The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 4, 1947 · Page 9
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 9

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 4, 1947
Page 9
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ONNERS IN MEMORIAL DAY TOURNAMENT Johnny Mize Tops Y Pace By Th« Associated Although the New York Giants nrc the surprise team of the major leagues, there is no secret why Mel Ott's gang la at. the top of the National League today. . ' . · The answer lies in their big, booming home run bats. In 39 games of which they've won 23, the slugging men of Ott, led by Johnny'Mize, the majors' leading homer hitter, have walloped 48*'.Tour baggers, ' · . : Mlze's 14 home runs put him two .days ahead of Babe Ruth's record breaking pace of 60 in 1 1927. The Giants hit three 'circuit smashes at the Polo GVounds last night to whip the Chicago .Oubs- 8-3 and take over sole possession of first place. The d e f e a t , dropped the Cubs into second place, one game behind and, only three Doints ahead of the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Dodgers swept a doubleheader from Pittsburgh at Ebbets Field, outslugging the Pirates 11-6 and 8-7 to move into third place past the Boston Braves who were The t h r e e golfers above have reason to smile, they Are tho winners of thc first unniml Memorial Day cnlf tournament played here Friday, Saturday find Sundav. L to H. they arc--Morrlr, Norton, A u s t i n , w i n n e r of I ho t o u r n a m e n t with a total of 8f4 for the 72 holt**. Ho holds a sot of registered Irons in his k-fl hand and tho Urowns- vllle Herald Trophy in his right; center is Buddy Hall, Brownsville, who was second with a total of 300 and received a golf bag as prl'/e, Third place wont to Charles Puckott, Brownsville, with 302 HtvokoH, who received golf balls as a priae. (Herald Photo by Red Mooron), v Valley Women Beaten In State Tournament Mrs. Marie Sil.sbec of Uarlingen J'ov 1947, lost to Mrs. T. E. Knott, aft'ci Mrs. W i n n i e Smith of Ray-!of Se.guin 2 and 1. mindvUle, two of thi: Valley's! * * * -| rrfirlrs in the 14th n n n u n l Texas 1 AUSTIN, J u n o 4 ;P)--All but one: Wbrm-n'.s Public Unk.s golf t n u r - j n f tho favorites were in the run- nJmeni mvt defeat In first rounds i n i n g a.s second round play in the of play Tuesday. j H l h nnnunl Texas Women's Public #ln;." S i l s b e e ' f e l l to Mrs. E. H. j Links golf tournament began here W e - h l f a h i t of Houston, a three- 1 today, t i m e champion, 5 and \. Mrs.! Mrs. Guy La Roe of Sftiith. Valley women's champion j d e f e n d i n g -*j-~ - j d u U ' d to me( i Pf 1 Oil · Dallas, whom sho eliminated hi Al*fT1V I stoni VsnittO I lie HMO finals. Jt\l III J Rex Beach Gives Aycock To Offer 1 (Another In a Series) By HEX BEACH It takes t i m e to condition your- f ! self and complete arrangements ,,,, ... Icrrell, j f o r n b ig game hunt, so if * you champion, was sche-| contemplate one next fall now is .«f!t Mrs, L. B. I-Ioseck thn ,. /lmo ( o ) 30L rj n 1 v " - 1U ~ f "'' '" Outfitters, faciliueK and ' a r e limited. Puck outl'll-a, es]DOclally l-'Mtmlnated from the c h a m p i o n - j ln th(J n o r thwcHL, are curtailed. ship race, yesterday wnn Ann j O p u n i um (,i ng c | a te,s are none Orothaus, University of Texas,; t 00 p l e n t i f u l . student, who was only two strokes j ' T h e frontiers of big game, es- behlnd the winner of medalist ho- j pecially caribou, grizzlies, poats nors Monday. She was eliminated by Mrs. Ann Blanlcenbeclclnr of A u s t i n , who registered a 1-up victory. n:(,sy Rawls of Austin, medalist, and sheep, have been pushed back to the Canadian northwest, As a conditioner, I H upmost plenty of hill climbing, loiuv walks and u bit of riding, ,, downed Ann HeatherinKton, also of i C o l l p c t n V P rvthlnir von need no.., J" IH-V/ nrownavlllp soflball : A u s t l n