The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on May 30, 1965 · Page 46
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 46

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 30, 1965
Page 46
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18 Sunday, May 30, '65 Delta Democrnt-Timcs Critics Page: Comments On Books, Drama, Music, Art. Memoir Of Winston Churchill Shows Unknown Side To Winnie July Book of The nlonlh Selection An intimate memoir of Churchill's private and public life before the end of World War I has been chosen as llic July Book-of-the-Month lion. Violet Bonham or of "Winston Club Selec- Carter. aulliChurchill: An I n t i m a t e Portrait," first met Churchill at a dinner party ir Drawing upon her father's pa pers as well as her own recollections and diaries, she pro sents a picture of Churchill that j is sympathetic, but by no means always admiring. Reporting lo Club members, Basil Davenport says "Winston Churchill: An I n t i m a t e Portrait," was 'written' is with great style and acuity, without parallel in Churchill 1906. She was 19 years old and!er.iture . . . it is a superbly dc-, (he daughter of H. H. Asquith jlailcd personal portrait." | who would soon bo Prime Minis-! ter and whom Churchill would! serve as First Lord ol the Admiralty. Their dinner-table conversation hardly followed the usual Lady Violet shows Churchill both the young lion striding to his place in the House of Commons and as the erratic bridge player who when chided returned from Ins South African- , , , , _,, . : worthy adventures und, at 32, was al-l ready Under Secretary of the : Colonies. He confided to Lady Violet t h a t he was "younger than anyone else who counts" and added, "We are all worms. But I do believe thai I am a glowworm.". for a discard replied. "The cards 1 throw away are not of observation or I 'should not discard them. It is |the cards I play on which you should concentrate your attention." THAT EVENING she told her THE MEMOIR ends in 1015, the year the young First Lord'sj Gallipot! scheme turned to disaster. The failure of the invasion father about the young man and : [ c d ( 0 [he loss of his post in the said she thought he was a geni-'Asquilh government and n us. Asqiiilii replied, "Well, Winston would certainly agree with you there." Violet. Asquith soon became, she says, Churchill's "militant accomplice and his confidante." She adds, "I have had the opportunity to share his thoughts, to watch the workings of his extraordinary mind, to feel the impulse of his indomitable heart and on occasion to remember and temporary lull in his political career. The friendship between Churchill and Lady Violet continued, but she was no longer his "accomplice and confi- denle." More than Ihirly years ago, in an essay on Asquith, Churc- record his words." called Violet Bonham Car-! "gleaming figure, capa MILLS TRAVEL TOURS Mrs. Helen W. Spiar Box 142 Phone ED 44109 ble of dealing with the gravest: questions and largest issues ' with passion, eloquence and mordant wit." He continued, "she displayed force and talent I equalled by no woman in British politics." Ever since she lived at 10 Downing Street with her father and her formidable stepmother, Margol Asquith, Violet Bonham || Carter has played an active role in British political and literary life. She was a popular |! speaker for the Liberal Party after her father was supplanted Mostly New Stuff (News from [he W. A. Percy Memorial Library) With some 3,1X10 juvenile books now being published each 'year, many parents are understandable piuzlecl when it conies lo choosing the right Imoks for their young children. To help parents with this prob- ,cm, the following pointers are suggest «1: Start out with something fa- The Time Has Come Best Sellers (Conpllld br rubllihlrt' Wi.ll, Fiction HfPZOG -- Saul Bellow HURBf SUtWO'.VrJ -- X. 8. G (den rUNEUl IN 6ERUN--len Oeightci U = ::-!