The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on July 14, 1939 · Page 8
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 8

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, July 14, 1939
Page 8
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'.«*! THE DAILY MESSENGER, CANANDAIGUA. N. Y, FRIDAY, JULY 14,1988. »» Cod Off AtThe 600WE SHOPPE Our raperb air conditioning system keeps the temperature the Mme at all times . . . STOP IN any time, regardless of the weather outside, you'll find it comfortable inside. The Goodie Shoppe J. J. Mirras, Prop. So. Main St DINNER GIVEN FOR MISS KISOR Protege Of Mary Garden Heard In Private Recital In New York Maxine Louise Kisor former Canandaiguan, who has been pie- paring in Geimany the pait two years foi her opeiatic role debut in Wagnenan roles, is expected Sunda\ at the Summei home of he- parents Mr and Mrs William Kisoi East Summei Lake Shore for the BUILDING MATERIAL FOR SALE Used Box Car Lumber MATCHED SIDING MATCHED LINING MATCHED FLOORING DOORS ROOF SECTIONS TIMBERS. POSTS AND FRAMING MATERIALS METAL ROOFING Write for Price List WHITE'S East Rochester, N. Y. Office, North Lincoln Road P. O. Box 175 Phone 304 Returning to New York June 30 Miss Kisor who in pnvate life is Mrs Theophil P Wendt was guest of honor at a New York hotel last evening at a home-coming dinner given by her sponsors, and gave a private recital for a large group m- teiested in her musical career As a piotege of Mary Garden Metiopohtan Opera star Miss Kisor was sent abroad for study of Wagnerian r,oles having learned 15 during the past two years and a half m Germany She was engaged recently to make her operatic debut Motor Vehicle Laws Are Explained By Bureau At Albany (Editor's Note Below are presented some questions and answers on the subject of the vehicle and traffic law and rules of the road Readers are invited to submit questions to information service Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Albany N Y ) Q_Who icquires a chauffeurs license 9 A--The law defines a chaufTeui as one who is employed for the pnncipal purpose of operating a motoi \ehicle 01 who drives a motor vehicle while in use as a public 01 common earner of peisons or pioperty Q--Due to the absence of the legulai chauffeui, the emplovei le- quests one of his emploj ecs holding an opeiator's license to d i n e one of his tiucks The employee was hired as a laborer and was not required to dine a vehicle He will not be compensated for diivmg the motor \ehicle as he will iccene onl\ his regular salarv as a laborer Is it permissable for him to drive the motor vehicle for his employer tcuwj i*. ...»"- "» -r- -- - or must the employer secure a m the Staat's Opera in Stuttgart j i ice nsed chauffeur' this Fall She is a graduate of Can- ' A --Under such circumstances an andaigua 1 Academy and the East- j emploj ee holding an operatoi s li- man School of Music and sang fre- cense mav temporanlv drive the quqently in New York City and I truck, unless it is a \ ehicle used as Western New York pnor to her a public or common carrier of pei- Derailed Tank Car Explodes studies abroad For the past yeai Mi Wendt has been director of the Johannesburg Symphony Orchestra in South Af- nca He plans to attend his wife's debut in^Stuttgart FLYING INEXPENSIVE BUFFALO Hf\-- Take it from a policeman who knows Flying isn't as expensive as many believe Edward A Oeiss who has been flving 10 years on his days off says flj- ing my plane weekends costs me $7 And most of that goes for overhauling, hangar rent and depreciation " Terrapins Dodpe \Vatcr ·LAREDO, Tex (ffi -- The terrapin is a member of the turtle fam- sons or property Q--what is the piopei \\aj to make a right turn' A--Right turns should always be made from the traffic lane at the i extreme right The law states that the dnvei "shall approach ana turn the corner as near the light- hand curb as practicable" Q--How should a left turn be made' A--The law requires that the approach to the turning point be made to the right of and next to the center of the loadway and unless directed otherwise bj a peace i officer or sign the \ehicieshall pass to the right of the centei of I the intersection before the turn is made However, if one-way traffic is prescribed the turn shall be made from the