The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 12, 1951 · Page 54
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 54

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 12, 1951
Page 54
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Chriiti CALLER-TIMES. Sun., Aug. 12. 1951 'Naughty Nineties' Opens Wednesday At Little Theatre The 'Naughty Nineties." first in^Town" will stage a comic musical t series of three Lemonade Re; iium w. f vues being staged this summer by! O t h e r s in the cast include. Little Thfvip C^'-pii" f'hrjsti. wil'ICharJes Davis, Phillip Dorn, Betty, open »t X:30 p. in. Wednesday at-Hester, Raymond Killyer, L o u i s 1 th* Little Theatre Playhouse. 5523; Schneider, and Clarine Young. | South Alameda. The show will run Katherine Allen will be pianist. through Saturday. i Dom. who is Little Theatre tech- MarceUynn Gates, who played; nieal director, designed the set the dead-uaii flanoer in !»".' sum-1 for the gay nineties production. Trier's Jalna Room Little theatre Ruth Delmar Sullivan assisted dir- show, will appear as Elvira Haw- ector Walter Jensen with the pro- Jsins in a. play-in-a-pla.v melodra-iduction. ^ JTIH: as an Indian squaw, and asj Mrs, Row Allen and Mrs. E. "p. Lillian Russell. She will be sup-1Adams head the committee which ported by Pat Christine. Del Mar I will serve lemonade during the College music itiident who is oast shows, giving the Xienionade Reas Jenny Lind. and by Ral Walk- vues then- name. The Sweet Ade- «r. Naval Air Station tenor, cast!lines, local women's barbershop as Enrico Caruso. 'quartette, will sinjr in the lobby Emory Thompson, who appeared!during intermission, during the past season in "Our! Rehearsals tor the second of the Town" and "The Hasty Heart,"'Lemonade Revues, the "Roaring ·will head the list of comedians.'Twenties." to open Aug. 22, are Ke will be supported by his wife,!now underway, Jensen has an- Marie Thompson. Larry A u d-e t. jnounced. All roles in the produe- and Bobhy Best. Thompson is i lion are not yet filled. Jensen said, making his final appearance w i t h j a n d HUditions are conducted bv the local group, because he i s j h i m . The third revue. " I n s i d e moving to Houston. j Corpus Christi" will open Aug. 29. Earl Butler and Mary Ann Har-: Tickets for any or nil of the refold will be one of tho top dance jvuen are $ 1 . for adults, ft?, cents teams in the revue. Madeline Lee!for children, plus tax. They are ·wjll appear in a waltz ballet n u m - i o n sale at Haltom Optical Co., her and two Little Theatre- regu-!Kelly's Music Store, CJolding's lars, Martha Renick anri Mollye.Shoe Store, Modern Pharmary. Davis, who both appeared in "Our'and «t the playhouse. AMUSEMENTS New TV National Hookup To Be One-Way at First STILL BUSY -- It's been three years since Maria Montez, I above, has done a film in Hollywood, but she's still one ! of the busiest actresses in the world. She's made a few I movies in France, a few in Italy, done a stage play in i Europe thai took her on tour through, France, Belgium | and Luxembourg, and right now she's in an Italian film i about a bunch of dashing pirates. (Wide World Photo) STARRMG M EUROPE Radio Vigorous Despite Spread Of TV Influence By H'AVNE OLIVER 'only, says its business is up four I NEW YORK, Aug. 11. (#-Ra percent "over \last year. t jdio is striking: back. Radio station WPAT i n Pater-1 Overwhelmed for a time by the son, M.J., announced this week that whoop-te-do over television, radio; because it had 25 percent more i broadcasters have come out listeners than a year ago-in the t punching. They are firing facts i metropolitan New York-New Jerland figures to