The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 23, 1963 · Page 4
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 4

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Friday, August 23, 1963
Page 4
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Carolina School Officials Bow To Court Order CHARLESTON, S.C. (A?) -- c * i" i f r iv /* u Scientists Split Could Test Ban Pact A Few . . WASHINGTON (UPI) -- . A Son- Charlesion has been ordered to ate leader conceded today ihat admit U Negroes to its all-white I the s p 1 i t among scientists school? on Sept. 3. School officials over rcluclamly bowed to the ruling ! "cou the H-bomb" and a chief opponent of the pact, may be questioned further in closed ses- the nuclear lest ban treaty sion by ihe three-committee could cost a few voles" for its! group headed by Fulbright. Thursday by U.S. Disi. Judge J. | ratification, but he said the pact i Teller's attack on the Irea- Robcrt Martin Jr. Two while high schools and two white grammar schools in this port city, smouldering from summer-long racial demonstrations, will be integrated. Judge Martin's order covered was not in jeopardy. | ly was backed by Dr. John S. Chairman J. William Fulbrlght, I Foster Jr., director of the Law- D-Ark., of tiic Senate Foreign | rence Radiation Laboratory at Relations Committee said in .an Liver-more, Calif. But the pact interview that the clearage in the.' was defended by Dr. '..Harold scientific community l e f t "no' Brown, Pentagon research chief. clear preponderance for or against the treaty," 13 students involved in the original against the treaty, ' rector of the Li integration suit, bui one has grad-! Fulbright's remarks reflected i tific Laboratory. "and by Dr. N. E, Bradbury, director of the Los Alamos Scien- uated from high school and another has moved from the district. Judge Martin cleared Ihe way for integration ot all city schools. He said no qualified Negro can be denied admission to a while school after September 196-1. The order' affects School District Ko. 20. which has 3.1QS white pupils and 9.539 Nenrocs. "Every child in School Dislricl No. 20 has the right to attend a school freely selected without regard lo race or color," said Judge Martin. ripe lor Soviet breaching. But Harold E, Stassen, former disarmament' adviser to President Eisenhower, said .it was in "(he best interesls of mankind clear experts on the treaty, bar- j Doyle Northrop, director ot t h e j and t h u s will serve Ihe interests the surprise of many senators The three committees called over the divided testimony of n u - ' closed session today to hear Millworkers Near Treasure Once TROY; Ohio (AP)--A section ol timbers splintered · five or six years ago at the Altman Mills feed plant north o£ here, and some excavation had lo bo done lo THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION, Friday, Auguit 23, 1963 5 Isolated Township Wants To Secede, Join New County SNOW LAKE, Ark, (API-Residents 6C Mississippi Township have threatened to Recede .from Desha County because they have to drive 200 miles lo i?et Lo the county seat--or.Iy 30 miles away as the -crow Hies. They have invited county otli-" I cials to a Sept. 6 meeting lo dis- 'cuss the withdrawal--(I the offi T cials care to 'make the 400-mile round trip Irom Arkansas City, the county seat, to Snow Lake. The southeast Arkansas township is cut off from the remainder of Desha County by the White and I Arkansas rivers and the White | River Wildlife. Refuge. Burton Funk and B.H, Williamson Jr. called the secession meeting. They suggested the township ; might be better off as part ol : Phillips county. Helena, seat ol ! that county, is only 60 miles away. He healing to take, testimony from James P. Warburg, N e.w Yoi-k financier, and Edwin P.