The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on January 9, 1948 · Page 5
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 5

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, January 9, 1948
Page 5
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TIIB DAM MESSENGER GANANfcMGtJA, N. Y. FRIDAY; JANUARY 9,1948 New County Committees Named By Chairman Arthur E. ·· The.'-'ijteit :step tow.ard starting | members this year. . . - . · · the mtrclnnerv of county govern- Geneva city's new supervisor the ment for '1948 was completed late yesterday- when Arthur E. Treble of Richmond, new chairman of the county board of supervisors announced his list of standing committee, appointments for the year. Eight .cannnittees have been completely reorganized and. 15 of the total 18 working groups have new chairmen. Supervisor W. Robert Light foote of Seneca retains chairmanship of Benson Oakley is the new chairman of the - sheriff's committee which last year worked with the. State -Correction commission on plans for a new county jail here and. in making case load adjustments. : Kvereu Caiman of Hopewell, -long time board member and Roy W. Wyman, Frmington's representative for six years will work with Oakley. Francis Finnick, one of Canant^e co^erV coimnmee and as- daigua city* Uv^ iJP^ntatjyj on s'ilaries this year assisted by sumed leadership of Uie equalization- committee, one of the board's most important finance assignments. Robert Emory, new Naples Page and Lightfoote and also tfie elections committee. Caiman will work 'with Finnick on the latter District Deputy to Visit Rebekahs :Miss Isobel Meehan, Holcomb. district deputy president of On? tario District 1, Rebekah .Lodge, will make her official visit to Can- andaisua lodge tonight at, 7:30 in IOOF Temple. Mrs. Lueila Wheeler, noble grand, will preside. The entertainment committee is Mrs. Dorothy Brahm,' Mrs. ..Ada Carter and Mrs. iavina Carson. Rising Cost of Living, Street Needs Principal Causes of Hike In Canandaigua's City Bw , . __ . , - _. | l\ U1 IV W 1 I 11 supervisor will work w i t h L,g it( commiuee . foote,:qn ..the coroners committee , Canandaigua . s second boai . d r . ep - i this year;and UA? following J resenlal5ve , and new this ye ar,J^ tosyix:Representatives will complete | M lvin L Spencei - who has been 1he:«iualT29tiqjl commit tee: James j d chail , 1ian ofi . the county G. Reed/.-Bnstol; James L. N i n e - , treasurei , s con .._.i U ee. Assisting, stine, ..Geneva city; Roy G. Swan. , h l m ! wil , ^ East B loomfield's Canadice;. John A. Page. Phelps. newl pected supervisor Carle.ton ' Fayette Taylor of Geneva town, j B Gauss veteran-'board .member will again j i_ no t. ier newcomer to the board- head . the finance .Committee _ Bruce Martin from Manchester working · out, the. annflal budgets j wi]1 ^- ireci the work of the district assis'ted by. Ganandaigua town , attO! . ney ' S committee w i t h the aid sup'emsor Alfred H. Dewey and , of Oak f ey . Alexander. M. Lane, of Gorham.; By r o n ' Blazey from Victor who Dewey'heads the board- r s seniority j nas ' sat on l h jj board for several list and:',Lane has represented his - -· - tpWn_jfor* a number of years. D£we"this year lieads the public \velf are-committee which, works closely.'with "the office of the com-1 terms this year will head the judiciary group which deals with selection of grand jurors and the county's courts.-.Emory will assist, j Hopkins, warder; Mrs. W. Stanton The general administration com- I Webster, musician, and Miss Carol Eastern Installs New Oiiicers Here About 85 members and guests, including Miss Cora Concanon, Victor, district deputy, attended the installation of new officers of ^..