The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 4, 1947 · Page 17
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 17

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 4, 1947
Page 17
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The Nation Today BY J A M K S ' M A R LOW WASHINGTON, J u n e 4 {/I';-- You rruiy not have thought of It t h a t way but W a s h i n g t o n Is the World's s c i e n c e capital. This c i t y is the center of great fccienlifio activity although the noise of the politicians and lawmakers drowns out the quiet scien- t Uts. ______ House Flip -Flops Again After Veto Balances Budget AUSTIN. June 4 -- (/I') -- The 50 Legislature is in a mood to wind up I t s work and end the session by Friday. Thes were the actions yesterday which indicated the legislators might pull up stakes Friday and head home: 1. The house did a double flip- fjop on it. 5. resolution calling for f i n a l a d j o u r n m e n t at noon Friday, June (J. It first voted to recall the resolution from the sen- nt-e Then. I n t o in the day, it voted to recall the recall, t h u s leaving the resolution in senate hands. 2. The Governor b r o u g h t state jspondlnr and revenue In balance by vetoing Items totalling $1,000,000 in the red. That was w h n t prompted t h e a t t e m p t t o recall i h t - f l n n l adjoiinuiu-nt resolution to allow time! in w h i c h U trim Yet, you could rubberneck nround Washington a good while and still not see the work In science being done here. Since World War I Washington has become more- and more a scientific center. It spurted into flriit place under World War II. The Washington speaking of the scientific of the city, said: "Growth has been topsy-llke--a lylclothron here, a wind-tunnel there, medical research laboratories somewhere else, until you look aboult and audclently realize- that your own backyard Is a treasury of scientific endeavor " Probably more scientific witlons, including some the drive of recently growth $1,000,000 opon foi ( i o v ru'iiuford 11. ,Ir.'itcr waved Uu- h - n l s l n t i i r c that e f f o r t . ;$. The j H - n i i t r made no rnovn to wild the J u n r (5 a d j o u r n m e n t resolution back to the house in response to the recall. This could mean t h a t the senators are also prepared to q u i t Prlday. 4. Jt-.stcr viewed hlH veto t.s leaving the way the session to a d j o u r n . 5. Hep. Claud G i l m e r , chairman of the House Appropriations Com- mlttee. told the house: "If you recall this recall, I t h i n k the senate will adopt your adjournment resolution in the morning." Jester cut from the eleemosynary bill an appropriation of $300,000 for a new psycopathic ward for the Austin State Hospital, and another appropriation which act u a l l y was a carryover of $1,300,000 m unexpended f u n d s from appropriations made by the legislature. Explains Effects Ho wild his veto on previously- appropriated money would not affect any balance that might re- m a i n n't the end of the fiscal year, 1948, but would a f f e c t only the balance at the end of the c u r r r n i f l w r n l y r - n r , A u g . 31 1047. -These two items w i l l e f f e c t a s a v i n g of a p p r o x i m a t e l y $1,000,- ooo and w i l l n o t , in my Judgment, hamper 'he operation ol' our ele- f i n o s y n a r y institutions," Jester MI id. The result of yesterday's legis- l a t i v r : actions was to leave to the senate t h e u l t i m a t e decision on when the legislature will finally adjourn. House refusal to pass a bill allowing oil u n l t i z a t i o n agreements left a question m a r k on the report that t h e senate will not seek f l n n l a d j o u r n m e n t until the bill is passed. The house rejected senate am- f i K i m e n t s on the measure, and ordered it sent to a conference committee for settlement. flapped down a g a i n wan a $200,000.000 soldier bonus proposal by Rop. Roger Q. KVHMH of Denlson. Unsuccessful in attempts to bring his constitutional a m e n d m e n t out of a house · committee. Evans succeeded in b r i n g i n g the resolution ffpforc the house, which itself acted as a committee of the whole in order to consider the measure. But the result was the wame. The house voted, 03 to 48, to re- refer the bonus measure to subcommittee of 10 veterans of both world wnrs. The subcommittee Is RUthorized to report back at any t i m e . organl- of the their headquarters any other one city. Harlingen Commission Delays ; _x Franchise Grant To Gas Firm have here than in i-'or example: Tho Amoricnn Association for tho Advance of Science, with more than 32,000 members all over the world; The National Academy of Sclcnclcs, w i t h a membership of 300 top scientists; The American Chemical Society; American Psychological Society, and so on. The government, with its fingers in many pies, Is doing