£ DO'.VH StAKCASE--Bel Kttuf. The first literary magazine lobe published last year by a group of young creative writers and art- jsts at Greenville High School was such a successful venture that another edition, with completely new material lias just n released by this talented, hard-working journalislc group. Editor Bill Young nnd Co-editor Don King combining their editorial know - how with n staff of writers and artists have mode possible, with ths 1905 issue o f i "Laureate" an anthology which is ns bright and attractive in physical appearance as the gay flowers of May and June. The contributions poerns, book vilcd to enter. Entries may be taken to the home of Mrs. Wilbur Kent (1255 Kirk Circle.) Greenville, on Friday, June 25th, or to the Court House on Saturday, the 26th. An entrance fee of $1.00 will be charged. V * * THIS annual event generates interest in the September Second Annual Sears Southern Arts Festival, which is held in con- MAY SEE FIIJM WASHINGTON (UPI) - Tl» [ale President Kennedy's H a r - vard classmates may gel a chance lo view the government's widely praised documentary film on his career at their 25lh reunion next mrmth. The House passed and sent la the Senate Thursday a bill sponsored by a member of the ,, class of 1940, Rep. Torbert H. I N ! - D-Mass. It would (permit the showing of the U.S. Information Agency production, 'John F. Kennedy: Years of. Lightning, Day of Drums," at "CU'E'EN VICTORIA, sow TO SUCCEED tne Cambridge, Mass., reunion. "iHE'ifAUAiK^. Bmi,! USIA films can be shown in this country only by special permission of Congress^ MOTEL -- Arrhvr Ksi'ey DCN'T S10P IHE CASMIVAL -- Herman THE /.'AM -- liY3 Wallata THE O3DV/AYS -- V/ill'ar* tk-rrphrey triE MXICR OF JUSTIH-- louil A'-:Wn c'ou THE LEGEHB OF THE SEVENTH VIK5IM!""". "' ., p Ml' -- V i c r o r o HO!I jMacDonald, u-iwa A coNVENAur \viin B£A'«- Sl « km i pcr[n it the showin T H I S ROUGH W.AGIC--Mary S'esvort Nanfidlsn WARNINGS -- Dag Har-ranUo'ii THE FOUNDING FATHER--Richard junction with the Gaa and was miliar for the child to tic to his; an( , c ^ ays and , h e ,, previous experiences. If the j accoraplis | ie1 in black , ... jaccomplislie child has a log or cat, he will drawings and · enjoy meeting clogs or cats in , verse ami story. Dolls nnd Koa- Ixars, toy trucks, or real trains will catcli his interest in literature if he likes them in real life. Keep in mind that a youngster's attention span is short. range from reviews, stories rt work is and white so excellently attended last year. More will be written in the next few weeks about the Court House show, but. in the mean- Mf SHADOV/ PAN FAS1--Bill Sar.cll REMINISCENCES -- Gen. Couglai Mcc- Arthur SIXPENCE IN HER SHOE--Phlyllil M=- LIFE WITH PICASSO--Fra-.coln r.d Carllon LeoV* CATHERINE IKE GREAT--Zot Olden. TIME TO UPDATE your cart 1 Prices and terms are mighty attractive right now. Turn back lo Classified and seel For The Best Valueo In Diamonds TONOS JEWELERS 1M E. Srd -- I-eland, Miss- photographic