show that radio is sey area (with 2,400,000 television not dying or even fading away, jsets) it would increase rates to Set manufacturers, meanwhile, ^sponsors Sept. 10. The station said are looking consolingly to their'its greatest gains in audience were radio sales which have held up Jin prime television evening hours, exceptionally well, despite a severe -A number of other radio stations slump in their TV set sales and a;across the country previously had general letdown in other consumer increased rales on the grounds that goods. they had gained additional listen- There are no illusions that tele«:ers. vision's slowdown is anything bwtj Benjamin Abrams, president of temporary. And despite an earlier; Emerson Ra,dio and Phonograph pooh-pooh attitude by some radio;Corp., which makes both radio and folk, there's a realization that ra-;TV sets, says "radio has held up dio will have to move over and j exceptionally w e!l considering the make room. But there's a grow-.slump in television." Radio Corp. ing realization all around that al-jof America and other set manu- though radio may not enjoy theifacturers make similar reports- same eminence it did before TV, j Abrams, like many others in the it will remain a vital part of the j industry, forecasts that television American scene--that there will;will not displace radio by any be plenty of room left for radio i means but will be an added fac- even when television becomes na-j-tor in the home. He forecasts that tiomvide. j after the novelty of TV wears off.! St production figures show dra-[the ratio of radio listening to video j matically that radio has been af-;viewing will settle down to about; fected far less by television than j fifty-fifty, many forecasts had indicated. · And Abrmas forecasts that the i Prosperous Year ;total TV viewing time and radio: During 1950. television's great-listening time in the average home! est boom year, manufacturers;will he substantially more than- made nearly 7,500,000 TV sets but,in time spent on radio before video ; also turned out more than 14.-; arrived. j 500.000 radio sets--or nearly twoj radios for- each TV. It was th HIGH UP IN HOLLYWOOD--Cecil B. DeMille, right, master of the super-colossal movie, likes to ride the camera boom aloft to get bird's eye view of the set. He says he wears puttees, not for bizarre effect, but to give support to legs, lie holds microphone in hand which he uses to shout orders to cast and crew. (Wide World Photo) ~ -r» ·» ·»-»»-.-·. m r-r -n i ·w r 70th BIRTHDAY By WAY.NK OJLTVKIt NKW YORK, Aug. II. (AFl | the four network companies -1 their programs. for . t h r e e years immediately after the; ond of World War .11, during which civilian radio production had been .shut down and millions -of sets! [wore out or became obsolete. : And since the first of this year, , television set sales have slumped i badly but radio sales, and pro- Auction, have hummed right along. | jVVith TV production down, the ra-1 R O M K , Aug. 11. ( A P ~ ~ Note to; and a bathroom with oacli -b;-d-i l i o currently is seven or eight r a - j American movie f a n s : No. fiery | room --- very unusual for Paris. ;dios for each TV set. Maria Montez Still In Movie Limelight Cecil B. DeMille Still Unpredictable Genius The coast-to-coast television nel-j Anotherfactor that will l i m i t t h e ' ^ !11 \ a] , MontM hasn't vanished i n ' B u t I've hardly seen the place." j Wi| h television lim.ited, by the! Even with all her movie commit-.'Kovernment freeze on new stations.! ·work hookup due to go into op-i . , eralion Sept. 30 will b it single j ' t e l e c a s t :one of those lost technicolor con - - . . Sept. 30 will be it single!"""""""' i" u R""" n ' r 1 7 ' - " " " V t j n e n t s where Hollywood script-,,,, e n l s ·,,, Europe, .spnrklmK-evod i t o fi4 1:ilis having 13 million sets, i Mr. Hollywood w i l l be 70 years old i the despair of associates', hustlin lane, one-way highway at the be-j acrass li!0 country is Die Dine fii!