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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 1

Greenville, Mississippi
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Monday, July 18, 1960
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Meeting Today Gets 'Save The Parade' Ball Rolling By DAVID BRO.WN Representatives of 24 Greenville civic, service, and garden clubs were asked Monday morning lo save the Christmas Parade, the challenge, a door-to-door campaign on Friday, July 29, they will report on Friday the number of workers they If they accept which includes cd, but little action. "All «e are here for is to get :he ball rolling. Unless at least ihree-Fuurlhs of those here want to help,- we can only conclude make available and meet again next Monday morning to complete plans, Bill Snell, chairman of the Greenville Christmas Parade Committee, snid. Snell emphasized that this was an emergency one-year plan to save the parade, which had to be dropped for the first time in ten years by the sponsoring Merchants Bureau due to a lack of funds in the budget. He said that if 75 per cent ot the civi: groups responded to the call, his committee would go ahead with plans to raise $5,000 He presented a package program to the groups present as worked out by an East Greenville Kiwanis Club committee, but he emphasized that it was to be a community effort, not one restricted to or credited lo any ·single organization. Time Is Short "We came up with a plan and believTM it will be easier to present it as a package," Sne'l explained. "Time is too short to debate among ourselves as 10 whether this ib the best plan or not There has been considerable talk so far among people who don't parade bad enough to work for it, anil we would be the last group in town to try to force want lo see our parade 'abaiidun- booster tickets, organization, gifts, and the like. He asked that all clubs with names beginning with the letters . A through M cal! George Browne at EDIson 2-1505 and beginning with letters N hat Greenville doesn't wan* the through. Z call him at EDison it," Snell said. Of 'lie 55,000, he said $3,000 was needed for the 15 floats at $200 a flofl, "and that's a real bargain." The rest would help continue rent on the building where properties ore kept and would be used lo help host the visiting bands, and would be placed into a continuing fund. Plan Outlined The package plan included soliciting the support of the civic groups, setting a single - day's' door-to-door solicitation preceded by adequate radio and newspaper publicity giving "booster lickets" for each dollar donation, assigning territories to the workers of various clubs at the meeting next Monday, and adding "appreciation gifts" as an added icentive. Snell said that several such gifts, including an electric toaster and a watch, had been offered by merchants. Also each club would be asked for an initi- il donation on its own, the amount to be determined by what the club's treasury can stand. Snell said the original committee would handle the details of 2-7224 by Friday on the number of workers available. One civic club representative asked what' was the purpose of the parade, primarily. Browne said that the'parade was intend ed to promote the business and cultural interests of the community. David Orlansky said that the parade was one of the two spectacles (the other was the UlSSIUIPPt -- Polity rfoorfy · Mfoy wiiti *k3«f* lOTUirtd l K w x . - - mor« nur^irovi In aFlirnow*! ond v«*lfl3t, JIM|» ctanqa In It-npfraruirt. ow*u tenlfl'ir 6S-70, K^cll Tuiidcf ARKANSAS -- Pa'Hy cloudy gtlday w^S widely walrnH Ihi/ndir. Sowtn mc'« rwmrout In afuinooiH and viningi, litlU chortgt Iri rin-pira'urei, 71st Year Associated Press (AP) Unlte'd Press Internationa! [UP\] RED STREAM FINAL Greenville, Mississippi Monday, July 18, 1960 Price 5c No/274 Congolese May Invite Russian Help tif . * * ·;. · Lumumba Demands Belgian Pullout Ike, Kennedy Clear Information Hurdle By MARVIN L. ARROWSMITH NEWPORT, R.I. (AP)-An obstacle to President Eisenhower's supplying Sen. John F. Kennedy, the Democratic presidential nominee, with top-secret national security information appeared today to have been cleared in a hurry. Through a spokesman, Eisenhower made it plain I»te Sunday that he was willing to moke such confidential data available during the campaign to Kennedy and his hi» behalf, running mate, Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson