The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on May 30, 1965 · Page 37
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 37

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 30, 1965
Page 37
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DcHa Democrat-Times Sunday, May 30, '65 Boys'Baseball Opens Monday With COO Lads Playing In Seven Leagues Schedules Listed For City Circuits Junior Boys Baseball, under direction of Ihe Park Commission, will begin in Greenville Monday ami 600 boys in seven leagues will compete in diamond contests during June and July. ' Joe Raylxirn, director of the leagues for the Park Commission, said tlic 30 teams will have 20 players each. The number of leagues is the same as last yean The schedules far the 7 leagues follows: fONT LIAGUK Wanloy. AW 31. Cl-asi* \t W-aie lietduy, Ju-:o 1, A i l e d vi W.cKecj \h-jt t '. dov, J^-e 3, 3'cw.n vi Shna'py: Fildjy, Jij-o A. Allied *l ChW*. Wa-rday, JU-.B 7, Bio*.-! vi A'.coie; Iwjdiy. .'u~e S. S v -opy vi McKee; Thuurinv. )~re 10 Cboale vt Biowr; Fiida/. I L . Shop- July I, Judge llll. . . Wilt: Irumdor, Jj'f 8. 111. Ualcnol. E«honge [(ov. Julrf 12. Sh . Polar/ TM e BARBER POLE Jul rhvridav. July ??, Judge V "lMlV , :range, lit IS'alionaJ vi 5h : p!ey *Ac July 76. E.cVirvgp vs Ui Noiisnol. S*- JixJgc lirile: Tiiii-Ha/. July ?9. Jixigc l^« vi li' NaKcrwl Eirh-:n;t vi ^fvp'ey COTTON S T A T E S LEAGUE Ueidoy, June t. CM!* Ea-iV. vi Gvle Gravel. Javeect vi ?o'ary ; Tridav. Juno 4, vel Bant;. CvH* G- Ju.-v? 8. Gv 0 3 rK vs vel VI Pciarv- Fi ijy. . Jayrffv Gvle Grovel vi Gv'n Ban'*: Tuesday, Ju-e Id Jayeei v i GvV G.-avel. Gvle B::I'K v j :-o'=rv p r id 3 Y Ju".s 18. CoM'y vs Gv'e Gia.el. Jayt,,i Country Club Swim Pool Opsns Here The swimming pool at Greenville Golf and Counlry Club opened SalunJay and attracted a crowd of swimmers. Pro Golfer Tom J. Lundy said t!ie pcol will be open today also. Gvle . 2? Gv!r Ooare: I Urn-Jay. Ji-no 17 Mt Brow: Fiicin,, Ji,iifl 13. Mc=\f vi r!iv, jjiw ?2, NOOI* v* Shi'nl-V dny, J,TM 2-J. A ! l i c - f Vi B^*.: ;, June i8, .Mccsc vi CK^T": T,-rsdn J?. AL-ed vi ( M : K e r : Ih.rHiy. vs AlhM: /.lordav. Ju'y 5,' En Kfc:" ih'jrvHn/, July fl,'slcv.n vi f r i H s v . Ju'v 9, Sboiw vi A i ! - - I f, Mf ^7. f A r K c a vi Wco« T.-CAQI 13. Chx:e vi ihoplcv: Th-.rsrHv lAfKre Vi -o*n ; Fnd-.y. July » A vs Allicrf: Mcn:lay, July I 1 ? Me O =nic: lueiday, Jjl/ 20. J,',s',ir v lev. lliuisdny, July ?? A l . f - 1 n AMERICAN ITAGUE M^iiHcv. 'Any 31 . Lc:M v* VFVV vi Sect"! CCDV- Ihi way ScfcH Copi vi Liom.* v Ite-daf. Ju-.e 7, Lic'-i vi OsV vi £.ororJ Ccni; Th-jrHcy. J.-r.* 10 Corn vs VFW. Kiworis M hen:; : Ju-o 1-1. VFW vi Kiv-m-.i. lir-.s v Kiwc'nis VFV; vi Lion- Ms-Hiy ' L o-i Vi K-wnnii, VFV/ vi See?; iRrriay. J |Gvlo Gr;i* |Gvle BJI- ··^"c,;: *'£'". '"jG-dvel J .July 13. ?5, Pniniv vs Jnrrcr?s; TLI ,1 G'l» i*iy. Ju- It. JSVCP . July I?. nnV vi f f j i vi Gv'c G.' Jure S!"1 if;'; !