The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 17, 1960 · Page 16
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 16

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 17, 1960
Page 16
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Dctln Dcmoctnt-Tlmcs 16 Sunday, July 17. '60 ^^-- * ' ^ -·· *^r^B · Critics Page: Comments On Books, Drama, Music, Art, Etc. Interesting Novel On Man And His Quest For Power Published BEFORE YOU GO, by Jerome Weidman, Random House, 457 pp., «9?. . Reviewed By B. FRANK i YNN This is the story ot Benjamin r-mklin Ivcy, ; r-^n who wanted to be among the favored few leaders at the top. but who. like Moses, saw the Promised t-anrl from a distance, though he never Mostly New S t u f f ot foot on its soil. A "third fac- r" was missing in his charac- r which made him never quite cct the challenge of the silua- ion which would bring him to lat Lop position. To some he was the selfless id alist, to others he was "Poison ·cy." Like Caesar he was eilh- r the savior of Rome or a rr-v- r drunk dictator, depending on om what angle you saw him,land kc Caesar he had "the falling ckness" whenever a crisis loom- d which he could not meet. Mr. Wcidnipn makes ingenious use of the ancient therapeutic up. Mr. Weidman makes masterful use of siispoasc m his story, cm- ploying not only the literary flashback, but the flashback in the flashback to develop his characters and plot, sometimes to the confusion of the reader. In my opinion, however, the stature of the story does not war- ·ant the length o! the book. 1 was reminded of two familiar luotatkms as I read the story: 'The mountain labored and rought forth a mouse." and one learned in senior English back m 1913, n Ajax strives some rock's alue of "cupping" By New Books At The Percy Library Harold M. Finley -- "Every body's Guide to the Stock Mark et" A considerably revised edition of a standard popular work o investing in common slocks There are two new chapters en titled "Why Buy C o m m o n Stocks?' and "Two Excilin; Years - 1957 and 1953," plus new glossary of stock marke terms. Illustrative material h been brought up to date. Mr. Finley's approach to the slock ma ket is rational and essential! conservative. That is, he empha sizes "growth" stocks, as migh be expected, but avoids lire wi 1 enthusiasm of some authors, good introduction to the subject which can be highly recommended. Jack Olsen--"The Mad World of Bridge" Not a "how-to" book, but an all inclusive, vastly amusing miscellany on bridge and bridge players, picked up during the author's career as a bridge-playing journalist. The volume is chock full of anecdotes of players, great and not so great, illustrating their mannerisms and idiosyncrasies. There are character sketches of the top three: Culberlson, Sims and Goren. Olsen discusses manners at bridge (mostly bad), cheating (so subtle!), celebrities, bridge clubs, and kibitz- big. Here Is an Item that wil fascinate millions of bridge play- leans of this healing method Ben vey became attached to the Saro family, Italian immigrants confined to the slums because o he father's alchololism and poor msiness acumen. However, Papa Sarno in his more sober moments, few though the; might be, saw through Ben Ivey and warned his family: "Tha young man with the smile that comes so quick, and the yellow lair that