The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on January 9, 1948 · Page 6
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 6

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, January 9, 1948
Page 6
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'THE DAILY MESSENGER, CANANDAIGUA, N. Y., FRIDAY, JANUARY 9,.194g ii M e f »·'.'·' - ' · ! ! flfff TO EXPECTANT MOTHERS *X C o c i s e e d u c a t i o n o n p r e n a t a l a n d n e w b o r n t a r e MATERNAL and NEWBORN CARE, was written by an outstanding specialist for expectant mothers on the fundamentals of prenatal and newborn care. 64 pages of educational text with 29 illustrations, charts and ^raplis. A heloful euide for t I * -f all expectant mothers. THE WINSHIP PHARMACY Ray F. Winship, Ph. G. 142*South Main St. Phone 28 Matched luggage for nien at rock-bottom prices! it's Samsonite ENOUGH TO STAND ON! Handsome, "sturdy, smartly fitted... and above all,, economical! That's %vhat makes Samsonite America's favorite luggage... ana the best luggage value we know. We have matched sets at less than you'd expect to pay for just one piece! Come in and choose today from our complete selection. */*** r. Somsonite Overnight Case b. Samsonite Men'j Two Suiter See! You c a n neatly, quicklj. easily in a Samson- ite Two Suiter. *SupeiKne, Samionilt. Standard Samanitt *.* Kit. All friat sitijta la txittinf UKU. fLIGHT PSOVSN 'AN AMERICAN WORf.o Aisyj.Ays JLi odotrtittd l» Saturday Bvtnint Pott. Collitr'tamd Btfuife S Tune "in WGVA Daily at 6:10 for Local and Vicinity News CA Quint At Waterloo, Tonight Intra-Mural Cagers Uuder Way At CA, The Academy varsity cagers | journey to Waterloo facing a hard- j wood contest, tonight, that may ; prove to be a major indication of j the local feam's success or failure j to qualify for the sectionals, at the | close of i he Finger Lakes league j schedule. By one of those odd coincidences so often occuring in sports, t h e Waterloo highschopl's quint, that of Geneva and the Aeademians are NCAA May Approve "Purity Code" But Doubt Uy AVill Grimsiley NEW YORK, i.-1» -The NCAA's ".sanity code" starts through the" final mill today with athletic chief- a three-wav tie for the league's tains freely predicting its approval but many of them -foreseeing fail-' ure in the accomplishment of .its aims." , "You can't enforce, it.".-one prominent coach said. "Many will vote j for the code while 'figuring out i ways to beat it." j Such expressions as "just a i scrap of paper" and "rules with- i out teeth" were bandied about as! the National Collegiate Athletic I Ten T earns is are | ,,,,, 100 Academy students involved in the school's mural basketball league, which started a schedule of contests Tuesday on the annex court. Ten teams are already formed, and there will possibly be more, according to George II. Wilbur, of t h e Academy faculty, who is di- Association's executive committee ! i-eclin the "program. ' '" ' " prepared to dig iv. The code, a the code uW of proposed in third-place standing. The Geneva cagers meet second · In that Geneva and CA are tiie only class AA teams in an otherwise strictly class A league, either of the two can qualify for the class A A sectionals by leading t h e other in final league standings. Wins by Ixith teams would leave Geneva and CA still in the same standings position. However, in a list of the first ger Lakes leagues conference, the twenty scorers in the Wayne-Fin- Academy better show-in; CA's Nel scoring si points. Haoei, i.eneva, -ami n.ou-,"-··""·.