left lane of traffic In case of any tum of course - ^or^Thand signals" should be given A broken wheel derailed five freight cars on an electrified line of the Pennsylvania Railroad at Barren Hill, Pa., and a iuel tank car exploded shffhtlj burning two members of the t rcu Flames can be seen shooting from the fuel car. Heat from the fire melted power lines, halting service on a cut-off line to Trenton, \ J. Experiences Abroad Told in Letter From Carrie Loomis o t h e tures could be seen ambling across the highway seeking refuge or ] Miss Carrie E Loomis, retired Canandaigua school teacher and I was enchanted with the lovely little white cottages in Ireland Lime Juice IDEAL ^W ilftJENCH SUMMER THIRST Rose's Imported Lime Juice Martini Rossi Italian Vermouth Triat's Imported French Grenadirte Cantrell Cochrane's Imported Ginger Ale Virginia Dare Sherry Seasoning Welch's Grape Juice-- Premier Grape Juice Widmer's Grape Juice-- Billy Baxter dub Soda Lux -- Rinso -- Life Buoy Soap MURRAY BROS. 168 So. Main Street Canandaigua, N. Y. Senate OR's Social Security Amendment active memoei of the Group Play- Tne *ere all whitewashed as ers of this city, who is Summer- white as sno»« most of them with ing acroad, wntes to Ralph D i thatched icofs and mam with pink , Johnson and other members of the cli'nbmg ah o ci u.ern local little theatre group on her in- be the pigs were in the kitchen but WASHINGTON (V) -- The Senate approving legislation designed to overhaul the nation's vast social security program, sent to the House today an amendment which might I deprive 28 states of federal money ' for old age assistance after Jan l 1941 House-approved revisions to liberalize the social security law were adopted by the Senate 57 to 8 last night, but not until after two highly controversial provisions had been inserted The first would require states to put up $10 a month for each bene- f darC of old age assistance sta - ing 1941 Twenty-eight states now are contributing less than this I sum If the amendment finallv is enacted thev would have to change their laws to obtain federal grants teresting experiences Her letter written from Coulsdon England June 25 follows. It haidlv teems possib'e mat there was no evidence thereof and eveij thing looked clean and picked up and attractive The miles and mnes of stone walls were as whole moncn nas gone by since you tomshmg even going light an savt me tne lOllj pan ai^ sweet little bag I surelv did appreciate both very very much. My trip so far has been very- fine' The Uo aa^s at the Fair were so boiling hot that I really dicmt appreciate its beauties too much Expensive Damages TOPEKA Kans (·?) -- Attorneys with a mind for figure estimated the various costs of a lawsuit that reached the state supreme court totaled about $100 The suit involved a $5 fine assessed against a Topekan charged with having no rear light on his car over tops of stone hills where not as much as one blade of grass could gnA One morning we drove from 930 to 1230 and saw onlv eight :ars but probaoK a hundred don- ke-.s drawing little two-wheeled aypicwa,^ "o U v,--,~., -- carts loaded with milk cans go- And being naturally Scotch, majbe m? to the cieameries One poor $103 for two very small glasses of little chap had tAO cans tied over lemonade didn't add to my pleas-I his back "with no cart to heln out ure It reallv is a good show though The roads weie ven, narrow, very and vou 11 enjoy it a lot if you get crooked high flail* and hedges on a chance to so down eacn side and e^eiv i-nown do- The ride on the Manhattan was mestic animal except pigs using it perfect I had a big room all to we had a grand driver however myself down m the middle of the and he avoided them all and came ship someAnere and it was so quiet up smiling even time So did we I couldnt tell whether the ship was yes he was Irish and had a grand mounc or not I was seated at the' grm which he sent back over his Pursers table a grand young chap shoulder to me once in a while with lovely golden"curls_Oh, for my | And n(m for a blt abou t England 1 The neathei has been awful so cold am fieezmg most of the time In GRAPE HOPPER STRIKES VINES Spray Readily Controls Insect Present In All Grape Districts A waining that the giape leal- 1'oppei is pit-bent in desliuctwi. numbeis thioughout