The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on November 18, 1957 · Page 9
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 9

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 18, 1957
Page 9
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Inter Lake Want Ads Dial SK6-3666 THIS I* 3 3-line act it costs you only .-·' S2.26 to run it tor one week la The Inter Lake. 15 average wqrdi. 3 lines - 1 Week $2.25 THIS Is a two-line ad. Use an »ve '' at 10 words. Want Atls PaVI 2 lines - 1 Week $1.50 CITY OF KALISPELL KAUSPELL, MONTANA NOTICE OF PASSAGE OF RESOLUTION OF INTENTION TO CREATE SPECIAL IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT NO. £94 Notice is hereby given that on November 3, 1057, the City Council of the City of Kallspell, Montana, duly and regularly, passed and adopted Resolution No. 2330, belrtg a resolution of intention to create Special Improvement District No. 294 to? the purpose of participating with the State Highway Commission and the Bureau of Public Roads for the widening and rebuilding of Idaho Street within the City limits, and North Main Street and Sunset Boulevard along 1 the present right of way of U. S. Highway No. 93 from Idaho Street to Wyoming Street. The general character of the improvements to be made Jn the proposed Special Improvement District is the widening of Idaho Street to seventy-four feet, and the construction of a four lane, highway, with replacement of existing curbs and sidewalks, on Idaho Street, and on North Main Street and Sunset Boulevard along the present right of way of U. S. Highway No. 93 from Idaho Street! ^ , _. ... n 0 _. n AA r- · i /M s~ to Wyoming street, including the' Sunday Deadline -- 2:30 P. M, Friday (Non-Corn-. purchase of necessary right of way ITiercial O n l y ) and the construction of catch basins to provide for drainage, and other structures and work connected With said projects, all according to plans and specifications! of the State Highway Commission! and Bureau of Public Roads, Projects No. F 270 (7) and U 257 · (14) on file in the office of the State Highway Commission, to which reference is hereby made, and which may be referred to for more particulars. The- estimated total cost for the program above mentioned, of which such Special Improvement District is a part, is .$440,000.00, and the estimated share to be borne by such Special Improve- THB BEST WAY TO SELL IT Is through Inter Lake Want Ads. Use them today! Reach 20.000 readers; 3 lines - 1 Month $6.75 ERROR RULES Copy should be checked tor errors by me advertiser on first day o! publication. Notice of error must be mads Immediately to Inter LaKs Classified Department Errors not the fault of the advertiser which clearly lessen the value of the advertisement Will be rectified by republicauon without extra charge and The Inter Lake will be responsible for only the first incorrect Insertion. The InAr Lake reserves the right to reject advertising and revise or re classify same. Daily Deadline -- 2:30 P. AA. day before publication AD-VISOR EXPERTS ALL - IN A POSITION TO HELP YOU 10 LOST FOUND CUSTOM SAWMILLING YOUR LOGS -- YOUR PLACE Bill Roycr, Meridian Rd. Kalispell DHY CLEANING cleaning brought lr bs 10 a.m mas be had sumo day upon request Kaflsaell Laundry and Dry Cleaner*. PUBLIC STENOGRAPHER Bookkeeping -- Stenographic Work Notary Public. Your office or mine. SKC-4205 SAND GRAVEL RED GRAVEL , delivered anywhere. m p n t n i s t r i f t ?c s n n n n n n n or- Packs down. Add attraction to your m e n t LMstrict is ?110,OOO.GO, or home . aetls