The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on July 15, 1939 · Page 5
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 5

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 15, 1939
Page 5
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THE DAILY, MESSENGER, CANANDAIGUA, N. ff, SATURDAY, JULY 15,1939, " The Daily Messenger Published every afternoon except BUnday, Messenger Bid?., by Canan- daifcuft Messenger, Inc., Leon J. McCarthy, president, treasurer and tor; O. L. Crofoot, vice presl- It and office manager; Howard _.. MscDuff, advertising manager; Hubert P. Nclke, circulation mana- Hut I ·"' (fentered at the Post Office, Can- andalgua, N. Y., as second class matter.) Phone Business Office News Room 897 SUBSCRIPTION RATES By The Carrier In City Delivered at your door, 18 cents per week; single copy, 3 cents. By Mail (Outside of Canandaigua) 1 mo. 3 mo. 6 mo. year In Ontario and Yates ttounties .. 600 $1.50 $2.00 $4.00 Outside Ontario and Yates Counties .. 70f $1.85 $3.00 $6.00 Please watch the date of expiration printed on the label and avoid Interruption of delivery by sending In advance renewal. National Advertising Representatives: Prudden, King Prudden, Inc., New York, Chicago, Ban Francisco, Denver and Rochester. ^ I en nt Member of Associated Press The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication ail news dispatches credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. All rights are reserved. BIBLE THOUGHT FOR TODAY: INNER CHARACTER is THE IMPORTANT THING -- For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. -Rom. 10.10. Strip Tease***Japanese Style ' IRREPRESSIBLE CHURCHI1X, | Persistent reports" that Winston j Churchill may foe called to a cabinet post in the Chamberlain government in Great Britain, in the strengthened position government there is taking against continental aggressors, recalls how much of Churchill's life has been given in public service. More than any other man in government in Britain today, he in assumed to understand the American temperament, and to have respect of thousands of Americans. There is a Churchill branch of his family, both being descendants of the Duke of Mariborough of warring fame, and concerning whom, Winston Churchill has written the most interesting and authentic accounts of the life of this fighting ancestor. Churchill is a former Secretary of War, a former Chancellor of the Exchequer, and a former First Lord of the Admiralty, to mention first a few executive high positions he has held in British government. In World war days, he rebelled against the British policy many times. His was the conception 10 use British battleships and Aus- trailian and New Zealand troops to force the Dardenelles. Post-war history showed his judgment wa.; good, even if the Allied and British execution was bad, in a withdrawal that was made when the Turkish forces were on the verge of capitulation. There has been no backing down in Churchill's life. He has always hewed to the line, regardless of the aftermath, as far as his own political fortunes were concerned. He, to many, typifies the British official who, at all costs, maintains the established British imperialistic standards, protecting British rights and grabbing a few more, on occasion. He would add strength to what has been a cabinet of vacillating policies which have confused Englishmen, quite as much as continental political adversaries. Suggestion voiced broadly in Britain that Churchill and Anthony- Eden both get cabinet berths, and intimation such may follow shortly, means that English sentiment, generally, is for resisting infringements on the continent and with two such pronounced advocates of a solid front in the cabinet, the demands that something be done. RADIO PROGRAMS (Time Ii Eattern Standard) NEW YORK (/P)--Plans for Ui«; return of the Good News scries Oi variety programs, a Thursday nignr feature of WEAF-NBC for two sea- stns, on September 7 are beinfc formulated. It is off the air lor thr summer. While che program will follow the general format of the past, a ma jo change is being made in production. Instead of the movie direction of MGM. the broadcast will be handled entirely by the sponsors. However the talent of last year including Fanny Bnce's Baby Snooks, Meredith Willson's orchestra, singing Connie Bowel) anri Hanley Stafford, who plays Dadtiv to Snooks, will be used to form the rucleus for the new hour-long series. Guests will appear and there will be a movie-star master of ceremonies. On the Saturday night list: WEAF-NBC--NEW YORK 6:00--Dance Music 7:00--Dick Tracy 8:00--Vox Pop 8:30--Arch Oboler play, "Thrw Brides" 9.00--Benny Goodman Swing WABC-CBS--NEW YORK 6:30--County Seat 7:30--Prof. Quiz fi:00--Hit Parade P.