The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 17, 1960 · Page 18
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 18

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 17, 1960
Page 18
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Dal(« Democrat-Times 18 Sunday, July 17, '60 Classified Advertising . Specie] Nodctt HUt MUSK:, popv^Of. Slavery Hi fl. pttMANENT WAVl-SKCIMi J10-15. J.IJ.M.93 $20« $8.5*. La'Aaikt Beauty SSoe. 4 J 4 Ampin 1 Ave. PK.-ED 2-6734. SAlESMAN-DISIItlNJTOR Exk.Uve leu. Ovet 100)1 BtolHI 5.H "do-ll-vourleir hw'enent, cfanQenble. lelF-ttkklng foii: leltei kUi to retat!ei. Renlocei oeer trail. Sta.Pul SIgni Corp., 14-16 Veil 3UI SI.. N.Y.C. MUSrCAl (Mlrwrtenli 'torn (Mel to vlblt Timl. alM Initrvenenti recoiled. BlokeU HI B. tnt Hi rVtoln Hi. EP M432 SPENCER CORSETIER Individually designed foundations, brassieres, medical »nc orthopedic supports. MRS. LOIS POWERS 623 Mo'n Si. Phonei ED X-4E03 or FO 2-8471 PEOPLE DO READ WANT ADS1 YOU ARE. 19. Male Help Wanted ATTENTION BOYS Age 12 To 15 Would you like the chano to earn your own spend Ing money? Summer Vacation will be here In a lew weeks. have several good News paper Routes open In you neighborhood. If Interestei call Mr. Young ED 5-1155 Circulation department Tha Delta Democrat-Times Main Help Wanted SAIH. Itx'Jl. 30 10 IS. $9h»v «.-.. e!l CO 4-3611 Peeper EmcroymCAl Sit- CCOUNTANI, 31 txxvt, u!ary octn. Coll D 4-3611 Nt«*' tmp!oYfn*nl $«rvlc«. ANTED A-'4.t lor n!gSl gin cllk* work, lo lall 7 montH el mo:». A[clf lo A. Lolo*, Sr. Oalro G:n C». AUIn!f», Mill. COLORED MALE HELP WANTED Full and part time jobs. Apply In Person. JIMMY'S KWIK CAR WASH Wot-way 82 Eolt 3 MEN WANTED Tor local positions to sell and service our appliances Call Employment Manager, ED 2-0928. --1960 Motorola trvea dwrtnil S'«ipo aniolri, Watnut Marraganv, $30 To 00 off. Fully financed, no down pay ir. !ot,l« HI-FI, 5J5 Mo!r St. Fhon. 7-U32. WANTED Two men must be replaced who were earning $500.00 per monlh. REQUIREMENTS 1. Good Character 2. Good Health 3. Able to take on average responsibility For details, write P. 0. Box 882 Jackson, Mississippi. SALESMAN WANTED For Greenville and Washingtor County. Good salary. Life Insui ance background. Send age, ma ital status and educational back ground to W. II. DANIEL, Box O Tupelo, Miss. Article! For Sale 20. Articles For 5a!o AIR CONDITIONER AMERICA'S FINEST R O S E L L A ' S $269.95 | Dial ED Brand Name Big 2 H.P. AIR CONDITIONER (SUPPLY LIMITED) n. Houses For Sale 70. Houses For i--2 Fcmalo Help Wanted |)]. lltrascnold Good] S14IER. Advanced Crecril hVorvager, 30 55, Con CO 4-3611 Pepper tmp'oymtnt A'lce. MAIDS. LIVE-IN TO $720 MO. EIWST JOM -- ro? NY AGCY horrei, l-ckeli leril. Wrlle Gen Agcy, Lincoln, Rtnlyo Ha, m. AKE 550 STARE TIME CASH on CO lUSHiCOlOi! nome-lrirlr\led Ctuht- CoiJt, oll^r money.nxikeri. Profit! 