The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on July 15, 1939 · Page 2
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 2

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 15, 1939
Page 2
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THE DAILY MESSENGER, CANANDAIGUA, N. Y., SATURDAY, JULY 15,1939. HOLD CONTEST · "·'·-· . . , .^, Mrt George Dewey Takes In Reed Affair ' CORNERS - Mrs. George WM awarded firsu prize in a taking contest held Wednes- » regular meeting of Reed Orange with 57 present, m- · two from Canandaigua, two 'from Rushvllle, two from Seneca. one frwn Middlesex and one from ·Jtarflower, Penn ^lt was 'announced that the next Pomona meeting would be held with "R**d Corners Grange and Mis Rugar was appointed chair- Kisses For The Innocent "»w tare** baking contest was in thane of the Service and Hospitai- ltf Committee. Judges were Mrs -Belmont Voorhees. Mrs Joseph -nmaarella and Mrs. John Ross The program was as follows. Selections by the Orange orchestra, "Our Daily Bread." by Mis Douglass Lincoln; piano solo by - 'Ittss Mary Jane Ketcham; talk on his trip'to California by the Re\. Ptorrest Fordham. ·' At the' Juvenile meeting theie were 15 members present and the program was on "Safte/ with each member taking part. Refreshments were served under direction of the rteward, Floyd Gage At the next meeting July 26 Mrs ' C. A. Torry will have charge of the nrosram and annouces the speaker · will be Dr. Don M Gnswold, district state health officei and his topic will be "Health Work in General As Carried on in Ontario County." Sewing Society Meets - Beehive Sewing Society met ~ J Thursday afternoon with Mrs Mamie Miles and Mrs. Hannah -Moshier. there were 28 members, six guests and four children pre- · 'sent Mrs. Newton Powell and Mrs -Vincent Foster were appointed a committee to decide on a place Vfor the banquet. Refreshments were served. Briefs _ Mr. and Mrs. Newton Crawford ^"~and sons, James and Donald of \ Dundee have been guests of Mr - and. Mrs. Clifford Liddiard. ·* Davia Cobin of Rochester spent I Thursday with Mr. and Mrs John f stratton. Miss Audrey Packard is spending * some time with Mr. and Mrs. ,* Thomas Henry. Kenneth Kensler of Geneva is * spending a few days with Mr. and 'I Mrs. Otto Hensler and Mr and Mrs ', John Stratton. Mies Pauline Fritz, Miss Thelma f r Becker, Mrs Carl Fritz and Mr. and 1 Mrs. Booth Arnold ha\fe been re- l cent guests of Mrs. Mamie Miles. » Mrs. "Hannah Moshier is spend' ing view days with Mrs. Kattie t Becker and Miss Thelma Becker. CALOMEL VALUED AS INSECTICIDE Old-Time Remedy Combats Cabbage Maggels; Easily Applied WTNntt Says 1 Do' Her mother and sister rushed to kiss 18-year-old Isabella Donovan I renter) ) after a jun at Dover. Delaware acquitted the girl of the ·CSlane" kihii «' her sweetheart, Vaughn Webb. 19. Or left b Hctpr Kittv and on right is Isabella's mother. Vaughns mother, Mrs. Anna Webb, criedf "You did it, Isabella. You cannot he to me!" . Bridge Club Holds j Flint Ladies' Aid To Annual Steak Roast I Meet For Annual Picnic TT-A^T BTOOMFIELD - The FLINT - The annual picnic of ^ - ^ TP As-We-Like-It the Methodist Ladies MA will be Steld Seir'annut;1 S ro'ast i held Tuesday aftcxnoon at the Thursday e\enmg at the Summer home of" Mi and Mis Earl Canton at Canandaigua Lake Honors for| bridge u~ere awarded Mrs. Frank ti-1 Steele. a guest plajer. and Mrs Waiter Saxbv. CD\ To Meet Tuesday Court Isabella. Catholic Daughters of America met Tuesday e\ en- mg in the home of the