The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 23, 1963 · Page 10
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 10

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Friday, August 23, 1963
Page 10
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British Commandos To Assault Hanging Sill's-Medicine Bluffs Saturday THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION, Friday, August 23, 1963 "\ j :-·*'*% Medicine Bluff will be assaulted at 9:30 a.m. Saturday by 120 beret-wearing British commandos. The members of the 73 KIRKEE Commando Buttery. Royal Artillery will climax four weeks of t r a i n i n g at Fort Sill w i t h a two-hour demonstration for Artillery and Missile School students and special guests. To prepare the spectators for' commando operations a special movie will be shown to them before the si art of the actual commando demonstration. Then the spotlight will be turned on the rugged Englishmen as they are introduced and their mission explained. The demonstration ivill lake Uie form of a commando artillery battery assaulting the area to the rear of Medicine Bluff. Rocket-fifed grappling hooks earning dimbiiig ropes will shoot then- way across the creek at the of Uie cliff as special Royal Marine climbing experts scale the b l u f f by hand and pi ton. Once ropes are emulaced the commandos take over ihe show as they cross the creek on ropes using what they call the "postman's walk" and prepare lo scale the dills. Man, 105mm Italian mountain guns, ami-no, and equipment -- covered by lethal firepower -- will move to the lop ol Ihe Bluff, comp.'ele an ariilleiy si ailing point, fn what wiil likely be the fastest fire mission, and then p u l l out to return to their part of the operation the Battery and its equipment w i l l slide ro the bottom of the Bluff--mission accomplished. Although originally announced as a p u b l i c demonstration. Saturday's exhibition of commando work will be open only to School students and invited guests due to a lack of viewing and seating room, Saturday's activities wjJl wind up the weeks of cliU-scalinp practice the British have been going through; although their visit to Port Sill "continues through Sept. 9. Between now and rhe 9th the British will continue firing on Artillery and Missile School prob- Jems as part of Exercise Round Bow--the exchange ol American and British Artillery batteries. Treasury Policy Moves Closer To Credit Needs By SAM AP IJusiiH'.^s NEW YORK Xi:\\-s Ainilysl f..\pi -- Another TULSA [APj -- A 'hearing before a sanity commission will be held for Rosemary Sheppard, 16- year-old Wagoner Counly girl commiied to Eastern Stale Hospital Aug. 12. The hearing will be called on a petition filed by the Tulsa Coun- ly Sheriff's office Thursday after Disi. .lu'Jge John Q. Adams overruled Ihc Aug. Yl commitment of lhc move to bring U.S. Treasury mon- 1 l c ? i r l by Tulsa Counl - v eiary policy closer in stop wiih ' Courl Jlld - e Dorothy Young. federal Reserve credit manage- j Adams ruled t h a t Ihe commitment and w i t h corporate linanc- i m p n l wiL! made u'itliout due proc- needs will start next week. · Changing ihe present q u a r t e r l y issues of one-year Treasury bills lo a monthly offering seems at first glam.-e like a routine m a t t e r of interest only to government ; security dealers. · But it could go well beyond ' t h a i . It is further evidence of lhc ' important part monetary policy : will play in meeting ihe problems lhal becloud the economic 0111- I : look. . Th change lo wnai the 1 i-eas- , missinh mak( , a rncommenda- iiry dubs "a more or less auto- j , i o n , Q , h e mu ,,, v jl|dKe for a ru| . m a l i c tiiniover basis might IIPVP i j l l ? _ Th(? ] , n ,. (?n|5 of ||lc ^ ^ a role in tackling [lie twin fmaii- alld },,.,. R c Sheppard, who rial problems: curbing t h e out- | ]ivo ,,,,,. Bl ^ m A|T01V m a v ask How of gold and dollars abroad by for a jm . v ,,.,,,, j f u ^^ K firmer conli-ol over short-term : ' ' Joans and interest rates. and the J u d ? n l°"ns committed Rose-. of ' m m . mai . "" P°.' s ° n cenlpr : ot a Tulsa hospital. The judge said '. she took i h e action at tile recom-; mendalion of. doctors at the bos- , pilal. ' Kennedy Flies To Cape Cod For Weekend Hy T I I K ASSOCIATED PKItfS , WASHINGTON (AP)--President! Kennedy flics lo Cape Cod lodny ! for his eighth consecutive week- f end at the summer White House on Sqllnw Island, Kennedy is scheduled lo ari'ive ' at Otis Air Force Bnso pbout G p.m. t E D T l . Mrs. Kennedy and t h e couple's two children have boon at Squaw Island since curlv Julv, T.OSKS ALL A R O U N D ! HAVANA CAP)--Prime Minister '· KOCHI. Japan (UPll -- Police-. Fidel Cas:i-o JMVA- the Cuban rev-. 