100% plvi bonvt. Samplet ten] of porsvali (SEE Sorrcle Album, FREE onirtr-eu gill, 5OUIHERN, 478 N. Holly- Depl. 706. men-Phil, Tenn. Articles For Sale 18 SALE, Alli'ole Mot« Scooter. 2-6500. CASHTM. YOUR USED FURNITURE APPLIANCES RAILROAD SALVAGE FURNITURE CO. 50. Furnished Apartments 'JJ ti. FOPLAK, I Coom wilalri Apt. Jii.ilti cold, 17 »uk? ED 2-2022. 34 H. POPIAR, ruin Am. 3 Bolh. 15.M week. FK. EO 2-2 206 AlEXAMOER. 3 *ocn ruin Act. Wom got paid. $10 week; EO 2-2?67. TO Wash. Ph. ED 1-2718 831 5. BROADWAY. Jm API. 3 Soorm told. SIO wilt. Ph. EO 2-2967. OUSt FUU ol Furnltvit. uifite. ED 2-1220. R SAIE, T. V. Cubit Conn, and 5V, P. Wliard Ovtboord Motot. Good conic". Ph. ED 2.S704 oflet 5r30 p.m. SAIE. Uied but bod.ii. Cood kf jnllhg W (liking eoblnt aid other utei. lt-3 Coochei, Nonli Broadway extend- Phone ED 4-9753 S ROOMS FURNITURE. ALL NEW ................ $299.95 19 PIECES -4«!a bed -matching chaW -*tep tabtu -colfe* kW« 2 -- lawpi I-- k)ub1t drill* I-- cheil I-- booVc t-- Innv i»l ipflrtci pe. chroir* din*.!* Hi Fum. Clrkreixy opt., Willllei pold. 211 Hoiver. Phon* ID 3-6333, SALE. R*drxm 5u:i«. $75. Dintrvg »ri SHf», $50. Brown living Roo'~» vr, SIS. THfM ocW tabln, floor la-rx), rrcr Bug. Mrt. MaKOQnl. 651 E, td Fd. 10 .e.3344. SEAT COVER SALE Arthur Fulmer Iscontinued patterns -- Values p to $40.00. Now $19.95 GULF SUPER SERVICE Mota al B.'oodway, EO 4-9213 NEWLY DECORATED turn Dup'«*, 4 Room* !S. T.V. Cable. ED 2-836?. b*d IWO FUSN API'S, 107 W. 2nd Sir.It In [.kind. Ph. 355 01 600 lekjnd. Bryan Wilson Phom ED 3-1343 ^dd ipindlng money to youv budget--· the the Delta OamocraT-TtRHl Ward A Phon. ED 5-1153. M. Building Materials CASH AND CARRY BUILDING MATERIALS ShuP £otk, Limbtr, Paint, Roofing. Low prk«i. R«n%od«IIrq, c.i!om built itivfn, f r e t eiltmalei. ond 2 B«diiom Fwn Apoilm»nii. Walti TM. Ph. ED 2-7629 x ED 4-9651. , AppN 711 E. R«td ·JICE ri B/8 Unlwn HovK ot 316 Wo|. wood SI. laroi oMk fan, and toill [n$65 i«»nih. Hi. EO 2-773J. both I\MTI. api., . Phcrw ED 2-7956, Carpon 5 Room riovla, ciromlc III* balh. porch. Carport. Hwy. 82 Eait. ED 2-6769. N:C£ EUNISHED APT. 239 So. Broadway. Ph. EO 2-7762. NEW BJICK 3 »;B Unfum Hov». C.romlc ll» balh. Carport t'oiog*. Cooci*r« drivi. S75 ptl month. Day Ph. EO 2-1150, nlghl ED 2-8401. FU6N1SHEO APT. fD 2-8J20, 3 Koomi J, BatS. Ph. HE\V1Y DECOSATED 4 Boom Furn Ac' r.V. Cnbl., Prlvon Enl. Ph. ED 2-SM8. COMFORrASlE Furn API. 3 8oom Bolh Ulllillei paid. )65 monlh. ED 2-2163. SMALL Fum CoUoqe, t,-Nlli:et paid. Al target fum Apt. Get Wulir patf. 218 iood«. Ph. ED 4-4988. 51. Unlamisbed Apartments 2 B/g duc'vx, carport. Ccnltallv . 550 nx. 202 O-ntga. EO 2-8071. Koom Lnfuin. opr 130 I pd. Phona ED 2-6056. 2 B/R Unrutn Duplx. Arllc Foo, Cob^«. Garagi, Hardwood llecu, rtFar idiooli $40 mo. 325 Eureka. ED 4-462] or 2-4417 UNFURNISHED APARTMENT. 