The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 12, 1951 · Page 52
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 52

Corpus Christi, Texas
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Sunday, August 12, 1951
Page 52
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Cfariflti CALLER-TIMES, Sun., Aug. 12, 1951 GONZALES REWORK PUMPS, FLOWS, AT 676 BARRELS DAILY Producers Corp. of Nevada No. 1 Helen Williams (was T. J. Williams), Gonzales County discovery 872 miles north of Nixon, has been reworked for good oil flow from open hole section at 5,802-325 feet. It had good initial flow last year then declined to a pumper with aa allowable of 15 barrels a day. After operators installed new bottom plug and a larger string of tubing, pump was started and the well kicked off and flowed and pumped at the rate of 676.5 barrels of 24 gravity oil a. day, with tubing pressures ranging from 20 to 25 pounds. Neathery Slates New East Beeville Test; Mineral Wildcat Dry iKussell To Make |Jet Fuels at ! Bishop Refinery I refinery back on stream, closed | the plant. A Bishop Field gathering By NANCY HEARD Caller-Times OU Editor j The Russell Oil Co. has pur- j line," part of the plant's original I chased the old Rosewood refinery equipment, was sold to Sunray Oil at Bishop and will attempt to re- Corp., which dug up toe pipe for activate it as a jet fuel plant, Raymond Russell of San Antonio said yesterday. Purchase price .wasn't disclosed, but Russell reportedly paid around $20,000 lor the plant, built in 1918 O. Neathery, Jr., of has scheduled a 4,500-loot « B.evllle. »·,,, toTM, County wildcat at his No. A-l C. C. Diebel, 4 miles east of Beeville. This test is 330 feet from the southwest line, 1,600-feet from the northwest line of the 229.6-acre lease in Bee (correlation log around 3,750-800 feel and start coring on a 4,500-foot contract. , The Texas Co. No. 1 Sterling F. Dugat, wildcat in F. B. Malone Survey, A-527, 4% miles northwest of Mineral, drilled to 7.510 feet and at cost of around $90,000 and 1948, during the height of the post- !ronnHv;t»r? -this «:n-iriir with an ex- war oil demand, for H. R. Smith of Alice and W. C. McBride, Inc.. It operated as a skimming or'top- ping plant, with a 2,000 to 2,500- barrel capacity, taking part of its crude from the Bishop Field, which had been developed by Smith and GASOLINE STORAGE--These two 80,000-barrel spheroid tanks, recently completed at the Ingleside terminal operated by Sun Pipe Line Co., store natural gasoline brought up from the big Seeligson Field gas plant, near Falfurrias, for tanker shipment to Sun's Marcus Hook and Toledo refineries. Sun receives about 28,000 barrels of natural gasoline weekly from the Stchgson plant which strips casinghead gas. The new tanks give the Sun terminal about. 1.6 million barrels of storage .space for products and crude. (Staff Photo by Travis Moorman.) Carmen Molina Survey. Bridwell Oil Co, No. 1 Ben F. i was abandoned Friday. It is about Hsrch, wildcat 7 miles south of! 3 miles southwest of Midstates Oil Beeviile and about a mile south- Corp. No. 1 Zeno Barber, east of Yougeen Field, spudded and The Midstates well, second oiler set surface casing for a 5.000-foot I in ^ Plummer Wilcox Field, is venture in George O'Docharty Sur-; com pi e t e as a dual oiler. It made vey, A-49. j 65 barrels of oil through 7-64-inch CorrVlatinn S -^R j choke from Maskhank perforations I Michael T. Halbouty No. 1 Rosa| at 7_o(M-07 feet, and 108 barrels |F Borrum, wildcat 5 miles sduth-j ,j a jj v through 3-16-1 use elsewhere, soon a f t e r this spring's shutdown. Skimming 1'Saat Russell, who formerly