of Texai, oo ona condition. This was that they--as well as the leaders of tho Republican ticket--had to accept it personally «nd not through go-betweens. Kennedy had Indicated that he planned to have representatives accept It on his behalf. A few hours after the pres- dent's terms were outlined to Ken nedy, the Massachusetts senator's press secretary, Pierre Salinger read a rather vague statement to newsmen at Hyannisport, Mass., Kennedy's summer home. Asked whether it meant Kennedy and Johnson were accepting the Eisenhower condition, Salinger replied: "I would say yes." Kennedy previously had announced plans to have Adlai E. Stevenson and Rep. Chester Bowles (D-Conn) receive the confidential security information on Summer Carnival) which help to set Greenville apart, and offer entertainment for the . citizens and especially for the chil dre'n." Mrs. Robert Worthing!TM, presi dent ot the Alice Bell Garden Club, suggested the theme be 'Greenville's Christmas Gift ti the Children of the Delta." Snet observed most people are willing to spend at least a dollar to see a movie spectacular, or. to have television spectaculars brought in- .0 their home and he felt asking those who enjoy the parade to spend a dollar for it was "not unreasonable." · Club Representatives Representatives of the various clubs present included Mrs. Robert .A. Ireland Greenville Woman's Club; Mrs. J. 0. Smith, president Greenville Garden Council; Mrs. Claude Stuart; Mrs. J. B.j Wallace, Magnolia Garden Club; I Mrs. Donald Miller, Officer's Wives Club; Mrs. Ben Hawkins, Southern Garden Club. Mrs. D. G. Vicmandy, BPW Club; Mrs. Fredrick Flatau, Evergreen Garden Club; Mrs. R. S. Spain, J u n i o r Women's Club; Mri. Collins Williams, Junhr WiAIHE* AND IIVER (Fcp Gr»».-i»III* and Vicinity) Th* AlitlUtlpp! tlftr at TK« Gr«in- TlliVLcU Vlllae* Bridpi, 31.0* lu»\ a4 7 a.m. today, a 34-XotJr fall of 3.13 ft. Th* blah SMIM^BY wot 91 rfignt* and thl liw lull nlgM. M. Ik» Ttmixrolura al · a.m. NdaT wat 7? dtgrvvl, CKtordUa ta wtalK*i obiiivo B/odl* Cr«n-p. Loll nlflhl'f rtcdlng m=.Vtd Ih. tool.II nlgM In July. rtW MISSISIirPt -- Partir ctaircty wilfi wltfaly iatur«d afrimaan Ikuo- d*nSow«n loday and TiMtdar. Tart- Tf cloudy bicamint Mr linTuM. Tk« XIgh leday 90-94: low lonlcht 70-74: High rvudcry 12-16. Windi toulh«ilr 2-11 men Ihrtugh Tuiidny, Imr.oiU.g tn rfi*-3«rihcw"1. Ovtioek V/tdnMdcy: Partly (Joudy low 70-74; higS Auxiliary; Mrs. Fred Whitacre, Colonial Garden Club; Mrs. J.W. Mock, American Legion Auxiliary. Harold Peacock, E x c h a n g e Club; Mrs. Harold Peacock, Ex- changette Club; Mrs. Neal Rogers, Junior Greenville Garden Club; Mrs. H o d d i n g Carter. Greenville Garden Club; John Sapen, American Legion; C. 0. Long, Kiwanis Club. Boyde M i t c h e l l , Greenville Toaslmasters Club; Joe Arnold, East Greenville Kiwanis CKib; Bob May, Lions Club; Jolm McPherson, Rotary; George Browne, Merchants Bureau; H. L, Merideth. Exchange; Mrs. Robert Worthington, Alice Bell Garden Club, and Ross Shellon, Civitan. At Odds With GOP Crisis Faces Japan's New Prime Minister SIGN LIQUOR ENFORCEMENT PETmO\-The Rev. James Rich Leland First Baptist Church, signs a petition calling for strict enforcement of prohibition laws in Washington County. James Boggan, president of the Brotherhood ot the church which sponsored the petition there, supervises the signing. More than 100 members of the church signed the petition. In Greenville three churches in the original committee reported a total of 323 signatures collected on copies of the petition; four churches could not be reached for their results, two said they planned to work on them next Sunday and Calvary Baptist and Church of the Open Door said their workers were canvassing people today and tomorrow. (Staff Photo) Rocky Won't Second Nixon By ROBERT T. GRAY CHICAGO (AP) -- Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller headed for this convention city today, at odds with fellow Republicans on several points including his refusal to second the nomination of Vice President Richard M. Nixon at the GOP National Convention. Every current sign points to Nixon's nomination by acclama ion at the convention, which opens July 25. But Rockefeller, hailed by Re- xiblicans as a bright, new light in the party after his upset elec- Dr. Nunan Accepts Offer From Montgomery Church Dr. T. Russell Nunan has otter- cal! to be pastor of the Mont- ed his