The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on November 18, 1957 · Page 10
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 10

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 18, 1957
Page 10
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·n Ov X CO a r-- c o 5 LU o; U "I 0 O Z Following rworcst-. f u l d a y s w i t h , Moira D a r i d s o n S'fe£ and her parents on t h e i r farm. Comm a n d e r D w i g h t ,,, Towers returned to .S t h e Williamstown a Navy Yard outside Melbourne. Scaled orders awaited Towers. The drofr operation order directed the USS SCORPION to moke on inspection tour of the west coast of the U.S. Summoned to the Nayal Department the next morning, end aceom- * ponied by liaison officer Peter Holmes, Commander Towers heard the 1st naval member say, "Now you'd better know what this is all about." Distributed by HEA Sunrice. Inc. H-16 © 1957 bT William MorfoW* Co_ In, Stockmen Support Roberts in Trial Over Cattle Loss EUREKA (ILNS) -- The Tobacco Valley Livestock Association voted at a recent meeting to-give financial support to Jim Roberts of Eureka In his district court action to try to collect from an insurance company for cattle killed by a driver insured by the company. The Daily Inter t=ke Presents RADIO for TODAY Monday Afternoon 5:00 Special Wire 5:05 EZ Listening " 5:15 EZ Listening 5:30 Special Wire 5:35 EZ Listening 5:4! Sports Digest G:00 Special Wire n 'n* E'V r if i. Doubled Bid Troubles Souf/i Adelbert Wahl of Rochester, N.Y., sent me today's hand. South's opening club bid is normal and West chose to double. Everyone passed and as the play developed South was able to make only five tricks: the ace-king of diamonds and the ace-king and a small trump. While a 500-point penally is not a real tragedy it did represent a rather large loss since East Food and Drink Answer to Previous Puzzle NORTH 18 4v 362 V J 9 7 6 2 * A 10 8 7 4-7 1VEST EAST A A K Q J 3 A 1 0 5 4 V A Q3 V 84 4 3 2 « Q J 4 + 6 - J 2 * Q J 1 0 9 8 SOUTH (D) A 97 V K 105 + K 9 6 5 4» A K 5 3 Both vulnerable Soulb West North East 1 Jft Double Pass Pass Pass Opening lead--4k K and West could not make a game and there was considerable discussion about how North and South could have escaped the ax. South contended that North should have seen the danger and bid one heart right over the double while the others thought that South should have run out to one diamond when East left the double in. . To start with, North's pass was the correct bid. He did have some fear that the one club double would stay in but it is unusual for this to happen and a run-out to one heart or one diamond might just have been the start of real trouble. So East's pass left South in a tough spot. He chose to stay in his trouble at one club but really should have tried to get out by bidding one diamond. This might have proved a leap out of the frying pan and into the fire but the point is that South knew he was already in the frying pan. A leap might have landed him in a hotter spot but it also could get him out of trouble and certainly was worth trying. ACROSS ] Afternoon drink 4 Corned bee! --8 PnrKerhouse 12 Ventilate 13 Musical i n s t r u m e n t 14 Siouan I n d i a n 15 Table scrap IS Those nervously disturbed !8 Beer mugs 20 Pustules 21 Weep 22 Persian prince 24 Resound 26 Continent 27 Article CIO Chillier 32 Put away 34 LCR joints, 35 H o l d i n g 36 Scottish river 37 Fish eggs 39 Observed 40 Noises 41 Lamprey 42 French river 45 Shared 49 Mark between 51 Contend 52 French summers 53 Bench ( l e g a l ) t_ o n ^ Ft A N 1 E 1_ E O R E l_ O V E K R. k= fc= !- N 1 C t= t3 A V E b£ 1 N A D O K b= f, E N T 1 A T o u D f^ N ·| R. != F= E T = N E F= 13 f-r f^l /*, '-t. s A 1 ~* 1 U H. A 1_ -^ F r? t N i= n T H A M E= ^ v\ MtO AID \ T n *i u (7 f= T p R O T 1 p f= M n Ft T 1 t A R e R rs} F= 1 ^ i E= n R 1_ f= D (= "=} *=i P f= 1= « R 1= j= ·Z, 8 Revolving pnrl 54 Compass point ° °f the ear 55 Beetles 10 Fasten SO Narrow board 57,Japanese coin DOWN 1 New Mexico city 2 Ireland 3 Vegetable 4 Sweetening 5 Brother of Cain (Bib.) 6 Pickled foods 7 Pronoun securely 11 Minus 17 Drug 1!) Comic 23 Fogs 24 Habital'piant form 25 Ice cream · 2G Malicious · b u r n i n g 27 Herbs 28 In this place 29 Biblical garden 31 Weirder 33 Beginning 38 Discovery 40 A I I i r e 41 UprigM 42 Falsified 43 Preposition 44 Passage in the brain 46 Feminine appellation 47 Tributary of Hie Seine River 5S Sharp 50 Pounds (ab.) 12. ET 24 30 55 31 38 1J- 8 Jl't 10 US. Must Make Spectacular Move Z.7 57 Post Office GOP Days Are Gone Q--The bidding has been: North East South West 1 V Pass 2 + Pass 2 4 Pass ? You, South, hold: *87 Y K J 6 + Q 1 0 3 6 5 *A Q J What do you do? A--Bid four hearts. Your partner has shown at least live hearts. and b e t t e r than 2 minimum opening. TODAY'S QUESTION Your partner bids five hearts. