The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on July 14, 1939 · Page 6
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 6

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, July 14, 1939
Page 6
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THE DAILY MESSENGER," »!'£FRIDAY; JULY i4;i9.' wn two cars ecause use car JOEPALOOKA By Ham Fisher MASICUL MOW YO' MADE DAT PIAH OUTA TWO TASTID ANVTHWG FOUR BLIND DATES By Edwin Rutt Daily Messenger CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING KATES AND REGULATIONS TELEPHONE 897 -- Classified Ads are accepted over the telephone and the cash rate IB providing bill Is paid wtttin"l»4ays to date of bill. cfibsmcSjHOT3JV-Coj)y received «p to HfcOfr A. H., will be pub- i^tfie «ame day. ERRORS must be corrected by first day as the Publishers will not be responsible for more than one Incorrect Insertion. BATES--Per Upe per day: 1 day 12* cash, 24* charge. 3 days, 10* cash, 20* charge. 6 days, 8* cash, 10* charge. *0"day contract «*, copy may be changed weekly. Advertisement, 2 Ltoet itte avenge words to tiBe line; words containing more lhar 8 in 1 1' in count as two words. The cash rate applies tf paid within ten days from date of bill. CLASSIFICATION INDEX Individual classified advertisements are arranged under the following sub-headings and classifications: ANNOUNCEMENTS--^Special Notice / 2-- t«St and Found - 3 -- Personal .: 4-- Professional Service r 5-- Wanted 'CT«*y SA-jSwaps Hdp S--Atepts Wanted x lft=^Siti»tions Wanted AUtOMOXWE^ 11--AtUMn«bU« For'Iafc 12--Mechanical Repair 13--Accessories and Tires BUSINESS SERVICE-14--Beauty Shops 15--Contract 17-- Repa 17A-- Painters - Carpenters FARM SERVICE-18-- Farm Machinery 19-- Livestock 20-- Pet Animals 21-- Eggs and Poultry 22-- Plants and Seeds IT 83-- Farm Supplies 23A-- Farm Products MERCHANDISE-, Z4-- Articles For Sale 24A-- Typewriters · 24B-- Boats and Supplies ' 25-- Household Goods 26-- Coal and Wood 26A-- Fuel Oils 2"-- Machinery For Sale 28-- Musical Merchandise 29-- Radio Sales Service RENTALS-30-- Apartments For Rent 31-- Boarding Houses 32-- Furnished Rooms 33-- Hotels and Restaurants 34-- Housekeeping Rooms 3$*-9*«ses For Rent 34_4ftscelUneous For Rent 37-- Resorts and Cottages St--Wanted to Rent ^BA-- Auction Sales J»-- Starts For Rent REAL ESTATE-4*-- Business Opportunities 41-- Business Property 42-- Farms and Land 43-- Houses For Sale 44-- Lots For Sate 45-- Money to Loan H-- WanUd. Real Estate 47-- Real Estate Exchange ·4S-- Legal Notices ANNOUNCEMENTS Lost and Found LOST -' Salesman's roll of mechanic's* tools between Pairport and Pittsford. Notify Messenger office. Reward. xll-64 Wanted to Buy WILL PAY cash for all kinds of used furniture: Tel 77-W. 687 or 620. 46-31tf ATTENTION MR FARMER ! WANTED - 5 cars of good alfalfa or clover, also 2 cars wheat straw. Phone 137 or 538. W. S. Buck, 18 Niagara St. 31-61tf BUYING wheat, rye, beans. J. W. Walker, Phone 292. 