resignation as the First Presbyterian Church of Church. Greenville in order to accept TOKYO (AP) - Tough, outspoken Hayato Ikeda, 60, was elected Prime Minister of Japan today and immediately faced an explosive left-wing crisis at a strife-torn Kyushu coal mine. The financial expert won overwhelming approval over two Socialist opponents in both houses of Parliament to succeed Nobusukc Kishi, who stepped out after years in office. Kishi is reco ing from leg-stab wounds inflicted by a rightist assailant July 14. Ikeda began selecting his Cabinet for installation within a few days. A continuation of pro-Western policies through alliance will 1 America is assured, although the government is expected to be short-lived. New nationwide par- ies in both houses of Parliament, chose him last week to succeed (ishi as party president. The ma- ority party president tradltional- y heads the government. Ikeda, trade and industry minister in Kishi's Cabinet, has pledged to restore Japan's inter- lational prestige damaged by left- wing riots in May and June, -id lo pursue a "soft" policy of negotiation with the Socialist party. But battle lines arc already drawn for a bloody clash--possibly Tuesday--between 13,000 police and 30,001 to 100,000 striking workers, Communists and radical barbed wire at the Miike Coal Mine in Kyushu. A showdown appeared to be shaping up between the authority liamentary elections are planned of police, trying to enforce a court gomery Ala. First Presbyterian The congregation of the local ~- church was given formal notice sf the pastor's decision Sur.dnj n the weekly church bulletin which said that the session had called a congregational meeting for August 7 alter the regular Dr. NUNAN this fall. Never In Doubt Ikcda's election never was doubt. The Liberal-Democratic party, which has sizable majori- injunction to clear out the strikers, and the same rebellious forces that kept Japan in turmoil with violent demonstrations against the U.S.-Japanese security treaty. -State- City- Briefs - DQlia CUB PACK MEETS Cub Pack 16 will meet Tuesday at 7 p.m. al Greemvay Park along with members of Iheir families for a watermelon cutting. the BAPTISTS TO MEET TUESDAY The Bap/tis! Sunday Schools ol Washington County will meet at First Baptist Church in Greenville Tuesday evening a! 7:30. Brady Delays In Signing Pledge NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Judg Tom P. Brady of Brookhaven Miss, is the only member of the new Democratic National Corn mittee who has refused to sign a statement of affirmation to support the Kennedy-Johnson ticket. Brady Democratic Nationa machinery. On these and several olhc points he is in conflict with th national Republican administr tion. He has said much has bee tion victory in New York in 1958,'left undone in the fields of civ las kept himself out of this mainstream of Republican activity. Although agreeing that Nixon "for all practical purposes" is Ihe nominee. Rockefeller has kept himhelf open to a draft. Some think his arrival today with a arge corps of advisers and consultants marks the beginning of last-ditch effort to win the nomination. Neutral So Far Rockefeller is chairman of the SG-vote New York convention delegation, which he so far has held neutral. He may clarify his position today at a news conference,] rights, national defense and fo eign policy, among others. Javifs Calls On GOP For Strong Rights Piank WASHINGTON (UPI) - R publican Sen. Jacob K. J a v i says the GOP should write strong civil rights plank and not make the "fatal error" of trying to woo Southern votes with a weak stand. New Yorker criticized the Tractor Driver Found Dead; May Have Been Beaten A 26 year old Negro tractor river, employed on the Mel ich plantation near Gler Allan, as found dead along a road ear Lake Jackson Sunday morn- g. apparently the victim of a evcre beating or a hit-and-run utomobile. Five suspects have been arrest- for questioning and are in ounty jail. Sheriff C. A. Hollingsworlh said le Negro, identified as l.eroy IcGehee, had multiple bruises n his body and wounds on the ead. Coroner Robert Gookiii or- ered an autopsy to determine ne exact cause of death. Deputies Glen Copetand a n d lall G r i f f i n began the investiga- ion after the body was report- d found near the Nelson planta- ion at .5:30 a.m. Sunday, and were joined later by Sheriff llol- ingsworth and Chief Deputy Al Tackett. Sheriff Hollingsworth said that t