The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on November 19, 1957 · Page 2
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 2

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 19, 1957
Page 2
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0) J3 III £ it a o i-- X 9 o _ "O u UJ o X .3 CN f Some 4,700 c o b a l t Vj : lethal radioactivity in the northern hem- J v V isphere. And in the 1 wake of the fall-out, ", ,/ being borne south prevailing winds ! a ghostly silence "In that case life might continue to go on dawn here. Most scientist! disagree but it's o matter that must be investigated." Asked Towed, "That's the object of mjr cruise to the U.S.?" The admiral nodded. © 1»5T by Willltm Morrow * Co., trw In Melbourne, Australia, Comdr. Dwight Towers, U.S.N., learned of o flicker of hope for the lost samvors of the doomed world. Explained an admiral, "There's a school of thought that this rodioactirity moy be dissipating." O -4 m to Hearf Shift Would Set BY OSWALD JACOBY Written for NEA Service "Everything happens to me," moaned Hard Luck Joe. "Now it's nine-card suits." "So what!" groumbled his unfortunate partner. "If you had enough sense to shift to a heart I NORTH 4k J 9 V AQ 1084 4 1 0 8 7 6 4 3 4. None 19 WEST (D) 4 A K Q 7 6 5 3 ¥ 6 3 2 4 A + 8 4 SOUTH EAST 4 1082 ·*· K J 8 7 4 K 9 5 2 + 5 3 V 5 *QJ f A K Q J 1 0 9 7 6 2 Both vulnerable West North East South 4 4t Pass Pass 5 «*· Pass Pass Double Pass Pass Pass Opening lead-- MSTT Rate Hike Lauds Miles City Service Job Service Puts HELENA (UP) -- An opponent of a rate Increase sought by Mountain States Telephone Telegraph Co. told the Public Service Commission yesterday that local phone service has improved "greatly" in Miles City. But Hugh J. Lemire, an attorney representing the Miles City Council and the Custer and Wibaux county commissioners, said: "I don't infer by this statement, that the company is entitled to a; rate increase." | He said the service Miles City is getting now under a dial system that replaced the old manual service switchboard In September is what Miles City should have received all along under present phone rates. Lemire had petitioned the commission on behalf of Miles City subscribers last summer and ob- jected strongly to telephone service at the first half of the PSC's rate hearing at Billings in September. The second half of the hearing, began yesterday at the state Capitol -- first in the hall of the, House of Representatives, then in the Senate chambers because of noise made by workmen. Mountain States wants to hike ; its residential phone rates from 75 cents to $1.75 per month and those for business phones from $1.50 to $3. Following cross-examination of company witnesses, opponents of the rate increase will present their side of the case to the commission. Among their chief witnesses will be Laurence S. Knappen.. Washington, D. C-, a. public utilities expert. Later, Robert Corette, Butte, co- counsel for MSTT, presented ani 5,270 tO exhibition requested earlier by opponents of the rate increase. Paul Remington, Mountain States vice president, Denver, testified that Montana operations of the utility need ?1 million additional earnings for the 1958 fiscal year to reach a comparable level of other states In the system. '' His testimony was given in connection., with an exhibit requested in* September by opponents of the rate Increase. John Boggs, Denver, inventory and costs engineer, testified about accuracy and method of charging amounts to material and supplies and cash and capital for intrastate operations. at trick three South would have been set, nine-card suit and all." Joe had opened the king of spades and after receiving the deuce from his partner had cashed his ace of diamonds and then played the ace of spades. South had simply ruffed and run the rest of his clubs, discarding down to the ace and queen of hearts in dummy. The last club lead had squeezed East. He had to unguard his · king of hearts in order to retain the king of diamonds whereupon South had gone up .