-15--The West Remembers 10:15--Dance Orchestras WJZ-NBC--NEW YORK 6-00--Message of Israel 7-30--Brent House 8:00--Barn Dance 9:30--Al Donahue Program 11:00--Dance Hour Washington Daybook By Preston Grover, By Commander L. P. Lovettt: United States Na»y (Pinch-hitting- for Preston Gruwr, on vacation.) WASHINGTON--About 2:iJ years] ago, a Monsieur de Callieres ;vrc':e a handbook for ambassadors ent;- tied "How to Negotiate with Sov-| creigns." At one place, he said, in effect, that " 'stuffed shirts' in diplomatic roles served for ostentatious display by parading wealth ana Carrying great names to swanky pctherings." And he added: ^"But~when~afTairs have to be negotiated, a man is needed, not an idol." . was pursuing the "scorched earth READ and REMEMBER By W. L. GORDON The first physician ever to have his likeness reproduced on a post- i policy," dynamiting anci burning | age stamp was pranciscus de le Boe during the mass retreat. The ad-1 a v ivinc brilliant, seventeenth cen- n?i-al met this state of affairs with Sylvius, brilliant seventeenth cen tury teacher of clinical medicine at , Amsterdam and Leyden. His head i? It was Admiral Yarneli's duty lo s i lown O n Netherlands starnn which conform to his government's position as enunciated bv Secreta Hull: C! ion as enunciated oy secretary pan» lull: "This country constantly and r i aim :iisistently advocates maintenance i j:^,.. ,, M it . Wfadvocatef abstinence bv n i f 5 f n Pur "'' policy and from .nteuerence in the internal affairs of otfcer nations . . . We advocate laitiilul observance of international agreements." | The nationalists of wc?iern pow- was first issued in 1937. Randolph County, West Virginia, more rivers originate in their county, or nearby, than in any other place in the world Streams flow from this high land in practically all directions. There are more than 10.000 different items on the purchasing lists of the railroads. All fishes have hearts, but in the Sunday brings: WEAF-NBC--NEW YORK 1:30--Chicago Roundtable, "Chant; es in Relief" 2.30--Name the Place 4.00--Hall of Pun. 5.30--Grouch Club 8:00--Charlie McCarthy 9:00--New concert series by National Symphony Orchestra 10:05--Dance Music WABC-CBS--NEW YORK 2:00--Howard Barlow Concert 3-00--Musical Fun Quiz 5:00--The Gay Nineties 6-00--Alibi Club 7:00--Adventures of Ellcry Queen 8:00--Summer Music Hour 0:00--New series, Let's Go" to the Fair WJZ-NBC--NEW YORK 1:00--National H. S. Orchestra 2-,30--Al Roth Presents 4:45--Ray Perkins' Letters 6:00--Popular Classics 7.00--Summer Symphoir- 8:00--Hollywood Playhouse 9 30--Cheerio 11-00--Dance Hour . were nervous and in some cases | lowest forms. The heart is reduced The United States has hud suthi ran i c k y .Huge-investments \vercgc-l to a simple pulsating tuba, and is a man in Admiral H. E. Yarnei?.] i ng up in smo ^ e: American women located in the front -art of tho commander-in-chief of the Asiatic fleet, the officer charged with the protection of American nationals rnd their property. The Navy is an independent branch and not subject t,c orders of and children had to be evacuated; shipping had to be commandeered Eut amid the great chaos in the Orient Admiral Yarnell stood firm. Studies Books And Men the Department of State, although ,,,_ nilm ,* i - , \ that department formulates and to- The admiral meant what ttrprets matters of major rwtiona- !ie sai.-l Vrfben. in September. 