makes him look so in- OtC. vast weight to throw, The line too labors, and (he words move slow." Either Mr. Weidman's rock slwuld have been of vaster weight, to justify his effort, or his toil less strenuous, comparable to the rock he did choose. The reader would have profited by a more rapidly moving story and smoother reading. nocent, I don't trust him. He wants something from us." And so he did. Several times in the story he used the Sarno daughters Julie and Celia as stepping In spite of the length, however, enjoy the book. Mr. you stones to a higher hill. Half-saint: he was capable of sacrificing his love for Julie to save Celia from disgrace; half-demagogue (he did not hesitate to supplant his superior in office by trickery) he followed a philosophy of "the end justifies the means." He was so sure his reasons for reaching the top were good, and of the good he would do mankind when he got there that it made little difference how he reached :he pinnacle nor whom or what ideals he sacrificed on the way Weiilman has made his mail characters come to life--Mama and Papa Sarno, Julie and Celia, and of course every reader will know his own Benjamin Franklin Ivey. He might even be one of the presidential hopefuls. Holland Shaw To Give Recital At Norton Halt Here olland Hugh Shaw, a recent aduate of Mississippi College's DIARIST'S ART -- 12-year-old Priscilla Grant could have drawn the original ol this picture in her 1635 diary, it is among the many illustrations in a book by Evelyn Hammet, "I, Priscilla", of Cleveland, as produced by Ellen Moore. Accompanying it was the caption, "15 Oct. Beth is cairjing her yellow kitten named Goldie in a basket. Goldie always looks surprised." Other pictures include a couple of owls who "talked all night above my head," » rabbit with pink ears which "has come to live with us," and apples cut in half so that "the seeds at the center made n lilllc flower," and others. Young Pioneer Ancestor Subject OfBookByDSC'sMissHammett ers. Edward R. Pinckney, M. "You Can Prevent Illness" D.- The author of this well-written book on an important subject i^ * specialist in public health, and he has, generally, some very healthy attitudes toward it. He is not a faddist. He believes that pills and blackstrap molasses are no substitute for common sense, and that the best way to lose weight is to push away from the table. The chapter on mental distress should be required reading for those who see psychologica' France and at the court of the Sun King Louis XIV, picks up the story soon after Angelique's second marriage to the King's favorite, Philippe de Plessis Beiliere, and 4S6 pages and eight years later places her near the throne as the favorite ot the King and also at the end of her road Her path to this summit has Inin over detours, through filthy gut ters and the fetid swamps of hu mankind and, although the same careful research has gone intc he writing oi the book as wa noted in the earlier one, there i nclined to be an excess of th decadence and vice indulged y these puppet characters. James Norman -- "The Fell 0 Dark" This novel deals with two men childlike Spanish philosophe and a Fascist secret agent, an their families, whose fates be come irrevocably entangled du ing the final days of the Spa ish civil war. As the fascists tal over the country, their individ al tragedies