appeared "on the face of it" that the man had either been severely beaten or run over by an automobile "or both--he may lave been dead or nearly so be- on; he was hit." The names o) ;he suspects were not released, pending further investigation. Continue Probe Of Forged Checks Sheriff C. A. Hollingsworth said this morning that investigation is continuing in the case of two forged checks after two suspects were released under a sheriff's bond ol $1.000 apiece. On June 25 two Greenville bank checks were passed, drawn on the STANLEYVILLE, The Congo (AP) -- The Congo government threatened Sunday night to appeal tar Soviet military aid to kick out Belgian troops unless they withdraw within three days. · , A minister of Premier Patrice Lumumba's government charged that the United Nations peace task force pouring Into the country is incompetent to deal with the situation. The U.N. Security Council, prodded by the Soviet Union, is expect ed to meet Tuesday for a report on implementation of a resolution calling on Belgium to vithdraw its troops from The Congo. Third Party Discussions May Be Held LOS ANGELES (UPI) -- Miss- ssippi Gov. Ross Barnett met with other Southern Democrat coders this weekend and he said Gen. Henry T. Alexander, British commander ot Ghana's army and head of its contribution to th« U.N. force, said the situation in the infant African republic hid "worsened all over." Plants U.N. Hag Alexander flew from Leopoldville to this picturesque c!ty ; 775 miles north of the capital .Sunday o plant the U.N. flag arid confer with Premier Lumumba arid President Joseph Kasavubu. . The disclosure that tho,Congo- lese leaders were planning tb'-in- vife the Soviet Union |5-.4SAd troops came from Jacn.uis..L'ubri- aalp,. one of nine, secretanej 'of state in the gove-timerit and leid- er:bf the lett-wing facti6rrin' the regime. . ', _ · ; " The Soviet Union approved U« sending of a.U.N. task' forci to restore order in the turbulent Con; go but at the same time condemn- they might hold a South-wide ed "imperialism intervention" 'in "Omnn Construction Company,"! at rural stores in south Washing-! , ton County. A check for 574.82 was' 1 ? the cashed at the Mattox Store at meeting to discuss politics and perhaps a third party movement. Barnett said Sunday such a meeting would be held in New Orleans or Atlanta after the Republican National Convention. Barnett told the Jackson Clarion - Ledger by telephone that Sen. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina had indicated a willingness to head an independent ticket. Thurmond headed the States Rights ticket in 1348. tn Mississippi, veteran State Sen. W. B. Alexander'of Cleveland called upon the South to organize a third party and consider making Sen. Barry Goldwatcr (R-Ariz.) its presidential candi date. I think we could at least car Avon, and for $fi2.8-( at the Howard Store south of there. A series of clues led county officials to Leakc and Ncshoba counties, where with the help of local officials (wo suspects were arrested for questioning. Sheriff Hollingsworth said that the Federal Bureau of Investiga- d South and . . . pro- gnod many border states," Alexander said. bably But the president of Mississippi's Young Democrats, Paul Pittman of Tylertown, announced his sujiport of the Democratic ticket. He said "Mississippi can only contribute to the welfare cl this nation by taking part in the ccuncils of one. of the two maj he African nation. Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev last 'week iro'mised Congolese leaders' "tha necessary help which may'be're- quired for the victory o! your just cause." ' ' ' " . ' · Blame Belgians . ' Congolese leaders blamed the troubles in the country ort. thl presence of Belgian · troops, who showed no signs of withdrawing. Even as LumUmba was cbnier- ring Sunday with Gen. Alexander, be gol word that five planeloads of Belgian paratroops ' Mrs dropped into Kindu, about" 325 miles south of Stanleyville, to_ disarm Congolese troops in (hat rjver port on thr- banks of the-Lualaba. Demanding that something ba done,' Lumumba told the general: That is- a situation created in The Congo by Belgian troops," Actually the disorders comhiertced and the Belgians intervened when units of the The Congo's. army mutinied agninst their white Bel- -ian officers. jtion has been called in on the case or parties" and he added that and "a break is hoped for short-]federal, troops were sent to