The Bessemer Herald from Bessemer, Michigan on December 19, 1941 · Page 4
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The Bessemer Herald from Bessemer, Michigan · Page 4

Bessemer, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, December 19, 1941
Page 4
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Page Four The Herald, Bessemer, Michigan Friday, December 19. 19*1 CHURCH I Wee* Trinity Lutheran Church Dec. 21: Sunday School, Anvil at D; Bessemer at 9:30. Divine service at 10:30. Sermon topic: John the Bapist's New Picture of God. At 2 o'clock the Sunday School Jean Brightsman. Reading--Miss Evelyn Allen. Reading, Over the Hills of Bethle- j Song, The First Noel--Ruth Vivian and Geraldine Collins. Sketch, Waiting for Santa Claus-Melba White, Carol Koski, Marlene Pryor, .lane Trewarthen, Patsy Wal- |ker. l Song, Marilyn Jacobson. and Mr. Jacobson. Reading, The Night Before Christmas--Jane Trevarthen. Recitations, His Names fry Donald Jasper, Diana Pryor. Son^.-Hark the Herald Angels Sing by Into!mediate Girls. Recitations: Christmas Star by Carol Koski. LOOKING BACKWARD left S VIA HERALD FILES 5 Years Ago, Fri., Dec. 18, 1936 * Harlan Pitts, 20, gas station attendant, was the victim of two ruthless number in the history of the institu-; holdup men Wednesday night at tion. ! Land O' Lakes. After slugging Pitts and knocking him unconscious, the er. has disposed of the Wakefield men nsiiled his left hand to a bench. Pharmacy to Claire Haskins. Not content with that, they clamped tor severs. . Getting A Living by Jane Trevar- Lundgren. Pageant: The Star of Bethlehem : Characters: i Mary--Peggy Russel. i Joseph--Raymond Miller Divine service at 10:the service announce- made for Holy Cora- \ 7 irgins--Betty Lundgren, Barbara, Pearce, Ruth Vivian. hem--Betty Lundgren, Peggy Russel ; Beverly Goodney, Merle Miller Reading, A Wish For You--Merle pupils wil rehearse for their Christ-, Miller, mas service. · Song--Beverly Goodney. Dec. 24: At 7:30 P-M. the pupils' Reading, Gifts for the King--Betty of the Anvil and Bessemer Sunday Schools will present a Christmas service entiled "The Light of the World." Dec. 25: Divine service with festival music at 10. Sermon topic: The Babe in the Manger, God Incarnate! Dec. 2S: Sunday School at Bessemer at 9:30. 30. After nient may be munion. Dec. 30: Ladies Aid Christmas party at 2:30. Announcements will! be received for Holy Communion, j Christmas Program of the Bessemer January 1; Divine service with eel- Methodist Church Sunday School ebration of Holy Communion at 10. January 4: Sunday School at Bessemer at 9:30. Divine service at his other hand in a vice. Pitts was 20 Years Ago, move his family to Los Angeles, Cal.J Mrs. Tony Baratooe after the first of the year. I for Appolo. Pa., where Mr. Wedding: Miss Irma Pesciarelli on tone bag been located Bessemer and John S. Berg of Mar- j months, quette, Monday. : The Jewish congregation of Htaiey- George Abraham, superintendent of' iro^^ood and Bessemer gave a ban- the Gogebic county infirmary, reports; quet ai their synagogue at Hortey a total of 106 inmates being taken Sunday in honor of J- Simon of Bes- care of there. This is the largest gemer who has donated lie eoagre- a complete set of "Talmad-" County Treasurer Banfield had the Arthur Mann, formerly of Bessem ' misfortune to lost his horse. "Frank Mann,"' last Saturday. The horse | j^g a record of 2:10 which -eras made I at Minneapolis. found by his mother about 15 minutes litter. Miss Lillian Haavio, a former teach- Fri., Dec. 16, 1921 Rev. Alcide Walter PainienU a for- er in the Bessemer city and township m er Bessemer boy, celebrated his then. Song, Joy to the World by Intermediate Boys. Co ? 