The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 12, 1951 · Page 53
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 53

Corpus Christi, Texas
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Sunday, August 12, 1951
Page 53
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Flores Wildcat Has Gas Show at 6,100, Oil at 6,200 Feet Sunray Oil Corp. No. 1 G. G.\ Sun Oil Co. No. 1 J. L. Hino-i Zamora. Starr County wildcat injjosa, wildcat in Share 3. Santa] the Flores area, near the Hidalgo \Cruz Grant, was at 6,995 test Fri-l County line, set S^-inch liner on i day, running electrical log. i bottom, C.600 feet, and yesterday Sun No. 2 Bias Requeues, in t h e j was preparing to test a gas show North Sun area, set surface t'as- fourtd by sidewa.ll cores at 6.220- j ing at 2.014. feet and was prepar- 25 feet. Sand with oil odor, side-j in? to drill ahead on an 8,000-focti wall cored at C.1S4-95 feet, a 1 s o | venture. i will be tested. The Zamora, in Section SS3, Location Sinclair Oil and Gas Co. No. 2! J. A. Garcia, in the Coastal Field I by Se Flores Grant, also had tested gas «nd distillate Jn the Sullivan Sand [area, was moving in riff yesterday! at 4,368-401 feet. It has 7%-inehf or A 6.000-foot contract'in T?,na'-j P'.oterfive casing set at 5,750 feet. | 0 io Trevino Survey, A-269, Porcion| C. P. Burton No. 1 M. Guerraiioo. " i Son. wildcat 'n CCSDKGNGJ In Garcia Field, Sun Oil Co. No.| \mw FORMS TO BE READY FOR IP AD DEADLINE New Petroleum Adniims'r; tio:i for Defense tubular application forms should be available within a week, the government agency has an nouncec!. and operators should deh'.y their first quarter, 1^52, applications until receiving Iho new forms. The new forms, PAD-15, 16. 17, a:;d 17DP will be ready in ai«- ple time for first quarter application deadlines, PAD official.* said. First quarter requests for drillpipo nnist be filed by Sept. 16, snd for cashes and tubing SO. Survey 29S, 16 miles northeast of El Sauz, was slated to spud today and set surface 3 Christina M. Perez, set surface casing around 1.084 feet. casing tomorrow! Gulf Plains Corp. No. 1 Mrs. for a 4,SOO-foot test. Clark and. Fu-| Helen Zanarine is a location for a son is contractor. j 7,000 foot wildcat in Block F, New- Dry Hole | m a n subdivision B, Share 5, E! In the northeast corner of the Senedito Grant, C miles southwest ssissippi Deep Hole county, Clark Fuel Producing Co. of La Refovma. OH- n The longest string of casing e'. e r run in Mississippi has been set Union Producing Co. in its No Logan, on tile west side of No. 1 R a f a e l Canales. wildcat The Chicago Corp. No. 1 F. about 1'i m'les south of Marks ivares. Share 19. Santa Cruz Grant, Field, ran electrical log to 2,1201 La Reforms FifW, was drilling j f i f l d in Vazoo County feet, total depth, and was abandon-!yesterday at 7,017 feet j The company set 7-inch pipe ed. The Texas Co. No. 8 W. Kornaday. on the south edge D . j ' i n El'Ebanito Field, Chicago's of I No. 15 Slick Estate was drilling at Marks Field, started coring Friday j 4,004 feet on a permitted 5,000-fool at 1.S65 feet. 'venture. MeAllen Well Tests 14,059 feet in a sidetracked Taylor Refining Co. and Mayfair Minerals, Inc.. No, 1 Oscar Marks-" Ficldwido tlnii, in Hidalgo County's MeAllen Field, mode gas-distillate Reforma Field, was drilling at 8,030 in its Smaekover test. Previous Mississippi record \\ i^ a 14,OSS-foot string run in George Vasen No. 1 fee, near Wiggins in Stone County. The Vasen well, only 81 feet short of bPcoming the deepest hole ever drilled for "oil, for several! months has been reported fishing j at 20,440 feet. ! I Union Proclucing's wel! reached I the Srnackover at 14,033 feet in the original hole but blew out while! i coring ut 1-1,1GV feet- A w h i p s l o c k j » v r-*^ - * \ t ^ . v * V l - ^ ^ ' x - $«.,, % * IS- «, V * t x « 4 s^^^/^.o:; uwk,i?» ^'?M4:,' ·#^V.