Rates. Excavation. Kali- twenty-five per cent of the total [spell Septic 3erv. SK6-58ao. cost of such project, whichever is the lesser. The cost to be borne by the Special Improvement District will be assessed against all property in the district on a square foot basis as set forth Jn Resolution No. 2336, above referred to, and such assessment may be paid for in ten equal annual installments, extending oVef a period of ten years. Reference is hereby made to Resolution No. 2336 on file in the office of the City Clerk for the description of the boundaries of said Special Improvement District. The City Council will hear and pass upon all protests that may be made against the making of such improvements, or.the creation of said proposed Special Improvement District, or both, at a regular meeting of the City Council to be held in file Council Chambers of the City Hall in the City of Kalispell, Montana, at 7:30 P. M., December 2nd, 1957. Any such protests are' to be made in writing and delivered to the City Clerk SEPTIC TANK SERVICE Flathead Septic Tahk Service, sold, instld. cleaned, etc. SK6-35o2, 0-6584. rCALlSPELL Septic Serv Septic tanks and cefisoooli cleaned. Free est- Ph. SK6-5880. SERVICE STATIONS JYSTAD'S UNION'S FINEST 5 Complete Service Whe«l Balancing 103 1st AVE. W. Kalispell, Mont. WATER SYSTEMS WATER SYSTEMS AND SMALL GAB ENGINES competently repaired. BILL'S SBPAIfi, SK2-8403, Bill puden WATfiK WELL DRILLING HOMER McCLARTY LICENSED INSURED Phone Kalispell SK6-40-54= JAGUZZ! PUMPS AND PIPES KALISPELL MERCANTILE CO. JACUZZI DISTRIBUTOR Legal BOY'S Hercules darjt red race? bike taken from Elrod school. Call SK6- 3JJ30 or leave at 1S24 First Ave. W. FOUND: Lad'ics gold watch" with stretch band. 543 2nd St. East. 11 HELP WANTED-FEMALE WOMEN ; SOMETHING NBW WOMEN something new. If you can get along on S65 per week lor 30 days, We will ti'altl · you to rriake $80 to. $100 per week. Ambition arid good personality important. Must bo able to drive car. Phone for confidential interview appolntlrient. SK0 450D. LEYS SEE 'EM- WH4T;"SECTION 36? BOY! THEM'S THE WORST SEATS IN TH WHOLE ST-4DIUM- RI6HT BEHIMD^ BIG COMCRETE PILLAR/BETTER RIM A PORTABLE TV SET IF VOU WAMA . SEE THE SAME/, VERMW KMOWS THE LOG4TIOrJOF EVERV SE/JTFOR AIL SPORTlW© eVSSlTS-BUTHE pC*!'T KNOW WHERE L /WOFOURBR4NCH sjOFRCES ARE. HE DIDN'T OOSO 60OD/HIM- , SELF /( 4T THE WORLD SERIES" IHE MIGHT JUST AS WELL'VE *- BEEN S1TTM |H THE PIEDMONT Xrie COULDN'T J FIND THE B4CK SE4T ON A . MOTORCYCLE/ o n 4M EXPERT OH EVERYTrilMe. I WISH HE H/AD A SEAT OH SPUTNIK/ WOBLD IXICHfS KCSEXTOO._ LISTENING TO THE OFFICE JOY-KILLER. SURVEYING THE FOOTBALL SEAT SITUATION'" atvuU Am A HAT TIP TO. ROBERT DEE3,4M, FWtT MtSHIHOfOH/ TIZZY By Kate Osann 12 HELP WANTED-MALE WE TRAIN YOU THIS is a National Firm, tiie original and largest in a field Which has swept the country in the past 12 years. We want men who are dissatisfied with present low income and want to make more money. Must be willing to work and learn. For personal interview appointment, call SK6-4500. 13 HELP WANTED-GENERAL WANTED AT ONCE -- Have you been · affected by layoff, shorter work ·week, smaller pay check? Part of Kalispell now available for Raw- lelgh business. Keep yoUf job and sell m spare time. Wrlle The W. T. Ka%yleigh Company, MTK'21-7!?3, 1000 N. Third Street, Minneapolis 1, Minnesota. WANTED TO HIKE middle aged P«r- soil to live in a beautiful Studio apartment and do part time Work. See M. C. JOHNS at Tils Devon- shife. HANDYMEN -- TYPISTS, Earn rent money by spare time work. Ph. SKG-48B3 morn. WOMAN or couple to IH'e in. share expenses. 