The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on July 14, 1939 · Page 4
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 4

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, July 14, 1939
Page 4
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PAGEFOU* :The Daily Messenger i SPublUhed every afternoon except ay, Messenger Bldg;., by Canan- u» Mwuenger, inc., Leon J. rthf. president, treasurer and O- L. Crofoot. vice presi- nt and office manager; Howard _. MwJDiiff, advertising manager; ? ubert r. Nelke, circulation mana- _ | (Entered at .the Post Office, Can- todaig«a, N. Y., as second class fatter.) _ i Phone Business Office ..... 897 I News Room ............... 8aB ,*' SUBSCRIPTION RAtES $ By The Carrier In City 1 Delivered at your door, 18 cents tor week; 'single copy, 3 cents. ;JL . . . By Mail (Outside of Canandaigua) 1 mo. 3 mo. 6 mo year In Ontario $1.50 $200 $400 o . 60 Outside Ontario ^ r-n V* $185 $3.00 $600 " Please watch the date of expira- fcon printed on the label and avoid interruption of delivery by sending hi advance renewal. t National Advertising Representatives: Prfldden, King Prudden, lnc.,-£eVr York, Chicago, San Frandisco, DefiVer and Rochester. i -- |» Member of Associated Press " fKeTSwSblated Press is exclusively entitled^ the use for republication |f air^tws dispatches credited in this paper and also the local news publiihed-herein. All rights are re- Served. ' ._ FOR TODAY: S DRA»T. ON THE UNSEARCH- i*!BiLE- DEPTHS -- If any man lack %isdSm,-let him ask of God, that iiveSTTo all men liberally and jupbraMkettCnot and~it shall be giv- " JL5. *· THE DAILY MESSENGER, CANANDAIGUA, N. BE, FRIDAY, JULY 14,1939. Personal Health Service By WILLIAM BRADY, M. D. WELL? FQR RUBBER *· Largest holder of cotton in the world TTncle Sam has finally man- Seed in a deal with Great Bn- itein/M dispose of 600,000 bales of sthe^li00,000, which have been in fctanu as the measure of ttie ex- Sanrvhich the government had Saidfeil the-cotton planters. The deal Involves,. $30,000,000 in a trade for jfcrude rubber, which the Britisn. ^government will acquire from its Malaft platters, and both the cot- tan andthfr^rubber will go into the war-stockr.of:*ie two nations, to be liseConry fpr.-emergency. The cotton which is 5 1-2 per cent of the stored stock held by the U. S. Government, represenfaLabout six "tisiial sonsumpw»i in Eng- either the rubter'nor the *cotton~wm be used by either nation f for seien years, thus insuring that ifor that period, there will be no 'nflnsual disturbance of normal mar- ikets. Tiw exchange will be started I shortly, and moved equally by S British and U. S ships so that the ·TLJS. Merchant Marine will bene- 3 fit by the transaction. If reports iare true, the government will ac- quire the rubber, about one-fifth f lesiJh cost U»n if itjnM been ? purchased In the often ^ftrarfcet. S Negotiations are now pending - with, the Netherlands, heavy pro- « ducer of rubber, in jts Malayasian "islands, for acquisition by the TJ. r g"o'f about the same quantity of - rubber, also in exchange for cot- » ton, with possibility the same £ ten^in general, will be exercised, ~ as to preventing world market dis- ,- turbances, and preparation for r eventualities and national emer- I The deal will not greatly aid the r present cotton situation in th* - country, for, while negotiations for " exchanging a small part of what is ! in storage are orogressing. the J plantations of the South are grow- p ing and are soon to harvest an- T other bumper crop, on which the I government will have loans, and I be forced to take into storage at - the fixed price. At the same time. £ legal restrictions are reported to k be holding back the sale now. of a i considerable quantity of long staple » cotton which the govp r nmeir S holds, and for which there is a def mand in market* abroad. _ _AS .a dealer. Uncle Sam is not as shrewd as he might be. in respect to collecting a part of its opportunity permits Signed letters pertaining to .p»raon»l health and hygiene, not to disease diagnosis or treatment, will be answered by Dr. Brady if * stamped, self-addressed envelope is enclosed. Letters shouldI be brief and written in ink. Owing to the large number of letters received, only a few can be answered here. No reply can be made to queries not conforming to Instructions. Address Dr. William Brady, in care of this newspaper. Name your city on your return envelope. Don't