*4s*!it, »fM»,' « » n w l 'CjUVtiiW MODERN MARSH BUGGY--Use of helicopters has speeded by 4 times the Shell Oil Co. seismographic surveys of swampy Marsh Island, La. Marsh buggies formerly were used to transport the seismic crews through the mire from one shotpoint to the next on this muddv land off the coast south of Mew Iberia. feet in shale Friday on a 9,000-foot j w as set at 2,804 feet and the hole vas sidetracked and drilled to 14.- venture. In Los Torritos F i e l d . L. M.' test. with some water, in the lower Lockhart had a well testin part of a 250-foot sand, and yesterday had set a plug at 10,450 feet, preparatory to perforating a little higher for more tests. The upper part of the big sand will be tested ir; a few days. On lU-hour drillstem t e s t on the 5, 800-foot oil zone and had Parted a wildcat. Lockhart'g No. 4 National Bank of Chicago, feet east northeast of production. spudded Aug. 9 nnd Friday was drilling at 780 feet on a possible S,500-foot venture. 071 feel before casing The company plans to the zone from which the well blew out run. i n t o ; _ J. S. Abercrombie No. Tarn, DeVvit* County 1 Frank; 1C7-SO f'ri, rooovc-ry was 140 feetj.Survey. anl 1.000 feet west of tho wildcat lo* oil 30 feet of oil cut mud and | No. 1', oil wt-11. Jyrpus Chrisli CALLER-TIMES, Sun., Aug. 12, 1951, 7-B Little Change in owable Texas now has a backlog of,ing to fill the Abadan gap with" 2"iO.OOO to 260.000 barrels of crude, j products diverted from f o r m e r ind there's no reason "To gun cur!markets in the U. S. and Canada, wells to appoint where they may'and about 200.000 barrels of in- be damaged." j creased production in South Amer- This statement from Olin Cul-i ica and the Middle East, bcrson, chairman of the Texas: T « as allowable for August, a Uaih-oad Commission, was inter- j 31-day month, is on a 24-day statc- jpreted lust week as meaning'that: w i d e pattern, with 19 producing I the governing body of the nation's! days allowed for the East Texaa jbisgest oil producing state isn't yet j^eld. This provides daily produc- Iworried about the Iranian oil sit-! tiort l;lf about 2 - 9S9 million barrels luation | daily. September, a 30-day month, I Cuiberson apparently doesn't : " the arable is to remain the think there's necessity for Increase-i same ** £** month, would be set hr-.g tho Tex:.* oil allowalbe during i»* TM *- 23-iy-day schedule Should i September. The allowable will be' l h c Sv * m *er allowable be based .set follo\vin* tho statewide r-ora-: on a -^'"ay Iteration plan, out- t on hearing,' ir, Abilene, on Thurs-'f" 1 W ,' CUl , d , be raised about S 0 ' 000 'dav. i h a r l n l s d:!l! - v ' , , : , , . . . (Current crude stock figures . 1 IMcmnp to the Texas stocK - cou ; d not be obtained yest j££ backlog of aboiu a quaver of a silloo , he Burcnu of Mine ^ ^ w - n.l.JO!, barrels. Cuiberson said: ln ,, on s:li(j u was ^^ ^ Ttlesg .v« ii,ji. !; , 0 f;,, urea un(U tomorrow. Usual: "It would be ;m awful good back-:!y, the bureau repor' is released ; !og in case of war, and I'm in I,m Fridav or Saturday. - f a v o r of hok'.mg st for sonic great-: _: ' . :er emergency than we now have." "The situation Just doesn't look light *o mo, anil I'm not in favor of going higher (in. Texaa production)." the Railroad Commission i chairman explained. He added th«t 1 U. S. crude stocks nt the end of i .Inly were 251.] r |7 million barrels June. .y !