The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on July 14, 1939 · Page 2
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 2

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, July 14, 1939
Page 2
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SINCLAIR CE STATION JOHN C. HUX, M*r. and SaltonsUll Paint and Wallpaper At lowest Prices MAIN Paiht a'hd Wallpaper 208 So. Main SI. CanandaiRiia, N. Y. QUOTES and NOTES _ About Life Insurance " vNews Item From '" Financial Page of York Times "S^XX ^ ^?°?$f%^^^?' H $|S§^§|^^" WTIONAL LIFE VFRMnNT S. Herbert Elliott WHmLIEI V tl\mUn I Manager Ontario County *lrit ·iTIU-imillllll till Telep]lone 147 __47 3 No . Main St. ·--·to-Betid As the Granite Hills Of Vermont" FOR THE FIRST TIME ... YOU CAN .; i. EXACT TEMPERATURES "·'-, ,, r* f f "viW* nil Dt«Jfe*tingioaK True-Temp Cold Control «y» " yoBT Ottfers! Simply dial the exact degree of cold you '"tmit end it holds it there constantly . . . providing aafe food temperatures in all parts of the refrigera- -.-tBr. regardless of rooin. temperature. See the new Westiaghousefor 1939;t£njoy betterfood protection. fi ** .*;'* "^wne-ot Quality Furnitwe." ·2U1 S*. Main St. ' ' , ,, · ' Canandafcua, N. Y. Westinghbuse Refrigerator Roseland Park ON CANANDAIGUA LAKE "Playground of the Finger Lakes" FREE ATTRACTION Starting July 16 to July 22, Inclusive CAPTAIN TIEBOR : And His SAINED SEALS from World's Faif, New York City MISS this show, SttrprMie For All PERFORMANCES 1AIL\ ! R, lt:3*T. M. ·· SATURDAY. StTSOAY, IIOLinATS 4. 8, W:30 P. M. DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME DANCING ~ - Every Night -- t=JBM One :S.: Roseland STARLIGHT Ballroom ^ Music by Bob Richmond · ; And His Orchestra, Starting July 17 NEW " GAYWAY AURACTIONS THRILLING SIDES: 3S~^. jBook Your Picnics fit Advance |ftE£.nCMC TABLE^IRfcPLACES PARKING THE DAILY MESSENGER, CANANDAIGUA, N. Y.. FRIDAY, JULY CHURCHES PLAN BIBLE SCHOOL Sessions To Begin Monday In Bristol Congregational Rooms BRISTOL CENTER -- The Bristol Universalist Church, the Bristol Valley Congregational Church and the "Bristol Center Methodist Church will co-operate in holding a daily Vacation Bible School. The sessions will begin Monday morning from 9 o'clock to 11:30 and will be held at the Congregational Church. Miss Elizabeth Huntsman of La Vana. will be leader of the school. There will be a committee meeting with the leader Sunday afternoon. The school will be held five mornings a week continuing for two weeks. Children from 4 to 12 years of age will attend. The Juniors will have the study of the Bible as the theme. Harmony Circle Meets Mrs. Anson Rogers was Harmony Circle hostess, Wednesday evening. There were 10 members present and Mrs. Walter Stevens was a guest. Roll call was answered by each giving their favorite hymn. Madge Simmons presided as the president was absent. Games were enjoyed under the direction of Mrs. Clinton Hayward. The next meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Claude Ballard. Mrs. Paul Wright and Mrs. Charles Faille will be entertainment committee. Bristol Center Briefs Mrs. Hurlburt, of Shortsville. has been the guest of her niece, Mrs. Clinton Hayward. Elton Rowley made several landings and take-offs in a small airplane in the