held part i n t e r e s t , designed and put the Bishop refinery into operation iu penditure of about $10,000. Part of the refinery's equipment includes a 6-inch line which ties into the Magnolia crude line from Seeligson Field. Seeligson c r u d e has a high kerosene yield, offering good possibilities for production of McBride. jet fuel. The Rosewood p l a n t operated Near Jet Base [about a year before the crude and Some industry sources attributed products demand began to level the plant's reopening to the Navy'si off in 1949, and since then has establishment of jet flight training at nearbv Kingsville. operated for only a few weeks. Smith disposed of his interests in The Magnolia tie-in line has been | the plant some time ago, and late disconnected several months, since last vear the other owners sold Maguilles Test Coring Ahead I--s Redfish Dagger Gets Another Distillate Pay The Redfish-Dagger area of Cur- water on I20-"hot perforations at pus Christi Bay had another gas- 7.0CO-S,IH6 feet, umi squeezed Fn- distillate pay to its credit yestcr- day. day, and a deep wildcat m that! Renwar Oil Corp. No. 1 State OILNE y through 3-16-inch choke from I Slick perforations at 6,688-700 feet. | OHset Test j Magnolia P e t r o l e u m Co. has (planned an offset to the new dual j well at its No. 2 W. E. Erp, but this! | test probably won't be started for! Seaboard Oil Co. of Delaware! a couple of months. The No. 1 Erp, iNo A-l St. Louis Union Trust Co., {was the discovery in 194-1. j ILaSalle County wildcat near the Stanolind Oil and Gas Co No 1, Webb County line, was coring ycs-|C. G. Friedrich. m the North Min-· Independent Refining Co., winch out to Independent Refining Co. had attempted to put the Bishop j The Independent f i r m produced ! some products before. abandoning the project. Ben Bolt Wildcat To Test Oil, Gas Sliows,h Second Well Planned i Humble Oil and Refining Co. No. 11 G. B. Vergara, R e i s e r ift-ea : wildcat in Webb County, ran electrical log'to 2,050 feet, set 10v.i- inch surface, casing at 2,033 f e c l i-rKrr" and was preparing to drill ahead i VV | a possible 8.000-foot test, ! Jolin F. Camp and Sons No. (Hector Vela, Zapata County \vild- I cat 5 miles west of Kandado, recovered salt water on drilistem tests at 2,035-10 find 2,042-47 feet 9,000-foot test. Pipe Set On Sinton City Test T. F. Murchison No. 1 City of Sinton, on the city's water standpipe tract, West Sinton Field, San ^ Patricio County, cored the Seg-' Round Lake I Test Starts i Bright, Schiff and Kennedy No. 1 J. E. Benton, Jim Wells County wildcat 4 miles northwest of Orange Grove, set surface casing at 306 feet find yesterday was drilling at 1,715 feet on a 4,000- foot contract. Mack Well Servicing Co. cf Corpus Christi is area, .southeast of the Sun side terminal was due to test yesterday or today. Tract 464, on the .south edge of Mustang Island Field, perforated ami Friday resumed coring at 2,350 feet. Uy OKOROE IIOGAN Slaif OU Writer Palsano Trading Co., Ltd., No. Jose Maria Gutierrez, Jim Hogg County wildcat 3V- miles northwest of Colorado Field, cored the Low- ment B Sand at 5,073-79 feet and Uio Main West Sinton Sand at 5,102-28 feet, set pipe at 5.128 feet, tofad depth, and yesterday was praparing to test. Hawn Brothers No'. 1 Rand Morgan, wildcat 7 miles west of Sinton, was drilling ahead below 5,994 feet Friday on a possible 7,500- foot venture. Gust 'Hcsmelis of Alice yester-jtio was fis-i in a wildcat' Bolt Field area of Jim at 7,790-804 feet In the No. 6 Sand, The new gas-distillate- pay W.