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Poison Jayceens Sponsor TB Drive (ILNS) -- The Poison sponsoring the TB POLSON Jayceens, Seal activity in Lake County this year, are placing posters in Polson and Ronan calling attention to the annual seal drive which opened Friday. This year sees the inauguratipn of centralized distribution of seals in Montana. All seals will be mailed from Helena this year, officially spee.ding up the seal letters arid saving money for the TB work in Montana. ATLANTA (UP)--The days the "Pose Office Republican" appeared to be returning to t h e South today in the wake of President Eisenhower's use oE federal troops to enforce integration Little Rock. In th° southern states where the Eisenhower era once promised to lift the GOP from decades of doldrums, Republican organizational activity has slowed decidedly or ground to a halt. 'Many Republicans in Louisiana, an Eisenhower state in 1956, say privately that efforts to build a two-parcy system have been set back 25 years. The most obvious evidence of the GOP decline in the S o u t h turned up last week in Virginia where a Republican candidate for governor who once polled 45 per cent of the vote was buried under a Democratic avalanche. Little Rock and segregation were the major issues in the campaign that gave J. Lindsay Almond a landslide victory over Republican Ted Dalton. Before Eisenhower began pulling substaniial support froroj the Southern states in 1952, Republicans in the South were little more than names on the national committee's mailing lists. This led to the phrase "Post Office Republicans." Eisenhower's popularity changed aE that almost overnight. His 195 triumph's.'in .four southern state touched off spirited GOP organiz ing activity that was redoubled af er the President increased his Dix lie power in 1956. Then came Littl teeman Virgil Jackson in Louisiana, urged a "wait and see" attitude. Others like Mississippi National Comrnitteeman E. O. Spencer, a converted Democrat, resigned. George W. Lee, a Negro Republican leader at Memphis, said the use of troops at Little Rock hurt; the GOP "as far as the white vote was concerned," but predicted it CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (UP)--The United States must put up something as big and spectacular as a space platform before this nation can regain international prestige, a scientist said here. "We can never catch up in the sense that Russia has already done what we set out to do," said Dr. John S. Rinehart, association director of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory. "But we could go ahead of the Russians by performing a bigger and better scientific experiment," he said. The present Russian experiments are short-lived, Rinehart explained, and the next step is to place a long-lived object -such as a space platform -- in the sky. : He said the Russians beat us to Ithe first satellite because they "sat down, went to work and applied the knowledge the had." "Here we've been given a much freer hand to play and scientists like to play," he said. However, Rinehart said lie believes the American*scientific program -- with its greater freedom -- "generally leads 'to .the best things in the long run." The satellite involves nothing new in a scientific sense, he said. "It's simply a matter of technology. We can certainly do it." "They've put on a wonderful show,"- Rintheart said. "Scientists enjoy s eeing a good experiment well done and 1 have enjoyed these Russian satellites tremendously.' Hinehart, who is a ballistician and physicist, can trace Russian rocket experiments back to 1858-69 when a Gen. Mayewski measured the drag on spheres by firing cannon balls at speed up to 1,800 feet per second -- breaking the sound barrier. Also, he said, "You can find a big military effort along scientific lines beginning in Russia as far gack as the Napoleonic Wars." "For a century at least they have been exiremely competent in the-area of ballistics," he said. 0:05 EZ Listening 6:15 Mercantile News 0:30 Special Wire 6:35 EZ Listening G:-45S;ate Sports 6:55 EZ Listening 7:00 Special Wire The suit was decided in favor of! 7li5 County Anent Roberts in a lower court, but has 7:30S » ccial w »'= been appealed by the insurance company. The Oowbelles, in a separate business meeting after a joint din-' ner with the TVLA at the H. D. Smiley ranch, accepted Mable Peltier, Catherine Underwood, Alice Purdy, Mary Leighty and Marjorie Marvel as new members. Plans