The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 12, 1951 · Page 48
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 48

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 12, 1951
Page 48
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Chrfcti CALLER-TIMES, Sun, Aug. 12, 1951 Yugoslavia Opens Its Doors To Tourists - For Cash comef th* Job of r«*toriog t h « , a holiday, for tho« ·country'* "economy. All this takes!study th« country** a heavy toll in manpower asd m»-i ^y,,^ problem*. They JacceM to all information. terial. It faai begun to pay off. Milan Apih, general director ot touri*m, com* to * n d tre« "la return w« *ak nothing more APLU, KC«UZ«U WXC^lUT Ui VWUii*Aii, K estimates between 15.000 and 20,- than understanding of our prob- f r o m Austria Hems. W« know that everything p«*ect yet But we ar. work- foreigners DUBROVN1K, Yugoslavia, Aug.,ling in Yugoslavia is no picnicker's: Trleste ' tbe 11. (AP)--Yugoslavia has flung; paradise. The roads are gutted,;^, .its doors wide open to v i s i t o r strutted and dusty, crowded Jfrom the west to build up good; aimlessly wandering sheep will and bring in some spending! Geese and-most B3oto «^^ i hopes the figure will more than hard to make it so." fcgd ^ ^ pric . that M MC«H-M« pw- M dolkure h*jw pound* wad franc* kir*d k*ra acwoic bwuty and htototy. TouwU* report* back about condition* here and tb*lr ··understanding" of Yugoslavia may play a major ro!« in bringing this country and the west cloeer together. _ .jwith 2,000 last year. Next year he ^ --- ~- ^ ^ -- -- "- "% money. ; convinced--paved with Marshal Josip Broz Tito's proud: nails, and independent Communist gov-i Split Over Montenegro eminent desperately needs both to;i Mountain roads, resembling a safeguard its freedom, from t b e j c o n e y Island roller coaster with-l^^\^l£*£Z£Si of^aw' Russian-led Commform. S out tracks, would make a goat j ^terifls r «~ enwr OI raw j Yugoslavia has much to offer in!gasp. In Montenegro, the old folkj '. ' j return. From the Emerald hues i still tell the legend of how God, iuj-tourist fiaa | of its snow-capped mountains 3.". j creating the earth, girdled t h e j The government recognized this] northern Slovenia, to the c o b a l t i g l o b c with a sackful of pebbles, j year that the inflated dinar and; blues of the sunny Adriatic, there's!Here and there. He would drop askyhigh prices for almost every-j hardly a land the world over than i pebble or two for a hill or a moun-; thing sold on the free market had; can match its sheer natural beauty, i tain. The sack split over Montene-; been keeping tourists away. In anj It's a country of contrasts andjgro. Hence the ruggod terrain,effort to counteract this without: colors, a place where gray and! which has proved tough farming j disturbing the domestic monetary j stony piles of monasteries almost;-- but tougher, too tor invaders, i system, it established what isi as old as Christianity look downj The postwar regime in Yugo- known .as the "putnik"--traveler's from rugged mountains on flatj s i ay j a has done much in the last I --dinar. and fertile fields newly d o 11 e d j three vears to improve travel con- Under this plan, a tourist may whitewashed collective farms. jditions", to restore roads chewed up'buy "putnik" dinars--50 to the dol- The ragged coastline and high j by heavy military vehicles, andjlar or Its equivilant in hard cur- rnountain passes, the a n c 1 e n t j catch up' with road work suspend- j rency--which entitles the holder weathered forts along the Danube j ed during the war. | to a 70 percent discount on his and Sava Ricers, the forested Pi- IDRM SDRM TERRACE LIVING 25x17 BORM 14x14 HALL BATH DINING ENTRY GARAGE 22x22 · · · I KIT 18x8 n, - FINE FEATURES -- Most American families want a three-bedroom home today. There is still some interest in one, two and four bedroom houses, but for most of us, the three-bedroom home is ideal. In addition to being the rJKht size, the home plan shown here has many other features that a good home needs. It is an efficient, easy- to-livc-ip. floor plan. The nine closets, full basement, and double garage gives it an abundance fit floor space of all kinds. Whether you have bicycles or gardening tools, there is space to store them in this home. Inside, there is a fireplace, an extra half- bath, fiwi a stopsnvinjj kitchen. Outside, there is a terrace. All of the rooms are generous in size, you won't be crnmped or crowded here. Yet for all its sine, this is a relatively economical house to build. A perfectly rectangular floor plan, a simple roof, wisely c h o s e n materials throughout.