- uc- , »m ,,,,-1-1 imij f f ) o b l a i n honm . positions ney, CA, are tied with 15 points -Battered and no organized resist- u ,. (m sl;ml i n .. s a t the end of the ance. ! , .-' . Representatives of the S o u t h - j ht ., Lb " . . ',,\ n i east. Southwest and Southern con-! , H ' a i ' Conies s .were settled on ferences. where the' loudest pro _ 1 1 He annex hardwood Tuesday, and a like number were played today. A'scoring summary of the Tuesday games follows: Bohemians 12, Defeats 4 Bohemians (showing players ing , 1-0-2; Mover, 1-0-2;-Card el la. 0-0-0; ;Beahan" 0*0-0: · Sherry, 0-0-0: Selbach, 2-0-4.; Totals: "FGs, League teams are expected to in games each Tuesday Mr. Wilbur said, Marfioti, 0-0-0; anno, 0-0-0; A. Greene, 2-0-4; Carlile, 0-0-0; Haygood, 0-0-0; Clark, (i-O-O. Totals: FGs, 2; FTs, 1; TPs, 4. · - · Pumpers 28, Frosh 12 Pumpers: .Geneeco,' 2-1-5; Boyle, 1-1-9; Musca ( to. 4-1-9; Roth, 2-1-5; followed by Kirk, Geneva, 1-1 points. Coach Frank Frantel is expected to start tonight's contest with the same familar line-up: Dick Rodney, c; Mike Kidder; g; Bobby pro- j tests were expected, said last night they expected the new standard Fox f Nel Saeeer, f, and Bob i of conduct to he approved " w i t h - I " * O * O » » ' _ . . . , . _ . . ! ! . . I Salsich. f. The J-Vs. enjoying a whirlwind season to date, having lost only one contest, are.expected to have little difficulty while on the Waterloo court. Coach Edwin Draper will probably start with R. Mack and B. Strait, forwards; J. D. Fox and V. Valvano, guards, and J. Boylan, center, a.; the lineup.. out trouble." But many of them were cynical, asserting it would do iiuie lu purify college athletics. "1" am sure you will see a lot of poor boys going to college because they are good halfbacks." commented Coach Carl Snavely of North Carolina. The code permits grants to a t h - letes under certain conditions and allows institutions to contact play- nampp. FGs. FTs. and TPs, i n i ' n e same order): Purcell, 1-0-2; Song- Cage Scores as they w i t h i n keep their- catalogued Local T Girls Lose Cage Test, Geneva, 15-13 The De Sales, Geneva, girls' cage team defeated a team of senior YMCA girls, of this city, on the court of the Geneva 'Y 1 last night, in an' invitation game. The final tally was'15-13.' ' minor alterations, in rules: (1) The team of local' senior 'Y' After a second successive out. of members, formed only yesterday, bounds kickoff, the ball goes to the and without previous 'practice to- receiving team ten yards in front gether, provided the Geneva quint of the kick instead of on the kick- with strong opposition that held er's 40; (2) When a player is in- the Genevans down to their final I jured after the fourth 'time out in two-point margin. j a half, only the injured player can A return game is tentatively ; be substituted for without "a pen- slated to be held here on the 'Y' aity. court, Thursday evening, Jan. 22. Other developments of the loeSales 2-0-4; Dennsmore, ers as - lonj sales t a l k hounds. The NCAA plan calls for enforcement t h r o u g h special committees. - - · Ln the major meeting yesterday the rules committee of the American Football Coaches Association decided the