23-60tf Antiques Wanted-Carriage, lamps, brie brae, all old antiques D -3 23-50tf Foods MONTMORENCY sour cherries, sprayed and guaranteed free from worms or money back. 3c per Ib. Nick Temperate, 92 Saltonstall St. x90-64| AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles For Sale 11 1937 CHRYSLER sedan 1936 CHRYSLER 4-dr, trg. sedan 1936 CHEVROLET town sedan 1935 CHEVROLET sedan 1935 OLD6MOBILE sedan 1935 PLYMOUTH deluxe coupe 1934 PLYMOUTH coach 1936 TERRAPLANE coach 1936 FORD 4-dr. trg. sedan 1936 FORD tudor trg. sedan 1933 FORD coupe 1935 PONTIAC sedan 1934 PONTIAC 8 cyl. sedan 1932 DODGE 1 1-2 ton trk, stake 1932 CHEVROLET 11-2 ton truck GEORGE D. McGURK, Shortsville RED, purple, black raspberries. Roth's, 453 N. Main. Phone 805-J. VINEGAR - Best for pickles. Hecker's Cider Mill. Phone 1195-R. 41--64 ORDERS taken for milk fed broilers. Dryer, Roch. Rd. X38-64 RED AND PURPLE RASPBERRIES. delivered. Phone 351-M. Stanley Wooden. xlo-65 1937 DODGE sedan 1936 DODGE coupe 1938 DODGE coupe 1938 HUDSON 6 sedan 1938 PLYMOUTH sedan 1937 PLYMOUTH sedan 1937 DODGE coupe 1937 FORD deluxe sedan 1936 HUDSON coupe 1935 FORD 1-2 ton pick-up 1934 DODGE coupe 1933 PLYMOUTH deluxe coupe 40 OTHER USED CARS TO CHOOSE FROM AT $25 and up, A. W. WHITE 25 Ontario St Phone 158 FARM SERVICE Farm Products 23A FOR SALE or shares, 20 A. hay, standing; also ground for wheat. jj.jj^Davis, Cooley Rd. X38-64 MERCHANDISE Articles For Sale 24 LEHIGH CEMENT - Beacon feeds. J W. Walker. 63-54t- MERCHANDISE Household Goods 25 ROCKERS - Odd chairs, mirrored cabinets, (2) flat top desks, quantity of window glass. Bargain prices. Carter, 24 Coy St. l-58tf FOR SALE - Antique cherry chif- lomer high. Mrs. Geo. Gunmson. Bristol Valley rd, near Vincent. X51-63 GLENWOOD RANGE headquarters at Bradburn Bros. 13-59os FOR SALE - Cheap, medium size ice refrigerator m fine condition. REAL ESTATE Farms and Land 42 5 A. FARM HOME - Over looking Canandaigua lake. Pleasant house, barn, poultry house, fruit. Ray W. Johnson Real Estate Co. 56-64 LEGAL NOTICES Report of the condition of On- \ tario County Trust Company of . Canandaigua, the ! FOR SALE - Wooden sheds at the rear of Methodist Church. Inquire US ED ice refrigerators. Reasonable. Scott's Shoe Store. 27-60tf GENERAL ELECTRIC refrigerators, 55 down. Bradburn Bros. 13-59os Ontario New York, a member of nnr . -n -A A,, i Federal Reserve System, at inquire evenings, 206 Davidson Ave dose Qf ^^ yQn ^ ^ 11939, published in accordance with a call made by the Superintendent of Banks pursuant to the YESTERDAV: Dottif plant W guide Van Harkntn under the blackjack of Ape Coletli, when Ihe party get* going. Ape will lock, gag and take Van to an abandoned smokehouse. Dottie will faint, then give misleading dii vctions. Chapter 29 All Hands On Deck ISS PACKY NORTH had been getting more and more into Ihe spirit of the occasion. The hard little lines with which she always fortified her mouth when in the lompany of Tacks Adams had almost entirely vanished. Tacks might be a reprobate and a scamp and a young wastrel and a firebug and a kidnapper but, undeniably, he was amusing. There was a merry glint in his gray eyes and he possessed a vast fund of entertaining small talk. Also, she decided reluctantly, he was quite good- looking. She gazed around '.he table. Across from her was Van Hark- aess who seemed nice, Packy thought. And his girl was terribly attractive, even if the wisdom of the ages lay in her bright, rather hard, eyes. And that little fat man, Jirhat was his name, Cutler? He ft_i m 4v i «"« IL «cus Ilia nuiiic, ^uiici i lie »V «K. i *as cute, too, sitting there like a Curtice McElwee. MARVELOUS BUYS in 3 29-63 provisions of the Banking Law of used the State of New York and the modern gas ranges, enamel finish. | Federal Reserve Bank of this dis- ;J"; I happy cherubim while the grave- I syed girl beside him passed mus- | ter on everything he put in his mouth. That big boy from California, Bill Steele, he looked like a grand chap, though she confessed to some bafflement at his choice of H/.Y PORK PULLIES, extra handles. Rope all sizes. Coy St. Hdwe. Open evenings. 