^ _ __ _ Canandnigua chapter, OLS, last while i ncre ases in estimated night in Masonic Temple. Under direction of Mrs. J. G. .Harden^ stine, dinner was served preceding the ceremonies. Eniblematic stars and candles in the five chapter colors, with flowers, decorated the tables. Mrs. Charles E. Lincoln was dining room chairman. Visitors were from Victor and Honeoye Falls. Past Patron George B. Gregg was installing officer assisted by Mrs. Ernest C. Pearce, retiring matron, and Mrs. Stuart Patterson as marshals; Mrs. Kathryn Her| _ _ _ _ _ ririgt'on.' chaplain; Mrs. John R~ j which was accumulated from an- .The rising cost of living, and the '$1,513.90. Increased. 5213 W; for ' salaries and wages, $16o.90, foi purchase of equipment, S50. Park department -- swimming school. $1,650. Increased $300; for salaries and wages, §200; for new diving board in purchase of equip- deterioration of the surface ,of Main street were the most .direct causes of the two principal increases in the $212,209.52 general city budget. The cost-of-living boost of salaries and wages in all city .departments, excepting water, amounts to the approximate total of S13 r 452.50, while appearing in the miscellaneous fund i.-i an item for, $3. 350 as a down payment on" the estimatea $67,000 Main street resurfacing program, which would be financed by 10-year-bonds. However, cuts in appropriations for items in several, departments, reduces Vhe' net gain of the 1'148 budget- to a total of $6-123.06; nu'es reduce the total, to be through .the general tax levy to $93,439.41, a gain of only $1,448.53. This should hardly effect last year's general tax rate of $9.93 per $1,000 -of assessed valuation^ insuring that the rate remains within the legal limit of one per cent. City Reserve Fund But of equal importance is the fact that the city's rainy-day re- servo held in the general equipment and maintainance fund. missioner,. farm V--the. county Jiome: and j m ittee this, year is led by Roy G. · E. Burden, soloist, jspitais, . veieian.-.' -relief j j_. w an from Canadice w i t h Finnic}: Oliicers Insiaiieu agencies,.'and. the old age assis- : as t h'e second member. TaiicJiprogram. Working .with .'him this; 1 year. .are: Fred Howes, West Blcxjmfield^and Richard -D. Morse, South -" Bristol-, both new board Say ",;..-' Easy to Say .to your bartender "Utica for mine please." Advt. Edwin ..G. Dobbin, Geneva city's second representative again heads the workmen's compensation, in-' surance committee with Wyman,' Nineslirie and Treble completing the slate. Wyman was . returned to the chairmanship of the agriculture committee assisted by. Gauss and Taylor. The-remainder of the committees include: Court house, Page and Caiman; 'legislation and improved- methods, Treble, Dobbin, and Spencer; supervisors' Morse and Gauss. j Jan. 6th thru IOth at JFLOVti'S SfPORT SHOP .. -»£ '' cu K-J * - * .Installation of officers, .annual 3'eports of officers and chairmen, · Inducted, were: Worthy matron, Mrs. Benjamin R. Mason; patron; Milton S. Hall; associate matron, Mrs. Charles E. Lincoln; secretary, Mrs. .1. Hart Kinsey; treasurer, Mrs. Milton S. Hall; condustress, Mrs. George Stanton: associate conductress, Mrs. Claude G. Baker; chaplain, Mrs. J. C. Hardenstine; marshal, Mrs. Dale-_C. Lester; assistant marshal, Mrs. Clarence McMahon; historian, Mrs. Luther R. Mover; musician, Mrs. Jane Shepard:"warder, Mrs. Howard Lamphier; sentinel, Mrs. Carrie A, Persons; color bearer, Mrs. Harold C. Mayer; -Adah, Mrs. Ellis Hallock; Ruth, Mrs. Thomas H. Tackbary; Esther,-Mrs. A r t h u r - J . Stanton;" Martha, Mrs. Milton M. Munson; Electa, Mrs. Frederick G. Kinde; trustee for three years, Mrs-. Pearce. Reports for the year were presented by the retiring-, matron; historian' Mrs. Harry Clauss; ; and Mrs. Benjamin Mason, chairman of- the sunshine committee, pre- YOURSELF of 194S ·"·committees ; nd ii (k-dication ptogn»n featured the January meeting-of, the Meth- joaisiAVo.i-neVs-Society-.of Christian c,.,...j,.p-.; 1f Vfl vesterdav afternoon at the church.