«« tubing and yesterday· v'a _ _ at Sunray Oil Corp. No. i State gabbing, preparing to nm ]"Oj W( ., ls County , to tost oil ftnd Tract 352. which in May had dis»| duction tests. s ,mds. and 5md planned H second| covered the gas-distillate prorlue- At 9,400 Fret ! wildcat to test deeper sands found j tion in San3 10A for the Redfis'n- Sapi K. Wilson, Jr., Renwar n n d ; m 1hc CUIT e:it test. j Dagger section of the bay. 3 or 4 Arkansas Fuel OU Co. No. 1 State j T melis No i otto G o l d a p p i miles north of test-spreading Mus-j Tract 462A. about iVi miles .south- | t ; n!a , r was se iting pipe around tang Island production. least of Mustang l-sland 'Field, ran^ · ' '^ aj)f , W l l l pcrfomle .,,, a sealed, Perforations, with 2-J shots, j Gorman ami DeLange No. 1 San er Cole for a marker, and yester- Iwere at 6,2S-34 feet. Gas-oil ra-:j u an Ramirez, 2 miles soutliwest i day was coring at 2,140 feet for (of Edlasater Field, and in Zapatar.he Manila Sand. Contract depth to La Gloria Corp. No. 1 Leo A. Miller, northeast outpost to Harvey Field, Friday was running final electrical log to total depth. 11C The new pay in this well was tested last week on perforations »t 8.1SO-87 feet. On 1-hour t e s t , with '.!,000-foot water oushkm, U- Inch choltes. the well flowed water electrical log to 0,895 feet ami Friday was drilling at G,'JG3 feet. H. n. Smith and F. William Curr No. 1 Medical Professional Building Corp., Indian Point wild- cushion in 13 minutes under 830[cat near the north end of thc|°»' B :l3 pounds working pressure. Maxl- Nueccs Bay causeway, was drillingjP'I e rising but a foot contract. gas sand around 3,500 feet ihen| lest nn oil -sand around 3.300 feet,: This wildcat, 5 miles southeast j of Alice, tail found Homo 10 oil' "ow where as drilled ·was 3,000 pounds low pressure recorder further gauge. prevented Th« weir flowed gas and distillate, and the crew reversed out SO feet of i-athole mud, 40 feet of distillate and no water, Bottomhole The Texas Co. No. 1 State Tract 750, Nuoceg Bay wildcat 4 miles j corea were cut from this depth. The new test will be on location northwest of Corpus Christi, set 5',.£. -inch casing- at 4,037 (feet and Friday was waiting on cement. Total depth is 4,809 feet, pressures were 4,718 pounds. and 5,180| Renwar Oil Ce-rp. and Phillips i Petroleum Co. No. 1 J. C. Blnck- Next perforations in this w e l l j n a l l , wildcat north of Viola 'Field dependent, will be at 8.722-30 feet, and about j and south of the Nueces Bay Flats, | a new jj m 6 other sands will be tested. Pack-1 yesterday was preparing to test' er collapse had necessitated a re- a gas sand at 6,057-60 feet. Salt work of the original completion, water was recovered on drilistem and Sunray is preceding this with!test on perforations at 5.508-10 feet tests at the varied shows imlicat- and the perforations were squeezed. ed in other test s in the new field. On the southwest edge of _ production, Sunray's No. 1-395. new oil pay discovery at 8.016-25 feet,, made 161 barrels of oil on poten-' Oilers ill Week tin! through · 10-61-inch choke. Gravity was 38,9 degrees. The com- to the cast. In the south part, of the Magnolia Petroleum Co. " Mlntcn, La Gloria Field wildcat, was drilling Friday at 10,679 feet. W. Earle Rowe, San Antonio in- has staked location for Weils County wildcat near his recent Embleton Field gas discovery, 5 miles north of Alice. Rowe's No. A-l R. V. ,Embleton, contracted to 4,500 feet, is 1,000 feet from the north line, 2.542 feet from the west line, and s c a l e s about 50 feet from the east line went to 8,515 feet, set casing at 15,107 feet, tested salt water en i perforations at. 4,595-605 arrd 4,460170 feet, perforated and squeezed Gulf Plains Oil Corp. of