were made for mimeographing and assembling a brand book with the names and brands of all the local cattlemen. Suggestions were also made to have 30 Special Wire 7:35 True Detective 8:10 Montana News 8:03EZ Listening 8-30 Special Wire fi:35 Magazine Review 8:-!5EZ Listening 9:00 Special Wire 9:05 EZ Listening 9:30 Special Wire i) :35 EZ Listening 9:45 Square Dance Time 10:00 Special Wire 10:05 EZ Listening 10-30EZ Listening KGEZ - MBS. 600 ke 11:00 Special Wire 11:05 EZ Listening 11:55 Special Wire 12:00 SiRn Off TUESDAY MORNING 5:30 Break the Day EZ 0:00 Special Wire 6:05EZ Listening G:25Farm Shorts 6:30 Special Wire 6:35 EZ Listening 7:00 Special Wire 7:05EZ Listening 7:30 Special Wire 7:35 Montana News 7:40EZ Listening 8:00 Frank Hemingway 8:15 Art Baker 8:33 Special Wire 3:35 Montana News 8:40 EZ Listening 0:00 Special Wire i):05EZ Listening 9:15 Hymn Time 9:30 Special Wire 9'35 Queen For a Day 10:00 Special Wire 10:05 Women's News 10:10 EZ Listening . JD:1S Dr. Paul 10:30 Special Wlro 10:35 EZ Listening 10:45 Friendly Phll- ' osopher 11:00 Special Wire 11:05 Whitefish Tim« 11:30 Special Wire 11.35 Whitefirh Time 11:45 Say It With Music 11:45EZ Listening TUESDAY NOOIt 32:00 Special Wire 12:05 EZ Listening 12:15 Texaco News 12:30 Special Wire 12:35 Weather News 12:40 EZ Listening 1:00 Community New» 1:15 Christian Womaa Speaks 1:30 Special Wire 1:35 EZ Listening ·2:00 Special Wire 2:05 EZ Listening 3:00 Special Wire 3:05 EZ Listening 3:30 Special Wire 3:35EZ Listening 4:00 Montana News 4:05 Penny Arcade 4:15 Frank Hemingway 4:30 Special Wire 4:35EZ Listening 5:00 Special Wire "And in 1903," Riuehart said, Hie Russians were thinking se- and ranches on the back riously of space travel. You can find drawings.of space ships their scientists designed that year." Historical Society. Shows Huck Work Sixteen cattlemen and wives meetings. Prints and water colors by Ro-'the Veterans and Pioneers Mebert E. Huck, Montana artist and morial building In Helena, son or Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Huck of i H uck was reared in Kalispell and their Kalispell, are the November pres- r ece j v ed his master of fine arts attended the dinner and entation in the Montana historical degree in 1052 at the University society's contemporary galleries in of Colorado. He studied in Rome will be offset by "the thousands of Negroes who were misled on the New and Fair deals." BUYING CHRISTMAS TREES Phone XJL 7-2111 OLE LEE, JR. Somers :*. Mrs. D. M. Cass, of the Poison'Rock, group, is the,Lake County Christ- Dfed mas Seal chairman and urges 100 per cent support of the project.' In the wool Republicans like State Chairman Guy Smith Tennessee and National Comml OPEN FOR BUSINESS Furniture WATCH FOR OUR Grand Opening Soon ' UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP is perfect for special produced and bottled V O T U SAHE VINEYARDS LIKE HOLIDAYS This clear, pink, fragrant wine it delightful for ony special occasion... end us« it for small dinners, too^ end to servft os on occasional guests In your horn*. Make this a EVEN BLINDFOLDED YOU GET PERFECT TUNING! 239 95 Windsor (21T218) in lustroui Mahogany finish.. 21 1 ovtr-all dfagonal. lull 262 iq. In. viewabU rt«. (all 21" »ett shown) New Westinghouse TV With Electronic Automatic Tuning! Now! For the first don'f have to tune TV! One touch changes channels and fine-tunes picture and sound electronically -- far more accurately than by hand! Exclusive Westinghouse "Automatic Tuning" electronically tunes in'the best possible picture and sound . . . even adjusts ifself for station strength, bringing you distant channels clearer than ever before. And, it stays in tune every second you watch it. Plus many more big new advances! "Broad Band" reception gives 22% more detail for .needle-sharp picture. , . Slimmer cabinet, thanks to new 110° picture tube. "Up-front" speaker for full fidelity sound. Silver Safeguard Chassis for new freedom from service calls. Push-bufton Oh-Off Control. First true Remote. Control (optional). Lennox, beautiful · Console in mahogany finish. Every advanced feature, incjuding Auto- mafic Tuning and new slimmer- SSI..:. ;:.,299.95 Athens, smarfest Console ever designed. Luxurious mahogany finish. -Striking "space-saver" cabinet. A u t o m a t i'c Tuning Multiple ' speakers ..... Glamorous new Portable TV! In neW mar-proof, stain-proof vinyl texfures, vermillion or charcoal. 4" slimmer in depth. Big-set "Broad Band" reception. 17" over-all diagonal, full 1.55 sq. in. viewable area. l-r A f\f AS LOW AS'........ 1/4.95 APPLIANCE DEPT. i KALISPELL MERCANTILE COMPANY

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