-; make repairs. Neilan. president of the U. S. The work took live days and an Cham'bcr of Commerce. A split similar io that among the nuclear scientists developed In testimony Thursday. Former Chairman Lewi-; L. employe recalls Russell Stacy Altman, the elderly mill owner, kept an eagle eye on the workmen. Now he knows why. Strauss of the .Atomic Energy; The cxcava ioi-s nad dug within Commission attacked the treaty five :eeL o[ w , nere AJtnan buried as a "clay pigeon" agreement some o[ tne ] 1UEe fortune in. U.S. ring all but underground lesls. . (Ail 1 Force Applications Cenler. j of Ihe American people in Dr. Edward Teller, "father of I This was' lo be followed by a pub- · best sense." the There's Reason For Failure Of Low Neckline ToCatchOn By DICK WEST fd Press InlernBliminl WASHINGTON (UP!) ^ Earli- District trustees decided to go j er ln ; s Sl i mmcr [here was an in- i Time after time I have been alon? uith the ordoi 1 and admit the H Nccrrocs. But they instructed, attorneys to appeal the ruling. Laurence O'H. Stoncy, board chairman, said it remains to be seen whether the school system can be operated in 1964. He ur^cd all residents to respect Ihe board's decision "and lo maintain and ob- ·ve proper discipline. teresling bit of news from Paris I accused of staring at (heir knees, concerning one o[ the famous fashion designers. This designer, who is so famous I have forgotten his name, Centenary Plans Guest Speakers Cr-ntonary Methodist church speaker for the Sunday morning services will be Dr. E. L. Jams, executive secretary of the Methodist church Oklahoma Conference whereas "aciuaily'lheir' kiioo's" arc ! Board ot Education. staring at me. It is all very i Speaking al the evening service This same optical illusion, as I have pointed out before, occurs in women's knees. nervcwracking. be Rev. C. L. Cranfill. nspoci- .... _ . . II two or more women are ] a\e P 3 -' 101 ' a n d Y o u l h director at was reported 10 be fealurinc ex- j present, it is impossible to avert First Methodist church. tremely revealinsr necklines in h i s ; one's eyes. The entire room be- Services hegir al 8:30 a.m., 10:45 creations. ! comes a sea ot knees. Although delicately phrased, the Ii has been my expectation I h a t ! | a.m. and 7:30 p.m. w o n d a r v c h o o l s in South j Rc c° u . nl Taroiin-i are" sc^ea'cd But P resslon T n a l ne '- ' significant ponion ol conveyed ihe im- ; the summer would bring sur- 1 Cameron Test Set Saturday WBS b TM n S a , cease. During the summer, wom- milady's j en usually shift into shorts. When I Students who have taken Ihe Hasvev Gantt, 20. a Charleston scheduled to enier the University of Souih Carolina next month. j Judge Martin's ruling came j u s t ; noj asked Th is summer, however. mr , lw 1 men entering college, will he giv- ' women did nol shift inlo shorts. ; c " a! s a - m - Saturday a! Cameron. i Fee \s to. hearing was bia read. More than 600 Negroes have arrested in demonstrations forced more than 100 downtown -ru · ,, .,,,= n »i^ in niinm . ^ i n c ncann, was new m LOium- . favorably ond(wed t h a n my h ank · thai is nol its main drawback. ! on ihe lookout for participants in m Dccrtuse uiaucwpn wa. A ,: nccounl u may ^ lha , ?he was ; Whm mahos a 5 h j f | intolerable ! Britain's great train robbery. Ihn eady tense Irom l a c i a i u o u o j e s ^ ^.^ cauy _ guf l devoully | ;,. t h a ( u nof on , faj | s (o COVGr : attonicy general's office rpporled ore than 600 Negroes h rt ve «w , n (hal ^ c ' on . ectlv called lhe , he ^^ ]( js s ' ,-,, th( , si(1c ; Thuif day. It said Scotland Yard - - n (hal ^ c ' on . ectlv called lhe , he ^^ ]( js s ' ,-,, th( , si(1c ; Thuif day. It said Scotland Yard - - , , 1)ad ,,,,, ved c o n I i d , n U R l inrorma . as NV(i] ,_ forced more than UK) downtown; Hav1n[ , bron tm , oui: h a rather i Ihr throes of a knre complex' thcil i " 1 ihrough Die intfrnational po- mcrchants to agree to a desegre- , ^^ summor of i^oring worn-' effect is shnltrring. I lice body. Canon prop am. , ;cn's knees, I simply ,im not in It has made me plumb rt Judce Manm said the school ; con( , i|im ;o spcnd ; | 10 mntcr ov-' eyed. board can apply for any reason- ; crlool .j ns; thoir rih