field back of John Rowley's barn. Sunday. Mr and Mrs. Arthur Olcott. of East Rochester, will be guests this evening of her brother, the Rev. Paul Wright and Mrs. Wright. Evelyn Olcott has been spending the week with Mr. and Mrs. Wright. Ann Whitbeck is spending the week with Mr. and Mrs. Albert Codding. . William Meehan is in Memorial Hospital to have a bone removed from his shoulder. Recent guests of the Rev. and Mrs Charles Faille were Mr. and Mrs. Clarence J. King. Lee Richmond Mr. and Mrs. Charles Atkin, Thomas Atkin and Miss Bertha Schroth of Rochester, and Mr. and Mrs. David Hodsin, of Fairport, Mr. and Mrs. Levi Corser will accompany Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Herendeen and daughter. Grace, to New York, Sunday. Gaylord Herendeen presented several colored films for the benefit of the patients at the Veterans' Hospital, Wednesday evening. Churches of Vicinity Give Sunday Service Schedules RWhville Congregational -- The Rev. Harold W. MacGilvray, pastor: morning .services, 11:45; Sunday School, 10:45. Methodist--The Rev. Robert A. Panzer, pastor; mormrg services 10:45; Sunday School. 11:50: Junior League, 5; Intermediate League. 6; Senior League, 7. St. Mary's -- The Rev. Edward Ball, rector: ma^s, 8:45. Reports On Farm Products VEGETABLES BEANS -- Upstate sections, bi: bfkt.; Bountiful, mostly 50-75c some fancy 85c-$l, poorer lower; Champion $1-1.25. poorer 50-75c, green, round stringless 50-75c; valentine 50-75c. some 85c; wax 75c-$l some $1.12 1-2-1.25, poorer 35-50c; nearby sections. Bountiful 35c-$l, Cnampion 75c-$1.25; wax 25c-$1.12 1-2; green round 40-75c; Red Cran- btrry $1.25-2; Limas $175-3.25. CABBAGE -- Nearby sections. white, various varieties. 6-peck hmpv 50-75c; some $1, poorer and small low as 20c. CARROTS -- New crop, Orange County, topped, bu. bskt. 75c-$l some $1.12 1-2-1.25, poorer and small 50-60c. LETTUCE -- Big Bosfon. crt.. (2 doz. heads), wide range Quality and condition, Western N. Y., 35-60C, mostly 40-50c; Oswego County 25- 50c, some 60c, poor lower; Orange County 25-50c. poor lower: Iceberg, vide range quality and conditicr.. Western N. Y., crt. (4 doz.) $2.75-3; Oswego County, crt. (1 1-2 doz.) 40- 75c. some 85c. poorer 25-35C. somr lower; crt. (24s) 75c-Sl. some S1.12 1-2-1.37. poorer 40-65C, some lowei; en (2 1-2 to 3 doz.) $l.r.O-2. some S2.25-2.75. poorer $1-1.25, low as 50 7oc; (2 doz.) 50c-$l, (4 to 5 doz.} SI .50-2. some S2.25-2.75, poorer $1$1.25, low as 50-75c; Orange County crt. 50-75c. some 85c-$l, low as 25- 40c. Orleans MRS. SIDNEY I WHEAT Staff Correspondent ONIONS--Orange County, 50-lb. sack, yellow. No. 1. fair quality and condition 75-85c. poorer and small 4C-50c. N. J. 75c-$l, mostly 85-90c. Mass.. 75-85c. PEAS--Madison County, bu. bskt., various varieties, wide range in quality and condition 50-75c, some 85i'. poorer 25-40c some lowei. Western states, bu. bskt. or hmpr. $1.75$?, best mostly $2. Ilopcwcll Methodist -- The Rev. Donnld D Cronk. pastor; morning services 11:15 (EST). Farmuigton Friends -- The Rev. Charles /V Umpman, pastor: morning services, 11; Sunday School, 10; Young People's Society, 7:30, at parsonage. St. John's Evangelical--Lutheran --The Rev. L. G. Leonard, pastor; morning service, 10; Sunday School 11:15. Cheshire Community--Daniel Apra, student pastor; no service:;. Fhetps Baptist--The Rev. Harry M. Shep- son, pastor; morning services, 11; Bible School, 12; Christian Endeavor, 6:30; evening worship, 7:30. Methodist^The Rev. Clyde Rosecrans, pastor; morning service. 