say "City." SENSE AND NONSENSE ABOUT DIETING Dieting to many connotes limiting the intake of nutnment for the purpose of reducing. But actually that is only one of many purposes of dieting. Whatever the purpose of a prescribed, restricted or regulated diet may be, modern knowledge of nutrition warrants the practice, now followed by all progressive physicians, of supplementing the diet with adequate amounts of vitamins, especially vitamin B-complex, vitamin C and vitamin D This is important in cases of peptic ulcer and colitis, but neglect of it accounts for much of the serious impairment of health of persons who restuct their diet foi the purpose of reducing. From inquiries received I infer that the belief is prevalent that certain foods if taken regularly reduce superfluous flesh notably lemon juice Lemon juice yields ap- proximately 12 calories to the ounce, compared with orange juice which yields 16 calories, to the ounce, prune juice 36 calories to the ounce and grape juice 18 calories to the ounce Strawberry juice and lemon juice are nearly equal in caloric or nutritive value, strawberry juice if anything averages less than lemon juice. So it is absurd to imagine lemon juice icduces; it is merely less nourishing, less fattening if you please, than wine, beer, and various sweetened fountain beverages. Probably due to popular credulity in regard to Hollywood hokum many morons believe lamb chop and pineapple has some mysterious virtue as a reducing combination In fact broiled lamb chop yields 105 calories to the ounce, DAILY MESSENGER PATTERNS Q/LIFE (By the" Associated Press) Piscatorial Mjstery INDIANAPOLIS -- Herman Fey's fishing line in Big Eagle Creek pulled hard Fey told himself. "I've hooked a whopper." He drew in the line. At the end was an alligator 20 inches long. I No one knew how the alligator I got into the creek. Su:h animals aren't native to Indiana. BETTER ENGLISH By D. C. WILLIAMS Firemen's Pique GALAX, Va. -- Chief L. M. Todd land the other 35 members of the iGalax Volunteer Fire Department 'agreed to put themselves out. ] They resigned in a body because City Council declined to suspend softball games on July 4 while the ! firemen's carnival was in progress. l_What is wrong with this sentence 9 "Betty called upon hei friend." 2--What is the correct pronunciation of "vehemence?" 3--Which one of these words *s misspelled? Ammalgamate. ammonia, ammunition. 4.__-VVhat does the word "inadequately' 1 mean? 5 __What is a word beginning with ab that means "act ol wanoermg jspecially from what is right?" ANSWERS 1.--Say. "Betty called on (or to see) her friend." 2.--Pronounce ve- e-mens, first and second e's as in me. accent first syllable. 3.--Amalgamate 4 -- Deficiently. "Your de- unition is inadequately expressed." 5 --Aberration. Fish Story i SAN JOSE, Cahf. -- Hanford 1 Eidh went squirrel hunting, but came .name with a tale of snaring a rattlesnake on a fisherman's fly. ' His story, attested by a companion: | Ke nearly stepped on the rattier, which slithered down a 'ground squirrel hole. He rigged up a fishing pole and dangled a fly over the hole. The rattler struck. He dragged it out and shot it The Sullitran Pwnch O'NEILL, Neb. -- An ailing tooth i awoke Charlotte Sullivan, 8, so abruptly that she postled sister i Maureen. 3. sleeping beside her. Maureen, her small fist tightly clenched, struck out in her sleep. The blow knocked out Charlotte's ailing tooth LOOKING BACKWARD Interesting Items Taken From The Files of The Dally Messenger Ten Yean Ago MODERN ETIQUETTE ROBERTA LEE Q--When a guest drops a knife or fork while eating, and there is no servant, what should the guest do? A.--Sav quietly to the hostess. "May I have another fork, please? I am sorry that I dropped mine" Q--Which is preferable. "Howare vour folks" or "How is jour family?" A.--Say. "How is your family?" Q--When a joung man and a grl are attending a party or a dance which one suggests going home" A.