become part of th overtones in all their natural every day activities. Scrganne Colon -- "Angelique and the King" This sequel to "Angelique" (1358), the giant picaresque novel of the line in 17th century greater tragedy of conquest and defeat which ranges from hillsi caves to the avenues of Valenci The flavor is entirely Spanis and this is a swift and absorbinj novel written with finesse am passion. usic department, be pre- nted in a concert of religious 'rc at the First Baptist Church orton Hall Tuesday night at 8. The program, entitled "Eras in bristian Song," will include or- oric selections, songs from cy- ical works, contemporary sac- ed selections, and popular church ongs. Mrs. David Turner, organist at ic First Baptist Church will be le accompanist at the piano. Last April, Shaw gave a reci al of a more secular nature as art of his requirement for the achelor of science degree En ed cation, with emphasis on music education--voice. This program as presented on the Mississipp College campus at Clinton, H vill assume his duties ns heac jf the voice department at North Senato- I, PRISCILLA, Evelyn Allen Hummett, - The Macmillnn Co., $}., 202 pages, illustration by El len Moore. Reviewed By ROBERT SIIHONTON From the moment Priscilla Jrant, aged 12, begins her pre- wrations for the long journey rom Dorchester, Mass., to (lie ew settlement on the Connect! ut River more than 300 years ago, the reader is anxious to accompany her all the way. The reader easily shares Priscilla's joys and her sorrows, her :riumphs and her defeats. He .ravels with her--mostly on foot- on sunny and warm days, in rain and snow and ice, through the vilderness and across rivers. He ives with her through terror when the pilgrimage of Puritan Dioneers suddenly turns into a flight from the Indians. And he is Dy her side when she surpasses all the pain, sorrow, and hard-- s the story also of many olhi inely drawn characters--the st ry of lovable animals--it is tl story of a way of life that pi points the important part the se ilers of that time played in sha ng the history of our countrj The drawings, done by Miss E en Moore, a student at De" State College, bring the pages :he book to life. Miss Hamme got the idea for "I, Priscilla" from a real diary kept in 1630 by a little girl who was her great - great - great - great great - great - great grandmother. There are only a few pages of the diary left now, and they have been skillfully reproduced BEST SELLERS earch For Self (nowldge Among nglish Gentry IMAGE IN THE WINDOW, by ohn Cousins, Doubleday and Co pages, W.M Reviewed By GIN HALL John Cousins has developed arvclous charncte aslrel. You, the ell Iiave mixed emotions towarc iis man. Pity, sympathy, er, love and finally icnt and sorrow e lan, Hugh Maunt. 'ou soon meet and enjoy egon family with whom Hugh ilount lived as a child, and their ussex estate, where he, as an dull returned frequently. Jean Jegon, his cousin and only ricnd, was always available eith- r with financial help or as a si- ent. compassionate listener. She 5 possibly the only person wlw understood her cousin, particul- rly in his need to train and race he crazy horse. Moonraker. Fcnnell--the love of his life s a "dear sweet little musician.' Hugh's crucial weakness prevent I I ong 0 )OW| by ana L«., eloped a {ugh the er, may s towarc ithy, an- iSillusion