·with the ace of hearts and dropped East's king. A heart shift by Joe at trick three would have broken ,up the equeeze and South' would have gone down one trick. Or even better, South might have taken a desperate heart finesse In which case he would have been set two tricks, not one. joe had a reason for playing the second spade. He suggested that East's deuce of spades might have been a singleton. East claimed that this was most unlikely since South had risked a vulnerable five-club bid with only one ace. Of course East could not have a doubleton spade. In that-case he would have played his higher card in that suit. As usual, I must agree with Joe's partner. East had doubled five clubs. Either he held a sure trump trick or the king of hearts or both. A heart shift was imperative and when Joe played the ace of spades he had produced his own bad luck. Q--The bidding has been: North East South Weat I.V Pass 2 4 Pass 2 A Pass 4. V Pass 3 *f Pass ? You, South, hold: *S7 V K J 6 4 Q 1 0 9 S 5 + A Q J What do you do? A--Bid six hearts, D« noi bother to show the ac« «f clubs sinee yon are not at all interested' in a trand slam bid. TODAY'S QUESTION You hold the same hand. The ·bidding has been: |Nor»h Eart South West H* Pass 1* Pass \i * Pass r What do you do? Aruwer Tomorrow Infant Dies Patricia Ann Weriz, two-day- old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William J. Wenz of MUUown, died Saturday in B Mfssoula hospital. Grandparents include Ir. /and Mrs. Frank McNeil of Whitefish. Attends Meeting Owen Sowerwin*. chairman of tht Flathead County High SchopJ board of trustees, attended the Montana School Boards Association tonvention last weekend to Llv inpston *ALSE TEETH TfcofUottit, No* Not Embarrass teeth hive -- TNCMM J3K »SSS5^8.«Ea. GET MORE OUT OF LIFE- GO OUT TO A MOVIE! HELENA (UP) -- Chadwick H. Smith, chairman of the Unemployment Compensation Commission, reported yesterday that the Montana S f ate Employment Service placed 5,270 persons in jobs during last month. Smith said 2,930 of these were In non - agricultural employment and 2,340 in agricultural employment. The totals, according to Smith, represent Increased job placement in seven of the state's 22 local employment service offices over the total October placements of a year ago. The offices were Kalispell with 278, Glendive 187, Helena 178, Board Members Attack Statement HELENA (UP) -- Two members of the State Highway Commission charged Saturday that an obviously politically inspired statement has been issued "which attempts to delude Montanans about the facts about roads."L. V. Swanson of Livingston, acting chairman, and Roy Sorrells of Billings, said, "One of our greatest barriers to £be continued success and progress' of our state highway program are statements by misinformed individuals, which are completely without fact." · In a prepared release they stated that such statements are "evidently resigned to politically sabotage the state highway program, which hit an all-time high of $25,681,640 during 1956-57." "Within the past few days, an obviously politically inspired statement has been issued which attempts to delude Montanans concerning the facts about roads. "There is no such thing as a 20 per cent, across-the-board pay increase which is supposed to have been granted. The facts are that the July 1, 1957, pay increase did not amount to 20 per cent in any single instance," they said. "In addition, the state highway engineer's salary (Fred Quinnell Jr.) has not been increased since July 1, 1954." The Daily Inter lake Presents RADIO for TODAY KGEZ ~ MBS, 600 ke TUESDAY AFTERNOON 5:00 Special Wire 5:05EZ Listening 5:15 EZ Listening 5:30 Special Wire 5:35 EZ Listening 5:45 Sports Digest! 