*· NATIOMAL LEAGUE TuecJnv. Jc--" « Pn.lon v Elki vi Qc'.tn V-rico FnHn^ V Video v ! i'n.-o.i. ;enHcii vi F v! J.\cnHci i-^y. Ju-- I I . DrlM ViHe: P-i-im ' 3 P-l-i ...iJ3 TENNIS INSTRUCTOR: Sammy Carroll, 18, senior, member oi Ihe Greenville Hornets District 3 championship tciim Ihis year, will begin enrolling tennis pupils for Ihe Park Commission Monday From 9 to 11 a.m. Enrollment continues through Friday nnd instruction starts June 7 to last through June IS. Carroll was on the Hornets net team three seasons. Registration is at Carrie Stern courts. (Staff Plioln by Noel Workman) Fill VF-.V f o - c d .. T;,Sci i^ 1 ' 1 , *" 1 July I. Seer-I Ccni vi VFV/. K. L.rni: /.Ic-^Ha/. J.-'.-f 6. VFV/ v% liom vi SixrH C?pv Thorny Soc=-f Corn v j X.SVQ--.-I VFV/ Monday, ,'vly I?. Liwi n Ki.v« vi Sccrrf Cocv IFu'i-Ta^. Ji.'v 1 CM» vi lio-i. K.wnni vi VF'.V. jui/ 19. Ii3n» v VFW, K.wn-n v Snsert Coci; Tl.j-iHny, July ??. Sne-H C f r v. VP.V, Ki*f,~.-i Vi lieii; ASntdn/, July ? VFVV vi t: wor-s, I lent vi SrrrH CMII ThLfi-f-i/, JU'Y 79. SocH Ccr» * S Knvain, VP.V ^ i L c-ii S O U T H E R N L t A C U E W-mHoy Mny 31, Cc-n-Coln vi C.V.E lh- , Con-.- B'zrl vl Ail.-* If _.s-iny | J -' f ' e Jim- 3. A i l . u s vi Cnt a Coin TJe Ihi. v j M'" 1 , v Ccn--i. Bir.l: ^^c^doY. June 7, Corn Co'n. l , f "' nn ' n M Cc-ini. Bnnl , Gv!« Lhr. vi Att-ini- . '"t"^' Thi.isHny. JL-HI 10, A-ku-i vi Cosrr-. BcnV. V" °1 Gvle Lb( vi C^a-CHar Mondny, J'_-r I/. M" 1 "'", J Cc-m. acinV vi Gv'« Ihi., Coca Con vs!* T!fl J d AH nc Thjri'lny, Ju-e 17. AiLint vs G v l e ' 1?TM"' Itv,, Cc.-nn, Bnnl M Coci-Cola; M-Mrfr.y. Jl1 - Jufl* 71. CarR.Co'a vs Gvle Ibr.. Can-n. Ronk vi AA-ni: THur^iy, JLT.C ?/. AiVi-j vi Csxo-Celfi. Gv'c Ibr. vi Cc-n-n. EanVj Mc^riy. I'jno ?8. Cc:«-Co'o vs Corn. Fen'-:. Gvle Lbr. vi Atk.nj: ThunHav. July U Allini vi C.c-n-r.. BcnV. Gvle Lbi. vi fo:o-Co'cr: Mor.d-.y, July 5. CCT.HV Bank vi GvJo Lbr., Ctxn-Coo v i Alkini: Thvri- Hoy Jj'v 8, Ark 111 vi Gv!s Lbr. CWM. BnnV v j Cocn-CaIn: Mc-Hov. Ju"v 1?. Co:a Co'o v j Gvle Ibi., COT-!.. E^nt: v* A-kiri; lhv»idav. Ju'/ '^. Alkini vi Ctxa- Cola. Gv!n Lbr. vi Ccr-n. flunk: Men-Jay, July 19, Ctxa-Co'a vi Cc-mn. Ba-V, Gvl^ Lfcr. vi Alltins: Thundcv. JJy ??. Aifcini ' vi CC:TTI. BanV. Gvls Lbr. vi Cota-Co'o.- . Monday, July 26, Ccrr.ii. Bar-l vi Gvle Ibr., Cc;a Cula vi Alk : ni: Ihviiany, July 59. Alkrnt v, Gvle Lb.-., Ccfrm. Ba-k Coca-Co'a. DIXIE LEAGUE, May 3 1 , 5h pVy Do-NVi lit, f.change vi J^dge lii IJiufiJoy. JUM 3, Judat L.llif vi Shipley. HI Nn'.crKil vi Enchains«. Woo^ay, Ju.-» 7, yiipley vi Exch'niy5*. In NniferMil vi Jt-'dgo Li-He; Thunday, Jv-r-* 10, JuJojs LiUlo vi L«cHcngr, In Nn'^ctval vs Sh'p lay, Mardny. Jur.e H, Excf-o-g- vi l j fJollor'Tl Sh'pley vi Jirfge Lill'e.