lime, nil area artists are advised of the a f f a i r and urged lo get their paintings and sculptures ready. So short stories or poems should lc selected that can he enjoyed one brief sitting. Also, avoid confusing him, choose ibocks with a very small cast of 'characters. THERE IS no denying that creative efforts by the younger! generation is outstanding for its pristine spontaneily. Much of it is inclined to be darkly pessimistic, which seems to be characteristic of youthful authors and an accent on death and dying permeates the pages. Here, though, by Sandra Barton, class I9S5. is a whimsical offer- Television In Review NEW YORK ( U P I ) -- Tho urvcy of the American Research Bureau, a national audi cnce measurement firm, revealed that 17 of the top 25 shows on networks at the start of the season last fall remained in that group as the season Now--in GREENVILLE... I [ 1 ravel Ue tmerican International 1 ravel kJervice 232 WASHINGTON AVE. T R E E T R A V E L S E R V I C E "All Leading Airlines -- Steamship Lines -- Railroads -Hotels -- Resorts R E S E R V A T I O N S M A D E - T I C K E T S S O L D Travel Consultants: Mrs. Charles Robertson, Mrs. Charles Dyar Phone 335-1103 by Lloyd George in 1916, and A "MATSY" Local Thespians Ready First "Matsy" Award Presentations Sixteen of the more than 60 Twin City Theater Guild actors and actresses have been nominated by Guild membership vole as finalists for the first a n n u a l "Matsy awards Tues- MONDAY ONLY ALL REMNANTS i,. Thomas Shopping Center program at Hie Downtowner. REPETITION, as in the tale of the runaway pancake, provides fun and is quickly understood and easily nnd happily remem- icred. Thus it builds up th child's confidence. A singsong quality will prove popular. Bolh rhymes and rhythm appeal to the sample child. It is his very nature to hop and dance spontaneously to express himself. Humor is always a liit. The kitten stepping backward into a pond, the wind blowing off a neighbor's hat, a liltle elephant standing on his head are the sort of fun the child likes. Pictures play an important part in the small child's books. raraa," long a favored show, again was Ihc most consistent, 1 or 2 throughout Hie season. jday evening. The nominees, selected by secret ballot of the audiences at he various productions through out the year were named in the "best nctor ami actress and best supporting nctor and actress categories. From these nominees, a winner in each category will be announced at Tuesday's award MATSYS will also be awardec for "the most professional production," chosen by Guild members ami to the test back stage worker of each play as chosen by cast tnembc-rs and directors. Announced Saturday as finalist for this year's awards by Guild president Dr. Frank Ar.ree ire, in the "best actor category 1 Ray Graves as She-pan) Henderson in "Rell, Rook and Canlie," Lou Lindsey as John Proc- in "The Crucible," and Hod ling C a r t e r III as Murray Burns in "A Thousand Clowns." served as governor of the Old Vic, a trustee of the Glyn- debournc Arts Trust, ami a governor of the DDC. 