football game is fine as it is and recommended 'no major changes. The group, headed by Coach Lou Little of Columbia, suggested two Holy College Games Cross 76, Anit-ican International '19. New York 77, Duke 56. Manhattan 58, West Virginia 53. Buffalo U, 45, Western Reserve 40. Westminster (Pa.) 70, Bethany (·W. Va.) 55. Allegheny 56. Rochester 46. Buffalo Teachers 61. Grovo City 46. . Rhode Jsiand State 48, Maine 32. Hartwick 67, Susquehanna 46. :'· New York State League . Mohawk 112, Oswego · 51. Association of America Baltimore 78, Chicago 75. ··St. Louis 76, Washington 73. National League Minneapolis 6S, Syracuse 59. Toledo 62, Indianapolis 47. ,.. Fort Wayne 65, Shebqygan 47. Anderson S3. Mol'me 57. ' Pacific Coast League Portland 48, Tacoma 37. . Astoria 55, 'Seattle 52. Totals: FGs, 6; FTs, O; TPs. 12. Indians 25, Hotshots 11 Indians: Persons, 1-0-2; Woolston, 3-1-7; Russell, 0-2-2; Fox, 32-S; Buckley, 3-0-6; Hamilton, 00-0. Totals: FGs, 10; FTs, 5; TPs,' 25. Hotshots: Emerson, 0-1-1; Webster, 1-2-4; Erclle, 0-0-0; Channave. 0-0-0; White, /2-1-5; Redman, 10- n - SteinbaM^h O- 9 -'' Totals: FGs, 4"; : FTs;"6? TPs, li.' Tigers 12, Trfanglers 7 Tigers: Clohecy, 2-0-4; Goi'l', 00-0; llanley, 2-0-4; Mason, u-0-0; Mason, 0-0-0; Outhouse, 1-0-2; Brand, 0-2-2. Totals: FGs, 5; FTs. 2 TPs, 12. · ' ' Manglers: Ceravallo, 0-0-0; Vitalone, 0-2-2; Badger, 1-0-2; Cutri, 0-0-0; Pietropaolo, 1-1-3; Maid, 00-0. Totals: FGs, 2; FTs, 3; TPs, 7. The results, of the games ;i)ayed yesterday follow: Indians 24, B Frosh 23. Defeats 27, Hotshots 17. Wolf Pack 35, .Cobras 13. Pumpers 17, Bohemians 36. (Note: The detailed results of the above four games will appear on this page tomorrow..) YOUTH GROUP MEETS E A S T BLOOMFIELD -- T h e weekly meeting of- the Youth Fei- Ipwship of the Methodist churcii will be held Sunday evening at -i in the church social rooms with Miss Hazel Bowdren as leader. JFUNEBAL pmEGTQKS . - Pbraes M'i or m» 7 - . RADIATOR REPAIRING Don't Let A . Leaky of Your Supply Our service includes ' flushing; -repairing - a n d whole -cooling system. - . r? ---Prompt and ^Courteous Service Holcomb Cornish (Biros. %rag« ' ALL WOOL FLANNEL 'For Casual Comfort Grey--Brown $050 8 Polimeni's Men's Store J. F. POLIMENI,;Managei-:^: ''--\- ' 35 Niagara St. - ./.'· '''·. Can-andaigua WINTER SPORTS FLYING IN QUEBEC i Erti. Dwyer, 2-1-5; DiAmico and Ry- onn'e, 0-0-0; O'Mailey. 1-0-2. Totals: FGs. 7; FTs, 1; TPs, 15. Canandaigua '¥' Poole, 2-3-7; Gregg, 1-0-2; Sherry, 2-0-4; Dugan, Herendeen, Murray and Jeuctevihe. 0-0-0. Totals, FGs, 5; FTs, 3; TPs, 13. ' i Hockey Scores (1) The National Collegiate j 2-0-4; i Track Coaches Association recom- 1 mended that a straight Olympic j program be adopted for the 1948 L NCAA meet at Minneapolis, June f 1S-19, and be staged under the i metric system. [ (2) The American Association of ! College Baseball Coaches voted to petition the NCAA -to recognize l-UK JL.NJt, NEW YORK, (JP)--.The * Twentieth Century Sporting club announced it expected to "close the deal" today for Joe Louis to defend his heavyweight boxing championship outdoors here in The announcement added the promoters hoped the. Brown American Buffalo 5. New Haven 3. Indianapolis 5, Philadelphia 1. U. S. League Fort Worth 3, Minneapolis 2. 