The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 4, 1947 · Page 10
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 10

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 4, 1947
Page 10
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TTO: rmowNsvrr,i,E Teftrje.ii1ay, Tune 4, 194ft «WMt, ["They'll Do It Every Time U. f. By Jimmy Hatlo HV IS IT? ON A HI6MWAY AS STRAIGHT AS A BOWLING ALLEV THE ROUTE MARKERS ARE LIKE THIS 9YNJMCA7K. Inc., WORF,D Kl.flllTS R E S E R V E D . T INI A BIG BURS FULL OF MAVWIRE INTERSECTIONS ·R£P LA55WELL RICHSe.COHM. REPPIM VWAT TO pa oar NPLE/Vi HIM.--UWPBK A^soir; ·LANKKT/ 4RE VtHJ^T- LOOK,BOSS/-- ^ /" OKAV, 'KEV5"... SURE IT WA£S^ SI-NT ME UP J/M* IT/ AM-HE TRIES "SILVER" " S T t ' P6LIVER TM . T'PULL A SWIFTX STUFF TO A TOW- \5*M«SEP HIM AN' HE'S PORKV? C"HEAP W A BROWN I »M MY CAR AN' WHAT PO SUIT WHO SHOULP i. I PO WITH HIM? MEET ME WTHV WRK-- RKSHT? MAVB6 M6J0P X EXCUSE ME, TAKff THE VICTIM./ OFFICER/ T TO A P0CTCR/.AFOUNP THIS BUT III 5ENP JPIPE IN THE OUT A PICK-UP V STREET/^/VP ON HIS LICENSE- -- . #/?)/ different f problem Prisc/lla, f r /tf like to (recommend this I brand to you \ Mrs. Mute he If ^ .^^ erxxjgh to fill your dining room nd living room ^ suds/ f OUR BOARDING HOUSE- -With Major Hoople OUT OUR WAY- By William* I'VE GOT AM rDKA, FOfc VOO IT DID iNAe PAi^'T A CREftMEPLV CLAIM IT A S * SCARS 'STOUNi X y CPNi \T PROPERTY ) / FKOM FROM TU / ( MOM AVJK CHUR.M -fr SUCP " J'LU HAVE TO SLEEP ON TH' SOFA WHILE HE'S SICK --,1 NJEVER GETAKIV SLEEP MIMING CRACKER CRUMBS OUT OF A FEATHER BEP-THEV KEEP WORKING POWM/ CNOUAH ABOUT PRIZEFIGHTERS LOOK, CONNIE, WOULDN T I 88 A 5UCK6R TO TRV TO TWO- TlMf A PRI2PFIGHTIR ? TM LEAVING, BORN THIRTV · VEARS TOO SOOM OH.' 5O I'VE GOT ANOTHER AMERICAN IN MV HAIR, EH?WELL,VOL/VE A«5UT \. WAIT,' DRASVN VOUR LA*T BREATH: __^av^ 5URB, TEU. YOU WHRRfe MV PAL Ss/ENT WITH VC»UR 6iM3,,.AN'A. FAT LOT OF fiOOO IT'LL DO VUH/ HE WBLNT TO AMERICA THAT* WHY NOT A CONTIST/ PIT THl* TQ THE DKATH IN / MURPtWOU* } THt OTHCR TH6 ARENA? WITH I BARBARIAN I AWSRICAN --« f%w , SUCH A NAN, IT V ASMN5T MV/ CAPTjVIt.'*^ INO««OV.' MEN? SHOULD AFFORD U* R/KRB *P0RT.' OF TH« 1LL- FATSuO PHILADELPHIA, CARNIVAL-- ·By Dick Turne mi' a nr.A ftcnvicc. w, T. M, at c.u. ». U.S. Envoy A»i.