The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 12, 1951 · Page 55
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 55

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 12, 1951
Page 55
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It?" Fortunately, she didn't have' enough to do in either show Vo be remembered. In the new "Two on the Aisle" | Miss Gray has unlimited scope for 1 her talents, and she makes the j most of them. I Sticks To Subject j She sings a variety of I about love, love and love. She | doesn't change the subject because, 'apparently, she doesn't want to . confuse, the audience nor co:Uuse , herself. \ Bert Lahr. a comedian who ca; 1 . , be matched only with W. C. Fields in combining voice ; and pajjtomine to rouse the most Latin Quarter Big Part Of New York Night Life jRudy Yallee. And Ahce Faye, Corpus Christ! CALLER-TIMES, Sun, Aug. 12, 1351 i danced nightly in as pretty a ' "****"*"^ m m j chorus line as you have ever seen, 'the Pacific en route to his new ! The Cotton Club. Cab Oallowav. [home the Oklahoma Cay Zoo. !Duke Ellington. Bill Robinson. The' Pvt. Ord is a bear. He was | Waters a;vd many other ivivtk-iput- ; ed in shows lhnt have iic'. ···!· been 9-B ; Sextet' To Be Huge Success ( K l H T t l U ' S N O T K : U.I.T \\ arU» ft ttu- Ljt\iu UimrU'i. .V-w orKV niilvst WK ui«t»t ful. u flirt hf fwi\\ins tvr Ja«-k ;t\t-r. ott \a- -atKm. By LOIT WALTKRS Written for l.'aitwl 1'rcss :each other, and you didn't ha ;to have a very gooxl arm eithi I But let's leaf through earlier wars some more. ·surpassed ivi a n'rght club. ! This is a prei'y f a n c y rw : for one tsi'.y section uf a city. Army The i hope --I Uiink -| quarter has done i The Silver Slipper. Jimmy Du-: maintaining that re;vi\!. NEW YORK, Aus. 11. ( U P ) --irairte worked there with Clayton! Its be(?n " K , vea ,,. ,,-,;,,.,, ,,, v cpn . For yours it's bee:- dinned into' and Jackson. Ruby Keeler was an-; { ^ and j open-d the '! H'i-i the late.'-'"' public's consciousness t h a t : other, just a kid setting started i oua ;, te 'j./ y, t .- vi ' survive.! dj-.n- 'nkc iv.m "nt-ht life" emen;-:.tecl. eo.icentrat- then. , · brownouts, blackout?, cur- Lines said ed and culminated on West Kitty. The Parody. Twk Prounis. who { "' the , 0 p^^t federal laughter from ins audiences, island Street. i operates the classy east aide Ver-1 ^.^ J^ Jnissed a be:l , , hnH ,, h in clover with a series o! hilarious! But, believe me. this ^«V^^r l^er t^ bworae frm^" iwar and pcacc sketches. . 'basn-t I-c-en the center of New! ff."';,±fJ^ ±° TM* TMTMv ! We're .till making history at h'irn on Hokkaido. Japan's north. - 7 , v A f.-- » ·,, i v.t, v t ; HOLLYWOOD. (AP)--The num- erv.n:,,--'. -sl-^.u. ),.a,t Ma he joined ^ ^ ^ Mest m o v i e one of the 4;"Ui's ordnance com- CV cle. · pam'es. . 'it all started with the British The troop* welcomed him, but success with "Trio" and "Quar- ilations don't provide for Universal - International was - relations brars. : C j lilc . k to ve gi Sler the titles "Duo" OU!ah9in;i Zoo .said it would and "Quintet." id Pacific Fa, East Kov/ c ° I!1 e ° Security Pictures , j " t ,'. t with "Sextet." That title could be woiUd transport Pvt.; t h e biRgest box . office pul i o£ aU l ^- x - orv! u San li'rancisco. He :arives. as "sex" might not connote six to abuaui !!v_- P. S. TradewinJ. I some people. ADVENTURE FILM--Showing on its second run ii Corpus Christ! will be 'Appointment With Danger starring Alan Ladd. The film" will be seen tonight "an- tomorrow night at the Corpus ^rive-In Theatre. LONG STRUGGLE as co-owner of Leon and Eddie's, i entertainment· , Rich-;»'8 ht !lt * orty-eighth He romps on and off staa;e in a street ana Songstress Hits Big Time Pacing Sprightly Revue ·t. .