-Luncheon.was.serv- ed- by-Adelaide Avenue. group, : "under .chairmanship o£ Miss -Jessie Benson, preceding the meeting, which was opened Avitii devotions by Mrs. ,W. .E. Douglass, -. ". : ·· Airs. Strait -President . After .presentation:':.-of ·· reports, the.vJlev. Eloyd V^-MofEett,-. pastor," installed-' the f olio wmg ".officers; President, Mrs. ·Clifford .N- Strait; vice-president -and' program- chairman, -Mrs. · .-George' W.. Urstadt; second' viceTpresident and_.niission- ary .education: secretaryr"fiVIrs. Clarence . A. Benham"; : correspBpd- :h§ secretary,--Mrs,. Floyd.D. B.ut- le'n ·.··'-iecordiii§; secretary, Mrs. 'Howard .Dewey;. · J-regsurer,: -M-fs. ceding the installation, which, was followed. by iiresentat^on of gifts. Many Presentations · '- ·' Mrs. Pearce presented a regls- t-er to the chapter and received a gift from the chapter, presented nual operating surpluses throughput many past, years, and which has) been^untouched for the past several years, is -facing ·.vii.hch'aw.- als'. that" may total" S14.S50. This sum would be used for, the purchase-of a -new truck and;street flusher, 53,200'.arid $8,600 respectively, a hew traffic light, $1,000, a chain-link fence for Red Jacket park, $850, and- ^ boilers for "t he two firehouses, 51,200.' · A summary of total appropriations, listing net increases, and the purposes of nuch. follows: . Assessors. 51,608. Increased by $112.50, for salaries and wages. Common council. S565. No change. Mayor. $1,495. Increased $100 for salaries. . City treasurer. $4.380. Increased $340, salaries. City attorney. $4,050. Increased S1.125, for salaries, §125, and for estimated cost of. foreclosing lax liens, $1,000. -City clerk. Increased S305; salaries, S240, office expense, S65. Civil servf.ce commission. S430. Increased $100, of f ice "expenses. Election. $1,815. Net ·inerease- $100. Salaries and wages, up ?200; other expenses down $100. City sealer. $500. Increased $50, salary, ,. Miscellaneous.. Net, increase S4, V7^ T7 .nent item. $100. Parking meters. §2,900. Increased $200, for salaries and wages. Sewer department. $1,515. Increased S150, for materials and .._. .o: ^ ., ^Up^JilCC). Sewer department -- disposal. 34,150. Increased $400 for salaries a n d wages. · . · · Bureau of police. $36,593.64. Net increase, $4,493.41. Increases: salaries and wages, $3,318.41; office expenses, S140; printing and ad- _vertising, $15; . maintenance of "equipment, $1,275; materials and supplies, $270; traffic lights, $25. ·Decreases: purchase of equipment, $550. : Bureau oi. fire-fire force. $19, 405.80. Increased $2.373. For salaries and wages, $1.648; maintenance of equipment. S725. Bureau of fire-fire house. $4. S59. Increased $792; for salaries and wages, $24: materials and supplies, $425; light and power, S40; repairs, $200- Bureau of fire-fire alarm sys-. tern. $1,015. Decreased S300. for materials and supplies.. 2 St. John's Groups Planning ior Lent St. Anne's chapter, of. the .W.o : ' man's" auxiliary, St.-J.ohn vhurcb; held a dessert meeting, last' evening with-.-Mrs. .Robert M.' Elliott. North Main street^ 'fire' dessert' course preceding a business session. Members voted S5 toward a-fund for the new Diocesan HouSe' in Rochester. The group will, sponsor one o f . a series qi/5lver. teas, during Lent. Plans : were, made to serve supper precede _ the .Woman!s auxiliary'' meeting" Jan. -3'f iri the parish "house. Mrs.' Richard Jameson; Rochester, will be speaker. The next meeting, Feb. 5, at 8- p. m., will be with -Mrs. M. L Spencer, Fort Hill avenue. -Plans for observing Lent anct holding a silver ' tea during t h a t season were made last night at a. meeting of St. Hilda's chapter with, Mrs. Robert C. Dunn at. the.xec-' lory. .. .'i. '.'.'; '. . The meeting, was preceded^by; siipper iri char"'.-3£«s?.?3«p: : l_,-. Jones, Mrs.' Charlotte. Darling.ojicl Miss" Florence .Springer, 3'nd % highlighted by the annual Christmas party and:exchange-.of gi.Ct.