· K · t9 W. E a r ! Rowe No. 1 Mamie minion Ijarrols. up! Tom, Karnc-s County wildcat in s since the end of i\'icturiar.ii Xepe 13 miles cast of Yorktown, drilling Friday at 7,3-55 feet on a of suit wale; 1171-80 feet recovered Ir. in South Cotiojwood Creek K:eld, U-oiuUry probably could lot \Ve.ste perforations at 10,460-70 feet. 3-10-1Tests sit 5.8SO inch bottom and %-inch top chokes, with 2,500-foot water cushion, water cushion flowed in 10 minutes and tho well made gas, distillate and sorhe w a t e r, unloading all the water cushion and considerable distillate. Recovery was 30 feet of distillate and 390 feet of water nnd Loltom- he.le pressures were 5,800 nnd 8,000 pounds. Earlier in the week, deeper shows were tested, on perforations at 10,641-53 and 10,550-60 feet, but each set. made salt water. Below 8,000 Taylor and Mayfair No. 1 H. O. Grissom, also in MeAllen Field, cored a gas sand at 8,5-18-600 feet and waa drilling .ahead, and the No. 1 Theo Mosser was drilling at 9,3H feet. Over near the Starr County line, In Cecil Field, Taylor No. 3 Garcia Land and Livestock Co. had been treated with 300 barrels of kerosene, flowed out kerosene and yesterday ·was flowing IS percent oil, under 1,200 pounds pressure. Continental Oil Co. No. 2 P. H. ar Test JAt 9,800 Ft. Sun Oil Co. No. 1 . St. Charles State Tract SS7, Aransas Counly wildcat 2 miles southeast of Lnmar. was drilling in shale at 9,790 feel CO feet of 0'.l| The Tox , 3 Ca N o _ ' , Cuiberson thinks ti'.i'i ern !la r,CiW:!i j c u t salty mud. On SOU-minute tes'.| Sc . h . xefer f]W( .. d 105 ba ,,- 0 ; s OI - o i l i Europe, Lockhart No. 2 Bank, which h n d j tested, unsuccessfully in several deeper sands, hnd block squeezed a* 5.SSO feet and yesterday wa.i preparing to perforate and test the sand where Taylor and Mayfair No. 1 1 Boris Marinoff found oil on perforations at 5,850-60 feet. | Humble Oil and Refining Co. No. In the Donna aroa, Sinclair O i l j l Aransas Bay State Tract IIS, formerly served by Iran. C or 7 million barrels of olus 4-30 of 1 percent basic setli-;crude from present stocks. j\vas 3R pounds and recovery w.".Sj nlent nnf! v/ater. on potential test!2.9 Million IJpd f | through G-C-t-incls clscke, ur.iier 1.- The Abac];;;; refinery formerly °'ii00 pounds pressure on tubing, supplied Western 1 Kurope with [ -~'~ ,,"",',""","" - _ - · - · - ' _ · -- - _ A - j f r o m perforations at 7,c;;s-l2 I'eet.jabout 400.000 barrels of petroleum '"' ! " " ' A I I . S . o i l Indus- :epeda Survey, A-13, i miles southwest of R u n g e, iddot'l and set surface pip» .('.(10-foot test. W. R. Quin, a new rig on this possible 9,500-foot test. Some cor-;at S,-!:;S'i-;C feet, working pressure j ing had been done. Gulf Oil Co. No. 1 Sophie Brown J 250 feet "of salt water. Victoria County wildcat about 2^] On the Victoria County side miles southwest of Helen Gohlkelthc Cohlke Field, Shell'NO. 1 Field production, was drilling at;L. Ballanl, flowed Ml barrels o!| Cnu ^ v W3S ,,, 3 liejrrcc:i and , :as .; Pt .nuucts dailv. (,M-1 leet. i;?3 S1 . a vity oil orr pMtc-nlial t e s t i Q i j rit " io Wls - : . . . . . ... · In Helen Gohlke Field, on the [through io-G4-inch cholte, u n d e r ! * T ' ^ , ^'" 7*3 to 1, DcWil*. County side of the pool.i.573 P o u n J s pressure on C u b i n g , ! . Tox " co 7°- ! 5 ^ 1 """^ ^"^'^ S .1^1' Shell Oil Co. No. B-6 Gohlke Hoirs.lwiih casing s4le-l. Oa.-voiJ Mlio 1 ^' 8 nlu! f » da i' w:ls d n l h n " ftt was testing orr GO-shot perforation--; : was CSS to 1 and per;or.'U!ona werei" U d Ie01 ' 11/' C at 8.13S-4S feet. Shell No. 4 C. T . l a t 8.1Sfi-72 feet. [Completing j for a contractor, has test. Kerrigan nnd Fohs No: 1 M a r y Pargm.