The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on November 18, 1957 · Page 8
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 8

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 18, 1957
Page 8
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-8 THE INTER LAKE, Monday, November 18, 1957 THE DAILY INTER LAKE COMICS-FEATU BLOND1E By Chic Young MAM A, CAN WE HAVE SOME OME CANDX ) /W'F.^'Jr PLEASE P^Y/N^? US I'M AVv/FULL,V SORCJX J"" BUT THERES NO MORE) CANDY LEFT H-^lfe ·X Jy 3 *-**NS CJr*.u JUST LOOK AT THOSE HANDS-WASH THEM THIS MINUTE BOARDING HOUSE MAJOR HOOPLE , OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAM! STEVE CANYON By Milton Camiff ^/LdOK^SOUGER, DON'T HIT A? "*S( ME...I WENT,TO HER HOUSE, AWRJ£3HT,3OUDIE/ \5EE- ESAU NICE PLACE... kPELTAfe MRS.COL,S.£.)NPfiX, CSLLMATE Of= yoUBS] ALU EIGHT- BUT SHE LAUGHS ' WHERE'S THE HUSH / M6 DFfi..SAID Hgjt HUSBAND TOLD THE BOSS SENERAL H6 MEAKWHILE. ( JALL MISSUS IMPEX ' 00651S-UST6NTD TH'RADIO .L.I'M GONNA CUT THE POWER... THEN ASK If'VV6 CAW H6LP FIX HER-SEt! DON'T LEAVE M6; 601106*.' I'M CRAZY ABOUT you! DON'T.' PONY/ WOW.' I DIPNT MEAN TO MIT DISTANCE BEFORE THEV TO PO... POTEfiT? BUGS BUNNY 7/ v~~?C7 IT'S STARTIN' ! S*^ T'EAIN! It's //SWELL IN HERE WHERE WE'RE WARM AN' DRY, EH,PORKY? COME QUICKLY, SOYS', BEFORE ITS FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blower NOT BAP, en? COLD, 1 . MEAW f-We YOUTWVT New RECORD BY THAT MEW SINGER -- TEDCX/ ' THe ir/ 1 SAW HIM ON TV WAS MOMTMS AGO ' 1 TbLD TWE SAN6 DOWN AT TMP CRUMPET MUr I'D OOUBLP CHECK BEFO£H /AMVBOoy . RISKS A DIME IMTM6 JUKE * DR. JORDAN SAYS * Extract Tablets Aid Thyroid Gland Victim BY EDWIN J. JORDAN, M.D. Written for NBA Service you please write an article on myxedema, or inactive thyroid gland?" writes Mrs. O. Myxedema Is the name applied to a relatively rare condition in grownups in which one thyroid gland falls entirely to manufacture and release ita normal hormonal secretion. It is far less common than another disease of the thyroid known as toxic goiter, but it must be admitted that In neither case is it known what causes t!ie thyroid to go haywire in its normal function. The symptoms of myxedema are Interesting. They come on grad- Astrological Forecast FOR TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1957 ARIES, March 21 io April 19) Finish off any agreements, conferences, etc., still hanging life with associates, customers. Be «Ure io express what 16 ort. your mlhd. Arlena often think others know what they SatisfiesYou Between Meak --yet Wriffcy'i Spearmint is so fif Af and tokole$ome ^ you can chew and enjoy it often every day. ually, and may escape Identification for A long time unless a basal metabolism Is taken or tlie physician becomes suspicious of the true difficulty. In typical case* the half becomes thin, coarse, and loses Its sheen. The skin get* thick and dry. The pulse slows and there In a characteristic accumulation of fluids underneath the skin. The basal metabolism of a person with myxedema in generally around mlhus 40. Anemia Is almost alwaysipresent and frequent' ly joint pains ar« present. There may be slowing of the mental processes. Every physician likes to make a diagnosis of myxedema because its symptoms can be so successfully treated. Treatment merely consist in giving the right number of thyroid tablets by mouth. The only drawback Is that the thyroid treatments hav* to be kept up indefinitely, since they do not Simulate the thyroid to resume its normal secretions. Never- tbtlesi, th* results are remarkable, the treatment is painleti «nd not unduly expensive. A similar condition in children is known a« cretlnUm. Unlew thi* t» Identified early and proper »tep* art Uken to treat it, a child with cretinism does aot grow normally sure to age as man persons as pbssibl Who can make your future a oflgUte and hapbier affair. Be thyself. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 io Mov. 21) It would be wise to get In touch with greatest authorities in your field arft thinking because they themselves, and be informed of latest methods, do. TAURUS (April 20 io 20) morning until late tonight it Is best your energies are utilized put- tttlg in efficiencies everywhere, getting everything in A-l order, beauty. Be certain to let fellow workers know you cooperate and very gladly. GEMIHI (May 21 io June 21) This is the -day to be successful in any endeavors that will increase your abundance, be they in thd field of entertainment of just aVodatlorts. Be artistic, and tonight is fine for felaxa- tion and amusement. Rejoice, CAWCER (Ju»» it to July 31) S«e that you carry out those new Ideas you discussed at length with family ties on Sunday. Be thofoUgh and start at foundation for best results. Be blisy eA'try moment and Cooperate fully In all tasks at hand. LEO (July 22 io Aug. 21] ' At last here is the ideal day in which to have conferences, iete-a-tetes With those pefsdns Whose ideas