1937. he in- iormed- all commanding officers o/ body, directly behind the neck. It sometimes is in the middle of the body, and not necessarily on the left side as in mammals. Westminster Abbey is 531 feet long, 203 feet high and its tower rises 225 feet above the ground. officers. The cooperation of stats and navy officials in China has been a spien- did example of team work. From the \"try beginning of the Sino- Japanese war. Admiral Yarnell has considered it his paramount duty 10 protect j United States nationals and United j States possessions. In clos° co- c Deration with astute Ambassador Nelson Johnson and other officials. r.r.d with a naval force often dispersed in far-flung outpcts. U: · Admiral has insisted with justness. iumness and discretion, upon the piescrvation of American rights ar.t! The first election returns to be broadcast by radio were those announcing the election of President ican citizens arc concencrau-d and Hardin e TM 192 °- will remain there until it is no longer possible or necessary to protect tr-em, or until they have been evacu- B led." Hi; profound interest in the Far Esst commenced during the Philippine insurrection and the Boxer rein regard to Japan's June warn-1 bf-llion when he was serving in the j. for vessels and nation;-Is oi i Orient as a young officer. By study third powers to evacuate 3wato\v.jof men and books, he hus acquired Admiral Yarnell replied that United EUUes naval vessels would remua: as long as American ciuzcr.:; wcro i'.i need of protection. The U. S. Navy stayed on !lir job Admiral Yarnell is we!' lilted fry hi-: duties. probably will result in speedy ac- ; the prestige of his country. This v,; tion. Churchill tried to make an j , ]0 mcan j ob to accomlJ ;-; 5 h ,v;tho;-; but issue of Edward's abdication, " rtiat would have been political suicide for another, seems to have damaged him not at all. in public esteem. threat or bluster. -vc al: BASEBALL AT NIGHT It is no secret in the business offices of all sixteen major league baseball clubs that the season of 1MO may see a far different schedule in the American and National Leagues than the sport has known since it grew up tn W01. Only Cincinnati. with a pennant winner coming up for the first time since 1»19 (the year of the Mack White Sox), and Brooklyn are in a bull market. The Giants have played several games this year to fewer than UNO paid admissions. The St. Iwuls Browns with 3»4 pre-cnt Including umpires and press, act a new record of some kind or other early in June. It is becoming fi- ii-iKlally ludicrous to hold f, ball game on anything but week ends in Philadelphia. Chicago, with 4,OKUNO to draw from, is elated at a week day crowd of 4,000 either at lovely Cotnfekey Pat* on the South Side or Wrigtey Field on the North SMe. Only when the better clubs come in. or there are two games. do Saturday and Sunday draw the way they Jffled to in St. Louis, Detroit and Washington. a vast fund of information on Asia. The admiral will arrive home this August. His sea-going carter i-: nearly over. He has earned the gratitude of our people. He wus truly Hit man for the job. tiie quartered ck diplomat at hit, bes-. Treaties Overboard The adiViiral knows. ;«s j k'^ow. that the disarmament yfatic.-: huve gone by the board. And tha* so has ihc Nine Powe/ trcsiJy o:' FVbruary. 1922. which reiterated liir principle of the Open Door ana hound the signatories of which Japan was one» lo respect I3:c independence and the lenitorir.l and administrative integrity of C.iina. The admiral wss confronted will: i a great military power on 4he inarcJ ' And, Jo confuse mailers more. Chir:·« j oren so early this Summer that* night baseball will be part of the answer. Night ball first was tried put officially in Iowa in 1990 and it was the immediate savior of the minor leagues, which would have perished in the early years of the depression without it. Then Cincinnati tried it out in an official big league game. Other National League teams played a few games and among these teams was Brooklyn. Mr. Leland Stanford MAC- Pnail. with great acumen and the experience ol Cincinnr.iU. bcHevui he knew what night games would mean to day workers, men and women, and greatly increased the Brooklyn night acnedufe lor 1*39. With * second-division team. The defection cannot be blamed j Brooklyn now is outdrftwinc every singly on radio