ody the ovel cap- ntry life. n i n u ( h p Music On Record By Homer F. Edwards Jr. Serge Prokofiev's epic litth Symphony in B flat, Op. 100 has received a taut recording by Antal Dorali and the Minneapolis Symphony on Mercury MG 50253. The work itself dales from W46 aut here is a case where a date is deceptive for, like Beethoven, Prokofiev habitually jotted down themes over a period of years and the net of composition was relatively rapid. . . .. In any case, here is £ virile and compelling work. Of it the composer himself has said? ] want to sing of the free, happy man, his mighty power, his chiv- loWs his customary high standards. I fully realize that Szigeti's one is not for every car but I lave always admired it for its i the ness aixl energy. It is well suited for the music here. Popular Excerpts Three most popular orchestra excerpts from the music Uram as of Richard Wagner form the program for Mercury MG 50234: Pclude a n d Liebestod from "Tristan and Isolde"; Prelude to Act II of "Lohengrin"; and the Overture and Venusbcrg Music from "Tannhauser". Antal Dora ti conducts the London Symphony in this oft-recorded music Outstanding is clarity of the re I clearly si awls (or tho max! mum. Four compositions reprcsenlln perhaps the high-water mark o : rcnch orchestral music nr icard on Mercury MG 50213: DC jussy's Prelude a 1'Apres-mu d'un faune and Petite Suite, Rav el's Valses nobles ct sentimer ales and Le Tom beau de Courx rin. Paul Paray guides the D roit Symplwny Orchestra wit reat skill and taste through th Jcceptivcly complex music. It good to know that the Dctro Orchestra has shifted its rccor ing activities to the warrm acousics of Old Orchestra Ha Engagingly titled Mercury M 20190 conlai s music of Lcha Kalman, Josef Strauss, Dohna yi, Waldteufel, and Lanncr. Wi nerwalzcr Paprika is the title ed happiness and resulted in tragedy for them both. 'Evely by Miss Moore and included in the book. Prejudices of the day by th, AOV-SE ANT COGENT -- Al'en HAWAII -- JOT« MkK*n«i THE 1EOPABD -- Giu.icpo di THE CONSrANI IMAGE -- Mor Puritians are brought into shar focus. Many had a profound effect upon their lives. The common prayer book was "taboo," painting was frowned upon, the girls could wear little lace their outer garments, the Book of Leviticus told them the female must not wear the garments of the male, though this was law, Priscilla is allowed to wear trousers when the pilgrimage is seized by bitter cold weather. The father, Matthew Grant, best typifies the beliefs of the Puritans of the day when he says that they are separatists--"separate church from sin," and Puritans--"purify the church of corruption." No Age Limitations Macmillan classifies "I, Pris Iry, and his purity of spirit." .(though we of the West find it t odd that such sentiments emanate from the composer's liome- and, his aims might well strike more deeply than his first hear- rs thought. The range of dynamics of complexity ol orchestration is extraordinarily wide hut the skill o: Mercury's engineers plus their' good sense in refusing to monitor make for a thoroughly Iwnest recording and one that puts the music in its best possible light. Traditional Pair A more traditional pair of compositions, Johannes B r a h in s' Horn Trio in E flat, Op. 40 Violin Sonata No. 2 in A, Op. 100 cording itself. Wagnerians may well differ as to just !KW much "objectivity" is desirable; Dora- the collection and Antal Doratt conducts the Philharmoiiia Hun- garica in a brilliant recording. FEATURE PICTURE "Thunder Over The Prairie" CHARLES STARRETT f p FREE , .