The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on May 30, 1965 · Page 33
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 33

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 30, 1965
Page 33
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Sixty · Four Graduate From Leland High Sixty-four Lcland High School seniors Friday received their diplomas in commencement exercises in the W. E. Bufkin Auditorium. Leland superintendent of schools Virgil L. Bigham pre- ccnled the diplomas. The Charles Crawford Dean memorial was presented by C. 0. Dean Kr. to Herbert Jones. Camille Baker received the Lions Club Oratorical Contest award from club president Jimmy Azlin. Ninth graders Nancy Carilhers and Britt Holslim were present cd the American Legion awari by James Countiss, and Leland Rotary Club president, the Rev. James Richardson, presented that club's awards to Janis Woolly and John Waits. music with the Rev. Paul Thompson and Fred D. House pronouncing the invocation and benediction. Queen Sails Home After Successful Trip BONN, West Germany (UPI --Queen Elizabeth sailed home ward Saturday after a wildly successful stale visit to Germany Iliat signaled the starl of a new era in British-German LHS PRINCIPAL John Woolly presented the Billy J. Condon tennis awards lo Jane Ayres nnd Joe Wcston. The scholarship nward for the senior maintaining the highest fo'.ir year academic average went to Janis Woolly with John Waits recognized as runner up. Also recognized as graduates maintaining a "B" average or better for the four years were Paul Mark Cuicchi, Philip Dexler Dooiiltlc, Anselm Clyde Grif fin III, Bonnie Sue Hurtig, Susan .Inno McKnight, and Eliza belli Carol Neal. / .o Annette Marie Sanlucci Carol Ann Slurdivanl. William Burnell Walls Jr. ami Norman Bruce Wilco.x. Mrs. W. A. Slanton Jr. provic ed processional and recessional Hineteen CHS Juniors Inducted In Honor Society Nineteen members of Greenville High's class of IMS were recently inducted into the National Honor Society, in ceremonies conducted by John Willium Young III. NHS president. The new members represent five percent o( the incoming senior class. They were selected tor membership on Ihe i basis of scholarship, service, leadership iind character. An f additional ten percent of the class will be inducted into the ; society this fall. '·· GHS principal J. T. Hall was the featured speaker at . Ihe ceremony. He used the four criteria for NHS selection ! as the basis for his address. + * * INVOCATION for the meeting was by Bclty Jiu with presentation of new members by secretary Daphne Wilson. The , Pledge captain was Joe Henneti and the candle ceremony : was conducted by Todd Burrow. Katherine Rcilly, chairman of the business education deparlmem is the chapter s|onsor. Special guests at Ihe ceremony included parents of Ihe new members and Mary Keady, organizer in 1947 of Ihe Society at Greenville High. New National Honor Society members are Sandra Joyce Harlon, Geoffrey Bcwcrs, Phyllis Braswcll, Glenn Byrd. Donna Dodd. Dexter England and Dickie F.thcridge. Also Van Eugene Ham, James Hogue, Johnny Jiu, Sarah Lou Jones, Becky Jordan, Ragan Kimbrell, Susan Pceples, Donna Pope, Billy Schepens, Robert Seid Jr., Murry Tumcy anil Jem 1 Young. With the new inductees there are now Ihrce brother and sister combinations in the GHS Society; Robert and Mary Ann Seid, Johnny and Betty Jiu and Martha ami James '. Rogue. Gene Ham. Phyllis Uraswell and Todd Burrow rue each the Ihird member of their family lo be selected for Ihe high sciiool honor. President Sends Tribute To JFK Family JOHNSON CITY, Tex.i CABELL was mayor of Dallas (UPI) -- President Johnson paid a birthday tribute Saturday "· Ibis slain predecessor. John .t [Kennedy and lo Kennedy's dcdi- jca'.ion to the "worthy cause" o! - ' fighting mental retardation. when Lee Harvey Oswald shot the Presklent and wounded Gov. John B. Connally. Nov. 22, 13G3. The President sent the tele- never forget the leader we lost," Johnson said in Rep. Earlc' City as a civic meeting place|peared to be devoting most ol and as a sort of museum where!ihe remainder of Ihe weekend to lemenloes of his boyhood andjrclaxntion. early manhood are kept. After looking through the 1 , house, Ihe Johnsons drove about . .. . . i in a tan automobile. A helicopt gram from his ranch, where he . , . . r ! 