The Bessemer Herald from Bessemer, Michigan on December 26, 1941 · Page 1
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The Bessemer Herald from Bessemer, Michigan · Page 1

Bessemer, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, December 26, 1941
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GOGEBIC COUNTY SEAT NEWSPAPER OLDEST PAPER IN GOGEBIC. COUNTY Subscription: $2 Per Year Bessemer. Michigan. Friday, December 26, 1941 BESSEMER AND WAKEFIELDTIED CARDS WIN SECOND LOOP TILT BY DEFEATING IRON. WOOD 19-16 FRIDAY NIGHT Win. Supercynski Passes Tuesday N'gfat Volume 56i: : Number 52 G I V E C O U R T E S Y F O R C H R I S T M A S William Supereynski, Known resident of this city, passed away at Grand View hospital Tuesday night at 10:15. He had been a patient at ike hospital for nearly 4re« years/* When Wakefield defeated Hurley J:T j° F^ck f^eraTh^e*atte^*l5? was Wm;i Christmas day ordered an upset, but when they jf^^ w ^ ^ Veesaa ^ « came through and defeated Ironwood M ay 21, 1%4/of Mr. and Mrs. Anton last Friday night on the Red Devil* ' * ter than average ball club. The score in the Ironwood-Wakefield game was 19-16 in favor of Wakefield. The low score indicate* that both teams were not up in their j hoop-finding, for the ball just kept going in and out of the hoop, instead of going through for points. The score at the half-time period was 7 for Wakefieid and 3 for Ironwood. Wakcfield's defense and their stalling offense to draw out their opponents, kept Ironwood the underdog throughout the contest. Dravecky ot Ironwood was thej leading scorer for the evening, flnd-| ing the hoop for two field goals and) four free throws. Wojeiehowski · of Wakefield lead his teammates with ; Mrs. ski, and several brothers and sisters survive him. Funeral arrangements have not been/ completed as we go to press Wednesday morning. BESSEMER DEFEATS MARQUETTE 36-34 by his brilliant play outshowu the other players, tn both the .offensive and defensive .departments. Wedenoja of Wakefield, who played fine ball, was forced out of the game when he made three personal fouls--Trewyn deciding to use him only it forced to when Ironwood would. threaten the lead, but that occasion never arose. In the closing minutes the Irouwood players rushed the stalling Cards, but failed to overcome the lead. In the B game, the Red Devils defeated the Cards 29 to 23. . Bof. .score,for the ,main event: ' 'Wakefield (19) · FG Ribich _ ,, 1 Popovich . _i 1 Trezise _ 1 Wojciehowski . ._ 3 ·Wedenoja _ 0 Orlich ..' 1 Totals 7 Ironwood (16) FG Dravecky _ 2 Lutey _ 1 Gorrilla 1 Scott _ 0 Hudaeek _ 0 Cvengros 0 Anguslyniak 0 Johnson _ 0 Langdon _ 0 GundeiKon _ 0 Babich ,, 0 Gotta . 0 Stolt 0 :FT' o 2 '1 0 0 2 B FT 4 0 1 0 0 o 2 0 1 . 0 0 0 0 PF 1 1 0 2 3 3 10 PF 1 1 0 3 0 0 3 0 1 0 1 0 0 OVERCOME EARLY LEAD TO HAVE .500 AVERAGE DURING CURRENT CAGE SEASON · Coach Butherus took his Speed Boys to Marquette last Friday night and brought back a victory which he literally snatched from the fire, as the local boys overcame an, early 11 point lead and went on to win the contest by a score ot 36 to 34. Heikkinen, playing the forward position, was the big gun in the Bessemer attack, tallying 11 points by.5 field goals and 1 free toss. Forty-one personal fouls were called during the game, and Lucas Pertile were seat out of the game because of four personals, while Mar- Quette lost three o£ its players on personal fouls. Kesky ot Marquette was the leading scorer, making 6 field goals for 12 points, while his teammate, Chap- Tp man, found the hoop for. three-field 2 goals and tour charity tosses, for ten . * .points.f. .... - . . - . . _ ... .-: 3 Bessemer now enjoys a ,500 win.- 6 lose average, winning from Ashland ~ and Marquette, and dropping two con* tests to Iron River. ~~ Friday, January 9th will be the 19 TP 8 2 3 0 0 0 2 0 1 0 0 0 next game for the Speed Boys, and Coach Kraemer will bring his Red Devils into the local gymnasium for one ot the big games of the basketball season. Bessemer and Wakefield are tied for the lead in the M-W conference standings, with Bessemer winning one and losing none in. the Conference, while the Cardinals are rejoicing ovc-r two victories against Hur- Score by periods: Wsikeiield - ______ 3 7 14 Iromvooti _ ______ 1 3 11 Officials: Povasser, Ashland, eree; Vining, umpire. Conference Standings Team W L Pet. Wakelield . _________ 2 0 1.000 Bessemer . _________ 1 o 1.000 Hurley . ------------ 2 1 .666 Ashland _ __________ 0 2 .000 Ironwood _ __________ 0 2 .000 ley and Irouwood for a clean slate in the standings. O J Summary for the Marquette game: -- | Bessemer (36) FG FT PF TP j Brown _ 1 2 1 4 19. Heikkinen _ 5 1 3 1 G j Jacobson O i l ref- j Rice - 0 2 0 Gerovio.h _ . 