1 Sl aS ' d Bet ^ RUSSeU nd BUlie sdioota. died Sunday afternoon at 4 Urst mass at All Saint's church in J o'clock at the University hospital in Gladstone last Sunday. Kext Sunday Ann Arbor, where she was a patient ne W *H si »= the mass at St. Sebas- since last February. She was a suf- t»au church in Bessemer. Christmas Offering. Sketch. Grandma Price Takes Hold --Melda White, Lorene Pryor, Adrienne Pryor, Romona Walker, Betty Wood, Beverly Goodney, Merle Miller Wiseiuen--Calvin Johnson, ~ Wayne Johnson, Tommy Christenseri. Shepherds--Donald Goodney, Frank liu Brightsman, Roy LeMaire. Stage manager----Duane Miller. Pianist--Mrs. George Mall. Closing Speech--Daphne Burns. Sonjr, O Come All Ye Faithful--Do- Miss Mararget Cummings has a» cepted a position at the post office daring the holiday rush. The lotal amount of taxes to b«e collected in Bessemer this year t? 571.610. The Colby mining company is the heaviest taxpayer, its total be- ferer from arthritis, complications of, j,j r _ ani j Mrs. Henry Rizzle which caused her death. daughter of Bessemer have moved tc . "* 21' 1901 Lucas -was the big gun in theses- the Palms location. semer attack as the local defeated Miss Adelaide Renue has resigned; * Iron River here last Friday night, as teacher at the Anvil school and af- ; Abner Rolsola. age 20- was instant- Collins, Billie Sharpless. nald Jasper, Robert {He mndo 13 of Bessemer's 22 points,: ter spending the holidays at her ly killed by a tali of ground in No. Mooney, Billie I while Iron River made 14. [ h o m e in Decatur. Mich., she will 6 shaft at the Tilden mine Monday Recitations: They Found Him-- j John B. Tuoro of Wakefield, Goge-j take up a course in domestic art at night. Shlrlew Trevavtheu. I M C county mine inspector, announces, the Kalamazoo Normal. ! The University of Michigan foot- Joseph by Patsy Walker. the appointment ot Ben Brockbank of j Miss Claire Callander. eighth grade 1,-jj sq-jad. numberng IS players, left Song--Melba White. Song, O Come Little j the appointment ot Ben Brockbank of j Miss Claire Callander. eighth grade Ramsay as deputy mine inspector, teacher at the Puritan school, has re- f or Children-- 10:30. Annual voters' meeting the afternoon at 2 o'clock. Messiah Lutheran Church Marenisco Dec. 23: At 7:30 the Dec. 24, 1941 7:30 P . M . Paul M. Jarvis, Minister in Hymn. "There's A Song in the Air" Christmas Song by members of ! Sunday School, "Welcome." ! Recitation, "Christmas Welcome"-- j Gloria Swanson. i Prayer--Rev. Paul M. Jarvis. I Carol Kostci and Patsy Walker. I Sont?, O Little Town oE Bethlehem j --Mavis and Leslie Moyle. ! Christmas Message--Mr. Steele, Santa Claus will be there with gifts for the boys and girls. The new superintendent of the Bes-1 signed and will return to her home th ey seiner township schools will be Harry j in Pembiue. Wis. O. Johnson of Alpha, Mich., who wasi children f the Sunday School will present a: Recitation. "A Gift That 1 Christmas Service entitled: When Can Give"--Bernice Banfield. Christ Was Born. The service wilt · Recitation. "God's Caudles"--Dick- he held in the town hall. j ie Swanson. Dec. 25: Service at Bessemer at j Recitation, "Looking Out For Baby" 10 o'clock. | --Jean Gramprie Dec. 31: Divine service with cele-| Song. "Share Your Joy"--Beginners bratiou of Holy Communion at 7:30.' and Primaries. Winegar Lutheran Mission \ Recitation, "The Best Place"--Eth- Dec. 21: Divine service at 2:30- i el Grenfell. SHARON LUTHERAN CHURCH Rev. F. c.. VJ. Kastman, Sunday, December 21. 9:45 A. M., Services and Sunday School. 