3 rfi. Carport Sloiag* S10 [ ED 2-6642 o FO 2-7298. GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE pecialty in used repossessed rierchandise. Air conditioners Refrigerators Automatic Washing Machines Lawn Mowers · Used Tires See: Ed Frazier Phone ED 2-1561 1. Articles Wanted WANT 1O BUY Glill Ph. ED 4.9711. 26" B'cytU, Boats, Moters Supptlw . , end Loti tof ial» loVo F«nju PARKINSON LUMBER COMPANY ID 4-4511 or ED 4-3721 L U M B E R Cypress $75. up Hardwood $45. up Chatham, Miss. Ph. ED 2-8563 Timbers, Boat Lumber, Flooring, etc. Special Orders Cut E. G. NELSON CSalhom, Ulu. K EO 2-l!68 J5. Service Directory OK SAIE. 14 ft. Polar-Craft and lialiir. 1125.00. Ph. ED 2-0487. LAWN MOWING SERVICE, Rillab!« BOY. Ph. ED 2-1645. FOZ SALE, 12 Ft. Alumina Lon» Slai Fiih r rg Boot TraiUr. 10 H.P. 1957 Jahnian Motor. $375.00. Call It. Horman roglnl. ED 4-3614. btFIIC IAi(H iot »»p]l lank cltonlno cad Pboni ED 2-1729 o* EO 4-4684. "OR SAIE, 14 ft. Runabout with 35 H.P. Evinrvctf* ·laclrle itorto /AoTor, orvj ilkr. Can b K*n at 1165 Groom*. 27. Farm Equipment FOR SALE. 60 H.P. AC on Buta.^* Powt Lln'l. $500. 8 X 10 Fa!ban!a Moiii roatlcn Pump, wed orvo wtik, 300 F t unKK-m plci, prittd tight. A. J. ucJal. ED 2-1657. 3D. Pels, Poultry Livestock FOR SAIE, I $5.00 each. leaq'« Pupplti, 6 w*ekl ofa". Ph. £0 2-7393. lot SALE, SCREW Tall Bull Pup, Regllt- . ED 2-74S3. FREE TO GOOD Horn, Pinion Cat and Klt:«n. ED 2-7483. ONE PAIR POINTER will farm out on 2-8376. PUPS, Foe »'· :ailr.«rihlp. Ph. RLGISIEREO CHIHUAHUA S^Jd Sirvici w«rcht 3 Ib*. famot-4 lins of El MO.TOCC Fh. £0 4-4954. FOB SAIE, Sealpo'nt Sicmeia KiUi Mala ond ft ma I*. Raciaoably priced. PJi. ED 2-6353. FOR SALE, Bird Dog Pupplii. Both parwiti ~~ , ined Gun Ll!a« St. ioV . Dooi. Wallac Acm, Ltfgnd. LET'S TRADE HOMES We Can Offer You "More Than You Think" For Your Present Home-Toward The Purchase Of The Beautiful Home Located At 1172 GILESTE ST. In PUREBRED SANTA GERTRUDIS CATTLE to be Sold nt Auction, nday July 2J at 10 a.m. 17S head lassified by S.G.B.I. -- 100 cows, 50 heifers, 25 bulls. C A L L AN RANCH, Waco, Texas. Featuring 3 large Bedrooms 1% Ceramic. Tile Baths Birch panelled kitchen - family room combination Brick veneer panelled front FHA Financed OPEN FOB YOUR INSPECTION SUNDAYS 2 - 6 P.M. TUBERT1NI CONSTRUCTION CO. Residential Commercial Construction \ 630 Hiway 1 N. Ph. ED 5-1482 Nite ED 4-3515 Household Goods USED MAYNARD WILZIN al ED 4-4354 144 N. 25 N. Hlrdi 717 Sotuct 24 W. Yergar 122 t. Stalling . PEOPLE DO READ WANT ADS1 YOU ARE. Y E S We Install A U T O G L A S S (Curved Windshields In Stock) BURK HALL - TAYLOE Paint Glass Co, Hwy. 82 East (Next to Azar'sl Phone ED 3-2829 SPECIAL Auto Paint Job, Dupon Enamel. Guaranteed. $39.50 TOM'S BODY SHOP 821 Walrhc!) SI. Ph. ED 4-404 |V« hov on hand wpholuirlAg fabf[i ouumi a comrjlil* ultdion for r° Fargtu i*l«ctlon trv ond around Crvin B. M