1 0 1 Lucas _ 1 2 4 Fertile _ 2 1 4 Kosmioki _ 0 0 2 Velin - 1 0 1 Rouker 1 3 2 . in fa's Cttt-fetttttis tuttfi lifrn always. Winning Team Pro- ' duces Cash Balance · According to a report received by the school board at its meeting last ·week, the receipts from, the A. D. Johnston high school football season recently ended, totaled $2,244.46. Expenditures were $1,595.07, which substracted from the receipts left $649.39. Accounts payable of $512 leaves the present balance of ?137.39. The receipts for the various games follow: Wakefield, ?23S-S4, Calumet, $218.11 i 01, Hurley. $1,326,55. The guarantee l! for the Ironwood game was $150 and 2 for the Ashland game $50. I Dick Leads in Scoring Donald Dick, center from Hurley, leads the Conference in points made during conference games. His total ia 25. Gpeiither, forward on the Hurley team is in a three-way tie for sec- Totals 12 Marquette (34) FG Kesky _ 6 Erickson T 0 Williams 3 Chapman Lahti _ . 3 0 Gingrass - 0 Finn _ 0 ond place with Nyland of Ashland Brunim _ 0 and Wojciehowski of Wakefield, at 15 points. Lucas of Bessemer registered 13 points' in the lone contest Bessemer has played in conference play, against Ashland, for fifth place, and Peterson of Ashland is right behind with 12 points. Thomas of Hurley : and Melberg of Ashland are tied with ten points each. Vadnais _ 3 Kitzmah - 0 Totals 14 - Scora by periods: Bessemer _ 4 Marquette _ 14 12 FT 0 0 1 4 0 1 0 0 0 0 IS PF 4 2 2 4 1 4 1 36 TP ia o 7 10 0 1 0 0 BESSEMER BRIEFS and Mrs. Arthur Retallic '. 'daughter Elayne, of Palms, were called to Amasa, Michigan, by the death of Mr. Retallic's mother, Mrs. Grace ^Retallic, 76, who died Tuesdas ornin,; at 1:30, following a stroked See Active Service Local Youth George Ballone. son of Mr. and Mrs. Domenic Ballone of GOO Longyear street, aboard the U.S.S. Cincinnati when last heard from lie was in Atlantic waters. Sulo Sumi, formerly of the Harding location, is.believed to be in the Pearl Hanhor area. Douglas Allen', son of Mrs; Rose Allen of Anvil location, is in Pearl Harbor aboard the U.S.S. West Virginia. No word has been received from Douglas since the war outbreak. John Marchello Jr., son. of John Marcbello of 303 W. Lead St., is in the Pearl Harbor area aboard the U.S.S. M ( edusa. No word has been received since the Japanese attack. Rusael Gustafson, brother of Edward Gustafson, when last heard from was stationed in Pago-Pago, aboard the U.S.S. Kingfisher, u minesweeper. Daley Directs WPA Band In Concert · The Gogebic county band, under the direction of Walter L. Daley preserved a concert, followed by a dance, at the Bessemer city hall Monday night. The ooncert program: "11 Guarany," overture by Gomes Waltz from "Faust," Gounod "March of the Toys," from "Babes in Toy!and," Victor Herbert Ballet, "Egyptian Suite," Luigini "Legend of a Rose," Reynard March "Gloria," Losey "Strains from Erin," Cailliet "Gol Bless America," Irving Berlin. FRANCIS WAR CASUALTY FIRST BESSEMER MAN REPORTED MISSING IN PRESENT WAR WITH JAPAN .r'eallty -;bf .war \" BtrucTcr- hotrie -~to :B : es~Betoer?; "residents .; Sunday J official'. . : ' worsjj jjijis- . received by (hat- her ; soni Brat class, In the United States Navy, was among the missing. Mrs,' Cy- choaz leceived an official ' teTegram from Washington about 8 o'clock Saturday night A "TCychosz was born in this city on July 2, 1923 and he graduated with the class of 1940 from the local high school. He is well known to Gogebic Range Athletic fans for his outstanding ability in both basketball and football. He enlisted in the Navy on October 7, 1940. He has been located at the Pearl Harbor base for several months, aboard the U. S. S. Ari2ona, one of the largest battleships in the American