54-64 COTTAGE LUMBER, Celotex, ·hmgles roofing, paint. SheetrocJt AH at Davidson's, 64 West Ave. 55-63tf Also slightly used Hotpomt eloc- t-ic range and odd da-enoort G. M. Kennedy Son, 9-11-13 Bristol St. 46-64 CROQUET SETS Special junior set, $1.25; 6 ball set. S2.95. PECK HARDWARE CO. 120 So. Main St. 40-64 USED CAR BARGAINS RED, purple berries, black caps. 190 Granger St. Phone 794-J. 25-60tf PIE CHERRIES (Montmorency) ', currants, red raspberries. Maloney, East Bloomfield. MONTMORENCY cherries, fine, sprayed. A-l quality fruit. 1 l-2c Ib. on trees; 3c Ib, del. Stanley Wooden, 351-M. 95-64 1937 PONTIAC 8, 4 dr. sedan 1937 PONTIAC 6, 4 dr. sedan 1936 PONTIAC 4 dr. sedan 1935 PONTIAC 6 sedan ·0,,,, i (2) 1934 PONTIAC sedans ffti! 1937 DODGE sedan 1936 BUICK sedan (3) 1936 FORD tudois EMPLOYMENT RIGNEY NETHAWAY Pontiac Sales and Service 327 So. Main St. Phone 148 43-64 BUY TEXOLITE - The modern interior wall paint. Dries in one hour One coat covers ordinary surfaces completely. Many colors. Economical. Davidson's, 64 West Ave. 55-63tf USED washers, ice boxes, coal 1 ranges, gas ranges. Bradburn Bros. j l3-59os ' GOLD FILLED crosses with chain, reg. SI 65. special $1; Handsome i lockets, Heart and Book shape. A. I W. Gilbert, 71 So. Main, 2nd floor. , X40-64 i ^ ____ ! EICYCLES, $23.95 up Bradburn's 13-590S ROUND oak dining table. Mrs. ·Wm. Creedon, Holcomb. X51-63 OIL- STOVE, kitchen cabinets, 3 pee. bed davenport suite, twin beds. Klingman, 29 Bristol St. Phone 687. 39-62tf WICKER CHAIRS, electric washing machine. Emerson. 16 Coy St. Phone 438-R. ll-59tf MAKE a new glider out of an old one with a set of new cushions. Curtice McElwee. 29-63 Radio Sales Service 29 PHONE 833 for home or auto radio service. Bradburn Bros. 13-63 TABLE RADIOS - Philco, Zenith, Emerson, 50c a week. BUTTON'S BOOK STORE 50-63 Auction Sales 38A Female Help 7 FARM SERVICE BINDER TWINE - Plymouth. The new paper cased ball. PECK HARDWARE CO., 120 SO. MAIN ST. 7-64 18 WANTED - Refined girl for gen. I p ai . m Machinery housework. No washing. Good, 1-cme. wages. Inquire Cottage 37 p0R SALE - M:Cormick binder. Case Tract. X51-64 p- none 1063-W. Mark H. Booth. USE a cement paint that will last. Buy Flor-Dye. Great for gas station floors. "Davidson's. Phone 69. 35-51tf Help Wanted 7A FOR SALE - 7 ft. grain binder. CHERRY PICKERS. Monday, July j hay. standing on ground. Hay tools 17. Case Island Fruit Farm. ' Mrs. E. H. Cammett. A: 45-64 BINDER TWINE, $320 a bale. We sell hay rope. Get our price. The Mather" Seed Store. 80-56tf EASY. ABC and MAYTAG wash- X38-64 xol-65 ers, S4995 up. Bradburn Bros. BUSINESS SERVICE Livestock 19 13-59os Repair Service 17 FOR SALE - Work horse, cheap. 1 _ _ I mi. east Chapin. N. J. Ketcham. BALED HAY TIES - Binder twine. J \V. Walker. . G3-54U WASHERS and CLEANERS repair- , ed. All makes. Bradburn Bros. i ' 13-59os i .iituu. m . . X38-64 Typewriters 24A FARM SERVICE NEW ROOFING and roof repairs , LET US combine your (jram and are our specialty. We can do it i seeds with our new Chalmers better at lower cost. Pontius. Tel. and save labor. Harold Day Tel. f05-\\ or 195-M 5.3-6,5 1177-M. 998-63 $54 50 REMINGTON portable tvpe-.vriter. only $39,50. Pay S3 down S3 a month. HUTTOX'S BOOK STORE. 50-63 Household Goods 25 THE CLASSIFIED Departmer.i COMBINING - 50 acres or more .