The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 17, 1960 · Page 6
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 6

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 17, 1960
Page 6
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Carl Belhea, ASC Head In Indianola, Honored By Friends INDjANOLA-Cnrl Bolhca, di rector of the Agricultural Stabilization nnd Conservation Sunflower unly office, was honored recently when lh« office personnel nnd olhcr friend paids tribute to him in commemoration of his twenty-six years of service. Bel hea will retire at the end of 19G1. Since 1DH Belhea has worked with many agricultural plans. A 1910 graduate ol Mississippi Stale University, Bcthea had a tour of military duly in the firmir.g experience near Starkville before coming to Tndianola. The employees of the local ASC department and the county ag- enl's division were hosts of the party. They presented Belhea a handsome watch. The County Com- mittcemen gavo him a pipe set. The Indianola Production Credit association expressed their appreciation for his assistance through the years and gave him a savings bond. POGO Delta Democrat-Times 6 Sunday, July 17, '00 iEETLE BAILEY Meet The Kennedy Clan Jack's Campaign Was Family Project By FRANCES LEWtNE LOS ANGELES (AP)--The Ken- aerfy clarv-three generations of it --went to bat with money, sweat und stamina to get Sen. John F. Kennedy the Democratic presi- lential nomination. Their team spirit got its start n the playing fields o! Harvard, rhey found it could score for them n politics too. Alongside Jack were Kennedys ·anging from bis multimillionaire 'atlier, Joseph P. Kennedy, ex-am- jassador to Britain, to the fam- ly's 16 grandchildren. Youthful Kennedy brothers visit- id coal mines, leaped from ski umps and worked around the :lcck in primaries from New iampshirc to West Virginia. His wife, mother and sisters (resided at political teas and re- reptlons, lands. In-laws sh o ok thousands of pitched in as well. Vmong these is movie actor Peter Lawford. Father Sidelined The subtle rules of the game eft the ranking Kennedy clans- nan on the sidelines, though. Joe Kennedy, 71, whoso major unbition is to see his son presi- lent, kept out of the campaign hmt line and made no public jpeeches. Jack and his aides reportedly bought it best for the controver (Homemade--100%) TAKE-HOME TACKS AVAILAIII Phor.i 250 Urand Or Enjoy It In Our AIR CONDITIONED DINING ROOM WHERE FOOD IS ALWAYS GOOD! Open Seven Days A Week i L I L L O ' S f (RESTAURANT 4 P.M. 1.11 P.M. ( Hwy. 82 E. Lelandj "OvAjnty Food El FlrU' sial old man to stay on the side- ines, though they say he exerted terrific" influence over Jack. Joe Kennedy has his own political scars. He served as U.S. ambassador to Britain in the days ol Munich and Adolf Hitler. The elder Kennedy is still agged with an isolationist label rom those early World War II ays when he tried to keep Amerca out of the war "unless we are Hacked." He was a good friend of British 'rime Minister Neville Chamber- ain and staunch admirer ol Chamberlain's "p e a ce in our time" dealings with Hitler. * * A He was called an appeaser, charge he said was 'false and malicious." Though he later lashed out a' ·Jazi brutality and persecution Cennedy said in 1958 that dicta ors and democratic countries, instead of hammering away at each other, should try to establish gooc relations. 