-. w r i t e r s keep p u t t i n g her. ! Maria still hopes to take a fling n t n ' « o ri-t.iins a big- advantage i n ; tomorrow but bustling Cecil B k n m t j t o keep up with him. By JACK QVKJiG 'head deeply tanned, looks 10 yearsjl'irst spectacle f i l m , "Carmen," HOLLYWOOD. Aug. n. ( A P ) - j younger than 70. His energy i s ' w j t ] , s(;oros of e .\tr;iK and g e n u i n e sets instead of painted flat j ferpnce of three bourn between Tlil b r o w n-eyecl diplomat's | A m e r i c a n television m a n y vveeks. "My afient keeps simply nuist ilo il". ; when I ginning. Probably until November, it : two coasts. A program o r i K i m i t i n g / l H i i g h i e r may have di^appeari-d: will provide'a channel only from i at 7 P- Jln - in N pw Y ( ! l k would be!from A m e r i c a n screens. Uil she's: the east to the. west coast.' View-! 0 " l h o »"' *l * P- n1 - '» l-°« A n . l f i l i l l fine of tlw busiest netivsscs m | ers in Salt Uikft City. Sun Fran-is''!" whf!n ri '»- st people s t i l l a r e : t l i e world. : _ Cisco, Los Angeles «iid San Dieg'oW work. A program o r i g i n a t i n g i n : M«na flits from Fiance to I t a l y ; A l , j n , t . u for the first time will b p ahle tojHoJlywood at 10 p. m. would lu-J" Kgypt and back to Italy a s a i n . j ; ^ ' . 0| j ; , *«» some of thft top n e t w o r k ! " " the air in New York at 1 a. in. "'" - ·'·" '" - '"' ' ' ' shows on a live-basis--as they are|« f t « r ! " osl foll; « l»«d fi""e to hed performed. Among the .shows expected ti Then when a west-to-east chan-; o l i R i » a ^ f''°m H o l l y w o o d an nel is opened, viewers along ihe| NBC ' s Comedy Hours, All-Star He. present network will be able toj v " e ' Bob H °P«. * nf - onginating in HolIv-jP r o K r f t m starring | CBS's Jat-k Benny. B u r n s and Even then, the n-tworks w l l l j A 1 1 ' n " n f Alnn y ' )un S. !ilici ABC ' S have to tajte turns using tlv new Jcrr - v tolonrifl Ml '^transcontinental link. You will not! likely candidates for transmis- bciure too'" 11 ' extent ot' coverage. (The j DeMille the one-man studio, has! He conceded that " p i c t u r e :!hree.year TV freeze, i.s due to be · no intention of slowing down. · making i s getting harder all ilv t e l l i n g me l ' l i f t e d la.te this year so new sta-! A s he has for 37 years, "C.B.' : | time," but quickly added, "1 s'ic s.'iVs, "So 'ti°ns can go on the nir in areas i plans to keep right ,on showing! psychologically." get bank to now without video i : Hollywood how to spend millions j His explanation, surprising ·es. M n r i a ' « il!« (iainscl in ess. Her real-life husband, French IP' lift has hern m n v i e l a n d ' s acknow- U-dged master .of the epic. : Many years ago ho oxprossoil ; belief t!w averape fan "wants to fronr s f l f ' wealth, things colorful, inter- ml see if .1 : Radio is nationwJile with more' 1 0 Ul "' i ^ e "'ore millions with spec-: a man whose latest picture, "Sam-Idling ;-inrl o.xotic.'' J t ' s a rare De- been in l e l r - j t h n n 2.900 stations and some, "ifxi | l a ( ! u l a r »ot-"n pictures. Even in-.son aiu.l Delilah." is expected to:Mille p i c i u r e that doesn't include all right, but only once.'million sets in use Around 4 2 ' l h e f - f - fla v of declining film rft-! gross nearly $20 trillion: He suf-;a P l a s h i n g batllo, a, p r e t t y .iclrcss