·xempiifies the Gokfen Rule H i $2: 10 acres, more. $2.50; less than you as you would be served. 10. S3. Collins. Cheshire. X38-67 USED 4 ft. Westmghouse elec refrigerator, operates perfectly. 540 Curtice McElwee. 29-63 NEIGHBORLY NEIGHBORS Trademark Registered U. 5. Patent Office by Oscar Hitt : ANNOUNCEMENTS_ -Specfal Notice _ 1 -EXPERT repairing on lu- coat 1 ;; also dressmaking. 25 Gorham St I comer of Court St. ·EXPERT HA1KCTJTTING - Voit Barber Shop. 4 Niagara St : 16-69 IKTTCHEN SETS. new. *i« up. cdga i Used Furniture Market. 136 Mall 81-4SOS \\E WISH 10 thank our ·· and neighbors for 1hnr * sliouTi m our rec-fnt 1 Mrv fcclC Camme't :15-3 Maurke Badger, Sinclair Station WORK, $3 per acre. Spangle bi f*D J xf-«4 , gravel, cinders; ;. James Vitalone.' AUCTION - Sat., Jul. 15 at 1 30 P. M., at 16 Coy St. Quantity of household fur, consisting of chairs, tables, elec. lamps, buffets, china cabinets, stands, rugs, single and 32,000.00 trict pursuant to the provisions of the Federal Reserve Act. ASSETS Loans and discounts (including $40 07 over, drafts $1,209,713.01 United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed . Obligations of States and political subdivisions . . . . . Other bonds, notes, and debentures 534,725.78 Corporate stocks (including $12.15000 stock of Federal Reserve Bank) 15,65200 Cash, balances with other banking institutions, including reserve balances, and cash items in process cf collection 489,93968 Banking premises owned $94,536.80. furniture and fixtures $255.58 . . . Real estate owned other than banking premises Other assets . . . . dinner companions. She was prepared to admit, however, that the party gained definitely by the inclusion of the East brothers. The East brothers were delightfully naive. The diction of the East brothers was spicy and racy, redo- I lent of cheap vaudeville houses 605 234 75 ! an( * late hours in tank town rail- stations "Liking it?" whispered Tacks, ander cover of the din around the table. She flashed him one of her second-rate smiles. After all, she and j Mr. Adams were only in a state of I expected," truce. "It's better than she admitted. '·Well, that's something, anyhow. Mind if I make a speech?" "Oh, good Heavens, are you going TO talk some more? You ought to go on a lecture tour." Tacks picked up a spoon and rapped sharply on a priceless glass. w ill please come to or- 20.929.00 18,089.90 der." TOTAL ASSETS LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations . $ Time deposits of indivi- $3,021,076.50 d u a l s , partnerships, and corporations . . 1.496,850.60 double beds, writing desk, oil stoves, gas stove, elec. washer, ice boxes. Many other articles. Ar- Deposits of United Stat- nold J. Emerson, Auctioneer. 48-63 RENTALS Apartments For Rent 30 .ATTRACTIVE 5 rm. heated ap'. Unfur. 28 Greig Terrace. 42-75 FOR RENT - Apt.. 151 N. Mam St. Call 362 or 783-J for appointment. Nethaway. 