111B 4th Ave. E. 14 INSTRUCTION not later than 5:00 P.M., Novem-;deceased, to exhibit them, with the ber 29th, 1957. H. J. HUNT, City Clerk. NOTICE TO CREDITORS Estate of HaiTy H. Force, Deceased. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned, the Executrix o£ the WOULD_ like to hear JCrom reliable estate of Harry R. Force, deceased, to the creditors of and all persons having claims against the said FINISH HIGH SCHOOL'^ no classes. Study at llome^spafe tirvje. Diploma . awarded. Write " for "frfee catalog. Wayne School, Box 160 c/o Dally Inter Lake. - · · necessary vouchers, within' four months after the first publication orMhis notice to the said Executrix at the offices of Murphy and Robinson, 217 Cooratl Bank Bldg., Kal- lspell, in the County Of Flathead, the Eiev1.f. tate , of Montana, the same being enth Judicial District of the the place Ior Ule tra » sactl °n (Nov. 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22) NOTICE ,OF PROBATE OP WILL State of Montana, in and for the County of Flathead. No. 6147 FRED J. STRELOW, Deceased. Pursuant to 'an Order of said Court, made on the 4tli day of November, 1957, notice is hereby given that the 19th day of No. vembef, 1957, at ten o'clock a.m., of said day at the Court Room of said Court, at the Courthouse in the County of Flathead, has -faeeh appointed as the time and place for proving the Will of said Fred J. Strelow, deceased, and for hearing the application of W. A. Kraft for the issuance to him of Letters Testamentary when and where any person interested may appear and! the business of said estate. MARY FORCE Executrix of the Estate of said Deceased. ,Dated at Kalispell, Montana, this 31st day of October, 1957. MURPHY ROBINSON, Attorneys for Petitioner. (Nov. 4, 11, 18, 25) NOTICE OF PROBATE OP WILL In the District Court of the Eleventh Judicial District of the State of Montana, in and for the County of Flathead. In (he Matter of the Estate of ARTHUR N. BESSEY, Deceased. Pursuant to an Order of said Court, made on the 15th day of men 13 to. 55, we can train to overhaul and install air conditioning, heating and refrigerating equipment. Must he mechanically Inclined and willing to study In spard time. NO interference with present occupation. F6r FREE information write Utilities Inst., BoS 161, _ c/o Daily Inter Lake. "Hjgnry is the intensely intellectuat type-^he reads I" 30 PERSONALS STOftM Windows Up. screens down. Windows, Walls, upholstery and rugs · cleaned. Ph. SKO-Q357. STANLEY WINDOW and FLOOR CLEANING. 32 WANTED TO BUY s or Vi H.P. bench grinder and valve refacer. Used Cars in an}' condition. Snow plow blade for pick-up. Hand winch {or Wrecker. AUTO RANCH on old highway S3 South. GERMAN, English, Arithmetic. History. Also for sale, rare books, antiques, etc. Ph. SK6-7562. is POSITIONS WANTED WANT, wood sawing and odd jobs. Have truck. Ph. SK6-3482. CHILD care house Work. Exp. SKSt CHILD care, my home, day or night. Special rates for working mothers. - SK6-7743. 910 7th Ave. W. INSIDE house painting t basement. Very reas. Henry Peterson* Gen. Delivery Kalispell. WILL do your ironing in niy home. Free pickup delivery. SK2-9593. WILL CARE FOR children, my homo or yotlrs. SK6-6409. 17^YR.-OLD boy Wants Work. Licensed to drive. Ph. SKO-3473. 