7:30 p. M. Sing Spiration sponaor- selected by the township school board at its meeting Monday evening. He will bugiu his duties January 2. Mr. Johnson has several years of teaching a'.id school administrative experience. He has an AB degree from 30 Years Ago, Fri., Dec. 16, 1911 John Clark, well known youns man of this city, met death at the Yale; mine yesterday afternoon at Pacific coast yesterday where ill meet Stanford University on Xew Year's Day. Arthur Redner of Bessemer is a member ot the party- Miss Amelia Olcott. principal of the high school, gave a real Christmas present, last evening- She entertained the faculty Alone | ed by Young People of Sharon Lutheran .Church. Monday at 7:30 P. M., Board of Administration extra meeting at parsonage. Every members should be present. Christmas Day, Midnight Services Thursday morning at 1:00 A. M. Sunday School Christinas Festival Marquelte and au MA degree from t o'clock when ore caved in the University of Michigan. Friday evening at 7:00 o'clock. Sunday School at 1:30. Dec. 25: Christinas service. Emest H. Kanniug. pastor. I Offering Recitation--Dona Shaw, i Song--Miss Vida Cox's class. | Recitation, 'A Christmas Story" j William John Contralto. Presbyterian Church Sunday. Christmas Sunday. Sunday School 3:30 A.M. Mrs. Joseph Masnaghetti. Supt. j Worship Service 10:30 A.M. The choir will sing two numbers, "The Angels' Song." by Dressier; "There Were Shepherds" by Birch. j Miss Delo will sing a solo. ; Tuxis Society 7:00 P.M. \ Recit.-uion, 'Jesus Topic: "The Bible:" Leader. \Villi-! Evelyn Greufell. am Romstad. Miss Evelyn Allen wil give ;i Christmas reading- Wednesday. Sunday School pro- sram at 7:30 P.M. You are invited to our Christmas program. Friday. Communicants Class 4:00 P. M. Meet in the parsonage- Saturday. Choir Rehcarsaj 7:00 P. M. Miss Clara Johusou, Director. Chester A, Ahrens. Minister - Sunday School Program ! The Ramsay Lutheran Sunday f school pupils will present their annu- Christmas Worries-- Mar j or ie Sup- 1 al Christmas program Sunday after- 10 Years Ago, Fri., Ofcc. 18, 1931 · Miss Hedwig S. Barth, R. N-, of Milwaukee, has been appointed supervisor of the operating room at j Grand View hospital and commenced her duties this week. She succeeds Miss Lucille Taylor, who left last week for her home in Ogden. Utah. The hospital received 450 applications for the position from nurses in ! all parts of the country. William T. Horuibrook, former uu- dersheriff of Gogebic county, will an sttttlents at a hote j T^ at 9:30 tthile deJightfc! toastm!stress Miss yesterday to take charge of the Duluth business and Mr. Burt will man- the Bismarck Club pool piquet at on tbe !quet was served SlXtJi l^YGl, | Q»**V»i^r«--» r»lavcuS Sam Silveruim and Herb Burt havej jJ^ aSL ~ purchased a tobacco and cigar bust- and Introduccd the toasts , ness at Duluth. Mr. Silverman left Sillcock responded for the freshmen and Ed Mueller for the seniors. Miss Hall, the most southern of the assena- age the Bismarck Club pool room bly spke Qn .^^ Conntry and tobacco store in this city. Butlel . ou ^ The CoUese Girl- Albert Nothhelser of Appletou.) Minn., has accepted a position asj lirewmaster for the Bessemer Brew-j ing Co. D. MiteFarlane opened u roller skating rink at the opera house last evening. Dr. It. A. Paradis' valued greyhound, "Queen", died Wednesday [ from pneumonia. ' and hia brottght forwar j , he cup presented lo her by the alumni i of the Ishpetning high school and { spoke of its origin and use at baa| quets. The cap was filled with nqc- ! tar froni the spring and passed around and all drank from it. thus pledging themselves to friendship | plo. Curtis Rice, Joan Michelli, Joan ; noon at 1; 30 o'clock at the Ramsay [ ~ j Luxmore, Billy Hoeft and Carolyn, school. A!l parents and friends are'C? j Grenfell. Recitation, "Ring the Merry Christmas Bells"--Junior Baufield. Piano solo--Donald Otto. Song, "Away in a Manger"--Beginners and Primaries. First Cradle"-- ^^ Puritan Sunday School At Puritan Public School December 21. 