- -, ,.vi"» ^.ippcn to Se located on it. ·.-""·",,.:" --,,,: " f '" o v e i 'i P r i V U l O Ol'll 1 / U C ispace. a .sanitation attendant in a ' l ; tttie. Silver Slipper was at one *- H » c i n _ v/.i \ i *-' *.**.; \ public park, a clown, a tanTMo dan- i At the turn of tne century, cf. t i m e the Hollywood restaurant. ITH 4 ^ 1 icer and a portraval of Queen, vie-!TM" 1 ' 80 - Fifty-second was way u P | This was a p f ess agpnrs (imim; |Q /\rriVC 1 OCIHV toria. ' i tWTl f r o m the 3ll ° ht 1:fe center iin fact because Nils T. Granlund' . *' ·which started st Thirty-fourth andi who ran jt was a cress aceiiti SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. at? ^»r«.cn;iivis ju^iu [,'iiii^Ji cu lii-V i " -- * ' ' --' ' are " " ~ den New York, Aug. 11. CAP) -Blond songstress Dolores Gray, a thrush with even mor« sudden curves than Niagara Falls, apparently has tumbled into the jrild- «d chips at last in her co-star role with Bert Lahr hi the new Broadway musical revue "Two on the Aisle." contrived the rhymes of the many! lin jj Lillian B.usse!l singable tunes composed by Jules j ^ , n our timCi when the st - vne - ilife center did move farther up-1 Miss Gray sang "Annie Get Your! town, it didn't move to Fifty-sec-j Gun" for 1,304 performances i n j o n d street It. stopped at a corner j .London and she was still singing [that, for some unfathomable r e a - j lit there when she got a trans At-j son, has been largely unheralded! ! lantic telephone call to come back: and unsung. I mean West Forty- j This Chicago-born and Los An-; to a starring role on Broadway, i eighth street, more specifically 11. the ar- from only two minor roles in flops. Here in an area scarcely larger way critics and producers.! ^ he g , le . the telcphone c a nithan a city block, night life history appeared on Broadway twice i , "Vill doubtful until thcv! s ^ eeri ma " e ^ or the pajif 30 :, but in minor roles in t h e : _ r r " t /A ., ,, ^ '" year?. During the e x p a n s i v e l , n n t _ v»11r.^nnl · "T^l n Cn+mn'tV OCUU U Ij . C. t n V r n t i f * C ! ^ }l«» r^ C.-nrt*£*:i \ * f l t l l i r t i p t : Edgar Buchanan Handy On Movie Set as Dentist ·geles-educated lass had to go to which previously offered had her: Forty-eighth and Broadway. London to get recognition from - · · . . . . ; vr ; _ .._ -Broadway She before, unfortunate musical, "The Seven j P ul ^TM r m ""' W1 TM- Wontles. the depressive thirties lively Arts" and the equally un-L ' m ' tetl Rs-'pcrlence ;: ln ,^ thp roaring forties, one faro- fortunate musical, "Are You"With! M y experience has been onlyious establishm«nt after another with book shows," she told Lahr.jf.nme to life, iHuminnted the scene 'I wouldn't Know what to do with for a time and passed on to give a revue." I way to others more brilliant and "Don't worry about this one,":glamourous. assured the comic. "The materin.1,: ' There were, to