20 DAY CONTRACT contest the same. Dated November 4, 1957. JACIE WILLIS, Clerk. By NEVA FOY, Deputy Clerk. (NOV. 6, 13,18) NOTICE TO CREDITORS Estate Of EMMA O. MONTGOMERY, Deceased. Notice Is hereby given by the Undersigned, the Executrix of the estate of Emma O. Montgomery, deceased, to the creditors of ami alt persons having claims against the Said.deceased, to exhibit them, with the necessary vouchers, within four months after the first publication of this notice to the said Executrix at the offices of Murphy and Robinson, 217 Conrad Bank Building, KaIi8p?U,£ in the County of Flathead, State of Montana, the tame being the place for the transaction of the business "of said estate. .FLORENCE MONTGOMERY CUTTING Executrix of the Estate of said Deceased. Dated at Kalispell, Montana, this 13th day of November, 1957. MURPHY AND ROBINSON Attorneys for Petitioner. 217 Cotirad Bank Building Kalispell, Montana. (Nov. 18, 25; Dec. 2, 9) iNovember, 1957, notice is hereby .given that the 2d day of December, 1957, at ten o'clock A. M. of said day at the Court Room of said Court; at the Courthouse in the County of Flathead, has been appointed as the time and place for proving the .Will of said Arthur N. Begsey, deceased, .and for hearing the application of Harriet Lorraine Anderson for the issuance to her of Letters Testamentary when and Where any person interested may appear and contest the same. Dated November ISth, 1957. JACIE WILLIS, Clerk ROGNL1EN AND HASH Kalispell, Montana. Attorneys for Petitioner. (Nov. 18, 25, 29) 2 DRUGGISTS 11 tnd 8t E. "Personalized Servlct" ADAMS DRUG SK6-41B3 About one in five of the more than 2,000,000 U.S. patents issued 8ice Iffiffl have been automotive. 4 CARDS OF THANKS THANK YOU We Wllh to take this opportunity to thank our many friends for their kindness and thoUghUulness during our recent bereavement, Mrs. Qepfg* Fitzgerald and ··· family, Poison, Mont. ·'· 10 LOST ft FOUND LOST hltn'i billfold -containing important papers fc money. Reward, Ph. SK8-3160. HANDY MAN, carpenter work. Storm doors windows put on. Remodeling, extra room added. Reasonable rates. Just phone for Sam, SK6-3350, PAINTING, Paper hanging S: Wall cleaning. Free estimate, SK2-9839. WANTED, child's rocking horse in good col1ditlDn._r'h._SKB-3D41._ _ BtfifING 2x4~8's~Flr~Sr Larch.~Mon~- tana Saw Service. Ph. SKB-GOG4. 34 SALE OR TRADE 1955 32 ft. American trailer home. Take furniture, V4-ton pickup or suburban on trade. Ph. SK6-4128 or see Lloyd Hale, Arnold Trailer Ct. 44 MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE AUTOMATIC Tappon propane range. Like new f Price When purchased, $495. Will sell for sacrifice price of S125. Must be seen to be appreciated. Ph. SK6-72B6. 2 pedestal drop leaf extension table fc chairs. 785 No. Main. 4 8:26x18 tires, tubes wheels, like new. $100. Northside Mobile Station. YOU saved and slaved for wall to wall carpet Clean it With Blue Lustre. Main Street Furniture. 44 MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE ROLLS SECOND HAND STORE Household articles, tools, guns, electric appliances, etc. Buv anything, sell everything. 228 1st Avo. W. 6-3375. THE INFER lAKE^Moncfay^ovember 18, 1957 74 APARTMENTS FOR RENT I 86 REAL ESTATE i .ROOM furnished apartment, water £ lights furn. 387 4th Ave. E.N, Ph. SKO-5G18. LARGE lurn. 3 rm. With bath. Attractive furn. 2 rm. aula. laundry facilities. 231 3th St. E. 420 ACRES state land, mod. home, barns, $13,600. $1,00) dn. bal. terms or trade lor what have you SK6- 6739 eves. Large living room. 2 bedroom*, hath, kitchen, utility room and garage, un- furn. except electric range and re. friecrator. Eatteide location. Mr». Wilbur Graham. SK6-0978, 2 HM. furn. $25. 3 or rm. unfurn. dnstns $35. 