}-Th«; next meeting"" will "be with Mrs.' Edward Sick, Academy place, Feb. Strong Breeders 1 Organization Urged at ' ' "Hie potential . ; 6f the purebred. Rodney Pease; sheep industry lies in a strong j agricultural breeders' organization." L. K. Bear, j with the I Ohio State sheep specialist told I and Markets members of the state purebred im-1 master at last Prof. Jonn provement project 'and the. .state i introduced rroi. J""" ^"gatiaH' sheep growers' cooperative" at a j head ' of- Cor nelLs, sgeep-.j^g,, ic-'int dinner-meeting last night, i ment and - Dr. D.-W. ^jaK^^^y The two groups.are^conducting a' "-- ·-'----:.^««-~ -at-awnwiv, two-day state to hear reports 'of : ' commit teemen Bureau Of Health Board of healtli. $4,678. Increased. $150; lor supplies and 01- fice expenses. $100; for doctors' bills, §50. Although the 1948 budget of the city water department, also adopted by the common-'counciL-.Wed- nesday, ; exceeds that o f ' t^ie pre r vious'year by nearly $4.000;' it was brought into balance by an estimated increase in revenue ex- Devereaux lew Leader r ' William J. Devereaux 'was elecf- ted ^rc.sider.t of "the Canandais-uri ·Bit'n'Spur club last night at - a brief business iiekl .in connection with--a '-· holiday party .and dinner in 'Grange hall. .He . -succeeds Sherman ' " Beemnh, ' " who had' held" office' sin'ce : ;_t'he".'eli.ib ·was orgamsied 'two 'year's, '.ago.- -.; 'Others chosen were ^Vice-president, George L. -Zimmerman; secretary, Mrs. Sherman H. Beeman, pected to result from the new wa- SUC n e eding Miss Isabeile Thomp- ter-billing system whicli went into SQn who ha( ._ serye _,- Uy p vears; ... M.duefi?e it to yourself and t your hard-earned Liist the many haz- foir^which'.insurance is avail- i*. .'MtK'.'a -K_iti?' tlipuglit and opi.. advice,'. a sy^fl-balanced pro. gram can be arranged to cost suiprisingly little. Without obligation, ask us to discuss it. with you, -E. £hone-l... 74 So. Main CLtarles --F..mental secrecari'es and ;comiTtiitiee chairmen as. recently., announced.. Mrs. Strait announced standing committees, of \vtiich. the chairmen are-as follows: Program, Mrs. George W. Urstadt; fiiian'ce, Mrs. Charles F. Bemis; spiritual life, Mrs..W. Everett Douglass; parsonage, the president-and group chairman; social." relations .and local church ·activities, Miss Ruth Wilder; supplies, Mrs: jAlton S. Johnson; membership, Mrs. Herman Romevserh : »x'ecutiv : _oorarnit- tee x officers and group chairmen. A dedication .^and 'consecration service for the'.work of the coming year was in charge- of the program committee and included singing of hymns. The next meeting will be Feb.: 5 with West Lake ! road group in charge of luncheon-. RETURN TO CITY Mrs. Everett Witter and daughter. Miss Peggy Witter,.'formerly of this city, who have, been in Buffalo, are spending some time with Mrs. Witte.r's brother-in-law.'E. B: Spencer, and Miss Jessie Benson, Chapin- street OV J V a L i i i _ v l * _ matron's jewel, presented by the.. patron, Mr. Hall, and both Mrs.; Pearce and Mr. Hall received gifts. from the · Officers' club, presented by "Mrs.- Arthur Stanton; ."Mrs. Mason, new matron,, presented · a white leather covered Bible for the, -attar to the chapter, accepted by ^ Patron Hall. She-, also receiv.ed a gift from -the chapter, presented by Mrs. George Stanton, and from the district deputy; Miss Goncanon. .Mrs. Pearce gave her a gavel- pin -and she also received floyvers and other gifts from friends. In. recognition of her'. work as -assistant secretary, Miss Kathryn Curtis, was' presented a gift by Mrs. ' Kinsey, .secretary. ' 194* Committees ; Appointment --of. -standing committees was announced by the new matron as follows: · Ways and means, Mrs.