cawS] ; able modirication of his oraer zo . Sc , mcwhcrn |horc is a p ortrait · xow - vol , KXOW solve administrative difficulties. . o! a ladv also so ; amou![ j h a v c ny rnlfd rrn. s int-m«iln r a l But he warned Ihat "futile. : f or[:oucn ncr name,, whoso ryes. Australia 15 t h n only nation to burdensome or discriminatory ad-1 apncai . to follow you no matter occupy an entire continent, ac- ministraiive procedures" would,from what ancle you \-iew t h e . c o r d i n K to the National Gcoeraph- not be permitted, . pamrinr.. ic Alias pf Ihe World. currency which millhands, digging again this week, havs tin- earilied. On lop ot rhe earlier discovei-j 1 ot two 10-gallon milk cans stuffed to Ihe brini with about 5350,000 in small denomination bills, (he workers turned up a live-gallon ca:i Thursday with more than $150,000 in it. Guards remained at their posts loday to keep in:ruders (rom doing some. digging of their own. No one was sure there wasn't still more of the Altman forlune underground. Much of the place already has been dug up. on order of Altman's heirs, a son and daughter whom he told from his dea.'hbed July 2-S that he had buried his money. They had only half believed him. thinking their 76-year-old father might be delirious. The son js George Altman of Ir- · win. Pa, The tlaughler is Mrs. Mary Jane Ward of Troy. AUman was known during his | ifetime for his distrust of banks. | Two Men Killed In State Wrecks REAL ESTATE LOANS FHA-GI-CnnvenHonnl Prompt direct nomoe. Oklahoma Mortgage Company Skvcurlly nnnk Oldc. EL S-K15 THE ASSOCIATED Two men were killed in separate accidents Thursday lo t'aisp Oklahoma's 1953 traffic toll to 429, compared' with 428 a year ago. , The victims: ' Frank L. Drake, 71. Oklahoma Ciiy. Paul A. Boone, 40, Dalhail, Te.x. ; Drake was killed when his car struck Ihe rear end of a truck on U. S. 77 about IVi miles north of Pouls Valley, i Boom? was killed when his car i collided wiih anolher car and then hit a ir.ick on U. S. 54 north ot · Guymon. Saddles and Straps, and Strollers, too. Boots high, Boots low, and Oxfords Sturdy. All in the big back-to-school assortment by Poll-Parrot for boys and girls. Before school bells ring. bring them in for new shoes. All so carefully fitted. All so dependable and well constructed. TTlC nhntia:ipr fif, or Cnc arm FcitR---. io chu nd, ascribes the uppea only. Erwin Acrix Shopping Ontcr -- Park Frtr. OPK.V 9:00 A.M. TO 9:00 P.M.-- DfAL EL S-3395 featuring MODERN Open House Showing ... New 3-Bedroom Brick Home APPLIANCES In Parklane Addition 1309 Barclay Road You Can ( ' m i n i on I ' · « · . . . Q u a l i t y ('o*.|- No \ I o t - * :ii SEARS H"f:»(,7K AND CO You're invited to Drive out and inspect this beautiful new home during our Open House showing Saturday and Sunday ^' f ''^~ : ^f^^'~^ i f^^'.. :+-QVERHAULEb- : |. { : / . " *^ rf^f ·* -*~ i fl ^ *· -* -^ x£* Webster's New World Dictionary If. ·? 7^ Trice 99C - ^^t. Designed for comfort, convenience ond liveobility . . . this modern home offers three large bedrooms, living room, dining, room with IVa tile baths, fruitwood finished kitchen cabinets and double enclosed garage. Modern gas features: Arklo Gos heating^and central Air Conditioning . . . Gaslite/water heater-. . . built-in gas range. Gl-and FHA.Financing New, compile! edition. PrsclicaJ for fnsi, cnsy line. Supplementary sections In the track. - ADJJJSTEUBY-EJtPERTS ·* * . ,,. ^ ^^- " ^ _ ; \ ^ f .* J / Come in Now... ^^^^J|l^ While Selection is Complete Canvas Covered Ring Binders Sean,- CC r Price J Jl» . . An extremely low price for Uhis liandsome, 2 or 3-ring binder. Strong and sturdy. Each machine is reconditioned to look like new and perform like new. Painted parts ere re finished' with baked-on enamel. All worn parts are replaced by new ones. All parrs are cleaned and free from dirt, New plastic key tops, brand-new rollers, ribbons ere installed. Each has instruction booklet, dust cover. 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