- Thv,-fi rfay, Ju-o 17, Jurfge Imle v» In, Exchnrge vi Shipley; Mowf^y, Ju-e 21 Shirley vi 1 j t Nnlla-al. E)trha-.g« v Jifdgo lifile: TK-tdny, June ?·*, Judg Lillls vi Sh ; p1-y lit Ufi-"«ml vi EihorM,r 98. Shiolr/ ' ' Plaque For Leader Kimbie's Service To Boys Baseball Praised Here vi r,,,ro,- /.o-d-y J,,lv ! ? . Pn.ic-i! . Pn«'cn vs Fits Fr=dr:Y Jul/ ?.T . . Julv 3" i Pa«i=r; ni v» Gv'c '.' ;| l. Civi-nn v j S'linHnid "ei-Jc-.y. Ju.-e 8. G-le Mill vs S'nn- 0.1. Civi'on vi Khpillnij F r H n y . I. TuheilJni v» S'-i-rfnid Oil. 1 Gvls t.\ II: IwjJov. Ji."... 15 rl 0 1 v| Civiron. G.le .'.lilf vs S'0-.-far'l' O.I n Gvlr- Mill- T W i- L-I ? L . G^lt Wl vi Civi-r;-.. Sinn. DM vt Ijbe-lr-i;'JY. Ju^-j ?5. -- vi Gvle f.'.-M, C-vcn vi Sin-Iimf j-itJcy. Ju-e 2*?. GvV M.ll vt S'o-i- 'ci-«J Oil. Civi'on vi luber- -»·; FiiHay uly 2. luheninl vt Sta'-dtwii Oil. Ci^i-ar. i. Gvln Mill: Tuesday. July 6, S^nr.^n-! 3il vi Civ:ian, Gvle Mill vi luV.tilini: Fi : !ay. Jw'y 9. T t -b«rr;rl vi Civitan. Slnn.1. :rd Oit vi Gj'.'i MM; Tueiriny. Jo'v I?. }vil»- Mill vi Civifcn Sin-.rlniH O.I vi uKerl'n'; f^doy. Ju'-y I A. T(,h?ff*irJ M Gvle Mill. Ovlmn v» S'nrrinrH O.I. TIH-I. Iny, July 50, Gvle Mill v* Vnrrfird O.I. ·iv.lo^ vi Tui^rtm-r FiMny Juty 73 T. h- rliri vi S-a~.rinrrf O.I, fiviinn vi Gvle A i ' l - Ti.f-iny, Ji.Jy ?7. S'crHnrd O'1 vi :ivi-an, G v^« Mill v j K'befrv: FKdav, uly SO. T u k e r r - L J vj Wan S'crdnrrf Oil · S Gvle Mill. Two Big Boat Races Planned For Summer;; Summer Carnival bout races here in July arc expected lo attract 100 boals and the Cotisor- 111 r4ali: Thunday, Skafc For Health Skate For Fun Skafe-0-Rama OU rSTANDlN'Li AIHLETES Of CLEVELAND CATS AND KITTENS -- Kay Walker and T. Georpe Kelly, sccnntl and third from left, were named Outstanding Girl Aililple and Boy Athlete nf Cleveland High Sdinol at Av.aids Chapel at the scfiool. Pictured with the trophies, uon during the past year liy tennis and presented to the schoiil, arc oulstniiding Mn.loiits in oueh sport: from !e(t, Linda Hamblcli, chctr- le;jc!cr; K. Walker and Kelly; Ricky Walker, football; Eddie Lynns, bn.seh.ilL; Pctnhlc Davis, track, Janice Pounds, basketball; and Jiiliaiinc Gibson, [rack. The laic Billy Jordan was ininrtt OiiEstnnHint* Basketball player and a trophy was prc.scntcd lo his p;irenls, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Jordan. (Pholo by Duff Stephens) Effective Monday Here's Y.M.C.A. Swim Pool Chart The schedule for [lie Y.M.C.A. iwimming pool, effective Mon- dnv wns announced by W. C. Fcr- rcll. general secretary, ows. foi- Schedules for five circml.s in Negro boys' baseball and in Babcj Ruth League baseball (o he play-' cd under direction cf ll;c Park Cam miss ton with A. B. Peyton and C. i£. Jordan as supervisors, ^.^''"^'--/"vF"/ 0 '. r rV.v c ""' v* .'