6 , , , , . ' , . lor wailed at Ihe Johnson City estcd and kept in louch by " wire with developments in VietJ' , . Air P° rl . at in case Delta Democrat-Times Sounday, May 30, '65 5 You can find buyers tor aporti equipment, toots, «ppl!»ncw and want to §*n other things you telephone to Calxjll. D-Tex., in connection and with dedication of a bronze bust of Kennedy at Ihe John F. Kennedy living cenler for ex- Nam, the Dominican Republic overseas areas. other wanted to wander farther afield. also conferred! mem- The bailie against mental re ardation was the topic of an other presidential action, Johnson's acceptance of the resignation of Dr. Stafford L. Warren las his special assistant in this The President ] by telephone with slatf Press Secretary George F.. |bcrs n|)(| 0 , hcr otficia | s !n Reedy said Johnson "spent a; i|lg , on nml was c Mm R Defense couple of hours going H lrou B n ls ccre t jfielri. *»h Inexpensive Delta Democrat- rime Classified Ads. Dial HIM ;o place your ad. use the money .o hop for what you need. | Warren, who was appointed centianal children, in Dallas, cables and other material ' rom l Dc f or( The center is for the menlally||] l(! Slate Department, Defense December, 1062, by Kennedy, told Johnson thai he ,, ., ., .leaving as of June; 30 "wilh Ihe :ary Robert S McNamara f h he .^.^ hasc tl.n. I n + t n i - p dann rtnrn 1 GIFT TOT SHOP e the latler's departure .Saturday night for a NATO de' Department mid other agencies fcme ministrs mce ting in Par- retarded. Johnson told Cabell that asjto keep informed on the inter- the nalion remembered Ken-! national situation." ncdy's ·(Slh birthday Salunhyj The President ami his wife in ,it was fitting to "pay this trib-:the afternoon visiled his boy- Ranch Thursday to his memory ami spon-',lined home in Johnson :ily. ThejMemorial Day JOH\SO\ arrived at his LBJ of Ihe program has been accomplished." To Appoint Assistnal Reerly said Warren's functions would be transferred to the sec night for Ibe retary of health, education and weekend. He 1 welfare. Anthony J. C'elebrezze.l Isor this worthy cause lo which'presidont handed Ihe Iwmc over S|Xke al evcnls Friday in A u s - w h o would appoint an assistant; |Ire has dedicated." earlier this mumli_lo_ Johnson tin _aixl Waco, Tex.. _bul _ ap-|tp carry Jheni cm. Highway 82 at Fairview AUTHORIZES TROOPS realnlions. Two Wesl German destroyers, vhich had escorted the queen's 'acht Britannia lo sea Friday light from Hamburg, fired a larling 21-gun salute this morn- ng as the vessel lefl West icrmany's sovereign waters. To the German people, the nonarch's 11 clay state tour meant Ilic British may not have 'orgiven but perhaps are willing to put aside memories ol Iwo wars in a half-cenlury. FOR Ihe Brilish, ihu glorious reception given their queen on visit whicli many fearei would somehow le demeaning indicates the Germans of 19G!i' may not he such bad sports af- ler all. The queen herself was tense i ^ s c , ip ] ornats Saturday of r u n n i n g a "spy kitchen" as she began the lour. Rut she 1 _._.-, _i___ i /-i K_. * .,,,!:__ . _:i-u. _ i. . ,, ! : _ - , _ - · _ _ relaxed as Ihe crowds g rew larger and kmdcr and even Britain's newspapers, nt first Soviets Charge 2 As US Spies MOSCOW (UPI) -- The Soviet Union accused two end- WELLINGTON, New Zealand skopitcal, produced their most 1 ,,,^ could foreshadow Iheir ex pulsion. The U.S. Embassy called the charge a "complete 'abricalion." Tl\e accusations, made in Soviet publications, were consid- and charged Canadian secret police with complicity in the h i g h w a y accident death of a Soviet scientist in Canada. | " The charge against the Ameri-'viet scientist V. P. Cheremisin- (UPO--The Ilouso of Represent- effusive adjectives to describe olives Friday authorized the'her trip. send 120 Ncwl Upon her arrival at high noon alivcs Friday governmenl lo Zealand combat troops Nam. The vole was M lo Viet · Tuesday, May 18. the queen lo 33. j seemed tensely holding her emotions in check. Her face was a Wr.n R=!iabl.1y Cs'_nls . -- HALLICRAFTERS -- F.M. 3-Wnr Jodio Cmr,;or.. Local A r e a fAonul. R«p. HaGiCo Electronic Engineering 330 Hiv-oy 1 S. Phon* 335-2014 careful and expressionless mask as she heard the nalinnal an- .Ihrm, "Dcutschland Uber Allcs" j played for