us back in 10-19" j million of (he nation's homes r , r i v o n n c s - llp "lakes it look riecept-.fers from increasing doubts about i bathing', a violent l i g h t n i n g storm, " ° ' . - · - · - - c a s y_ ;his ability. :-' 1 lavish banquet, a groat tiix, a itwss Has been around. She's made or more wit ami more than 19! « ^e master of the ^uper-cnlos.: "1 have never made a. p l d u r e l c l i n s p a m o b ' a n d some impas- , m :a few mov.os in Franco, a few f n l m l l l i o n automobiles have radios ^' c ;"l cnw ^! c i S W o r r i e d _ a b o u t | w i t h o u t h e i n p f r i f i h e n e d . ' h* «i,d |«onod .mooclnng. f ' i l t a l v , dropped over to Kgypt for!Add on th* extra sets in homes * e f , u t u r e - h " s nrtt ildlll ' Uln S ' t - ! , O£ wh: ; l? Of whether 1 s q i e w o d i used 4.000 extra... and V i a quickie vacation and done a stage I 5 milH n [r, p?l ic pHce and "Vv i ^ ?,'? ns 10 ' C0 . nlinuc in his VTM*]*? TM*t out of my material. Of;6.000 a n i m a l , in the parting of the £|pl«V in Europe that took her on \^ ,, , "/n^nh « TM« TMn! ^' ll0 "' lm * l f on « l » v « h | w h c h e r I created someth.nK hat; Red Sea for "Ten Command- two or three| would wring the public s heait. jinents. He built and burned the. "There are too many movies t o i ..\ lie made," she explain,", in a sta ' ( *"'T]iat inent, w h i r h must confound follow! stars who are bemoaning Hollv-! Since then the. a u b u r n - h a i r e d n c - . n s percent of the total, have one, " j tress lias been around. She's made or more .set.!; anil more t] radios, i ^ dropped over to Kgypt f o r ; A d d on the extra sets in homes,' .lean Pierre Aumont, i s " t h e i t o u r tlirough France, Belgium and|have a tremendous total. Iswsishbitckling chartu-tcr who res .|I-uxemlx)iirg. It has been three| B o j l s t Klu ] i( , . , , . , , , . ] U r t U l U U I l , L U r r i i l l E million portables-, and v o u j producllon every have choice of two or more pros i°n from the east into the west! c\H-s her from tbe VatJ guys. ve.'irs sini« she's done a. film i n ^ c£ t TM Anhur C ? od TM v . Stu d ,,!,,," One and Fred Waring on CBS; 1 1!'% ( -..-.*.. .^. . i . . «.* _ . j \ fcll , i l l 1UH grams f r o m Hollywood at th same time. Likewise, west coast viewers will not have a choice o f j M m ° n B « r|p . the Show of Shows! Jive network programs c o rn 1 n g n l l f l Television Theatre on the east--only one at a time'.! a " d si °P Tl '« Music, Paul sinark in tlie mid-| H °!'y^ movie, longs for a! ^P"rtur. *x,m t h e ° ! ri f ° »« l , he . b * " 1 * 0 havc tcl « vislon WS coast she made 20 odd movi ' Among th«- vigorous champions s which National ! years. i" Seated d?sk in Building If %ii s record is any indication, : city O f Rome for of the -KxcTit for a ' " " ;Broadcasting Co. recently took a at his large, cluttered j DeMille doesn't have much to! Cross." H-e built and destroyed the Paramount's DeMille j worry about. Of his 69 major p i c - j temple of the. Philistines in" "Sam- where. he puts jjfi a-lures, he said only Uvp have lost | son am j Delilah." He laid miles of 12-hour day cutting and editing; money. The I st was "Four his newest effort -- his mind Is I ~ """ hav« to allocate time on the $40 m i l l i o n transcontinental microwave radio system among probably will be a.cooperative i n - j "Jean augural program will all the n e t - j b a n d ) gav« works and ATT participating.'year. It's beautiful. Five bedrooms, MEXICO VIA McALLEN AND REYNOSA right-j track and rented scores of cars iek Hvo week i between 1840 and 1947. Yon ca ,,i°TMi a ui.: U si.iii K «-.u. reentry IOOK a , nis newesi enort - ms mma is; eneu