--Tne girl Monday, July 15, 1929 At St. Mary's rectory this after- i noon at 2:30 took place the mar' nage of Miss Aliene Clark, daugh- ; jter of Mr and Mrs. Alfred Claik, \ 1 of this city and Francis E. Feathers, j 1 son of M' and Mrs Prank Feathers, I also of this city. The bnde A as at, tended by her siste 1 - Mi« F'-r-r ·· , c.ark, and Howard Pinnerty, of this | c:ty. best man Lady Mary Heath, famous aviatrix who flew across the dangeious j African Veldt m a tiny plane ana who now occupies a prominent place 1 on the roster of those who flv told 'the audience at The Chautauqua I Saturday, that if Canandaigua wishes to keep pace with the time-, 'an adequate airport is a vital necessity A small plane in which George Reese, commercial pilot from Hemlock, came to Canandaigua at ncxn todav to escort Lady Ma»v Heath on her flight to Naples, where she ypeaks tonight, was slightly damaged in landing on Jeffe:son Field ,The running gear being cocked up luhcr. the machine ran into a rocv ' l i V at 1 o'clock tcdav The plane valued at SI.500 nearly went up in Umoke when a blaze lighted by a cigarette stub, started at the field. 65HO COOL, GRACEFUL AXD SMARl Pattern 8540 Cape slee^ feel -o delightfully cool on tornd Ja:s -- rna the wav the:, blow ana 3ut!ei i i i £ * MOTOR FCEL FROM COAL Dr. Francis W. Godwin of Armour Institute made newspaper headlines by driung his automobile for several miles on "liquid coal" H isn't so much the fact that he used, a fixture of about 30 per cent pulverised coal and the rest fuel oil ~p|u£hydrocarbons that is atlon- ishing. but rather, that once again research on new ways to use coal aluel is making headuaj m thr Peat Wrecks Feet ALTON. 111. -- Swimming handcuffed across the Mississippi m 28 i minutes was easv for Nick Carter -- it was the aftermath got him. j Emerging on the opposite bank. he steeped on some broken glass. Twenty-eight stitches were requir- i ed to close the cut . Fto* -almost 130ft jearc aitrr Theophrastus wrote in his treatift "On Stones" 1 about iossil rock "called coals, which kindle and burnHflre woodcoaLs," this special- MU Sedimentary rock served onl for f^p. Then came a time -«hen Gcrmm dyes, the best in lh" ·world, mere hard to get and world chemists elsewhere had to pet bus-v ·Al* unlock themselves the secret Of 1t« rainbow hidden in coal tar Hrlumtn- -mas 3ike-«-i^ an articlr ttse ynttS chemists found txtenston to the entire ·uedl on the per- fomet's pateltc a new proces ior pro- READ and REMEMBER By W L. GORDON Embroidery Design For Many Uses By BARONESS PIANTONI recently unco*'r«j a by-prodwt from which -cap be made Paint and iarmh i'- foimd a Vav to j,am '·he synthetic revjns they nef-d rrtMp coal. And GtrroarA or artificial "rubber" by-products of i's n«w fuel is actually sonwthtnf quite dif- ttWK days of colored in vWw of recent Brit, to coirart "black dia- *jtt*Mt Motor fuel we . ,, BK "secret*" not fa? the Chicago researcher. _^ aw^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^1 ^^^bY |HHH1 IMU OM1-- If he has. 1 The band of black cloth, ·worn bv men around the coat sleeve 1 ; as a "-ign of moimjirjs. originated in England. In households which could not allord to fit 1he5r servants out ]« complete mourning. thf-«e blart | bandf were furnished to their liver- i K C male servant- to be *oin joino their hate and ;}me- This *tle \.fs~ fopitd ^1tr b~ m?n not in domestic "-TV1CD. "Our American Cousin," by Tom Tailor -sias the play being given at | Ford s Theater, Wa«.hins;lon on the i nighl Um Lincoln was a¥av:nat- 'ed Lafce Titicaca.. the lar^e^t lake in South America us a Mile less than one-half the',nee ol Lake Ontario. i the smallest ol tbp Great l,akes The first national territory of *?ve 'Unitefl States was Wir Northwest Territory It was the area ab'oii the i Great Lakes and between t^e Ohic 1 and the Mississippi Hwr?. Tii* , territory inclnded the present Stafc s of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan. Wisconsin and parts of Minnesota. r/akes you look cool and graceful. This charming dress (3540) nas tx- 'jv thing else you like, toe--a panel- ic long-line skirt a bodice blousea the merest trifle and shirred onto shoulder portions, so that it fits perfectly, with no tightners and no tulkiness over the bust And it n ? j _ a cool, deep v'-neckhne. finished v.iti. a narrow roll collar Sucn a bcauu tullv simple v. ell-bred d-.'Jgi i wrai lo- street and infoimal afternoon both--and practicallv gupia.iterri tc rubtract pound 1 ; fiom your appe? n ce Choose foil materials for i'«s u»- cause they are moie sienden: and gainer smoothly. CnifTon i titte. voile and nun: dy · silk look lovely made up ihis v\a;. It's an , b.surdlv easv di e.v- to make. Pattern No. 854C is df.signed fo =;zes 36. 40. 42, 44 46. 