1 man J-lidetakc Matsushita ex- olution is "going ahead nnd «^11 plained 10 his fellow officers t h a t : win dcspile piratic attacks of 11 he pa\vned two stolen bicycles counter-revolutionists." they had recovered to make u p ; li was his lirs; public reference 1 ! losses on race bets. ; to hit-run raids on refineries and . [ "What races?" they asked. j factories by counter-revolutionary j "The bicycle races," Mai- groups. Castro spoke at the open-] sushita answered, as he was, ing of Cuba's annual student I booked for selling stolen goods, j games. i DOWN ^'E GO. Two members of 79th KIRKEE Commando Battery, Royal Artillery, now at Fort Sill, are .shown on brink of Medicine Bluff at Fort Sill as one prepares to repel -himself down the fliff after finishing fiz : e mission on top. It's aU part of a demonstration to be presented by the British'at Fort Sill Saturday morning. " (TJ. S, Army Photo) ' MAX S'JfALS WItONG FL'JiL DALLAS fUPI-i -- Police today j LO\VESTOFT. England (UPD-- : ."ijhi a thief who went lo a lot-j As. Geofluey Winship, 29, a,.circus.' trouble lo steal one of South- ! lire-eater, went 1 10 perform his ·' -,.:;lc;-n Bell Telephone Com-' act Thursday, a helper handed- --·; : 's 25-foot power poles. A 12-1 him gasoline instead ol Ihe usual j =ar-old bciy told, them he saw kerosene. Winship was hospitalized \vith NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC Applications are now being accepted for admission to lhc-- McMAHON-TOMLINSON NURSING CENTER 312G Arlington Avc,, Lnwtun, Okla. The cenlcr will "render lotnl nursing c:irc "for" patients with c.-11'dlnci hemopltcic, nrllirilic and other long lerm debilitating diseases nl mudunitc mlo. For furihcr inlormalion \vliite or visit the the above addresb or phone EL 7-31MO or EL 5.8620. MUKPHY COLR, Adniinistralor man fell the pole, s»w it into and haul it awav. a sore moudi and throat. 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[ Eastern experts in Vienna saw i the announcement as an indiea- j lion ol a grave rift i.i Ihe Czech ! party. j Pany Secretary General Ru- j dolf Slansky and 30 associates died on ihe sallows in Prague following trials during the SlaJinist era. ObSe:T.'P!'s in Vienna said Slansky s rehabilitalion, 11 years alter Ihe hanging, was forced by a strong opposition group within the Czech CommunisL parly and fin a l l y by directives from t h e Kremlin. Czech President Antonin. Novol- ny had refused to absolve Slansky and his group al! along, fn June, Novolny attacked Slansky in a speech in Kocise and warned Slovak Communist writers who had been demanding a review ol was liie center ol n j tlle 1351-54 Stalinist trials. court hearing a year ago when she i left her parent's home and told j juvenile couri officials slip wanted to attend public schools instead of taking part in a court-approved home education plan. She returned lo her parents a few weeks later. 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He ] gave ilw juvenile court 48 hours · lo begin additional commitment proceedings, and the petition was \ filed shortly afterward. | "Rosemary lias been returned : lo juvenile court and we want !o i be sure she has any treatment she ! might nr-eri," Judge Yowig said. A sanity commission, generally consisting of two psychiiilrisls and ' a lawyer. \vill !x k appointed by lhc Tulsa County court far the h e a r - : . inTM. A f t e r I ho hearing. Ihe com- I economic growth at home through |, comparatively e a s y Ions-term crcdil. This is a tricky task at best but '. . one thai the money managers FCO a ever more pressing. The monthly bill offering i- 5 another in a string or monetary : · changes, in the, lasl .few months, i Karly in Ihe year the Federal 'Reserve began to lighten I h e ] short-term money market, if only by foregoing steps thai would · ease it. The result was a slow ' rise in yields of shoil-terni securities, such as the 91-day bills and ' six-months bills the Treasury issues. i The aim, now acknowledged, I was lo make returns here look · more attractive, lo those with idle funds which they had been ship- ; ping abroad where yields wen? higher. This added lo tin; surplus of dollars in foreign hands, part of which were uirncd in from lime to time for gold held by the U.S. Treasury. Then a month ago the Federal Reserve went another yiep and · rhised ils di.woiim rate from 3. LOS Al \GELES (API ~ E v a n - . per cent to 3.5 per cent. Tins is : KC |j sl y^] y Graham says t h e : what ii chaises member banks Po ., ro Co ,.p S ; s Ioo m ai?; : irtlis;ic. ; | for loans which ihey in t u r n ran Addressing a crusade audience. : use in making short-term loans; Graham said: "So far i: ( t h e to business. | Peace Corps) is almost complete- Such hikes in the discount rale , j } , materialistic in its aims. 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