'Malia 7, St. Paul 4. Quebec Senior League Shawinigan Falls 6, Boston 4. Ottawa 7, Valleyfield 3. their association as the only or- j Bomber's opponent would he Jer- ganization to promote U. S. "base- I KC '' Joe Walcott, the veteran who ball particiation i-n the O l m i c floored Louis twice before drop- Condensed Statement AS OF DECEMBER 31, 1947 RESOURCES Cash, cash items and due from banks. §1,427,852.49 United States Government Securities 7,763,754.49 Other Securities 341,828.02 Loans and Discounts and Mortgages 1,146,342.41 Banking House, Furniture and Fixtures 46,168.11 Other Assets 4,610.52 Total Resources """*·. . 10,730,556.04 """' LIABILITIES ""^. Uommon Stock $250,000.00 Surplus 250.000.00 Undivided Profits 455,665.19 Reserve for Contingencies 70,337.9-3 Total Capital Accounts I,026,00:J.12 Deposits 9,703,681.53 Other Liabilities _r 868.39 Total Liabilities TRUST DEPARTMENT 10,730,556.0-5 Estates, Trust and Guardianships ________________ $781,107.18 Custodian Accounts _________ . ___________________ 904,748.30 Total $1,685,855.48 CANANDAIGUA NATIONAL BANK - ^ . AND TRUST COMPANY Member Federal'Deposit Insurance Corporation Member-Federal Reserve Systtw ball participation i-n the Olympics, and ask that the sport be placed on the 1952 Olympic program. Blackwell Stays on As the Cincy Pilot dropping a split decision early in December. « . . . ' { Club officials continued nego- -.ktja'tinns with Louis'and his haml- '.' lers yesterday a n d ' a f t e r a lengthy ! conference .said "only a few minor ! details" remain to be worked out. CINCINNATI, UP)--Ewell Black-' . NORM4N STAYS OX well, the wh.p-armetl right-hander' WTLKES-BARRE,' -Pa., GB-who put together 16 straight, wins I Bill Norman will c o n t i n u e to man--including a n o - h i t t e r -- i n win- j a ge the Wilkes-Barre Barons in nmg ,, and losing eight games [ H i e Eastern Baseball league in ' 194S. Club . President Mike McNally for the Cincinnati Reds last season, today was under contract for the 1948 campaign, -at a salary t h a t may exceed 525,000. Reds' President Warren Giles announced yesterday that Norman had signed a new. contract. Norman will, be one of the few hold- announced yesterday Hint the lim.-.. overs in :the circuit, as most clubs ner six feet-five inch pitcher from j w i n introduce new pilots. San Dimas, Calif., had accepted 'j terms and, although the front o f ~ j ~ . HIGH SCORE RECORD nee keeps the payroll a secret, i t ! 'MOHAWK, N. Y., /P)-- The Mo- was the concensus of sports writ- j hawk Royals hold the New York ers t h a t Blackwell t h u s became .State Professional Basketball the highest paid of the hired help · · · i n c l u d i n g - Manager Jojmnv One source close to the club's la.Vi-ji jmiuiM ana jjiayci's turned league high-scoring record by vir- t u e of t h e i r 112-51 victory last n i g h t over I/he Oswego Pontiacs. Utica held the previous record , ui IuG puijils, ^cvicil las' vr.-ru :r. Black-well's new salary at $25,000. i defeating Albany. The Province of Quebec offers contrasts unknown elsewhere in North America. Shown ·abbveVa?e;lhVee';*? fc-vms of transportation which encompass -a great- range .of' tiie province^ historjv . Flying .'. Montreal, a Wheeler Airlines plane 'has just landed at' S t . Jovite;. with 'a group. ; of . ' plane 'has just . . . . take them to their destinations are a' dog- team and a station wagon. Mount Trerhblant's rugged: "slopes' are seen in the background. . ' . - · ; · - . ' , ... : : . : -, 5 ; :.j;- ? .