-mn, 6 miles southeast of IRungrt and in Victor Blanco Grant, |A-3, was drilling yesterday at 6,! SOS) -feet en a permlUed 7 500- i f u o t test. ! Hicaini Drilling Co. No. 1 Roh- 'an, between Hobson and P a l l s I try coiiiiiiittee., woi'klntr with State I ^ ^.f-lT,,^ 1 I - .. i ' 1 1 * , *-"· . 1 , - - . H LlVlJa\.lll i l l K J ^ O. I 1 S Sch^fer Fr ud.-J,Hi 1 ^P^n^_wnoj.wn,M8_^!npl ; j (7ity PieWSf was drilllnj? at 4|S30 U'eet Friday on a possible 7^00-f'oot "JUTlCAl ' and Gas Co. 2 tests drilling both nttir 9.000 feet, and was start, in.s: a third. Sinclair No. l Henry Slavik ran electrical log to S.ROO feet, took sidewall cores, and Friday was Matthew spudded Aug. Longoria, wildcat southeast of La drilling nt 8.883 feet. The "No. 1 Schreiner Unit was drilling at 8..871 feet, and the No. 1 C. H. Swallow was moving in rig. Magnolia Petroleum Co. No. 1 Grace Doughty, Linn area wildcat north of Edinburg, was drilling Friday at 10,404 feet in sand. , Continental No. 1 Esther E. Johnson, wildcat near tt 5 Willacy County line, northwest of Sebastian, ran electrical log at 8,498 feet, took 12 sidewall cores with no shows, and Friday was: drilling at 8,833 feet in shale. .vildcal V/ miles south of Lamar, 130-inch surface cored sandy .shale with pas odor f e ,, t nn ,j was drilling at 3.093 at 8,4-17-80 feet and Friday was 141 B arre i s SO! i .32; i I-Dcatiiin ; Slu-ll lias .stakott Incr.tirin fur I Stanolin-d Oil and CMS Co. No. j a l l Edwin C. Schucf.T was flowni;-! g at S.515 feet on a 10,000-J'ootj Humble Oil and Refining Co. No - iei:t. ,ne\v -let'! i.side at on tht No. -s venture. Packer had failed on a t - i 4 K]ise Rosenfelder \v;: ; templed drillitem test at Si-Hl-'-^!8,264 feet. On drillslem feet. In the new Blackjack Field, Western Natural Gas Co. No. 1-1 St. Charles Ranch Co. was drilling at 9,118 feet Friday and th e No. 16 was drilling under surface casing, set around 2,500 feet. Both are contracted to 11,500 feet. Atlantic. Refining Co, No. 6 V. G. Gwynn, Salt Lake Field, m a d e 765,000 cubic feet of gas with a spray 1 of distillate on 8-hour test on p e r'f o r a t 'i o n s at 7,198-210 feet, squeezed, and was preparing t o j shoot now perforation?. DeU'iU O o u n t y i o i l Friday, Helen OoliJke, 9.lbi7,05;;-5S K-et Mi /U from pcr'oratioiw a l ; 10 vr er Key x rs feet from the south line and 1,3-151 Hawn lirotliers No. r,-2 E. C. roin the east line of theiSchaefer, also in South Cot'.onwiHui in ^_ c - Kitchen!creek Field, had set casting on j bottom, 7,645 feet, und yesterday v.-ns going in hole wi:h tubing for Deputy IVtroloum Administrator! production tests. Bruce K. Urov/n i s prepared t o i Perforations were In the 7.G35-1 assist the oil and gas industry in 1 ·10-foot zone where, on formation] seeking duU'rrMeni or delay i n i drillstem test., the Schacfer re-j* 01 "^'' 6 f u r ^y personnel, he an-; covered 2.070 feet of pipe line oil """need last weak. | and 30 feet of oily, muddy water But ' B TMwn warned in a state-: through 3-i-inch choke, and"showed! R l c n t °. r , PAD P° lic y. sll( -' h assist-! 21 pounds working pressure and an . ce wlh not be 'prUicomln E until I test. Some cores had been cut but j n o shows reported. This wildcat ia l in Krasnio Soguin Survey, A-10. 