broadcasting, which ' other cJufr but the Red Sox. the has been accused of giving ball Yankees and Cincinnati The games away free, or the domina- i BrooMyns at least have a solution Uolt of one ball club in each Jea- ; in sight for Brooklyn -- baseball by gue, or that Americans are weary of dollar baseball t*ch is a factor. And there it new competition from Distinctive Church Uce By BARONESS MANTONI Monday expectations: WEAF-NBC--NEW YORK li-: 15--Let's Talk It Over 2:15--Ma Perkins 5:00--Science In the News CBS-CHAIN 2:00--U. of Kansas Music Camp -4:00-- Exploring Music 5:30--John Kirby Orchestra WJZ-NBC--NEW YORK 11:30--Farm and Home Houi 1:00--Adventures in Reading 4:30--Affairs of Anthony Some Monday short waves: DJD Berlin 5 Mark Twain; YV5RC Caracas 8:30 Theater of the Air; GST GSD GSB London 10 Musical Comedy. ne indtvtdMU aports, which have grown g4ometrica]y as the fl*e- day week has become more and night during the week and baseball by daylight Saturday*, Sun- ; days and holidays. The oldtlmm j will not like it much, but a whole | new set-up seems just»ahead for baseball which may be baseball's and the workir.t man"? «fiv^tion What is the solution? The ball i Maybe even a World Series game ctato WUh they knew. But it seems j or two at night is not so very far apparent fro* attendance flturo away.--w. T. Herald Tribune. Several wp?fc?, ago. WP show«3 an uimvual design for church lace. Proplr asfcf.1 lor more. This design measures 11 1-2 inches wide with size 30 crochet cot ten. It can be made as long as you desire to have it. You nil] Jind the design simple but distinctive The pattern envelope contains complete. easy-to-under.«tand. illustrated directions, m-ith block and space diagrams to aid you: also what crochet nook and what material and how much you will need. To obtain this pattern, send for No. 1299 and enclose 10 cents in MAinns or cain 'coin proferrrd) lo cover service and postage. Address The Daily Messenger, Needlework Department. Phoenix Street. andaigua, New .York. TODAY WHAM--ROCHESTER 4.00--Club Matinee 5.00--NBC Dance Orch. 5.30-^Benny Carter and Orch. 6.00--News Reporter 6.15_World Dances 6.30--Bill Rogers, sports 6.45--State Unemployment Talk 7.00--Message of Israel 7.3O--Ted Travers and Orch. 8.00--Jimmy Dorsey and Orch. 8.30--Red Foley and Co. 9.00--Barn Dance 10.00--Camel Caravan 10.30--Al Donahue and Orch. 11.00--News Reporter 11.15--Tommy Dorsey and Orch. 11.30--Isham" Jones and Orch. 12.00--Rudy Vallee and Orch. 12.30--Jimmy Lunceford and Orch. 1.00--Sign-Off SUNDAY WHAM--ROCHESTER (Time Is Eastern Standard) £:30--Tone Pictures. NBC f-:00--News Reporter 9:15--Coast to Coast. NBC 10:00--Asbury 1st Church Service 11:00--Songs. NBC ll:15--Neighbor Nell. NBC 11:30--Southemairts. NBC 12:00--News Reporter 12:15--Catholic Hour 12:30--Sunday Musicaie 1:00--"On Wings of Melody" l :30--Parade of Choirs 1:45--Helen Ankner--Piano 1-00--Continental Varieties, NBC 2:30--Allen Roth Orch.. NBC 5:00--Three Cheers. NBC ;: IS--Bookman's Notebook. NBC 3.30--Festival of Music, NBC 4:00--National Vespers. NBC 4:30--Tapestry Musicaie NEC 5:00--Father Chas. E. Ooughlin 5:90--Vacation Hazards 5-4J--Ray Perkins, NBO C:00--News Reporter f:U--Canadian Orenatiicrc Band NBC G:30--Paul Laval Otth., NBC 7:«»--"Ttie AWrich Family: NBC 7:30--To be announced S:00-~McCarthy-Bergen, NBC ».f»«-4foUy*ood playhouse. T*sc 8.30-Walter Winchell, NBC £.45--Irene Rich. NBC 30:00--To be announced : 1:00--News Reporter 13:11--Nobel SisseJI Orch,. NBC 11.30--Isham Jones Orch NBC 32:00--Bob Causer Orch. 12:15--Bunny Berrifan Orel;.. NEC" 12:30--Artie Shsw Orch., NEC 1 00--Sign-Off MONDAY WHAM--«OCHf* TEH HN» Is K**tm fi-30-Momin* Attor 7,00--News No TroiMes This Time Tuesday, July 18., lt*f!