wi raalJi'u'in '^ (oiatll uphol ri«ry ihce WI at» ·aulcptd ro Turn cm II IVDII «f work. TIM EltimalM. GREENVILLE AWNING UPHOLSTERING CO. Phon« ET 2-7063 t+wy. 82 £ Bed $12.95 Spring $9.95 Mattress $9.95 Bed Room Suite $49.95 Dining Room Suite $79.95 Elec. Refrigerators NEW FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES Easy Terms | C.E. JORDAN CO. East End Branch 703 Wash. Ph. ED 2-5951 TO DIAL SPRINGTIME ANYTIME Dial ED 2-0513 KREMSER'S MOVING Call ED 2-2685 DON EWBANK Moving Storage 78. [louses For SaJc 70. [looses For Sale 70. Houses For Sale SHOP AT THE SIC' QUALITY 715 Main St. Phone ED 2-81 44. Insurance !RQCK-BOTTOJL RATES. Call John Worth KEN1LKKY. 2 S / 2 L'nlu Qufctge, oMIc fa n AD!. I large , u , . m arid la-a» Kf'ehen. 155 per rnc.ilh ED 4.131\ cr ED S-H72. BFN1. TWO UNFINISHED Apr' ooml BarS S30 and $40 oft! mt Main 51. CoU ED 5.1155 S.JO «.30 o m. Houses For Rent 0! ftNI, WJFUkfl Ksvtn, (49 end i!5. , . Fti. EO 2-5746. 707 CAUSEY D2IVE, 3 BJ« Unfurn Home. IV, bolh.. SSi I/a. Ph. EO 2.Q33J. fwnliSei houee Id rent, 327 R av Col ED 4-3!!9. NEWIV DECORA1ED 0 B/K UrJvtm Hsine. la.*ge rotner lol, ihoaV to^n. 731 S. Theobald. Phone lOol leland. «3 CABBIE 3!£CN LAME -- 2 B/R un. K»j»e, Ideal (ocalkn, one btrxlc Sle School. 565 pet moniS. Call JNFURN 2 B/8 Houie, attic fen, venellai sKrxIl, Wolfiet conn. Carport, norogi n. Fented ycrd i V;dea Cab!e. J75 monlh. 78 Fusion Or. ED 2-8237. KENT, 3 B/R Unfum Home, 2 bo'rit, e icreened Polio, air conditioned, ie Ueei, near IchooE orxl po'lt. Al able Augutl I51h. Ph. ED 2-6C96 er 10 2-2182. B/R, Shamrock '.HA. 30 all MRS. NELL EUST1S, »lrh R. H. LAKE AGENCY Fh. CD -4.yO°l Eel. Ph. ED 4-4174 FOJ REN1. (.·NfUHNISHED. 2 B/S Dup!( 1004 Dyer Clnle - J6S } B/8 * endoied CDOlnrr.ent. Kci -ohli EO 4-1\ $75-- Coll lodov foi teallcrl, EO 2-Q5S8 AZAR AZAR Ph. EO 5-6417 IMS K«v. 83 E 427 E. Ceed Rd., 2 B/R rJup. S60CO 505-B. K. BroodweY. i B/E J«. - 542.50 350 Aror Dr . 2 B/R Souie $65.00 105 Oltrerr.arl tone. 2 B/8 home $50.00 521 florlda 2 B/« Dro?e» S4S.OO 323 EureVo. 2 B / R . duo. ^^^ 56000 334 Aiar Di. 2 B/R djp. . 560.00 215 N. Ihecbold, J B/R ovo. 525.00 9 BEDIOOMS, DEN Mna roorn, d-nL^g area, large kitchen. Ceramic both I. hardwood Floori, olt'c n, corporl t, iKmge. 1236 E. Jo)«i St. 835 MAYER B/I. den, L/R. D/R, kkhtn. IV, borht, ion flreolcce. nvmeroui ctoielt, loroe let, fenced back Yard. FHA lermt- WOODiAWN B/R, cfen. UK, leparate D/Jt, targe ltd-.en, 2 full Hie bo:hi, cent.tiltv healed ond air cond 111oned, fenced vara", cxwport ond itoroge, rtrmerom t/eei. FHA lemM. LAKE MATURE TREES ppletely f^rround this horre on E. Moore 2 B/R. den. I/It, teoarau D/R. large then, dtnelte, bath with thower aver FOR RENT odern 2 Bedroom UnfurnishtK parlment with T.V. Cable and arport. 327 Tlwmas Ave. $55 per J. L. McCLENDON 137 S. Harvey -- Phone EO 2-6I9J IWfURNlSHEO m Flower 2 B/» onth. -5429. Ph. ED 2-7893 or ED Abraham B07 N. Broadway $40.00 54000 SlO.OO . 