Misses Gleason in Michigan Street It was voted not to hold a meeting in August. Briefs Mr and Mrs Carlton Eddy en- teuamed at dinner Thursday in observance of the birthdaj anmver- church Flint Briefs Miss Emma Dongan who has been usmng Mi. and Mrs L F Youngs and v.uh other lelatnes and fi lends left Thursday morning for hei home in Hagerstovin Md Bert Youngs, of Rochester. Mrs Mary Colburn and Parshall Of Seneca Thursday cal'.eis at Mrs Mabe Castle vveie the Young home to" see Mrs Agnea Flack o: * ho is spending the summer here Mr and Mis Howard U r ter have been attending the Nev. Yoik Worlds Fair Mrs William Webstei Calomel, a timc-honoied ioi "chills and fevei" and olhei human ai'ments, is a safe and el- fcti\e remedy Tor the cabbapo voo 1 maggot a major pest of cabbnge and u-lated ciops. an4 is readilv apphev.1 a a water .suspension Oi a a dust mound the ba=e of the plant: c" as a coating on the seed sijs Ui Hugh Glasgow entomologist at tlu Geneva State Experiment Station The insect'cidal piopcihes of calomel \\eie discovered largely bv accident a number of yeais ago in some tests at the s,taUor in whicl a'; of the salts of meicuiy \\cie included as a mattei of louti^o, explains Dr Glasgow. Such staking contiol ui the loot n aggot was obtained on the calomca piat. howevei that it was ircmech- jtely niaae the subject of f turner tests with the icsult that it was found to have some decided advantages ovei- corrosive sublimate tn- siandaid treatment, altho no more effective than the lattei in co.Uiol- 1'iig cabbage maggot One of the chief advantages that calomel possesses is thai theie i*- htile danger of injury to tcndei young plants from ite u*. Vneiea? coiiosive sublimate must be r.sea IP a fairlj dilute solution ana even thenjiiay cause injury to cau'iflowu and ladish seedlings Coriosive sublimate is also suspected of delaym? the harvesting date of eaily cab- and cauliflower Because it can be used in heavier dosages cnioinei geneiallv does not need to be appnec 1 a; often as corrosive sublimate "calomel may be appliea m su=- pr-nsion in water as in the -ase ot coiiosive niblimate or *t miy be used as dust or it may be applied cnectly to the seed at planting time · In fact any method that results m 1 lacing the "calomel near the pome vl-ere the eggs of the -nect ait noimally deposited should result ir satisfactory control of the root mag- rot.' savs, Dr Glasgow. D. H. Society to Meet With Mrs. Peter Haak Paul V McNult (left) former Indiana governor and retiring; high commissioner of the Philippine Islands, took the oath of office as federal security administrator in Washington as soon as the Senate confirmed his nomination by President Roosevelt. Admmistenn e the oath is George E. Scott, chief clerk of the Bureau of Business Management. Social Security Board. McNutt h, being boomed by friends, as a for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1940. _ fLIFE AT npr "luiner *v^is UCAW"*- * » w i * v » ^ * »*·* - · o f South Bloomfield Guests land son Dick. of_ Pmsfoid. have u'ere Dor-ald and Robert Miller of .been spending a x e da;s at the South Bloomfield Mrs. Frank Oris- Webster ana Utter home wold of West Bloomfield Shirley, Mlss Jeanne Hainson is snena- Kev* of Fairport and Mr. and Mrs ing over the aeekeno. *ith Di and George Schucknecht of Rochester ! Mrs Martin B Lehnen in Eocn- Damel Quinn of Rochester and jester his s'ster Mrs Edward McCaferv | Mr and Mrs c M Smcier ana of Honeove Falls were recent guests 'guests Mt=s Jeanne Charles and ol Mrs "John McDonald and her cnase Harrison called on fnends in brother William Condon Penn Yan. Thursday iBi'The Associated Press) . Vain Vigil ALIQU1PA, Pa. -- Mrs Doyle Lynn'planted a rare cereus Queen -jfllLthe Uight" flower eight years *tgtt and. waited patiently for the one" night when it would bloom When the flower finally blossom- «1 for foxir hours -- she v%as away on vacation. TonRh Prospect Ind. -- A vacuum -cleaner"salesman who approached Reed, 60. used too much 'fdree'ter break down his sa'.es resi5- ..tince,. 