Lit- scheduled to be tehvised live in, s w c c P i n E civil_ rights plank adop- Ihe East at 6:15 p.m. EOT. ly." He said both checks appeared!tie Rock, Ark., during a Rcpubli Rockefeller appear morning worship to act on the resignation. Dr. Niman was out of town and unavailable for com- ing. ment. As the session put it in a for- ked by the Democratic Conven TuesJ tion last week over Southern ob- day before a committee drafting Sections. He said Ihe Democrats the I960 Republican platform. The 1 could not make good on their committee, headed by Charles H. rights promises, the most liberal Percy, Chicago business cxecu-! in P art V history. live, will organize Tuesday nwn-j Javils, an outspoken proponent of racial quality, said the GOP Sen. Thruston B. Morton ofjhad accomplished much more Kentucky, Republican [o be "crude forgeries." can administration. Goldwater WiSi Not Run On Third Party By B. J. McFARLAND nor Rockefeller will make some $ reals mal annour.cemenl gation will be asl the pastor's request "in asking the Presbytery to dissolve the pastoral relationship effective as of October 23." Davidson Graduate A graduale of Davidson College with a bachelor ol divinity degree from Union Theological S e m i n a r y , Richmond Va., Nunan is a native of Atlanta. He served as pastor in Porterdalc Ga. and New Orleans La. before coming to Greenville in 1946. He served as a U.S. Naiy chaplain in World War II and during cave ol absence in the Ko-; chainlian nn(1 Barry Gold-'rights field. hG C °? gre "jwater of Arizona also will appear »;« ^i.;TM! 1 *^ 0 ^ llie commillefi Tuesday. Rockefeller will urge Ihe com- mittte to adopt his views on sut jccls ranging from nuclear testing--he wants it resumed--to In urging the Republicans lo adopl a strong civil rights p l a n k at their convention opening in Chicago r.c.x' Monday. Javils said the GOP would rely mainly Ihc big northern imluslrial medical care for the aged which 1 states for victory in the Novcm- he thinks should be handled, bcr election. He forecast a through xisting social securily "lough figlit." At Crew Party PHOENIX (UPI) - Sen. Barry splinter movemenet in Mississip- . candidate for gather those people don't know capacities. I'm against third parlies," ! Id water. rean War. He is now serving as|J. a chaplain wilh rank of' der in the U.S. Naval Reserve. He has been on various com- mittces throughout the Presbytery of Central Mississippi Ih Sy-', S q ue nod of Mississippi and Ihe ' ' Soviet Spies May Have Been Tipped Off To B47 Flight LONDON (AP) -- British and book. American intelligence agents have He said Ihai the airmen ha' been investigating a parly thrown.planned another celebration p a r t y . c r I by th» crew of the RB47 A m c r i c a n i f n r the night of July 2--"Whcn.din'n m a k c m a third party president comes as a complete surprise to him. "Although I am flattered to hear of such support for me, I noise and I would guess will go into the convention with abouf 200 votes among the delegates. I have a handful myself." | Gol'-hvnrcr would not take his! position seriously as the GOP meeting opproachedj either in presidential or vice-presidential said; "I don't think it would be poli- itically wise for me to be on the "I can't believe this is some- ticket, as I think Nixon has fear thing Marled in Mississippi by|of my record with regard to la- Republicans, bee a us* 1 k n o w j l w r . I don't know why he shouM they arc solidified clown there i n j h a v e rhat f c n r , but 1 think he the party ranks," he added. "Ijdoes." have no idea who is behind this. CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.'.fAB- With Negro lenders pressing for an.answer, police searched .-today through evidence in an attempt to solve a blast thnt ripped through a Negro residential section. , , . Authorities said a dima«fd alarm clock found near the scene indicates a time, hbmb'may. have set off the'Saturday night explosion, which tore a brge .hole in the ground, 'damaged 'several occupied houses and broke windows in nearby business concerns. But they emphasized they ara sitting through " a ' h u n d r e d ^different rumors" in the case. No one was hurt in the. blast, which came only two nights after an unfinished house burned in another Negro settlement 10 miles away. A deputy state fire marshal by reconnaissance plane the night be- we've done our jobs." move, and it is the lirst I'vej heard of it." ,, Goldwater surmised the move ay be the result of "a liangov- from soriic Democrats who' t like '.he team that came! jout of the I.os Angeles convcn- Commitleeman from Mississipp era | Assembly and in ISM wasl v j|] a £ c O f ' explained he wanted to report Mississippi's Democratic leaders. 