535 .CO . 54500 55000 555.110 . JJ500 FOR RENT Modern 1 Bedroom Unfurnishet Apartment with T.V. Cable anc Carport. 632 Penn Lane. $50 perl month. Ph. ED 2-7893 or ED $60.00 . $65.00 $75.00 . 555.00 . $20.00 . S«.00 . 564 OC . $60 OC 1703 Sp'Ute, 2 B/R _ $50.0C 212 0-cnie 2 B/R I60.0C 995 Fallen 2 fl/R, ret ?. ilove _ $70.0C 1735 Qoeen City lcr-s 5 B/R . »60.0 324 Mill Ed. 2 B/R $55.00 821 Alhb-j-n, 3 B/8 (utifu.ti) $105.00 Carncn $65.0C 2« /,'ulberry 2 B/S . US le»ij 3 B/R fi20 N. Breodrtoy 2 B/R . 525 W. Pe.-cv I B/8 622 S. BroooVa/ 2 B/R 816 Hwv. 1 N. 2 B/R _ 317 W. Alexander 2 B/R . 303 Centtol ,, 254 Ridso Ave. 2 B/R Cor-alele'v Furciihed With T.V. _ _ J55.0C MAY'S RENTALS PRICES REDUCED J. L. McCLENDON 137 S. Harvsv - Fhona ED 2-6193 UNFURNISHED 54 M. Poplar 1 3 / 8 J25.00 !0 8. Waihlr.glan 1 B/R . 14 Orlando 1 B/R 22 S. Edissn 1 B/l! 431, S. Mcln I B/R -- ·02 McAIMiKi 2 B/B -18 A?«icnder 1 B/R 242 S. fV.cin 2 B/R . S4S.CO l"0 N. THEO 3 Lorce Roonvi Boll fum. Apt. All Uillittel Inc. (65.00 7307, WASH. AVE. Upi'dlrt I B/R Furn ADi. All Ufilifet Inc. J50.00 1811 MAY 1 B.R. Modern H=iie Unrurnii v .eJ 560.QQ Furrviihed S7S.W ?:-3 /AAY large Modern 2 B.R. FX-oli Ur.L-rniihed S65.00 fu.'nlihed S63.00 712 CAKrJCN. large Modern 2 B.R. Uc no I rt fmn. AJt. 570.00 614 FAIRVIE\V, Euro Lotoe Modem 6 Roon Duplex S?5.QO lawrng Service, Coble ccnr.eclloni or Pelt Central le.-vlce lrc. Call AUi. Mi :i Mil. Brady, F-0 2-6376, En 2-511°. S50.00 52500 555.00 . S55.CO . 515.00 530.00 12 Catherine 2 BIX 19 N. Theobald 3 2o«n _ 30 Orlando I B/S 052 Margaret 2 B/R 31 S. Kindt 3 3 / R S5").O3 317 Dan'elt 2 B/R SO.OO 26 Calrnine 2 B/R ! 5 5 O 3 436-A Canol 3 B/S SB3.00 883 Old lelond Rd. 4 B/« 575 00 53-A Orlando SO.OO Rooms For Rent in, od|. bcrh. dele In. UllcrV . Ph. tD 5-754B. Bedroom, private ble. CToiB In. phone EO!cOOh\ In privnl* horr.e. Mt\. Jk'.crku- on, 51d Johnson. Ph. ED 2-6137. Colored Rentals MAYNARD WILZIN DJol CD 4-4554 Alexander . 1216 Slarhrg _ 1074 O'Hea 510 Reach __ 333 5!:awh!eri 7-'i PollocV 511 Megqellt -- R«nt«H Om STACE FOI ItMf, If X 91' «. IV 44' In downlowA thopp!ng cenlel. Coll lot detolft. .KollmoH leoriort, [D 0550. nlahn [D 4-1140 Hous« For Sale ·WO BEDSOOH CKICX VENH« V/ITH t SHAD: IKEES, me txus, xocraie i, Em eovrl ScSMl dlllrkt. 1300 ?wn plv, imotl cloiUtg com and Dai- enl, k,, Ihan $77, Call to lee Hill Mnt lodatf. Kclwron RMri«re, ED 2-055B J nlghl ED 4-3140. 543.26 CASH I ASSUME 1B1.2] MOHHI- Y PAY/MEN1S, J D/R, VU batk, oIKxhed io$* ond dropei bxluded on a beau*!* lry Fondtcoped comi; lol. 109* K 107*. 1 Rldgk Av«. Call todcrY f« OCOOlnlmenT. otunan leohon, EO 243ot, nrghri EO 3140. . % baths, den, Addn. $14,250. year loan available. For Suit) 70. 