most of the scientific work here. The biggoBl non-governmental outfit Is the Carnegie Institution of Washington which operates a great cyclotron, used in atomic research. Here are some of the government centers; Tho National Institute of Health ·--It investigates tlu: causes of disease, and ways to prevent thorn. The N a t i o n a l Cancer Institute-It's doing research In cancer, Tho A g r i c u l t u r a l Research Cont o r - - i t s great acres, Just outside Washing ton u r n a swarm of scien- t i f i c experiments with plants and animals. Army Medical Department's research and graduate school--among other things, it is investigating tropical clGKoiiKUH. Tho National Bureau of Standards--It's one of the principal research and testing laboratories of the government in all kinds of fields, such as chemistry, physics, engineering, weights, measures, ,empcratures. Quads Celebrate 32nd Birthday With Big Party HOIiLIS, Okla., June 4 -- (/P)-Tho Keys quadruplets were observing their 32nd birthday anniversary today in McKlnncy, Texas, where one of them lives. The observance will be marked by the attendance of the husbands of the four girls. The girls were born here June 4, 1915. Tho birthday party will be held at the homo of Mary, now Mra. Jack Anderson. Customarily, the quads mot at the homo of thoir parents, of Oklahoma City. Besides Mary, the other members of the famous foursome are Mona, now Mrs. Robert Fowler; Loota, now Mrs. Robert Hall, both of Oklahoma City, and Roberta, now Mrs. Roland Torn, of Houston. ~*i' *" HELD FOR. CHICAGO, J u n o 4 --(/«»)--Theo- dore Splrnpaulos, 21, of Chicago, 1s toeing held under a $30,000 bond on an armed robbery charge In connection w i t h the May 12 holdup in which two Texrms and a Chicago man were stripped of their clothing. Municipal Judge V. McCormlck ordered Splrupaulos held after he was i d e n t i f i e d by Vetch Dollph, 29, of Texarkana as one of five men who took his clothes, watch and $250 In the robbery. Many Alaskan glaciers are believed to be retreating instead of advancing. SCIENTIFIC EYE EXAMINATION BROKEN LENSES DUPLICATED R E P A I R S FOR ALL FRAMES Dr. Fred W. Queen OPTOMETRIST PHONE 217 QUEEN OPTICAL CO £ t 5 K. K l l / n b c t h (Ground Floor) Pederson Wins Degree At Southwest College LOS PRBSNOS, June 4--Paul N. 'Pederson was among those to bn graduated at the Spring, commencement exercises of Southwest TexftH State College, San Marcos. President J. G. Flowers conform! 112 bachelor's degrees and eight master's degreow. Commonoo- mont .speaker wns Dr. K. N, Jones, president of A. and I., and the baccalaureate sermon was delivered by Dr. Monroe Everett, president of Trinity University. Pederson, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Pederson, majored in history and government and received a B. S. degree. He Is a World War II veteran. Railway rights of way and building sites in the United States occupy about four million acres or about one-sixth of the area of J n d l n n n . P R ETT I E S T -- L y n n Gilmore, (above) former model, was voted the prettiest rcstan- ranteuse In America, in a New York balloting: by operators from 43 different «lalcs. Bulletin Board WEDNESDAY Temple' Beth-El Sisterhood will neet at the homo of Mrs, A. Hausman at U p.m. THURSDAY El Jardin Home Demonstration Club w i l l m o o t ' at 2 p.m. at tho homo of Mrs. Vern Mil lor on Boca Chlca Highway between tho PH- sdos Iilno Road and Old PorL Isabel Road. The American Legion Hanson Post No. 43 will meet -at 8 p. in. at the Legion Hall, 983 Southeast Levee St. FRIDAY Pan American Round Table will have a luncheon meeting at 1 p.m. at El Jardin Hotel. Members are asked to make reservations before Wednesday with Mrs. R. D. Sundell. HARLINGEN, June 4 -- Discussion ol' n proopscd for the Rio Grande Valley Gas Company was delayed for 30 days last night by city commisioners, after the body heard arguments in the matter. Commissioner B. S. Mothershead raised the question o.C rates to be charged conKiimera alter which the group discussed an invitation to the KTI.S company to offer a reduction. Mothershend said he felt it better business to fix the rate structure before the franchise is granted. Figures he had gathered, he shid, indicated that the company earned $123,023.02 mor that it required to obtain its regular six per cent net profit, during the period 1942 to 1046. He had not ben able to obtain figures oh the cost of construction and revenue derived from tlie 100-mile pipeline into Jim Hogg county, he said. Judge D, F. Strickland, representing the gas company, asked for immediate-; adoption of the franchise ordinance, emphasising that the company had contributed considerably to the growth of Harlingen during its 20 years operation here. He also pointed out that Jack Williams, representing the Southern Gas Company and Roger