The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 17, 1960 · Page 2
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 2

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 17, 1960
Page 2
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Pclte 2 Sunday, July 1? '60 Southeastern Methodists Set $200,750 Budget LAKE JUNALUSKA, N.C.(UPl) Delegates to tl» quadrenninl Southeastern Jurl«)i:tlonal Con., ferfnce q| the Methodist Church approved a biuljct S^tv r day calU ing for a 27.3 per cent increascj in spending. i Included in the 5200,750 budge was a provision giving Dukg.Uni versity at Durham, N.C., and Pilot Walkout Unlikely Till Later In Weqk ATLANTA (AP) - Members of tha Air Line Pilots Assn, wore making plans for picket lines in additional cities Saturday, indi atirs there vas littls oj a general wa.lKout c4 pilots in th.$ Southeast this weekend. Capt. R, T. Brown, an Atlanta spokesman tor the_ALPA, said-the organization Intended to have striking Southern Airways pilots manning picket lines at air terml nals in 10 Dixie cities by the lirsl of next we»U. ALPA strategy calls for picket lines to be set up at least a da) ahead of a general walkout of pilots of other airlines in sympathy with the Southern Airway* strikers. Brown said. Picket lines already have been set up ',i Atlanta, Memphis, Orksrs and..Hurttsville, Ala., he said Plans, call (or pickets tg be ass'~?cil t h e first of rie,\t week tq Hwoe, La.., Jackson, Miss. M r ' " ' . Ala., Nashville, Tenn. w" "·sssihly 1° QreQwille 5- C. am! Panama City, .Fla, Mexican Students Demonstrate Again MEXICO CITY (AE)-M«xic«n students demnnalrated against the UniKxl Statos am) in lavor o Cuba Friday night for the accorc time this week. Then' they atonec tho offices ol a newspaper thai had criticized their anti-American tactics. About i.OQO students gathered during tha v e\*oning rush hour in Mexico City's main square carry ing posters saying "Cuba si,-Yan kees -" ' Emory University at Atlanta, J7,- 000 each. Tho money wat earmarked (or "annual wpply schools" for mlnlllerj In the jurisdiction. The commission on budget proposed that tho nine stale conference. spend $38,000 annually for Itj radio and. television ministry during the next Jour y«ar». . A yearly total pf JW.OQq was approved for operations expenses and $13,000 for special projects. The budget commission asked local churches of tho jurisdiction to, ipend one per cent of their annual budget for ministerial education, The commission asked for permission (0 borrow money from tq conduct its work and to acquire, (unxij for constructing a. chapel «i the Negro Pain* Col p, Augusta., Qa, Th« Conference approved a resolution calling for Improved rela. lions between the juixiiction and the a||.Negro Central Moth- odiitt J NOTICE Colored Cab Fare Rates Will Go Up .EFFECTIVE 21. July, 1K« Eagle Cab PcoplM Cab Clay Street Uoiea Cab. ~ The Sixth Central JurisUiclional Cqnfersnce of the Mothodis.!, Church today considers a report urging aqtion to "achieve a racially inclusive church" by ID64. Such action would mean the end f the all-Negro Central Jurlsdic-i ion In iti present form. This ts ho only jurisdiction In the Meth-l odist Church based on racial dii- Inctlon, The other five jurisdic- Ion arfl based on geographical wloved American liumqrist, died]" 16 . p "' h National Boy Scout Saturday in hi« sleep al his home " UN PRINCESS RING Genuine Diamond pcpulor Itylt dTrtner biid Plirctii tinai. ScmelhJno pmiou*; lowvitiibai »ndear- i»? 1 fj°r l ii£w" ° r - r ' ;!w * old - E " 1 StE S P E C I A L S IH OUR WINDOWS IWIIHttfS H'tint lUMtit IISHtt 2.43 WASHINGTON AS'B, (Ccntln««| Item page one/) Carlson, vpn Horn flew tn (rom Jerusalem la ta» over command of th« U, N, (orws. He hw been chief of thu U, N, Supervision Commission keeping the psace bctweeji Israel and its Arab neighbors since 1953, The United States was in charge of the big airlift flying in troops and supplies from Tunisja. and Morocco, and was unloading plane-boards gf flour and othei food (or the hungry nation, The supply situation was 40 bad that the four man American ground crew supervising- vnload- inj operations waj told planes, WWM h»v« to fly to Pr for fuel for return trips. Braiavllle, across the Congo Rivsr frorc Leopoldvillo, is in tha Congo RepuWtc, the farmer french colony, Tlie ciyt has b«n B main escape, hatch for . sands of whites fleeing the Congo Isrror. 