fleet. It was during the Japanese raid on Pearl Harbor that the U. S. S. Arizona was the victim of a direct hit of the invaders which blew up the ship's boiler and its forward magazine exploded when a bomb was dropped down the smokestack. The missing seaman's father, Henry, served overseas in the 340th Field hospital 310 Sanitary Train during the last World War. The father was killed here 19 years ago when hit by a train. Besides the mother, a brother, Raymond, remains.. At present he ia attending the state police school at Lansing . Michael A. Gedda Chief .Of -Police. John. Milakovich, son of Mr. and . Ward Gremore of Veronu Is a daughter of the deceased. - M l M | M r B _ Jos h Milakovich of Ramsay , Klayne is an employe of the Herald. when , aat heard from ^ Qn ^ duty in the Atlantic. A greeting card received by the Herald from Fort Sill at Lawton 41 Oklahoma, states that all friends of 15 19 23 30 24 Oj Roger" Cerioni are being wished a -- j Merry Christmas. "The same to 241 you and all the rest of Uncle Sam's Buddies," signed, Everybody. 36 34 Referee: Heiny, Negaunee; umpire. Vanni, Negaunee. Last Rites For Louis After-Holiday Contests By far the best game after the. _ . . . _^ holiday season promises to be the OCiarHU Held Thursday Bessemer-Ironwood clash in the local gymnasium, Friday, January 9th. The other Conference tilt will see Iron-wood traveling to Ashland for a game with the twice-beaten Purgold- ers, by the twice-beaten Red Devils. A Funeral services for Louis SciariV who died December 14 at HoweJl.. Mich,, were conducted by the Rev. Ginp Ferrari at the St. Sebastian church at 9 o'clock. \Intermeut was Hurley takes on Wasburn at Lincoln a Hillcrest cemetery)^ gymnasium, Friday, January 9th, and i ·*- Pall bearers were Frank Negri and thft Rilltlp P.VPTllnP XXTalfOfio^ nnrl AcTi- A j , _ *r»..*_» » , - ·_ .. ~ the same evening Wakefield and Ash- Inland will meet at the Cardinal gymnasium in a Conference battle. Completes Training Charles W. Swanson, Jr., 21, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Swanson of | Arcadio Erlicker, and members of the United Italian, societies who were Peter Bollini, Peter Maccardini, Celeste Brentar and John lelxnini. Children Free Matinee The annual Rex Theatre free · ! -- -I I ^"D ouuuoi JXCA. 1UOAUQ i«rc p this city, completed his basic train- [ Christinas show for Bessemer township and city. children was held Sat- ing at the Marine corps base at San Diego, Calif., last week. He has won medals for being an expert rifle and pistol marksman. ; bring toys to be admitted. The Herald is being . published Wednesday morning instead of Friday, in order to reach city subscribers before Christmas.' jrThe following students from Bessy nier and vicinity are on Christmas vacation from the University ' of Michigan, Dec. 19 to Jan. 5: Bessemer -- Reuben Kelto, John Kuivinen, Faux Massie (who has been home for some time recovering from an illness), Raymond Mattson,, Gloria Ochis, Lloyd Olsen. Ramsay--Margaret Anderson, Arthur Heikkinen, Carlo Heikkinen, Bunny Johnson, Shirley Knuctsen, Arthur Koski, Alden Wakevainen, John Wakevainen. ^Puritan--John Laine, Reino RomoV ^" · . Miss Albina Ijsdyk of Kalamatoo, who is attending - Western State and brother Joe Lysciyk of Detroit, Teachers College, in her'senior year. Andrew Swistak, son of Mr. niui Mrs. Mike Swistak o£ Ramsay, when; ast heard from was in Atlantic waters. William Kereczman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Kereczman of Ramsay, aboard the U.S.S. Colorado - is believed to be in Pacific waters. Leonard Olson, of Ramsay, with the U.S. marine corps, is located in a. marine base at Hawaii. Kenneth Gremore, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ward Gremore of Verona,: with the 45tb Pursuit Squadron is located at Wheeler Field, Hawaii. A telegram was received from the adjutant.gener- al in Washington informing his parents that their son, Kenneth, "had sustained serious injury in action af Hickam Field in Hawaii. On last Tuesday morning a telegram, was received from Kenneth himself, stating "doing fine" signed "Ken." Andrew Yesney, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eli Paviovich ot Verona is at /Pearl Harbor stationed aboard the