'Winston Churchill: An Inti mate Portrait," written some time ago, was withheld from publication until the death of Sir Winston. Good Summer R E A D I N G ! THE SOURCE 7.95 by JAMES A. MICHNER KNIGHTS and DRAGONS 3.95 by ELIZABETH SPENCER 912 ORLEANS STREET by WALTER LOWRY The child likes to pick out fa- lilinr objects. Librarians have ourxl (hat children's eyes can ocns best on large clear pic- uros, nnd they are usually un- mp res sod by phutogrn phs. enjoy bright primary col ors long before the more sophisticated mauvcs and char- reuses. Action is important to ;hc child. The story line, howev er simple, should progress. Or ilse the pictures should provid i strong sense of movement, a i child skipping, or a ball rolling, Nominated in the "best nc- ress category" were Ann SmilV ns the Mother in 'The Happy Time," Ann CniMnneU n.s Eliza jeth Proctor in "The Crucible,' and Scoltie Lake Webster as Dr. Martowitz in "A Thous anrl Clowns." In the "best supporting ado category the follow ing were nominated: V/ayland Cliflon as Alfred in "The Happy Time," Emory Rose ns Sidney Rcdlish in "Bell, Ikok ami Candle," Dave Dunaway ;is lire Rev. John Hale and Len Fallen as ing which has particular appen! £ K \v lu a close. NBC's "Bor me. Tilled "Why?," I hope iu, 1oo, Ike it. Why are the skies so blue? Why am I me, and not you? Why are ripe apples red? Why are my feel not my head? Why nre fish able (o float? Hold back the answers? Please, not now! But why is a horse not a cow? If yon know the answers, don't tell me, Just tell that three-year olc perched on your knee! T wish space allowed me to ive you more examples of this elighlful and well turned - out nthology. I suggest that you et a copy of same and enjoy it s much as I did. Congratulations to all Sands ·ho toere aboard. DON'T STOP THE CARNIVAL 4.95 by HERMAN WOUK MEMORIALS OF A SOUTHERN PLANTER 6.95 by SUSAN DABNEY SMEADES CHURCHILL, MAN OF A CENTURY 2.95 Edited by FERRIER PILLAR OF IRON 6.95 by TAYLOR CALDWELL THE JOY OF CHILDREN 7.50 by PEARL S. BUCK W J P R - 9 A . M . Sunday, iM.ny 35, 1955 "HOW TO GET ALONG WITH OTHERS" Dcpuly Governor Danforth in "The Crucible," Ralph Daviso Albert Amunclson and Mike Milliken as Nick Burns in "A Thousand Clowns." THE TOUR nominees in the "best supporting actress" are Emma Lou Cole as Miss Ho! royd in "Bell, Book and Candle," and Elaine Wilcox, Clau Jclle Reese and P a t t i Fallen, all in "The Crucible." The awards are named for llie late Wynn Richards Taylor, whose nickname was Matsy. She was an early president of the Guild and the theater on Airport Road is named in her honor. The formal presentation anc one act play "Street of Good Friends," directed by Helens Forte will be preceded by a pool side reception at the Dow lowner for all Guild members There will also be a very brie business meeting. Guild members who have already replied lo invitations should call Mrs. R. J. Whitfield at ED4-946G. NBS's Thanksgiving night color special on Nov. 25 will be 'Remember Cole Porter," a tribute to the late Broadway composer that will have Maurice Chevalier as star. Although he was a star through the whole Cole Porter era, Chevaliei never appeared in one of his shows. BEAUTIFUL PLANTS «». PLANTING OUT NOW! FALL -- 2 Varieties Tomatoes lOc plant · Petunias (Double Single Varieties) · Periwinkle · Colons · Snapdragons · Lantana · Carnations I'KPPER BELL BOKAY HOT PEPPER EGG PLANT PEPPER SAIA FLORIST 226 N. Hinds Phone ED 2-7092 A letter has recently come to ay desk with a plea for help . new study of the "Papers o 1 efferson Davis." + * * MR. HASKELL M. Monroe, M Fondren Library, Rice Uni- ·ersity. Box 1802, Houston, Texis is t.Se editor of this venture ind hopes that someone in this area has in their possession or nows where they may he lo- :atcd letters nnd documents re garding Jefferson