346 7th Ave. W. 3X6-4517. SUNNY 4 rm. i bath. Furn. upstairs apt, Close In. SK6-4583. ALL MODERN FURNISHED 2 rm. downstairs: 4 room $40: two 3 room*. Haylon Apts.. SK6-6B10. _____ FURNISHED"" apt., *u Close in. Ph. SKO-6657. TEPEE Lodge 1 * 2 bedrnl. kitohefls. Utilities h«at furn. SK6-44S3. FURN. heated ant. upstri!. Adults, 905 . 4tft Ave. W. SK6-37S3 afttr S, DELUXE furn. 3 rm. apt. Auto heat i laundry. Ph. SK6-5095. . 76 HOUSES FOR RENT 3 BDRM. home, strictly modern. Good Eastside location, 'att. garage. Will finance. 1135 6tli Ave. E SK8-7729. MODERN 2 bedroom home, automatic! beat, close to schools ._P_h. SKG-4B53. EARN EXTriA"HOME~INCOME roonv ers, boarders Lease large furnished home. Ph. SK6-4883 or 0-5492. 2 BDRM. partly furnished West-North _hpme. $50. Call evenings. SK6-4674. S ROOM house with bath, partly furnished. StOrm sash throughout. 744 8th Ave. W. CONRAD AGENCY ' MEMBER MULTIPLE -LISTING MECHANICS ATTENTION: Well established garage. Prominent location, 12 blocks from other garages. Equipment included. Building is 30x35 ft Lot is 100x150 ft. Wonderful Opportunity for expansion. This busines* is a money maker. Owner is retiring after operating 40 successful years. LET US GO OVER THIS DEAL WITH You. GOOD TERMS; S4500.00. $500 DOWN: G blocks from Main Street. 6 room house with shower and bath. 3 bedrooms. 56x142 ft. lot. Venetian blinds and drapes oil stove, thermostat controlled. Oil tanks hot water heater. IF YOU ARE W A N T I N G A MODEST PRICED HOME, INVESTIGATE THIS. Here is your opportunity to pick up a 6 room modern home in a choice East Side location. Full basement and oil furnace. Price $3,950. GI Loan mav be assumed. IDEAL LOCATION: See us for an excellent buy on a Motel. Rented year around; close to downtown. COZY 2-rm. nicely furn. mod. house. Call SK2-9541. LARGE modern 2 bdrm. home, about 30 acres, 3W miles out on school bus route. Ph. SK6-3B16 evce. or morn. 2 BDRM. mod. unlurrt Home on Edgewood Drive, see Gene Clapper at Creston. Ph. TU4-2203. NOW IS THE TIME TO GET YOUR W I N T E R SAWDUST TlHES at TAYLOR TIRE CO. LEE'S GLASS SHOP Pictures, Picture Framing, Mirrors 321 1st Ave. E. Phone SK6-7272 MODERN 2 bdrm. unfurn, house. $60 a month. Ph. SKG-3371. 2 SDRM. house. Meadow Lark Drive in Evergreen. Earl Bobbins. 1 BDRM. furnished house, automatic oil heat. Dial SKG-4620. RICK slab wood, snavings, sawdust.' You haul. Montana Saw Service. j 2 BDRM. unfurn, mod. house. Phone SK6-4120. 46 PETS CASPER'S DACHSHUNDS MONT. REG. COCKER Spaniel puppies, golden i black. Fincher's Kennels. SK6-5851. 54 LIVESTOCK 14-YR.OLD work horse 2 yr old Shetland pony. TW3-516D. ENTIRE iherd of young Holstein cows. _ Call after 5. SKG-4074. PUREBRED Berkshire and Yorkshire boars and gilts, serviceable age, championship blood lines. Martin E. MUller. Jr., CorValUs. Montana. 5 Guernsey cows for-sale 3 fresh. 2 springers. G. H. Glfford, 21i mi. So. o£ Col. Tails. PUREBRED Guernsey bull. Howard White Rte. 1A Columbia Falls, Mont. 12 HEAD of young owes, Black face. 520 each. SKC-7280. TWO Registered Hereford bulls. Dial ^SK2-D478, Charles Hull. WANTED -- Canner Horses. Papoose Pony Ranch, Dayton. Mqut. Ph. 321. FOR SALE 6r trade, horses and ponies. PAPOOSE PONY RANCH. Dayton, Mont. Ph. 321. CATTLE hauling to Mlssoula or Spokane. Will buy or Haul your cattle by truck or truck trailer. Eddy Koratome. Ph. SK2-9131. BUYING hogs Nov. 15 and Nov. 29. STEBBINS LIVESTOCK COMPANY. FLATHEAD Shipping Co-op Will haul your livestock, Hogs on consignment JVov II arid Nov. 25 at City Scales by noon. SK2'9BSO, SK2-9406. CASH for your livestock, any kind. Will call. Joe R. Stevens. SK6-6854. 