1941 Minister: Chester A. Ahrens. Superintendent: Miss Xelly BergPiauist: Mrs. Alfred Ericksoii- Program 2:00 P. M. Hymn--O Little Town of Bethlehem--Congregation. Scripture and Prayer--Chester A, Ahreiu;. Recitation, "Our Wish For You"-Milo Swanson. "What Christmas Means" -- Jane Grenft-Ii. Recitation. "Television vs. Clnus"--Howrad Medlyu. Duet. "Hark the Herald ying"--Dolly Trewhella and Grenfeil. Readiiig. '"A Visit From St. Nicho !as"--Mrs. Ida Bennetts. Hymsi--"Joy to the World." Reading. "Santa Claus' Sleeping Time"--Miss Florence Davis. Recitation, "A Cheery Message"-Carolyn GrenfeH. Sanui Clans in person. invited. The program follows: Processional so"" hv Sunday school "O Come Little Children." "Welcome to the SaTior," by Deloris Anderson. "Welcome to Parents," Gerald Gilbertson. Address by Alice Anderson. "The. Need of a Savior," by Betty ^Penney's Carlson. j "The Promised Deliverer," by Billy Santa ] Isaacson, Deloi-is Anderson, Dorothy j Johnson, Arvid Anderson, and John V Angels I Backmau J r . , Harry Pearson, Niles ' v TDvelyn Harris and Gwendolyn Guerin. j ,\ "The Story of the Wise Men," Wai-! li lace Johnson, Herbert East and Lloyd! 4 '* Wertanen. j "The Shepherds Saw the Golden Light," Betty Mae Backinan. "On to Bethlehem," James East, j Charles Backmaii and Don Harris. | Song, "Star of Midnight," Confirm- j j .-ition girls. j "We Have Found Him," Shirley Christmas Program by Choir of the Peterson and Dorothy Giacherio. Methodist Church : Dec. 22, 8:00 P . M . " To A1 ^ People," Doreen Shogren. Pau! M. Jarvis, Minister "There Is Joy in Our Hearts," A Christmas worship service in ( ' la "* Johnson. song will be given in the candle- Hymu, Silent Xight--Congregation lighted sanctuary of Recitatiou. A Warm Welcom Betty Roberts. "Glory to Gnd," Jane Ann John the Bessemer SO ' K Recitation. The Christmas Post--Lewis Dufrane. Song. Away in a Manger School. -Methodist Church oil Monday even- [ "Where Is He That Is Born a King' ing. at S:00 P. M. There will also i sl » rle y Orling. Guide be other seasonal decorations. . The numbers on the program will' Myl '" a Ahonen. " - "The Light of the World is Jesus," -Sunday be: "While Shepherds Watched A Big Wish--Clyde Recitatiou, Ericksou. Sole.--Jean Recitation. I'fieffer. Joy Acrostic--Betty Pfieffer, Sylvia Salo. Joy to the World--By the School- Piano solo--Mrs. Alfred Erickson. Reading, Why?--James Green- Reading--Alfred Eriekson. Chouinard- | God's Love -- Lenore Salo. Lenore Flocks Uy Night. "Fairest Lord Jesus." "Gentle Mary Laid Her Child "What Child Is This?" "Good Tidings." "All In The Silent Night." "The Herald Angels Sing." "Come With The Wise Men. "The Manger-Uahe." "Gloiia." The Christmas scripture Then- message Recitation, Message of the Chris'': will be given by -Miss Priscilla Hoeft KilH--"Willinvi* TOinfialil . Allrf i\Ti.= o I?lni,m TIll^A^.^ ii, .._,_ *t_ Child--William Banfield. Divine," Randall Time," Charles Dor and Miss Elaine Lillrose will take the Rectiution. Memory's Musci--Betty Part of "Xfary" j n the manger scene. Soloists on the program are Miss Elaine Lilrose and Mrs. Albert All- near. Others on the program are Mrs. Wesley Rice, Mrs. Walter Long j Miss Vida Cox, Miss Carolyn Jarvis and Mrs. Paul M. Jarvis ; - ' " "Oh Holy Babe Giacherio. " 'Tis Christmas Mehler. Song by Alice Anderson and eeu Shogren. "Christmas," Shirley Eliason. "Why Christ Came," Gary Backman. "A Little Baby," Joanine Newman. Exercise by Mrs. Kastman's class. "When Christmas Bells Are Ringing," Alice Jolnrioti. "Oh Wonderfi 1 Message," Gwendolyn Guerin. Erickson. Tromfcone solo--Alfred Erickson. Recitation--Loraine Bremer. Recitation--Dean Roberts. Reading--Miss Evelyn Allen. Offering. Closing Speech--Frederick Pfiefferj · I Marenisco Community Church December 23. 