the guipe- gi owing areas ol the state and that a thorough application of a nicotine hpiay to the undet sides ol the leaves wheie the insect does its leeding, will soon be m oidei to inline contiol of the pest is contained m a statement icleased by Pioi F Z Haitzell, entomologist at the Geneva Expeninent Station The giape leafhoppei i caches peaks of infestation in diffeienl sections of the state and in different vmeyaidb, periods of heavy infestation following a numbei of jeais of i light infestation which sometimes thiows the giowei off-guaid says this authority, who uiges groweis to examine their plantings for evidence of leafhoppeis and to take the necessary steps to combat the pest at the period when the spiays will do the most good The insect does its, eaily feeding on grasses and other wld host plants and is especially abundant early in the season on stiawbeiries and laspbernes Proximity of the , vinevaid to plantings of these two fiuits 01 to aieas of woodland anc biush which furnish wintei piottc- tion foi the adult leafhoppeis gen- eially results in more seveie infestations than where the \ineyaid is isolated and kept free from grasses and other host plants Egg laying 'ion the undei sides of grape leaves is going on most of June and the young leaf hoppers aie hatching out from the last of June until about July 10 m Western New York ana earliei in the Hudson Vallej and on Long Island Feeding by the young hoppers causes light colored specks on the leaves and when these are numerous the leaves cease to function thus weakening the vines anu preventing the fruit from npening properly i A mixture of nicotine sulfate 1-2 pint in 100 gallons of watei with 3 , pounds of fish-oil soap or 1 pound of soap chips will give effective control when applied to the undersides of the leaves before the joung hoppeis leach matuntj Tins would be during the first two weeks of July in the Hudson Valley and on Long Island and from about Julv 10 to 20 in Western New York Complete information on nie life historv and habits of the giape leafhopper and on the construction of an automatic leafhopper spraying attachment piepared by Professor Hartzell ma: be obtained upon request to the Exper.ment Station in Geneva On Popular Summer Wear for Boys BOYS' WASH SUITS SIZES 3 to 8 Just the thing for comfortable, practical every day wear! He can use several for his Summer outfit. BOYS' FINE Broadcloth Suits Sizes 1 to 3 SJ.OO Unusually fine suits for the little fellows. They'll dress them up and keep them comfortable. BOYS' Dress Shirts 79 A grand selection of styles and colors in sizes 12 to 14 ... and an extra special low price to save money for you ! lost vouth' But maybe he was me er to mv grey locks than he would have been to blacker ones A Wasnmgton man connected with lact if the good folks here didnt ., u .».~..,.~ -- put a hot water bag m mv bed every the Bureau of Agricultuie A as also ( ^^ . th]nk ^ flOuld ha;e been a at that table He was a gooa tall- , ]p , Thore hasnt s i^. ,,,,, *,, frtll cn moal T.imP*; * = i er and 1(n ea ta so meal times Whether our cMatc is large or small, i(\ not how much ou leave, but how well vou lca\c it. Ix;t us help \ou prmidc for the li\injr while vou are alhc. Our Trust Department is equipped to carry out your WILL so that our instructions will be fulfilled. Choose this bank to administer your estate and rest assured of strict impartiality and skillful attention to ocry detail of vour WILL Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Canandaigua National Bank and Trust Co. A ere right pleasant Tnere were t onlv 145 in the Tourist Class, twen- t of he.n pne-ts goi'u, -o iieianu on vacation Also we had the Gal- wa* soccer team that had been plavin- exhibition games in New Yor-v One evening they put on a whole o e n i n e s enteitamment of Irish dances ana songs some good some not K good but interesting and amusing \Veather \a loveh all bat two davs wmcn *er« a bit cold and areai \\~ never a wave on Jic bit: sea -o I .