4 ' Mnpiolia Petroleum Co. No. 1 f i J e f f r y n ililbrich. Porter Field, was i drilling in shale at 3,770 feet on a ! i.sw-foot contract. TIPRO COMPLAINS Steel Output May Decline But PAD Still Optimistic Reports from. Washington the its handling of steel distribution to,son is executive vice president of last of the week indicated that the! the oil industry." " TTPRO. scrap shortage may hold U. S. steel production to around 13 million tons in the last 3 months of this year. Thus, the critical steel problem becomes even more critical. The Defense Production Administration had allocated around 24 million tons of steel--including something over 1.8 million tons for oil and gas--to vital industries for the fourth quarter. Generally, industry leaders had thought the maximum sunply would be- 21 million tons. So^ if the scrap doesn't materialize lihe magic, there'll be at least 5 million tons less of steel for the last "3 months of 1951 than has been allocated for use during that time. Still, . . .Petroleum Administration PAD's steel allocation formula "Must be revised to provide an e q u i t a b l e distribution of pipe among all operators or the whole]with: program will fall. Protests from' our members are pouring in ... in increasing numbers and vehemence.. The number of independent operators with critical drilling obligations who received little or no allocations of-pipe for the third and-or fourth- .quarters and are thus being forced to farm out or sell their properties has reached alarming proportions. Many are in open, revolt and advocating scrapping the whole PAD program," the telegram, signed by E. L (Tommy) Thompson, said. Thcmp- Grey Market Thompson's wire,to the PAD of- Paul J. Fly of Victoria yesterday had completed a new gas well in the West, Terrell Point area southeast of Fannln, Goliad County at his No. 2 Lula Swickheimer. Swickheimer flowed gas through 10-G-l-inch choke, under 1,600 pounds pressure, from perfora- tjons at 4,544-50 feet and was shut- in. This well, total depth 5,135 feet b mile east southeast jbottomhole prtssuves of 1,400 ruid 230 pounds. of Clmrco. spudded the last of the week an 8,500-foot venture. United Drillers is contractor. Sunray Oil Corp. No. 1 Mrs. Emogene Ray Hall, Gladys Powell, Field area, west of Charco, was to run correlation log around r.CSO feet yesterday. This test all normal procedures for appeal! have been exhausted. Help will not' _ | b e given in tho case of graduates lining , about half a mile east of Michatix . Rotary oil drilling rigs operating 11 i. AH-io \v -tA, IWVM-* ^*"ir *r t ^.w -- ·--- j^., ... and with 5%-inch casing set at 4,-r u j; c ' y 618 feet, is 933 feet northeast of 1 iv.van. No. 1, discovery. No. 1 Kauftnann, gas-distillate dis-i . .. ,-, . ,, , T m fields of the U " , ,, , and Car - ada "and ana Gallery and Hurt, Inc., No. 1 C. C. Luedicke, Gottschalt area i wildcat 2 miles north of Weesache, l ^n|was drilling in. hard shale at 6,- r 1 oco fnnf TP-m/Isir «1otAH tn rllTl Rlf^O- P McMullen Baker for Defense officials h a v e remained consistently optimistic-publicly 'anyway--in their v i e w |nr«,ofl- T?·»·.»·»^ that the oil and gas industries 1 Cat J\ilH§ would.get the 1-8-odd-million tonsj_ allocated for fourth quarter use.jJ[_Q ^,4'UO Jf CCt CMA .Change Several Washington news releases oh the steel problem, have hinted that . some . reorganization was due in the Controlled Materials Plan, possibly restricting CMA ' to military and supporting programs and industries. Supposedly, this change w o u l d help the DPA obtain accurate figures on- steel production and steel needs. Right now, the Washington news'boys say, DPA's only documented facts on requirements are coming from the oil and' gas industries,'which submit inventory reports and requests through the Petroleum Administration for Defense. The government, meantime, was the target for steel-inspired potshots issued last week by a, couple of petroleum industry associations. "We believe that the officials of j 862 feet Friday, slated to run elec- jtrical log around 7,300 feet. 7,875-710 feet. Hays and Burke No. PAD are in the position o- recoff- Hofl ** . _ -- .... 