i 0 an( , Si n n f i fftcofl M rs. j t ,^e mnrn t r n m m a k e s i t s flr.s! p u b l i r n p p e n ; W i l l l m n Holmes, Dallas. Mrs. H o i - j ofh fl f c i' mportanco ls n r i n o of mm t o n i i r h t on tho :«Hh nlninond I1U , H pul , o u t n fellow Dallaslte, j fl . f r n l e c t o r v with n l e n l v of kill, F^rcl Motor Company's team w U l ; M r f i i ^ nr}cs True, 4 and 3, In the ^ , ^r In this^ category s the f l a s h w i t h t h f /---'-'" i...,ir,,. · , . , i j l l h I J U V V L I . in uuih uiw.buiy of flu* St-rvlro m. ^ ' '· tho 1 , . at 7.30 p. Ml , s . ;/; . H . 30-60 ca Ibo or a Oil' (.he I ton, a ' thriic-tlrnb' 4 champion, ad- jvancoci with n 5 and 4 triumph of H.OUS- «, tnnc j nrc ^ YOU need t w o - h i t pitching o f i o v u r Mario Silsbee, Harlingen. Major Bill Curry, tho XT. S. Army j Sho moots Mrs. H. F, Masses', t h u J D u l l n s , victor over Mrs. C. A. Fer- JU'c-ruitiTs jumped out of last nltrht to t h u m p San Antonio, 4 and 2 compurablo fo 1 TKXAB t.KAGtJk GnntfiM Tonight nt Shrov«port» Ttilsu dl- Houat,on OHliiliomti City at Bnn Anfconlo Forl Worth at M o a u m o n t How They 8Und 'Vonm« -J T o u s l o n Forl, Worth W 37 ·Jimumont- ............. 38 Oklahoma City ..... .'. 34 3* 34 2R 2fl aB 39 31 ,1 HouHlon 2 ShrcvepoiH 3 Dallas 2 litmumont ft Fort Worth 3 OltluMoma City 7 Sun Antohla I Bnn Antonio 20 Pot .MS) AM ,4na ,302 N A T T. O N A I How Tllfiv SUntl Teams-- W Ncvv York 33 Chicago 22 Brooklyn . . , . . . , « 23 Bos Ion Pitt.MbiU'Kh 22 18 Plilliulolnhlil ..*. 18 C l n c l i u i n t t IB 8L. Louln 17 L ·18 17 IB 19 21 23 24 Pot. .591 .fif .561 .537 AM '.43D .430 .425 H f o r t k l y n 11-fl PIUsburRh «-7 81. Loulw .1 Boston 0 Now York 0 C h t c f t R o 3 P h l U i d o l p h i a 4 C l n c l n i u v t l 1 Tcnms-- Detroit N'ew York Chivoland Dosloh A M E R I C A N How They Stand W 34 2?. 20 P h l l i u l o l p h l a 10 Wiuihlnuton 37 ChlciiRO 20 I. LonlK m RnsliHn TiiftJiilw St. Louis 4 BoHt.on 3 C'hlcano 3 Phllacloluhla 0 New York 3 Detroit o W n s h l n B t o n fl Cleveland 5 15 17 Ifl 21 21 ID 23 22 Pot, ,4U! ,'47 ft .472 .46fi .431 your rifle, which is uttachr.'d to the saddle. Take along 100 rounds of ammunition, some to be tried on the ground for shooting-in purposes. A good field glass is almost as essential as your rifle. .HJi.~i i u . i v i i i i - i i i i . i*t i i i i i n n . / v..^ J ^ U I - M I I , u n i i i k i i w i K v , » »,«.»» -, j^«j UAoUlJ u l t l l ila ,V,UUl i J . L J t . . da\i~ rbck's ',i-;rvicc Icnm 8-:i and p n v n j Mrs. H. W. Tyson of Houston, j fc i ca lly all hunting is clone in alp- dence i hey arc to be reckoned only l e f t h a n d e r in the tournament, i nm ] s ' high above timber, where w i t h in C i r y Lc.'itrae play. j walloped Mrs. H. S, Snell of Dallas, The victory, branded a?; 1111:7 and (5. They wcuc one-two In upwf by most loauuo i)bsorvcr.«j,jthu "holo-ln-one" contest. Mrs. ^ i j i i v j _ , u ^ f r _ v , _ «^t the- thrc.v times beaten A r m y ; Tyson's tec shot was six and one- j nro i )0 ttor. Insert plenty, of golfer's \i} as a i M m u e n i n p contender f o r i h a l f feet short of tho cup. Mrs. j c a u l k s n n d Hungnrian hobs 'in the the other .six earns in ho league. Lsnell drove to within seven feot thick solos. Make sure the shoos The rrcruitor.s jjoinulerl out f i v e ' o f tho pin. ^ _,, ai'e large enough to permit the game first must bo located. Two pairs of double-Holed walking shoos will suffice, hut throe h i t s off two Aycock hurlrr.s. while thr Service S t a t i o n club made n i n e errors to help the A r m y along. Seorr* by i n n i n g s : AYCOCK .. . 