59 MACHINERY SAWMILL S: planer equipment and supplies. Tulsa Beebe winches. V-belts and pullys, Industrial Supply Co. 175 E.N. t RR St. Dial SKG-S300, BARGAINS -- 20x30 tarp, nearly new tipright Hoover, attachments; blonde desk, golf cart. Miscellaneous items. _359 N. Main. Mrs, Gordon Sund. FOR SALE -- Stock saddle, excellent condition, $05. PHotte SKO-6313. 21 FT. Nashua trailer, 5 H.P. Gravely tractor with plow, blade. SK6-B41L USED AUTO PARTS '43 to '54 Ford and Mercury, Standard and oVer- drive transmissions, Ford 4 speed trans., hydramatlc trans., '51 Ford. '50 Merc., '61 Met'c., '53 Merc., 'a3 BUlck V-8 rnolors. '41 to '53 CheV motors. Ply i Dodge 6 cyl. motors, Pont, motor, overhauled 6 cyl. Ford L head motor. For used cars and parts try AUTO RANCH on old .highway 93 South, Ph. SK6-7730. FHESH FAT HENS $1 EACH. AKERS MEAT MARKET Be Satisfied. Use Inter t,aRe Want Ads. XMAS trees for truckers, any quality any quantity. 520 Meridian Rd. Bo Satisfied, US* Inter LaKe Want Ads. SELL '51 Plymouth or trade for pickup of equal value. SK6-34e3. 1855 PONTIAC 2-Dr. Hai'dtop. four new nylon tires. A-l condition. Reason, financial. TW2-5771, Col. Falls. 1958 Emerson TV, Hi-Fi and radio. Call or visit Pratt's Radio TV. 1VO 7th Ave. W.N. Ph. SK6-7932. 43 BUILDING MATERIALS 2 ICE i snow tlrts 800:15 inner tubes. Ph. SK6-3427. CHRISTMAS trees. Gol-floii 'Sands, across from Mt. Brook School. CIRCULATING wood heater. Ph. SKG^ _ 5092. IF your linoleum is old, you'll be sold, oil Glaxo. Beautifies and makes it last. Kalispell Glass Paint. 400 PULLETS ?1 'each, now ready to lay. Ph. 5406, Rexford, Mont. Dick Webb. . . . . . . 'HOT POINT deluxe"else, range, 2 yrs. I old, owner left town. SK6-3BD5. SATIN bedspread and nylon bedspread lamps, desk. SK6-5491. 60 HAY, FEED, PASTURE WANT to pasture horses for the win- tor George Arndt, Hot Springs, Mont. FOR SALE 25 tons alfalfa, 510 ton. _Call E. L. Brown TW2-5295 Col. FalIs. CHOICE alfalfa hay' $20, 10% discount on 10 or more tons. Also barley. It oats S1.70 cwt. H. W. Hein, Whtfsh. Ph. UN2-C312. WANTED. Horses for winter pasture. Good grass, water, shelter. SK6-61B5. CHOICE hay, all kinds. StH OREEN STAMPS, Ken Hall. Wfsh. UN2-34B3 64 FUEL, OIL COAL DRY standing tamarack i- fir wood, SlZ a cord, 16 ft 24 in. Immediate delivery. Dutch Turner Rte. 4 Kal. , FOR SALE, Slab rick woodl Phone SK6-C863. EXCAVATING - Water and , Lines, Footings Any type digging. Quality work. Reas. rates. PACK EROS, EK6-3527. SKS-S749. LANDSCAPING - BLACK~DIRT! Best selection In the Valley. For Quality work, plfll PACK BROS. SKfi-3527. SK6-G749. PLYWOOD concrete form for rent. Also backfill and leveling. Free estimates, Call collect UN2-6093 Wfsh. TREES for truekers, premium quality. SK6-4195. 1036 8th Ave. Wcsf RENT! Singer sewing maenines, S5 mo. Singer Sewing Center. SK6-7188. EXCAVATING, ditcnmg. water, sewer lines, seplid tanks installed. Any ty.P6 of digging, loading or grading. isher's 6od Vard SK6-4716. 22 REPAIR SERVICE GUARANTEED WATCH REPAIR WHEELERS JEWELRV RADIATORS Steam--c:eanSd. We cure overheating -- clean and repair all types Of radiators. ROBINSON RA- DIATO_R SHOP. 314 1st Ave W. Ph. SKG-aG55. 23 RENTALS ~ MISC. SEWING MACHINE RENTALS ?1.50 per week Or $5 per month. Your Rent May Apply on Purchase PFAFF .SEWING CENTER 108 Glacier Bldg. EK6-30M 25 WOMEN'S REALM ELECTROLUX sales ana service. New Thrift model, $59.75. Factory rebuilt, \$48.50. Chet Mahugh. SK6*33B5. STANLEY PRODUCTS -- MANAGER'S OFFICE. Box 839 C61umbia Fall*. STANLEY HOME PRODUC 812 7th Ave. W., SK6-625I, SK TS 5-4417 FOR DULLER BRUSH PRODUCTS Call SK6-4812. MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS, free demonstration!. SK6-4417. 