-jj,i GIFTS and ·M, PRIZES i'-t finally ships and destination. DSC English Prof Evelyn Allen Hammclt, reaches her THE CHAP/AAM REPORT -- ir THE A F F A I R -- C. P. SAOW THE LINCOIN [O2RS -- Cc . WHO TRUSTEE FROM THE TOOLSOO.W -- N«vi! Shuts THE VIEW FROM THE FORTIETH FIOCK-was professor of English at Del- State College at Cleveland. Miss., for o? years, has graphically recorded the simple, but "^ beautiful. Hie ol the young VTM-'*£TMTM£-}°:_ ** tan girl wlx accompanies her' family and other pilgrims in appear on Mercury MG502IO. The veteran Joseph Szigeii is the vio-i| linist in each, Mieczyslaw Horszowski, piano, and John Barrows, horn. Both pieces are warm and solidly romantic affairs. The Horn record buyers, contains a deal of music that is both virile and sensuous. The performance here by soloist John Barrows is expert and knowing in every respect. In both the Trio and the Violin Sonata, Joseph Szigeti up- his wife--is the woman Hugh surprised all his friends by marrying, in, a plain, iron-willed mid-' die class female, and this also ends sorrowfuly. "Image in the Window" asks no 0\ STAGE! STUDENTS OF ALMYRA JACKSON THURSDAY 10:00 A.M. P-R-O-G-R-A-M MAY THIS HOUSE BE SAFE It.OIA IIGiSi K their search for a new home. But this is more than just the PJOfllS -- Cyril IKE^'NIGWT IHEY BURNED THE wouri. TAIN -- TKorrat A. Daolir story of a young girl in 1635--it it is highly recommended for ad- this type should have no age hm inherited and the middle-class of Paint Sale of Discontinued Colors Flat Wall Paint $ O 19 Semi Gloss Enamels $ O 9 Reg. SS.43 GAL. 0 Keg. $7.52 GAL. J Burk Hall-Tayloe Paint Glass (o. 1512 Hwy. 82 E. Across From P. O. I'hone ED 2-2629 fUNDAY IMS Overtw* t t , 3 0 (Tibco She 12:CO rha Life 12t30 Church cl Chrlil PINE BLUFF KATV-CHANNEL 7--CABLE 7 1,00 Abo, 5-00 Fun-*3f F 5.30 Co-rocr.i 600 BoV-n COLORS AND BRUSHES FOR FINE AUT AND COMMERCIAL ART PAINTING IN OIL COLOR, WATER COLOR, CASEIN COLOR. PASTELS, r A P E R n CANVAS AND SKETCHING SUPPLIES Its story is by Edna Ferber .andjfe^people are fierce, tender and passionate".liteher people of 'Giant'. This is a land in the turmofl^gf creation, Alaska today, its lavish splendor, its raw moods; its stripped passions, its tremendous personal drama. ITS GAY! GRIPPING 1 and GLORIOUS! A ncrcrca »»»· ACJJKX. SEED raODUCTOH 9,30 Jchn S 10:00 N'ewi 10:15 "BIcxiH Craiy" MONDAY r fl:« 0'-Urt 8 55 Dl . W S :d 9.00 Co ..-m, 10.00 Msv* 11,30 SScwcai* . 11,.15 Mr,, 13:00 e»ir!» Gun Fc«* ?:CO Dor In Cewrt 2:30 Go'« Storm 3.00 Bear C(«lt 3,30 Wt-o feu Tn*l 4-00 Bandstand 4:30 Fepeyi 5 00 12,31 levt Thai B=b 5 30 COD'. Gallant Gel A Home Improvement Loan .. . BAHK JACKSON WJTV-CHANNEL 12-CABLE 6 .Alec Guinness BurHros-Maoreen OHara-Ernie Kbvacs Noel Coward-Ealph Eichardson- Jo Morrow Also -- Cartoon -- 2 Reeler Show Starts -- 7:30 9,30 Camera 3 30-00 Chriillon Sri, 10:15 living Word 10:30 Herald ol Truth H,OO fiiii BciDllil Ourth 13:00 \ Po-o^12,15 Boieball 3:15 Blq P.'arbacV 3,30 UntMr^xifl Vclcr Chriif ol i McCcv yeo (J3od*r-:n 5,33 I.VJch C.nrrv 6 00 Lcitie 7:00 Fti Sullivan e-00 G.E Them 8:30 Hoi For r 7,00 LUCY In 9.30 V/hci' L i r » 10-00 Al 10:30 N*W». 