47-64 AFT.. 4 rms.. feibson St. and bath. 313 Ea / X38-64 FOR RENT - Rms.. or 2 or 3 rm. apt.. heated, central, garage. Phone 1027-\V. 49-64 FOUR ROOM APT., in Adults. Inquire Anna B. Chapin. Pearson. X30-63 "Why?" demanded Morris East, He was having an elegant time being disorderly. "Morris," said Horace, "bequiet." I Tacks rose to his feet. j "My friends," he began profes- j sionally, "I must tell you a story i wn i cn may explain to you three | charming ladies and to the visiting firemen over there" -- he indicated thfe East brothers-- "just why you are here. If . . ." "Hey, Horace," interrupted Morr is East, "what'£ he talking about?' "Shut up," snapped Horace. "Listen and you'll learn." "Once upon a time," said Tacks , doggedly, "there were four borec 24.009.87 gentlemen playing a very borinj game of bridge. In the course of this boring game, one of these gen- 5.733.86 ( tlemen had a brilliant idea. Briefly S2.532.845.65 i ft wa s suggested by the positions CAPITAL ACCOUNT a t the bridge table, North. South es Government (including postal savings) . Deposits of States and political subdivisions . Other deposits (certified and officers' checks, etc) . . . . TOTAL DEPOSITS $2.527.11179 Other liabilities . . Total liabilities . 408.143.16 Capital* . . . . Surplus . . . . Undivided profits Reserves . . . TOTAL CAPITAL COUNT . . . S 300.000.00 105.726.00 | AC- Furnished Rooms 32 LGE. well fur front tral. Phone 492-M. room, cen- 44-85 Houses For Rent 35 FOR. RENT - Half of dble. newly decorated; garage, modern con- · omences. centrally located. Inq. Finger Lakes Shoe Repair. 57-65 Resorts and Cottages 37 FOR RENT - Cottage. Z56 east .,.de. large shady lot. boat, elec- 1 tracity. T. E. Rippey. Tel. 200-W. 17-65 no FT. FRONTAGE - Cdga Lake for orlv $6 per foot. This is the .vt property lor the money Jeft on TJ* lake*Act at once Ray W Real Estate Go, 56-64 East and West. The idea was roughly, that the man in, say, the 58,004.85 west position should take the Man 24,500.00 j hattan telephone directory, selec 1 from it a girl named West, use his 488,230.85. ingenuity to make her acquaint · ance and bring her to this dinne TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPI- ' $ on e Thousand dollars. I note will TAL ACCOUNT 1 -Common stock \vith total par value of $300,00000 MEMORANDA Pledced assets and securities loaned) (book value): fa) U. S. Government obligations, direct and guaranteed, pledged to secure deposits and oilier liabilities . . $ b Other assets pledged to secure deposit 1 ; and other liabilities 'including notes and bills rcdiscounted and securities .sold under repurchase agreement) c Assets pledged to qualify for exercise of fiduciary or corporate powers, and for purposes other .secure than to I OTMOOME YOUR Dlft KUlties tie Menen-1 Ada, BUT ALL IS NOT AS SERENE AS IT SEEMS -- THC CARAV*N is BEING FOLLOWED By A BIO BLACK SEDAN // - IT'S CLOSING IN ON THEM FAST «» ') RM. 1m. cottage.. No 421 East Lsif rd, rea.-onaWe. Apply at cot- tipr Saturday or Sunday or C. C. M i"h" Phone l-Y-3, Stanley. N. y X38-64 Wanted to Rent 38 \VAV7?:D - To rent or biiv a.s rent. ;r,oi/n Box A-3 xsl-65 REAL ESTATE Husiness Opportunities 10 THK ALADDIN CO, manufaetimri fr, 'jf T'-'aAi-'Mi hom f '-, .--etks 1h- ap- TTJ jyjjr/n-j'ni of n local authorized i :1 . ',·*:· T to handle sates, arnmsr F H !: foaiK unA b-mWJU? and loan LIMITST,% rijj'3 .sup'-r.i-/' oor^iiuc- " .'iT of tn'ir rfiriiKut hom"-. II -, ,11 »n qualiJv, 7,TiU' The Aladdin y, Bay City, MJCh. JiKKTAURANT doing fine business. Mo'jf-rn ftquipmtnt Ray W John- OTJ R/-a] EsUie Co. 56-6* tM TOTAL . . Smircd and preferred liabilities: a Deposits secured bv pledged av,tt; jur- «,iiant 1« requirements o f law . . . c i Other liabilities secured b pledged asset-, '(31 Dc.jx.si1s- preferred under provisions of law bni not c enin-d bv pledge of Asset s . . I tonight, under pain of forfeiting ' ? A one thousand dollars. I note will satisfaction that the gentleman 