1 C. C. Diebel, Goiiad County wildcat north of Berclair Field, was drilling ahead under surface easing Friday on a 5,000-foot venture. Pool Stofer and Fly No. 1 William Prewitt Estate, southwest outpost to Berclair 'Field, total Kirkwood'and Co. No. 1 William I depth 3,201 feet, was abandoned about 5 miles southeast of|the_ last of the week. ) shot up to record high in the 1 days ended Aug. 8 after a slight relapse the previous week. Activity was placed at 2,796 operating rigs for the week ended service academies or re- ! of cent graduates of reserve officer training corps programs, cases involving only hardship to the individuals concerned, or cases in which the person sought to be deferred does not know of and approve the application for special consideration. PAD assistance will be given only in the case of key managerial or executive officials, men in an occupation included in the Labor Department list of critical occupations, or men in the production of oil-field equipment and machinery, tetraethyl lead, catalysts, lube-oil additives, or similar items! for which PAD has responsibility.! They must be men who are en-jt gaged full tirn^ in an essential *5 W. Earl Rowe and P. R. Rutherford No. 2 Earl M. Baker, Baker area wildcat in McMullen County, which had run a gas test in a new. s v. n d discovery, was drilling at 3,085 feet Friday night, scheduled to rim electrical log around 3.4001 feet yesterday. The Rowe-Rutherford test is just over the line from Live Oak County's B a k e r Field. On 10-mimite drillstem test at 1,824-36.feet, in a shallower sand than the Baker production, the well showed 305 pounds working pressure and recovered 30 feet of' rathole mud. Bpttomhole pressures were 800 and 825 pounds. The Texas Co. No. 3 Henry E. Gouger, 3,245-foot southwest out- inequities and ineffectiveness of the existing program. . ." (The C a 11 e r-Times telephoned Thompson in Austin Friday, asking for more specific information as to the "inequities" and needs for revision. He talked extensively "off-the-record," but was unwilling to be quoted on any certain complaint, and in fact, even off-the-reeord, mainly dwelt in generalities. U. S.-Italian , When asked what part of the state had the most .gripes, Thompson said "They're coming in from everywhere," and he replied "Hundreds," when .questioned as to the. number 'of. complaints originating in South "Texas. Questioned further on South Texas, he mentioned the name of one San Antonioan rr.d a Weesache, was drilling at 7.429 j feet yesterday on a possible 9,500- foot venture. Some Gas Stanolind Oil and Gas Co. No. 1 Mary Aibrecht, .in the South Meyersville area, west of Schroder, was drilling;Friday at 8,214 feet. Contract depth is 9.500 feet. Superior Oil Co. No. 2 Tom K. Webb, 2 miles southeast of Wee- sache, had squeezed perforations i at 7,975-88 feet, where it had made j a small amount oS gas with mud and salt water. ir Field had a new 2.500- foot test slated at L. C. Quin No. 1 N. Carrance in the center of Lot 1, Block 5, Wilkinson Addition, Berclair Townsite. Aug. 6 in the compilation furnished the American Association of Oil- well Drilling Contractors b y ] activity, are irreplaceable without Hughes Tool Co. This compared j material loss with 2,748 reported operating a ' " week earlier. 