The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 17, 1971 · Page 12
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 12

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 17, 1971
Page 12
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Dennis the Menace Horoscope Appears Today g u _ S awver In Classified Ad Section D U i Jaw v er *%T Short Ribs BUT THEY'RE DEUCIOU5J NOW, PONT LIKE" \ LOOK, YOU'VE ALREADY 6tV£N , YOUR SUPPER,] CANNED I YOUK TROUT. TO THE CAT. BABY. ^TOMATOES// THAT LEAVES ONLY VJLJSM PUPPIES FOR YOU TO EAT. That bfack thing in the middle of your eye got real tiny all of a sudden.' JUST LISTEN 1*01Km T|4E JESiEi? MUSTRELE/ 8£ SOOp TOPAY. ft \ )) ^ ^v,, L£L ·a* !7 HUSH PUPPIES EITHER. DON'T YOU HAVE ANY CANDY? u* MOTUfNfi.' AFTER 'MJSS1NG COUPLE OF MEALS, SHE'LL LIKE EVERYTHING/ NOT EVfeN ONE LITTLE CAHPY BAR? MY POOR BABY' WHAT CAN GIVE HER, BUZ? Blondie THIS CAKE IS \ VERY RICH/I'LL J TAKE JTUST ONE BITE AND LET YOU F/MSH ® BUT THEN I'LL BE WORRIED ABOUT VOUR PUTT/N0 ON TOO MUCH WEIGHT" THATS NOT FAIR/ YOU RN/SHED IT VDURSELF B Rip Kirbv 'A and B Auto Works? Do you recycle cars?' JT9 A TARE 1W£ UK££ TO R-AY WH/LE H£'S RE Dondi PERFECT, PETERS/ YOU'RE A BORN- CROOK/ ALL RIGHT, PESMONP, I'LL LEAVE 6INM7 WITH YOU, BUT I'LL PRIVE TO THE BUS STOP .AND BACK 50 THE TIMING W/LL BE RIGHT VOU CAN PANCE, CAN'T YOU f I'VE SOT A NEW PLAN THAT WILL DEFINITELY PUT KAME Hi LIGHTS IT'S NO USE, PESMONP, 1 RUINEPM/ CHANCES AMP IP I STAY HERE MRS. BITTERS W/LL F1NP ME' THERE'S A SUEST COTTAGE THAT ISN'T BEIN6 USER CAM HIDE WAT HAPPENS THEK? . THERE UNTIL TONI6HT Off/ THE GIANT BIRDS ARE THEIR ANGR/ VENGEFUL WITH US PARING TO JUPGE BREATH THEY RAISE A WIND TO SWEEP AWAY OUR VILLAGE/ Yippee/ They'll Do It Every Time Fl WAS TOLD DCWMSTAIRSMDO CLOSED ^ WEVE ONLV SENT^T MODOCA GIVES US THE\ i MYAeCOONT.V ISTHWAMYRE^SONWHY* HER A DOZEM M RED INK, THEW SHE I CAN'T CHARGE THETHINeS T BOO6KT m MOTICES AMD f^i EXPECTS THE RED- TODAY? THIS IS AN OOTRAvGE.'/ ^91 CALLED HER V CARPET TREATMENT ? OK1CEAWEEK WOULPN'T THINK 1QU W£(?£ 50 SMART IF i/OU FELL DOWN, ANP 5KINNEP YOUR, KNE£5{ JI/5T 316 NOSES?; ·rt , E DlT BOT-- \S) MAPAM- SHE MOST HAVE RON OOT OF OTHER STORES! SHE'S BACK TO OS ·S^l S.\FOR AN ENCORE- * t^^ Crossword PuzzS JACOBY ON BRIDGE By OSWALD AND JAMES JACOBY Written (or NE4 " NORTH (D) 1? EAST A 9 8 4 3 VAQ9 Scrambler Answer to Previous Pmrle TOST A10652 V1072 SOUTH *K2 V6543 *J7 *J865 Both vulnerable TPest Norti 3Easfc Sontlt 1^ Pass..lN.T. Pass 3N.T. Pass. Pass Pass Opening lead-- $ "4 Hero is a beautiful defensive play taken from Jeremy Flint's "Tiger Bridge." Since he doesn't tell us who the tiger was, we will assume that Jeremy himself was the hero. East held the first trick with his king of clubs and looked over dummy. It was apparent that West held the club ace. If he also held the jack and nine, a club return would take