000 UOO 0 -- 2 2 0 AH MY 104 102 x~-tt G 1 M. Gar/a, R. and R. .: Curry and Mercedes Arranges ^Bill Taylor Night' For Injured Player MERCEDES, June 4--"Bill Taylor Night", for Mercedes softball . , , 1 fans, is scheduled June 17. Bill In a Service Leatuio slaughter · Tayloi . t o n n of thc lending players fast evt-nmj.:. Alberts Pharmacy, i of · t h ( 1 Mcrccdea Firemen's team, t.rnm in t h e league, w a l - 1 ) j r f ) k n h|f . lc , n f t p r n c l l o o R n m c r. T J f c - * , t i i i . i , » f l I l / . I \ f \ r\ tt 1 " \\ I . . . . , . -. · and has been disabled not only for loped i r e T i r o w n s v U l o Llon.s 17-M. ATiHKUT'S fKKl 13 M O ) -- I7 10 '. UONS -- ooy 104 -- a M in Kim;, Tobias. K l i i K and T.41- play but also for work. At a meeting of tho softball (·ornmlttficj at tho Chamber of Commerce, it was decided to designate June 17 as "Bill Taylor Night" and to Rive all of thc proceeds of this tftune to the disabled player and father of six children. On that n l R h t the Me.rcodes All- Stars will meet tbA .strong Edcouch team. Admission prices will be 50 cents for adults and 25 cents for children, according to E. K. O'Shca, chairman ,of the softball commit" """ too. LONTK STAR LEAGUE Results Tuesday LonfvSow 0, Jackflonville 4 I.,ufkin 10 Kllgoro 4 Tyler 3 Marshall 2 Before World War II nearly all cabbage wood grown In the United States came from Sknglt county, They limply I'annh w h e n you wearing of white ' cotton aocks under woolen ones. A hall' dozen pairs of each should be enough, Take two pairs of woolen trousers. Elastic bands at l;hn cuffs are fine. Don't wliar riding breeches. Three soft woolen shirts that are soft and do not chafe the neck should be Included. A warm sweater or sheep-lined coat is good around camp nights and morn- Ings, or whon ruling from camp to cnmp. Don't overlook a leather j wlndbreakcr. This can be t i e d ' around the waist by the K!COVOM and put on when the m o u n t a i n . crest is reached. ' PAIN OF You will require three changes ijii| Tl | /\UC mfll HDftP of medium-weight woolen mirier- V f l l f l ' U P I t . UlUi UKUr wear of the two-place variety. I immediate cooling, lootliing effect Golfers Qualify Today For Texas Amateur Rounds WICHITA FALLS, June 4~-(/P)^j- The cream of Texas golfdom was ^L i i\^i W4. Usl* A l 4 V* »4._k^rfc|.*,'*J ^X/**.v^^«*« l * !*·»·· on deck today for the qualifying "^! .Ttmc '1, THK BLANCHARD GETS DIPLOMA shut out by the St. Louis Cardinals 3-0 in Boston. Philadelphia advanced from seventh to sixth past Cincinnati by'downing the Reds 4-1 at Philadelphia. The New York Yankees, led by Jo« DiMoggio blanked the Detroit Tigers 3-0 to narrow the Bengals' first .place lead in the American League to two games. Washington went, into a virtual fifth place tie with the Philadelphia Atheltics ,by nosing out the third place Cleveland Indians 6-5 .in. Cleveland. The last place St. Louis Browns came from behind fc« nip the Boston Red Sox ,4-3 and the Chicago White Sox defeated t-hc Philadelphia Athletics 3-0 at Comiskey Park. Rex Barney received credit for both Dodger victories. The fireball righthander started the opener and was lifted for a pinch hitter in the sixth with the Brooks atiead 10-4. Ho wofl relieved in the sixth inning of the. nightcap after the BUGS had overcome a 0-0 Dodger lead and were trailing 8-7 .with men in scoring position, but checked the Pirates thereafter. Pel'ix ""Doc" Blanchard, right, cadet football star, receives his diploma from General Maxwell D. Taylor, superintendent of thc Academy, at graduation exorcises at West Point. Center is Col. Leland Smith, adjutant general of the Academy. fAP Wire-photo). Major Leagues Seek Young Houston Boy HOUSTON, June 4--/P)--Frankic Womnck, star high school baseball player, is being sought by eight colleges and five major league baseball clubs. Womnck, u pitcher who wns a sensntion in American Legion junior bnscball, hn« been invited by the New York Giants to fly to New York to talk things over but his mother has been seriously ill and he Is not planning on leaving here any time soon. The Boston Braves, Pittsburgh Pirates, St. Louis Browns and St. Louis Cardinals