- F. G. Kinde, Mrs. George Stanton, Mrs. T. H. Tackbary, Mrs. Ellis Hallock, Mrs. Milton Munson and Mrs. Arthur Stanton; sunshine, Mrs. ·Stuart Patterson, Mrs. Charles Lincoln,. Mrs. John D. Cotton, Mrs. Lee Moll' and Miss Lillian Freed; finance, Mrs. Kathryn Herrington, Mrs. Donald Howard and Mrs. Leo S. Covel; investigation, : Milton Hall, Mrs. F. W. Kaiser and Mrs. Stanton Webster; . kitchen, Mrs. Dale Lester^Mrs. F. H. Jeudevine, Mrs. Miltori: :-Hall, Mrs. Benjamin- Mason'-and' Mrs* Carrie A. Persons- dining room, Mrs. John R Hopkins, Mrs. F. -William Young Miss Lutie L. -Gooding, Mrs. Wil- of 100% Wool LANKETS effect this month. Principal items in which increased appropriations are made for 1948, as compared to the..previous year, are for salaries and wages 1 at a total of. $1,434; light treasurer, Mrs. Robert M. Austin re-elected; custodian of club properties and jaaishal .of olu.b activities, Mr. Be?man. and pre.s? correspondent, Mrs. Williarh H Welch.-In a separate mee.Ung. the Hoffman as t h e i r voting- representative. A roast beef dinner was ssryen and power for the pumping sta- , vounger members elected Darlenb tion, $1,000: reconstruction of the I - - -- - · -· --: «··- reservoir road, $2,000;.' administrative expense in »he office and gen- ^ ,_, uol . ^ v ^ , eral fund, $1,000; and of $1,400 to *^ p \vards of 100 members fay the for the purchase of equipment i n 1 - - -- · - the operations and maintenance fund (this $1.400 sum is included for the purchase of a pick-up truck). Estimated Revenues The .principal increase expected of estimated revenues is a jump of $4,000 in local assistance to .be, received from the slate, set at $52,000 .for 1948. ' · Other frtt- major general committee, Mr. and Mrs Zimmerman, Mr. and -Mrs. R.ay Brockelbank, Mr. and Ivlrs. Walter Kornbau and Mr. and Mrs. Harolc Babbitt. Crepe paper in the club colors, blue and gold, decorateo the table?. Exchange of gifts from a decorated Christmas tree provided entertainment, together with piano selections by Shirley- Scott, R i c h - _ Veterinarian" " ' · · "1. . .. WiUman told' thrj .feeding- : of vi""-'-^ 1 to solve the He outlined-various". ,,_.-,. which are being. run'.on;'a-.ne_ra^ Dr. Baker ; ci6ninie'iitM i *'^if.-.c_S\ l disappearance .. oi. slwJgg-.,;.. _L^Oi_t and the .strides Toeing.. itface · W ward the . stamping., QM.t. H-y«*$ worms -of the smaU^va.jae.ty.f^^ ' Marketing.^pecialist r Roberts, spoke o f . t h e ^ i general improvement . : ^ past 20 years. He ,.st reports from 11 counties who represent each breed of sheep, produced' in, the state and to elecf new'officers and directors. The improvement.proje^t will be iieaded this- year by .Glenn.. Mc\ r all c.-i Wyoming as cnuirnian. ·Toward .Hill of Albion is the association's.; vicerchairman . . a n d ;eorge Johnson, Cornell extension, sheep worker _ .retaias··._ the secretary-treasurer post. ' · Increase Not Likely Bear also told sheepmen that i -- .-- - .- , lie sheep population is not likely i sheep are again coming 11 o increase fo any extent unless T own throughout -the- cou amb prices are cut. The f u t u r e of i that progresses ,;slow commercial flocks which-., are; tjie^ average., b - J -- oackbone of the industry. Bear pointed, out, is in the running of he one-ram farm flock: "This means that" cooperative marketing is very, likely to be the efficient way to handle'the relatively s m a l t - 'dips-'; on : a ;'graded oasis'" Bear .said. "Lamb .pools, \vivh principals.patterned after the wool pool, should' provide the incentive, to do. ..a good job. · · ' · ' ' ''" The .. f u t u r e , y of the , purebred sheep "industry,.,B^ap. .-.said, . looks insecure but" organization was iiM.fcii us !iie Oiirv hope-, for footing. Farmers afe«- f beginning to produce foods especially -adapted to'sheep' feeding"anff- are- producing- some remarkable- results ; he said. The interes.t;'.kindled' in the junior breeder- is^a' i! goda portent and- slipuld · be.