Corpus at 2.4SS-90 feet and yesterday wag Christi has scheduled a 7,SOO-fcot County wildcat near the complete as a shallow gas well. It made an estimated 4.2 million Klebei-fr County line, southwest ol cubic feet of gas a day, o p e n Humble Oil and Refining Co. No. 1 Ophia F. Sweeney, 22 miles west of Encino, made salt water on ~ I County, was coring Friday at 1,935! is 3,-100 feet. g^o? feet. I feet on a possible 6,000-foot test. ' gun Oil Co. No. 21 Weil Broth-r L a Gloria has scheduled a new J In Webb County's Tal Vez Field, | erS| wildcat 5 miles southwest of'outpost test at No. 2 Ray nnd Har- jTlvj Texas Co. No. 2 0. G. Kirk-!Weil Field, southeast of Randa- * I Patrick spudded Aug. 6. set 10*i-!do, was completing on perforations inch surface casing at 109 feet| a t 4,123-3-1 feet ;:nd Friday was testing at 1,887 ; I'C-t't. ; Texaco No. B-2 Duval County : Ranch Co.. Moca Field test which Lonnie Glasscock No. 1 R. B, San Patricio County, miles northwest of Old McGloin, wildcat San Patricio and about the same distance south of Round Lake Field production, is slP.ted to get undenvay the first of the week on a 7,000-foot venture. On the San Patricio County sid a of LptiElln Fid'1. A. W. Gregg No. 11 City of Corpus Ctiristi was rigging up yesterday for a 5, IOC-foot J, W. Gorman No. B-2 B. W. Cox, LouElla Field,, also was rig- ;JTin£ up yesterday for a possible 5,500-loot venture. It is 8GO feet Co. No. 6 John Hancock Mutual Life Insur- j ance Co., south of Plymouth Field ' production, had set surface casing north northeast Achning fro, i De of drilistem test at 3.054-S2 and 4,. for a 6,000-foot test. Chapman Ranch. Gulf Plains No. 1 C h a p m a n flow, from 24-shot perforations at 1.6GB-72 feet. jRanch is 467 feet from the southi In Billings Field, Texaco No. 4 !, C co " nty ' line of Laureles Section 116, whichJTom Dillard, which had tested salt So. · , ° " also is the Kleberg County line (water with a trace o£ oil on pump pany's No? 1-394, another edge test and a Sand GB oiler perforated at 8,242-48 feet, made 1S3 barrels of 40.5 'gravity oil on S-ei-inch choke. Southwest of these wells, Stano- lind Oil and Gas Co. No. 1 State Tract 421, which earlier had made oil in Sand 10A at 7.280-88 feet, drilled to 9,521 feet, ran log, took sidewall cores, and was preparing to test a sand at 8,822-30 feet, an area untried in that part of the bay. Seven-inch pipe was set at 8,836 feet early in July. On the northeast side of the Red- fish-Dagger area, Atlantic Refining Co. No. 1-413, made 154 bar- Atvw UL.V* wn iv\;i*3 » c i u n-vtwt-u ··" - A « tnn r\o f ^t Texas'oil operations this week, the!gocene at 3,402-08 feet. _ Railroad Commission announced j Rand Morgan No. E-3 Fee, Hoi- Sh6 leet yesterday. 'todas'. It boosted new oil comple-llow Tree Field, total depth 3,413 West of Luby Field, Seaboard tions for the year to 6,639, leadinejfeet, was abandoned. This test ran!No. 53 James P. Luby started last year's completions for the i 20 feet low to the No. E-l, oil well, caring yesterday at 4,100 feet. and King Ranch boundary and is [from perforations at 2,493-97 feet, 1.9SO feet from the west Section'was plugged. ; line, on a 510.48-acre lease. ; - In the London Deep area, Atlan-j- tic Refining Co. No. 1 C. J. Home, i set 7-inch protective casing at 8,-j 994 feet resumed drilling Friday.' This test is northwest of No. A-l W. F. L. Lehman, gas- distillate discovery 715 feet. Atlantic No. Gas Unit No. 1, 1'i miles north-j 525-12 feet and Friday was coring at 4,647 feet on a possible 5,500- foot test. Lewis O. Kelsey Corp. No. 1 H. P. Guerra, about a mile north of Cuevitas Field, was rigging up