617 3rd St W. 26 RUMMAGE SALES REMEMBER NOVEMBER 23 LXA MOTHERS CLUB EAGLES BASEMENT 27 SPECIAL NOTICES VACANCY, Lee's Rest Home. 811 6th Ave. West. FLOOlt sanding fc finishing. Heavy equip, specialist. Free est, SKC-3561. DRESSMAKING, alterations, mending, burned holes repaired. 276',i 1st Ave E.N. 8K6-3S61. SIDE GLANCES By Galbroith . . . . * «M? tf MA t-ita, M. 2 BDRM. u n f u r n . modern house. Redecorated. Eastslde, Ph. SKU-5706. COZY mod. furn. cottage Ldry. IDC, Children allowed. SK6-V9H. 1 BDRM house Close to school, large rooins.W.N. side $35. unfurii. clean. Call SK6-G794. MODERN 2 bdrm, unftlrn. home, hwd. flOoiT. SKG-4517. FURNISHED house for rent. 405 2nd St. W. RENTAL BUREAU. SK6-4883 Or 6-7011 for list of houses, apts, rooms. 1 BDRM. home, auto wasner. dryer, elec. range, refrig, drapes, auto oil furnace, ?70.00. SK6-6243. CLEAN Small u n f u r n . .'modern house. Walking distance to town. Call SK2- Conrad Agency NEW LOCATION S E Corner MONTANA HOTEL BLDG AGNES H. CONRAD Realtor Phone SK6-3B07 _ FOR RENT, Unfurn. duplex, close to school. Ph. SK6-B027. NICELY furn. 2 hdrm. mod. cabin. Warm. Insulated. Ph SK6-3033 2 BDRM. housfr, partly furnished. Dial SKO-7993 or SK6-61M. 3 BDRM. mod., furn home Oil heat. Auto washer dryer. Ph. SK6-G459. 237 6th Ave. W. 78 ROOMS, ROOM BOARD WARM sleeping room, PlV. SK6-4513. ·434 5th Ave. E. l LARGE room, twin beds: also board, auitable for 2 men. 32 3rd Ave. E. 1 SLEEPING room, private entrance and bath, Hayton Apts. SK6-6810. 79 FOR SALE OR RENT 3 BEDROOM home. Inquire 1224 4th Ave. E. Phone 3K6-S814. - 84 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES EARN SPARE TIME MONEY with Vending machine route. Lease or sell. Ph. SK6-488S or G-70U. FURNISHED modern home at Bigforh. Large lot, $1,000 down. Bal. JCO.OO PER. MO. SELLER REALTY 428 Main St. Ph. SK 6-6233 .Residence SK3-5°J56 MEMBER OF M L S YOUH automoblld vyill fit nicely in the garage that goes with this house on a nice corner lot. S bedrooms and oil heat. Only $750.00 down on a full price o£ $4500.00. FOUND, a listing on two bedroom home, full castside lot. good foundation and new automatic oil lurrtace. You can find it too for only 5300.00 down. ONLY ?50D down nnd you can put your miscellaneous articles in one apartment and live in the other, or you can rent one and put your ]unk In the full basement. A full eastslde corner lot is part of the miscellaneous you get. A GOOD three bedroom home with large carpeted living room, convenient kitchen, rumpus room and attached garage. 2200 Eq. ft. for only ?18,000. Large GI loan can be assumed. PETS will en.ioy living with you in this two bedroom west north home and you can move in right away for on]y $500.00 down on a $6,000.00 deal. Bring your pets to Us and we will show it to them. FOR SALE -- Flathead Rental Service. Part time business which can be run from home. Investment quickly returned. Good possibilities for a self- supporting, full time business. Ph. SK6-4840. FOUR unit apt. house, close In, east side location, corner lot Separate entrances, auto, furnaces snd bath · rooms. Insulated. 