'Beed told police. *,-_He; said Charles Beckard 38 talked for more tnan an horn about the good points of the sweeper, but when he started to val'.t r»ay the salesman struck Imr Hwfce «n the head with cleaning ,-attacaments " No T 3We--jail on an charge. -_ · ' Molar, Motor Gone OAKLAND CITY Ind in a dentist's office. Maurice Corn :pt an eye on his automobile Otncl William w**v*v" j. ^iii* _ » ~ . .. Mr and Mr- Walter W Day and M rs Maiv Esty and daughteis Mrs ^aron Davis vere Thursday Misses Faith ana Lucelle Estj ana saests of Mr and Mrs Kenneth!Mrs Elizabeth Cook nere in Can- Dafm Rochester. |wdaigua Friday and called on Airs John E Hill of Eocnester is Mrs Anna McNella the guest of her niece Mrs. Elmer, Mrs Elizabeth Estej. o: Keen,* j gstpr cn^°^ on 16ititi"\ ss 111 tOHii R Mrs 00 Marv Hanoven and son Wil- Frida; enroute from tne Me-. York i, Jrn X' r?nindai^ua Mr and Mrs.' World s Fair SotemanHaSfWBrWn^ere: Mi ana Mr, Jens Fiedencksen TnuS eue°ts of Mrs Jonn Me- j are dmrng a nev car Snneil-aSher brother. William' The Gotts .'am* Condon Mrs Cariton Eddy and sons. Canton Donald and Richard were Wedi nesdav guests of her mother Mrs ! je'ome Mi.ler m South Bloomfield. Mr ana Mi« Earl Canton and her 1 mother. Mrs William Page are spenamg tne Sjmmer at their cot- .asie a: Canandaigua Lake. Eimer R Wood is on a bmuvss trip to J^en York and Philadelphia. CENTERFIELD - The D. H So- cietv will hold their regular meet- uio-'-Rith Mrs Peter Haak. North Bloomfield road on Wednesday afternoon. Honored at Shower A variety shower for Mr and Mrs Clarence E:kler, Centerfield road. ·Mil be given b; Mr Eckler's parents Mr and Mrs William Eckler at their home m Honeoye Falls on Saturday night for relatives and a few friends Miss Eckler was formerly Miss Ruth Robinson. Centerfield Briefs John Carlile. Ellis Rogers and Richard Outhouse accompanied,! Case Benham to Newark and attended a dinner and meeting of G. L F. Mr* John Hoffnnn was a SUI.T of honor at a birthday dinner given bv her daughter, Mrs. Leslie j Fitzgerald in Rochester. Mr and Mrs Aithur Sh*imrn of Bristol. Mr. and Mrs. Harry D Norton of East Bloomfield. were wests of Mr. and Mrs Charles Manchester Rebekahs Slate Picnic July 19 MANCHESTER -- The OneU- h ida Eebekah Lodge of Manchester \ if nold their annual pic;PC at Koseland Paik on Cananaaigaa La.:" AVednesday Mrt Ma-bhal' Game and Mis A Mose£ are 1.1 chaige of sports for the occasion Class Tc Entertaiir The Randall Fellow 5 mo CL'ss o. the Manchester Baptist Chu-ch v . . i entertain their wives at '·uppa: at tin home of R B. Ciowell Wednet- aa; evening Briefs Mis Florence VanGee anu mfai.i daughter Joan Edith oi Pilmaa Luve letumed to then hoim. altci pending a few davs vuth the fown- ers sistei Mrs Howard Vienna Mis Nancy Poiilon daughter Fiances K a v ' M r s Daniel Mui.n, and granddaughtei Mdiv Lou spea, Tuesday m Caledonia. \L-itui ici..