~,.,-i At their home in Chadjfui^rWt yesterday, Mr. and Mrs. Ctmrict It. Porter quietly observed th«,£tit art- niversary of their marriage,iM|. Po»- ter is 77 years of age an4~$u wile 66. Three of their six children ||e still living. Mrs. Blaine Watts, Of Canandaigua; Mrs. Peter De Bryrfe of Rochester, and Mrs. John Shafl- ker, of South Sodus. \ Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Farmington recently em which time announcemei engagement of her sister, Stearman, of Canandaigu ter of Mr. and Mrs. Wai man, of Chapin, to Ralph son of Mr. and Mrs. Ji ings of Seneca castle. Sheriff Frank M. Corwin and His 'TM I staff of workers are keeping the '- Undaunted, Mr. and Mr*. J. Cornelius Rathbone of Old Westbury, New York, go for another ride in the parachute drop at the. New York World's Fair -- less than 24 hours after they hung helplessly 125 feet above the ground for five hours, in,the same thrill deyiccv time the ride went off smoothly. "·' ' : ' Personal Health Service By WILLIAM BRADY, M. D. Signed letters pertaining to personal health and hygiene, not to disease diagnosis or treatment, will be answered by Dr. Brady if a stamped, self-addressed envelope is enclosed. Letters should be brief and written in ink. Owing to the large number of letters received, only a few can be answered here. No reply" can be made to queries not conforming to instxuctions. Address Dr; William Brady, in care of this newspaper. Name your city on your return envelope. Don't say "City." CIGARETTE AND COCKTAI L VERSUS VITE AND YOUTH Early in youth, unfortunately for America, convention imposes upon the growing child the concept that it is proper, correct, refined or "nonchalant" to remain indifferent or impassive until the natural impulse or stimulus to play passes. Desire or eagerness to play, that is, to engage in some sort of physical activity, game, competition, pastime in which skill, speed or agility enables one to excel, is a normal physiological manifestation of youth. When that impulse or desire passes or declines youth is over- Cigarettes and cocktails are the great destroyers of youth today. I am dealing strictly with physiology, health, hygiene, and my observations have no reference to moral or ethical aspects of the subject. Of course a good many morons, individuals with mental capacity no greater than that of a normal twelve-year-old child, smoke and drink in youth merely in childish imitation of others; they haven't sufficient character or self-confidence to decline an invitation or a challenge given by some person whom they, in their childish way, consider sophisticated. But these morons are quite as susceptible to good example, good environment, as they are to the other thing. It is well to remember that a large portion of the population of the country, many of the best parents, the best soldiers, the best citizens, are moron. Too many morons entertain a wrong notion of the meaning of the term; too r.-any people abuse the term Artificial and always injurious restraint of the Natural physiological impulse or inclination to activity begin in school, under the pr.cient martinet discipline still enforced by reactionary pedagogues. Besides repressing the growing child's primitive, healthful desire to do things, the neurotic schoolmarms, themselves absurdly deficient in physical education, look with ill concealed contempt upon newfangle efforts to give children a fair deal below the neck. These antiquated educators give only lip service to the maxim, a sound mind in a sound body. They assume, in their ignorance that the body i may be neglected, only so... the youth is adequately instructed in I mathematics. English and history. Whether we recognize it or not. or even dare to mention it, there is a powerful and ever encroaching influence which takes full advantage of the failure of our .formal system of public-education; to .seduce the grown youth. A normal child enters into the game or plays because -he or she feels better when doing -some^thing. Physical activity,;not,Tnere mental diversion, is the natural way to "blow off steam," so to speak. Repress such activity and the impulse readily changes into a desire for a cigarette or a cocktail. 7:15--To be announced 7:30--Tonic Tunes 7:45_Kindly Thoughts 8.00--Pete and Joe 8:15--Vocal Vogue*. NBC 8 30--Swing Serenade. XBC g:45_Towcr Clock Pgm 9:00--Hoosicr Hot Shoio 9;15_Woincn Only 9 30--Young Dr. Malont- P.4S--I Love A Mystery 10:00--Central City. NBC JC:15-Josh Higgins, NBC 1C "39--Jack Bcrch and his Boy*. NBC 30:45--Housrboat Hannah. N : 1:00--Mary Martin. NBC 11:15--Vic and Sadc. NBC 11.30--Pepper Young's Family- NCC 11:45--To be announced. NBC !2:00--Hit of the Day il::05--News 12-15--Garden Nature T.ilfc J2-30--Farm and Homn Hour, N3C 1.30 -Al Sigl 1-45-Chariotccrs. N3C 2:00-Betty and Bob. NC 2-35-- Arnold Grimm's NSC 2;30-.Valiant Lady. NSC 2:45--Hymns of AM Churchf. 