-Adv:t.- ROYAL PRESENTS A NEW CLEANER FINEST OtRLITY-GREATER VALUE Firfl "cvlindtr" lypt cle» to seai lh« ROYiL ..a-ze. !u i^ioo-.h, ulenl. eliicicnt cleaning icf.n--!« maicr^oss V*6uly and ease of ^««i»-'jon, is instant adaptabOity to eve'^- josstholii cUazung need, leaves nothing to bo c!«!ii«J. It'i a ROYAL tofougb and thiough. Kurnuhcd conpltto with all tocli and acceoorie^ at illuitratcd, tud outita/idina vilu« IOT $00.00 $£G95 69 MILLER'S 185 Smidi Main Si. Pliouc 2SO-VV "CLEANING THE SLAI1 FOR FORT V c / -L. DID YOU KNOW' THAT PHILCO made a car. radio'? We know and have four of them to prove'it."They are good but they just don't sell. One was $8:~"00 is now $65.00, another $79.95. now $62'.95. The third at S67.50 now $i31.50 and the ' last c-n'e at S62.50 is yours for §47.50. - · ' ' · ' 2 UPRIG'LiT ELECTRIC HEAT-. KRS r e a l l y ' h o t .items. They look hideous but get awfully 'hot. You can save SG.OO on these juice eaters. Were $13.75 now §7.75. WE ARE IN HOT WATER'ON THIS ONE. It is-a 12 gallon, 110 volt hot water heater. We hate to part with this old, old friend. We might be persuaded for 339.95. ' It once cost 868.90. . HTS IDEAL FOR A RADIO j NUT. Swell shortwave and' i excellent standard broadcast, i Not much to iio.ofo at but it's j hot. Used to,:be §47.50. It's' yours for S34.95.- . . · " ZENITH CONSOLE RADIO--, it's a bit old .but awfully good. A real buy at $75.00 and we mean it. iVll pull in the .stations--even gets WHAM. erated. H a u l - i t away yourself for $132.00. It was 5162.00- Sorry we can't do more but this is- a good Hem. HERE is A HEATER WHAT IS A HEATER--for water t h a t is--15 gallons :as op- EVE-R WANT -A LAMP UNIT WITH A- TIMER? Evidently not for we have had t h i s one for 8 months. Ideal for sun lamps.. We think if'.s worth $2-1.00, we'll take -$12.00. HAVE TROUBLE 'SEEING IN THE .DARK? We .have been around' for customers for these Tote Lights for 10 months. At $8.25 they are a steal. They work too. Were c-nce $15.25. 0 CUBIC KOOT VERTICAL FREEZER. We get a- chill every time we look at. this one. Maybe people don' frce/.ers." You'll IpyC .the.:§70.00 reduction on 'this $299.00 beauty. Now .$229.00. · N A T I. O N A L L Y KNOWN CHEST-TYPE FREEJiKR- will hold up to lOVi .-cubic feet of anything. We are.tired of looking at it. K was S399.()0 but 'will look''gof)d' in your place for ,?309.0p..· Take it avvav vour.self.' . · ' . THIS SELF ' portable radio -fs'-so ii'eav.y. we advise \ve,akliixg^s ^rio try and' 'VV^'al'^ ing to for $64.95.-It is .w over-Sioo. ·- -'-'-.: ' I N T E R E S T E D ^' IN WATER?, M o s t - ' p - e p p l i e ' ' , judging by ttje 'way tHeyVr^-,'1 , nore pur 5oftener.ii. ^he'aie''··'.. really quite useful! .Sfnv'e .. self $30.00 now -on t'h item. Haul, .it '. a\vaj^ $109.50.' ' ' - . - . ' · · ' " . r l HAVE YOU'' A .RADIO ·' IN.Y.Oy.R -HOME? This, is? him. You. can shurc^ , , sneaker while;he.conti£ugs£fo-- : '; listen thru a. .special"'eajp"j; piece. Also ideal for. rioX.flis-..; - turbing cranky, wiv'es YoCf'le'-':' ·;' seen it advertised for';§45rG£; Now own'one for S29.95. ·'-'--·· NORMALLY IT US UNTIL Augtist of :19$0. ;tor.i clean out.our slock of -Samson : and Vornadd fans.'.Tjet%.:se^'*;;. i f we can 'i be. abnornwl' nhfl ; "clean them out - h'owf Vornaclp.'is a . 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