2,702 a month ago and 2,280 in the like week of 1950. Dan L. Clark Enpert Cox: The DAN L. CLARK DriSHng Co. DKELLERS OF OIL AND GAS WELLS POWER AND STEAM RIGS Wlljon BIdK. -- Corpus China ·J--7748 -- 4-7747 ITU Alamo Nat!. Bunk Bids. Saa Antotdo, G5S73 the activities of effectiveness in in which thev are The (juif Coast had 596 rigs run- pation. ning while 923 were active in West!" engaged, and are adequately- trained for the work in their oecu-i Texas and New Mexico. post to South Campana Field, McMullen County, Friday was drilling F i r s t , the Independent Petrol- at 2,378 feet, etim Association of America re-! On 15-minute test at 2,265-72 feet, Houston man who had been un able to get pipe allocations. He said 2 Houston independents had gotten pipe after flying to Washington. (On the grey market, he said he had reliable information Indicating' that one Texan had bought pipe from an Italian firm, but on delivery had found the pipe could hav e been manufactured only in the United States. He'd heard a lot of other talk about grey market pipe, he said.) For 11,000 Wells The PAD's fourth quarter tubular goods allocation, for wells to be drilled between Sept. 1 and the end of the year, is for about 300,000 tons of casing and tubing and Childs Joins Oilfield Haulers Association AUSTIN, Aug. 11. (AP)~Til'den Childs of Fort Worth will become j . secretary-manager of the Oil Field j j Haulers Association -effective] i Sept. 1, the association announc- i ed here today. : Childs will retire as Interstate Earlier, at; 8,125-31 feet, .the well! Swan Lake Field in Jackson I the west line of the 7SS-acre lease j Commerce Commission district di- had flowed at the rate of 40 barrels of 52 gravity oil a day, through 12-64-inch choke, with gas-oil ratio Of 37,255 to 1. Correlation Log Morris Cannan and C. L. Brown- in°- No. 1 S. W. Calhoun, wildcat bounty yesterday had gained a pair of new tests and Southern Minerals Corp. had a well completing and another, which had tested pipe line oil. drilling ahead The Texas Co. which, opened deep about 25,000 tons of drilling. This PAD's deputy boss, Brace Brown, newed its protests against allocation of U. S.-made tubular goods to Canada and other areas. The new IPAA protest singled out Canada and 'the possibility that Secretary of Interior Chapman, who is "petroleum administrator for defense, was p l a n n i n g to "trade" U. S. steel for Mexican oil. 'Scrapping PAD' Then the Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association hurled a bunch of verbs, via Western Union, to Bruce K. Brown, Deputy PAD administrator, sending copies of same to Secretary Chapman and to Richard G. Lawton, who is PAD production director. A TIPRO news rclnnse described tho t e 1 e K r a m fla giving the PAD. . ." a severe lashing over there was good blow and recovery was 300 feet of salt water" and 10 feet of rathole mud. Bottomhole said, is enough to drill the 11,000- odd wells' which the government and the industry believe are necessary for year-end work. million tons, which pressures were 280 and 295 pounds. 349 requests ' and turned down 1,At 1,918-24 feet, recovery was 120 for the fourth quarter. Total 120 feet of oil cut mud and 1,050 requests for those 3 months were feet of salt water. Bottornhole pres- . . - . . . sures were 492 and 672 Jounda. In the Tagist Ranch Field, near the Duval County line, Argo Oil Corp. No. 1 H. F. Fagan spudded Aug. 9, drilled to 1,250 feet and Friday was attempting to run electrical log, but the hole was bridging some. The crew was preparing to set 10%-inch surface casing. H. R. Smith No. 1 Ceb Martin Estate, potential Edward Lime oil discovery 11 miles west of Tilden. waa continuing completion attempts on perforations at 8,380-96 foct with workover rig. At 10,100 Feet . Humble Oil and Refining Co. No. 1 King Ranch-San Jose P a r r a 1, Kenedy County wildcat in San Juan de Carricitos Grant, about 20V 3 miles northeast of B,aymond- vi]ie, had packer failure on attempted drillstem test at 10,013-45 feet and