Lacy, had presented a franchise in Actober, but was back now asking for more time to demonstrate what he could produce. He dcclar- that Williams could not get needed materials to bring the gas Into the city w i t h i n two years. At rates fixed on Mothershead's flguror,, he snid, his compan would bo compelled to appeal to Tlnllmiui Commission. He added f u r t h e r that if Williams comes Into the city oflorlni? a 23 per cent lower rate, the Rio Srnncio company would cither meet, the new rate or go out of business, Claude Carter, representing Williams and Lacy declared that the Rio Grande company did nob come to the Valley to help build the area, but to make money. A rate fight, he pointed out, frequently requires years to adjust in .the Texas Railroad Commission and the courts. An arbitration provision in event of a disagreement; HOW TEXANS VOTED WASHINGTON, June 4--(/P)-The vote by which the senate approved the $4,000,000,000 income tax bill and sent it to the White House included: Democrats for: O'Danlel, Against the bill. Connally. A ushabtl burled in ancient Egyptian tombs was a figure supposed to be the gardener, who would grow food for his master. Three Steps In The Right Direction First, when you are 111, sock your doctor's artvloo and Hurvloe.s a« soon as possibles. KccoDd. brinjv his proscription to us for aoourato w impounding 1 of tho highest quality drugs. Third, lake your medicine exactly as directed, and keep taking 1 it until your doctor tells you tr» stop or prescribes a change of medication. Jtt over purchase of the company by the city is worthies, he said, because it sets up no' cachinery for arbitration, Shipments Citrus and vegetable shipments from, the Valley by rail totaled 304 cars yesterday. Included were grapefruit 21 cars, mixed citrus five, mixed vegetables three, carrots six, parsley two, tomatoes 239, corn. 27, and cnnteloupe one. Tilting tournaments, a picturesque customs dating back t.o colonial, times, are still held in South Carolina. Melvin Henderson Mechanic Valley Bulck Company Bays:-If 'the FRONT END SYSTEM of your car Is loose, making cracking n o i s e s , does not steer easy and straight, and if your car bounces up and down like a baby buggy, the chances are it needs Rebushing, Tie- Rod Ends replaced, the Shock Absorbers serviced or replaced, and the Front End aligned. We will be glad to Inspect the Front System of your car FREE, Knights Choose Officers At Meet Reynaldo G. Garza was reelected Grand Knight at *fc meeting of Knights of Columbus in Brownsville last night. Others redacted were, P. H. Bouis, deputy grand knight; Ralph Friedman, treasurer; Jose G. Sandoval, recorder. Those newly- elected include, Romeo Gonzalez, chancellor; Abelardo Alvarez, war- den; Martin Garcia, advocate; A. B. Gueria Jr., trustee, three years; Moises Cisnoros, inside guard; RrxUl Besleiro, outside guard. Appointed officers include, J. A. Soto, financial secretary, re-np- pointed; Edward Howard, lecturer, and Felix Gay, San Bcnito, cliair- man of the The purple Federal 'grade mark on meat is a harmless vegetable dye that usually disappears during cooking. Almost 40 per cent of the land surface of the United States has too little rainfall to permit sale general farminR. S ALTERINI NEVA-RUST wrought iron f u r n i t u r e is practical, b e a u t i f u l , comfortable, well-nigh indestructible, and so suitable to our Rio Grande Valley, A CARD TABLE with four chairs is a recent arrival that w i l l ''double" the pleasures of bridge, C H A R G E ACCOUNTS Phone 380 Of BROWNSVILLE DIVIDED PAYMENTS 723 E. Elizabeth Get Cool, Soothing Relief At Once-This Fast, New Way! 1. InMianfly--U cooU, toothai, refroshosl Cooling ns n fresh sea breeze, Johnson's Prickly Heat Powder soothes and cnlms the angry burning itch of prickly-heat. You get fllorioua relief -- nt onccl 2. Helpt koop skin dry...*paed« tioalIng I Prickly hcnlranh thrive* in m o i M u r e . Only Johnnon'n Prickly Mont Powder contain* icntonlta -- tho super-absorbent* So the instant Johnson's Prickly Hetit Powder touches the skin, it absorbs irritating perspiration . . . helps keep the skin dry so it con heal in ft hurry! Try it today! JOHNSON'S PRICKLY HEAT POWDER P R I C K L Y HEAT POWMER ,'AADl AND GUARANJtSD SY TWI MAKERS OF JOHNSON'S BABY POWDER ,,-A'^ -"liX ·' .^mX Sr is an Old Hand at Saving We run our stores lh« way a thrifty housekeeper runs her home, We don't sell on credit. We don't deliver. Cash-and-carry saves a lot of money--for YOU. We buy carefully, with a sharp eye for quality (nothing's a bargain if it isn't good as"well as cheap). Yes, we're old hands at saving you moneys Our customers know it--and trust us. And' we wouldn't sell out that confidence for anything in the world* MEN ! WE THINK THEY'RE UNBEATABLE VALUES! 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