11; Sunday School, 10; Leagues, 6:30; evening service, 7:30. v Presbyterian -- The Rev. Charles H Dayton, pastor; morning services, 11; Bible School, 12; Christian Endeavor, 7. St. John's Episcopal-The Rev. John Wootton, of Clifton Rorings rector; morning services, 9:30. tftapin Methodist--The Rev. Stephen S. Pratt, pastor; morning services, 11; Sunday School, 10:15; Young People, 3. Bristol Springs Free Church--The Rev. D. M. Ratcliff, pastor; morning services, 9:45; Sunday School. 10:45. Bristol Center Methodist -- The Rev. Lewis F. Ovenshire, pastor; morning services 10:30 (EST); Sunday School. f:30. Honeoye Congregational -- The Rev. J. K. Hayes, pastor; movnirig services. 10:45; Junior Church, 11:15; Bible School, 12; Wednesday, choir practice, 7:30, with Mrs. B. H. Francis St. Mary's Catholic -- The Rev. E F Magee, rector: mass, 10. Allen's Hill Methodist~The Rev. W. H. Edmunds, pastor; morning worship. 11 (EST~) : "Substitution ;·' Sunday School, 10*. Flint Methodist--The Rev. Chester Zogg, NEGRO SINGER TO BE HEARD Well Known Tenor To Appear In Victor Church Sunday VICTOR -- Special music has been planned for thc morning worship service at 10 o'clock at the First Methodist Church Sunday, when Pruth McFarlin. American Negro tenor, will sing. A handicapped victim of infantile paralysis, Mr. McFarlin was recently rated as one of the greatest tenors of his race by Dr. T. Austin Ball, director of music, at the Eastman School of Music. Mr. McFarlin recently appeared at Constitution Hall in Washington, D. C., where it is remembered that Marian Anderson was denied permission to sing. He is a member of the faculty of Piney Woods School in Mississippi and la., year traveled with their quartet. A free-will offering will bu received for him at the close of the service. During the service he will sing thc following numbers: "The Lord's Prayer," Malotte; "Agnus Dei," Bizet; "Oh Didn't i Rain," Burleigh; "On Ma Journey," Boatner; "Nobody Knows the Trouble," Burleigh; "The Holy City," Adams. AJs,-) during the sc'.-vice. Mai;. Louise Whitney will sing a solo "Thanks Be to God," by P. J. O'Reilly, accompanied by Mr;.. Jc- annette Sale. The pastor, thc Re A. C. Rehme will speak briefly on the subect "The Christian's Joy." pastor; morning services, 11. (E3T); Sunday School. 10; "Vital Decision; We Must Make;" Epworth 6; vesper service at Zogg Seneca Lake; the Rev. Leagu cot tag fidwaid Vicinity Marriages Kirshner-Silinsky SENECA CASTLE -- At a simple home wedding. June 24. at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dn- lan, of Seneca Castle, Dr. Harold Kirshner, of Seneca Castle, and M?ss Ruth Silinsky. ol Geneva were united in marriage by the Rev. Benjamin F. Butler. The couple was attended by Dr. William Wickman, of Phelps. and Miss Cora Meyer, of Middletown. Refreshments were served by the hostess, Mrs. Dolan after which the young couple left for New- York city and other places of interest. ORLEANS -- Mr. and Mrs. Fred D. Kear have been at their camp in the Adirondacks. Harold Benge and f.imily. of Phelps. returned with them* after spending a week's -- - cation at the Kear camp. va- FRUITS BLACK CAPS -- Hudson Valley pint bskt., 8-12c. poorer lower: Western N. Y.. poor quality, qt. bskt.. 6 l-2r pint bskt.. 4c; Oswfgo County, pint bskt., 10-12C. N. J.. pint bski.. B-14c. BLACK BERRIES--Hudson Valley qt. faskt.. mostly 1S-20C. one nark 22c. N. J., 15-20c, poorer arid small 10-14c CHERRIES Hudson Valley, ------- sv;eet varieties. 