3JOO--U* 8. Marine Band, N3C 3-45-Between The Bool:c.nt!s, MCC 4'00 -Club Matinee. NBC 4:45--'·Midslrf-Ain.*' NBC 5-on--Glenn Miller Otcn.. NBC L 30-i*t"s Waltz 5:45--Buck Roger.? 6.fH!--News i, '15--Your Family Mine 6:30-Wm. Rogers--Sports :45~Lcwe'J] Thomas. NBC 7.00--"Orphans of Divorce." NEC 7.30--Musical Sensations. NEC 8:00--"Order of Adventurers" NBC i, 30--RCA Magic Key. NBC 9.30--"Pot of Gold." NBC 1C-00--True or False. NBC If :30-Magnoltfl Btosjmm*, NBC 11:00--News ReportCT 11:1 I--Barry Winton Orcru NBC QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Qninine Is Good Medicine · Please repeat the instructions you give for persons travelling or staying for a time hi a district where malaria prevails. (A. A. P.) Answer -- Keep well screened against mosquitoes at night. While in malarious district take two grains of quinine three times daily. For further instructions or advice on the use of quinine against malaria ] and other diseases, send 1 1-2-cent- stamped envelope bearing your address. If you ask any other question, the envelope must bear three cents postage. Low Blood Pressure Would vitamin B-complex be safe for a person with low blood pressure? T. E. C.) Answer -- Yes. In fact, in many- instances where blood pressure is I too low and circulation; ·poor, the i patient benefits steadily from supplementing the diet with a large ration of vitamin B-complex every day for many months. Callus The corn and caHus remedy you recommended worked wonders -! softened and removed a very hard ! and very sore callus from the ball of my foot, after I had about despaired. iK. P. S.i Answer -- Thank you. At least ' it can do no harm to try for a week jor two on any callus, corn or wart j --but NOT on bunion or any in- i fl.' mcd area. Paint callus, corn or ! -vart once daily with .solution of ' thirty grains of salicylic add in Ontario County jailin as coiv* dition as the inadequacy of the building permits, it was pointed out, by Walter W. Nicholson, refajeijjbnta- tive of the State Commission of. Correction, and Philip G: ^Iftoose, * chief clerk, after an inspection tor day. -,···· . · . Are You a Success Speaking In Public? · :-r Here Are Ways to Win A delegate to the national convention. Mrs. Brown is a .credit to her club. No awkward' ' ihdment'-^ when she has the floor', thaffks to home practice in public speaking. ' When her delegation is welcomed, she knows correct . form, answers graciously, "Madam President, -hosts and friends. We have .been looking forward for many weeks" "ciTtKis day with you and we appreciate' so much your kind reception " . . . Her manner, too, ^in^.'thTepn- fidence Slid "respect of lhe r atld- ience. She doesn't liurry her -words but speaks at a natural pace: Nor does she stare nervously a£ : 'floor or ceiling but keeps her -«ye£tion the face of her listeners; ; -] Other good pointers Mrs. Brown kncws are the use of slffiple^seri- tences, emphasis. "W* were' mad* the recipients of a warm welcome," is high-flown, tiresdmeV Say- "Wo received--" or "Were given-^". Emphasis you achieve by -dwelling on important words in your speech, "UNITED we stand, DIVIDED w« fall." ..-. ... r~ Know how to speak graciously in public, win honors, on the job. Our 32-page _bookjct : jtelis how to develop your voice^prepare talks. Gives parliamentary jjforms, sample speeches for many peoions. Suggestions for toastmasters, and radio speakers. _,.£ Send lOc in coin for youYjcjipy of PUBLIC SPEAKING _. jpLF- TAUGHT to The Daily ftge^nser, Home Service. Phoenix Street-Can* andaigua. N. Y. ' . ' . . . andaigua. N Y. Be sure ;. to : write plainly your name, address? and the name of booklet. ,' '\~ one-half ounce of flexible Collodion. '-. In a week or ten days the corn or ·' jwart or callus should become soft · enough to be easily wipe^yoff, Protected by John P. Dyie Co.) ;

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