Ihe first time lo welcome a British monarch in Germany and reviewed a German military honor guard. ered retaliation for an Ameri- magazine article allcging'of ov was killed in Canada under circumstances involving "gross arbitrary actions by the secret police bordering on a crime." "IT HAS been learned thai the accident look place as a result Soviet diplomatic espionage ac-lwhecl puncture lire," it Ihe front said. "II has tivity in the United Stales, ar.d'bccn established that the punc for Canada's recent expulsion Mon. thru Wed. * SALE! of two Soviet diplomats for "Impermissible activities." The American diplomats were I 1 identified as Malcolm Toon, Ihe [I embassy political ollicer, a n d ) 1 Allan Logan, liis deputy, a soc- I'ond secretary of the embassy. turn was no accident clearly (he result of a hut was malicious act. The fact that Royal Canadian Mounted Police agents immediately appeared on the I * TOON is going home any |iway at the end of his regular of duly next month. But MEN'S COTTON SPORT COATS Sizes 38-40-42 only Close-out-Reg. $9.95 Only 12 $100 1 WATER HOSE year unconditional guarim- . Solid brass cuppling. Reg. $6.95 lour iiobscrvers believed Logan, who has another year lo serve here, might be declared persona non grala and forced to leave. The article, which appeared in Izvcslia's weekend supplement, :"The Week," said: | "In Ihe past half year, (he U. S. Embassy in Moscow has been involved in So-called scc- '. ret operations. American diplomats from Ihe rank of attache to counselor are engaged these secret operations. "Several of these diplomats |!engagc in direct espionage,' added, "while others manage their spy kitchen through subor lldinatcs and don't dirty thei I own hands. They are only the Pleaders." In a related altack, (he riews- II paper Soviet Russia charged So- Jordan Charges Israel Violation AMMAN, Jordan (UPI)-Jordan charged Saturday tha another Israeli patrol entera its territory Friday night am "The available information .. .indicates secret police agents were implicated in this roadi I accident," the newspaper added. It charged that Canadian authorities searched the apartments of Soviet citizens in Canada, installed listening devices al Ihe Soviet Embassy in Ottawa, and tried to recruit Soviet citizens as spies. FABULOUS BUYS on PIECE GOODS Regular Price R-e-d-u-c-e-d 77£ YD. ' CHARC;F: IT i( Solid"; or prints. : -k Paslel shades ·k Wash and wear * Dark and Pastel C O T T O N S YD. 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CHARGE IT ~fc Spartswear material -A" Stripes and solids if Pastel and darks Gingham Checks BOYS Ladies Dresj MYLOH PARKAS Heels Reduced no indicalions of casualties in the clash, the first A R N E L S E E R S U C K E R 37 45" wide ir's -- J yd. to 2 yd. lengths -- Reg. Price $1.00 yd. Repeat Color and Stripes. YD. S P E C I A L P U R C H A S E $|97 Ladies plastic covered wicker straw dress bags -Assorted shapes -- White -- Beige -- Black. Reg. $2.99 Plus Fed. Tax a Ihree-pronged attack on Jordanian terrilory Thursday. The death loll in that series of clashes rose to five Saturday when an eighl year ok! Jordanian boy died of wounds. I In Cairo, Jordan told the 'Arab premiers' meeting aboul | Ihe earlier Israeli altack, but (made no demand for joint Arab retaliatory action. Jordan's premier, Wasfi Al Tal, was summoned home from Ihe Cairo talks because of the, liborder crisis. "The unified Arab command has drawn up a more complete plan to meet any future no.- he said. 1 roops mercenaries Saturday closed in on the last two rebel strongholds in the northern Congo in an effort lo rescue about 100 whites hek lost age by the insurgents. Targets of the offensive are Buta, aboul 185 miles north-' vest of Stanleyville, and Bondo 310 miles from the provincial capital. * * * THE drive, involving several hundred mercenaries and a bat- lilion of Congolese troops, is being supported by fighler planes and B2C bombers armed wilh rockets and machineguns. Most of the white hostages they are seeking to rescue from Communist - backed rebels are Belgians. But they are also believed to include about 30 Portuguese citizens and possibly one British woman missionary --Margaret Hayes, who miraculously escaped a massacre north of Stanleyville last December. 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