/.ondc^v. EH \ v% Do!n v-Hco; ivHiv, j Sponsors and nianapers of Jj^ I A , Opl'n V H--a vi Pri'ic--. y.'.cn-l^-^ ,, -n u i. u n . - - - - - - · Grecnvmc boys baseball (cams were Iic/nored at u dinner al ihe Downtowner Motor Inn Friday | night and it was announced i Raymond Kimb!e Jr., Commissioner of (he boys leagues here. will receive a: Mississippi Recreation Association award for merilorions service to the youth uf Greenville. Chairman Hay Smith oE the Park Commission presided ovc; sembly nnd emphasized the im the meeting, welcomed the portance of the sponsors and managers in the success of boys' junior baseball. Ward Praises Kim hie E. M, Ward, supervisor of recreation for ihe F*ark Commission, made the announcement of ibc award to KimbLc, who is in St. Louis attending the graduation nf his daughter from college. Ward said Kimhlc had been identified vilh Little Boys Baseball rcenville since 1951. For !bree years he managed a Coca Cola cam (hat lost only one game and hen became Commissioner in which post he has served for several years. Ward praised the were announced Saturday. The season opens Wednesday. The leagues, teams and schedules follows: CURLS -- (!M8 yr.) -- Minimum age figured as uf Sept. 1, 1955. Minnow (Beginner) -- 9:30 a.m. -- Monday, Wednesday Friday. Flying Intermediate -10:30 a.m., Monday, Wednesday. Friday. Shark) Life Saving -- 9:30 a.m. -Tuesday ft Thursday. BOYS (9-18 yr.O Minimum age figured as of Scpl. 1. 19G5. 1^^^°".? Minnow (beginner) -- 1:30 p.jvrwr WEST" v ^ccrcn i«* 0 -i m. - Monday, Wednesday ft'n^^V^, o"' e W«\, W wt' Friday. L^H^', ^rFrrV,H W ^V 0 *, VF '' V; ~'*'~ Fish (Low fntermediate) 2:3Q| v/r^n^dr/, iu.-e 30, VF\V For 5 esday Leagues BYCHARLI£ KERG oe Naniath, the Alabama U. great, who received a fabu-' 'lous sum to sign with the pros after winding up his career on the grid at Tuscaloosa, is the most talked of gridcler in the country. All kinds of stories have come out about his knee injury. Two young Grcenvillians, Richard Schwartz and Jay Stein cornered your correspondent a few days ago bent on talking sports. Schwartz and Stein said they learned with regret that Namath' knee injury isn't responding to treatment and the Alabama U. Irainer is much concerned. What about his pro contract? That's what Stein and Schwartz wanted lo know. It seems to your correspondent that the pros must dish lout the sum called for in (he Juna -22. Greenv.!'i M,|| · Oil v» Gypium Co. ViiMr Ark:ni vi pu;» Oil contract. After all the treatment jur» 2j, G'*enviiie Mil vi may bring the knee injury around Ail ini vi Gvcvjm Co. I i , i _ r, i · -,, , ju/ i. AiL.m vi G-t«viiie! ai ; d t ! ie pcn nsylvantan will be iri.1/. : CC Comic": " IJ-.-^f Per. CC^.-T. S i f l u'v ?/, VFW - -.) E.3^r* I Hcnil · · v ? / . fi-:. Ccr--i'l ·fl M*n«f vi V I V / l- i v -Q Si-iod Ik, -f Cci^'rn vs VIW if.d.i \cnit vi Kr.i Wcd-elJnv. crol Uirr June , ?. 