'We have to live together in the same world, whether we like it or not," he said. It was reported that Ambassa dor K e n nedy urged Winston Churchill to make a deal with Hit :er after Dunkirk. Kennedy finally resigned as ambassador at the end of 1MO. Eight years ago, when son Jack aunched his Senate career, fathe Joe tried to sever the cords political inheritance. Disagrees With Son Joe Kennedy declared he was in complete disagreement wit! his son" on foreign policy, couldn't possibly have a worse argument with anyone about for eign policy than I have had witl my son," be added. But Joe Kennedy was pluggin: [or Jack to win. the senatoria nomination and the subsequen election. He didn't make public speeche or campaign for his son. But ever tlwn he wore a deep blue tie wit the silver inscription 'Kenned for P re s ident," a gift from friends. The driving ambition of pres dential candidate Kennedy doubt less comes from his Irish-Cathc Q. Where can I save 25 to 30% on Paint? A. The Goyer Paint Department, 815 Alexander. Q. Do they have finest quality paints? ·\. Pee Gee is rated No. I by two testing labs. O. How does Pee Gee stand up in this climate? A. Pee Gee has been made in the South to withstand South- conditions since 1867. Q. Does Goyer have anyone to help with paint problems? A. Yes, "Dan the Paint Man" has over 25 years experience. G O Y E R C O . - ( P a i n t Dept.) Phone ED 2-8152 815 Alexander Free Parking FLORIDA C01UE« COUHIY -- 60 MILES WEST Of MIAMI · NO CLOSING COST · NO TAXES TIL PAID a 5 § B · NO INTEREST · SO DAY MONtY BACK GUARANTEE Buying tand cheap, hoUing IT, o/wf Mffing it wtan progrcil move) trt--ha* made mon*x btyond · xpeclaTKXD for rtxxjwrvfiof tmafl invctlori. SlKh ii rh« land now offtrid In Collier Counly -- vn- kaproved -- undeveloped, rh« way It thouM be. At Florida £rowi, land must become icare* and prket wM reipond accordingly. N mokef good lenie to ger in the ground floor and invert when prkeiorelow.Don'Ibe e"WiiVI-nadd a M acrrtowl 7JS5BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB Florida Sunihln* Atr.age, Inc. AO390JC-11) 9J7 llr.«ln Read · Miwi,! bceh 39, Fbrid* [NCLOStD UNO DEWSIT. Fi*ou MIIIVI far MB: 7'/r acrtt for $395, $10 p»r month, SI Dawn 5 ccni far $695, $15 Dir mawk, i5 DCWM ..10 °rn lor J1,»S. $75 pir manlS, JtO Do-. c father. Brought up in a mod- rately well-to-do Boston family, oe Kennedy set out to be a mil- ronaire by the time he was 35-- nd succeeded far ahead of sched- le. * * * Today, Joe Kennedy's wealth, erivcd from banking, liquor, the otion picture industry, shipping nd Wall Street interests, seen estimated in the tens of mil- To each of his nine childrei even are still living--he said he ave a trust fund ot "at least a illlion" each. The Kennedy family, including 11 those married into it, are ght-knil group. They are devout Catholics. Cardinals have officiat- 1 at their weddings. When the clan gathers at amily summer home at Hyannis 'ort, Mass., on Cape Cod, etics is usually the main interest^ 'ouch football has long been avorite with them. Joe Kennedy's four so: owed in his footsteps and were graduated from Harvard, where hey starred at baseball, football ir swimming. Five Daughters Ifis five daughters were educated in Catholic schools, convents J and colleges. AH but the eldest daughter, I Rosemary, who teaches in a con-M vent school, are married and have|| children. Tragedy struck two of the Ken-jj nedy children. Eldest son, Joseph P. Kennedyjl Ir., was killed as a Navy pilot i n j l World War II. He had been the'l Irst of the young Kennedys toil embark on a political carer. Kathleen Kennedy, already ai| war widow, was killed in a planejl crash in France in 1£M8 at the ag of 28. Her husband, son [British duke, had been killed in World War II combat. Success at a youthful age seems !o be a family pattern. President of a Boston bank at age 25, Joe Kennedy Sr. said: "It's no crime to be young." Now his son Jack, at 43 one ofj the youngest presidential nominees