H*Iiehaer-Av Gedda began his duti«T- Monday as the Bessemer chief of' police. He succeeds Charles J, Sea- varda, who has resigned, to become a mining company officer for the Pick- ands, Mather company, which, op- - erates the Palins in this city, the Sunday Lake and Plymouth in Wakefield, the Anvil mine, the Newport and Gary mines .T^. rSedda's appointment was made by Mayor Basil J. Buchko and has received informal approval ot the common council, official approval will be given ar the regular meeting, Monday night, January 5. Mr. Gedda was city alderman in the fiscal year 1920-1921, mayor of the city in 1922, 1923, ,1924, 1933 and 1934. ' H e was. state representative in 1931 and 1935. He served in the army from December 13, 1917 to June 20, 1919, fourteen months of which were spent overseas. He also served as post commander of the Peter Gedda Post of the American Legion. The retiring chief has served in various public capacities since 1917, when he served a year in tho United States Marino flying corps, being ti fire truck driver in the city for six · , | years, the first after Bessemer mo- Mrs. Arthur Koski of Ramsay \vas I torized its fire department. He was appointed general chairman last j street commissioner two years, and Thursday of the Red Cross work in [ a stato conservation officer for six Ramsay and Puritan by Mrs. Ellen j years, and one year as a mining of- Encksoii, Iromvood, county Red Cross! fleer for the Corrigan-McKinney chairman. steel com pany when that concern operated tho Yale and Ironton mines. "Scrubby" as he is popularly known has worn the chief's badge Mrs. Arthur/Koski Township Red Cross General Chairman her sub- Mrs. Koski appointed chairmen _as follows: At Ramsay: Mrs. John Gottwald, representing Catholic women, the Ramsay home extension group and the American Legion Auxiliary, sewing .chairman; Mrs. Clarence Vivian, | representing the Community church; knitting chairman; Mrs. James -Peterson, representing the Swedish Lu-' group chairman. At Puritan: Mrs. Henry Ellis, rep- for nearly six years. Elect William Luoma Head Of Odd Fellows - . - - - . . . William Luoma was elected nmne theran Ladies. Aid society, bandage/^and by the O(M Pc n OW3 lodge at resenting the Puritan Parent-Teacher i grand, association, knitting chairman; Mrs. Other a meeting held last Thursday night. Edwin Carter Is the past noble Alfred Erickson, American Legion chairman; Mrs. representing the officers named are John representing the Auxiliary, sewing Richard Puritan Banfield, Woman's .Catholic Guild, bandage group chair- Burt, vice grand; John H. Kent, recording secretary, and William Arthur James, treasurerV* rhe officers will be installed at a meeting on January 2. man. Mrs. Koski reports that volunteers j ROTC Promotions can Join in the work by eommunicat-1 k U.SS. Honolulu. Word, has been received from Andrew since the attack apprising his parents of his safe- tyV -- · urday afternon at 2 o'clock. It iraa are spending the duiatmaa holiday not necessary for the children to with their mother, Mra. ayk, East Lead street. Miss Mary Prlcco Is spending the Christmas holidays at her home here. She ia a first year student at St. ing with any of the chairmen. The making of bandages wilj be done at the township hall at Ramsay and Puritan school. The quota ot material has not ibeeu received for the Red Cross work. Work now being performed is for the benefit of refugees. Anvil will have its own Red Cross organization under the general chairmanship of Mrs. E. C. Carlson. Scholastlca college, at Duluth, Minn, at her home here. Miss Rita Ann Grabowski, freshman at St. SclioJastica college at Duluth, is,spending her Christmas vacation Lieut. Col. L. J. Cartwright announced the promotions in the A. D. Johnston high school Reserve Officers Training Corps here Friday. Robert Isdehski was prompted to cadet captain; Jack Mallory received the promotion to first lieutenant and I second in command. j Second lieutenants are: Robert Kosmicki, Robert Brown, John East, Robert Rigotti, and Jon Rice. Sergeants are: Carl Erickson, Wilho Heikkinen, rence Michela, WIgman, Holland. Albln Fertile, Ei-win Kalllo, Law- Lloyd William Lucas and Jack

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