care of South's chances immediately. East also saw that clubs w o u l d keep, since East's queen of diamonds was a sure entry. ·suppose West held the ace of spades and ace-nine-eight of clubs. Then a club return should be made immediately. East decided this was unlikely. He knew that South was ACROSS 1 More serene 7 Mingles 13 Sons bird 14 Ransom 15 Leasehold right 16 Hebrew ascetic 17 Also 18 Brazilian ·wallaba 20 Through, (prefix) 21 New Guinea seaport 22 Small child 23 Poetic contraction 24 Traps 27 Bounders 29 Drone bee 30 Cooking utensil 3t Stupid person 32 Devotee 33 Incarnation of Vishnu 35 Performing 38 Relative (nb.) 39 Ontario (ab.) 40 Unit of energy 42 High card 43 Babylonian sky god 44 Pedal digit 45 Fondle 48 Climbing palm 51 Dinner course 52 Lily maid o£ Astolat 53 Amber, coral, lac, etc, 54 Wisest DOWN 1 Sea skeleton. 2 Spheres of nction 3 European tree 4 Witticism 5 Guido's hiRhnote 6 Narrators 7 Sandwicli necessity 8 Masculine nickname ) Editors (ab J 10 Required 11 Gainsays 12 Smudge 10 Dance step 25 Father o£ Cain (Bib.) 26 Feminine proper name 27 Dramatis personae 28 Afiainst 30 Likenesses 33 Put new . rattan on. n chair 34 Makes vigilant 35 Feminine appellation 36 Diminutive of Henrietta 37 Moaning sounds 38 Speedster 39 Desert garden spots 41 Civetlike carnivore 46 Son of Gad (Bib.) 47 Oriental coin 49 WinRlike part 50 Label (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) almost, sure to hold the spade ace. Without that card, he would have responded with a maximum of one queen and two jacks and South was not that sore of bidder. After (his p r e l i m i n a r y thought, East decided to play for a one-trick set with two clubs, two hearts and one dia- mond. This left a problem. However could he get his partner to return a heart when he go in with the ace of clubs? East played back the nine of spades! Then, when he got in with the diamond queen and played the club to his partner's ace, West knew the suit to lead back. w · i n n · e W i n k ITfe ONLY A SUMMER \ I. KNOW YOU HAVE / \ I KNOW THAT ACTUALLY THEY TRB^TUS PRETTY ) JOB * ND1T WILL BE WEND/, BuTyOJ SHOULD GOOD U P HERE, MONA. WE GET PAID WELL AND ARE SUPPLIED WITH ROOM AND BOARD.' ?av ENDING SOON;BUT / HAVE LB/ELEP WITH IVE LEARNED A / LJ5 FROM THE STAR! LOT.' ^_ .^L, WE WOU LD HAVE UNDERSTOOD/ NOW. JU5T 5EEN HEARING TOO MUCH ABOUT A 'GENERATION GAP''// PONT BEUEVE EVERYTHING YOU AND HAN© IN THINK YOU'LL AMKG IT ONE OF "THESE PAY3J , I SWEAR, MY CAPTAIN/ LIEUTENANT IF I FlNPTrfAT/ BUT I THINK THE VOICE POWM rlERE,TRAPPEP LIKE A'STEA MACKEREL? No.matter what; you do uoull drawa crowd whether eah... basketball...That^ why I n? be at Wakefield or any f^ I - think that If you guys have other college you choose / supposethe brains and o^ortunik you should get your degrees think that's important.' G L think I could i I

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