· encouraged : he stated! . . ' ' · ' . . , . . - , - Committeemen I:: \-:-. A New committeem,en for -the |Mt provement project group, nft^ vesterday include::Cofriedalei.tPS don Brace, Albion; , ,Sr-"~"» Glen McNall.-'WyomiAg;-SuJ Ed Buchanan,' Hammondr'.' boulliets, .Charles. Brinlcerhoffjjfl ' , terlaken; Lpngwools, Joe' L.S|-«_«5 Continued on page 6i:-'.,SJi Pasteurized mi $ £-/u*r. 'J^t^lif L LHYHQU5E* TODAY Here Are Two" Action arid Laiigh-Packeii Everyone- .WiiLEnjpy!,_!.! SMUGGLED PEARLS STOLEN LTTPS . employees' .. retirement,, $2,000; Memorial Day, $75; do.wn payment on bonds to be issued (added gai) $3,350. Decreases: Insurance, 31,300; other expenses, $151 .63. Debt B.own .Public -debt. .§6,050. Decreased $766. Bond retirement, $500; in- teres.t, $266. City judge. $3,205. Increased S922.50. Salary, S-772.50; office expenses, $150. . . Reserve r . fund. S6,050.25. Decreased S766. Veterans agency. $200.' Unchanged. . . ComD.ensation of- beard members. $180. Unchanged.' ; Board of public works;--compensation of board members. $130. Unchanged. Office of superintedent (of public works) $5,206.67. Total · increase $776.67. Salary, $776.67; office expenses, S10. City hall. $3,550.76. Net decrease $1,639.49. Increases: Salaries and wages, S1.Q51; .materials and supplies, $50. '; Decreases: Repairs. judge's office, up $3,000 to $6,000, | Korn _; au _ - S300; clock, $500.. Cemeteries; $2,327.84. Net increase, $541.84. Jncreases: Salaries, $691.84. Decreases: Materials and supplies, $50. .. , Highways. ..$65,128. Net decrease $3,867. Increases: Salaries and 'wages, 53,000; maintainance of equipment, S600; snow and ice removal, $2,000; street marking, S7o; street lighting, $200; and new roof-garase. $400. Decreases: Pur- a lOOrper-cent jump; $3,000 resulting from the sale of city property acquired in a tax sale of 1945, an item that did not show in 1947; and the $1,448.46 increase in the general ta.x levy. The estimated revenue totals, and the amount of increase or decrease as compared with the previous year, follows: ' General - Tax-$93,439.41, up $1, 448.46; city clerk's office-$2,500, up $100; city treasurer's office, $100, unchanged; city judge's office$6,000, up $3,000; local assistance :o be received from the state$52 000, up $4,000; mortgage taxes- 53,500, 'up $500; from Canandaigua town's share of city hall ex- Denses-$500, unchanged; interest on legacy-$600, unchanged. Water department administrative expense-$6,500, up $1,000; cemetery trust interest-$70._ unchanged; parking meters-$l5,000, up $1,000; fire protection districts$3800, down $127.41; meat in- speclion-$l,000, unchanged; utility tax-$4,500, unchanged; unapplied share of state utility tax, chap. 116, laws of .1944-86,050.25, do\yn. $760; aid from New York state youth commission for recreation program-51,000, unchanged. The $12,249.86 in revenue resulting from the 1947 current surplus represents a decrease of $7, 032.06 from that realized in 1947 from the surplus of 1946. Haiv H. Carter and Mr?. Edward roof-garage. !wOO. Decreases: H. Knapp; drill mistress, Mrs. J. j chase of equipment, $10.142_. Knapp C. Hardenstine.. The next meeting will be Jan. New members seated were J3r. : and Mrs. Norman Lewis, "Mr. and Mrs. Grin Doell, Mr. and Mrs. Beryl Manning and Mr. and Mrs. John Purdy. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon H. McCuen were guests of the club. The next meeting will be at the City hall Feb. 4. CALLED BY DEATH Among those called here by the death of Thomas Johnson, Washington street, were Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Johnson and John H. Green, Rochester; Lt. ij.g.) James R. Green, Norfolk, Va.; Walter A. Stewart, Southbridge, Mass.. and Miss Mercedes Tierney, Lyons. IBiireau Rejiort On Meetings Several Canandaigua Home Bureau units have reported on their meetings this week. Canandaisua Afternoon unit held an ail-day meeting at the' Court house for the first lesson on beginners' sewing. A similar meeting will be held at