---ail these factors contribute toward the moderate cost-per-foot figure your builder will be able to estimate. This is Better Homes Giinlens magazine Five Star Plan No. 210!!. To woo and win western tourist | hotel bill and most tourist goods. trade Yugoslavia has gone just 'Within the limits at possibility," coves which once served aa .. ,, rate's hideouts are colorful evi- about as far as it can within the Apih said, "everything has been jdence of its turbulent history. ' limitations of short supplies and j done that could b« done in the | Hard-pressed for money and fcia-! material to match the scenery, way of providing our visitors with j | terial to rebuild after World War j and climate with comfort. j foodstuffs, sports and entertam- 'll, Yugoslavia has just begun t o j It hasn't been easy. Obviously, j ment. capitalize upon the assets endow-!the first priority of Tito's gov-j "We want to make them wel- ed by nature and history. jernment centers upon maintaining [ come. We havs flung .our doors It "has been tough going. Trave-'the country's independence. Next'wide open for those who come for Native Red Cedar Fence In Nature's GLORIOUS COLORS IUST LIKE YOUR CEDAR CHEST . . Built to Your Specifications! This wood grows in this climate -- will not decay, painting not required -- termite proof -- and remember, you deal direct with the owner, therefore saving sales expense. . PAINTING: · INSULATION: . WEATHER- · ASBESTOS STRIPPING! SIDING Any Kind of Home Improvement--10% down. It mot. t» pay! ROCK WOOL INSULATION Inc. I01N.AUMEDA DIAL 4-4607 Z-5735 New Bridge To Link Delaware, New Jersey Jersey la growing in industrial 1m- j portanec, now will have quick j highway access to New York via the turnpike and to Baltimore, | Washington and the south across i the bridge. For thousands of res-1 Hdenls the bridge will be an easyj J | route to Wilmington's shopping dls- 'trlct and entertainment centers. A WILMINGTON, Del., Aug. 11. [miles o f - w i r e spun into the t w o i s u ii«t:intin! r.ommutcr development -(AP)-- Thirteen years flfter the idea j plant cables that support the brsdge i )s , WH » ct ea jimopg workers in Del- first was presented to the Delaware in graceful loops between the tow-j a w a r e jndustries . Legislature, tho world s sixth Iong- --" : est suspension bridge will be opened to traffic near here Thursday. Built at a cost of nearly $44 million and the lives of six workmen, the Delaware Memorial Bridge tween this state and New Jersey^ It is expected to bring an unprecedented business boom to both mud it will'stand as a giant memorial to World War II dend of the two states following dedication ceremonies Wednesday. First traffic flow will begin one minute after crs , ,, , With the opening of thHDclawarc For Delaware, the bridge will bri mllch doser t h n vnst ,, nlth Memorial Bridge this is the new Jcrsev sllove arcas ^ic of the na- lincup of tho world s great suspen- tion - s - busicst sum mcr playgrounds, slon bridges: Golden Gate Bridge, and Uf . food-nroducintr areas an f . o o - o San Francisco^ 4,200 feet; George T ^ wm fa ; ck w h WasWnpton Bridge. Now York, i · ^ f (jf oiu , i trftflj( , a ,, - 3,000; Tacoma iWosh.) Narrows Bridge, 2,800; Smi Francisco-Oak- u, , -, ln«rl t3oif ·p.rijlfn « Slfl- Tlrnnv. h · · to N Y k - N land Bay Bridge, 2,3,10; Bronx- Whitestpne Bridge, New York, 2,300 Delaware Memorial .Bridge, 2,150. Actual end points of the four- lane memorial bridge will be in Pigeon Point, five miles south Wednesday .midnight. Delaware and New Jersey, line [Wilmington, and Deepwater Point, opposite shores of the lower Del- near Pennsville, N. J. aware River, one of tha world's greatest commercial waterways. Thousands of ocean going vessels, some of them the world's mightiest fighting ships, churn up and down tho'two-mile wide waterway ·very yean. It is the access highway to the great port of Philadelphia, with; its docks and shipyards, and sprawling;naval base. Never: before has -man bridged the river here. Commerce between the'two states has been limited to the traffic: carried by a ferry line here, : ; .