1 Belgian officiala emphaslet they would protect their national until U. N. forces can assure or der and tho danger Is past. Then the Belgian soldiers wll return to Belgium or to bases Ihoj qccupy by treaty with the Congo K, Playing -- (Continued from pag» one) iel Intervention "If the Western camp does not desist from aggr sioii," JJeigiyrn ha» aunt in troops for the wowed purpose of protect ing iU citUens. (rom, mutinous Congo soldiers. Now the Unitft Nations is dispatching troops from other African countries to help restore order. U. S. authorities believed Khm shchev waj deliberately present ipj a fnlst. picture of the Congo situation in a drive to reap propa ganrta gain no malt«r what happens. COST WASHINGTON (AP) - The United Status declared Sat. that evidence.'o( a desire of the Soviet Union to in- t*rv«M mort dlrtclty In the af- filrs ol Ihli htmliplww," U,S, Amtamdor John C, Preier nid« th« »w«rtkn In ur|lhg the fcgnntnllon bj Amtrl«n States to upptovt a propOMl by P»ru tor « mMllit| of Western H«mtiphere lortlgn mlntiltrt to cwwktor such hrwti, P«rwi*n Amb*H*dor Juan! D ., . , , ,, . . . . · Support tor tlw proposed (or- Bautlila iki Lavallt wW Amen- ,i 6 7S ni ,, er , n,e. C |uVahp '«n nation) aw thv««nn«i by an · ·· ^ ntarnatlwal communism plan! 'to suoml th« ftMdomi" of \V«lern Himlph«r« notloru." Drier also toM th« illation jm his television scrwn Delta Dsmocrat-Timei ptwt»irapfc, the informal picture above of the " " ial. nomine*, with fP«aK*r, li,ten as goodby, but not liBQ nivtn(lin. [al election, Senator John F, Kennedy gf Massachusetts, the president- hand on chin and Senator Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas, turned toward thi the nominee of the past two conventions, Adlal Stevenson of lllingls,, bids farewell" to thousands gathered In the Los Angelej Coliseum to end Ihe John Marquand, Noted Novelist, is Dead At 66 NEWBURY. Mass., Marqwand, noted (AP)-John axilhor and Delta Scouts Enjoy Trip To Jamboree (Editor's Note; Jon Duprel of Greenville is the Delta Democrat- Times official correspojulent to Jamboree to be hold In Colorado Springs. patch.) TViis is his first dis- By JOHN DUPREL Special Correspondent HASTINGS, Neb, - Oil wells, a. giant aircraft plant, (he gco-l Jl ansb ro|6h, We have learned graphical center of the United' 1 0 ' 0 ' th ' n £ s about lhe Jambore States ami staying on the Ulh!TM le travclin £' We ar« enjoying Kcnt'f Island, He w»a 66, Marquand 1 ) itandtng In the vorkl of literature, was firmly es- ahlish«J by his Pullljer Prlie vinning novel "The Late George, Aplsy," written In 1937. It later ec«me a successful play and movie. Harller he had been a pro- ific writer ol myaltry thrillers. Although considered a New inlander he was born in Wilmington, ' Del. His parents, both v'ew Englanders, died when he 14. He resided most of his preJIarvard years with a grandaunt in Nowburyport. He was graduated from Harvard in 1914, 'iniahlng the four year course in three. Marquand served in France In ,. - . \Vorld War I. Of his service hei mi TM les a3 atl ambulance picked laid, he never was any good at U P two Injured men. In Russell Boeing plant where B-a bombers aro built. They saw another wreck near Wichita and Into in the evening passed through Lebanon, Kansas, the Geographical Center of the U- S. Thursday night was at Hastings. We are very proud of our leaders, Mr. Kerr, fifr. Hill and Mr. floor of a. hotel have excited the 185 Delta Scouts en route to the Jamboree at Colorado Springs. Traveling by chartered bus, the group lelt Clarksdale- Wednesday, A bus broke down at Memphis end required 20 minutes to repair. Lunch was at Searcy, Ark., with veal cutlets on the menu, A car wreck near Russol- ville stopped the party (or a few the tri.n. li S, Says Evidence Against ! Russhn hiterventton Crowing Security Council its charges aggression by the United Stalesj| Violates both the Rio Treaty ond|i {he U. N. charter. Drier said the foreign minister also could consider oilier "very jeriouq matters" which concern' (he Anierican conin.iun.iiy, partic-i ulatlv in the Cirlbbwu iron. He noted that