4-qt. climax bskt., various varieties 40-60c, mostly 50- 60c- qt. bskt. 10-13c. mostly li'c; soar \arieties7red. 12-qt. bskt., 60-75c, atlon at tne ivear i-am^. poorer and small 50-60c; qt. bskt.. Joseph Selleck. of St. Petersburg, ^ gc _ some g_ 10c , poorer and small Fla.. is spending two weeks wica -_ 6c; 4 _ qt c ij ma x bskt.. 20-2oc. Silas E. Tvler and family. ' - - - ' " 1= 10 " e "«» lm "M" and" Mrs. Murray Eitey. of Geneva were recent callers in town Mr. and 'Mrs. Ollie J. DeVall. Mr. and Mrs. Elman R. Cowtii. Mr. ana U-DC, i-qt- vi****"-* .-»^."« -- poorer and small 15-18c. seme low- - - i t . i_i. o t f\r* *-*,rt»» fftv a' . er- black, qt. bskt,, 8-10c. poorer 7c 4-qt bskt. 30-35C. some 40c. poorei and small 20-25C. some 18c; 12-qt. Mrs. Sidney I. Wheat attended Willing Worker and Missionary Society picnic at the home of Mr. and Mrs". Fred H. Dean, near Shortsville. . f Mr. and Mrs. John C. Cayv.-ard. ol ] Csnandaigua. were recent callers lib: here. Mrs. George W. Lathrop is spcna- inr ten clays with her son. Charle* E Lathrop and Mrs. Lathrop. at Stony Point, en Irondecpoii Bay. A 'large number of members ant. friends attended a picnic held rc- c"iitly at the cottage of Mi. ana Mrs "Edward W. Bichl on Canan- (H'i"iia Lake, which was spcnsomi . cl;max bskt.. 65-85C, poorer 60c fancy large $1-1.25. DAIRY PRODUCTS^ BUTTER - u . 3 market firmer. Creamery, higher than extra. 23 3-4-24 l-2c:; extra · 92 score i. 23 l-2c firsts (8o-91. f i l-2-23c; seconds (34-87). 19 1--20 1-*^C CHEESE. 136.651 Ibs: market easy. Prices unchanged. EGGS Receipts. 15.304 cases; market about steady. Mixed Colors: Faiyv extra fancy. 18 1-2-22 V (4 1^,11(1 * « i H » » V . . - I I " " t.'VV I. . 1 · M » . W , T · by the Ladif-'" Aid and Missionary | .. landards ig c : firsts. 16 l-4c: -sec- Societv ol the Orleans Baptis · ' - j;,TMe ... Cr-u-ch. with 1hc first division in ciiarcc- Mrs. Nollie Bichl is chait- of thr division. 15 l-C-15 3-4c; mediums. l-4c: dirties No. 1. 15 1-Jc: average ss. 14 l-4c. 01 thc " Lyons ;md Geneva were umptcJ.- j 'oriallv omitted from '.he list c. | lho?? nlace* hnvinp reprrsrntativ-.-' a', thr meetings hrld in vith the 120lh annivr-r-ary Orleans Baptist Church. Mix Charir* B. Estey and ch:Ki- :rn. Charles. Jr.. and Jo Ann. TC- tr-ineri to their ho'no at O?.cgo. ] t,",- sprndiitt a *«* wi1l: . M wi ES -" i *TM*\~. ioy'.s mother. Mrs. Rollin L. \Vhn...l ^j r fsstov Tiio'orcd hv;T i-r »«··· iamilv. Before their rrti):« th-y wcrc "gyocf- ol Mr. and Mr?. Man; C. Estey. Mrs. Oliver W. rca Ca.stlr. has orcn VJ.M'J.J;: Mr' l a Vem Sheldon. oJ thc \Vc* RontJ. Sidney Whrav J T ~ acconn»3«J-» b v Mass Molly Hnrtmanjn and Mi_. ajj{ Mrs. Afhlry MacambtT ano Slurry. M of ClilK-n arc sprntJinc a vrk a1 13'f cottfl-gc on C,-.r.an3aJgi:s LIVESTOCK B , ]IT ,J O ^. r , HOGS-- 100: ,,^ hrr for rail ] logs . bidduig ^'^j.