the same place .Jan. 15. Hopewell unit met at the home of Mrs. William Dannahe Thursday for the first lesson in beginners' sewing, with seven present.. Mrs. James Berry, chairman, conducted the meeting. The next will be. Fri'dav, J'an.'lG, at 10 a ; m. at. tlje home of Mrs. William Stoddard for the second tesson on sew- i Park department. $825. Increase, $75, for salaries and wages. Park Department Park department--Red Jacket park. $3,913.44. Net decrease, $'-', 39.Q.50. Increases: Salaries and wages, :$763.44; materials and .supplies, $410; power, $200. Decreases: (the playground-park : recreational program item--$500, for 19^8, re- places'the. lighting item, $6,270, of 3947) .$5,770, . P a r k depart ment -- K.?rshaw park.. £1,863.92, Increased $213.92. for salaries and -wages. VBepartment Store 195 Sb. MainlSt. ing. »· Aloquiti -unit, met with Mrs. George Vogt-Wednesday afternoon to cut patterns for making gloves. Mrs. William R. Pearl, chairman, presided at a business, .meeting, w h e n " a letter from Mrs. Alice Leete Wheeler, county agent, was read, '.hanking the units for sharing her transportation expenses.}.o the national meeting in Chicago and expressing appreciation ior notes of congratulation en her state and national honors. A le.w member, Mrs. David Gibbs, was seated. Plans .we're made-..for another glove lesson next Wednes- c.ay,wiih :, yogi, .the all-day session to begin at 10 a. m. Park department--lake pier. S500, unchanged. Park department--playground?. Sentence Suspended JFdr twb Boys Here * - · '. A suspended, sentence and a two-vear period of probation was Assessed against each of two 18- year-old, boys who were arraigned before City Judge Edward J. CoJ- mey.on charges resulting from ah alleged trip with two young girls of this city. The youths, from Williamson and Newark, N. Y., pleaded guilty to violation of .section 883 of the penal law, upon : being arraigned as youthful" offenders. They were represented by Samuel Levy, local attorney. . The trip with the girls started when the quartet left this city Monday afternoon, police charged. They were apprehended Wednesday afternoon, at Solvay, near Syracuse, by .state police, after having traveled as 'far as Wilke.s- Barre, Pn. They were returning to this' city at the time, police state, . . _. Deaths MRS. JOSEPHINE P. HORTON Mrs Josephine Phalen Hcrlon, 79 of 39 Chapin street, died early this morning in Thompson hospital after a two weeks' illness. A registered nurse. Mrs. HOI- ton was the widow of Ezra Horton, Penn Yan hardware merchant, who died in'1937. She'had made hei home here for about 10 year*. Born in. this state. Jan. 5. 186J. she was the daughter of Matthew and Bets'v Wyman Phalen, and was a graduate of Buffalo General hospital training school. She was a member of Amity chapter, OES, of Penn Yan. Survivors are a brother and two sisters, Wemple Phalen, Penn Yan; Mrs. S. J. Conley and Mrs. Herbert N. Hicks. Canandaigua; also several nieces and nephews. Funeral arrangements are incomplete. THOMAS JOHNSON Funeral services for Thomas Johnson, nc-nagenarian and retired Canandaigua public official, were held this afternoon from the home, 120 Washington street, the Rev, Richard H. Bowen, pastor of the Congregational church, officiating. Mr. Johnson died Tuesday in Thompson hospital of complications following a fall Aug. in which he suffered a fractured . Bearers were George R. Ellis, Howard Broomfield,- George \\ Urstadt, Cornells R. Cornehous, J Raymond Hurley and *loyd D. Butler, Canandaigua, and Maynartt Jonnson, Hopewell. Interment wil be in Woodla%vn cemetery. MEMORIALS . PERPEfUATE MEMOR1E! . L, MORE GRANITE GO. Tomorrow thru Sunday 2 Grand Hits! PLHVHQUSE SUNDAY Laugh 'Kiot'of '48 at Regular Prices · V : . lannjREES-To 0-HIT . STUART ERWIM MKE.MHM Extra Added Hits: EDGAR KENNEDY COMEDY BLACK WIDOW #7

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