252 BtAUCHAMr ST. 3 B/R, I Vj bolhl, " ' frorM, family Iroom. Real yard eo« doled wilh bo I 183.00 per monlh. fexe. Srall 125 PAUIINB St. 9 tit brfck home, iVK ottwrne F.HX kwn. . 1413 MARIIYN Dl J B/R btkk home eccro!eletf re-d«oto'ed Only S7,0w. Small F.H.A, cfown payment. S-45 iX. /AA1N. 5 B/R, 3 bolhl. alt con. aVllcyilng ond central heal, Owner will Tlnonoe lot vnall down Daymen!, frlced 10 nil. 711 ASNtURN DS. 3 B/R. 2 bolhl den, brick conitrvxllon. All el« conditioned, Wony 01 he* flnocKed. I'cve. and over al tractive, feature I. AUectdy SAM COUSLEY Fh. ID 2-B72S Houses For Sal« FOI (ALE fcY OWNER. Lowly Horn* at 123 John Si. Coll EO FOR SMC, PtaOkatly rww 2 B/Jt Ho J200 down, $55.00 pn monlK Ph. 2-8568 allH 7 p.m. OU SALE, 3 BfH Home, D*n. fay *qulrY aHvrr.9 4'/t% loon or re(lnan«. 1331 , John. Pt. ED 4*4840. areo. Irv'rfw toon, bath With i n«:ghWood, St. AvguHlr.i fOR SALE -- 3 bedroom. fclfth«v.toifng bath With AvguHlr.i groit, \tu\l arxJ 2 p#on Irwi, orfwr lr««i ond bvii-.n. A vtry flood bvy OT $10,900 1442 flradfixd Drlv«. Call ED 4-4759 for partlcvlan. 3 BEDROOM. 2 BATH, COUNTRV UVINO CLOSE TO TOWN. Nlc» ihodi triei, T.V. ArxfMMw, Ulll Vi fclleh»n. Avollabt« Im- ·rftdla!«lv. Pav lei ihon CWMI'I KwIiV nd auuffl« rxslil. Lol 178' X 438\ Can bi rerirv a /vc»d FHA. CoU Kounin Rwltoil. fD 2-0558, nlghli call ED 71 Houses For Sale 70. Houses For Salo t c« .'ch«n pcial, o1r , uipped \v1rh dlihwaiher, dii- nt-a-r-ooa*, v.-airwi ord dryet- . Feinted botk yard, naxl 13 ichcoL Onfy (12,000, fHA T(OAIPSON REALTY CO. MIERS PRATT Wtxul Ini. ft. Eit. Wwigagi lo 17 rtwy, S'o. 1 SwlK Dfal ED 2-15^6 Aftnlxr MLS Nlohl call ED 2-21 W 144 ri- Aroodi 111.5 S30.0 . 525.00 513.0 . Si 0.0 . 510 '. 522 50'"Since 1893" T W O B I G V A L U E S FOR SALE 1350 Sq. Ft. Enclosed Area B/R, L/R, Separate D/R, Separate Utility, Fenced Back Yard, Excellent Locution. 1284 JOHN Only $13,500 BRAND NEW1 5 B/R BRICK 837 Ashburn L/R, D/R, Family Room with Fireplace, Built-in Appliances Compartmented Baths, Aluminum Windows. §18,000 Conventional Slightly higher F.H.A. H. N. ALEXANDER SONS ED 2-724! 70. Houses For Sale 70. Houses For Sale FOB GENHEMAN, mler. Ph. ED 4 344c. ilouscs For Kent VALL Unrym Home en Cedar, 0^13 fu.-n Dueled on Percy. Ph. ED 4-9903. B/R Unfum Houie, Nke Jxalion. r.ecr jhocpino cen'er. S80. Ph. ED 2-5317. B/8 Unfurr ihoocing center. 5oO. Ph. EO 2-5317. Hot nict B/R Unfurn Home. 2220 Alex ir mon'h. Ph. ED 2-6253. . 555 1EWLY DHCOCAIEO UnFurn H^uie, * iocmi BalK. Har:J*'3od fToori, Atrlf Fan. loige vord. 1407 ll^v. I ScLth ichool rk.i Rl. Tcnv Icndl, EO 2-iKA. N~EWLV bECOBATEcTs "B/Frlio-.rcn ;ohr 5rreel. 2/0 wiring, oMIc Fon, Venellcr !llBd». Movie J. MOYie. Ph. ED 2-0300 ot EO 5-BI7I. 2 «/» S35 E. Srarl'rg Goldlng Acrei 3 Bit. 3 Baft . 729 OrlanJo 3 B/R 979 Leolon 7 B1J 333 S Shelby 1243 E. Cotlcn Dr. Fum. N. Cob.