yesterday for a 3,200-foot test, l,v 960 feet "north of the Starr County line. Sun No. 45 A. C. Jones, Northeast Jones area, \vas coring Friday at 4,945 feet. On the Starr County side of East Jones Field, Sun No. 44 Jones was coring at 4,!657 feet. enavides Test Cores; Wildcats Starting ,f Block 13," Al Smith Subdivision least of the deep discovery was at C. P. Falley and R B. Gilmour Black, oil discovery. ~ -»-**«-"-» i - _-"- n I · "* * Krtfi ViniTrt r-nV i-vHiiT ml n Tiiitt-al i r * « »*· n**il TT'iiv AT/i -f of Scholars Land Co., Los PresnO|9,774 feet fishing for diamond core de Arrjba Grant. It is northeast o f ' AUSTIN, Aug. 11. (AP)--Another 206 new oil wells were added to the No. 1 Embleton, gas discovery on perforations in the Marine Oil- bit, stuck 180 feet off bottom. Seaboard Oil Co. of Delaware, 1.340 feet southwest of Atlantic's ^ itz r ram on S5 Fidd area. I deep discSvery, was onOuig at 6,- TM . M - f . oner . tars of Alice have scheduled a Duval j Carr and Fox No. 1 Black flowed County wildcat offsetting a new oil discovery 15 miles northwest of San Diego and in the North 83 bajrels of 44 gravity oil on potential test through %-inch choke, under 490 pounds tubin pressure and 925 pounds casing The Alice operators will start j pressure, from 20-shot perforations 'clearing location tomorrow for! at 4,432-36 feet. Gas-oil ratio was their No. B-l Christin Soliz. Loca- -"" tion is 330 feet from, the east line rels of oil and 351 barrels of salt | week. comparable period by 165. I'en gas wells were brought in during the week to push the year's total to 504, compared to 478 for last year. Twelve oil wildcats and a gas discovery were reported for the week. At the week's end Texas had 129.H38 producing oil wells,. The total average daily allowable was 2.982,506 barrels, "down 7,108 barrels daily from the preceding H. R. Smith, W. C. McBride, Inc.,! Arkansas Fuel Oil Co. No. 1 Aland Progress Petroleum, Inc., NoJfred A. Theis, wildcat 5 m i l e s 3 PaulV. de Garcia, North Mag-1 southeast of D r i s c o l . l , sidewall nolia City Field, was at 5,640 feet cored the lower part of the 6,700.... _^ : !__,, ! fnAf 'ynnft TsH^Vi nn c^nws nnH TT?*i_ yesterday, running pipe, Humble Oil and Refining Co. No., . M C-146 King Ranch-Seeligson, on the j ],,?,,,,,, v , Kleberg County side of Seeligson""" Field, flowed 240.69 barrels of 36.6 gravity oil on potential test through % inch choke, under 1.680 pounds pressure on tubing, with casing I foil zone with no shows, and Fri- iday SOUTH TEXAS OIL BRIEFS of the 93-acre lease, 1,750 feet from 52S to · Cores at 5600 Fallev and Gilmour have an in- the south line of the lease and ofi teres j; - m ^ discovery,. and Carr Pedro de la Cerda Survey 7, A-635. j 3,^ Fox jj ave interests in the new It is about 680 feet west and slightly south of F. William Carr and W. E. Fox, Trustee, No. 1 A. G. Martln, Shelly and Thomas No. 1 A. M, · Smith Estate, W i l s o n County widest in A. M. H i g h- Knith Survey 359. A-153, 2 miles north of Stockdale, set 500 teet of surface casing and yesterday was drilling ahead on a 5,500-foot venture. Texita Drilling Co, is contractor. Magnolia Petroleum O- No. 1 A. L. Pavlu new gas-distillate pay discovery in Provident City Field, Lavaca County, was running production tests on perforations at 8,122-30, 8.9SO-98 and 9.020-50 feet. On test-through 14-inch chokes, water cushion hit surface in 27 minutes. Working pressure was 1,400 pounds, recovery was 150 feet of distillate and bottomhole pressures were 1,770 and 3,800 pounds. Producers; Invesfc'v.