9, V I V / vi V/ESY « 11, Sacred He «r,il 0-ircrcii Juie 16. VFV/ Fur PI' 18. Scr SOUTHERN LEAGUE (Mavd. Bryon Pail) Ju~» 11. Wai 10-1 ' i r Gietr-.v.lle U-nht- ·i'lf. Ji no 16, P--h Lu--b'. L u ; - v vi VJt Tv;*idn/. July 6, Grenvlfn Mill vi iGvnvj-n C^i ; Fvre Oil vi A ' V i n i ( Ihuiid-^Y. Ji,ly 0, F\:rt O I vt Gteen- V i l ' ^ Will; Gypium Co. vi A-V.ini luevd^v. Jul/ 13. Green v'.lli /.MM vi Ai:;-.V Pus* O.I vi Gvpuim Co. IKunri-jy. July 15, Gyciu-^ Co vj Girenvi '« Alill; A»tini vi PLIB Oil TueiHny, July ?0. Gj«.-,vill e Mil] vi Puii Oil: A l k m % v» GYCIUII Co. lu-,. vil e /.'..ll; Gvpi.m Co. % t Alk-m lfr w ,| NATIONAL LCACU1 l ' - t - Y 1 [Mnwd« Bryon PotkJ q - X l , Tutirlnv, Ju~a I. \Valkei Far low " Sln.-c-n: Mnr-'i vi De'.n Wl-sl. . , ' Ihui^dnv, .r ff 3. Delia \Vr a i'» c- bf vation League is also planning a regatu on Lake Lee probably next week Malcolm Lowe, president of the Greenville Boat Racing Cluh, said at noon Saturday the Lake Lee races had not been sel as yet. Lowe and Carlton (Shot) Johnston have driven boats at Mc- Ccmb and Sicily Island, La., during the past two weeks. There will be no regattn in the Deep South (his week-end. »ys baseball here. He said , .nselfish service of those who aidj ol)out membership rales. oungsters must be taught to | ?lay. "We learn from others",j The Watch Sur« To Please Th» Grad From BUSCHS "^ ELGIN JEWELS Lifetime MainsprTngc Shotk-Resiit--Sweep Second, Gents 50c WEEKLY iuperbly jiyicd t'mepiices designed fcf long, dependable Jetvice, Wilh Erp. bands at illyj, 24,95, *[f cryilaT, cai* crown ore JnfacN COMPARE VALUES ttitlnitt's tutor tmi tutor :).m., Monday, Wednesday [ ; rt- day. Flying Fish (raid-lnlermcdi- alp) 3:30 p.m. Monday, Wednesday Friday. Shark (high-Intermediate) Life Saving -- 2:00 p.m. Tuesday Sc Thmsduy. WOMEN: -- 7:00 p.m. Tuesday Thursday. MOTHERS DAUGHTERS: (li-7-8 yrs.) 7:00 p.m. Monday. FATHEKS St SONS: (6-7-8 yrs.) 7:00 p.m. Friday. MEN: -- (ll:.|5-l:30 Monday thru Friday ( 5:00-6:30). Contact YMCA for information vrvv. rw.l. SntTd Hi F,.cio». J.ry 1. Sorrrd Hfn.r vl .VEiY vi fu-ptnl nirefion Jbly 7 VFW vi « V J Snt'rH Hr-vr ffi-iov. J^S- 9. Fi-rwiol Cii«:' -W : V.'FSY vl Ssar* Hfn.1 V.'cdr-itiay. J..'v U. VFVJ vl S-!ir»H Fu-.-rol tliieclc.! vl WESY Fiid^v. J,lv 16. '.VE5Y vi VP.V: Frldny. -V-.. '. \ WtiiiHii'av. ' Ju-'t Mii:lv. Wtn^T Ts-.ving vi V/E3Y- I Fr'c^v. J L -!v ?. V. - tin3n i B W - j : r.icrnvllr lumbci MI vi- Wrdr.rvrny JuV 7 |G.