-odo 3 B/R _ S60.00 _ $150.00 _ 56500 iAS.OO $.17.00 590.00 Rhodes T. Wasson Agency 236 Wruhrmton Pfcane EO 2-1539 MAYNARD WILZIN Dial ED 4-4554 144 N. Brocd«ov 638 Orlartda , $55.00 2533 Alrdale 1260 Margaret Blvd. _ 214 Fulrcn 1173 Arnold 2600 Al reef ale 454 Co.-xil SS5.00 590.00 S35.00 ^ . S 50.00 S75.CO S60.00 S45.00 W1NEMAN MLS INVENTORY HOMES FOR SALE M . L . I . 767 ^33 Ml £35 823 38') 3?2 873 3?.. 900 901 932 ·507 903 3 OR MOfiE EEDIOOFiU No. 0:. 912 913 t on H.l.l. Ml. 712 752 79? 627 8-JO Addr 1420 Kirk lend 116 Fcnti 1703 S. C £33 ArncW 537 S. f,\n!n 7-li Wtiihlm; r on ^31 MrAlli^'er 1318 John Si. 1905 Old tels^d 12J6 r. Jclvi 2VI REeJaa 4j9 Euitko 337 Otla-edo 1833 Old le'.a-d P 5 B/S 1774 Jckn 1331 All Ss'ntt M30 Coiavechla 577 Jo Ann 411 Inez KM Fculine HrtV 1 N=r1h 5227 S-eA-.zn 113 C-'ef. 913 Cedar LC11 8ED800M1 Addrett £. Side Clover Cr 19M Tucker E S:j» Sl-erwood 226 W. MOO.D 1033 S. Theobald 042 8M S3 2 B97 890 694 697 893 B99 906 907 1016 S. 11? Crn;*n[ 502 FFoHtfa 633 Havana 349 I, Moor* lot* Nraviofi 6?^ Grovi 635 MCY*- 222 Go'dileln HI7 H*y 1 S. 424 lrv«i KEN1A1 UN[T * COMMERCIAL HOPHTY 876 895 90-1 905 831 843 Acrws* en Otd Ltlcrxf Rd. 813 i^*Y. \ Korlti B1 Kwy I H«tti 806-.0 Hwy. ^ North 327 Hunt, DupUx 924 S. Broodwcy 185 O,'d Ulond Rd. [Di»p'fl} LOTI 1 tali In WoodTawn Lof 19, Gretnfleld Add. 2 Ion HWY. 1 H. 120 (i. fronioga Lot 4 r btodt 1, WoxxJ-cwn WADE S, WINEMAN, Realtor Member MLS. 202 Thomas Shopping Center Phone ED 2-2848 Home Phone ED 4-9644 79. Houses For Sale 70. i : or Sale Houses For Sale ID 2-1055 '111--Ml Furnished Apartments E X C E L L E N T B U Y ! 1514 LES LANE-- · 3 Large Bedrooms · 1{ Ceramic Tile Baths · Large Living Room Dining Area · Central Heat · Panelled Kitchen With Vent-Hood · Large Carport Storage · 110x137 ft. Corner Lot · Walking Distance To Em Boyd School LOW FHA FINANCING $450 DOWN - WILL TAKE TRADE-IN TRADE IN HOME 1427 Highland - · 2 BEDROOMS · LIVING ROOM - DINING AREA, 1 BATH · LARGE KITCHEN 0 COMPLETELY REDECORATKD · NO DOWN PAYMENT * LOW MONTHLY PAYMENTS FREE ESTIMATES PLAN SERVICE JOHNSON LUMBER CO. 614 S. Theobald Nile Call Dcrlc Aldridge ED 2-6932 Ph. ED 2-5444 FURNISHED APT. L=ohlt Ph. EO 4-34-16. UVI APT. 3 tooTM t Kill,. T.V. Coble. !e CHI/. 624 Aleo.nder Sr. CONDITIONED 3 Room Furn Act. la both, etlrorce, Goroge. T.V. t. 647' A:ncld. Ph. ED 4-Vti4. 21 VAUIANT ST. 2 Bedroom Cumiihed .Dcrtrreit. fh. ED 4-J79I. cr £onr in le'andi Furn. op!l. Newly ieto-alerf. Ph. 60 of 164. NEWIY DfCCQATED 3 Room fvtn Aor Wctef pard. Ph. CD 2-I36D. B/K furnlibed coaDmenl. SM mo. Coll ED 2-5932. CLEAN 1 B/R fvin Apt. Cowl* cn!y OrlorxJo. Ph. ED 4-4476 of 2-3347. MAYNARD WILZIN Otol ED 4-45J* l4 N. oroodvnn 125 H. Hindi 529 rAcAlMire* 328 Aleonder 335 Belle Alre 522-8 WoKel 321-A ». 