Davis. The editors are also interested in let ers lo or from Jefferson Davi? .ml correspondence to or from .is wife, Varina Howell Davis Mr. Monroe says that they're ;oing to need all the aiding am abetting they can get nnd v deeply appreciate any help Vom folks in this area. With no scries of his own to star in next season, Bill Dana, ho was a writer before he be- ame famous as his Jose Jime- ez character, has been put «n- er contract by CBS to develop ew comedy formats for the net- vork. It will be at least a year Before anything he develops can reach the public. Sept 12 is Ihe date for the elecast of the annual Emmy Awards of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. NBC will carry the pro-! jram for the llth consecutive year. This will be the first time he awards haven't been given in :he spring. These will cover the 1964-65 season. The show ,vill originate live in Hollywood and New York. ..--Jack Gaver TV PROGRAM SCHEDULE The second annual outdoor show o be presented by the Green ville Art Association will he leld on the Washington County 7ourt House lawn all day -well almost all day -- June 2Gth which is a Saturday and a gooc day for another record breaking attendance. This was true last year of the art shows by the Caa. Art in all mediums will be shown. All area artists are SUNDAY 8:30 Discovery 9:00 BHhca Sheen 9,30 Hoccity Hcopej 10:00 Beany A Cecil 10:30 BullwinUn 1.00 lit Baptist 12:00 Direction 12:30 Church of Chrilt 1:00 Hollywcc-f Spec. - A5 KAIV-CHANNFX 7-CABLE 4 3:30 L!ovd l-arsn MONDAY 1,30 Day In Court 4:33 Sun. AMemoon 3:30 Poaeye A. 1:55 Uia Kowoid f/.cvio H,i Poll 2-00 Gen. Hoio. 6 C3 t.Vwi-vVeo 9 00 Perrper Room 3:30 Your.g Married! 6.15 A«V CiviiTa 9-33 Tele ci B,ak« 3.00 T,oil fMor«r 6-33 Wagon Tro'n 10:30 Price It 4:00 Robin Hood 7:30 BrooriiJde R ght 4:30 Movie 8:00 Sun. Night 11:00 Donnn Peed 6:00 r.'ews Wov!« 11:30 Falhe: Knows 6 - 1 5 Alk O.-vIII* 10.00 Nt*s I, Vim. Beit 7:30 B.-cadiidi Lola Show 12:00 tcbji Game 8:00 Sun. Wov 12:33 Robin Head 10:00 Hewi W«B. 1:00 Flcn-.e i WindlC:15 Lale Show IF YOU LEFT SCHOOL WITHOUT COMPLETING HIGH SCHOOL Yoi'vt probably beoi fcJd ·» one- tkne or Another, "SoTY, w« cwr u*e you! We're Nri-.B only Nth KTIOOI gr«fc}»Ee3." Wny con- lino* under TMl cosily tarxficapr Call or writ! for FR~£ BOOK' LET. TeHs htnv you can eani o Hisrt School D:p'm», thrown tpare time study. U monthly In* chxfM-all book* and Instruction). Our «7tn year. AMERICAN SCHOOL You Can Even Paint WHITE Over Midnight Black 1 . B U R K - H A L L H I G H - H I D I N G G L I D E W A L L P A I N T GuaiorH»«d To Cover Any Co To* In On* Coal I Paint Glass Co. kHoll CharUi Hwy. 82 t. ru, Mar. Ph. ED 2-362f JACKSON WJTV-CHANNEL 1Z--CABLE 6 SUNDAY 3:00 Moilim LiFe 7,00 Go!C=l :00 Zosima Coiovnn 4:30 A-ncleur Haur 8.00 TAC Soetlol 5:00 20lh Century 8:30 Sonui For Sun. 5:33 Mr. Ed 9,00 Lcrr.p Unto 6:00 loive My Feel 6:30 My Fovcri:e ?,30 Joe Err.erion MwVcn H/mni 7:00 Fd Su'.llvan 9.i5 Jtdoiim 3:00 Ec.i Cai-y Sa.oki 9:00 Condi* Cor;:, 0.00 Corner 3 9:30 VJhoi 1 * t\i 0:30 K-rold of Tiuth llrvi MONDAY 6:55 A'A Daily trow ,ui Fi,,t Bopi:il 2:00 Beit of 5e*:tacu!r:r 2:30 Bible Specll 10:00 We;Ve.-J Wta.11.00 Ion of Lli 10.00 New! A Spomll.M CBS New« 10:15 Slnllery'l l l , 3 0 S = o r r h For PecDie 11:15 Biography 11:45 G-jio-ng Light 12:00 lokvn Beetlr.g 6 33 Ocerafon oi the World Alphcb;! 1.00 fjoon Weather 7:00 f.