\a= on the job for even. ne?l as well as 11 o clock ccnu- 1 on a" i 4 oclocx tea eer\ dav Moonli^.ii on tne ocean was so lo rj n* I could almost net romantic al 1 . ov m.ieif For fear tne roman c miunt, cet rneumatic I s'and bv the rail verv Ion been a ra\ of sunshine =mce Tues- dai toaa\ is Sundav and the paper ^esterdav said ma\imum tem- peiature was 59 degrees Can vou imagine tnat ith no heat in the ho i=e bnt a small electric grate -about as ef fectiv e as a lightning bug in the Hign School Auditorium Of coui^e it is 'most unusual But amuav I have seen the King ana Queen tvuce the Pimcesses Qt'cen Man. the Lord Mavor of London and even Mr Chzmberlain 1'i'vse'i mat i a fact I reallv have Tne aav the v ca-ne nome m\ cou- Mn oco'tea me to a fine soft seat on i he cirh of tin- Mall at 3 o clock \Vc "el until 4 30 when even one \ a - o 1 acred to stand up "We sto tint 1 5 -30 I'lvn me roval carnage came alone The hordes and car- age outrider^ guards etc all in What, A Whit* Cro«! NEWPORT BAGNELL England ) --An Albino crow with a wing spread of nearly two feet, but unable to fly, was found bv a shooting party here Odds against a ciow going Albino are about 10000 to one C O N N O L L Y ' O DEPARTMENT STORED 195 South Main Street Canandaigua, N. Y. Study Daily Messenger Patterns aicmt s'and bv the rail verv ions i r j ase outrider^ guards etc an in a:r. one n.cht Safetv first, always' | thc '] r 2a} colors and uappmes are a The Irish motor trip was gorger , a] lilo " A Am rot quite sine it is The Irish motor trip was gorge- ou- \\e vent from Cork to Kill- arncv on to Gal-vav and Giants C.iii^Aav and do AH to Dublin \\r,i r' 1 - A T S «.unsninc all the Aav mwn o 'Ti vurrri-e I packed m - nm '·rw alonz even dav but n c v or tun I ' ) - ' ·" o 1 ! if its ca *· 1 3]^ ] f 'i" io 1 ^O'ne one to j i n m'j / "nl Hoaard t bad tx r 'i i tjii"; wit'.i me for a fe' )im]r h p "i alri n « v e Acquired ei.- ciU2h Enz i 1 -1 (na 1 rct for a.i hJ^ Ju- h^nri n e i2K' - 'K Acre a scream %"o hJi^ \.i f T quite rich' ami 1iT e -in - ion acre lovcl. R f - nunri m r ' in \\ « il 1V J ··ho A Am rot quite suic it 'i a ih'f noii curt^ "- r « \ bi«, Inn t rcfij o mv hastens enter- Tno following dav wo out of 51 Pauls Catncdral a l ' minute- biore the whole d (ii^ f b ^n fie A a ^ to the ,,·) · Homo Dinner -o v.e wail, A thmi auain this time ri snloi'r-, and e^ervthmc ' 'ndr. ^e went to the »1 Buei ismmna Palace and ! th hor e hai nesses and irnces ,n cJC^e ranp* 1 Wish «· th m acnm now Think I ot U tue hordes instead ol" nu n AII'" 3 tin r' " i-nr 7 i i i r i i % f i r ( p] ) 4 m* h i r i f IT \ i ' mi ,'{ ri o 11 i* r "^ a fair r r h T Our condur'or i ljr~pia is nr A d 1 TO? 11 pl-fHti su:l v i t i nJ 'il-r- 1(f1h thai JK if-'n iirclull. nr nu hi vm^ir l ? o » hi Iri^h hi w fni^ .n . stump oi a ri id J r r t that wf pa- 'tl -Ai1h here is d r i o I 1 ! ( J i 1 amble oi p ( wcced old 11 Tnf In ] A a-- -r jL7' d ir oi n] - ear lor Cither 331 Tl Ti -) ]J boul sax or ]ii e \V- T r 1 J l1 ' ^ II' '3 *r ar ^t, })0 A , f ] ' ( 11 j' Ol 1 T J] J } 111,1 11 11 ] 1 - 1 V i 1 Juiv 1 1 inf Nprnd- -, i i inn -.ffjnt! Comedv of in 1 ir MmioriHl Tlicater ji,)i 1 1" iiMf a cood chantjc M l ind l o \ r r .ind dun- Al i urn hnvmu a luo dav -i] l u ·- .cli the nnridlf part HIM i -Tin to Noruav " i n i 'iionch to r a i n i t ; ' Jubf b j i c 'ii br la IT J if ' -a" 'r ai m r Al lj Tff COTl- jn *ftf met n let car the boat ojj 'o another and too\ u ba^.^ to Ki 3arT v i- TO " 1 \ out 3oii anv Irishman t( 11 vou it * ( r than The Gem of tht Pin- L?U*. It i isi rt in t ! n J .ill Hi Siijtm .oin CARRIE IXX)M1S T.i" pn ft n-menal ^old mining dei o; i 11 ol n PhiliDp/ « to it -tart Irom American «ldiers i o n n i i r d in the 1^.11 as ut* JK SjMnish-AmerK-an war DOG BITES ARE DOWN... O UR meter rraclors are reporting fewer «nd fe\er dog bites tin their daily rounds. It isn't tliat the dog* are getting old and losing tlieir lectli. We think it'* because our meter readere ha%e acquired a lot «»f friends. Most of our men have been reading the ame meters for at least 10 years. One veteran is rounding out 20 years of service. AH of u* who \vork for our gas and electric company are highly trained and experienced in our job*. That's one of the reason* \\\\\ jour dependable gas and rlcclrie sen ire is one of the smallest items in your family's budget. "f;w and electric *rrrtr« glvr* yf* mvrt for jour iFiowry lfc«w» anything r/*r yon I'm Gas Tm Electricity ROCHESTER GAS ELECTRIC C O R P O R A T I O N 4 See Your Local Appliance Deafer ' I

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