People/' in 1933 · j f o r "Union Pacific." --" she sav-T tfH froTM talking to her H he en-i r u 1 1 WSe newspaper advertisement | full of projects i It a nard to write about Dc-| For heltcr o ,. ^ a ., Cecjl vacation in'jovs Europe -- but von also c,anit° proclaim, "Network radio reach-; 'I would, like to start on page j Mule without using superlatives: ; 3 _ rj e Mille" production is as much \ai.aiion jj.,J : . . , .. , . ,,, more people in morc p i at . es at one of the Bible and begin making; He is one of a kind. He. ;s the on]y| the Prcalion of ono I11an ag it ls remain OI1 to 5ipossible for a muHi.rnUlion dollar . . . , . '-. booms and, pl . 01ct to b p _ Thp bo3s approvos After I finishiates declared that "Radio is--andi «'' lcan history and go right down; the industry s amazing technical i e v o l .ything right down to the way going back t o ' i n the foreseeable future will con-! 10 "l 6 lalest dispatch from K o - j advances. . | t h o ] ow liest extra p a r t s his hair. ,..-,._ rea. i In a town devoted to puolicir.rigi . . - , . rnrttn 1 He admitted that he is u n d e r 1 actors, he has become as f a m e d ! A "TM P lcl . ure . Rets underway TMTMi considerable pressure from Mrs,: as the shiniest stars. R eno\vn»d ^.^^^3^^ ^ j^ for°"a The Mutual Broadcasting Sy- ^.p 1 "^ Z tn^tlf-P^"tei?*'^ImaVp* TM°\!!» n hnvl^ii e rlel-^mvi o i r c u s piclurfi. like 'his current Show on from the east-only one at a time.i a "d Stop Tlie Music, Paul W h i t e - , . - i haven't hsd a real vacation'ir-'M' 8 Europe -- but you also c a n i " ' P TM c i a i i n , -- ^ u ; '^ '·"» ^^"-; - "T" iu u'. , c U J i, - V***^". 4 " u r i H u Tho American Telephone andean and the upcoming Celanese yLi-s It'« cot so I c-in't even tr-t '«» sh * wouldn't mind another look ^ more people in more places at one of the Bible and begin makmp; He is one of a kind. W Telegraph Co which leases infer- Theatre on ABC * Oe ^ p t h e if de of mv new home « f^ulous Hollywood. | lowest coat." The Columbia Broad- P^ures." he said. "Then I would j pioneer du-ector to re city circuits 'to th. networks, will First on the hookup, however, in Paris " " "I'm all signed tip for one more!casting System in a letter to affili- 1'ke to start on page one ot A m - j hrough depi-ess.ons... . J .. .,_ , .,' . . . . . . . . r' -" V 1 .... _. , -:-i i :_ T._I.. »*.... T /:_;,,!.! ^tnr. .-!,,,.i^..,,,i (I,-,* "t?oHi« io ,_nv,^ i ei lean, historv and EO nffht down the industry s amazi Pierrfi (that's her bus- piciure here in Italy. v« th« house to me lasti t l l i s o n p - thp ," r m '· v\rt^ii»ifni -n^,-,,., ^ A --i--.* the states. I've srot Only SM Hnarn Drive lo * Different Wnrld R E Y N O S A or.i) MKXU;O ilutt 15 mln- utfts from M i - A l t o n Tcxiu "PLAYGROUND OF THE RIO GRANDE BORDER, LAND OF MANANA" * Dmnctaf--Gam* Pinneri · South America'* Top Floor Show ' Got-arnmat Inspected American * KemTrallonj linold xnadn for · Tare Branac3 WhlsUcy Served at the Bur. Jio Ductui-inr "P · Curios and Imparted I'ertnmec · No DtIa- n2 Border. In- noculttllnu Snt Required · Hleh Rate n[ Kxchansrp- JS.6S to fl.DO American L LA CUCARACHA "THE FINEST NIGHT CLUB ON THE BORDER 1 B£1''OSA. OLD MEXICO -- U Miles trnm McAllrn. X«\ii« NEW PREMIER LODGE Completely Air Condltlonud, Fi'a taring Alr-FoMn Mattresses. .Oonald O. Allller, Otrnnr Formerly ot Corpus Ctirlstl. . Tot MOO -- 1000 Ash Ave. Rio Alton. Texas Casa de Palmas HOTEL .BUNGALOWS Air Conditioned 150 Rooms · SWIMMING POOL FREE TO GUESTS · COFFEE SHOP and DINING ROOM McAllen, Texas H. Fuller Stevens, Pres. C. M: Shugart, Msr. MEXICO Spiciol Tour DeLux* $190 ALL EXPENSE Air To«r§ Leavins Daily World Wide Servk« CREOLA'S IVfexlcin European Tours Ctsft De Palms Hotel McAllen, Texas TKt Border's Mett Popular Gift Shopping Center Garza Garcia · Cowboy Boot* Your UF · Fine Le»th«r Good* · Swldlw · Imported fcrttaniM · Curio* » Wlnei and LKjuort M*de to $22 Ghiaranteed -127 Hldtlr* -- Tel. 1-1» REYNOSA. OLD MEXICO * .