^.^,. alx , ul stca oy. j- cav j cr winhts tending i 'n'ck«vJ-ins 150-220 Ibs.. $7.25-7.00. I Srhor) j . 2 40-2M Ihs.. $6-7; HOV.-.S 5374 - asking .-loariy; rxcrp' Sfholy, Jacksonville, speaker. West Bloomfield St. Bridget's--The Rev. George W Doud, pastor; mass. 8. (EST). Gorham Methodist^-The Rev. Frederick T. Crumley, pastor; morning services, 10.45; Sunday School, following. Presbyterian -- The Rev. H. W. MacGilvray, pastor; morning service. 9:30; Sunday School, 11; | Christian Endeavor, 6:30. Baptist -- The Rev. Thdmas Packard, pastor; morning services. 10:30; Sunday School following; B. Y. P. U. meeting, 6:30. Number Nine -- The Rev: John I Boyce, pastor; morning services. 9:30; Sunday School, following. Reed Corners Federated--Forrest. Fordham. student pastor; morning service, 0:30 (EST); Church School, 10:30; j Young People, 7:30 E. BloOmfleli- St. Peter's Episcopal--The Rev. Charles B. Persell. of Avon, rector; rooming services. 9; Children'c Church. 10. Methodist -- The Rev. W. H. Edmunds, pastor: morning service 10:45: ""Substitution:" Sunday School. 10: Children's Church. 11:15. Congregational--The Rev. W. Heber O'Hara, pastor; morning service. 10:45: ' - A Ro:,ary of Prophetic Promises:" Junior Churci'i, 11-20' Sunday School. 12. St. Bridget's--The Rev. George W. Doud. rector: masses 7 and 9 'EST: Sunday. 3. Novena to Blessed Virgin o r Miraculous medal. Naples Presbyterian -- Thc Rcv. t. Irving Bradcn, pastor-, morning services. 10:45. Baptist--The Rev. D. M. Ratcliff. pastor; morning services, 11; Bible School. 12. Methodist--The Rev. John H. Sandemeycr. pastor; morning services. 11; Church School, 10. Gospel Tabernacle -- Lawrence Wigden. pastor; services, 3; evening j service, 7:30. ! Cwtt»R« CH? | United Church, Dist. No. 3--Thc iRcv. John J. Scarbcrry, pastor; wrvircs. 10; Sunday Christian Endeavor. 4: prayer scrvicr. Tuesday. ANGLO-EGYPT TRADE STOCKBRIDGE DOWN. Eng. UPi -- Egyptian beads found in a bronze age burial barrow here indicate commerce between this country and the Mediterranean as long ago as 1700 Before Christ. "There's no doubt about it, auto- m a t i c h e a t w i t h T h e E l e c t r i c Furnace-Man burning rice size Anthracite coal is different. "The important thing is the kind ot heat we get. There's no on and off firing. There are no ups and downs on the thermometer. And no coid, d r a f t y floors. That steady Anthracite fire just seems to 'soak' the heat into^ every corner of the house. Of course, there's no shoveling, no shaking, or fussing with drafts. "I never believed such comfort was possible. Why don't you investigate The Electric Furnace-Man?" all the 'Round A U T O M A T I C - i " T H R A C I T E B U R N E R Alexander Davidson Estate LUMBER -- COAL -- HARDWARE Phnne (i9 Canandaigua, N. Y. - Mtlws As Pretty As They Are Practical Be smart! Be kind to your budget. H«r«'i your thon« to m»* on thOi* "extra" dreites and hotj you ne«d to finiih Summer. Wide choice o! Hot Weather Favorites, ttyled UP-TO-THE- MINUTE and priced DOWN-TO-THE-UMIT. Be Smartly Dressed for a Song.' YOUTHFUL SUMMER DRESSES -- 15: cows and ou'il 4 ^ Io mf riium cows $5.75- $ . ;75 ; a]51:( . r , i and cutters S4.:0-5.60: . 