be specific, the sketchwise and song, is terrific [Silver Slipper lub, the Kver- for you. Look at me. My material'clades, The Parody, and Moulin is so good that I'm not \vorryingiUouge. The Hollywood, The Strand at all." ' . : MidnigJit Roof jmd the Palais Roy- HOLLY\VOOD, Aug. 11.. W) -- | Actor Edgar Buchanan is a handy man to have around a movie set--. he is a licensed dentist. "I guess I've given away thou- eands of dollars worth o£ free advice in the last 12 years," says Buchanan, who practiced in Eugone, Ore., before coming to Hollywood. He thinks he's looked Into darn near as nTany mouths on s o u n d stages as he did when ho had an office. On several occasions, when no practicing dentist was available, he's given emergency treatment to fellow workers stricken with tooth troubles. Likft that time near K a n a b, Utah, when he was on location for a. western film and a wrangler turned up with an abcesaed molar. Buchanan drove tho man to town to find a dentist. "The only one available," he says, "WM at a church social. We drove him to his office and he asked m« if I'd do] th» honors. Said he wanted to see how they did it lit the biff cities. I showed him and ho said St was a, good clean job." On another western location, rector Henry Hathaway developed a jaw infection. Buchanan took him to town and found the only dentist was away. Persuading a nurse to let him use the dentist's equipment, Buchanan cut the infected bone out of Hathaway's jaw. Tho actor has also put a temporary cap on a tooth MacDonald Carey chapped in a. fight scene and made emergency repairs on one of George Brent's bridges. Buchanan practiced for 10 years !n Oregon but says Ms heart ·wasn't in It. Ha spent all h i s spare time acting with Little Theatre groups and was for a time assistant to tile head of the drama department at tho University of Oregon. Finally he decided to switch to acting completely. He and his wife -- a dentist, too -- came to California and he enrolled at the Paaa dena Community Playhouse, He performed 11 roles befor'e That was the clincher. Miss t h e ! Gray linew Uiat, like Fro. a Alien All within a stone's throw of movies took notice of him. That an1 olher to p comedians, Lahr is a [ was in 1939 and since then he has developed into a top character about "T\V O on tne Aisle" then" she P la ' er - | could, in good safety, sign. And! Ha still goes to conventions anrij K he did. j reads dentai periodicals and plans] Now "Two on the Aisle" Isn't | to found a clinic ol preventive [worried and Bert Lahr isn't \vor-j dentistry soon. But he'll never go back to pulling teeth. "I make more money on o n e picture than I did all year aa a dentist," he says. ried. Onlv Dolores Gray, the onetime, optimist, has now developed! a "worry" complex as you will] gather when you hear her sing "JU' You Hadn't. But You Did." AC A AC VlAVI-IS S T A P U E S DOUBLE FEATURE - Tonight Monday 'I Remember Mama' Irent Dunn* E. Bergman Unpublished Kern Song To Be Used in Movie HOLLYWOOD, (AP) -- An unpublished melody by th* immortal Jarotne Kern will znak« due! for Kathryn Grayson and Howard Keel in "Lovely To Look At"-also the name of * iamoia Kern long. The jiielody WM originally pen ned fey the late composer for his Boore of "Roberta." D o r o t h y Field« ii -writing epecial lyrics under the title "The Most Exciting Night." Kera died in 1845. Robin Hood SUNDAY NIGHT ONLY SPECIALS T Bont Steak* with £ft_ French Frioi UUC Club Steak with fill- French MM DUC Turk«y Dressing 50c Sweet Potatoes with Mor$hmo|lows . . . . ISc Spinach with Boiled Egg . 