=«nother 15 miles north at Chester, Pa., and the Philadelphla- Camden bridge 10 miles further upstream. The state of Delaware Is footing the entire bill for the span, for the very good reason that the boundary line of Delaware extends to within a few feet of the Jersey shoreline. Si/* AlSle Total The bidge and its approaches have a total length of 3V a miles. Its foundations are dug 116 feet into thariver, and its towers soar 442 feet above the. low water line. There is a minimum clearance of 175 feet from the water to the lowest steel, all the way across the 1,500-foot center span. It took the equivalent of seven lOO-car freight [rains to carry the 35,410 tons needed for the structure. And the builders used_23Q,00 cubic yards of concrete, -mere are uncounted There will be the southern terminus of the .New Jersey turnpike, under construction and scheduled to open Nov. 15. The 120-mile turnpike and tlie bridge connect on the Delaware side to U. S. Route 13, the Dupont Highway south, on the Delmarva Peninsula with fe r r y connections across Chesapeake Bay to Norfolk and Newport News. Both routes 40 and 13 lead north five miles to Wilmington, and 20 miles farther-to Philadelphia. In the planning stage la still another important link, a proposed Maryland expressway along the eastern shore that will bridge the bay toward Washington. Ferry operations, from terminals a few miles south of the bridge, will halt when the bridge is opened. The state of Delaware is negotiating to purchase the ferry line 'and equipment, an dthe City of Baltimore has expressed interest in the ferry boats for possible use in a new' Chesapeake Bay service there. 15 Cent Toll Delaware Memorial Bridge travelers must pay a toll of 75 cents for pleasure cars and any vehicle weighing less than two tons. Heavy trucks, "buses and other vehicles will pay at a rate of 50 cents an.! axle. i * Business leaders of both states! predict a great boom when the j bridge links them together. South i" Wholesale Dlstribntor Electronic Equipment Co. Ph. S-9271 Ph. *-*233 805 8. Staple* 115S E, Madisoa Christ! Brownsville $«I*I COVERINGS! · ASPHALT TIL! INLAID LINOLEUM FORMICA DRAIN- BOARDS FORMICA WALL BOARDS RUBBER FLOOR WALL COVERING LINOLEUM T0% DOWN AND TJP TO SO MONTHS TO PAY ON INSTALLATION WORK. Garey Floor Covering 419 S. STAPLES DIAL 4-9401 We Sand and Finish Hardwood F/oors PLAN A DECORATING SPREE DURING YOUR VACATION-AT-HOME WITH COOK VACATION SPECIALS IT'S IASY TO HANO WAlLPAPfK WITH A WALLPAPER TOOL KIT OUR GIFT TO YOU *htt tvtfy f»o« purtKw* «f w«llp«p«f d ·tvly 1J« p«r roll cr w»r«. WO. JU9. Each Kit fncfucfosi · 12-ln. SmeotW Eru»h * Handy Trlmroor · Pat'.* Eruih · Stem Roller · Sturdy, Meta! Scraper · Chalk Plumb tin* ttimli On* To 4 Cuiomtr) EVERY HOME NEEDS A GOOD, STURDY . . . . STEP LADDER 5A VE $1.20 REGULARLY SELLS FOR $4.40 MADE OF SELECTED PINE OR FIR. STEEL SAFETY ROD UNDER EACH STEP. SPECIAL YOUR CHOICE OF WALLPAPERS ON DISPLAY Reg. 34* Patterns Reg. 44* Patterns Reg. 22 C Patterns WMWA* ·WAIT IWIOSM9 OUR LEADER STILL Reg. 54° Patterns Reg. 74 C Patterns WATtKFAST SUNFAST tMBQSSED WATERFAST SUNFAST EMBOSSED PROTECT AND BEAUTIFY YOUR HOME WITH COOK'S PAINTS · COOK'S GLARE FREE SLAT ENAMEL Us* SHADO- TONE for walls and trim. «f rich, glare-free btauty. It'* ready to use. open it, stir it, «wt? H «**ily with either * brtnh *r wBw. SHADOTONB «OTOT* «4kHy M^ dri»* quickly to » Ivnf, iMtj«tm finish that MR N s«r«bbtd ani scrubbed without harm. in MJT ro msuu row om fiooR rru WITH THIS HANDY FLOOR COVERING INSTALLATION KIT GIVEM WJTH IVIRY SlOOMTfLE ORDER ALL THIS WIEK C*mpfef» Kit tntfufost "··$|4S · Quart COOK'S HOUSE PAINT wrt mn tm ofnnmMi* mmi s » nSISTS MRMW AND RMUt » mn rrsEir awn AN» wmn BUDGET-PRICED FLOOR COVERING SPECIALS BEAUTirUl, DURABLE PLASTIC WALL TILE ONLY * M»lot totto Sprtodtf · Tilt Under-SeribK 9 linoleum Km(» · Mumb tin* and Choth · Co(np!tit.»a«y !o follow illuitrtt«d i * wm MOT onr, OR WARP! · KITCHEN tKtAff% I0i» SPOTS W3P£ Off WITH JOST A DAMP CIGTH! . EASiLY-INSTAliro «N AffY SMOOTH WAUt * CHOOSE FROM 10 LOVET COLORS! FREE Decorating Service When you re-dccorat*, plan to t*1c* advantage of Cook't complete decorating service. 0« color stylists will gladlj help yott »olv» any decorating pirtibJ«m» that may confront you ... glv* yo» f**t estimates on wallpaper *nd othw needed supplies . . . whether you intend to do one room *r the entir* hems*. STUWIS-fK-KARMOWf 9'xl2'RUG$ lUgvl'.?* tic ^ ·-** *· -- a * rvn ···· 9 ftttllMt JTANBARO WHCHT, Linoleom Tile $795 m *"* COOK'S PAINTS "BEST 1 FOK WEAR AND WEATHER* 816 N. CHRPRRRHL PHONE-4-6617 1331 S. STAPLES PHONE- 2-9477

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