rUso ore interested in him. Womack graduated lost week from San Jacinto High School. LONGHORN LEAGUE Results Tuesday Midland 5 Odessa 3 Big Spring 15, Vcrnon 3 Swcetwntcr 0, Uallingcr 3 McNamee Edges Speer For First In Sweepstakes HARLTNGEN. June 4--Pete McNamee of Harlingen won top honors in the renewal of the Valley's weekly pro-anjateur Sweepstakes hero Tuesday, scoring a net 65. McNnmoo fired a gross 77 over the Harlingen Municipal course with a handicap of 12, He led Sam Speer of Mission by one stroke Sponr took second place honors. In third was Roy Orason of Brownsville with a gross 08 and a. handicap of 20. Two golfers were tied for fourth--Hairy Johnson of Harlingen and Gene Darby of Pharr, each with net 60s. Four more tied for nth place honors,--Al BJscalnnte, Brownsville j pro; Leon JBstes, Mission; Ralph Armstrong. San Benii.o; and Al Jones, Harlingfin. Each had 70. Ninth and tenth place awards were divided by Jim Orchard and Jerry Vandersnick of Mercedes, each with net 71. A field of 30 golfers competed .n' the Sweepstakes. FENDER WORK Wrecks Hebuilt · Dent Work TKOD PAINTING Upholstering 10th and Si. Charles Phone 888 round of the Texas Golf Association tourney which Is being held here f o r . the first time in its 41- year history. Defending .-Champion .Bobby Riegel of Houston, Eaa'l Stewart of Dallas, the 1940 medalist, and Don Cherry, a home town boy, were tagged as favorites. Also entered and considered a. strong contender is J. H. (Doc Brinkley of Fort Worth, the runner-up . last year. Sixty-five contestants will vie for the 32 places in today's qualifying round. WITH SAFETY STRIPES Colored bandanas arc bottor than white handkerchiefs. Dark glasses protect tho eyes from 1;ho snow. If you smoke, take all thc cigars, clgarets and pipe tobacco you will nood. The chances are you will do little smoking, but there aro no stores on thc trail. one cool drop of Freefone liquid corn, remover! Goes to work in*t*ntly to relieve pnln I Continue application* M directed.,.*., peel off corn. Don't fUM--me LIQUID CORN REMQVIK I T C H , i.iiir-miecci or vouf Quickl K.,.r,m«tt.U or your f f ) ^ i n g »\ * P*p , .. · KllS n I* Irfff/C frfPff I fliJH ·* nin^ ittvit o * nnf * nly Jioothlnff and oom- OINTMENT with w i K ,i OHOmo antisoptlca and na- t u r o aiding medication, Nothing else H^° ^ -- nothing HO comforting-- or pi f t l i H f i n t f 0 r oxtornally oaunod akin troubloo, 3Gc, Got a package today. · Faster Ship* · Lower Freight Rates N E W T E X S T E A M S H I P CORP. B A L T I M O R I · NEW Y O R K * H O U S T O N B R O W N S V I l l ! KNOWS '. .»·'«·,/.·:· ' i r - ' -.··:·:.'.;.. t?/"* "--; * · · , * Good hea-lth for every dtfeen; ily, is tiic chief concern of 'pharmacy; ', ; ''-' / : '^-^v;v.' ; . f .: .,..; To accoin^Wsh this ohject*ve in way, the vast field of medical science has been divided into specialised groups. The physician is thoroughly schooled^ diagnosis and treatment. As pharmacists, we are experts MI tfoe pce|* aration and dispensing of drugs. We -Jo not pretend to be able to diagnose your ills. But we are qualified, and gladly accept the responsibility of AiJing yomr scription exactly as your doctor specifies. PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY Phone 73 FIVE EMERGENCY BRAKES? T */«· . ··- ··*· ,··- ·:;·· ' ·· |Yc« sir! ... when you include the amazing braking power of four , .#· '!·'." Fiek Safti-Flicht tiresl The unique ^-fK-v "'. t . | .--.^,,"-- v 'i' rx · white Safety Stripes (no other tire ha* them!) form hundreds of stub- born road-gripping edges to help *·, you Stop quickly ... and straight-inline! Smart-looking, loo, with extra- thick tread to give you thousands » of extra miles of confident driving. See them TODAY! THE SAFETY STRIPE TIRE See Your Local Fisk Dealer TIME TO Rt-TltE Rtt. U, S, P«. OS. Neely Tire Company,

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