- Mrs. Hendershot Hostess At Bridge Club Meeting Mrs Leon Cooley is attending summer session at Builalo dtatt rcimal Maiv Donna R^an. caughtei ». Mi and Mrs Haiold Rvan, '.as^rc- tinned to hei home ·'·crc a.Le -"eiidmg a few davs with her granu- parents Mi and M.s Wi lia:.. Burns in Pnelps. Mr and Mrs Chuck VUIr.iOn anc 'on Pat. of Phelps. Acre recent vi^- iiors 01 Mr and Mrs Thomas Da:- btrth and famils Ruth Halderman anu Doroin* Cooligan are visiting ti-e Is tie. fa grandparents Mr and I Irs Olivei Matthew, in Rochester Recent guests of Mi ana -vii^ ^aelbert Robinson vveie' Mis i. LRue Palmyra, and Mrs Be i ^He^'nMai Segbc.s Mancv KasbC Rita Boaidman. Ruth OHariigan Frances OHaingaxi Su^an GriE-.i Gordon Helen Faircnud Es- v Loirame Kir- Seneca Lake. Friday evening Vicinity Deaths Mi -= Jennie E. Burnetie PHELPS -- MiSa Jennie E Burnette 75 !ife-"on; resident of Phelp" Burnette was a oi Phelp« Union School. -- a na a cni c ' colge at Claierack-on ; COXVEXTJON OPEXS the-Hu« -on ard a member of the LIM\ " -- The New York Umvc: -a 1: t Church of Newark Sur- S ^ TM^ T c n V ra T £T* · ne\t'; S o1 r PS b ^S K nS; ance' Union o-en, us tmrteenth , ^-gf^^ ^ }x a{ 2 30 Moi:-3av afternoon, at tn- home north ru Pnelp- vuth burial in dav of Mrs. Hicks Mr and Mrs Clarence Eckler, Centerfield road have been guests of his sister. Mrs Florence Wilber and Mr. Wilber at East Bloomfield. Mr and Mrs Carlton McMillan and son, Robert and Mr. ant? Mrs. Gerald McMillan. North Bloomfield road were visitors of William Haves and daughter. Bristol Valley , Misses Margaret Dailey and May- j me Mullen of Buffalo were Tnurs- , dav cue?ts of Miss Marie Schmidt. Centerfield road ' Miss Mae Wesley of East Bloom- . field has been a guest of Mus A Mane Fitzgerala Wheeler Station road. annual convention with an alumni dinner tonight In its -es^ions at Genesee Weslevan Seminary next week the con-mention will hear Mr- D Lcich Colvin. rtalc president ana national ure-prebiden:, of tne \V. C T U. 50' th L- on«= Cemeten cd ^,jn wid'e." said the dcnu-t Corn leaned back in the chair and opened Ms mouth When he looked out the vvmdo- ·gain, his car was gone The stolen automobile was Joui.u ·tater in another part ol the cit * t N« Foresight , OMAHA. Neb -- Jamc^ Dcbbs ' 1*. city -jail tru-sty. Ui«cd hi^ c-- capt "Ur perlectJon but 5ns .ivnlc«- mcnt missed fire on choice oi automobiles. WlHi all jjolice garapr out he selected one with a . insignia on the wdc ^snu orov? ofi Stale Patrolinan rorrc,M -McC'iAr tiOlical the in-sigrwa and Debb-, youUifulness and ]53c5:cd him up more llian ofl mile* -atM oi Omaha Then Omaha police iound oial by letep'.ionB that Dtbb 1 and the w were mining .T Edcar Hoover, chief of the Federal" Bureau of Imestimation. j,a-- criminal forces of America \ little IP-S than naif the Amen- eMoit anc 1 rollrrt a dailv tax of tans m.China live ui Shanghai ' morr than S41 000000 . - . . StTCUMBS TO BVRNS PHILADELPHIA 1^1 -- Burns Buffered eight, davs ago when she- re-cued her three-.v ear-old son from a fire he started in the kitchen were fatal to Mrs Helen Da\is 42 Mr=; Davi 1 - whose clotlunt: cancht afire, died last night in a ho-pital His Birthday Present-Life let i Beuiah Dubler. Dcioihv Hcins- by. Betty Dailv Jane McNaily Lu| cilie DeVeldei. Lorraine Quics. Bci- fcaia OTiei- Maiv Donrui Ryan a n d , Mao Rvan enjoyed an alierncon a' | lultnewule Park on Wcdnu-dav^ j Bcinadme Daly lias le!, ^fi ^"' ' Lcjar Rush who has ot.on \isiu:.' I'tre .c motor to BaUimoie Hcnaio Vienna and \V.:ii,.T, S f Lei'- nave leit .0 enjo a nsnn.g t::« i'i Canaaa Doio'.iv HorJT-bv »«as a IPCC: ' uc^ of Kathersnc Norsf-r. a 1 Buc.