-Mr-rnnilUli-mfti) · t'rlvnto HIL- Ratln Mald-Pnrter Jfc Knom Service llpftutyrfjit Mntlrcssi»s TROPICAL HOTEL COUHT J'liu Hcst Costs ^o Mora l)«-npy M l l r h r l l . Owner * A»Er. -- Tel. 2i07 - SSOS. MrAtlrn T t -«n« Slip «H th!» v«ek-nid tar tint refrfvthlnK vftcftUon in brnntKnl . . . --··I, m for 3 prriff*n^ ACCU- ^ plnic one room. SD.fift in . "IS.00. Rnlfl lnoiuilr» Intu- , . ,.;si,5:.S:' , ,"*RkfQKt In hprt or along , ·/ ·lilr bountiful tlln swlmirilnn ixtol and ime of wool. For.. , : ; ^ . . rMcrv»tlnn* wilt* Al Nun SffSffiiiUiSK-.-' · ' · * ' Icy ror* FronUor " ' i ^« ! «»^^" MrAllnn. S Smart Ptnlnr Koonw ~- Shopplnjf center lfi«» N. 10th McAllen, Texas Tel. 2200 ny of them on I'm have myself a vacation." , HELD OVER!! Lea Lyn, lovely and exciting blonde in her beguiling "Interpreter of Dancing," and Ronnie Mason, famed Emcee with gags galore. 2 Shows Nightlv. Dancing to orchestra CLUB FRONTIER 4302 Ayers Dial 5-1351 StGm - whlch has st " Ck to rad '° 4g _ tf h ,.j t n h a i m a k e r | he man can't stop creating when he's led PeMille _ " _ °_ . _ . I . bove all devfil Kissing Scenes 'been a creator all his life." Master of Epto DeMille, his white-fringed bald From 1915 when he produced his Enjoyable says |Movie-Maldii2 More Fun Lor nine Lalvet HOLLYWOOD, (ffl -- "Poof! They are talking through t h e i r chapeaux." So comments Corinne Calvet. sexy French import, of b l a s e In Old Days^ Sindler Says He outlined it to his staff land the wheels begin to turn. Researchers read every avail- jable circus book, scan every circus I film ever made. Reams of sug- jgestions for story angles, costuni- j es, camera effects, backgrounds, gags and dramatic situations pile up on his desk. If DeMille spots an idea he likes, he buys it. If he doesn't he'calls for his" writers. DeMille likes to raminisce about . HOLLYWOOD, Aug. 11. (AP) ~»! day was often 5 a. rn. to midnight, the old days. He rode horseback- movie q u e e n s who insist Ioveu Vorktn g in tne mov ies pays a lot!He earns more than seven times|to work, carrying a lunch packed scenes are lust part of the d a y 5 j m j r e nowadays, but old timer j that. now. '.. ' ,, S b S' Mrs. DeMille. One worry was work. ' . : · · - j Irving Sindler says Hollvwood was! "I tlo pro-Bably a tenth of the i that a- fire might destroy his pre"If. a mam'selle she like to n e j m o r e - f u n a quarter-century ago. iwork that I used to. But it's notjcious film. keese.d at all--and what mam'selle j do no? Then, why she not enjoyj keesing a handsome movie star?" Corinne is a broad-minded gal, i too. She wants her hubby, actor | John Bromfield, to enjoy his work: 'He makes love to many beau- ·- Sindler has been a-prop man at Samuel; Goldwyn studios for 29 as much fun." i Shot Scenes ^^ ^^,.j. ,,. - .,,. ., . Sindler said all he does now is j "I took to shooting: every scene vears. He got his'start working m -? regular job -- supplying any-1 twice." he said. "I'd sneak one «rffh tv, a i.=to n«,,ffiae "iTaii-hantc thing from elephants to needles' for I ne^ativp hnm» anri nnf it iW t,o with the late Douglas Fairbanks, in, the silents. He recalls that studio, workers ephants the director. In the old days: "I. answered fan m a i I, chauf- ',| negative h o m e ' a n d - put it .in" the attic. It smelled up the house a ' little, but. it saved us. i "He ir.akes love to many Deau- we recalls tnac siumo. woreers f eure( j the boss' w ? f e delivered , - · . - -- · -- . . - - , . itiful ladies, but he still prefers "were all one big family then.