^nt Corp. No. of North Markham Field, was drill-, ing at 8,928 feet on a 10.500-foot contract. Gulf Oil Corp. No. B-l -j' Vineyard. Hawkinville Dome area, was drilling' at 10,268 feet Friday. Quintana Petroleum Orp. No. 1 W. C, Melbourn. new C a l h o u n bounty discovery a mile nortlieast of East Long Molt Field, gauged 122 barrels of 42 gravity oil a day through Vs-meh choke,' under S50 pounds pressure on tubing. Perforations, with iS shots, were at 7.SOO-OS feet. Houston Oil Co. olt Texas is preparing to stroke location for a west offset to Morris Cannan No. traded to 11,500 feet, is 511 feet, from the northwest line. 660 feet from the northeast line of the S8.7-acre tract in Imla Keep Survey, and is in Lot 41, Ground elevation is 27.59 feet. Sinclair Oil and Gas Co. Ko. 2 Bess Henry, confirmation test in the Old Washington area of Washington County, was drilling at last report at 10,123 teet. It is 1,650 feet west of No. 1, oil discovery at 9,422-28 feet. Gulf Ol! Corp. No. I William Gadme, Yarboro area wildcat in Grimes County, was drilling on a -foot venture. Electrical log had been rur? to 8,002 feet and micro log, 6,750-7,000 feet. Final Jjog Arnold O. Morgan and W. E. j Fox, Trustee, No. 1 J. S. Cabron. 1^2 miles northeast of Robstown, was drilling at 7,210 feet Friday, slated to run final electrical log around 7.500 feet today. A. W. Gregg No. 1 C. A. Richter, edge-of-the-city wildcat off S t a t e j Highway 9 and just .east of the Corpus Christi Drive 'In Theatre, was rigging up yesterday for a 7,000-foot venture. C, G. Glasscock No. 1 William Meaney. Saxet area wildcat' between Highway ; .9 and UpRiver Road, was coring Friday at 7.403 Oakvllle Test Dry test. Railroad Commission hearing on the operators' request for new field designation and for discovery allowable rights has been set for Sept. 20. Dunlap and Corning No. 1 Clara! Driscoll- Estate, wildcat about a mile northwest of the new In the .North Taft area, C. G. Glasscock No. 1 C. R. Krelzmeyer was digging pits yesterday for a west offset to Atlantic Refining Co, No. 1 W. L. Roots, new oil pay discovery at e.OT-lOa feet. Superior Oil Co. No. 27 Minnie S. Welder, Portilla Field wildcat, had cut the top of junk to 15,974 feet and continued to fish. Superior No. 31 Welder had made gas on perforations at 3,954-GO feet, then swabbed mud and salt water on perforations at 4,055-61 feet, and had squeezed . the lower perforations. On 6-hour gauge on the 20- shot perforations at 3,951-60 feet, the well made gas at the rate o f j 1.328 million cubic feet a day' through 14-64-inch choke, under 1,460 pounds pressure. This well has 7-inch casing set at 7,275 feet, total depth. It is on .the southeast edge of Portilla Field. . Experienced WELL LOGGERS and TRAINEES CARAN BROS. ENG. CO Milam Bldg. San Antonio - Phone Cathedra! 2595 SOUTH TEXAS Brazos River Pollution Gets New Attention HOUSTON, Aug. 11. (ffl--Some 60 state officials ,and representatives of oil companies and users of Brazos River water met here Fri- daj in an effort to find a way to stop the salt water pollution o£ the Brazos River, from Freeport to Waco. Burnell Waldrep, assistant attorney general, of Austin, presided. He said the State Health Department and Game, Fish and Oyster Commission have charged that the river is being polluted, with salt water, by oil fields along it§ Oil Well Drilling covery, was drilling at 2,304 feetj, OR ~ hand to present evidence for Friday. Three miles southeast of Benavides, McCarrick Oil .Co. No. 1 . TT ' . , -,. ,.,__j|Frank Vaello, wildcat in R. Fietch- Loms H. Harmg Jr. Kirkwood g 7. A-214,' started coring TM J r* n nr*-j4 Ct-CTt-l/SHYIr* f\fl OTlr^ liS ?: i t i v v , ^ - - - and Co, and Stanolind Oil and Gas