion of just SAC is can he ic see how SAC's control system does work. * » t EVER since SAC begnn operating after World War II the Air Force public relations people have Iried to get some notion across lo the public of just how SAC works. Then along came a couple of writers with a gimmick -- and Times will report on briefings supplied by SAC officers. The articles will include Ihe impressions of a Democrat-Times reporter who visited the command's Nebraska headquarters. GARBAGE STRIKE NEW ORLEANS (UI'l)-Rcs- U Ls heneatli this sprawling building tltal the Strategic Air Command's (SAC) main command post is located. The command of the entire bomb er and missile operation is exercised from this headquarters near Omaha, Neb, The display missile in f r o n t of the building is a Minnteman, one of Ihc largest of American Intercontinental Hallistic Missiles (ICB!\1). (USAF Photo) Second Supply Boat Launched By CHARLES KERG building several of the vessels|aml engineering for the Greenville The second of several supply|for Twenty Grand M a r i n e Service.Shipbuilding Corporation, said (lie vessels for offshore oil drilling i n ' a n d the immediate destination of several parts of the world h n s j i h e Grant will be at Morgan City, been launched by the Greenville Shipbuilding Corporniinn on Lake Ferguson and keel laid for a third. Tied up in Lake Ferguson Saturday was the 151-foot self-pro- pcllcd barge Grant, Final painting and shaping up of the G r a n t was expected to be completed by Wednesday. Tlie G i a n t is a bister ship of Ihe Ca[dwell, launched here in' Vliirch and uww working in the- Gulf of Mexico from the port of La., where the firm's hcadquart- irs Eire Itirated, The Grant is 35 feet wide and supply vessels carry pipes, drill- rro-.,gl] y and the ih- job BACK IN SERVlCt MONDAY: CKailie SV.eoord. of Iho SKepaid r/.ctirvf Servkfl. alrj Saluidov l« expected 1o Kave tvj mo' 31 veuel, Ccmr.eiCfol, beck in lervke 1.1 r-arbcr lowi.-iq Monday or me*. FOR! ItRWIUAL QUltT Saturday. At' er r;e:lk day end night cdiviiy tot «*· rol v.eeVi. ll-e f-nal barge of nip* wos run. it would vastly enl.ance £^£"=1°,' Co'. SU"S^M^ j Republican dances of electing"* """'"° l a mayor of the nation's largest cily for the first lime since Fiorelto LaGuardia left office in iais. Wagner said Feb. 1 he "most likely" would run again and the campaign had been developing as the most challenging batlle of his political career. Wagner, a stocky, languid scrapper with proven voter UP AND DOWN THE MISSISSIPPI OVER fcy Worlield pa^r end OeenvTe Sol a-.d Fridov, to Shep' ^\a^l^o SCIVKC a-.d Greenville Widi-ie S*:yi:«, i-.du^ed Ihe Panv Shclin, All _ land, Solly Po'k. FranUin fell*. Ned ·, Ihtieid Stely, E-j!lFiog. Jel' Cily. loclv Marion. Jt.ry Wokr, oil . ; rg included the Am lex ta peal, Rep. would John face Republican Lindsay, ihe M.l ap- s.ix G., Jim Houghlord, e. Palikt CallK.n, Johi H. Me strongest mayoralty candidate era, free water nnd other ilemsm l c GOP ever fielded ngainst needed in oil drilling operation s .[j li The d a t c n crew of 12 to H traveling mt 3. Ingi n Jr., Boifcmo, Icc-.irfai Po'V. a', St. lo-J ii R'cwn , »», Fnrfoy. Worker orxj in Lake Ferg-j youthfu] congressman j b GRFFNVILIE EASED Soiurdav lo include B pcnv'i Ann B:enl, mile 8^7 and equipped with iwo Diesel en- lowurd ai! drilling rigs anchored gincs generating 1530 horsepowerjnr f l o a t i n g in depths of 300 to -JUO or a total c/f 765 horsepower each, i feet. Speed of the boats is around A. A. llcnshaw. d i r e c t o r of salcs'la knots per hour. powerful vessels accomo-| is a four-lime winner in n city where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans 3 to 1. 