13c Fresh Cut Corn . . . . «'»T»T»T«***» * A W Bartiett Pears with 1Q_ Cream Cheese Drtiifngl3C Texas Cheese Cake lf»_ with Toasted Pecans IDC Robin Hood Cafetetna mi n. NEWS COLOR CARTOON Butch Minds the Baby Brodrick Crawford Virginia Bruco TONIGHT IHOJVBAY DOUBLE F E A T U R E SECOND BIG HIT! Health! Comfort! TAKE YOUR CHILDREN TO THE HOME-OWNED DRIVE-IN THEATRES W H E R E THE GROUNDS ARE SPRAYED REGULARLY BY EXPERTS . . PEST FOG, Inc. TONIGHT MONDAY ANOTHER SECOND-RUN FEATURE! I PLUS 2 Color CARTOONS Thur.-Fri. -- August 16-17 Doors Open 12:45 P.M. Daily sum MABAVILLOSO COLOR NATURAL don. ^ BEATR1Z AGUIRRE, mcuaiunMa,' I UATRIZ CIMEHO. 1 IHtTHllMUU, ANAXUSOUX, - WUDMCU CllffU, ; MTOKIO F«HtJTO, " ACTU4C1OH ALICIA'NEIRA T JOSE LUIS JIMENEZ tnati. i, UUU 10DU5W REGULAR PRICES THIS WEEK AT C. C. THEATRES RiTZ HELD OVER "MR. BELVEDEKE RINGS THE BELL" With CLIFTON WEBB Starts Wednesday "ALICE IN WONDERLAND" CENTRE -- Now "CATTLE DRIVE" With Joel McCrea STARTS THURSDAY "CALVARY SCOUT" "With Rod Cameron PALACE ~ Now "THE PRINCE OF PEACE" STARTS THURSDAY "THE DALTONS RIDS AGAIN" 'and "SAILORS ON LEAVE" AMUSU -- Now ' "CASA MANANA" With the Rio Brothers and "Badlands of the Dakotas" TUESDAY -- WEDNESDAY THURSDAY "BORDERLINE" and "FORCED LANDING" FRIDAY -- SATURDAY "PISTOL HARVEST" With Tim Holt TOWER -- Now "APPOINT.3VEENT 'WITH DANGER" -with Alan Ladd TUESDAY -- WEDNESDAY "SMUGGLERS ISLAND" With Shelley Winfers THURSDAY -- FRIDAY SATURDAY "SAMSON AND DELILAH" With Hedy LaMarr - Victor Mature AYEKS -- Now; "RAWHIDE". with Tyrona Power - Susan Hayward TUESDAY _ WEDNESDAY "DEAR BRAT" With Mona Freeman THURSDAY ONLY "THE PAPER GALLOWS" British Production FRIDAY -- SATURDAY "THE THING" BEACH -- Now "THE MATING SEASON" with Thelma Rltter TUESDAY -- WEDNESDAY "AL JENNINGS OF OKLAHOMA" with Dan Duryea THURSDAY ONLY "TOAST OF NEW ORLEANS" with Mario Lama FRIDAY -- SATURDAY "OH SUSANNAH" with. Rod Cameron 52-2511 DRIVE-IN THEATRE « 0 4 » S O U T H P O R T SUNDAY MONDAY =§,orf 8FH Features 8:00 10:00 - PIui SHORT CARTOON EXTRA CLEAN TILE REST ROOMS LOCATED IN CENTER OF PARK! arts Wed.--RITZ WONDER-WORLD , OF 5RTAINMENT! j Cone so* this rftolm radiant wifh color, long Thrill to th« Mod Hatter, the March Hare, th» Chejhire Cot . . o Host of other fantastic funny-folk! *'+J*" "·'***. * i f Y - V V ^ 1 ! / '" w KmjMMs Walt Disney's ·^yi]- ^S ,'S)^ %^$ '** ' Y*t " '-' '! / v ? The all-cartoon Musical Wonderfilm r TECHNICOLOR t ^St i4S U t u j j u i - j ^ H ' - l - - v i - . « f f T n . . . 1 i r ^ . J M . . ,, i i u ' i T » t f " x i a . i i - *-· S P E C I A L K I D D I E SHOW WEDNESDAY--10 A.M. Bring the Kiddies While You Shop--Under 12--20c LAUGHS are All Over! Joanne DRU Hugh MARLOWE Zero MosteL Hugh Beaumont' S Man's Oaring sa! a Boy's Courage... OB the West's Msst Dangeroas M! JOEL DEAN STOeKWELL-GHUL WiliS MARCH OF TIME-"CR!SIS IN IRAN" SHOWS AT 2:00 - 4 : 3 0 - 7 : 0 0 - 9 r 3 Q leyond wor PLUS BADLANDS of DAKOTAS THE im OF m TEE SCBEEH'S FiBSI eet PASSIOK PLAT TM"*°""^A«/»*ARM!NDAR!Z

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