«n.ille Lun.hen Luci.v In/. JJv Delrn 8, v/all.c, "l 0, J. V-ti Ju:-» 15. Woll. : Mny's vs J. i vs V/ol Moa's \Vho'e l a VJho'e t o He( . Fu-er 419 WASHINGTON /WE. · Pepper Plants · Cabbage Plants · Eggpants · New Flower · Field Corn Peas Garden Seeds · Onion Plants · Sweet Potato · Tomato Plants Plants -ARRIVING DA1LY- Wetherbee Hardware Co. "II We Don't Have It Yon Don't Need It" 121 S. Walnut Phone ED 2-8177 GreeonDe, MJM. Ward said. Smilh presented Park Commissioners Dr. N. A. Bologna and Jim Loyd and said H. 0. Fells wus unable lo attend because of being out of the city. He also presented Joe Rayuurn as director of boys baseball. Sam Neyman as the principal speaker said this was the Ifilh. season of boys' litlle league baseball slarling Monday. He said the leagues starled in 1950 with Tom Jones of the Park Commission and the Rev. Garland Holloman as Ihe entire adult staff. There were four leams in the first league with less than 50 boys. This las grown (o 16 leagues with 60 adult leaders. The expenditure for participa- lion and equipment has increased, Neyman said, from $1,000 lo $10.000. "The I.iltle League program is an ideal one in which values arc laughl and character developed", le said. Attending the dinner included he following: Joe Wasson, Johnny Long Jr., Mike Leach, W. C. Williams, Doug Gardner, Jim Loyd. Ed Shaw- blosky, Jack Hunlley, Doan Loyd, Dr. N. A. Bologna, Dennie Criswell, James Smilh. Burlcn White, Bud Williams, Jesse Harris, Jim Mcars, Lester Powell, Lee Newman. Frank Smilh. C. L. Morion, [iddie McGaugh, Troy Creely, Tom Hcbart, E. M. Ward, Sam Neyman, Ray Smilh. James Harrington and Charles Kerg. ChiSox Win 2-0 Over Lowly Yanks By United Press International It was supposed [o IK: Ihe beginning of operation get well for the New York Yankees but they're sicker than ever. V/^J-icsdav. Jul/ ?1 VFV.' \ Circ;'ois: Hcail v, WESY 3V. JL/Y 23. S a c r e d Htoil vs Kn«ial P . I C J Q I S Ws^nv. Jul/ 28. vr\7 I Due:rors vs Sacred M-: BABE BUIlt LEAGUE riv. JU^B I, Prf. Can VFW; £ncird H«f:M vs Cp.-dcn lhi.iscHv. Junt 3. Cc-mfci vs linger VFV; vs Sn-iH Hrirl luesdcy Ji-T.e 8. Sor. Co-n.Tvllfs Saricd Kenil: VrW vs Co-r*-n Tri-iidoy. Ju-e 10. VFV/ vs R« C '.·«: Co-idcT vs Sailed Henri Tueidcy. Jur.e 15. Ret. Cc:-T-iiffe Condc-: Pcaed Hec:i vi VfW Ihus-Jav. June 17. Sacred Heoil Bee. Cc^tiillec: C=-d=.i vs VFW Tues-i;i/. Ju-e 22. Pec. Cu-rwiriris VF'.V: S«;«ecJ Hccir vs Cc-ijo.. TF-^udcv. Ju-e 2-1. Condci vi I Hi-.ilut-: VFV/ s s 5acif:J M*cil [^csdo/. Jano /9. Re-. Co-ri-::-ee in^rT Fit-lit: V f V / vs Co^dcn IK'isa'o/ July 1. Vr\V vs Te n nee Cc-.ri-jn vs Sircred Fieti-: . Lu-iibe; esdcv. July | Wedni fu '" ! ° 1 |J ] ' ( -" !n T o ""n- L " 1 "' rj V F W ; ' Ff=Hoy. Jutv 16, Gieeiv.lle Lumber vi Rcrirt Bh'^ ; Wcssci Tov/rt] vs h - f V y \ V £ S Y - i WednssH^v. July 51. Red? Eldq. vs lurky; V.Yssen Totvi-3 vs Greenvil.'e iun- tx- r.,rfjy. Jul/ 23, Wassail TowV.g v» iCode Blrtji. G'eenvil'c tii-ber ys Luclv m - ! \Ved-esdav. Ji-ly ?3. Rcdp Eldg. vj jG.TC^vir'e Luiiber vs \Vnsiwi Towiiio v s = Fiidcv. Jj^v 30, lutlv v j Pode B'dg.; Giae-.illi lim,boi vs \Vassii Towira DELTA LEAGUE ID.loin. PoiM K-lal. 1^-t I. G-««.:il!c MMI vs Altir.s: Pu'B O.I vs GYPSU-II Cn. s IF.uisdcy, Ju.