\iu. Mornirva 1:07 News 7,45 King i Od,» 1.30 Hoois Party B.M Ciiot. Ki-taoio» 2,00 To T.ll Ir* 9.00 M-Ve Wallote 2,25 Nev»i 9 3 3 I tova Lucy 2:30 Edga el NlaV 10 00 Andy of 3 00 Secret Storm Miyherry 3:30 Gen. H-iiclial 10.33 Tha McCoys 4:00 Sc-r. Preilo.-i 4-33 Aitro Boy 5:00 Beany Cecil 5:30 Cronkilo Newt 6:00 Byl PECAN CANDIES TROPICAL JELLIES SNACK BAB GIFTS · Op.n 9 Day I A W..k Hwy. 82 Weil ne*l ta Milt. Rival Brief g JACKSON Wf.BT-CHANNEI, 3--CABLE 5 . 7,00 Faith 7,15 Vo:ce of Gsodwill 7:30 Ecb Pools 6:00 9 ; rO R«v. BchEr 2 30 Aif "'"a 2^5 sSi 3.00 Be Sy Soli. honv :00 Yoj-a Soecks 4:33 College Bowl 5:00 Mcet'lhe Pr«: 5,30 King Fo. T JI» V/olt Oi!--ey 7:33 Branded 8:00 MONDAY 6:50 Marnirvj 4:55 Weolhtt 7:00 Today 7:?5 Newi 7:30 Todoy Devo:!or.ol 1 2:10 WLBT rj«wi IJ:35 Form W a . 12:30 le:'i u c k A Dfal 1:00 You.-a 1:33 Tha Doclorl 2:00 Anothe/ Wotld rKa 2:30 You Dc.i'l $o^ l?com 3.00 TjnilTKMter ition 4:00 'N 9:00 P^e^itr "Lc-gl:30 Sjn. Movie Andy Hot Su-n/T-er-'ILOO Call My ElulM:30 Father Krsjrt 8:30 Today 9:00 Truth 9:30 Po- 10-00 Cc-ten!r(i 11,30 I'll Bet 1 1 , 5 5 N=wj Day Report 12.00 Mid Day B-ll 5.00 7a-. Giey Th!nl/a 5:30 Hunllry. 8'inHey PRESCRIPTIONS ACCURATELY FILLED HOSPfTAL AND SICK ROOM SUPPLIES Condon's Fail-view Pharmacy rjlmatcKid Dtllvwy S-CABLE 7 "'« Guiding t!orrl 12.00 Moortirr.t Addition 12:15 Octn lljui. 12:30 Ai TFe \Vor!d the ;,; jw*'-»-*«""-w*'' 1 · 45 ^""-- -- ~ "^ OFFICE SUPPLY co. CIO WASHINGTON AVE. 9:30 TV Gosoel Tirr- IO.IX) Caiholk Hcu 0.30 The Answer 1,00 Flril Preibv- terian Chu 2,00 Bo-n'« Lou Buster 2.30 Sunday Cirerr.o A woman could fael him across a room. Ir.. Pofth -- lapH JH Falivliw ONROE KNOF,-- CHANNEL SUNDAY Pcstcr'i Stjdy tr 6:50 Farrne;'! 2:00 Co Sojciol Weg. 3:00 Wo 6,55 Sun. Morning 3:45 Soc-. SecufiJy MONDAY Ed'tton 4:00 Zccrcmvi 4:25 Poro/'i S*vdy ,^, nt 7 ??n*,?/''¥-° M . ' :3i Arrn "« ur H«» *3° Sunrii. Se-n. 1.00 P,,, wor d 7,30 TV Gcso.l 5:00 20lh Cenlury 7,00 Good Mo;nlng Turns Show 5:30 World Wo/ I 8:00 Cbof. Kangaro" 1.30 Houw Pony 9.00 Hike. Wollr,;. 2,00 To 1;ll Th« ., . «'"· » News |C9S) Truth 9-30 L Timl 7,00 -- - 1 ~ AMthe blisler-heal ol the best-selling novel that scorched the Jit Sitl iCBCUS- SU/«iNE PlEStffl · GENMM Vti ALSO IN COLOR [very place you go you'll be hearing about Thinking Of A NEW CAR!! THE INN... THE GUESTS... THE S£NSATIWSCF THE CRUT BESTSELLER! See Us FIRST Starring R I C H A R D EGA\ - DOROTHV MCGUIRE - S/\NDRA DEE TROY DONAHUE IUAND Show Tim* 2:00 8:30 PHONE 2-M14 "A SWINGiN' SUMMER" With THE R1PCORDS - JODY MILLER - DONNIE BROOKS GARY LEWIS AND THE PLAYBOYS SUNDAY! Gregory Peck Diane Baker in MIRAGE EL DORADO KTVE-tHANNEL 10-CABLE'l SUNDAY 3.00 S'^nd 3 7:00 Bible Ar-.swers 0.03 Kino ' 7:30 fairh For Today 5.00 FlinrsronepL fl:00 Singina Tin-.a 5.30 Sugorloot In Dixie ^.30 Wott D,t 9 ; rX) Wally Fowler 7:30 Branded ef fiiOO Bononzci rl 9,00 Sun. N-1» 10.00 Beony A Cecil Wov " BullwXVti 11,00 Peter Gunn 11,00 lit Bontill Ch.ll,30 Unn of 12.00 lewis foTity Chair^nca 1,00 Wide Wor!d 12,00 Sian OH of Snsrtl MONDAr 2,3!) Happily . Hoopx 5:55 Daily Word t-K Moon t. 7iOO lodov 7,25 Local N«wt 8:25 lotol NBWI 9.00 Truth or Coiieo/jenrei 9:30 V/hal'i Th!| Song 10.00 Ccneentrarion 10:30 Jeopardy ll.OODoma Reed Ili33 I'll Bet 1li5S H3C t.'evi-i 12,63 Sobui Gaiw 12.30 Mali A Dial 12,55 UK Newi l.fX) Morrent of Trulh 1,30 Th« Dottori 2:00 Another V/crlfJ TU Vflnd 3:30 Cii^rol How. :00 Lloyd lho»roo KOV/ 5.00 Ncwi

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