-v s coua"e on CanaivMU'iu ^.ak' anc; Kasso So. a . i"- vi-,1.:., Bister Mr^ Jo-'5^1 Boaidmui. , 1 0 ^ lew \\ecks ) Mis Thr'na- Dalbcrlh sp^j.l F i c«c.v in RocneMe: Ma''. Barrett Buflalo is ii-i'n.- rl t n c h-mc of John Jor.nson M: and Mi- Frcu LMon a..' OrtUi.hfi Vuicn. of Pal'ir»r, t ".' i - ' c u i oi Mi and Mis H ..- 1 ^i(.^.ln Moins San. ainra on Fno, i ' 1'aibaia OTici. Palm, i a .' v,s' ] , , l u r coii'-in DoioUi.. ««ir c\ in HOLCOMB--The wceiuy meeting of the T Bridge Club WuS held Thursday evening vvitli Mis Harold Hendersbot Honors weie u A aided lurs Ralph Baker and Mra. Heinan Lincoln Guest players v.ere Mi^ Jonn Eei gman Miss Carrie IvlcWillian s and Mrs William Munay. Ti'C nexi neetmg will be July 18 with Mn. Howard Buit On European Tnp Mis. John L. Hurst, of Nev Yoik iormerly Miss M Isabel !IcKav daughter of Mr and Mrs Wi'liam J McKay. Sr., of this viLage sailen Wednesday on the 3 S Noimandic fcr a ax-week nip to Eaiope She vviL visit London. England. Brusselo Belgium Zanch 1 ami Fans, Fiance, where she v ill bui :i,eichandise for a Ne^ Yoik department store of vvhv.'n she i icsmon airector of the store. She \ ill also attend the Paiv Coiiturie Openings in Paris Augusi 1. Attend Farewell Part;. Mrs James Saxby ana Mi^ Will-am Farrell attended a faiewsll pai- t; Thursday evening in i-be home oi Mis Fiank Logan, ol Victoi i- 1 Ivnor of Mrs Agnes C.o'.l' j v oi Caledonia, who will move boon 'a Nortn Carolina Cards furnishtd entertainment Four tables vere ii I- aj and prizes were awarded Mrt- C;cvvley was presentea vith a pou Ketbook Briefs Miss Clara Lush is spending two v.eekE with relatives in Alan^hestei Mrs. Geoige Packard of White r:ams is the weekend guest of M«- and Mrs J. E Gilmofe Mrs Margaret Wilcox, of Mai;'-- c'on Center, was a Fnda.. v i itor 01 Mis Zadie H. Bo;,ian and Mi and Mis William Shcehan The Misses Kathenne Maige and Jaaiy Callahan of Canai.daigua v.tre Fndaj guests 01 M s »Vilham Beaton Mrs Chalice Staplev, 01 Avon and Mis Chdc Woodruff. 01 Oenesec v eie ThaJf-dav guests 01 thu forir- n o son Lenis Staplev and lamil' Mrs F.ancis How lane' ol Me.i- don Center, vas a Thuibaa^ guesi o! Mr and Mr.s Jamos App.ton Genevans Disturbed After Decision t)f Mayor In Police Case GENEVA -- Rumors ol dlsseuiOM in Democratic Party ranks here folk-wing the Mayor's decision In the police case boiled over Into common sheet talk today. "Doubie-ciosb," 1 sUd to be the cry of the oM-tlmc Democrats who were said to have Leen told the Mayor woulo "fUr the chief. Marion Schuylcr, of Naples, Deiv ocratic county committee chau- rian is said to have vis.ted the city on Wednesday and have been exceedingly bitter over the decision There were those, however, who believed that Geneva should be allowed to settle her difficulties In her own way without interference from the county The demand was heard from t-cme Democratic qtaarterr to withdraw the designation fiom Mayor N.eder for le-election. The forecast for the Democratic citj committee meeting on July 28 was very s'.ormy it was said. Asked about the rumored party nit. Benjamin D. McChevne, newly- eiected city committee chuiimaii said he had heard nothing about it "As far as I am concerned,' 1 he said, ·as city chairman the tupport fo~ Mayor Nieder's re-election stands." Meantime. Republican leaders chuckled as they washed their piospective opponents in the election start battling among themselves. 