Co, No. 1 Elwood C. Probst, Live Oak County wildcat 5 miles north of Oakville, total depth, 6,623 feet, was abandoned Thursday n i g h t after running electrical log to bottom. The Probst had cored s a n d y shale, hard, tight sand and shaley . G. GLASSCOCK DRILLING CO. Drilling Contractors Oil Producers Wilson Bids. Tel. 3-4262 Trucking Trucks --- Tracfori Jess Edwards, Inc. Dragiines Moinfainen OIL HELD HAULING GENERAL CONTRACTING McBride Lane Tel. 3-8441 Oil Well Service their respective agencies w e r e D. F. Smallhprst, chief · of pollu- j tion 'control for the State Health] Department, and H. E. 'Faubion, I THOMAS'. HOPKINS INC head of pollution control for t h e ] sand, all with no shows,, at 6,467-623 The - * Corp . No. 1 E. J . * I feet on a permitted S.SOCMoot ven-jfeet in the Mackhank. Earlier i'JRogers, in El Mesquite' area' in!-. Uire. " had cored the Slick and LuUng | ti ie southwest corner of the countv. ^ 2 Pedro Pardo, dual oil and gas! at 5 ' 59S f e e t well, and as a new gas pay,|10£W-footJest. __ f 3 * P^nTT*\t^* Xtf, * V n * D * . * 4 ' 1 ^ T!^;/it^ J[** ! on a possible Humble Oil and Refining Co. No, i F-2 East Flour Bluff State. Laguna Madrc \\-ildcat in State Tract SI, was at S.44S Seet Friday, running drilistem test, at S.441-1S feet. i Lockhart Oil Co. of Texas No. 7 E. C. Wilson. Riverside Wright Field test in Wright Partition, at 1,025 feet, had set surface casing and was waiting on cement yes- t the southwest corner of the county, with no shows. ran electrical log to 3,555 feet,' In the same area. Sunray Oil {total depth and yesterday was Corp. No. 2 H. C. Dilworth was I preparing to set casing to test a drilling at 6,909 feet in whlpstocked sand around 3,050 feet, hole. Standard Oil and Gas Co. i Humble Oil and Refining Co. No. No. 1 Maude M. Weed was drilling!25 James Albert Dowdy, Hagist at 6.310 feet. j Ranch Field, made 12 million cubic Harry Hotchkin No. 1 W. Liska, feet of gas on open flow potential. Oil We!! Servicing S i on . · . | . Shallow Drilling Others present included represen- j 5-J10 Hwy. 9 Tel. 4-6538 tatives of the rice growing indus-' try, and of the Galveston County Water Co. and American Canal Co., which use or distribute Brazos River water, and of Gulf and Shell Oil Companies. "This was an informal meeting in an effort to find a solution without court action." Waldrep said. Friday at 5,660 feet on a proposed j Game Fis h and Oyster Commis-j 6,100-foot .venture. ! ! Realitos Wildcat Southern Minerals Corp, No. 1 P, C. Breckenridge, wildcat 4 miles southeast of Realitos, spud- ded Aug. 9'and yesterday was at 530 feet, running surface casing for a 6,000-foot project. 4 miles north of Three Rivers, was abandoned at total depth of plus 20 ban-els of distillate to each million feet of gas from 60 discovery, in the Battle Field in southwestern Victoria County. The I No. 2 Pardo made 115 barrels of i 1 Wynne and Morris, on the ex-j oil through 9-64-inch choke from! treme southwest end of Matagorda j perforations at'4,766-71 feet, and 1ft; Island, Matagorda County, gauged | million cubic feet of gas on open If* n 25 barrels of oil daily from per- j flow potential test from perfora- j B-'ffcrif»C!l 11 lorations at 7,426-40 feet, through' tions in the new sand at 4.S78-IJ. CCll oCtll 10-84-inch choke, and continued to 85 feet. I test. Initial tubing pressure was 1,500 pounds, but p r e s s u r e decreased to 125 pounds and the end j Placedo Field Victor!