407 Lindsay, 43, a tall, lnmdsome ! liberal whose political and personal images resemble those of the late President John F. Ken- iilciits of suburban JeffcrsonjGorvcsloii,^ Texas. Air Force public relations wenl !parish (county) were left Ixild- blooey! Tlie thing t h a t infuri- jing the hag today--the garbage ates any Air Force person about Tail-Safe" is that the Air Garbage men, demanding Force controls its Iwmbers ex- higher pay, actly Ihe opposite of the novel's throughout the version. ihomcowners lo The Air Force says the l»mb-jown methods ers reach a certain poinl in 'trash. have gone on slrikej parish leaving | figure out tJicir of diposing of ANOTHER FIRST For Perel and Lowensteins · and Greenville, Miss. PUBLISHED IHAY 21s( - CHECK THE RECORD No need to wait for Fed .Excios Tax Kcilucfions-- PL guarantees to refund any excise fax you pay now if bill is passed between now and July 1st. THE local shipbuilding firm is Anguilla Sewer Bonds Sale Set ANGUILLA -- Tlie board of | Mermen here will accept bids. June 15 on 5200,000 in revenue and general obligation lomls approved overwhelming in a j cily election recently. | The bond revenue will be used lo conslmcl a sanitary sewer system to serve Anguilla. The town presently depends upon septic lanks for sewage disposal. Mayor S. A. Summer pointed nut prior to the bond election hat health considerations make i sanitary sewer system for the own mandatory. Mayor Summer predicted construction on (he project will begin by July 1. The contract for he project has nol been let, he said. MEN'S DIAMOND SENSATIONS In Your Choice of 7 Handsome Stylos Big, fiery diamonds set in hold masculine inounlings. Choosey from .solitaire styles or IxMtuti clusters. All arc Iruly great values at this unbelievable low price! No Money Down. Pay Only SI \Vk, Ihe OMa Slver, Burba and r.oillic!u-vJ on 1he lav-ei Caiola B.-ent, nile 44 and up lJ3U.-d or llie A't-hafalaya River, Dig-; Bienl, mile 35 a-d ckwrboy-rJ C ;i 1~ ( Foil Allen RCJ'«. r.'.crguiel Bienl a) Ml Ve'nci, Ira'irjna, d'Hl-grgirKj targci, Bci IV 3-enl. (.-Me 302 a-.d narlhbcufKJ CT ll.i laid Sclura'ay Iwo ba:g« of lurrber v/M! b« IcodtcJ IV i 101 bcrg« of iirae me!al . . . J. / of lh« Kcrr.iey 7o*!r*a Ccm pcny Saturday eit-'mc'ed the ol ha Mi« Stjic.T neor InVe Ckirle». la., ·nifa ?3S arid w«ilbound on Ir.lercociial i nedy, captured his Manhattan | congressional district last year by 90 000 votes. President John sou polled only 70,000 votes ir winning the same district. ii Jag, iep=rred SalurrJoy al 6 a. fA'n-eiola City, Mtnn., mil* 739 orihbc^nd on the UDDBP Wiiiditipl and Weoih^ri Towing Co-T^any i ,.«.^ V/«air«M repoHed al K«okuJc, cwo r.lis 365 ond roilhtou"d o^ th» i fl p«? j'ijiinbol . . . Vair«y Tow!ns stvi-o'i Petty If May laid th« dry of 7,'eenvil 1 e itpontd diicrrafg r rg eai- lo al Merrph't al 6 a.m. Saturday nd iha Ol* Mm, d-* to reach P a r t u'pf-^r. La., ot 6 p.m. Sauiday i»i . ., .. inile 205 and icuihbcun lh» IMPROVE YOUR OWN HEARING AID NOW-for most Hearing Atf makes and models! r NEW LOW-COST I I ! ACOUSTIC MOMFIER* with exclusive sound channel, SHARPENS YOUR WORD-UNDERSTANDING H you can hear conv*rs«tOfS but miss many of the words, the troubto may be with trie ear-mold you're w»- ing. Replace it wilh Zenith's new, inexpensive Acoustic Modifier. The sound-cha nnel makes the brgdirfe^- _ence. You have to hear it to t»tlev» it: Words are clearer, men cfiitlnc*, so you understand mom of tv*ry conversation you hear. Zenith "» Acoustic Modifier te custom i comfortably fitted to your i Replace yoor oM 331 Washington Phone 5-2313 SHORT SPEECH WASHINGTON (UPl)-Rep. Built For Oil Drilling Here's Hit? Grant, supply vessel for oil drilling rigs, built by Greenville Shipbuilding Corporation for bervice in many parls of the world. It will leave Wednesday for Morgan City, I.H., and later leave for a destination not yet announced as a supply vessel for olf-shore oil drilling. The Grant is the second to be built here. Keel has been laid for a third. (Photo by Larson Photographers) Greenley's Summer Special SALE! Young Men's Traditional Sails Reg. $39.95 -- NOW $29,95 Reg. $45.00 -- NOW $38.50 Reg. $55.00 -- NOW $47.50 Reg. $59.95 -- NOW $49.95 One Group! Young Men's NATURAL SHOULDER SPORT GOATS Regular C $29.93 19 95 "DOWNTOWN GREENVILLE' DRAWS IRE Bert L. Talcolt, R-Calif., prob- WASHINGTON (UPI) - A ably had the briefest congrcs-J Washington public relations sionnl criticism of professional!woman sn:d Thursday she hull boxing following the C!ay-Lis- apologized to Iho White House ton heavyweight ·cek. The complete text speech, as inserted in Congressional Record: "Mr. Speaker, boxing stinks!" title fight this for attempting lo sell a letter ONEY DOWN-UP TO 2 YEARS TO PAY GUARANTEED FLAWLESS DIAMONDS For those who want the finest, here we offer pcrfecl diamonds, available in 4 sizes for this sale. 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