1 Someone must pay NOBODY ever wants to be financially liable for a smashup! But when two cars collide, someone must pay for the damage done. The cost of accidents conies much higher than the cost of insurance! Let this agency protect you with Automobile Insurance that fills every requirement. W.W.CoeSon General Insurance 38 Main Street, South Canandaigua PHONE 808 Farmers Attention! PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that Chandler A. Gardyne, buyer and shipper of hay and straw is no longer connected in any way with David A. Platt Co. and any communications to David A. Platt Co. are to be addressed General Delivery, Canandaigua, New York. July 14, 1939 bn Impressions are bem? made of writings on inscription ro;k m El Morro national monument. New AUMC/J lo a'-Hrv aei:nmeiit prfe- ervation of the record of southwestern culUuc What a Treat! a big, luscious, crisp cone filled with that extra rich Lakeview Dairy Ice Cream . . . TRY IT! Large Sodas At Our North Main Street Store Bulk Ice Cream In a Large Variety of Flavors -The Ideal Summer Dessert . . . At Our North Main Street Store and Dairy on Clark Street. Lake View Dairy Phone 42 Clal k Sl - ' They sail TrH 8TOTENS POINT. W.-, A fi-h «» lold bv Harrj Staple of While fishing m Roimri Is^ a 2t rcn3Tid mnvlt Staple.- boat Hlw Books At Library is of Wortt! :" 1 Incarnation," Door:" "The Parades oi Prophets, ol Ir-afl." and ihe T»w Era Boi^h-," "The Bcne- lOrphtus;" "PraciicaJ I* Hi* IHUtWMi«lMl Miss Frances Wheeler ; Honored At Shower CHESHIRE -- Mr-,. Frank A Hall enl^rlajncd .seventeen at a pajyr -hrvvr Jor 3wr niece. Miss Francr^ Wh~clrr w«*dneMJav allcmooai i -na 1 ; -rrvct3 Thf crtor an ohJc and wl"1f Thf ft ni hjdcrangca and dtl- Mrs Swart* Mi Anna S' irnr at thf Kmbroidrrv Club mrr-1- inc Thur'-dav alUrnoon MJ^ Jn inf Rnnmll n a a cues! Plarm 1m 1hf uirnir iu-rf riiici^'vni Lunth- fon ^T- -fT,p(3 TlK Tifr.\ mtrtw ·vill be ^rih Mrv Ed^on Ward Jul 27 Gramrr F«nk' JaH 28 Afaifim Grancf pirmc ''ill »' liji-. ??. roTii^ut'ff vi rl i?ir ' M ,- 1 "1 H ( A D 7 d M H i J J ' f J "I Use Tliese Services Too... Safe Dcposil HOXC-S 1'vrsiinal Ix»ans kinff Account** Interest Accounts Christmas (lull Tuisl I !. II. A. ! M: Carroll T)l" Of 7 - Mr ai fi Mr- pf unirii a cci'i^- Trie cV-atf Wfsl Ijflltr Toufi Mr Bm Mi]f Of Salarnant ih L u f - t ol Mrs, Walter Hook nmmercial bike «T the Royml Croco- rf HnJ*;" ''Ctll to Rmfeall Sw«t had 21 can«les on his birthday a*c m-ntlx -- ana 1m life. a law wherebv Ui* «U«* «J»cati«n department annnf spend for aid of an ad»H and $l«l a wrtk Iwn tanf" treatments -- irithftst whJrh h* ir*«M tie m ix hoars, ilrtwii hen with the "imi !«njt" ywith. helped him elehrate his birthday in Beacon. The two n*r«*s I DIES FROM ST1XG PHOENIX, Ariz W -- A scorpion «.tmg Differed 15 days afo kill, ed Raymond Lfie. 15. Ke had betn i uncon^ioiH since 40 minutes after being stwng. P r o t « c t i v c Service at Yeur Bank . « · For our many patrons who are planning a journey away from home this summer, we recommend that they catty dependable JLMEmiCAM CXPBC1S t»a*£lB«S lor sale at this Bank in $10, $20. $50 and $100 denominations at 75c pel $100 purchased The advantages ol carrying Travelers Cheques lot exceed the small eHort required to secure them at the Bank. Take w**TM* 101 ^ this proJectiye service lor travelers b|' changing^ecasn you planned to carry with you into Travelers Cheques. They are spendable everywhere, and if lost ot stolen a prompt refund is made. ONTARIO COUNTY TRUST COMPANY CananJaifaa, "N. Y lir JVjJm.f Drpwil Jnrfnn» .;

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