Friday was drilling at 10,153 feet. Humble No. B-28 John G. Kenedy, Jr., Sarita Field, was coring at 4,963 feet on test at -^,710-19 feet. Recovery Was 30 feet of oil and 30 feet of oil cut mud and at 4.619-37 feet, maximum surface pressure was 42 pounds and recovery was 20 feet of oil and 10 feet of oily mud. Humble No. 7 Robert J. Kleberg, Jr., Trustee-Viboras Pasture, wilii- -(pay for the field will drill the j No. 3'E. C. LaBauve to around 110,000 feet, location is 467 feet from the north line, 2,780 f e e t from the south line of the 000-acre lease in Hugh McGuffin Survey, and is 933 feet northeast of No. "2 Brown said the PAD granted 1,- cat in the Viboras area of Brooks 'County, was at 6,4(50 feet Friday, running electrical log The 'Chicago Corp. No. B-l Eri- jido Ramirez. Radial Field, was coring yesterday nt 7,175 feet on a he said was enough to drill about permitted 5,500-fcot test. LaBauve. Southern Minerals Corp. had a new test scheduled at No. 21 Garland T. Brooking, contract depth 9,200 feet. Location is 1,258.7 feet from the south line, 1,715 feet from in J. H. Bell Survey, A-7, and 1,120 feet west of No, 20. Somieo No. 20 Brooking drilled to 9,086 feet and yesterday was setting o^-ineh casing for completion in the 6,700-foot sand where, on for- rector at Fort Worth Ausr. 31. Cabaniss Field Unit Wins Safety Award mation drillstem test, the well had! Advanced Training Unit Two a t j j recovered 2.SOO feet of pipe line i Cabaniss Field was presented t h e j ' oil and showed 160 pounds work "---' * ; - '1 ^ "-...._, i ing pressure Somieo No. 17 Brooking, recovered 2,000 feet of pips line oil at 7.715-20 feet and yesterday w a s drilling at 3,137 feet. Naval Air Advanced Training Com- 1 mand's annual single-engine air-]] craft safety award yesterday mom ing. Comdr. A. V. V. Vomdam, ATU-21 | skipper, received the award for! MAYFLOWER HAS "America's Rn«$t" MOVING'VANS'- Mayflower moving van ara not miff modern, claan and taf«, b»f MK Is specially dailgnad nnd »;ufpp«d to S;v« your furnitvra oxlra profMHw ogstnst damage. Th* next ae yw« movs (ona di$tanc» ... CALL CORPUS CHRISTI MAYFLOWER Corpus Christ! Transfer Cs. Exciusive Agent PHONE 3-4391 Aero Mayflower Transit Co. Southern Minerals has amended!his unit. ATU-2 had an all-time low! location for its No. 19 Brooking,'accident record, making it 1,258.7 feet f r o m " ' south line, 2,075 feet from the east line of the lease and 933 feet north- Away from the cosmopolitan capitals, are many beautiful old cities, lakes and itreams, tropical beach resorts, where living i$ tranquil and costs are unbelievably low. Know real old Mexico and enjoy the charm of its provinces. Your travel agent will tell you. -D1RECCIQM GENERAL DE TURSSAAO Av. Juarez 89 Mexico, D. F. Offering a rare oonUXnstlon of Wjjh scholMtie Stan*, arils and snpcrlor military training:. Small «Ias.ic individual attention by an able and experienced f»o. i3 Krfldoate.H nominated yearly to taka We»t Point 4k .Naval Acadpmy evamlnatian. Splendid library and laboratories, B.O.T.O. Indoor rillo rnntro. All lornii ol athletics. Gnuiaatei com- iilelo four years of K.o/T.c., ar* eligible for OttJ- crffl' Tmlnlnc School, Honor school Jt 1 rating- by tho Department of tho Arms of tho United States. TKXAS , MII.ITARV INSTITUTE ioRU^. writ* or wire Bcpt, OO 800 .'Co nivd., San Antonio, lertiw Son Antonio Academy A Junior School for boy«, grades 3 to S, atressInK scnoinrBlilp. lend- tfrshlp nml r.hnrnctor. Smftll classes, constant Mpervlnton. Oldest V'rotoMnnt school In Texas. For Cn.'nicRnp, wrlto or wlro: Hi-til. 00. 10,15 X. I'lor» Ml. San Antnnln, T««IM

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