1941 Chester A, Ahrens. Minister I The Vanghn-Marquis Memorial j Community Church, Ramsay,- Mich. j William J. Steele, Pastor ' The Sunday School Christmas pro- Tuesday. There will be a Christ-' Sram will be held on Friday evening, mas rehearsal at 2:00 .PM, at the December 19, at 7 o'clock in the Ram- Church . ; All boys and girls -who are sa f Community Church, Herbert in the Christmas program come for, Walker, Sunday School Superinten- your last rehearsal. j dent. Our Christmas program will begin: Prayer by the Pastor at 7:30 P.M. Tuesday. Come to! Sons by the Sunday School O Come our program. j All Ye Faithful. Program j Recitations, Our Greeting-- Leo Welcome--Doanld Goodney, f Pryor. A Helper by David Jacob- Sons. Christmas Star--Sunday: son. Sch001 - ! Sons. Silent Night by Ramona Wai- Schipture and Prayer -- Chester. ker and Betty Pearce. Ahrens. j Recitation, Not Scared-- Genevn Hymn. O Come All Ye Faithful-- j Collins. Joy Acrostic--Mary Lon Russel,! Song Luther's Cradle Hymn--Pri- Donald Goodney, Franklin Brlghts- j mary Class. m»n. I Recitations: Song, Joy to the World--Sunday Plenty--Jackie Collins. School. Recitation, The Christmas Story-- Look Pleasant--Robert Mooney. The Shepherd Lad--Billie Collins. "Bernlehem I,ay Sleeping," Mae Brown. "Once Again Clara Jane filiason. O Blessed Time," Ramsay-Honor Mrs. Lantta Mrs. Ray Lantta was guest at a miscellaneous shower given in her honor Friday night at her home In New Location. The tovening -was spent in a social manner after which lunch was served by the hostesses, the Mesdames John Pnlomakf, Toivo Pyykala, Fred Lant ta and ..Mrs. V. A. Johnsc*i. Mrs.' Lantta received many gifts. · ·vJ Housewarming rVK.. and Mrs. John Kaugas wei- the honored guests at a housewarming party last night at their new home. About 50 friends from Ramsay. Bessemer and Wakefleld attended. They were presented with a gift. Lunch was served by the hostesses, the Mesdames Gust Maki, Gust Kan- Henry Rlzzie, Stanley Tarnaskl, .d Miss June Rtz The Always-Welcome GiftI H A N D K E R C H I E F S Her favorite sheer linens in white or pretty colors. With lacs, embroidery. Box of 3 ___________ 49c Gift-Boxed FINE LAWN HANKIES In white or soft pastets with nice embroidery. Box of 3 ________ 2Sc Men's Fine Quality Handkerchiefs" Gay sporty OP conservative styles In cotton or linen. Box of 2 49c GIFT BOXED H A N K I E S FOR MEN White cotton with white borders, or gay plaids. Box of Z 25c Budget-Priced GIFT H A N K I E S Novelty colored borders or conservative 'all white cottons. Each 10c DESIGNED FOR THE YOUNGSTERS BOYS' BOXED HANKIES Manly styles with his very own initials! Box of 2 25c CHILDREN'S GAY HANKIES X Special one for every day of the week! Colorful! 7 for__25c tome girls rather 7 like the strong, silent man-- especially when his money does the talking. Good Looking ^ MEN'S HOSE^ 4 Pr. 1.00| Rayon and cot- * ton with £ clocks and O- stripes! · Part Woot \ Socks ^ Grand Gift! ''V 39c Pr. Gentry^ PAJAMAS $1.65 Marathon* J GIFT HATS £ Smart Styles X $2.98 | Fine Quality J? GLOVES ^ Popular with ·£ Men! ^ $1.98 | Smart, Warm $ MUFFLERS j. Plaids, stripes*^ 98c | Gift He'll UseS at 49c ea | Pigskin Belts ^ New Suspend-\^ ers Key Chain* Shaving Sets "V Tie Chain Clip at 98c ea $ Tbwncraft* v Ties Smart X Brush Sets » Handy Tie § Racks, Leath-S er Wallets, § Felt Slippers X More Ideas! S Tourist Cases X .98, Razor S Blades 50, 5Oc$ Shirts, ShortsA Briefs, 3 for S $1.00 V At Ironwood, Mich.

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