3500 sq. ft. floor space. Over S203 a mth. Income. All this for §16,900 Ph. SK6-4191 or SK6-372S. 318 First Ave. West Phone SKG-57SO Evenings: Call Oliver Sundby SK6-5580 91 AUTO REPAIR 86 REAL ESTATE For any kind of auto glass Installation. See us now before cold weather 'gets here. We feature overnight serv- I ice on windshields that We may hap' pen to be out of. KAtlSPELL GLASS PAINT 340 Main St. SKC-7134 or SK6-7135 BY BUILDER, beautiful 3 bedrm home Ideal eastside location, att. gar. din. rm. Loaded with bullt-ins i cabinets. The home you'll love id live in. For details, call SK6-3B93. BY OWNER, new 3-bedroom home on Eastside. Ph. SK6-3%q. DRY standing tamarack, any time. Dial SKC-7095. PRESTO-LOGS, WOOD AND COAL LAKES.. FEED. FUEL, SKO-5898 3 BEDROOM N.E. side, exclusive district, double garage, oak floors, full basement, ?10,800.00. S500 DOWN, S50 per month takes this 3 bedroom home In excellent condition. N.E. side. $5300. Delivered | EAST SIDE, close in, venial apt. upstairs with bath, living quarters downstairs witli bath, $500. Total price $7500. PETE'S WOOD YARD - SKO-4393 WE GIVE S.H. GREEN STAMPS PRESTO LOGS Phone SK6-6374 or SK6-5746 Prestbye and Smith WISHER'S WOOtJ YARD Phone SK6-4716 MILLWOOD anS dAWDUST FOREST PRODUCTS CO. Phone SK6-47G5 or SK6-4249 68 MONEY TO LOAN LONG TEHM real estate loans, 6%. Anywhere In Valley. Write Inter Lakfe Box Nd. 139. 72 BLDG5., OFFICES FOR RENT 24x40 building, easily healed, ideal for Warehouse. SK(S*84BO. i OFFICE space for rent. inc.ulr« Room \ 317, Conrad Bank ~ , 'Mom changed Dad's mind all right! She just looked, at the price tags on his new fishing outfit, and he said let's all have a real vacation and not worry (i about moneyl" _ BUILDING, 25 X BO. See ROBINSON RADIATOR SHOP 74 APARTMENTS FOR RENT I 2-frn. mod. furn. npt. Close in. Lights Water Inel. $33 mo 1 4-rm. § round floor apt, close in. 545 mo. _^ K6-6027. 3 ROOM furn, apt. on ground floor. SK6-4797. 2 ROOM furnished apt. All utilities paid, washing fell. 540 2nd Ave. W. NICE apartment, close in. Easlslde, r_ange *_freezer. SK6-4191 or 6-7349, FURNISHED apt. for two. 374 5th Ave. J3.N. SK6«5771. NICELY furn. 4-rni. apt., reas. Prlv. bath »hd Washing facilities. 8« 7t! Aye, W r Ll _ WANTED working" girl to share apart. mtllt. Plat SKa^237 after S p.m. UPTOWN 3 rmi fc bath ""completely furn.. clean, »team heat, TV cable, suitable for wttrkinj couple or slnglt 6-34a7 pf 6-5B3B. ger«on,_SK6 ' m unfurn. apt; for rent. S476. . TWO b« Ph WA" pt. Clos* ARM J bedroom unfurn. apt. Cl n. Very' nice. SK6-5643. or 7026. 1 ROOM nicely furn. apt. Adults, no _Jets. Ph. SK6-6J29. __ __ ^ APT. 3 bedroom, comb, living-dining room, large area kitchen. Close in. $6B a month. Ph. SK6-4283. TWO-todtn furn apt., utll. furn.. J40 mo. 3-fm turn, $45, Close in. Phon« SKG-5996. 1ST FLR. 3 rm. Tlirn. apt. Close In, adults: 110 4th. Ave. E. SK6-4067 LARGE attractive 2-room apt. adulti --avail JNOV. 12. »i ROCKY MOUNTAIN REALTY 177 N. Mam Ph. SK6-716S 94 TRAILERS TRUCKS 1953 STUDE 1-TON .SK6-B441 PICKUP 100 AUTOMOBILES 1957 Chevrolet Station Wagon 6, Standard shift. Model 210. 4-dr., 3.000 miles, S2155.00 R. Wojan, Seeley Lake. Mont. '31 Chevrolet, 2 - d r Sedan, power glide, antifreeze, good winter tires, RH $100 and t.ike over payments ot ?J28.00. _ SK6-6372. BARGAIN 1954 DeSoto. just overhauled, rubber like new. 2 Town and Country snow (Ires, lots ot extras. Mrs. Gordon Eund, 359 N. Main. '36 OLDS Holidav, hafdtop, low mileage, good condition. Ph. TW2-3320. 1957 Chevy 210, below book price. Low mileage. W. L. Gifford, 2\i mi. So. Of Col. Falls. 1357 VOLKS\VAGON Y , excellent condition. Ph. SK6-4007. 1D51 BUICK Super Station Wagon, new rubber, S495.00. SK6-4009. WANTED TO BUY, equity in late model cars. Must be clean and E viced right, Phone SK6-3158 or K2-6096. CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "Oh, nothing imich! the** firtt f«w; dtys w*'i* Jint gttting acquaintedl"

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