«over to l»r«vl«n» HORIZONTAL VERTICAL 1,5 Pictured U.S 1 Palestine river ambassador to 2 K i n g of - Colombia 10 Rascal 11 Scents 13 High peak 14 Roman proconsul 10 Path 18 Impolite Bashan 3 Embracfl 4 Tidy 5 Ridge 6 Rainbow 7 Card game QUtLLCIMO 3CVIUA 5HCA5A WHY IS IT MY FAULT YOU DIDMT GET YOUR ,, CAP. FROM THE 6ABAGE? JUST BECAUSE I USE THE; PHOWI? A LITTLE BIT-- USE so f4ow CAM i GET TO X WANT TO KNOW.' 21 Rainwear mistakes 8 Type measure .23 G n a w e d · 39 Fasten 9 Gaped 24 Balance 40 Eras 10 Course 29C]o;» 41 Toward 4n r, , , , . . , 12 Dressing 30 He is a dipld- 42 Engrave 20 Pedal d i g i t s 1 3 W n a t o m a U c ! 45 P r o h i b i t i o n a l l o w a n c e 31 Classifier 46 Beverage 15 Behold! 33 Takes a w a y 49 North 17 Belgian r i v e r 3d T o r m e n t America (*' 19 Epic poems 35 Makefc 51 Preposition "When I »uggejitod wt try to steal their maid, f meant for me, not you!" .A^-. · ; * 21 Burden 22 Russian warehouse 24 Scrap 25 Singing voice 26 More aged 27 I t a l i a n river 28 Exists 29 Wise men 32 Flat-bodied ray 36 Concur 37 Sea duck , 38 Afternoon parties 30 Tardy 43 Close 44 Finish 45 Capital of " country where he is stationed 47 Worm 48 Bridge holding i" '1^50 Region (poet,) 52 Grades 53 Poultry CE Jt'« ONLY A FEW DAT3 THE RACE.PUCHESTIVA QUARTERING THUfODER \K ·THE ARN5 AND HEMt * T,., 1 FHUT I W^5 LOSING ~ l£ JOHN'S LOVE. HE WOULD Of VOUR 5 DISfcPPEW*. FOR. WEEKS, AND PR0.6RM5I2 LETTERS, T^UNT ME ^»OU1 AS MOLPV, COR(tODfD JT BAKNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY si\iITU -By Fr*d SUT SENT V£ A W6DDIN' BUT He sez ve IT GIT UP AS WRAL BUST 00V BRITCHiS!! 60 F6TCH TH' PARSON, TIMC0 AVOAfTIN'!! l/'Z SAW VEIL -- By Crane - '2^te*\ ·/ r »NCREOIBLE,M'5»8UR.YOU SAY THAT ^mf' lH^^YpRK_YOU.BOARDeD_AaANE FOR THE YUKON AND LANDED IN AFRICA r'iMtt -----7 WHY WE INSTEAD? y WW. / HAVE NO UUt HOW \ ITW««5NOM15TAKE.\ THEY? WHO COULD \ we V/PRC KIDNAPEP. 1 APE TMI vf - L r THE PILOT -HEY WAWTEP THE SERVICES OF THE FAMOUS PLASTIC MISTAKE 50RQEON WHO WAS ABOARD- DR.W1WQ. WELL CERE'S WHERE TW 6 KEAUY INCREDIBLE FVSRTCOMS5IN*THEY VJ6RS NAZ^S WUO WEREWfN(iTO FORCE DR.WIN4K3OOAFACe- UFTINQ JOB. WING " E PATIENT -- HE 5WORI IT WA5 I.BV WILL HAVE MP w NVAY/ TALKTING JUCT THINK/ IT'UL/Twe AIN'T^ WHAT C?' »UV TBKI ICR CINGIN'/ / THINK WE APR, CBKAMCONBC/ / ^tE r^i^THQUEALBCTH? WHER615 COUSIN HOM6VT ^JUT* -n^ L« HONEYS BESTEST FRiEWP, "TO BETRAY H6D CONPlDEKiCE? FOR CHAME, 5 TMV ¥« ^ WWSW! SO ENPS ,,, TWK F^lfcGT PAV lx OF WATCWING CLAttA»KLL»'d /- ^«-- / N 1 ' / ^ N V -^ I DONi'T KNOW I MAVQE I'M TOO SOPT-H5ARTED RUN A PET

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