th» council already has called (or a meeting of foreign ministers to «njid*f Venezuelan Charges of aggression by Iho DO. Biinican Republic. DOME IN Save 20% - 50% on everything asting i Bi^ New Wrought Iron Hcg. 2.89 YOUR T Save sic DELTA WHOLESALE GO. «U MAIN ST. OAS th»t Soviet Premier Nlklt« Khrushchev'! ml i s i le hresl »$jln«t th« Untied Stales a evidence of Intervention by tho Soviet Union, VWale* TrMty, Cfcarler He Jftld, too, that CubVi Action in taking to the United. Nations Boston Wilcomis Jack Horn* Today BOSTON (AP)-A rnawive celebration i» planned for Democratic!! presidential nominee John F.4 Kennedy upon his arrival Sunday from Los Angeles, 11 He will be greeted, by twol bands, the city's officialdom, and! an anticipated crowd of thou-l sands. Two hundred state and lo-ll cal policemen will be on duty at'l Logan International Airport to' maintain order, Boston's Mayor John F. Collins, a fellow Democrat, will head the welcoming reception. f r o m Uruguayan Ambassador I Carlos Clulow who said his nation I "disapproves and comtqmns," any'l intervention in Western Hemisphere affairs and. from Ecuador, Brazil and Colombia, Do Lavalle in presenting Peru's proposal, satrl Red alms are to'l weaken the inter-American, sys-l tern at a time \vhen QAS is. trying L to strengthen its twrtomic actlvi-'l ties. 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F.'s Daughter," "So Little Time," »nd, "Point of No Return," Kennedy - - * (Continued from page one) Majority Leader Lyndon B. John, ion ol Texm as his running mate. Even former President Harry S. Truman, who stayed away (rom the convention after indicating he didn't think Kennedy was mature enough tq be nominated for president, called on the party to "close ranks and go to work." When he came to the. podium, Johnsgn called (or an effective, dynamic, responsible government, one that is. not "asleep at the switch." When it came Adlai E. Stevenson's turn, he brought a groan and shouts of "No" from the spectators when he began: "I have come to say goodbye--." But with a grin Stevenson added: "^-but not farewell." The tyvo-time presidential contest loser saw in Kennedy's nomination new beginning for the Democratic party and for our country." ville on a 15 minute breaX at a service station, the Scouts bought Oirt all the candy in a candy machine. The 14th floor view of Tulsn (ram the Adams Hotel was ferrlf- fic. A few miles out of Tulsn on Thursday (he lead bus had (lat and returned to Tulsa while (he Scouts stopped at a roads We park and held a pre-Jambojee meeting, Troop formation and drill was conducted. Scoutmaster James Kerr handed out spending money. Oil wells rear Sands Springs. Oklahoma, interested the boys. The buses traveled on the new Kansas Turnpike for a. good rll* tance. and just before entering! Wichita the Scouts saw the Ug - G O O D M A N G O O D M A N I 5 . G O O D M A N Phone ED 2-5494 S : G O H» DM AH,; -^ - Si 0 0 D M A N S T A R T S 8 A , M . M O N D A Y C L A Y HOLDS AANKETS OF YOUR CHOICE DURING THIS EVENT Save More During This Advance Sale (Continued (rom pa§« one) fore did not balk. Mississippi Judge Tom P. Brady was given permission to report back to his state executive committee before submitting his statement of support. Outgoing party Chairman Paul M. Butler, announcing the grace period for such cases, said "I am certain his (Brady's) statement will be in the hands of ouri executive committee in the neM two weeks." Urwly nodded his agreement. Connor and Brady were the two who had been expected to balk. Georgia's new member t Robert Russell, signed the loyalty pledge without comment. 2 YEAR GUARANTEED ELECTRIC BLANKETS With Just One Pee Gee Paint Purcbasg 1 (I sal. minimum] Trie coupon you receive with your Pee Gee purchase entitles you to your first free roll of Kod.ik black and'white film. Then you'll get roll after roll FREE everyUme you send in films for developing and printing. QOUOR F11.M FOR LIFE! Send SOc with the coupon and you'll.get freo KODACOLOU FILM (S1.25 value) with every processing order. TRIPLE COVER House Paint g5Lf\C 19.95 72x84 Double Bed DUAL CONTROL 100% NYLON BINDING, Pink, Blue, Turquoise, Green, Red, Beige Guaranteed 100 Washings . . . 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