and Visions coincide with your own, Bet I things going. Also good for acquiring ! data from periodicals. TV, radio, etc. VIRGO (Aug. 22 io Sept. 22) Be busily engaged today putting money matters in good Condition or starting new ventures. lmpr«8S those Concerned with your fine pracieal sense and ability to make things fit into their proper place. (LIBRA (8«pf. 23 io Oci. 22) Don't b» afraid to think almost exclusively of yournelf today, yoUr fin* appearance, your health, and be newest trends now unknown to you. Have private conferences and learn how you can be more efficient, successful. SAGITTAHIUS (Nov. 2Z Jo Dec. 21) Nearly everv desire and attainment you can envision la yours today simply by going after it and start the ball rolling. Be specific with your friends who are ready to help you. Keep In mind that they are not mind readers. CAPRICORN (Doc. 22 to Jan. 20) This Is a splendid day to donfer With executives, bigwigs and state clearly what is on your mind, for they era In a receptive mood and of a mind to confer benefits and support you Want so badly and should have. A0UARIUS (Jan. 21 io F«b. IS) The day has arrived In Which to get that information which has eluded you ere now. Begin with your local paper, then other sources of information. Go after what you wanti Phrase questions cleverly to new people yflu meet. FOR YOUH COPY of Carroll Blghter's individual IB-page Forecast for December send your birthdate and 50 cents In coin (no stamps) to Carroll Righter Forecast, The Daily Inter Lake, Box 1695. Grand Central St*., N.Y. 17, N.Y. PISCES {f«b. 20 So March 20) Begin the week properly by taking care of your bills and collections first, then get regular duties out of the way accurately and with dispatch. Tonight is ideal lot tender romance and being contented and relaxed. IF VOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY The blessed child born today !s th« Wnd who will never open hid or her mouth or *do Anything which might in any way tend to Injure another psr- s6n or their feelings. Thij car. be overdone to your progeny 1 * detriment, although the great peactmaker Is in the chart, so teach early to give and Utt* Ihtilltgentl.v- and «o «*ve your child'* happiness and insure a fine success in any career best suited to him or her. , hut remains seriously under-! symptoms are likely to'b* even developed. Even the brain of an 'mow vague, and the level of the untreated cretinous child fails to ba ^ al m6tabollc test O f uncertain develop normally diagnoBtic value. The physioian ·^WSi^S^Sit a*""* "^ « -"a-*." » Can be given as a «ubstltut« for' 8 "" 5 *hether any symptomi pre»- th« normal hormone accretion of ent are truly the result of the thyroid. ed -thyroid secretion. Myxedema and eretlntom tro the two moat Important; varieties of failure of the thyroid gland to secrete Its hormone normally. But If thli gland merely Mcretea an 'Occasionally when the thyroid' comes under suspicion in this way patients are sometimes /benefited by taking thyroid tablets, though not always. In myxedema, on the insufficient amount the problem is other hand, there is no doubt what- difficult. _ i ever of the value of administering Under such circumstances the' thyroid. « MAJOR, MAM YOU GOT A lAISV SOMEBODY iM THAT ZOO OF YOURS?-- I'ME (50T A WARRANT HERE TO BRIMS HER iM-^THAT SOUR APPLE BARTER TO You CHARSS 8ASMEP V01TH A GREAT CAESAR .OFFICER 1 CLANCV/COUSlM DAlSV SHOULD BE NAMED WOMAM OF THE- YEAR. FOR THAT fE-AT INSTEAD OF FACIN6 TUB PILLORY.'--rL WOOLDMT SERvJE THAT IF I. DAisy AMD SHOOTS FROM. /MAN'S LIFE |I5 NOT A ·HAPPV OMB ·'-^T^^Sr 6ORM THIfcTV VEAESTOO SOOM fl-IB ALLEY OOP ByV.T. Hamlm. j PUT UP MDUU. 3UN,\ STOW THE SAB, WMITBY, I DlON'T / COC...YOU MAC'S BRING VOU HERE/ VOUR BIO AND TO BRUTALIZE / FAILED... NOW.I'M THESE PEOPLE.'A TAKING OVER* AVL RIGHT, VOU \OKELS, PITCH YOUR JUNK. OVER. HERE ONTViE GROUND/ THBTS NOWWWAT WAS THAT ,VA5 SAVINS, MOVE WHEN I TEU.YOU NO, VOU CAN'T/ I WON'T LET YOU! MORTY MEEKLE By Dick Cavalfi ( NEVER A. MIND HER/ ^ LET'6 FINISH ) THE GAMEJ / (. TO THINK THAT i^ f ALLTHE6EVEAR6 A I I'VE BEEN RAISINS A ) BENEDICT ARNOLD/J LOOKOUT// PRISCIUA'S POP Bv Al Vermeer kiu-1- i. SOMETIMES I THINK CARLYLE IS GROWING 1 AWAY FROM ME/ 11-18 HE WAS W1S FRIENDS OUTSIDE INTERESTS. I SEEM TO WAVE LOST TOUCH WITH HEY POP.' THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE By Wilson Scruggs MISS WlMTER,THESE SENS AKE FDR BETIDR5jUSH TOAT I'M ONLV/ HAVETDCAU-TWEBOUMCK/ /^ CAPTAIN EASY By Lesli* Turner *lF ANYTHING ^ ill. CHECK.I .HKftNOLMlJ .DESCRIBE K080DV KMOW* WRE/'lF YOU WANT TO . AKIP THERE'* A WHW frFFIDAvlT£2 . ... ... IT6LL VOU I DON'T \ HWE NOW VOU CW1 DROP 1 KNOW WHV VOO ARE- 1 TO GAlM NO* RISK LETTW6 VOU (SO I WOULD IF I COULD 1 i JUST CWJT TH*r MWJE5IA AcfA HOLPIUaWE..OKWKO/ BV AFKAlCHB:5WiPiHICARi WOLAM. WEFOOWPV I KEMLV THE- AFFIDAMIT* HIP PEUIMWLJKCAK! AND HER BUDDIES By Ed0ir Mtrtin

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