48 50 M Sr/e 38 i equine 5 5-3 v«rd-. of 32-inch material For a Pattern of this attractive model j end 15c m com, your Name. Address stvle. Number and Size to The Dailv Messenger, Canandaigua. compared with beefteak which averages 75 calones to the ounce Pineapple yields approximately 38 calones to the ounce, compared \uth peaches 12 calories, canta- loup 12 calories, apple 18 calones, banana 28 calories giapes 27 calories and strawberries 11 calorjes to the ounce. It should be evident to the adult mind that keeping slim or i educing is not a question of what you eat but lather a question of the total caloric value of your day's, intake against the calories used or burned to supply your muscular energy heat and vital functions The quaint practice of "dieting" by excluding items you imagine are "fattening" and taking only foods you imagine are 'not fattening" is not only futile but, if you follow such a plan for any length of tune it is quite hkely to wreck your health whether you reduce or not One of the strange popular fallacies regarding "fattening" foods is that potatoes must be excluded from the diet if you want to remain slender or reduce Potato \ields approximately 27 calories to +he ounce, bread appioximately 76 calories to the ounce. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Menopause Just another unhappy creature -fair, or at least fainsh fat and all of forty -- worried, m the conventional wav of the sex. about the critical time. 'Miss S A. H ) Answer -- No more reason than a man has to worry at imdr'le see Send stamped envelops bearing your address, and ask for monograph on Menopause. No Burn, Mere Tan Peihaps this is not news to you, but it niay be worth repotting that I have been able to emoy my vacation at the beach with practically no burn and much better tan than ever before I wonder if this is due to the fact I have been taking the vitamin D and B-complex for several months' Miss W F C · Answer -- Probably it is A great many who have taken vitamin D (sunshine vitamin) foi a considerable time, as a daily supplement to the diet have noticed that they do .not burn so easily and more read- J i ily acqune a coat of t«i Ticket to Vite I'd be grateful if vou -A ill send me a dozen -Tickets to V i t e ' -- I have benefited so much fio-n mine that I v\ant to pass them alons 10 many friends C. H W ) Answer -- Send stamped envelope bearing your address and repeat request 4J lHpl» «gmo» l»n» ShvMrr if*th from fo 1/200 wtmd Two-poiition m«[ UK* 3i mm. Swim Kaps 10* to 59* · Sun-Tan Oil . . . 50e See Us Now! 1938--Ford Tudor 1937--Ford Tudor. 1937--Ford Coupe. 1936--Chevrolet Coupe 1936--Ford Tudor. Many Others As Low As $50. Healing And Roofing Service Insulation Furnace Repairs Asbestos Siding For Year 'Round Comfort! John A. Pontius Son INSTALLATIONS . . . REPAIRS 35 Dailey Ave. Phone 505-W or 195-M^ Seneca Falls CANANDAIGUA Geneva 1 and can bnng down the cost as claimed, to around ten cents a gallon, this research may eventually have significance in coal fields Ac 9t marginal. --Christian Science Monitor PATTERS XO. 129S Hm- are desigm appropriate for pictures eu-h5Mj runners utility bags Each design consists of garden llcrsers artislically arranged It will be interesting to cmbrafa-r 1h«* ikram in Mwir true colors. The poppy design measures 8 by 10 inches The other design measures S by 8 inches. You will receive two of each design. The pattern envelope contains 4 hot-iron transfer designs. 2 measures S by 10 inches each, tbe others measure « by 8 inches each, complete, easy-to-nnderstand. illustrated directions, with color sug- *3stxns and illustration of stitches used; also what material and how much you will neefl. To obtain this pattern, send for No. 12» and enclose M) cents in stamps or coin (coin preferred) to cover service and postage. Address The Daily Mesaeiifer, Needlework Department, Plwenix Street, Can- *nd«)c«», New York. Kasco DOS Food 8c pound · Betty Dixon Candy . . ··· Ik. Drog WE SELL THE BEST AXD JUNK THE REST. TMT FOfcO Dealer Garage Copt 1949 by Kellou Compw A NEWLY-PERFECTEJ INNER WRAP NOW BRINGS KELLOGG'S CORNFLAKES TO YOU FRESHER AND MORE DELICIOUS THAN EVER BEFORE! · Tomorrow--for breakfast or lunch-serve a heaping bowl of Kellogg's toasted Com Flakes . - . drenched in milk or cream and lopped, if you like, witK luscious fresh fruit. For years the famous flavor of these crisp, golden-brown flakes has made them America's favorite ready-to-eal cereal. But now they're more crisp, more lender, more delicious than ever! Try them and see.

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