7:30; I.adic.s' Guild. Wednesday, 2 CALVES ~ 100: slcariy to Wfa:: f.TOd to choice vealcrs $10.05; plai^ to medium 57-9.50. SHEEP--100: slow: lew fcarcly .steady, most bids 'wcr;_ native .spring lambs aro;mti tn-st hfW hishrr. 1 -'NV. ,, yji-v Virginia Lamson any JVf.-- i i h Gaylnrd both r f Riochfst'.r. j..,.^ Y, rr :^ visilint: hvr p.-rrnU. Mr. j-iid Mrs Elbrrt Lam.--on Mrs. R.ollin L. Wheat. Mrs. yv/.- Ir.rd K. Warnrr. Mr. and Mrs. 3 Whra' hflvr bf-'ii TITT' cull?I'll Mr? J. L. R.tynrild!-. anc! Mrs. \\i,- ?Tni-n P. Waynf at ihr homt ol P.I. GenrEC Po^'fr. oi Victor. ?.'*·- A ' ^.llrr hr-iT rrrrnr.y. STANLEY LOIIGE I I.fX TS GORHAM--Stanlf'y Jn.lg;. Dunning Class Honors Mrs. Mae E. Gilmore John W. CWand: vice, 1 Of.en E. M^:Jioi3: reprfs'-Tst^iivf }o ! Grand Lodge. Evfreit Grwri; pros;.-. ! Ru*.55cl] Huribult. Thfff, rvith ap- j pc-intivc offiw-r.s will be ^nstallcd by I District Deputy D. M. Cook-?, el I Parlor Village Ixx3gf. ! Thursday «wning. HOljCOME -- The members of the Din-mine Class ol the Congregational Church held a. surprise meeting in honor lor Mrs. Mae E. Gilmore Wi-dnesriav evening in the home of Mrs. Frank Forsythe. Mrs. Gilmore m-ho will leave «»n lor Delevan to make her 3iomc was presented with a p,ilt. Among the out ol town ciaeM.s were Mr. and Mr*. Walter H. Balding ol Gt/neseo. fr.rm"i rtwdfrns. R«freshme:Tts were seivcd to 2?. by Mrs. Forsythe. Mrs. HoA-ard Par- mt-'.f. Mrs. Max Risbeni.tfin and Mr?,. N. J. Fishrr. ! St. Theresa's Catholic -- The j Edward K. Ball, rector; mass. ! 10. Methodist--The Rev. Frederick T. icnamlev. pastor; morning services, 19:30; Sunday School following. Cpvua^fe C*^0UC Methodist--Tne Kev. Don^d D. Cronk, pastor; morning services. 10:43; Sunday School, 11:45; Ep- LjCHdflC ?. Presbyterian--The Rev. B. F. But- 3rr. pastor: morninc sen-ices. 11:30; Sunday Sch«l,10:30. i Bristol CrnitnriWlional -- The Rev. Paul ] WriEht, 'pastor; mon::n? scrvicr^ j If iKST: Churrh Srhool at samr | Univcrsalfct -- The Rev. Harrj' M | Wripht, pa-stor; morning services, j 11; Sunday School, during .sen-ice, i Ionia Methotiistr-Thc Hcv. Howard V., Moses, pastor; morning services. 9:30. Victor SI Patrick's Catholic -- Thr Rev. K. Jn.-rph EsRcr, rrctfr; massw- t-?,0 ;nn 10:30. St JnhnV Evangrlical and Luth- Chwrh · -The R-fv. Ho?.-ar« p o b t r l s v v H i t . s u - ' d d o . t " . A " d e - l i g h t f u l l y " · · ~ * '- ' : t k i r t s q o y ' , £ ' · * ' ' ^'" ' c " c - o t l " r r f . n . - d ' - ' n ' 1 " . S I Z E S 14 to 20 38 to 52 Frencfc Crepe DRESSES Doisy.fresh, cool Summer Dresses. Expensively styled and detailed. Buy three or four at this amaimf low price. Sites 14 to 2O and 3* to 44. FASHION II AT HIT n M i ThP 17th annual reunion oi thf McGarj' family ^-ill be hrid Sunday at Ponder Mill Part:. First Prcsbvl^ria.n -- The R«v Raymond E.' Dronrficld. pastor; ! i.-ominc ^rorship- 10:.'H Vou-:- Daily Messr-ngfr UP-TO-DATE' ^:fs5 ol Mr. md Mr.v Mr. and Mrs" George Schutnccht , First Methodist -- The Rcv. Arof Rochfsler: Rhirlfy Keycs, of thur C. Rehme. pastor; morning Fairport and Mr.«. Frank Gri-yold West Bloom field were Thursday MJIFISHMAN Patterns. 15c. ' pleton. . . . 10; Pnilh McF.njn CII--T «.o?oist; .Junior Cliurrh. 11; Ch«re:i School. 11: evenin« sonlee. 7:30: The Believers C Srores

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