8r«Kl»-oy _ 534 A'e*ander 319 5. B:ood*oy 155.00 . J59.0C 45.CC . S40.0C . sw.oo . S44.0C J 50.00 . K5.CC AIR CONDITIONED FURNISH ED APARTMENTS. C A B L E CONNECTIONS, PEST CONTRO SERVICE, ALL U T I L I T I E PAID, CALL ED 4-473G OR COME BY 7-11 MINUTE MARKET. FOR RENT ICE CREAM FREE! ER AND FLOOR POLISHERS. J. L. McCLENDON 137 S. rfa-.'ey -- Fho-e ED 2-9193 FUKHiSHEB 243 J. Shellr _-__ J75.I 507 S /.'a.n S 4 0 1 If fard A:re 13 B/R g=i i waM »100i 613 S Cal^fornJo 2 ill J50.I I?? I). She p h/ . S55.I 715-A Cenrrol 2 ill itiJ CiMff Apt. 1 B / J 1751 KA Main IGorogt A«1j . 155,00 for the discrimisialing home buyer... PRIMROSE LANE 4 Bedrooms - 2 Large Baths Centrally Air Conditioned Brick Home Gardens in desirable Terrace O P E N T O - D A Y 3 - D P i m i LET'S TRADE HOMES ED 2-7217 MAKE YOUR WIFE QUEEN EVERYDAY By moving into one of our lienutitul 3 bedroom homes, Tlcse quality built Iwmcs have several outstanding features such as: · Spacious rooms · Full brick veneer · Caloric built-in gas ranges · Birch panelled den kitchen · Sliding glass doors to fenced patio · 2 full ceramic tile baths Locntums: Gardens Addition, Sartillo Circle, South lietuiclinmp FHA Conventional Financing P. C, PALMERTREE, BUILDER Ph. ED 4-1951 Ph. ED 2-1451 70. Houses For Salo Houses cor !ale GREENVILLE'S BEST HOME BUYS! In 1213 Lourdes St, 1264GroomeSt. Jt- 3 NICE SIZE BEnKOOMS -A- KITCHEN FAMILY ROOM COMB. * LIVING ROOM * CENTRAL HEAT ·fc VINYL HARDWOOD FLOORS ·fc VEUY LOW DOWN PAYMENTS Find The Shapely Sign . . . Inspect For Quality FHA, Gl Conventional Financing S H A P L E Y L U M B E R C O , 556 6th St. Hi. ED 4-313 Real Estalo Services Real Eslolo Scrvicoj ON A REALTOR FOR BROAD EXPERIENCE By selecting a Reallor when you make a real estate transaction you retain a broker outstandingly fitted to serve your interests. To qualify as a Realtor he had 'to demonstrate superior knowledge and ability. As a member of tlio local real estate board he also lias at his command the experience und know-how of other Realtors, for each is pledged to willingly share his knowledge with fellow- members of the Donrd of Realtors. LIST YOUR PROPERTY NOW WITH The Greenville Multiple Listing Service * MOYSE MOYSE * HUNT - EVANS INSURANCE AGENCY * MAYNARD WILZIN * McCLENDON REAL £ST. AGENCY * HENRY T. CROSBY CO. * MIERS Si PRATT INSURANCE AGENCY *· ERNEST WALDAUER AGENCY * LANCASTER BROS IJ5R. CO. ·frR. H. LAKE AGENCY. * ABIDE LUMBER CO. * ALLEN THOMAS if AZAR AZAR CVn. * P. C. PALMERTREE BUILDER * KOSSMAN INSURANCE AGENCY * WADE S. WINEMAN * QUEEN CITY LBR. CO. * M. L. PAYNE COMPANY * GREENVILLE LUMBER CO. 0. Houses For Sale Houses I"or -V-*"-* AND THRIFTY HOME IMPROVEMENT STARTS HERE "Someday" can be TODAY if you shop here for all you need to get your home in tip-top shape! Everything for indoor-outdoor fix-up, at lower prices! ADD-A-ROOM PAINTING SUPPLIES WIRING NEEDS NEW KITCHEN, BATH --LOTS AVAILABLE-- LANCASTER PROS. LUMBER COMPANY 1315 Railroad Ave. Mcmbor MLS Ph. FT) 2-631! Nile Ph. ED 2-6970

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