* County, Cotulla Wildcat Coring Mak tcrday. Contrnct'depth is 4.950 feet. (1,715 feet, but rig was being moved I jet-shot perforations at 7,158-73 feet.j ! no feet for a new hole to test an j Gas-Oil Shows ioil sand at 97S-S1 feet. The No. 1 Atlantic Refining Co. No. C-2 'recovered 80 feet of low smtvitv Hagist Ranch, -Inc., Hagist Ranch _ _ _ _ - " ." S T U ' t A U t* « J ,-,,-,·« A ,3 r w n n An.*r3 T A O K ·* ETT i i n n nn rv -v-. a i «i, f. o ,,«,, ! George Echols No. 1 Ben Alex-j Goldston Oil Corp. No. 1 Annie Uon Oil Co. Ao. S ijiia l» a new ,_j^_ "»_,,,,,,,, ri«,,^*,. ,,-iM^^t ,,,!,, _ .' .. of the 2-hour test. Brazos Oil Mid Can Co. No. 1 General American Life Insurance Co., Matagorda County wildcat a mile northeast of Wadsworth. was near 10,500-foot contract d e p t h . Magnolia Petroleum Co. No. 1 test, contracted to 4.700 feet. Location is 330 feet from the south line, 990 feet from the west lino of 109.9 acre lease in William Duplcy Survey, and 660 feet northeast of No. 2. J. S. Ahereromblo Co. No. I Ethel Cornelius, 3 miles northeast i Bess Wnrtcrs Walker Is a new of Wadsworth was drilling at 13,673 feet. Sorellc and Sorellc No. f 1 loulfl LeTulle, 2 miles «outhw*Sti south of Sweeny. This test con wildcat in the Old Ocean area Brazoria County, about a ander, LaSalle County wildcat in Catherine O. Shivers Survey 938. A-l,072, 6 miles north of Cotulln. ran electrical log to 5,500 feet nnd yesterday was coring at 5,650 feet on a permitted 6,200-foot venture. Midstates Oil Corp. No. 1 John j cry is in Dan T. Price Survey W. Harris Estate, Poavsall aw. ,6, A-1,026. Witting. Frio County discovery miles east southeast of Big Foot, pumped It barrels of 4-t gravity oil on "-(-hour test on open hole section at S.6S2-725 feet. This discov- wildcat in Frio Countv, was niak- Appcll Drilling Co. No. 1 Foris- inpr pipe line oil from open hnie tor, Atni-cosa County wildcat in section S.S69777 foot, n e i - M . H. Survey. S milos north- dizinp with 5,000 gallons. No Range j cast of Carnplx-.lHon, van elect ri- lind boon made on this Austin jcal lo^ to 5,964 fef-t, total depth, Chalk extension. inncl was abandoned. crude and sand on drilistem in the shallow sand. About a mile south, A. Humphries will drill the No. 1 Nora Her- rimr. This test, contracted to 1,700 feet, is 330 feet from the north line of the 80-acre lease in Bridget Field, had cored gas sand 7,035-157 feet and Friday was cutting diamond core below 7,182 feet. Oil shows were indicated on sidewall cores at 2,063, 2,073, 2,192, 2,262 and 2274 feet. The No. C-l Hagist was slated to spud yesterday. Magnolia Petroleum Co. No. 1 of U. S. Highway 2S1. Fred W. Shield No. 1 Jack A. Gurwitz, wildcat a mile south of Ktttie and southwest of Three Rivera, ran electrical leg to 7,650 feet, cored some below 7,750 feet nnd Friday, was drilling at 7,815 fee' on nn S,700-foot contract, Atlantic Refining Co. No. 1 Sanger Heirs. Clwpa Ranch urea. WP.S drilling Friday at 8,307 feet, losing mud returns. It had cut some diamond cores, but fmmd no shows. Hagist Ranch Field, made salt! water on drilistem test at 6,929-60; feet, plugged back to 6,640 feetj and Friday was waiting on cement, i Humble Oil and Defining Co. No. I O-30 Duval County Ranch Co.,i South 76 Field, pumped 95.22 bar-; rels of 28.3 gravity oil on potential! test from 32-shot perforations' at! 1,725-33 feet. Tins wc-ll, in CCSD-; RGNG Survey 75, has 1,783 feetj of fli-i-inch casing set in the 1,796-i foot hole. Complete Oilfield Transportation Service » TRUCKS » TRACTORS ' BULLDOZERS ' MOTOR GRADERS PHONE 11 Alice Phone 1376 Freer Phone 66 TEXAS PIPE SUPPLY CO. Port Antelope Phona 4-9051 TEXAS PIPE SUPPLY Cis Port Antelope Phone 4-9051 LIST YOUR OIL SERVICES IN THE SOUTH TEXAS PETROLEUM DIRECTORY EVERY SUNDAY! \ r

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