-» 3. Gyps'_-t Cn. vs .Giee-./H'e t.\-'.'.; A ' l l n s vs Puie O.I Tuesday. Juni 8. G:eenv.i!» ll.\\t v» Pt-'.u Oil: vs GvpSLin Co Ihj.-scfa/, Ju-e 10. A-l. rs vs Gieen. villa fA.'!; Gvcs-JH Co. vs Ft-te Oil Tuesda/. Jun Mas's lueitfav. Pellu V/Frel ll.ivisd'iy. Far-m: Dello Wholesale v lucsdov, Ju-e 57. \Vall Slmioaiv Mco's vs Delia IFu.idav. Ju.-n 2.1. P.Ir Wo'l.r Far.ns, J. SF.nir.w Tuc'ScJcjy, Jura 79, Wn'.Ver ,Mc«s; J. SlKimacT vs D-Ur» \ IhuisoV.,. Jul, ,. j. Shc,~,= Ui; Dtlla V/F-.olesale v 'I I t e s d c y . Jul/ 6 . V/altei F a . H V/hclesale; AVae'i vl J. Sho-no 1 Truiisdny. Ju'.-/ 8. Maes vs rns! Delia wholuali v. J. S Tuesrf-iv, -V-r/ 13, V/o'kei FocrrrKin: W o e ' s vj Delfa Whol Ihuisday, J^'ly 15, Delln Who'escJa vi Wallter Fn-'n-s; J Sho-ocn vs Mae's lhi.isriay, July SO. Waller form! vs nn'sj J. Sh^mo^n vs Uelicr Whofesr'e*,v. July 17. J. Shon^on vs Wol kir Forrrs; Oel'n WFtoTesoli vi Wae'i Tueidcy. July 77. Wnlkei Four.s vs Oil rcr Who'eiales Mne 1 . vi J. Shcrr.oon Tli-rs-Jay. July n, Mae'i vi Walk«i (aims; Delia Wtialesnl* vi J. S!:am3cu Osl- n Walk«i ^rrvocn i vj J ale o.k. aficr all. At least [hat's (lie hope of everyone. Tliey \vouli] like lo see that guy in action again. SUNDAY MORNING TOAST AND COFFEH: Coaches Fred Perkins and Charlie Hull of lite! Hornets will measure colion Iliisj ;ummer . . . An Ole Miss staiul-j out says Evan A. Lewis, sports , director of a Columbus radio station, is Ihe new football play' by-play announcer for University o[ Mississippi . . . Coach Dom Bcvalaquc of St. Joseph will work on his master's degree al Ole Miss Ibis summer anil Coach Chick Scheidennan, also of the rish, will spend the summer in New Jersey . . . Norris Morgan, pro golfer at Greenwood Golf and Country Club, informs that he is arranging a round-robin of young golfers tor Greenwood, Greenville, Clarksdale and Yazoo City . Wracked by injuries and ghting to gel info the AmcrE-' can Lcacuc pennant race, the to the, series Yankees looked forward start of a three-game villi (he Chicago While Sox to re-establish themselves as contenders. But Iheir hopes for an immediate leap into the thick of lire AL race were demolished Friday night when the While Sox scored a 2-D victory over them, keeping the Sox a half game in front in the AL race and shoving the defending AL champions nine games off Ihe pace. Joel Iforlen, a quick - talking pilcher with f.nst ball and curve lo match, held Ihe Yankees to six hits lo score his fifth victory againsl three losses. * * * Phone 5-3545 638 Wash. Ave. SI Banish bill bother... Ihe easy way Bills piling up? Cross them out with a Bill Paying Loan from us. 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