6:00 Special Wire 6:05 EZ Listening 6:15 Mercantile News 6:30 Special Wire 6:35 EZ Listening 6:45 State Sports 6:55EZ istenlng 7:00 Special Wire 7:05 EZ Listening 7 as The Alexanders 7:30 Special Wire 7:35 Treasury Agent 8:00 Montana News 8:05 EZ Listening , 8:30 Special Wire * 8:35 Magazine Review 8:45 EZ Listening 9:00 Special Wire 9:05EZ Listening 9:30 Special Wire 9:35EZ Listening 9:45 Square Dance Time 10:00 Special Wire 10:05 EZ Listening 10:30EZ Listening 11:00 Special Wire 11:05 EZ Listening 11:55 Special Wire 12:00 Sign OU Wednesday Morning 5:30 Break the Day EZ 0:00 Special Wire 6:05 E2', Listening 6:25 Farm Shorts 6:30 Special Wire 6:35 EZ Listening 6:45 Wake up to Western 7:00 Special Wire 7:05EZ Listening 7:30 Special Wire 7:35 Montana News 7:40 EZ Listening 8iOO Frank Hemingway 8:15 Art Baker 8:30 Special Wire 8:35 Montana News 3:40 EZ Listening 9:00 Special Wire 9:05EZ Listening 9:15 Hymn Time 9:30 Special Wire 9:35 Queen {or a Day 10:00 Special Wire 10:05 Women's News 10:10 EZ Listening 10:15 Dr Paul 10:30 Special Wire . 10:35 EZ Listening 10:45 Friendly Philosopher 11:00 Special Wire 11:05 Whitellsh Time 11:30 Special Wire 11:35 Whitefish Time 11:45EZ Listening W«dn»»dny Noon 12:00 Special Wire 12:05 EZ Listening 12:15 Texaco News 12:30 Special Wire 12:35 Weather News 12:40 EZ Listening 1:00 Community Newi 1.15 Bible Study Tim» 1:30 Special Wire 1:35 EZ Listening 2:00 Special Wire 2:85EZ Listening 2:30 Special Wire 2:35EZ Listening 3:00 Special Wlr« 3:05 EZ Listening 3:30 Special Wire 3:35EZ Listening 4:00 Montana News 4:05 Penny Arcade 4:15 Frank Hemingway 4:30 Special Wire 4:33EZ Listening 5:00 Special Wire READ THE INTER LAKE CLASSIFIED ADS Po}soji 168, Wolf Point 140 and Cut Bank 122. 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MDAV 7:15-- Doug Edward* T--JO~rN«rn* That Tune 8:30-rMtn «* Anrupoll* rn Industry en Parade et. Storrn Moore y Time ay Matinee KGEZ-TV~Crwnn«l 9 :/·. ::' ; '"-; TUESDAY ····' -.-· 4*0--Teit Pattern 4 JO--Travel * Variety ·a»-rAfternoon Theater S «0--Montana New* * Weather 30--Cartoonlahd ' . 7:15--Dour Ed wardi * New* CBS' Eddie Fisher) 10«0--Meet MeGraw 1030--Bob Cummingf 11 :OOr-The Californfans NBC The one that's really new is the lowest-priced, too! Compare! Car for car, Edsel gives you most-and is priced the lowest of all 1958's medium-priced cars! The elegantly styled Edsel is newest looking car you'll see on the road this year. But more important to you as a car buyer, the Edsel is new all over. New all over means the already- famous power of the big, new V-8 Edsel Engines. It means the bption of new Teletouch Drive, the most talked-abqut feature in years. It means the safety of self-adjusting brakes. Even the luxurious comfort of the first genuine contour seats. Yet, with all these important advances, Edsel prices are the lowest in the whole medium-price field!* Compare^--ca.r for car. You'll find that the 1958 Edsel is the value of the year. See your Edsel Dealer today and prove it. *Bated ott actual comparison of suggested r»- tail delivered friets. ' , EDSEL DIVISION · FORD MOTOR COMPANY 1958 See your Edsel Dealer and road-check 1958's most remarkable automobile" JACOBSON MOTORS Highway 2 East -Kalispell . · - " " ' " " . - . · . ' , ' . ' ' ' · v · ' - . . ' ' ' . . '' - · · ' ' . · ' ' * \ , ' ! . · . . . . . · " ' · . . . , , , *IM OTHCft A ft I A* »tt YOUft tOOAI. CDSZL D C A L C R

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