10:45 Nigh Cc MOMDAY 7:30 Counriy Show 12,33 Wg ' 8:00 CBS Ni»i 8 15 Cap Kc^jcro 7:00 Dec. Brkta 0 30 S33!lil» 9 35 V,co ViPcg 10:30 Gear Horlic, IKOO lovo of III* 11.30 Seaich loi Id Tui 1,00 fu I l,» Koun Ponr 2 00 fho Ml!lfcr.alri 2,30 Vridla U """ i D«Y W f 3 M. *5 G-j'd 17,00 Wro 17:05 NBWJ 17,10 Gum rrow HoM 3.IS 3:30 Edc* el Night 4:00 fc;pl*'» Chciro 4 30 Pcpty» S-33 Jub'lea Stw SOON PORTRAIT IN BLACK 7 FEDDERS AIR CONDITIONERS CARLOAD PKICE -- NO EXCISE TAX BIGGEST DOLLAR BUY IN AIR CONDITIONING TATUM FURNITURE MUSIC GO, JACKSON - WLBT - CHANNEL 3 SUNDAY 5 00 M«J the Pri TODAY THE MIGHTIEST MOTION {PICTURE EVER CREATED: Vo'le ' 9.95 9.30 Tho 10.00 IKa 10-30 Ecy 11,30 Dec 12:CO Grizen's 12,15 Jim McDowell 12:25 N.Y. ct Del. 3-^0 Real Ella!* 3-rfS Nr** 4-.CQ Pra football Fried Chicked Pizza Pies _ GlNA LOLLOBRIGIDA SOLOMONa^SHBBA P Plus -- Cartoon -- 2 Reeler . Show Starls -- 7:30 5-00 / 5:30 E 6.00 P«Dl» Ar» Funnv 4:30 Maverick 8:00 Chew Shtt 9,30 Her H.gWi ond ihe Bdl Bov 1M5 He«» MONDAY 7:00 Todnv 9,00 I Room 9:30 P!cv Ycur Hunch 10.OO Pric* 1i R 10.30 Corx«n!JaT 11,00 Tnilh O» 11:30 Ccu!d EC 12;00 Devoliooal Hi 10 Nr-n 12,25 RFD Telr^ .CABLE 5 1,00 Oieerv For Day 1,33 Lci*ira Yc-jng 2:00 0-. Mo!cn§ 2.30 From Th«» Koa-.i 3-00 fbvlxwi* 3:3O Adv. ISmt 5:00 Liril* Kosrali 5:15 Hewi 5:20 Spoin Con-.*! TRY OUR FfiST CARRY-OUT SERVICE « Chicken Livers · Veal Collets · Chicken Gizzards · Sandwiches BUEHLER'S RESTAURANT ;;»r MONROE KNOE^-CHANNEL 8-CABLE 4 SUNDAY ^00 ft-'blic Forum 11.30 Slan O!f 12.00 Von Oi *,30 Fa:« Nt,t.c.- MONDAT 12,15 Presented b-'tASARNER BROS · TECHNICOLOR* STARRING I ·JIM BACKUS -SHIRLEY KNIGHT- DIANE McBAIN · mSff sftrv* 9i STARTS WEDNESDAY "BIG NIGHT" "CIRCUS STARS" m ^ The Office Supply 6(1 Washington Ave Phone ED 2-0914 Starts TODAY!! Fri. Sat. "7 Thieves" Edward G. Robinson ^ L PrCTURC Show Starts -- 2:00 P. M, 4:30 F _ . Bow! 5.00 FYl 5-30 Pi-bhe A i 6-00 loiii* 6:3O Df--n : i If Menace 7=00 Ed Sulllv, 8 CO G. E. Tl 8-30 Al Hitch "5.00 Lucv (n Ccrir client ' 30 V/hos 1 * My _... _.. 12.00 N*wi MONDAT 12,15 Open Kou*» 7,« S'an On U,30 A^ th« Wo/W 7i45 Paitof'i *hxJy Tumi 7,SO Marie*! 1=00 Full Orel* 7,55 Nfvrt 130 fknn« Partv 8 00 C5S Krj« ?,00 TK* W,:11ionolr« 8:13 Lao -xa.-wjaroo 2:30 Verrf'd I- 2-00 rVe/ii r.j^ ·fi- M5 BolL o^d O-.l. 10.00 TEA 2:30 Ala' T 9:00 KH · ai.e 0.30 VidL Kit 1C 00 IIKV 10.33 Far Hariici 11,00 lov. cl lil 11.30 Search IM 3:00 Brlaht*f Day 3,15 S*aet Storm 3i3O Edg* cl N'^Vt 5,45 D Ed word* X 00 Showboat 5,15 Ta'k ack 5145 Oovg Edwa^fl RADIO ft PHONOGRAPH REEVES TV SERVICE Phorw 2-7783 Fast Service Guaranteed EL DORADO KTVE--CHANNEL ID-CABLE 2 li llehl 10.15 Thcaifi 11:45 Deiby IMS Eaitboll 3.00 6 g P.i 3:30 ft"tV«* Rcor.ev 9,30 Ihice 10.00 V^orKfr 10.05 La«. V/e'k 11.05 S:gn O» MONDAY J'ob'ioirLr I'otHt 9,'oO Do»eMl 5,30 V^.il Po;nt 9,30 P'OY "ow 600 7o-« Giti HurKh 7,00 Mu*=c on tt» I DO Ch*w Show 10,00 Pil« Pi RloW 1,30 lorello Yeunf 9 CO lo-elia Yews 1O.30 Coniffntrallcrt 2,00 Youno Df. II'OO Truth Of Cof«. Motion* 11,30 Could E« You 2,30 Frert rh«i 12,00 Ark. News ROOT* 12,15 Ouftr, 3=00 I P rcQram 13:30 Pot-Y« 1,00 Cwefn fof A Bay = Th*. 3-30 BurtiM/i -00 "I Epv" ' Jo» Pal 5.00 PoOCft 5,« K**t I Wt GVvtnvLlll l»w»! Slrx* 1901

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