1 who occupied the West position ' did his stuff nobly." Jumbo bowed. i "You follow the modus operandi 1 of the game, do you not?" went on ! Tacks. "Gentlemen in the other i positions were constrained to do I likewise, selecting Misses North, South and East It would be obvi- I DUS to a blind man that Mr. Harki ness and myself, being in the south 290.200.00 and north positions respectively, 1 proceeded with the most charming 1 results. At the beginning, however, we struck a snag when we :amc to the east position, held by ! my good friend. Bill Slcelc. Mr. Steele. peering into the telephone 30.00000 directory, found it notable for a lack of eligible women of the name of East .." Tell The Birds' -1 KNEW a Maggie East onci," 30.000.00 i 1 53^ Morris East, "She was a good-looker. She didn't have no ng to do. We jumped at it. And, peaking for myself. I found it most entertaining pastime, re- lete with excitement and --er-- hrills." He looked at Packy whose yes went down. "And I regret, most exceedingly, that the game ends tonight." "Hear, hear," said Van Hrkness, pounding the table with a knife. "Since each one was successful n getting his -- his -- er -- assign- men' to agree to be present," said Tacks, "no forfeit money will be paid into the bank. I'm sure I speak or Messrs. Harkness, Steele and utler as well as myself when 1 ay that we all had a lot of fun out }f the idea. And, if in having our un, we inconvenienced any of you, we hope that tonight's party will make up for it. I thank you.'" He sat down amid applause. "Now if you're quite finished," said Jumbo, who had been champ- ng at the bit, "I .. ." Luella West took him firmly by he arm. "Cutler, yoii're not going :o dp it." Miss Dorothy South looked across at Jumuo with meltin on't you let her boss you, loney," she said knowingly. "You ust get right up and tell the birds and tell the bees and tell the flowers and tell the trees." Jumbo took a gulp of champagne. It brought all his manhood :o the fore. "By gosh," he cried, "I will. Turn me loose, Luella." He shook off Luella's protesting aand and gained his feet. "Friends," he began, holding on :o the edge of the table, "I will lake little of your time . .." He waited while the applause subsided. "You see before you, ladies and gentlemen, a trapped and imprisoned man, yet withal a man who is lappy in his bondage. I might so far as to say a man to whom the clank of his chains is as the sweetest music. When the news which I am about to impart gets abroad, people will marvel. Little did they think that Cutler, the Wary, Cutler the Phantom, Cutler that wild free thing of the hills, dales and glens ..." "Oh, do be quiet!" implored Luella, her face crimson. "That, I repeat, Cutler, the Willo-the-Wispy Wraith of the Night, would ever fall a prey to the blandishments of mortal woman. And yet, b r e t h r e n , it is true. Cutler confesses. Cutler will talk. Briefly, gentlemen, in the not distant future Cutler of the Open Spaces will stand at the altar looking sheepish, while down the aisle dressed in--in ..." He stopped and looked down at Luella. "What are you going to dress in, anyhow, darling? I've forgotten." He sat down, purple-visaged from his efforts. "Well, by gosh," said Tacks en- thusastically, "now we do have to have a party. Congratulations. Cutler." "Right," said Bill Steele. "Happy landing." "And you," Van Harkncss said to Jumbo, "were the guy who jibbed at playing this game in the first place. Now what do you think?" 