} cans o£ fUm and somet imes acted! Because the trust (a group of |me. Is that not flattering?" Everyone wa s very friendly. Toas ~ ide for vis \^ v celebrities i! ma J° r studios whicn was trying 'day, you ho. sooner get acquainted - · - · - - . - · - _ · 'to tnrrp, indpnpnripnf= nnt n* h.,^i^ featured vocalist Dancing at 9:00 nightly except r , lrBC ^ frnm Sundays in the Morocco Room N"» NO COVER CHARGE Minimum per person: 51.50 weeknights S2.00 Saturdays remember .'showing- Amelia Earhart and. Sir Harry Lauder around the 'lot. . .". ' with an. actor than he's gone. ·"And people didn't take things so Seriously in those days. They were so lighthearted. Now when I spend an extra five cents from sometimes." Once" I "even furried! "I put on makeup and helped the] wardrobe men. I was independents out of business) decided our full length picture was dangerous, we were sabo- jtaged petty cash, they ask me why I'm over the budget." Sindler made $30 a week on his stunt man- when no one would do a job They needed a every possible film.was done, less than, ootage was usable. Some p'jggjof it had been tramped on. You i could see the marks of the boots.' 'bat man' to slide across f o u r ! Bai: the trust didn't know about l\obert Dixieland's Plantation Wed.-Thur.-Fri.-Saf. WITH f T H E D A N C I N G LANES 'BUDDY BLAIR B E G I N N I N G MONDAY THE rNCKEDIBLE "RED" CAMP! AT THE KEYBOARD 7:30 to 9:00 XITELY CLOSED SUNDAY first movie job and the working W j res xoo feet above a sound stage. | ai e second takes. DeMille spirited 11 did It for nothing. A man would [them out of his house and, a pistol iget several hundred dollars for thei i n his pocket, boarded a train for [job today." . |Philadelphia. He cut and edited i Sindter said his favorite job wasiit while riding east, i helping keep Douglas Fairbanks inj In 1914. his second year in Hoi- j condition. They used to play ten-jlyv.-ood. DeMille produced and dir- jnis and basketball together. He of-jected 13 pictures, the Lasky Co. jt.en took care of Doug-, Jr. and;expanded, combined with the Ad| remembers teaching him how tojolph Zukor Co. and moved to t.hs i hurdle. · .. {present site of Parmount studio. The Riviera 3329 Leopard SANDY AUSTIN THE KA.TANS Dance 4 to 10 No Cover Charge HEAR FLOYD TILLMAN WED., Aug. 15TH 3-9153 (Closed Tues.) MONDAY: SADIE HAWKINS .NTTE SOc Per Body He noted that movie m a k e r s! ·work a lot faster these clays, i "We worked nine m o n t h s on 'Robin Hood' and more t h a n a Prom 1919 to 1921 DeMille exert!ed tremendous influence. He was hffi]ed · t th ^.·^^·Kl^ViSirS^Sis: cently, I stepped outside for a i V M !r , ^^^^^ , 1 ":",.,,; smoke and when I came back 1 doine j lic featuring » .was tourseta beh.nd. Dial Value Days THIS WEEK ONIA" . . . It's value days at the Continental Darire Studio and you can save money on any dance course you choose. Call today- for more information and dance in tune with your budget. CONTINENTAL Dance Stadia 704 AYERS at SANTA FE sensation and fine and r . fleeting the post World VVar I loos- : ening of moral standards. j Sex and spectacle against a. re- , jlisrious or historical background ihava been his specialty ever since. A favorite target for critics' darts -- they call him obvious, p-uppr- fk'ial, Tr.Rchanioal -- he has ro- Vaained an unchallenged popular ; favorite. is recommended by the fin pst people in South Texas OUR CUSTOMERS. .UK nr* 6 p.m. to U p.m. 3003 So. A t u m f d n Ph. 3-r,*t

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