4^10,. 0 { before signing the pledge. 'College. an honorary degree asb,, s j,i c the divinity by Belhavcn -rh t . rj . v.- =r e reports that ever. called Ihe house burning arson. Officers said there was no ap- narent connection between the two inciclcnls. Classroom Bible Reading Faces Court Test In Florida Today MIAMI, Ma., (AP) -- A pro-Jgrotmd the public schools shujd fessed agnostic anJ a group ofibe free of all sectarian intrusions, Jewish leaders meet on common no matter what ths religion" ground in a Miami courtroom to-j Regarded as ono of th» most "[ slill think we have a greatly | O challenge the c o n s t i l u t i o n - i s i s n i f i c a n t lest cases affecting Castle in the sleepyi cdl w e r c !ca! -^^ o!ner lwo w c r e ;chancc of making something oiitj a |i t y O f religious practices in puh-lrcligious liberty and separation of Bampioa-in-thc-Bushe,!^ h « ld - Jof the Republican Party." said| lic scnoo | s . j c h u r c h and slate in recent yeirs, - h ,^,., Ths 1 United Slates, hacked «}\^ mn whose voice has be- Two civil actions will altempli'he Jewish action is expected to I»C1I!,C.3. n - . - : _ ,,!_: ., ,1... DI» ,7 ,,.^r c-kntl . . . n A n . 1 . . . . . . . _ r l . . . . . . _ . fore it was shot down. .rty was af the picture :h century i n n . ihe C They didn't return. Four of Ihe; chance To Make Somclhing [iritain, claims the RB17 was shot; come loudest in GOP ranks on | 0 halt Bible reading in class- be carried to the U.S. Supreme required by Florida taw. Court ultimately. from 9-10, instead of 9-12. LELAND MASONS MEET TUESDAY I.ELAND--The Lcland Lodge 4SO of Ihe Masons will hold a^ special communication for the entered apprentice degree Tuesday^. Louisiana's conir.iilte; n-ght at 7.30 at ihc Masonic Temple, Robert L. Maugh, worshipful, l x n i Harr . v p^^ of t^reve- master, and Noble F. Kearney, secretary announced. ^ and Mrs j j m m i c H ELKS PLAN DINNER~FOR WEDNESDAY wife of the owr5or Ti* Hrpenville 1 odee of Elks will have a supper meeting at 7:30 . p m WcSav at" .he lodge, corner of Washington and H i n d s * TM " -*w "almnnl commuice. Streets Members are invited ,o bring guests and to make reserva- ·»·« "» *Wf* ** ««IM«m . . . tions by calling Thad Wynn at HOS2. I although he had threatened not lo.. issipp:. menl. She added she would with-j mous throughout Mississippi. Ar-| Denies draw if stale party leaders so re-'kansas and Louisiana is past pre-j "You can lake H from me tncy quested. jsident of Ihe Mississippi Library!were not merry or anything like; The statement was also signed Association trustees section and;that." he said. "They were as dis-i Gene Godwin c.1 Cub Pack 52 Senator Thruston Morton, the Re-iby H.irlow Chamberlin, a Dadc'however, serves only to harm, National C h a i r m a n County residcnl who said he hurt and disloca'e children 6( is on the rward o! trustees for, erect as ever, not saymg a - word" 1 ». p ^ Q ^ , £ an excellent choice, wants to raise his children in a i.jbra-i ibout where they were going." : , a n j;,^ k second place awl Jim- Beside the six crewmen of lne' m u (; r jf(i n i p ac k 51. was ihc r Ihe number two spot.' "This is going lo be a real non-religious atmosphere. He is backed by the Florida Civil Liberties Union. A Jewish spokesman said his minority faiths, »nd to impair wholesome classroom relationships. Chamberlin contend* pressures constitute an ''indirect College Belhaven Davis,llcgc ihc Percy Memorial I . H K U - : .-- - ··-- ····- -·- - - my ^ j r m i n , riit^ ·-, w u a mt , Iry arxi Bessie J. Taylor Home RB17. the wives of two of them! I n i r ( i p | JC( , w i n n c r. Shapley also [° u .S n ·- Eugene (Bull) Connor Ala- for Ihc Aged in Greenville 'were in the party. The innkeeper won M rsl place lor ihe cubmobilc ^"cved · ! TM s ^sv^oS^ ^-^ ^ - ",,,, airmen signed the visitors , an is. '«nl«l at Ihe convention. Gover-|rcl lg io US ----- '·"·--"· This v.(vb. ' said Goldwalcr, who ton has ihc nomina-'group's list included HanukkahUnd suUle compulsion" on hll "He has aboul'programs. He explained: "The children lo observe anil ilso objeclj to . observances on the!tivily.

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