in history, is fighting the stigma of a youthful appearance! in seeking a venerated office. The Kennedy clan has politics in its blood. Jack's grandfather. Patrick J. Kennedy, started out running a saloon and became an East Boston political boss. His mother, Rose, was the daughter of famed Boston Mayor John F. (Honey Fitz) Fitzgerald. Perhaps as imbued with politics i as Jack are his two brothers, Edi ward and Robert, both lawyers | and stalwart campaigners. The youngest, Edward, 28, nicknamed Teddy, took over in 1958 as Jack's campaign manager and has been in the thick of things since. When Jack ran for the senate in] 1952, brother Robert F. had fhe| campaign job. Since then, Bobby, 33, rose to a pronrnent role as chief counsel of the Senate investigations subcommittee. Last September, Bobby quit his Senate investigating job to write a book about labor rackets, entitled 'The Enemy Within." It was published in the midst of the 1560 Strut Stalt.. ! Of COUM!IC£ HBY, ROCKY J OLfpRESS TOO PASTJ x VDU FOfZGOTTO \ TAxe OFF YOUR } ~X MAN, W H B N I O O HTCKfrl X WGBP COMBAT BOOTS ROCKV CANY WMTTOEr M Mrs CIVVIES AMP GO TO TOWN ' 5trr MOSTLY I WAS MV FAVORITE SANCAMICH- SflROJNES,GORGON2 CHEESE", MINCEMEAT I MPOSS1BLE.' I HAD TWO JUST LIKE IT BEFORE I VW6NT TO SEC4 AND THEV DIDN'T BOTHER ME I WONDER WHAT GAVE ME THIS STDMACtt i ACHE.' mmaries, adding to the Kennedy Jean is Mrs. Stephen E. Smith whose husband now devotes hi, Jack is the author of "Why Eng- K ennedy-for-Presi land Slept," and the Pulitzer Prize dent headquarters in Washington winning "Profiles in Courage.' He's on leave as vice president of Bobby leads the Kennedys in the his father's New York tugboat and fork race. He and his wife,' Ethel, transportation firm, Cleary Bros lave seven children, ranging from 6 months to 8 years. lege roommate, Ethel Skakel When Bobby brought his young- reenwich, Conn., to her brother, sters a live sea lion for a Christ- Bob, and they married in 1950. mas present in 1959, it broke info Sargent Schriver Jr., son ol a New GAZDEI!VAKE I CAST TX:: PAKTY WAS- KJ«T«Z CAtlcP OFF B = K:P= C2 AFTER OH ACCOWT I A« SENT to THE OF RA-'tf ' i UVFEKtEC^P ME« MJADecrt from the family swimming pool. investment banker and During the primaries this year, Jack's mother, Rose, wore a silver pin miniature of the Navy PT boat now heads the huge Mer-i chandise Mart in Chicago, a Ken- fame in World War II. She toid voters Jack "will do everything Jack's sister Rosemary possible to keep us out of war if publicity. Now 40, she teaches at Catholic school for exceptional On a three-day tour of Maryland children, St. Coletta's at Jefferson, Wis. Donations of 12J4 million dollars have been made in the past 10 doesn't get info political discussions. "I just talk about Jack's lifetime dedication to history and through the Lt. Joseph government, how he grew up in Kennedy Jr. Memorial Foundation political background and that to institutions doing research and Sisters Patricia, Jean and Eu- NO_.OWIYAMETE SHUT UP HERE... AWAY FKCVttHW.-.! IO-.IS CAN 6HE VATT_. AlCNE Pat is married to actor Peter Jack and his wife, Jacqueline, HE'S BEEN HfKE ,..WTMHER?f Lawford, who converted to Cathol- have just one daughter, Caroline. icism to marry her. They have But another child is on the way. PIANOS N E W A N D U S E D F O R E V E R Y B U D G E T I OUGHT f TO PLUG H!M, BUT A SHOT WCULC" TELL TOE COPS WHERE WE ASE... Pianos Guaranteed Good selection of Music Books and Sheet Music. BARENIS MUSIC CO. Highway 1 South, Greenville, Miss. 2nd Block North of Hwy. 82 East Dial ED 2-7089 LOOK, LADY, I NEVER HURTAHYBOOY. THIS IS AN ELECTRIC NEEDt-E. 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