'Brother Elks' A T this point Mr. Morris East rose to, his feet. It was extremely difficult for Mr. Morris East to rise to his feet without causing Mr. Horace East to rise with him. But somehow he accomplished it, without dislodging Horace from a sitting position. Mr. Morris East was having a thoroughly good time. He had eaten without stint. He had quaffed the grape with noteworthy abandon. As a result. Mr. East was slightly sprung. And if speeches were in order. Mr. East intended to make a speech. Once on his feet, however, words did not flow readily to his lips. But Mr. East knew precisely how tc cope with such a situation. He reached down for his champagne glass and took a mighty draught It was absolutely the right move. The larynx of Mr, East now oiled for smooth working, rallied round . $ 350.200 00 phone, though. 1 , Hold your tongue. Morns." said Horace. "Mr. Sleclc's Joss. I'm mre, said Tacks. "To resume, niter con- wdcrablt* wrangling the cnrmrnUec allowed Mr Stcclr If irgrfid the producing of one of vthnt we nip- posed were two or rnrue E.i^l him. "Brother Elks," said Morni sternly, "I am a man of fev words. ..." . "Morris," whispered Horace feverishly, "will you sit down?" "And what I have to say tonight" went on Morris, wobbling a Tittle but breezing over this interruption, "will b e - e r - c r -couched in simple langwidgc. But brethren, it will come from the heart That's the kind of a guy 1 am. When I speak. I speak from the C "MorrJs," hissed Horace, "you're making a fool of yourself.' "On behalf of the en-tire Ihe-al- racal profession of which I am a member," proceeded Mom.' 30.000 00 J brothers who were m the 1 TOTAL Donald A $ 413JM047 Mow. IrrAMmr of inMiliilion, hfre- I phnnr b"nl; Mr Sk-olc. it ;ippc;irs. was ablf lo induce lictli lirnthere. In be wilh MS toniRhl Well, tartics 29.JW53I aTu j gennomm, thal'j. a rott.-i 1 ,spn-rh Hut 1 thought sonic- «f -u«J ' l o know wha! it is all , crandly, "I wishl to Ibank and every one of you for includm us in this elegant clamtokc. Speak- in' pcrwn'lly. I have had a let- nfir lime Simplv 1cr-nfie 1 . "M orris." said Horace, 'I have ti.lrl vou for the last lime." Moms paused, as pauseth liu "Rut trnne(3 polalacal f r a o r heckled from the cheap seats. He refiarder ]!!; brother wilh frosty eye. "Sit down." he conrnmarde.- bTU^qnelv "YnuYc light" Tin- miia'-lice of Ihis smote HOT, T O b iim \vi1h he vuis alreadv {-rrlifv that 1hr atoove M-ile- rjl 3 ITW t-o the best of mv ;ju"1 M e i F ' n t h . n w i l d "·.I'll DONALD A MOORE TrttJMmr Correct -- Attest: JOHN D HAM1ITOX. i GEORGE MoG HAYES, , D3wf1ors 33-63 A M DAVIDSON, ' (.T 11.' m «1 -tPJni.lui.iJ \ 1 HI TOOD BUVINO and selling hints will be found dally throughout thf coiumns. T, ,1 f. r 11' i,1 « T .r il.Tw.f mil Il, .1 IIW 'JM ·,', II, n in -*»1 1 ,,..( ,(..1 Ill-it loft tmii »li'- « i iu1li .v a n n u 3 V t l w i * J,J'IJH nut nm hr'3, -.lie 7-JjjM-ri t o s 1 n3 " T.n W i^* ni)r( If ' 0 c«i'e "s ! HIM i -"HiM Hill 0\ l i n l r d T i l l ' 'limn; iriJci "·· .s of thr ;wi. he had b«-n carr- J u ] ii imwin «]ii sober. Sliirip THAU I A tli ^ fr-"^*" accusation h M-i7i i! ih" ·f'^ 1 t-"' 1 ^ vf MMTJS anr 1 *d on 1h m powfTfu3]y Xt 1 down .ihnnvnv, but bounce:! ithi-uit lafcms * courk. I n hi n:\ i If r- 1 I c 11.- in.1 ,HI .11. ..i i.., t f . !.,.!. in I'll t · in ni 1 1 (-MI 4 'III I ll«ll I 411 I \ in IllH

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